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Full text of "The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : a fac-simile reprint of the celebrated Genevan Testament, M.D. LVII.."

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nOAAAI ixev Bvnrui'. TAnTTAI, /u<a a kVMa-roiaii. 




This Edition of the Genevan New Testament 
being an exact and accurate representation of the 
Edition Published in 1557 : the reader is referred 
to the Table at the end of the Volume, entitled 
" Fautes committed in the printing:"' for in mak- 
ing this Edition correspond with the Original 
Copy, it was necessary to preserve the Text itself 

15, Paternoster Roiv. 




fus Chrift. 

Conferred diligently with the Greke, and beft ap- 
proued tranflations. 

FVith the arguments, afwel before the chapters, as for euery Boke 
8f Epijlle, alfo diuerfities of readings, and mofte proffitable 
annotations of all harde places : wherunto is added a copi- 
ous Table. 


Printed By Conrad Badius. 

M. D. LVII. 


ced him for his worke : feing that his image, and hkenes 
was conceled, and the graces of his goodnes were defa- 
ced. And wher as before he had determined and appoyn- 
ted to be dehted and take pleafure in man, as a father 
in his welbeloued chUde : now contrar}rwife he contem- 
ned and abhorred him : Infomuch that what thing foeuer 
pleaced God before, now difpleaced him : that which the 
dehted him, did now prouoke his wrath : that which he 
was wont to beholde with a fatherly and louing conte- 
nace, he dyd now deteft and abhorre. Finally man altoge- 
ther with whatfoeuer belonged vnto him, his dedes, his 
thoghtes, his wordes and his lyfe dyd vtterly difpleace 
God, euen as if he had bene his profeffed ennemie : and 
therfore fayd, that he repented, that he had made man. 
Being then thus caft downe into extreme cofufion, he was 
notwithftanding fruitful in his curfed fede, and begate 
children hke to him felfe, that is, wicked, peruerfe, cor- 
i-upt, voyde, and barren of all goodnes, riche, and plenti- 
ful in euil. Neuertheleffe the Lord of mercie (which 
doth not only loue, but is him felfe loue & charitie) wil- 
ling yet of his infinite bontie, to loue that which was not 
worthie to be loued, hath not fully diffolued, loft, and de 
ftroyed mankynde, as his wickednes required, but fuffe- 
red, and bare with man louingly, and paciently, geuing 
him terme and leafure to toume agayne to his God, and 
to reforme him felfe to that obedience, from which he 
was gone aftraye. And albeit God femed to diffemble, 
and fay nothing (as thogh he wolde hyde him felfe from 
men) fufFering them to walke according to their defires, 
and lufts of concupifcece, without lawes, without gouuer- 
nement, and without any maner of correction by his wor- 
de : yet he gave them fufficient inftruftions which might 
move them to feke, tafte and fynde him : and fo to knowe 
and honour him as it apperteyned. For euery wher, in all 
places, and in all things, he hath difplayed his enfignes, 
yea fo cleanely blafed his armes, that there was no fuche 
idiote which colde pretende ignorance, in not knowing fo 



fouueraigne a Lord, which had fo richely exalted his ma- 
gnificence, for in all partes of the worlde, in heauen, and 
in earth, he writ, and as it were ingraued the glorie of his 
might, bontie, wifdome, & eternitie. S. Paul therfore fayd 
very true. That the Lord left not him felfe without tefti- 
monie : euen towarde them, to whom he fent no knowlage 
of his worde. Seing that all the creatures from the very 
firmament vnto the centre of the earth, might be not one- 
ly witneffes, & meffengers of his glorie to all men, to cau- 
fe the to feke him : and hauing founde him to receaue him 
gentely, & do him homage, as the worthines of fo boun- 
tiful a Lord, fo mighty, fo wife, and eternal doth require : 
but alfo helpes and gydes to euery one in their degre, to 
conduct them to the fame. For the byrds in their melody 
fonge to God : the beafles called vnto him : elements re- 
uerenced him : the mountaines founded of him : the rjniers 
and fountaines loked louely on him : the herbes and flou- 
res fmyled on him. Althogh douteles it was no nede to fe- 
ke him farre of, feing that euery man might fynde him in 
him felfe : in afmuche as we are all fufteined and confer- 
ued by hisvertue that dweUeth in vs. Yet to thintentthat 
he might fhewe more manifeftly his goodnes and infinit 
mercie among men, it pleaced him not onely to inftruct 
all by fuch leflbns as we haue aboue mencioned : but efpe- 
ciaUy called one certeyn people to heare his voice, the 
which people of his good wil, and liberale grace he dyd 
eleft, and chofe among all the nations of the worlde. The- 
fe are the children of Ifrael : to whome by his worde he 
fliewed who he was : and by his wonderful workes decla- 
red, what hecoldedo. For he drewe them from the fubie- 
(ftion of Pharao kyng of Egypt (vnder the which they we 
re tyed and oppreft) to deUuer them and make them fre. 
He accompagnied them night and day in their flight, as 
thogh he him felfe were a flier amog them. He nourifhed 
them in wildemes. He made them poffelfors of the land 
promifed. He gaue them viftories and triumphe in their 


hands. And as if he had had nothing to do with other nati- 
ons, he wolde expreffely be called the God of Ifrael : & y 
they (hulde be named his people, vnder condition, that 
they ihulde neuer acknowllage other Lord, nether recea- 
ue any other God, Which Couenant was confirmed, & au- 
thenticaU inftruments were made of the Teftament & wit- 
nes w he deliuered vnto them. Notwithftanding as men 
which fmelled of their curfed race, they fhewed them fel- 
ues the very heires of the iniquitie of their father Adam, 
and were nothing moued with fuche prerogatiues and 
declarations, nether gaue eare to the doctrine wherby 
God admonifhed them. The people in whom was writ 
the glorie and magnificece of God, profited nothing the 
Getils by their example to moue the to glorifie y Lord, of 
whome they were an euidet witnes. The Lawe and y Pro- 
phets bare no autoritie amog y lewes to guyde the in the 
right way. They were all blynde in the light, deafe at ad- 
monitions, hardened at the comandements. Trueth it is y 
the Getils, aftonied & couinced w the innumerable treafu- 
res & benefits, vf they fawe with their eye were copelled 
to knowe the beneficiall God whome they fawe not, be- 
caufe of that infinit bontie w preceded of him. But infte- 
de of rendering to him the glorie, which apparteyned to 
the true God, they facioned to them felues a God after 
their pleafure, and according as their folifhe phantafies 
in the vayne deceite therof had dreamed. And not one 
onely, but so many as their difordered prefumption was 
able to imagine & make : in fuch fort that ther was nether 
people nor contrey, w made not to them felues new Gods, 
as femed to them good. Hereof idolatrie the traiterous 
baude began to raygne, and entiled and tourned backe 
men from God, and caufed them to fet their myndes on 
a rable of idoles, of whofe forme, name, and fubftace they 
them felues were the autors. Touching the lewes, althogh 
they receaued and accepted the meffages and ordinan- 
ces which the Lord fent them by his feruants : yet inconti- 


nently they brake promefle with him, ralhely they tour- 
ned backe from him, they dyd tranfgreffe & contemne his 
Lawe, they hated it, & walked in it against their wil, they 
became ftragers fro his houfe & diflblutly ran after other 
Gods contrarie to his wil, & became idolaters as the Gen- 
tils were. Wherfore to drawe as wel the lewes as Gentils 
to God, it was requifed that a newe Couenant fliulde be 
made, which were certeine, fure, & inuiolable. And to efta- 
blifhe and cofirme this, it was neceflarie to haue a Media- 
tor, which fhulde make interceffion, and put him felfe as a 
ftaye betwixt the two partes to agre the : without whome 
man fholde remayne for euer in the wrath and indignatio 
of God, and colde haue no way to rife vp out of the curfe, 
miferie, and confufion wher into he was fallen headlong. 
This was our Lord and Sauiour lefus Chrifl, the true, and 
only eternal Sonne of God, who fhidde be fent fro the Fa- 
ther and geuen to men to be the reftaurer of the worlde, 
which was as fcattered, deftroyed, and defolate : in whome 
fmce the worlde began was euen hope to recouer that lof- 
fe purchafled by Adam : for euer vnto Adam him felfe im 
mediately after his fall, was geuen for his confolation 
and cofort, the promefle. That by the Sede of the woman 
the Serpets head fhulde be bruifed. Which was to fay, that 
by lefus Chrill borne of a Virgine the power of Sata fhul- 
de be beaten downe and broken. Afterwarde the fame pro 
melTe was more amply renued to Abraha, when God fayd 
vnto him. That by his fede all the nations of the worlde 
fhulde be bleiTed. Which ment, that of his fede or race 
fhulde come lefus Chrift according to the fleffhe : by who- 
fe bleffmg aU men, of what nation foeuer they were, fhuld 
be fanctified. And agayne it was continued to Ifaac, in the 
fame forme & wordes. And afterwarde many tymes publi 
fhed, repeted, and confirmed by the teflimonie of diuers 
Prophets : infomuche that for our more ful perfuafion 
they haue certified of whome he fholde be borne, at what 
tyme, in what place, what afflictios, & death he fholde fuf 
fre, y glorie wheri he fholde rife agayne, what his kingdo 



me fhulde be, and to what faluation he wolde leade his; 
Firft Ifaie forefpake vnto us, how that he fholde be borne 
of a Virgine, faying, Beholde y Virgine flialbe with chil- 
de, and fhal bring forth a Sonne, and thou Ihalt call his 
name Emmanuel. In Mofes the tyme is defcribed vnto 
vs, when lacob fayed. The fceptre flial not be taken away 
from the Hgne of lehudah, nor y chief Gouuemor of his 
hofl, til he come which (hulde be fent, and he fhalbe the 
wayting fore of the GentUs. Which thing was verified 
whe lefus Chrill came into the worlde. For the Romains, 
after they had depriued the lewes of aU gouernemet and 
charge, about seuen and thirtie yeres before Chrifl was 
borne, appointed Herode King ouer them : who was a stra 
ger, and his father was named Antipater an Idumean, & 
his mother an Arabian. Some tymes in dede it happened 
that ther were no Kynges among the lewes, but they were 
neuer vnprouided of CofeUers, Gouernors, & Lawmakers, 
as when Herode raigned. Alfo Daniel maketh another de~ 
fcription of the tyme, by the fupputation of feuety and fe- 
uen weekes. The place of his birth is playnely fignified vn- 
to vs by Micheas, iaying. And thou Bethlehe called Ephra 
thah, thou art not the left among the Thoufandes of lehu- 
dah, fr5 thee fhal come he, which fhalbe Ruler in Ifrael, 
& his comming out, is from the beginning of the days of 
eternitie. As cocerning the afflictions w he fhulde fulley- 
ne for our deliuerace, & y death that he fhulde fufire for 
our redemption, Ifaie and Zacharie haue both largely, & 
certeinly fpoken. The glorie of his refurrection, y maner 
of his kyngdome, the grace of faluation, which he wolde 
fhewe to his people, haue bene abiidatly intraited by Ifai, 
leremie, and Zacharie. In fuche promifes publifhed, & te- 
ftified by thefe holy me fulfilled with the holy Spirit, the 
children and elect of God haue quieted and coforted the 
felues : and haue nourifhed, continued, andincreafed their 
hope in the fame : wayting when the Lords wd was to per- 
forme that w he promifed. Amoge whome, many Kyngs & 
Prophets haue greatly defired to fe the accomplifhment. 



Albeit in the meane ceafon they fayled not to coprehende 
by faith in their hartes, that w they colde not fe with the 
eye. Forthermore, that they might be cofirmed by all me- 
anes in their longe expectation of this great Meffias, God 
gaue them his Lawe written, wherin were coteyned many 
ceremonies, pm-ifications, and facrifices the which things 
were but figures & fhadowes of great benefits to come 
by Chrift, who only was the body and trueth of them. For 
the Lawe colde bring none to perfeftion : but only fhewed 
the way and as a fhole mafter dyd guyde and conduct men 
to Chrift, who was therof as S. Paul fayth, the ende and ac 
coplifhmet. Likewife at fondry tymes, and at diuers fea- 
fons he sent them certeyn Kyngs, Princes, and Capitaines, 
to deliuer them out of the power of their ennemies, to go- 
uerne the with quietnes and peace, to wynne agayne that 
which they had loft, to caufe their eftat to floriihe, & with 
their vahant acts to make them famous among all other 
nations, that they might haue some taft of the manifolde 
wonders, which they receaued by that great Meffias, in 
whome ftiulde be fet forth playnely all the power & for- 
ce of the kyngdome of God. But when the fulnes of ty- 
me was accompliflied, & the terme which God had ap- 
pointed before, fell : this worthy Meffias, fo longe promi- 
fed, and fo long wayted fore, came, and hath finiftied and 
fulfilled all things that were neceffarie for our redemp- 
tion and saluation. And was geuen not to the IfraeUtes 
only, but to all men, of all nations and countreys : to the 
intent, that mankynde might be recociled by him to God. 
For declaration of the which thing, the Lord iesvs, 
which was the groundeworke and fubftance therof, hath 
ordeyned his Apoftles, to whome he gaue charge, & corn- 
man dement to publiftie his grace through all the worlde. 
Now y Apoftles, becaufe they might behaue them felues 
in this charge as their dutie dyd require, dyd not onely 
labour diligently to execute their ambaflade by prea- 
ching, but according to the example of Moyfes, and the 
Prophets, who left a perpetual memorie of their doctri- 


ne, they haue put it in writing : wher firft they haue reher- 
fed the hiltorie of that which our Lord lefus hath done & 
fuffered for our faluation : afterwarde they haue declared 
of what importace all this was, and what proffit we recea- 
ue therof, & after what forte we mull take it. AU this worke 
is called the Newe Teftamet. & is fo named in refpect of f 
Olde, the w inafmuch as it oght to be referred to this, was 
in it felfe infirme and vnperfeft, & therfore was abolifhed 
and repelled. But this is the Newe and eternal Teftament, 
which fhal neuer waxe olde nor perifhe, fmce that lefus 
Chrill is the Mediator therof : who hath ratified and con- 
firmed it by his death : wherin he hath accomplifhed the 
ful and perfeft remiffion of all tranfgreffions, which re- 
mayned vnder the firft Teftament. The Scripture alfo 
caUeth it the Gofpel, that is, good and glad tydings : fo- 
rasmuch as in it is declared, that Christ, the only natural 
and eternal Sonne of the lyuing God, was made man, to 
make vs the children of God his Father by adoption. And 
fo he is our only Sauiour, in whome fully cofifteth our re 
demption, peace, iuftice, fanftification, faluation, and life : 
he dyed for our fynnes, and rofe agayne for our iuftifica- 
tion, he afcended to heaue to make vs entrie thither, to ta- 
ke pofleffion for vs in our name, and to affift vs alwaies, 
before his Father as our Aduocat, & perpetual Sacrificer : 
vf fitteth at his right had, as Kyng, appointed Lord & Ma- 
tter ouer all, to the ende y he might repaire aU things in 
heaue, & in earth. The w thing all the Angels, Patriarches, 
Prophets, and Apoftles were neuer able in any point to 
do: For they were not ordeyned of God for that purpofe. 
And as the Meffias was so often tymes promifed in y Olde 
Teftament by diuers teftimonies of the Prophets : so lefus 
Chrift was declared by certe)Ti & indoubtable teftimoni- 
es to be him, & no nother y fiiulde come, & yr was loked 
fore, for y Lord God by his voyce and Spirit, by his An- 
gels, Prophets, and Apoftles, yea by all his creatures hath 
affured vs fufficiently therof, fo that none can gaynefay 



it, except he wolde relift & rebelle againft his power. Firll 
the eternal God hath witneffed vnto vs by his owne voy- 
ce (which is out of dout an irreuocable veritie) faying, Be- 
holde my welbeloued Sonne in whome I take great plea- 
fur e, hear e him. The holy Gofl (as faith S. lohn) is a great 
teftimonie of the fame in our hearts. The Angel Gabriel 
lent to the virgine Marie, fayed vnto her, Beholde thow 
(halt conceaue in thy wombe, and flialt bring forth a Son- 
ne and ihalt call his name lefus. For he fhalbe greate, and 
Ihal be called y Sonne of the mollehighell. And the Lord 
God fhal gyue him the throne of Dauid his father, and he 
ihall raigne in the houfe of lacob for euer, and ther fhalbe 
no end in his kyngdome. This fame meflage in fubftance 
was made to lofeph. Afterwarde alfo to the fhepherds to 
whome it was faied, that the Sauiour was borne which was 
Chrift the Lord. And this tydlges was not onely broght by 
one Angel, but was approued by a great multitude of An- 
gels, which all together rendred glorie to the Lord, & pu- 
bliihed peace in earth. Simeon the iuft in the propheticall 
Spirit confelTed the fame w a lowde voice : for he holding 
y htle babe in his armes, faied, Now Lord thou doell fuf- 
fre thy feruant in peace, accordyng to thy worde : for myne 
eyes haue fene thy faving helth, the which thou haft pre- 
pared before the face of all people. Alfo John Baptift hath 
fpoken as apperteyned, when he fawe him come towarde 
the riuer lorda, & faied, Beholde the Labe of God, behol- 
de him that taketh away the fynnes of the worlde. Peter & 
aU y Apoftles haue cofeffed, teftified, & preached aU thigs 
perteyning to faluatio, & which were foretolde by y Pro- 
phets to be fulfilled in Chrift y true Sone of God. & they, 
whome the Lord hath ordeyned to be witneffes euen to our 
tyme haue plentifully declared in their workes, how y re 
aders may knowe him sufficiently. The which teftimonies 
all together lb wel agre, as if they were but all one, that by 
their harmonie and agremet it is very eafy to knowe, that 
it is a mofte infallible trueth : for in lyes and falfitie ther 
is no fuche confent and concorde. Notwithftanding not 


only the Father, the Sonne, the holy Golt, the Angels, the 
Prophets, and the Apoltles teftifie of lefus Chrift : but al- 
fo his meruellous workes declare his mofte excellent po- 
wer. The ficke, the halting, the blynde, the deafe, the dum- 
me, they which haue the pallie, or leprofie, they that are lu 
natike, or poffeffed with deuils, yea the dead which he 
hath raifed, haue borne the badges of this thige. In his ow- 
ne vertue he rofe agayne, in liis Name he forgaue fynnes. 
And therfore he faide not without caufe. That the workes 
which his Father had geuen hym to do, were fufficient te- 
ftimonies for him. Moreouer, the very wicked, and enne- 
mies of his glorie, were drawen by the force of the trueth 
to confefTe, and acknoUage fome part therof : as Caiaphas, 
Pilate, & his wife. I wil not aUedge the teftimonie of the 
deuils, and vnclene fpirits, feing that lefus Chrift hath re- 
fucedthem. Finally the elements, and all creatures haue 
geuen praife to lefus Chrift. At his comandement the wyn 
des were appeafed, the troubled fea quieted, the filhe 
broght in his belly the piece of mony, the stones to beare 
him witnes cleft, the vaile of the temple deuided in two, 
the' funne waxed darke, the graues opened, and many bo- 
dies rife vp agayne. So y ther was nothing, nether in he- 
auen nor earthe, which teftified not lefus Chrift to be his 
God, Lord, Master, & the great ambassador of the Father 
fent hither beneth to purchafe the faluation of mankyn- 
de. All thefe things are pubhflied, declared, writen, and 
fealed to vs in this Teftament, by the which lefus Chrift 
maketh vs his heires in the kyngdome of God his Father 
and declareth to vs his will, as he that maketh his teftamet 
to his heires, to put in execution. Now we are all called to 
this enheritance, without putting any maner of differen- 
ce, ether betwixt man or woman, fmaUe or great, feruant 
or Lord, mafter or fcholer, clergie or laitie, Hebrewe, Gre 
ke, Freeh, or Latin. None of them is refuced if that by affu 
red confidence he embraceth that which is fent and pre 
fented vnto him : briefely whofoeuer fhal acknollage le- 
fus Chrift fuche, as he is ordeyned of the Father. Therfore 



fhall T^e that beare the names of Chrillians luffre this Te- 

ftamet to be taken from vs, or els to be hyd or corrupted ? 

which fo iuftely is ours, & without the which we can prete 

de no title to the kyngdome of God, without the which we 

knowe not the excellent graces and promifes which lefus 

Chrift hath declared towards vs, nether the glorie & blef- 

fednes, which he hath prepared for vs. We knowe not 

what God hath comanded or forbidden vs, we cannot de- 

fcerne good from euil, light from darkenes the comman- 

dements of God from the conftitutions of men. Without 

the Gofpel we are vnproffitable and to none vfe : without 

the Gofpel we are not Chrillians : without the Gofpel all 

riches are but pouertie, wifdome is foly before God, 

ftrength is weakenes, and all mans rightuoufnes is conde- 

ned before God. But by the knoUage of the Gofpel we are 

made children of God, brethern of lefus Chrift, burgeoi- 

fes together with the Saints, citifens of the kyngdome of 

heauenJieiresof God with lefus Chrift : by whome the po- 

ore are made riche, the weake ftronge, the foles wife, the 

fynners iuft, the defolat coforted, the doutful affured, the 

feruants fre. This Gofpel is the worde of hfe and trueth : 

that is, the power of God to the faluation of all beleuers : 

and the keye of the knollage of God which openeth the 

gate of the kyngdome of heauen to the faithf id, by vnbyn- 

ding their fynnes : and ftiutteth it to the infideles, by tying 

them in their fynnes. Bleffed are they that heare it, and ke 

pe it : for hereby they fhewe that they are the children of 

God. Curfed are they that wil not heare it, and foUowe it, 

for they are the children of the deuil. Oh Chriftias, vnder 

stand now, and leame this point, for douteles the ignorat 

fhal periftie in his ignorace, and the blynde following a- 

nother blinde ftial fall with him into the ditche. Ther is 

but one way to life and faluation, that is. Faith in the af- 

furance of Gods promifes, which we can not haue without 

the Gofpel : by hearing and vnderftanding wherof, the li- 

uely faith is geuen, with mofte aft"ured hope and perfect 

charitie in God, and feruent loue towards our neighbour. 


Wher is then your hope, yf you contemne and difdaigne 
to hear, to fe, to reade, and obferue this holy Gofpel ? 
They whofe affections are entangled with the corruptible 
things of this worlde, purchafe by aU meanes that thmg 
which they perfuade them felues to forther their fehcitie, 
fparing no labour, no not their body, their Hfe, and name. 
And yet all thefe things ferue but this wretched carkeis, 
whofe life is mofte vayne, miferable, and vncerteyne. And 
fhal we not endeuour our felues to obteyne the immortal 
& incorruptible life of that eternal and ineftimable feh- 
citie of the heauenly treafurs ? They which gyue them fel- 
ues to handy craftes, be they neuer fo bafe or vile, befto- 
we great peines and dihgence to atteyne to the knollage 
of the fame : and they which flryue to be higheft in reputa- 
tion, beat their wittes night and daie in the artes hberall 
or other fciences, which are but wynde & fmoke : how mu- 
che more in refpeft oght we to employe and ftrajoie our 
felues in the ftudie of this heauenly wifdome which far- 
re furmonteth aU the worlde, and perceth euen the very fe- 
crets of God ? Which fecrets it hath pleaced him to reuei- 
le by his holy worde. What thing can ther be then that 
might vnaquaynte vs and dryue vs backe from this Gof- 
pel ? Shal iniuries, euH fayings, rebukes, loffe of worldely 
honours ? We knowe that Chrift hath walked this waye 
whofe fteppes we oght to foUowe if we wilbe his difci- 
ples : nether oght we to refufe to be contemned moc- 
ked, abafed, and reiected of men for to be honoured, 
praifed, glorified, and exalted in the iudgement of God. 
Shal banifhement, proclamations of atteynte, loffe of 
landes and goods ? We are affured that howbeit we be ba- 
nifhed out of one contrey, yet the earth is the Lords, and 
thogh we Ihulde be caft out of aU the earth, yet fhal we not 
be out of the hmites of his kigdome. Thogh we be fpoyled 
& impouerifhed, yet haue we a Father riche ynough to nou- 
riihe vs : yea lefus Chrift was made poore to thintent that 
we (hulde follow him in pouertie. Shal afflictions, pri- 



ions, rackings, torments make vs flirinke from this Gofpel ? 
We leame by the example of lefus Chrifl that this is the 
right pathe to come to glorie. Finally, fhal death ? nay, de- 
ath can not take away that life which we waite and wifhe 
fore. To conclude, if we haue lefus Chrift with vs we fhal 
fynde nothing fo curfed, which by him is not blefled : no- 
thing fo execrable, which is not fanftified : nothing fo euil 
which toumeth not to our commoditie. Let vs not then be 
difcouraged althogh we fe all the worldely powers and 
mightes bent to the contrarie : for the promife cannot de- 
ceaue vs, wherin the Lord faieth. That out of his holy place 
he wil mocke at the affembles, and enterprifes of men 
which confpire againfl him. Let vs not be difcomforted as 
thogh all hope were loft, when we fe the true feruants of 
God dye and deftroyed before om* eyes: for itistruleyfa- 
ied by TertulUan, and hath alwaies bene fo proued, & Ihal 
be in the ede of the worlde, That the bloude of Martyrs is 
the fede fowing of the Chmxhe. And yet haue we a better 
& more fare confolation, which is to tume away our eyes 
from the worlde, and to forfake whatfoeuer we fe before 
vs, wayting paciently for the great Judgement of God, by 
the which in one moment ftialbe beaten downe, ouerthro 
wen, and broght to nothing, all that man euer enterprifed 
againft him. Which thing fhalbe when the kyngdome of 
God which we now fe in hope fhalbe manifefted, and 
when lefus Chrift flial appeare in his maieftie with his 
Angels. Then muft both good and euil be prefent befo- 
re the iudgement feate of that great Kyng. And they 
which haue remayned conftant in this Teftament, and ha- 
ue followed, and kept the wil of the Father fhalbe at the 
right hand as his very children, and fhal receaue the 
bleffing, which is the ende and effeft of their faith, 
that is, life euerlafting. And forasmuche as they ha- 
ue not bene afhamed to auowe and confelTe lefus Chri- 
fte at that tyme when he was defpiced and contemned 
before men, they fhalbe partakers of his glorie, and 


crowned with him for euermore. But the wicked, the re- 
bells and the reprobat which haue contemned and reie- 
fted this holy Gofpel : alfo they, which for to maynteyne 
their honours, riches, and great eftimation wolde not hu- 
ble and abafe them felues with lefus Chrift, but for the fe- 
are of men haue left the feare of God, as baftards and difo 
bedient to their Father, fhalbe at the lift hande, call into 
maledictio, and for rewarde of their infidelitie, fhal rece- 
aue euerlafting death. Seing then you haue vnderltand 
that the Gofpel doth prefet vnto you lefus Chrift, in who- 
me all the promeiTes & graces of God are accomplifhed : 
and declareth vnto you, that he hath been fent of the Fa- 
ther, hath come downe into the earth, hath bene conuer- 
fant with me, & hath performed whatfoeuer was requifed 
for our faluation, as he had forwamed in his Lawe and 
Prophets : you muft holde it for mofte aflfured & manifeft, 
that the treafures of heauen are open vnto you, the riches 
of God are layed before you, and the life euerlafting is re 
ueiled. For this is life euerlafting, to knowe our only true 
God, and him whome he hath fent lefus Chrift : in whome 
he hath appointed the begynning, myddes, and ende of 
our faluation. This is Ifaac the welbeloued Sonne of the 
Father, which was offered in facrifice and yet gaue not pla 
ce to death. This is the vigilat Shepherde lacob which had 
fo great care ouer the Ihepe which he had in keping. This 
is the good and merciful Brother lofeph, who in his glo- 
rie was not aftiamed to acknoUage his brethern, were they 
neuer so bafe and abieft . This is the great hie Prieft and bi- 
fliope Melchi-zedec who made an euerlaftig facrifice on- 
ce for all. This is the excellent Lawmaker Mofes who wri- 
teth his Lawe in the tables of our hertes by his Spirit. This 
is the faithful Capitaine and guyde lehofua, to conduft vs 
into the Lande of promeffe. This is the noble and vi6tori- 
ous Kyng Dauid, fmyting downe with his had all rebelli- 
ous power. This is the magnifical and triumphing Kyng So- 
lomon, gouerning his kingdome in peace and profperitie. 
This is the ftronge and valiant Samfon who by his death 



ouerthrewe all his ennemies. And lall of all euery good 
thing which hart can thinke or defire is founde in this on- 
ly lefus Chriil. For he hQbled him felfe to exalt vs, he beca 
me feruant to make vs fre, he was impoueriflied to enriche 
vs, he was folde to rafon vs, he became prifoner to baile vs, 
he was condened to deliuer vs, he was made y curfe for our 
bleffmg, an offrig for fynnefor our rightuoufnes, he wasdif 
figured to fafhio vs, he dyed for our life. Info much y by hi 
roughnes is fmothed, anger appeafed, darckenes lightened, 
vnrightuoufnes iuftified, weakenes ftrengthened, difcom- 
fort comforted, fynne brydeled, defpite contemned, feare 
boldened, debt payed, labour eafed, fadnes made glad, mi 
(hap goodhap, hardenes eafmes, difordre ordered, diuifio 
vnited, ignominie made noble, rebellion fubdued, mena- 
cing menaced, ambufhe difcouered, aflautes aflailed, vio- 
lence oppreffed, bataile beaten, warre foughten, vengeance 
punifhed, tormet tormented, danation daned, depth drow 
ned, hel chained, death dead, mortahtie immortal, and to 
be fhort, mercie hath fwaUowed all miferie, and bontie 
hath ouercome all euil. For all thefe things w were wont 
to be weapons of the deuil to ouercome vs, and the fling 
of death to fting vs, are turned now into a moft profitable 
exercife for our finguler commoditie. So that we may glo 
rie with the Apoftle, faying, O death, where is thy vido- 
rie ? 6 graue, wher is thy fling ? In the afTurance the of this 
Spirit of Chrifl promefed to his eleft, we hue no more 
but Chrifl in vs, and in fpirit we are fet among y heauely 
fpirits, in that, that the worlde to vs is no more worlde, al 
beit we be conuerfant in it, but we are in all things contet, 
be it our contrey, place, condition, apparel, meat, or other 
fuche things. By reafon wherof in tribulation we are cofor 
ted, in heauenes ioyful, in contempt honorable, in pouer- 
tie riche, in nakednes cled, in euils paciet, in death alyue. 
This is the thing briefely which we oght to feke in all the 
Scriptures. Which is, to knowe perfed;ly lefus Chrifl, and 
the infinit riches, which are comprifed in him, & offered 
vnto vs through him of God his Father. For if we dihget- 


ly examine the Lawe and the Prophets, we ihal not finde fo 
muche as one worde, which leadeth not & bringeth vs to 
this effeft. And in dede, fmce that all the treafures of wyf- 
dome and vnderftanding are hyd in him, we muft feke for 
no other marcke nor meanes except we wolde wittingly & 
willingly tourne backe from the light of the trueth, and 
cafl ourfelues headlonge into the darke pit of lies. Ther- 
fore S. Paul in another place faith, y he eftemed him fel- 
fe to knowe nothing but lefus Chrift, and him crucified. 
For howbeit it femeth, after the iudgement of the flefhe, f 
this knowlage is but a comon, and contemptible thing : yet 
is it fufficient for vs tobeftowe ourftudies in, allydayes 
of our life. Nether fhal we lofe our tyme whe we flial em- 
ploye all our diligece and wit to thintent that we may prof- 
fit in the fame. What can we more defire for the fpiritual 
inftructio of our foules, then to knowe of God, to be tranf- 
formed into him, & to haue his glorious image printed in 
vs to the ende that we might be partakers of his iuftice ? to 
be heires of his kingdome .'' & in y end fully to poffeffe it .'' 
Trueth it is, that fro the begynning, God gaue him felfe to 
be knowen, but in thefe latter dayes he fheweth him felfe 
more clerely, that we fiiulde beholde him in y face of his 
Chrift. Wherfore we may in no wife tourne backe, or go a 
ftraye hither & thither, be it neuer fo litle : but we muft 
wholy gyue our felues to this point, that we may learne by 
the Scripture to know lefus Chrift onely, that by him we 
may be condufted in the right way to the Father, who co- 
teyneth in him felfe all perfection. Beholde I fay agayne, 
wherin all wifdome that man can comprehende or attey- 
ne vnto in this life, is inclofed, vnto the w, nether Angel, 
nor man, nether dead nor quicke can adde or diminilhe. 
Therfore it is the marke wher we muft reft, & the copafle 
wherin we muft limite our vnderstanding, without enter 
medhng any thing of our owne phatafte, or receauing any 
other doftrine, be it neuer fo probable, w is added ther vn 
to. For he that dare entreprife to teache one fyllable far- 
ther, or more then is taught vs in his worde, oght to be ac- 
curfed before God and his Churche. 


peace through Chrift our Sauiour. 

S the life of a true Chriftia is mofte lub 
liedl to the reprehelion of the worlde : fo 
'all his a6li6s, & entrepriles, be they ne- 
uer fo eomedable, moue the wicked ra- 
ther to grudge & murmure, the to glorifie God who 
is autor of the fame. Which euil God hath left to 
his Churche, as a neceffarie exercife, afwel that ma 
(holde not be puffed vp with opinion of the gifts 
that he receaueth of his heauely Father: as also that 
feing how he euer mainteyneth the fame in defpite 
of all outrageous tyrannic, he might be more aflu- 
red of Gods diuine prouidence, and louing kynde- 
nes towards his ele6l. For this caufe we fe that in 
the Churche of Chrift ther are thre kyndes of me : 
fome are malicious defpicers of the worde, & gra- 
ces of God, who turne all things into poifon, and a 
farther hardening of their hearts : others do not 
openly relifte & contene the Gofpel, becaufe they 
are ftroken as it were in a trance with the maieftie 
therof, yet ether they quarell and cauell, or els deri 
de and mocke at whatfoeuer thing is done for the 
aduancemet of the fame. The thirde fort are the iim 
pie lambes, which partely are already in the folde 
of Chrift, and fo heare willingly their Shepeherds 
voyce, and partly wandering aftray by ignorance, 
tary the tyme tyll the Shepherde fynde them and 
bring the vnto his flocke. To this kynde of peo- 
ple, in this tranflation I chiefly had refpe6}, as mo- 


ued with zeale, conlelled by the godly, and drawen 
by occafion, both of the place where God hath ap- 
pointed vs to dwel, and alfo of the ftore of heauen 
ly learning & iudgemet, which lb abundeth in this 
Citie of Geneua, that iuflely it may be called the 
patron and mirrour of true religion and godlynes. 
To theie therfore which are of the flocke of Chrift 
which knowe their Fathers wil, and are aflFe6lioned 
to the trueth, I rendre a realbn of my doing in fe- 
we lines. Firft as touchig the peruling of the text, 
it was diligently reuifed by the mofte approued 
Greke examples, and conference of tranllations in 
other tonges as the learned may eafely iudge, both 
by the faithful rendering of the fentence, and alio 
by the proprietie of the wordes, and perfpicuitie of 
the phrafe. Forthermore that the Reader might be 
by all meanes proffited, I haue deuided the text in- 
to verfes and fedtios, according to the bell editions 
in other, langages, and alfo, as to this day the anciet 
Greke copies mencion, it was wont to be vfed. And 
becaufe the Hebrewe and Greke phrafes, which are 
ftrange to rendre in other tongues, and alfo ftiort, 
fhulde not be to harde, I haue Ibmetyme interpre- 
ted them without any whit diminilhing the grace 
of the fenfe, as our lagage doth vfe them, and Ibme- 
tyme haue put to that worde, which lacking made 
the fentence obfcui'e, but haue fet it in fuch letters 
as may eafely be difcerned from the comun text. 
As cScerning the Annotations, wherunto thele let- 
ters a, b, c, &c. leade vs, I haue endeuored so to prof 
fit all therbv, that both the learned 8i others might 



be holpen : for to my knollage I haue omitted no- 
thing vnexpounded, wherby he that is any thing 
exercifed in the Scriptures of God, might iullely 
coplayn of hardenes : and alfo in refpecit of the that 
haue more proffited in the fame, I haue explicat all 
fuche places by the beft learned interpreters, as 
ether were falfely expounded by fome, or els abfur 
dely applyed by others: fo that by this meanes both 
they which haue not abilitie to by the Commenta 
ries vpon the Newe tellament, and they alfo which 
haue not opportunitie & leafure to reade them be 
caufe of their prolixitie may vfe this booke in fte- 
de therof. and fome tyme wher the place is not gre- 
atly harde, I haue noted with this marke ", that 
which may ferue to the edification of the Reader : 
adding alfo fuche commone places, as may caufe 
him better to take hede to the dottrine. Moreouer, 
the diuerfe readings according to diuerfe Greke co 
pies, which ftade but in one worde, may be knowe 
by this note ", and if the bookes do alter in the fen- 
tence then is it noted with this ftarre *, as the cota- 
tions are. Laft of all remayne the arguments, afwel 
they which conteyne the fume of euery chapter, as 
the other which are placed before the bookes and 
epiftles : wherof the comoditie is fo great, that they 
may ferue in ftede of a Commentarie to the Rea- 
der : for many reade the Scriptures with myndes to 
proffit, but becaufe they do not confider the fcope 
and purpofe wherfore the holy Goft fo writeth & 
to what ende (which thing the Arguments do faith 
fully expreffe) they either beftowe their tyme 



without fruit, or els defraude them lelues of a gre- 
at deale which they might atteyne vnto otherwile. 
To the intent therfore that, not onely they which 
are already aduanced in the knollage of the Scrip- 
tures, but alfo the fimple and vnlearned might be 
forthered hereby, I haue ib moderat the with play 
nenes and breuitie, that the verie ignorant may ea- 
fely vnderftande them and beare them in memorie. 
And for this caufe I haue applied but one argumet 
to the foure Euangelijfts, chiefely for becaufe that 
all writing one matter, thogh by euery one diuer- 
fly handeled, they required no diueriitie of argu- 
ments. Thus in fewe wordes I haue declared as 
touching the chiefe pointes, befeching God fo to 
inflame our hearts with the deiire to knowe his di- 
uine wil, that we may meditate in his holy worde 
both day and night, wherin he hath reueiled it, and 
hauing atteyned thervnto may fo pra6life it in all 
our actions, that as we growe in the ripenes of our 
Chriftian age, fo we may glorifie him more and 
more rendring to him eternal thankes and praifes 
for his heauenly and ineftimable giftes beflowed 
vpon his Churche, that all thogh Satan, Antichrift, 
and all his ennemies rage and burfte, yet are they 
not able to fupprefl^e them, nether wil he diminiflie 
them: for feing he doth not onely brydel his enne- 
mies furie, but caufeth them to defende and prefer- 
ue his gifts for the vfe of his Churche (as we fe the 
lewes, Chrifts profelTed enemies preferue the olde 
teftament in mofte integritie) what fliulde we dou 
te of his bontiful liberalitie towards vs ? or why do 



we not rather with all humilitie and lubmiffion of 

mynde obey him, loue & feare him which 

is God bleffed for euer ? To who- 

me with the Sonne and ho 

ly Goft be praife, 

honour & 


rie. Amen. 


writ by the foure Euangelifts. 

N THIS hijiorie writte by Matthewe, Marke, Lu 
ke and lohn, the Spirit of God Jo gouerned their he- 
arts, that althogh they were foure innomber,yet in 
effect and purpofe they Jo confent,as thogh the who- 
le had bene compofed by any one of them. And al- 
beit in ftile and maner of writing they be diuers, andfome tyme 
one writeth more largely that which the other doth abbridge: ne- 
uertheles in matter and argumet they all tende to one ende: which 
is, to publijhe to the worlde the fauour of God towarde mankyn- 
de through Chrift lefus, whome the Father hath geuen as a pled- 
ge of his mercie and loue. And for this cauj'e they intitle their Jio- 
rie Go/pel, which Jignifieth, good t y dings, for of muche as God hath 
performed in dede that which the fathers hoped fore. So that here- 
by we are admonijhed to forfake the worlde, and the vanities the- 
rof, and with mojie affectioned hearts embrace this incomparable 
treqfurefrely offredvntovs.fortheris no ioyenor confolation, no 
peace nor quietnes, no felicitie nor J'aluation, but in lefus Chrift, 
who is the very fubjlance of this Gofpel, and in whome all the pro 
mij'es are yea, and amen. And therfore vnder this worde is con- 
teyned the whole Neioe teftament, but comonly we vfe this name 



for the hijloiie, which the foure Euangelijls write, conteynint, 
Chrijls comming in the flejhe, his death, and refurre6lion, which 
is the perfeSi fumme of ourfaluation. Matthewe, Marke, <Sf Luke 
are more copious in defcribing his life and death : but lohn more 
laboureth to Jet forthe his do&rine, wherin both Chrijls office. 8f 
alfo the vertue of his death and refurrediion more fully appeareth: 
for without this, to knowe that Chrijiwas borne, dead, andrifen 
agayne, fholde nothing profit vs. The which thing not withftan- 
ding that the thre firjl louche partely , as he alfo fometyme inter- 
m.edeleth the hijiorical narration: yet lohn chief ely is occupiec' 
herein . And therfore, as a mojle learned interpreter writeth, they 
defcribe as it were the body, and lohnfetteth before our eyes tfie 
foule. VVherfore the fame aptely termeth the Gofpel writ by lohn 
the keye which openeth the dore to the vnderjtanding of the others, 
for whoj'oeuer doth knowe the office, vertue and power of Chrifi, 
jhal reade that which is written of the Sonne of God come to he 
the redemer of the worlde, with mojle proffit. Now as concerning 
the writers of this hijlorle, it is euident that Matthewe wax a 
Publicane or cuftome gatherer, and was thence chofen of Chrijl to 
he an Apoftle. Mark is thoght to haue bene Peters difciple, t.nd > 
haue planted the flrft Churche at Alexandria, wher he dyed the 
eight yere of the raigne of Nero. Luke was a phijitio of Antioche, 
and became Pauls difciple, and fellowe in all his trauells, he ly- 
ued foure fcore and foure yeres and was buryed at Conjlantinople. 
lohn was that Apojlle whome the Lord loued, thefonne of Zebe- 
de and brother of lames: he dyed thre fcore yeres after Chrijl, and 
was buryed nere to the Citie of Ephefus. 



by S. INIatthew. 

* # 

fieth good tidin- 
ges, and is taken 
here for the storie 
which conteineth 
the ioyful messa- 
ge of the coming 
of the Sonne of 



The genealogie of Christe, who was concerned, 
by the holy Gost, borne of the Virgine Marie, 
when she was betrouthed imto Joseph. The Angel 
satisfieth losephes minde. lesus called Emmanuel, 
and wherfore. 

Luc. 3. g. A 
Gen. 21. a. 

Gen. 25. d. 

Gen. 29. d. 
Gen. 38. g. 
l.Chro.2. a. 
Gene. 46. b. 
Ruth. 4. d. 

HE "booke of 
the generatio 
of lesus Christe, 
the ** Sonne of 
•= Daviid, the 
Sonne of Abra- 

2 * Abraham 
begate Isaac. 
And* Isaac, be- 

gate lacob. And * lacob, begate ludas 

and his brethem. 

3 And * ludas, begate Phares and Zaram 

" This is the rehe 
arsal of the pro- 
genie, wherof les" 
Christ is spronge 
according to the 

^ So called, for 
that he came of the 
stocke of Dauid. 

■^ These two are 
first rehearsedjbe- 
cause Christ was e 
specially prome- 
sed to come of 
their seade: and 
therfore Christ c5 
monly was called 
the Sonne of Da- 


dBy incestuo-ad- d^f Thamar. And *Phares begate Esrom. 

ulterie, the which . , „ , . 

shame setteth And Lsrom begate Aram. 
humiiSrola 4 And Ara begate Aminadab. And_A- 
de him self of no minadab begate Naasson. And Naasso be 

reputation.but be- i. o i 
came a seruat for gate Oalmon. 

our sakes, yea a 5 j^^^ Saknon berate Booz of ^Rachab. 

worme and no ma, o i^-ni aj 

the reproche of And Booz begate Obed of Ruth. And Ruth. 4. d. 
"fThe'^pe'oprS Obed begate lesse. 
at length suffered 6 And * lesse begate Dauid the Kjmge. 
of^the'^crosse.^* And * Dauid the Kynge begate Solomon, g^'io^V 

of her that was the wife of Vrie. 
bein^g Gentiies"si- 7 And *Solomon begate Roboam. And B 
gnifie.that Christe Rojjoajji beffate Abia. And Abia begate }-:^y'V?' 

came not onely of ° '-' I. Caro.S.b 

of lewes and for Asa, 

thrGenui:^an1 § And Asa begate losaphat. And losa- 
for their saiuati5. phat begate loram. And loram begate 

te^thr'e'kiSs; 9 And Ozias begate ^loatham. Andloa- 
ioas,Amasia,Aza tham begate Achaz. And Achaz begate 

ria.abbrldgyng the _ . ° " 

nomber to make iliZeCiaS. 

the tymes four- jQ j^^ Ezecias begate Manassas. *And 2. Ky. 20.d 

tene generations. o .i. , fr21d 

Manasses begate Amon. And Amon be- •' 
gate losias. 

1 1 And * losias begate lacim And lacim ^' ^{^"'^'g' 
begate lechonias and his brethem, about a„d 24. a. ' 
the time they were caried awaie to Baby- 

12 And after they were broght to Baby- 

g After the capti Ion, *Iechonias begate ^Salathiel. And Sa 2.CAr.36. b. 
^f:'a^':;?oS latWel begate Zorobabel. ^^f- ^^ «' 

vntohim: so that 13 And Zorobabel begate Abiud. And 

not withstanding ., . , , , _,.. . ° » , -r-ii- • i 

that they were sia Abmd begate JUiacim. And Jliuacim be- 

ues, yet by the pro , * 
uidece of God the S^^^ AZOr. 

gouuernement re- 14 And Azor begate Sadoc. And Sadoc 
ue^oTDauid, wher begate Achim. And Achim begate Ehud. 
it continued tyii j 5 ^^^ ^y^^^ begate Eleazar. And Elea- 

Ihe coraming of ti«-i at-mi 

christe. zar begate Matthan. And Matthan begate 



T 1 "" Albeit the le- 

iai-<jLF. ^gj uomber their 

" which signi 16 And lacob begate " Joseph, the hoUS- kynredbythema- 

fieth annoin- ^^-^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^f ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 1^^^^^ ^eof ^'Ir'S 

that is called > "Christe . J^'=" ^^ ^° reconed, 

. C-A1 because she was 

C 1 7 And so all the generations iro Abra- maried to a ma of 
ham to Dauid, are fourtene generations, ''f whoisthe\me 
And from Dauid to the tyme they were tinge, Priest, and 

, . , -nil r A. Prophet annoin- 

caryed mto Babylon, are lourtene gene ted of God to ae- 
rations. And from the tyme they were cari- fi°^Pf f^edemer! 
ed into Babylon to Christe, are also four- 
tene generations. 
The birth of 1 8 Now the byrth of lesus Christ was on 
Christ. tijyg ^se. When his mother Marie was 
' ' * betrowthed to Joseph (before they came 
together) she was found wyth chylde of 
the holy Gost. 
Themariage 19 Then loseph her housband beyng a 
n ^^94 ^^^^ man, and loth to * make her a publike 
exemple of infamie, was mynded to put 
her a way secretly. 

20 Whyle he thus reasoned with him self 
beholde the Angel of the Lord appeared 
vnto him in a "^dreame, saying, loseph the '!,'^^'^^'lf°'V* 

'JO' J- WllDGSSGu Dy tuC 

' Sonne of Dauid, feare not to take Marie holy Gost, and is a 

for thy wife : For that whych is conceaued ^^"^Nom!'?2''^''' 

in her, is of the holy Gost. ' This name put 

"lesus that is 21 She shal bring forth a sonne, and thou brance of Gods 

tosayasaui- shalt*callhis name "lesus. For he shal*sa- Pfomesse to Da- 

our. uid. 

Philip. 2. b. ue his people from their synnes. 

ActA.b. 22 All this was done to fulfil that which 

was spoken of the Lord by the Prophet, 
£sa 7 c^ ^^ * Behold, that "mayde shal be wyth 
"WhomeGod chyldc, and shal bring forth a sonne, and 
1"*^ *'j°^^° they shal call his name Emmanuel, which 

to that ende. . ^ . ^ ^ . m o j vi, ■» God is ioy- 

is by mterpretation, ™ God with vs. ngd withvsbime- 

24 And loseph as sone as he awoke out of anes of lesus 

, 11^1 . i,.iT jij Christe, which is 

slepe, dyd as the Angel of the Lord bade God and man. 



"n^jlu^'^fi'^^u'^® and toke his wife viito him. 

called the first bor , , , -i i i j i 

ne.becauseshehad 25 And kncwe her not, til she had broght 
a^rnoTr^rete'c" foorth her" * first bome Sonne, and cal- Luk. 2. «. 

of any she had af- led his name lESVS. 

ter. Nether yet 

doth this worde 

(till )import alwais 

a time following: THE II CHAPTER. 

He^ma"'braffir' '^^^ ^^'"^ ""'^ ?^'^'^^ "^ Christes birthe. The 
raed asourSaui- wise men offer their fresentes. Christ fiieth into 
our saing, that he Egypt. The yonge childre are slaine. Christ tur- 
wil be preset with ^eth into Galile. 
his disciples, til 

S:, V^etU V^^^ ^^'^' ^^' ^°™' ^* ^^*^^^^ ^" ^h • 

not that after this ' ^lurie, in the tyme of Herode the men were7he 

be wi^h thJ^ "'' kins: : Beholde there came" ''wise men fro fi"t frui's of 

06 witn tnem. ^, °„ ^ ^ t i / the Gentiles , 

the Jliast to lerusalem,/ which came 

^ "/ . 2 Saymg, Where is that b> of lewes that % .^/"-shipe 

' For ther is an . -' ° ' i • * • Christ. 

other Bethiehe in IS bome ? 1 or we haue sene his *^ starre m Now. 24 . c. 
the tribe of zabu-^l^g East, and are come'* to worship him. 
>> Wise me or Ma 3 When kinsT Herode heard this, he was „„ ., 

gi, in the Persians , ,, , j// n t i vi. i.- *°'" J"^'^ 

&Chaldeans tonge troubled, and ail lerusalem with mm. were afraied 

SeS'pr'ieSor ^ ^^ S^^^^^S together aU the chiefe i^l '^"^1; 

Astronomers. ' Pricstes & Sciibes of the people, he asked tingdome, 

ri'e^si^^e' w'^'ieu 0^ ^^^^' where Christe should be bome. Lue Tene 
foorth that kings 5 e^^^ thcv Said vnto him, at Bethlehem 'It.ww'""'^ ' 

honour whom the . . . . . murtner . 

woride'did notes- in luric. For SO it IS writte by the Prophet: Miche b.a. 
^f^r;- V. H 6 *And thou Bethlehem in y land of lu- ^"'"^ ^- '=• 

" W hich was a de . J _ 

ciaration of that ric, art not the least among the Princes of 
the GentUes'' "^ Inda : for out of thee shal come vnto me, i 

should beare mto the captaine that shal goueme my peo- 
« Thei could wei pie Israel. 

^er^ffbTt^^hi: 7 The Herode'; priuely called the wise me B^^^^^^^ 
they should profes and dihgetly inquired of them the time science is a 

waxe "olde, 'and of the Starre that appeared. burning fire. J 

shrincke backe. g And sent them to Bethlehem, saying. 
Go, and search dihgently for the babe. 
And when ye haue found him, bring me 
worde againe, that I may come and wor- 
ship him also. g .^^^ 


9 When they had heard the kinar, they de , „,. . 

/ - p 1-11 ^"^ starre vani- 

parted : and lo, the 'starre which they saw shed awaie before, 
in the East, wet before them, til it came & should ury'atiem 
stode ouer the place wher the childe was. P'^m, and there 

10 When they saw the starre, they reioy- thinge, to thecofu 
sed with an exceding great gladnes. ^'°" "^""^ '®*^'- 

1 1 And went into the house, and found 
the child with Marie his mother, and fal- 
ling downe, worshipped him, ad opened 
their treasures, and offered vnto him gyf- 

Psal 72.6. tes,*Sgold, franckensence, and myrrhe. » The Persiasma 
€saie6 h. 1 2 And after they were warned of God in "^^ ^^^"^^l '°„^^^ 

liuereth" his ^ dreame, that they " should*" not go again out a present, and 

from dagers. ^q Herode : they returned into their owne broght'^of tha^ 
contrey an other waie. ^^'"^ "^^ "J°^^e 

-' ,.1 11111 A precious in their 

C 13 After their departure, beholde the An countne. 
gel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a ^ot ^l^^^e kept! 
dreame, saying. Arise, and take the babe wher Gods honour 
and his mother, and flie into Egypt, and his tmeth is hin- 
be there til I bring thee worde. For it wil '^^'■^'^" 
come to passe, that Herode wil seke the 
babe to destroye him. 
loseph ta- ^^ The he arose & toke the childe and his 
keth lesus ad mother by night, ad departed into Egypt, 
and flieth In- 15 And was there vnto the death of Hero 
to Egypt. de to 1 fulfil that which was spoke of the lll^Zf't.'^Z 

Usee 1 1 . a. ' , . i , /-. prefigured by the 

nom. 24. Lord by the rrophet, which sayeth. Out deiiuerance of the 
^f'^Herodf'^ °^ Egypt haue I called my sonne. Egyptwhirtere 

1 6 ''Then Herode perceauing that he was chris^tes churche, 

. '^ ° and his bodie, is 

mocked of the wise men, was exceadmg now verified, and 
wroth, & sent forth and slewe al the male therad.'""^ '° 
cluldre that were in Bethlehe, and in aU •'Within a certein 
the coastes therof, as many as were two 
yere olde & vnder, according to the time 
which he had dihgently searched out of 
thewi^e men. 

1 7 I'he was fulfilled that which was spo- 


1 Herode re- ken by the Prophet leremie, saying, 

newed the sorowe ,r-,TiT>i -l j 

which the Benia- 1 8 In ' Rhama was a voyce heard, mour- 

mites had suffred ~ 

longe before, yet 

ning wepyng, and great lamentation : Ra- 

for all his cruel- chel wepyng for her children, and would „rJ<^^g^^^^ ^^^ 
bringe to"Sse°' not be conforted, bycause they "were not. were killed* 
that christeshuid 19 When Herode was dead, beholde, an ^^^- 
no raigne. Angel of the Lord appeared in a dreame 

to loseph in Egypt, 

20 Saying, Arise and take the chUde and 
his mother, & go into the land of Israel : 
for they are dead which soght the chUdes 

lyfe. Joseph re- 

■" Which is holy 21 Then he arose vp, and toke the clulde 
to "^cX'Sng and his mother, and came hito the land of 

vnto those that Israel. 

UioWe law "which 22 But whsH he heard that Archelaus dyd 
trt'hoiinis whi°h raygne in lewrie, in the roume of his fa- 
shuid be rnanife- ther Herode, he was afrayed to go thy- 
saras'on? Joseph! ther. Notwithstanding, after he was war- 
^c. ned of God in a dreame, he turned asyde 

into the parties of Gahle, 

23 And went and dwelt in a citie called lud. 13. a. 

Nazaret, to fulfyl that which was spo- f/^^' of iiaia 

ken by the Prophetes : which was, that he reth. 
III. ■ shulde be called "a ™ * Nazarite . 

'■ In the firste 

yere of the raigne THE III. CHAPTER, 

of Tyberius, after The office, doctrine, and life of lohn, and how . 
t?me remaned in Christ was baptized of him in lordan, and au- ^ar. \.a. 
Nazaret, and was torised by God his Father. luk.S.a. 

now about 30 yere * *Nd in =»those daics, lohn the Bapti- "The^^P*''- 

oiae. il , 1 . k 1 ™^ °*^ amen- 

t So called in re -i- ■»- gte came and preached m the ""wil- dmetofufe. 

spect of the play- , r t • "Or be sory 

ne Countrey and demeS Ot iewne, for your fau- 

fartilevalleesrand 2 Saying, "Repent, for the *= kynff dome tes past, and 

not because It was . , ■^ ° . J^. \ ^ ° amend. 

not inhabited. 01 heaucn IS at hand. 

Go^^wi'J raigt^' 3 For this is he of whome it hath bene 

ouer vs, gather vs spoken by the Prophct Esaie, who saieth, 

vnto him, pardon r j x 

cure synnes, and adopte vs by the preaching of the gospel. 



lohn. \.d. * The voyce of him that crieth in wilder- 

vw^m^stput nes is. Prepare the way of the Lord, make 

of our old A- his pathes stray ght. 

p^"^our^sli:4*This lohn had his ^ garment of Ca- -wouen^ithhe- 

pare our atri ii r i ^ are as grosse heare 

ues by amen- ^gjg j^gare, and a gyrdle of a skyn about clothe, 

demet of life ' °-' , •' , 

to receyue his loynes. HlS meat was ^lOCUSteS and « such meates as 

the mercies ^^^ ^ nature broght for- 

01 "OQ. J 1 • T ion '^^ ^''" ""'■ ™^"i» 

Mar. \.a. 5 Tlien went out to him lerusalem & all labour or diUgen- 
luk.^.a. lewrie, & all y region round about lorda. '^e^'^eadeLeui.n.d 
lohnA.c. g ^^ ^g^g baptized of him in Tordan, /Acknowledging 

f - . T . their fautes, for 

'confessing their SynneS. there is no repen- 

B 7 When he sawe many of the Pharises J^^^^-j^^^'^outcon 
Publike con- & of the Sadduces come to his baptisme, 
Lu'a°3 6. ^^ ^^y^ '"^*° them, * O generations of vi- 
Chap.2Z.d. pers, who hath taught you before to flee 
from the vengeance to come ? 

8 Bring forth therfore y"fniites belon- « He menaceth 
gyng to amendement of hfe. ^n'XirurPh:! 

9 And presume not to say with your sel- ses with the iudge- 
lohn 8. e. ues, * we haue Abraham to our father : For "hey°shewe'before 
axit. 13. d. I say vnto vou, v God is able euen of these men such workes, 

Thelewesfla- . •' ^ ■' . ■' ,.,j -at-T.- as are agreable to 

ttered them StonCS tO raise Vp children vnto Abrana. their profession. 

ir a^unc^Itlrs' ^^ ^^^"^ '^""^ ^^ *^^ ^^^^ P^^ *° ^^^ ^°*^ 

Chap. 7. of the trees : *so y euery tree which bryn- h The iudgemet 
sreth not forth erood fruit, is hewe downe, o^ ^f'^}^ ^' ^i-oiA-- 

° , . P r '" destroye such 

C and cast into the fyre. as are not worthi 

Mar. \.a. 11 * In deed I baptize you "with water to a ^°^^" °^ ^'' ^^'''^ 
luk.s.e. mendement of hfe : but he y commeth af- \when God ba- 
toh.i.d. ^gj. jng^ jg myghtier then I, whose shoes I wi\h^ the vertue 
act.l.a.2.a. ^^ ^ worthy to beare : He shall baptize °f '^H, ^'''n^nn^ 

11 c 19 a 1 1 /n 1 /-i 1 If bumeth and con- 

you wyth the holy (jost and wyth 'tyre, sumeth the vices 
baSr'' 12 Whych hath his ^ fanne in his hand, & ^.^jrwir^ioue 
" inwarde ba- wil make cleane his floore, and gather y of wm. 
ptisme. wheate into his gamer, but wiU bume vp preaching of the 

the chaffe with vnquencheable fyre. latheret^h^^thV" 

Afar. 1.6. 13 *Then came lesus from Galile to lor- faithful as good 
u .3. rf. ^^^ .^^^.Q lohn, to be baptized of him. ihr"^iiSdeier''as 


14 But lohn put him backe, saying, I haue 
neede to be baptized of thee, and comest 
thou to me ? D 

15 lesus answering, saied to him. Let it be 
' We most render SO nowe : For thus it becometh vs to 'ful- 

^G^draS^rsfilaUrightuousnes. Then he suifred him. 
which he hath or- 1 6 And lesus as sone as he was baptized, ^re openeT"* 
""to shewe the Came straight out of the water : andlo, the The Fatho^ 
state of his king- heauens were open vnto liim : and lohn fj'^ti^'* 

dome, which IS in , r^ • ^ .^ , i j- vi 'y "uai. 

all meeknes and saw the Sprite of God descendmg uke a 
^"■^Theffauour of '"doue, and hghting vpon him. Esaie 52. e. 

God resteth on le 17 And lo, there came a voice fro heauen, 2. pet.l.d. 

sus Christe, that . „ rm • ■ *i i j o • Colos.l.e. 

fro, him it might saymg, ° Ihis IS my beloued bonne, in (jf^ j^ ^ 
whic'hTsIre ;^f whome I am wel pleased. 

r at/inS: 

tion. Christe fasteth and is tempted : he calleth Pe- 

ter, Andrew, lames and lohn, and healeth alt 
the sycke. 

J J J J 'T^Hen was lesus led asyde of the " Spirit A 

» By the holy "*- into the wddernes, to be '' tempted of Christ is tem 

^^"to thende that ^^^ ^^^^^ ^'"*' 

he ouercommyng 2 *And when he had fasted forty dayes Mar.l.b. 

mi^ M 'erThrvU *^^ forty nightcs, he was afterward an 

ctorieforvs honsrred. c . • ' 

r. m? 1-1 o • 1 Satan is ouer 

3 1 hen came to mm the tempter, & saied, commen by 
csata would haue if thou be the Sonne of God, '^commande ^^^ ^""p*"" 

Christ to distrust , , , i i i 

God, and his wor- that these stones be made bread. 
fherTtraung7L°d ^ But he answering, sayd, It is written, 
vniawfuii mea- * Man shal not hue by bread onely, but Devie. 8. a. 
"^Hemeaneththe by euery '^ worde that proceadeth out of *"P**6'** 

ordre that God t^g mOUth of God. 

hath ordeined to i i -i i i • 

gouueme his peo- 5 Ihen the deml toke mm vp into the 
P'*' ^^' holy Citie, and set him on a pinacle of 

the temple. 

6 And sayd vnto him. If thou be y Sonne Psal. 9. c 
of God, cast thy self downe : For it is writ- ^u,eth^"i"e*' 
ten, * that he shal geue his Angels charge scriptures. 



ouer thee, and with their handes they shal 

*hold thee vp, lest at any time thou shoul « He aiieageth 

1,11 iir^ -i. i but halfe the sent e 

dest dashe thy tote against a stone. ce to deceyue ther 

B 7 lesus said vnto him, It is written also, ^y^^^e rather,^and 

DetU. 6.C. *Thou shalt not *^tempt the Lord thy God. purpose. 

Godt n;t to 8 The deuil toke him vp againe vnto an 

be tempted, exceading hye moimtaine, and ^shewed jg^^gg^^^^j^^f^lj 

him all the kinffdomes of the worlde, and meanes as God 

, , . /• 1 hathappoynted.lo 

the glorie OI them. seke others after 

9 And said to hi, Al these wil I geue thee, ""-^ o"° f^'^*^- 
if thou fall3Tig downe wilt worship me. « in a vision. 

10 The said lesus vnto him, "^Auoyde Sata, 

Deut.e.e. For it is written, *Thou shalt worship the codis thHwo^rde 
a«rf 10. d. Loj.(j ^Y\y God, & hi onely shalt thou serue. "f the sprit, wher- 

God onely is •' , -i i ri. i/- j l, l, U with Satan is ouer 

to be worshi- 1 1 Then the deuil left him : and beholde come. 
'mir 1 b *^e Angels came ad ministred vnto him. 
luk. 4. c. 12 *And when lesus had heard that lohn 
toh. 4. f. was taken, he retoumed into GalHe. 

13 And leaning Nazareth, went ad dwelt 

in Capernaum, which is nere the 'sea in ' For so they cai- 
the borders of Zabulon, and Nephtalim. nezareth. 

14 That it might be fulfilled which was 
spoken by Esaie the Prophet, saying, 

C 15 *The land of Zabulon and the land of 
Esa. 9. a. NephtaUm the waie of y sea beyond lor- 

dan, ^ Gable of the Gentiles : l^J^'^t^'t^Zl 

1 6 The people which sate in ' darknes sawe a yere m ludea, ^ 
great Ught : and to them w- sate in the re- we™tTo preache in 
gion and shadowe of death, Hgth is be- \^l ''PS°'V^a^ 

gone to shyne. out of the borders 

Mar. \.b. 17 *From that time lesus began to prea- fwhich was with 
christe prea- ^he, and to saie. Amende your lyues, for out comfort, hath 

cheth. ,1. , /•! ■ j_ ^ n receyued consola 

the kingdome oi heauen is at hand. lion. 

Mar. ^.b. 18 *And lesus walkyngby the sea of Ga- 
The calling lile, sawe two brethem, Simon which was 
steis. * '"' called Peter, and Andrew his brother, ca- 

stinge a net into the sea : for they were 


" God hath cho- 'i^fygherS 

thinges of the 19 And he Said vnto them, Folowe me, & 

ZmightTe^'ico' I wiU make you fishers " of men. 

rint. i.d. 20 And they stray ght way leaning their 

nettes, folowed him. 
out^o/thr'seaTf ^^ And when he was gone forth fro then- d 
this world wherin ce, he sawc other two brethern, lames the 
rowne . g^^jj^g ^f Zebede, and lohn his brother in 

a ship wyth Zebede theyr father, meding 

their nettes : and he called them. 
<■ Weoght tobe 22 And they "without tariyng leauing 
lowe^Christ when ^^^ ^^ip ^^^ their father, folowed him. 
he caiieth leauing 23 And lesus went about all Galile, te- Cjirist prea- 

all worldely le- , . . , . ^-^ , , . cheth to the 

spectes a part. acnmg m their oynagoges, and preachmg caiiieas, and 
the gospel of the kingdome, and heahng ^cte"* ^^^ 
all maner of sicknesses, and all maner of 
diseases among the people. 
24 And his fame spred abroad through 
aU Siria : ad they broght vnto him al syc- 
ke people, that were take wyth diuers di- 
seases and grypinges, and them that were Christes diui- 
possessed with deuils, & those which we- reth by^'hea- 

r They that were re Plunatikc, and those that had the pal- ijf^j ^'^"''^' 

cTrteyn-" tytr^f ^^J = and he healed them. 

themoone. 25 And there folowed him great num- 

^ itwasaCotrie bres of people from Galile, and fro i De- 

wher It was ten t j r r i- j <• - t • 

Cities, as the word capohs, and rrom lerusale, and fro lune, 
signifieth ^j^(j fj.^ ^.jjg regions that lye beyod lorda, 


Christ teacheth who ar happie. Of the digni- 
tie and office of the faithful : and of the true 
meaning of the lawe. 

\ Nd seeing the presse of the people, A 
-^he went vp into a mountayne : & whe ^q"*'*^ *^'" 
he was set, his disciples came to him. 
2 And he opened his mouthe and taught 
them, saying, 

3 Blessed 


^ 3 * Blessed are the ^poore in spirit, for ^ ' '^^^^ ^'"^'f 

Luk fir 1- '.ii- 1 CI '"^"> selues voyd 

al' 34 d "^^^^^ ^^ *^^ kingdome or heauen. of aii rightuou- 

««d5l.k" 4 *Blessed are they that "mome : for Teiy^'^^fke'iTt^ 
sa. 57. c. they shalbe conforted. christe. 

Esai. 41. a. _ -ni , ^r p i r ii. i. i // *■ Which feele 

md 66 d ^ Blessed are the ^meke : for they shal 'en their owne mise- 
rere. 31. e. herit the earth. ±V^''i'rf''r ^^'^ 

r ot c A 1 1 • contort in God. 

• -o- «• 6 Blessed are they w " honker & thirst ■^ who rather 

wearefelow . . ,. r 4.1 ? 1 l, .en J would souffer all 

leyres with for nghteOUSnCS : tor they shal be tilled, jniuries then they 

Sion and 7 Blessed are the merciful : for they shal ^°^\^^^ll'^'''^^ 

lot by meri- obteine mercy. a Being in ne- 

rheir rewar. 8 Blessed are the pure in heart : for they t^£f ' ^r/'Mlat 

ie which are gj^gj see God. which is vpright 

)ersecuted ^jjj godlve 

or Christe. 9 Blcsscd are the peace makers : for they 

shalbe called the children of God. e For he is cai- 

10 Blessed are they which suffer persecu ^^^ *f ^^°f. °/ 

-' - , . . peace. 1. Cor. 14. a. 

tion for nghteousnes sake : for theirs is 

the kingdome of heauen. 
5 11 * Blessed are ye when men remle you, 
o and 4 c ^^^ persecute you, and say all maner of 
Act. 5. ff. euil against you for my sake, falsely. 

12 Reioyce and be glad, for great is your 

reward in heauen : For so persecuted they 

the prophetes which were before you. 
ThP ,aitP of 13 *Ye are the ^salte of the earth : but if / ^our office is 

ine sane 01 i i • i . i to season men with 

the earth. the SaltC haue lost his SaUOUr Wher with the salt of the hea 

luke.'u. 'g. ^^^ one salt } It is thence forthe good for "^"'^ "^o-^'^^' 
leuit. 1. c. nothing, but to be cast out, and to be tro- 

den vnder fote of men. 

14 Ye are thehght of the worlde. Acitie 

that is set on an hyU, can not be hyd. 
Afar. 4. 6. 15 * Nether do men light a candel, and put 
Inke. 8. e. jt vnder a bushel, but on a candelstyke : 

and it lyghteth all that are in the house. 

1 6 * Let Syour lyght so shyne before men, e Because you 
Pet. 21. e. that they may see your good workes, and ^^./gTod^eTam- 

glorifie your father whych is in heauen. pieofiyfe. 
Good workes. 17 Thinkc not f I am come to destroye y. 


the sTabiiffi/^ ^^^^' o^ th^ Prophetes : ''I am not come to '^sus Chris 

accompiisshing'of destroiethem, but to fulfyl them. *hetT^the 

18 * For truly I say vnto you, Tyl heauen ^^|; ^g_ ^ 

' The doctrine of ^nd earth perishe, one iote, or one title of esaf.' 1 1 ' c 

neth'rthing°t ^f^Jf^ '^^ ^^^ scape, tU 'aU thinges be 

profitable or su- lulfiUed. 

perfluous. ^g * Whosoeuer therfore shal breake one C 

traTO'e"thet1 ^^ ''these least commandementes, and te- /"'";?•*: 

ifwe'eUherl'n wo' ^^^^ "^^" ««' ^e shalbe Called the least in FaUee^poV 

orde or example, the kingdome of hcaucn : But whosoeuer f'°°^ °^ * 
of l^'tSm:-'^^^ «^«^™^ a^d teache them, the same "" 
of God. shal be called great in the kyngdome of 

' Which nether 20 For I Say vnto you, except your righte- 
tme'Jy"nor''ob'er" "^^"^^ * exceade the rightcousnes of the Exod.20.e 
ue it well. ' Scribes and Pharises, ye shal not enter in ^*'"'- *^- «'• 

to the kingdome of heauen. 
these worthie dd! 21 '"* Ye haue heard how it was said vnto 
glol^d'^his'lom' *^^™ ^^ *^^ °1^^ time, *Thou shalt not Deut. 5.6. 
mandement. kil : For whosoeuer Idlleth, shal be culpa- 
ble of iudgement. 
his Tecret maUcI 22 But I Say vnto you, whosoeuer is an- 
wii ponish him. gry with his brother "vnaduisedly shal be 
" Which signifieth Culpable of iudgemente. And whosoeuer 
^ydieCyt^n^d «^i^th vnto his brother oRacha, shal be 
IS spoken in con- wortliic to be ponished by the p Council : 
tempt. j^^ whosoeuer shal say, thou Foole, shal 

p Like iudgement be worthy to be ponished with hel fire. 
mSn^ obserued." ^3 Yf then thou bringe thy gyft to the D 

ti::^^z!'i'fi'^^r' ^""i '^r ^^"^^^t^^^t that thy,«erir;L'fio„ 

smale matters the Drotner hath Oght against thee, is preferred 

SrluTeiLI 24 Leaue there thine offerings before the Ij^^t 
finally great mat- aultar, and go thy way : first be ''recociled 

ters of importace «-„ ti, u ai. j li •-"^'^'j- 

were decided by to thy brother, and then come and offer Luke.n. q. 

the senat of Ixxi thy gyft. Bye peace oi 

pdges.which here ^ -' °^ .^. , . ., , him which 

is copared to the -^o Agrc With thm aducrsane quickelv, hath don, 

ludgemet of God. i For that thow hast offeded him. ' thee wroiiL 



whiles thou art in the way with him, least 
thy aduersarie deliuer thee to the iudge, 
and thy iudge dehuer thee to the sargeat, 
and then thou be cast into prison. 

26 Verely I say vnto thee, thou shalt not 
come out thence, tyl thou hast paied the 
vtmost farthyng. 

27 Ye haue heard that it was sayd to the 
Exo.20.a. of olde time: * Thou shalt not commit ad- 
■oma. 13. c. uoutrie. 

28 But I say vnto you, that whosoeuer lo- 

keth on a woman to lust after her, hath , chastitie isre- 
ro auoide committed ■'aduoutrie with her already quired both in 
"^ E in his hart. te. 

JhapAS.a. 29 *Wherfore if thy right ^ eye cause thee p4i^°fXr° 

rear. 5. g. ^q oflFend, pluckc it out, and cast it from oght not to be re- 

mtftreey"' thee : for better it is for thee, that one of ^n'^^iJ^^^/'f 
thy members perish, then that thy whole God. 
body sholde be cast into hel. 
30 Also if thy right had make thee to of- 
fend, cut it of, and cast it from thee : better 
it is that one of thy membres perish, then 

The letter of that all thy body should be cast into hel. 

clT^ra. 31 It is sayd, * whosoeuer shal put away 

Deut'.2'i'.a'. his wife, let him geue her a testimonial 

mar. 1 0. b. ^f diuorcement. 

Kcor.^i.'s. 32 But I say vnto you, whosoeuer shal 
put away his wife (except it be for forni- 
cation) *causeth her to be an aduouterer, «inthat,hegeueth 
And whosoeuer shal marie her that is de- an'other!' 
uorced, committeth aduoutrie. 
F 33 Againe, ye haue heard that it was 

^^™^-20-«- sayd to them of olde time, *Thou shalt 

deut. 5.'^6. not forsweare thy seK, but shalt perfour- " au superfluous 

- , iji A. i~^ J otn6s are vtteny 

me thme Othe to Ijoa. debarred,whether 

Of othes. 34 But I say vnto you, " sweare not at all, the^name rf God 
Esai.m. nether by heauen, for it is Goddes seat, ned, or other wise 


35 Nor yet by the earth, for it is his fote 
stole : nether by lerusalem, for it is the ci 
tie of the great king. 

36 Nether shalt thou swere by thy hea- 
de, bicause thou canst not make one hea- 

» Let simplici- , .. , , , 

tie and trueth be 1*6 whltC Or blacke. 

in your woordes 37 * But let your comunication be, *Yea, 

and then ye shal J ' ' t. c 

not be so light yea : Nay nay. For what soeuer is more ' 

and ready to swea- ^^^^ ^j^^^^^ commeth of ^ euU. 

y wheamaspea- 38 Ye haue heard that it hath bene sayed 
then he thynketh An * ^eve, for & eye : & a tooth, for atooth. Exo. 21. c. 
iSeth^':f'^re-,39But I sayvnto you, ^Resist not f-J^.' J.'' 
conscience. wrong : but whoso euer * shall Smite thee Zm^ 6. c. 

wis^p'okenfonhe On thy right cheke, tume to him the '■^'- l|-«'- 

iudges. yet euery other. °'^' ' ' 

man applied it to _ , , .. ., , , 

reusge his priuat 40 And II any man wil sue thee at the 
''"^Rather recey- ^^^' ^^'^ ^^^^ away thy coate, let him ha- 
ue double wron- ue thy cloke also. 

fhyn own griefs^^ 41 And whoseuer wil compel thee to go 
a myle, go wyth him twaine. 

42 * Geue to him that asketh, and from 

him that would borow, tume not away. '^* "' 

43 Ye haue heard that it hath bene said, ^ 
ded™'the*'falt * Tho^ shalt loue thy neighbour, and "ha Leuit.\9.d. 

expositers the tC thynC enemy. we most lou» 

Phariseia. 44 g^^ j ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ *^^^^ ^^^ g^g_ our enner^ 

mies, blesse them that curse you, do re. 
good to them that hate you, *praye for liom.l2.e, 
them which hurt you, and persecute 

„0„ . We most 

y"" • . pray for thS 

45 That ye may be the children of your that persecu- 
father that is in heauen : for he maketh Luk.23.e. 
his smme to arise on the euil and on the acte. 7. g. 
good, and sendeth his raine on the iust, 2. cor. 4. c 
and vniust. 

46 For if ye loue them, which loue you, 



what reward shal you haue ? Do not the 
^Pubhcans euen the same ? 
friendes. 47 And if ye be frendly to your "bre- 
them onely : what singuler thing do ye ? 
do not the Publicans hkewise ? 
48 Ye shal therfore be *** perfect, euen 
as your father which is in heauen is per- 

Levi. 19. a. fgct, 


Of Almes, prayer, and fastyng He forbyd- 
deth the careful seeking of wordly thynges, ad 
willeth men to put their whole trust in him. 

' These dyd ta- 
ke to farme the 
taxes, tow Is, and 
other payements, 
and therfore were 
greately in dis- 
dayn with all 

d We must la- 
bour to attein vn- 
to the perfection 
of God, who of his 
free liberalitie, 
doth good to 
them that are vn- 

Of Almes. 

[tRom. 12. b. 


Of Prayer, 

n^Ake hede that ye geue not your al- 
-*- mes in the syght of men, to the intent 
ye might be looked at of theim : Or els 
ye get no reward of your father whych 
A is in heauen. 

2 *Whensoeuer therefore thou geuest 
thyne ^ almes, thou shalt not make a trum 
pet to be blowen before thee, as the ''hy 
pocrites do in the Synagoges and 
the stretes, for to be praysed of men. Ve 
rely I say vnto you, they haue their ^ re 

3 But when thou doest thine almes, let ™^°- 
not thy*= left hand knowe what thy right 
hand doth. 

4 That thyne almes may be secret : and 
thy father seyng it in secret, shal rewar- 

de thee ^ openly. <^ in that day 

5 And when thou prayest, be not as thesharbere\ieiiSr* 
g hypocrites are : for they loue to pray stan 

dyng in the Synagoges and in the cor- 
ners of the stretes, bicause they would be 
sene of mene. ve- 


' Whose workes 
procede not of a- 
right faith, but a- 
':_ re done for vayne 

•> In that they 
are praised and 
commended of 

" It is sufficiet 
that God appro- 
ue our workes. 


rely I say vnto you, they haue theyr re- 

sdf^rath^rpln' 6 But when thou prayest. ^ enter into 
thy chamber, and when thou hast shut 
thy dore, pray thou to thy father which 
is in secret : and thy father which seeth 
in secret, shal rewarde thee openly. 

vs^rbewTrTmu' ^ *Also when ye pray, ^ bable not much Ssai. i. d. 

Che babiing and as the heathen do : for they thyncke to 

superfluous repe- , , jj-^i- iiiti 

tes. be heard, tor their much babhng sake. 

8 Be ye not hke them therfore : For your ^ . 

B Who is not per- g father knoweth wherof ye haue *nede, "'""" * ' 

suaded by eloquet -, r ^ • 

speach, and long before ye aske of him. 

'^^ c^h?Lt"bTndIth 9 After this'' maner therfore pray ye, The forme 

them not to the *Our father which art in heaue, halowed "/.f/^IT'/. 

wordes, but to the , , , : ^""^ " • »• 

sens, and forme of be thy "name. 

''^^Wemostseeke ^^ ^^^ *^y "^kingdome come. Thy wil be 
Gods giorie abo- douc cuen in earth, as it is in heauen. 
"^t^He '"atgneth H Gcuc vs thys day our dayly bread, 
ouer all, and we 1 2 And forffcuc VS our dcbtcs," euen as 

most render him /• ■ i i 

parfit obedience, wc torgiue our debters. 

^To'btouercome ^^ ^^ lead VS not into • tentation, but 

ther by. deUuer VS from euil. For "• thyne is the 

>" This conclusion i • j i . i j , i i ■ 

exciudeth mans kmgdome, and the power, and the glone 

merites and tea- for eUCT, Amen. 

cheth VS to grown , . * ^^ .j. , ~ ^i ^, . 

de our prayers on- 14 i'or it ye do torgeue Other men their Mar. ll. d. . 
ly on God. trespaces, your heauenly father shal also Eccles.28M. \ 

forgeue you. 

15 But if ye do not forgeue men their 
trespaces, no more shal your father for- ^ 

^ ■' Fasting. 

geue yours. 

16 Moreouer, when *ye fast, loke not Esai.58.a. 
" Make their fa- sowre as the hypocrites do : for thev ° dis 

ces to seme of an „ ^i • i- ^i ^ ^i • i , i 

other sort then ngure their faces, that they might be se- 

Uiey were wont to j^g ^f „^gjj J^^^ ^j^gy f^gt. Vcrcly I say vn- 

to you, that they haue their rewarde. 


17 But I 


17 But thou when thou fastest, "anoynt ° wherby is com 
thyne head, and washe thy face. Swayne'^ostenu- 

18 That thou seme not vnto men to fast *'""• 
but vnto thy father which is in secret : ad 
thy father which seeth in secret, shal re- 
ward thee openly. 

To reiieue 19 Se that ye gather you not treasure v- 
Luitril d. V^^ the earth, wher the mothe and kan- 

ker corrupt, and where theues digge 

through, and steale. 
Eccle.2.b. 20 *But gather vp your treasures in hea- 
I. Tiin.e.d. ^g^^ where nether the mothes nor kanker 

corrupt, and where theues nether perce 

through, nor yet steale. 

21 For where soeuer your treasure is, the- 
re wil your harte be also. 
Litke. W.d. 2 2 * The hght of the body is the eye . Then 

if thyne eye be cleare, all thy body shal- 

The eye dis. be ful of lyght. 

bemute.° "' 23 But if thyne eye be wycked, then all 
A corrupt af- thy body shalbe ful of darknes Wherfo- 
[olouultous" re if the p lyght that is in thee be darknes >• Yf our con'^^^pj.- 
^■j jg how great is that darknes ? ked affectios ouer 

' "d 24 *No man can seme two maisters : for ^™t normemeU 
either he shal hate the one, and loue the thogh me be biyn 
Couuetous- other : or els he shal leane to the one, and to b'eastes. 
"*'*• despise the other. Ye can not seme God 

All camall i ripbpc; 

affections are "•'^"^ xicuesi. 

condemned. 25 * Therfore I say vnto you, be not 'J ca- i Mans trauell 

Psal.56.b. i-ir vr-Li. l,l 4- nothing auaileth 

IPet.b.c. *"^"^ ^O*" yOUI" hie, what ye shal eat, or ^her God gyuetb 

Luk.i2.c. what ye shal dryncke : nor yet for your not increase. 
iTi^eb body, what ye shal put on. Is notthehfe 
more worth then meat, and the body mo- 
re of value then rayment ? 
We most de- 26 Beholde the fowles of the ajrre : for 
prouid?cVof they sowe not, neither reape, nor yet cary 
<^od. into the bames : and yet your heauenly 




father feedeth the. Are ye not muche bet 
ter then they ? 

27 * Which of you by takinge careful 
thoght, is able to put one cubit vnto his Luk.\2.d. 
stature ? 

28 And why care ye for rayment ? Leame, 
' The goodnes therfore of the hhes of ■" the fielde, how 

of God euen tow- rm « i i ^ ii 

ardestheherbesof they grOWe : They labourc not, netner "Thewoordsi 
the field farre pas „„:„„ ° gnifieth, they 

seth all things »pinne. weary not 

that man can com 29 And yet for al that I say vnto you, that them selues. 

and labour. ^"''^'^ euen Solomon in aU his royalty, was not 
arayed lyke one of thefee, 

30 Wherfore if God so clothe the "grasse, " Cf^sse 
of the fielde which standeth to daye, and 
to morowe is cast into the ouen, shal he 
not muche more do the same vnto you, O 
ye of litle faith ? 

31 Therfore take no thoght, saying, "What E 
shal we eat ? or what shal we drincke ? or 
wherwith shal we be clothed ? 

'With care and 32 For after aU these thynges ^seke the 

distrust. GentUes. For your heauely father know- 

eth that ye haue nede of all these things. 

33 But seke ye first the kyngdome of hea- 

■ That is, to be uen, and the * righteousnes therof, and all .Gods giorie 
mendrour'itfe ^ t^ese thinges shalbe ministred vnto you. things to be 

34 Care not then for the morow : for y mo ^°^^^' 
row shal care for it seKe : The day present 
hath euer inough to do w it owne grief. 


He forbiddeth rashe iudgement, and vnad- 
uised opening of holy things, he exhorteth vn 
to prayer, ^ mutual loue, he warneth to be ware 
false prophetes, and so concludeth with the ma 
iestie of Gods worde. 



A T^Vdge not, that ye be not iudged. vii. 

Not to iud- X 2 For as ye iudsre, so shal ye be iud- , ° ^e comman- 
' ged: And wytn what measure ye meate, w rious or maiicic 

r^nfl the same shal it be measm-ed to you a- n^er-^neigS: 

1. cor. 4. a. gaine. boursfautes 

marA.c. g j^^ ^j^ seest thou a mote in thy bro- 

LukS. J. - •' , ^ ^ ^^ ■!_ t 

thers eye, and perceauest not the beame y 
is in thyne owne eye ? 

4 * Or how sayest thou to thy brother : 
suffer me to cast out the mote out of thyne 
eye, & behold a beame is in thine own eye ? 

5 Hypocrite, first cast out the beame out 
of thine own eye, and then shalt thou se 
clearely to cast out the mote out of thy 
brothers eye. 

The cntempt 6 '' Geue not that which is holy to dog- "= Declare not 

of Gods wor- ^gg^ nether cast ye your pearles before wicked '"contem! 
swyne : lest they treade them vnder their "how^Lest'^'i^ft t^ 
fete, and tumyng agayne, all to rent you. them seiues and 
7 *Aske, and it shalbe geuen you : Seke, & ^°'''*''*"- 
B ye shal fynde : Knocke and it shalbe ope- 

An exhorta- j ^ 

tion to pray- "*^" ^"^^ /""• 

er, and pro- 8 For whosocuer askcth receaueth, & he 
messe o o ^^^ seeketh findeth, & to him that knoc- 
Iere.29.c. kgth, it shalbe opened, 
and 16 /: ^ ^°^ what man is there amonge you, ^ 
luk.u.b. if is Sonne aske him bread, would geue 

10 Or if he aske fyshe, wil he prefer hym 
a serpent ? 

11 If ye then which are euil can geue to 
your children good gyftes, how much 
more shal your Father whych is in hea- 

ue, geue good thinges to them y aske him ? ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ j^^ 
Luk.Q.e. 12 * Therf ore what so euer ye would that and the scriptu- 
tobA c. me should do to you, euen so do ye to the : i:\:ZJZ'J^^,;, 

for this is the *^ lawe and the Prophetes. de charitie. 



rtweraostouerco- J 3 *d Enter in at the streict srate: for it is Luk.\2.e 

me and mortifie ., ,, . ° .i-i 

ouraffectios.ifwe the Wide gate, and. broad "^way that lea- 
S of Christ!'"" deth to destruction: and many there be 
•Forthemostpart which go in ther at. 
owne^uberUe a^d 14 Bccause the gate is streict, and the way 
rme headlong to ngjowe which leadeth vnto lyfe : and fe- 
we there be that finde it. 

15 Beware of false prophetes, whych co- C 

me to you in shepes clothyng, but inward False prophe 
ly they are rauening wolues. 

1 6 Ye shal know them by their fruites. 

* Do men gather grapes of thomes ? or fig Luk.b. f. 
ges of thystels ? 

17 Euen so euerygood tre bringeth forth 
good fruit : and a corrupt tre bringeth 
forth euyl fruit. 

1 8 A good tre, can not bryug forth bad 
fiaiit : nor yet a bad tre, can bryng forth 
good finiit. 

19 *Euery tre not bringing forth good Chap.3.b. 
fioiit, is hewen down, & cast into the fyre. 

20 Then, by their fruites ye shal know 

f He meaneth 21 * Not al they that say vnto me, '^Lord, Rom.2.b. 
pocrito^who ral Lord, shal enter into the kingdome of ■^'""•^■'^• 
ther serue God heauen : but he that doth my fathers wyl d 

with their lippes , , . . , ■' •' 

then with their whych IS m heauen. Luk.lS.c.f. 

hart. 22 Many* wyl say to me in that day. Lord, Those thai 

Lord, haue we not by thy name prophe- from the mou 
cied .'' and by thy name haue cast out de- The"'J^rtue' 
uilles ? And by thy name haue done many strength, and 

1 -1 autoritie of 

miracles .-' the name of 

23 And then will professe to them, *I ne ^°^- 
uer knewe you. Departe from me ye that p^ai.e.b. 
worke iniquitie. 1. Tim.e.b. 

24 Whosoeuer then heareth of me the- 
se sajTnges, & doth the same, I wil liken 



The constan- ]^[j^ jq a wise man, which hath builded 

cie of the , . , i 

faithfuii. his house on a rocke : 

25 And the rayne fel, and the floudes ca- 
me, and the wyndes blew, & beat vpon 
that same house, and it fel not : for it was 
grounded on a rocke. 
The incon- 26 But whosoeuer heareth these woordes 
wkked."^'''^ which I speake, and doth them not : shal- 
be lykened vnto a folyshe man, whych 
hath buylded his house vpon the sand : 
27 And the rayne fel, and the floudes ca- 
me, and the wiades blewe, and beat vpon 
that house, and it fel, and great was the 
faU of it. 
Mar. I.e. 28 *And it came to passe, when lesus had 
LiikA.c. ended these sayinges, the people were 
astonied at his doctrine. 

29 For he taught them as one hauyng e Themightiepo 
s autoritie, and not as the Scribes. appeared°in Wm, 

wherby he decla- 
red him self to be 
God, ad caused o- 
THE. VIII. CHAPTER. thers to belieue in 

Christ healeth the Leper, the Captaynes ser- ^^• 
uant, Peters mother in lawe, and many o- 
their diseases, sheweth what it is to followe 
hym, stilleth the sea and the wynde, and dry- 
ueth the deuils out of the possessed, into the 

A "f rVhen he was come downe from the 

' mountayne, great presse of people 

folowed him. 

Mar.).d. 2 *And lo, there came a leper and wor- 

" ' ■*^' shipped him, saying, Maister, If thou 

wylt, thou canst make me cleane. 

3 And lesus putting forth his hand, tou- ," ^ "^s not like 

,,,. . '^ T-ii 1 1 -J that leprosie that 

ched him, saiyng, i wil, be thou cleane : ad is now, but was a 
immediatly his ^ leprosie was clensed. ^^^^^ w'^^incura, 

4 And lesus sayed vnto him, se thou tel bie. 



b He woide not b ^q man, but ffo, and shewe thy self vnto 

V6t D6 throwlv ' o ' •> 

knowen, but had the *= Priest, and offer the gift that*Moses LeuitA^.a. 
app&^^'""'' commanded, for^ a witnes to them. JJ^7.^a^ 

■^ Our sauiour 5 * When lesus was entred into Caper- j-^L'^'"' 

wolde not contene , , ^ , . ///^ *_ • ^' 

that which was or naum, there came vnto him a uennirion, "a capitayne 

deynedbythelaw, bescching him, ^tl^^ wh„ 

seing as yet, It was o ' i- i totemen, who 

not abolished. 6 And Said, Master, my seruant ueth syc was also an 
then?'°of °SrX ^e at home of the palsy, and is greuously » o^'some.' 

tude,whe theyshal pavned. 

see the whole. {, . i t , . i ■ t -i 

7 And lesus sayed vnto him, 1 wil come b 
and heale him. 

8 And the Centurion answered, saying, 
Syr, I am not worthy y thou sholdest come 
vnder my rofe : but speake the worde on- 
ly, and my seruant shalbe healed. 

9 For I am a man subiect to the autoritie 
of another, and haue souldiers vnder me : 
and I say to one. Go : and he goeth, and to 
an other. Come : and he commeth, and to 
my seruant, Do this : and he doeth it. 

10 When lesus heard that, he merueiled, The Capitav 
and said to them that folowed him, Vere- ^he '^'caiiius 
ly I say vnto you, I haue not founde so °.f ^"^^ ^'^n- 
great fayeth : no, not in Israel. 

/ strange peo- n *i say therfore vnto you, y ^many shal Lvk.\i. f. 

pie, to whom the /-i i ini- Thp rpfnsin • 

couuenant of God comc trom the cast and west, and shal sitt of the lewpN" 
annertelnr^"'^ dounc with Abraham, Isaac, and lacob in ^ho contem 

dpperveyue. .i i • i /• i ned the Go- 

the kmgdome ot heauen. spei, and ther 

12 And y children of the kingdome shal foj-e lost their 

•' . * 1 1 1 inheritance. 

be cast out into vtter darknes : there shal- Ckap.-ii.b. 
be weping and gnashing of teeth. 

13 Then lesus said vnto the Centurion, 
Go thy way, and as thou hast beleued, so 
be it vnto thee. And his seruant was hea- 
led the self same houre. 

14 *And lesus comming to Peters house, MarA.c. 
sawe his wyues mother liyng, and sycke '"*-4-/- 



of a feuer. 

15 And lie touched her hand, & the feuer 

left her: so she arose, &rQinistredvnto the. 
Mar. I.e. 1 6 * When y euen was come, they broght 
lukA.f. .^^^Q Yava. many that were possessed with 

deuils : And he cast out the spirites with a 
C worde and healed all that were sicke. 
Esai.bS.a. 17 To fulfil that w was spoken by *Esai ' '^'■^^r^Pi'^'p, 

, . Q /7 1 T-i 1 • fTT 1 1 • speaketh chiefly of 

tTq' rrophet, saymg, 'He toke on mm our thefebienes &di- 

^''*-'-^- infirmities, and bare our sicknesses. 'X^tTc^Z 

1 8 *And when lesus saw much people a- hath home, therfo 

1 . , . 1 J J ^1 i re he setteth his 

bout mm, he commanded them to go ouer great mercie and 

the water. eTs'''^b"'^he'al'in' 

19 And there came a certayne Scribe and the bodie. 

A Scribe foi- sayed vnto him. Master, I wil folow thee this" ^6^1 s* to^ 

lowed Christ, -yyrhether SOeuer thou goest. courryfauourwith 

20 And lesus saiedvnto him : The s foxes sus sheweth him 
haue holes, & the bvrdes of the ayre haue ^^'^\ i"^ ^^.J^Jr 

^ J J wyd irom that he 

neastes, but y sonne of ma hath not where loketh fore, for in 
on to rest his head. Ss ttToi'e:: 

"Lukemaketh21 And" another that was of his disciples "ein Christ, 
mencion of j.i- . re ^l^To succor and 

three which sayed vnto mm : master, suffer me first to heipe him in his 
werehindered „o and ^ bury my father. ^^^^ ^% ™ ^? 

by worldely 5^ ^^ t i , ■ n ^ "^^' ^'^ ^"® 

respects from 22 But leSUS Saycd vnto mm, rolow me, wil folowe thee 

c^r '" & let the i dead bury their dead. ""^X' ^utie or 

MarA.d. 23 *And when he was entred into the pietie is to be pre 

hiir S rf 1 T • T- • 1 c 1 II- ferred to Gods cal 

■ «A..o.u. shyp, hlS disciples lolowed mm. Ung, therfore les' 

24 Andbeholde, there arose a great tem- ^d which'^aJe hln^ 

pest in the sea, in so much V the shvp was dered by any wor- 
j .. , v i. r 1 Wely thing to fo- 

couered with wanes, but he was a slepe. lowe christe. 

25 And his disciples came, and awoke 
him, saying. Master saue vs, we peryshe. 

Christe rebu- 26 And he said vnto them. Why are ye fe- 
des. ^^^ arefull, O ye of litle fayeth. Then he aro- 
se, and rebuked the windes and the sea : & 
there folowed a great calme. 
27 And the men marueyled, saying, What 


man is this, that both windes and seas 
obey him ? jj 

28 *And when he was come to the other Mar. 5. a. 
syde, into the coimtrey of the Gergesites, -^"^-Sirf- 
there met him two possessed of deuills The two pos- 
which came out of the graues, and were deufues^"^'' 
out of measure fearce : so that no man 

myght go by that same way. 

29 And behold, they cryed out, saying, 
O lesu thou Sonne of God, what haue we 
to do with thee ? Art thou come hyther to 

•■The wicked woi- torment vs ''before the tyme ? 

deeuer differ their a i i 

ponishemet, thine- 30 And there was a good way of fro the, 
^oTome to^Ione.'^ ^ great heard of swyne feedyng. 

31 Then the deuyls besoght him, sayng, 
> The deuiii desi- if thou cast VS out, ' Suffer VS to go OUT wav 

retheuertodohar ■ . ^i , -, r 

me, but he can do mto the heard or swyne. 

doth'appoS ^°'* ^^ -^^^ ^^ ^^y^ ^^° ^^^™' SO your wayes. The deuells 

Then they went out, ad departed into the sTynV "'° "'' 
heard of svnne. And beholde, the whole 
heard of swyne was caried with violence 
frome a stiepe downe place into the sea, 
and died in the water. 

33 Then the heardmen fled, and wet their 
wayes into the citie, ad tolde euerything, 
and what had fortimed vnto the posses- 
sed of the deuyls. 

34 And beholde all the citie came out, 
and met lesus, and when they saw him, 

r^tl^atemJimf^^^y ^csoght him to departe out of 

re their hogges their COasteS. 
then lesus Christ. 


He healeth the palsy, called dd visited Mat- 
thew, answered the Pharises and lohns disci- 
ples, healeth the woman of the bloudy issue, 
raiseth lairus daughter, geueth two blinde 



men their sight, maketh a domme man to spea- 
ks, preacheth dd healeth in diuerse places, and 
exhorteth to prayers for thaduancement of the 

^ rpHen he entred into a shyp, ad passed 
-*- ouer and came into his own citie. 
Mar. 2. a. 2 And * lo, they broght to him a man syc- 
Luk.b. d. ]j.g q£ ^ palsy, lying in his bed. And lesus 
The Paisye seyng their ''fayeth, sayed to the sicke of "■ And also his 
Retssion of t^e palsie : sonne be of good cheare, thy Jll^trtVeS 

synnes. ''synneS be forgeuen thee. we haue faith, our 

3 And beholde, certaine of the Scribes forgeuen. 

"Or speaketh sayed with them selues, this man " blasphe b lesus toucheth 

wickedly a- rngfVi the principal! cau 

gainst God. ' . se of all our raise- 

4 And when lesus saw their thoghtes, he ries, which is syn- 
sayed, Wherfore thynke ye euil thinges "^" 

•^in your hartes? ■^Because they 

5 For whether is it <* easier to say, thy syn- ^^^ maliciously 

•'.•'-' refuse God who 

nes are forgeuen thee : or to say, anse and offered him self 

•r.m11 a 5 ^"'o them. 

waiKe .>■ <l Christ speaketh 

6 And that ye may know that the sonne according to their 

f, , ,■' , r • capacitie: for they 

or man hath power to lorgeue synnes in more estemed mi- 
earth : (then sayed he vnto the sycke of ^^f^'^''J„'|^«^;''„'f 
the palsy). Arise, take vp thy bed, and go lesus Christ. 
home to thjTie house. 

7 And he arose, and departed to his own 

8 And when the people saw it they mar- 
ueyled, and glorified God whych had ge- 
uen such power to men. 

^"*-^-/' 9 *And as lesus passed forth from then- 
ce, he saw a man syttyng at the receyte of 
custome named Matthew, and said to him 
Folow me. And he arose, and folowed 
B 10 And it came to passe as lesus sate at 
meat in his house, beholde many PubU- 


cas & sinners that came thither, sate down 
also wyth lesus and his disciples. 

1 1 When the Pharises saw that, they sayed 
to his disciples, Why eateth your master 
with Pubhcans and sinners ? 

12 And when lesus heard that, he saied 
« He reproueth vnto them, The ^ whole nede not a physi- 

^I'o^TirenfwMch tion, but they that are sicke. 

thoght the seiues 13 "Go ye rather and leame what that me- "Which are 

ned th^oores!" aneth : *I ''wil haue mercie, and not sacrifi- ^"tlbf va^yne 

ke synners which pg YoV I am not COmC tO Call the riffhteo' confidence of 
soght les' Christe , , j, . ° your owne 

to be their phisi- but the SlUnerS tO repentance. righteousnes. 

"°God requireth 14 *Then came the disciples of John to j^^:ff-^. 
not ceremonies, hijxi, Saying, Why do wc and the Pharises jy^^^ 2/^.' ' 
one towardes an fast oft : and thy disciples fast not ? luk.b.f. 

°^^^^- 15 And lesus sayed vnto them, can the 

8 Christ wold s wedding children moume as long as 
awhUelnot burd?- the brydegromc is with them ? But the 
ning them to daycs wil comc whcn the brydegrome 
of discouraging shalbe taken from them, and then shal , 

them. tj^gy f^gt 

16 No man peceth an olde garment with 
a pece of new clothe and vndressed. For 
f same piece taketh away something fro 
the garment, and the cutte is made worse. 

17 Nether do men put new wine into 

^ The raynde b olde "vessels : for then the vessels brea- "Botteiis or 
with the dregges ke, and the wyne runneth out, and the ves- ["hlf ®^h°e^rilf 
of superstitious gg^g perishc : but thev powre new wine in- wyne was ca- 

ceremomes, is not ^^ j i ^i j ried on asses 

meete to receyue tO nCW VCSSClS, and SO are both preSCrued or Camells. 
thepleasantewyne *r>o.p4.V,p^ 

of the Gospel. togemer. 

18 * While he thus spake vnto them, be- C 
hold ther came a certaine ruler, and wor ¥t^'^'j. 

. . ... . 1 1 ■ luk.S.f. 

shipped mm, saymg, my daughter is euen 

now deceased, but come and lay thy hand 

on her, and she shal Ivue. 

19 And 


19 And lesus arose and folowed him 
Mar.a.c. and his disciples. 

Lvk. s.f. 20 *(And behold a woman which was di- 
issue. seased wyth an issue of bloud. 12. yeres, 

came behind him, and touched the heme 

of his vesture. 

21 For she sayd in her selfe, If I may tou- 
che but euen his vesture onely, I shalbe 

22 Then lesus turned him about, and 
seeyng her, did say, Daughter, be of 
good confort, thy faith hath made thee 
safe. And the woman was made whole 
euen that same houre.) 

Mar. 6. d. 23 * Now when lesus came into the rulers 

Luke. 8. g. house, and saw the 'mynstrels and the ' Players vpo flu- 
me great i i • tes or pipes or o- 

mans dau people making noyse, ther instruments 

fromd'ath 24 He sayed vnto them. Get you hense, which m^^ tw 
the mayde is not dead, but sleapeth. And at buriaiis. 
they laughed him to scorne, 

25 And when the people were put forth 
he went in, and toke her by the hand, and 
the mayde arose. 

26 And this was noysed through out al 
that lande. 

fi 27 As lesus departed thence, two blynd 
men folowed him crying, and saying, O 
thou sone of Dauid, haue mercie vpo vs. 
28 And when he was come into the hou- 
se, the blynde came to him : and lesus 
Two bim ga^jjj yjj^Q them, •'Beleue ye that I am able ^ He woide 

de are cured. j i ■ ^ proue whether 

to do this } And they sayd vnto him, yea they bare him that 

Lord reuerence which 

„„ rm' 1111- • was due to Mes- 

2i) ihen touched he their eyes, saying, sias. 
According to your fayth be it vnto you. 
30 And their eyes were opened : and lesus 
charged them, saying. See that no man 


knowe of it. 

31 But they as sone as they were depar- 
ted, spred abroad his name throughout 
all the lande. 

32 *As they went out, beholde, they e 

broffht to him a domme man possessed of Marke.l.d. 
,^ , ^ Luke. 11. c. 

a deuyl. 

33 And as sone as the deuyl was cast out, 
the dome spake : then the people maruey- 
led, saying, The like was neuer sene in Is- 

' This biasphe- 34 gut the Pharises sayd, he 'casteth out Domme. 
^Treme'^L'piete, deuiles, through the prince of deuiles. J^^ was^L 

p^e^confesse/tht ^^ ^'^^ ^^^^^ ^^"^^ ^^'^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^"^^ '"^• 

contrary. townes, teaching in their S3Tiagoges, 

and preaching the glad tidjoiges of the 

" Wherby God m kvnffdome, and healyng aU maner of 

gathereth his peo , i 1 • ii i 

pie to gather, that syckncs and discase among the people. 
uerThem™^" °- 36 * But when he saw the people, he had Mar. 6. d. 

compassion vpon them bicause they we- -^"*- '3. e. 

re destitute and scatered abrod, euen as 

sheepe hauing no shepherde. 

37 Then saied he to his disciples, *The 
" He meanetb n h^ruest is great, but the labourers are loh.A.d. 

the people are ri- - ° 

pe and ready to leWC. 

ptnr'comparing ^8 AVhercforc, pray the Lord of the har- 
the nomber of uest to send forth labourers into his har- 

thelect to a plen- , 

tifuU haruest. UeSt. 


Christ sendeth out his 12. Apostles to preach 
in lurie, he geueth them charge, teacheth them, 
and conforteth them agaynst persecution and 
trouble, exhorting men to receyue the preachers 
of the gospell. 

4 Nd he called his twelue disciples, & Mar.z.h.6. 
-^gaue them power agaynst vncleane Luke.Q.e.9. 



spirites, to cast them out, and to heale all 
maner of sicknesse, and disease. 

2 The names of the twelue Apostles are 
these. The first is Simon called Peter, and 
Andrew his brother : lames the Sonne of 
Zebede, and lohn his brother. 

3 Philip and Bartlemew : Thomas, and 
Matthew which had bene a Pubhcan : la- 
mes y Sonne of Alphe, and Lebbeus who- 
se smuame was Thaddeus : 

4 Simon of Canan, and ludas Iscariote, 
which also betrayed him. 

5 These twelue did lesus send, and com- 
The Apostles manded them, saying, 

^reachT"* ^° ^ ^° ^^^ ^^*° ^^^ ^^^ °^ *^^ Gentils, and 
into the cities of the Samaritans, enter ye 
Act 13. g. not: But ffo rather* to the ^ lost shepe of " For the kingdo 

r z. in A 1 1 /< T 1 me of God most 

IMK. lU. 0. tJjg house of Israel. first be preached 

S.% «: 7 * Go and preach, saying, the kyngdome rchrirwa:::p"; 

22. d. of heauen is at hand. "ally promised 

L^k 10 6 ^ Heale the sycke, dense the lepers, ray- ™ " 

1. Tim. b.e. se the dead, cast out the deuiles : Freely ye 

Act. 8. d. haue receaued, ^ freely geue. i> He comman- 

9 *Possesse not «= golde, nor siluer, nor bras ^e'rMJ'/™ 'Xll 

"or, purses, se in yOUT "gyrdels freely without res- 

,„ T-T J • ^ J • pect of gaine or 

10 Nor yet scnp toward your lomey, ne- lucre. 

ther two cotes, nether shoes, nor a staffe. / Because he sen 

' . deth them not for 

For the workman is worthy to haue his a longe tyme, but 

, onelye for one 

^i^^o,l . ioumey , he defen- 

B 1 1 And into what so euer citie or towne deth the thynges 

, , ■,..■•• that might let 

ye shal come, enquyre who is worthy m them: nether is it 
it, and there abide tyl ye go thence. ^Smen't!*'"'"' 

12 And when ye come into an house, salu 
te the same. 

13 And if the house be worthy, let your 
peace come vpon it. But if it be not wor- 
thy, let your peace retume to you againe. 


14 * And whosoeuer shal not receaue Afar. 6. i. 
you, nor wil heare your preachyng : '^y;i„\^;,f;„, 
When ye departe out of that house, or that reiect 
•i To si^ifie that citie, ^ shake of the dust of your '^^ ^"'p^'' 

that their lande is r ^ 
polluted, and that lete. 

you consent not to J 5 Truely I Say vnto you, it shalbe ea- 
« Who were not sier foT the land of * Sodoma and Go- 
andtttiS*" morrha in the day of iudgment, then for 
that citie. 

1 6 Beholde I send you as shepe among 
wolues : Be ye therfore wise as serpentes, 

and " innocent as doues. "Not reuen 

17 But beware of men, for they shal Xch'''''iefsJ 
dehuer you vp to the Councils, & shal doing wron- 
scourge you in their Synagoges. wisdome, 

18 And ye shal be broght to the head ru- "^^^ ^™p"" 
< To take fro- lers and kynges for my sake, in ' wytnes 

tence of ignoran- to them, and to the Gentils. 

ce & to make jg * g^^ ^j^g^ they deUucr you vp, take C 

them inexcusable. , , , ^ ■, 1 i i Mnr 1^ 1) 

no thoght how or what ye shal speake : '2^^' J^ ^^ 
for it shalbe geuen you, euen in that sa- The spirite 
me houre, what ye shal say. speaketh. 

20 For it is not ye that speake, but the 
spirit of your father which speaketh in 

21 And the brother shal betray the bro- 
ther to death, and the father the Son- 
ne, and the children shal arise against 
their fathers and mothers, and shal cau- 

t To proffit se them to dye. 
no?to''blTdeiif"'* 22 And ye shalbe hated of al men for my 
'' And wil con- name : * but he that endureth to the ende, Lvk. 12. d. 

fort you & gyue 

manifest euiden- ShalDC Sauecl. 

he speaketh noTof 23 * When they persecute you in one ci- Luk. 21. rf. 
their first send- tie, flyc § into an other : for verely I say 
ie%me°of\heir vnto you, ye shal not finish aU the 
Aposteishipp. pjtigg of Israel, tyl the '" sonne of man 



Luk. 6. /. 24 * The disciple is not aboue his master : 
loh. 13. 6.§- jjQj. yg^- tjjg seruant aboue his lord. 

25 It is inough for the disciple to be as 
Disciple. j^g master is, and that the seruant be as 
Chap. 12.&. his Lord is. * If they haue called the Lord 

of the house 'Beelzebub, how muche Mt was the name 

„,.. 11J5 of an idole which 

more them OI his hoUShold .'' signified the God 

Mar.4e 26 Fear them not therfore : * ^or \here <^^y^^;^^^^^l^^ 
tyi'a ' ^^ nothynge so hid, that shal not be dis- tributed to the de 

closed, and nothing so secret, that shal "' " ^' ' *' 

not be knowen. 

27 What I telyou in darknes, that spea- 

ke ye m lyght. And what ye heare in 
"which in tho the care, that preach ye on the " house 

se countreis , 

are so made toppes. 

that men may 28 And feare ye not them whych kil 

them. the body, but are not able to kyl the 

soule : but rather feare hym, which is 

able to destroy both soule and body in 


29 Are not two sparrowes solde for an 
To depend halfe pennye ? and one of them shal not 
dM God"' fail on the ground without your fa- 
x.SamM.g. 30 * Yea, and al the heares of your hea 
de are numbred. 

31 Feare ye not therfore, ye are of more 
value then many sparrowes. 
Mar. 8. d. 32 * Whosoeuer therfore shal " confesse 
2. Tim 2 b '^^ before men, him wd I confesse also be 
"Andackno- fore my father which is in heauen. 
oni^saui*our! 33 But whosoeuer shal deny me befor- 

re men, him wd I also deny before my fa ^ He gyueth 

.1 i • i • • i TS inwarde peace 

ther which is m heauen. i„ o„r conscien- 

D 34*Thinke not that I am come to send ces,but vtwardiy 

i-,,„.i, .,, ,-, r/^Ti jwemusthauewarre 

j^nn. 12. f. K peace into the earth. 1 came [notj to send with wicked word 



peace, but the sword. 
> Which thing CO 35 Fori am come to set a man at • variance 

meth not 01 the . i ■ r i 

propertie of chri- agamst his father, and the daughter a- Dissention 
rf'r ac"eiso"ri; gay^st her mother, and the daughter in Shs^e'"'" 
proceding of the lawe against her mother in lawe. 

36 And a mans foes, shalbe they of his 
own housholde. 

37 * He that loueth his father or mother ^«*f- 14. e. 
more then me, is not mete for me. And he • • • 
that loueth his sonne, or daughter more 

then me, is not mete for me. 

38 * And he that taketh not is crosse and ''^'«/'- 16. d. 
■" Also they that ™foloweth after me, is not mete for me. h,hl'^^' /.' 

inuent any other ^-, , .,, , . ,.^ in, t««e. ii. u. 

way to honor God Si) tie that wiU sauc his ° lite, shall lose and 14. /. 
prescribed';' h^ it : and he that loseth this hfe for my sake, 
worde, follow not shall saue it. 

fore'hi'm!^ ^° ^' 40 He that receaueth you, receaueth me : 
" J*" 'u^'if^i*^ and he that receaueth me, receaueth him 

preterre his lit be 

fore my glorie. that Sent me. 

"We mostereue- 41 * He that reccaueth a ° prophet in the 1. Ay. 18. c. 

rence Christe in r i^ii i 

his seruantes, and name oi a prophet, shal receaue a prophe 
receyue them, as tes rcwardc : ad he that receaueth a rygh- 

sent from him, . . . . -^ ° 

and honour them tcous ma, m the name of a nghteous man 
for their office sa gj^^ reccaue the reward of a righteous 

42 *And who so euer shal geue vnto one Matth. 9./. 
of these Utle ons to drincke a cup of col- 
de water onely, in the name of a Disciple : 
verely I say vnto you, he shal not lose his 


lohn Baptist sendeth his disciples vnto 
Christe, which geueth them their answere, he 
rebuketh the vnthankefull cities, and louingly 
exhorteth men to take hys yoke vpon them. 



Nd it came to passe that when lesus 

-had made an ende of commanding 
his twelue disciples, he departed then- 
ce to teach and to preach in their cities. 
ier° sendetii ^ *And whcn lohn beyng in pryson 
two disciples heard the workes of Christe, he ^ sent two " Not be cause 

to Christe. r i • j- • i lohn was ignorant, 

Luk. 7. e. 01 ^S disciples, but that he might 

3 To saie vnto him, Art thou he that teachhis disciples 

' 1 1 /• t"*' °'^ otnce was 

oght to come, or shall we loke tor a- to leade them to 
nother ? ^^"'''■ 

4 And lesus answeryng, sayed vnto them. 
Go and shewe lohn what ye haue heard, 
and sene. 

5 The blinde see, the halt go, the lepers 
are clensed, and the deafe heare, the 
dead ryse agayne, and the poore receaue 
the GospeU. 

That take g ^^j blessed is he that shal not " be of- 

no occasion 

by Christe fended m me. 

red''from'"t1ie 7 And as they departed, lesus began to 
Gospel. speake vnto the people of lohn : What 
went ye out into the wildemes to see ? 
A ^ reede shaken with the wynde } ^ J^^ ™*" '°=°° 

8 But what went ye out for to see ? A man 
clothed in soft rayment ? Behold, they 
B that weare soft clothing are in kinges 

Christes te- hoUSeS. 

fdrBapfist. 9 But what went ye out for to see ? A Pro- 
phet ? Yea, I sav vnto you, and •= more ' For the Pro- 

.1 T> 1 ^ ' phetes declared 

then a Frophet. christe long befo- 

10 For this is he of whom it is written, l\^^ '^^•°''' *>"•• 

M 1 9 *T«iiiT 1 1 r ^ ^oan as it were 

iviaia. <i.a. Beholde, I send my messeger before thy pointed him with 
Mar. 1. «. face, which shal prepare thy way before ^isfinger. 

11 Verily I say vnto you, among them 
■^ are begotten of women, arose ther 
not a greater then lohn the Baptist : 


Notwithstandyng, he that is lesse in 
a The lest of the '^ Icinffdome of heauen, is srreater 

them that shal 4.1, i 
preache the Go- tnen ne. 

est1ti"of^Chrisres ^^ ^^""^ *^^ ^5^^ °^ ^°^ Baptist hi- Mn. I.e.; 

church, shal haue therto, the kingdome of heauen ^ suf- 'he venue 

rege'teTloZfreth violence, and the violent plucke and sprite of 
and their message it vnto them. '*^" 

ceient. 13 For all the Prophetes and the 

re'inflame^'with ^^^' ^^prophecied vnto the time of Ihon. 
desire to receaue 14 And if ye wil receaue him, this is 

Gods mercies of- *t7<i' i.- t_ j. 

fered. rjlias which was to come. Jtom. 16. o. 

' They prophe 15 He that hath eares to heare let him Mala. 4.d. 

cied thmges toco, ^_, . iitii i • Luke 7 c 

me which now we heare. Uut wher vnto shal i lyken this ' 

reXrr'^'^'"° generation ? 

16 It is lyke vnto children which sjt in 
the markets, and call vnto their felowes 

17 We haue pjrped vnto you, and ye 
haue not daunced : We haue songe mour 
ning songes vnto you, and ye haue not 
wept. ^ 

1 8 For Ihon came nether eatyng nor lohn lyued 
dryncking, and they say, he hath the austerely. 

19 The Sonne of man came eatyng and 
drynckyng and they say, Behold a glot- 
ton and drincker of wine, a friende 
vnto pubUcans and synners, not with 

B They that a- standing " wysedome is iustified of her 

re wise in deed, -i,il/1^Q»^ 
acknowlage the cnuoren. 

wisdome of God 20 * Then began he to vpbravde the Luke 10. e. 

in him whome the . . . r- iT . j- i • • i what curse 

Pharises contem- Cities, m whlch mOSte of his miracles f^ieth "pon 

ne. 7. e. were done, because they repented vngodiie to- 

, wnes. 


21 Wo be to thee Chorazin : Wo be to 
thee Bethsaida : for if the miracles which 
were shewed in you, had ben done in 



hTyre and Sidon, they had repented Ion ^^^^Sanlse 
ge agone in sackcloth and asshes. fui of dissolution 

22 Neuertheles I say to you : It shalbe ^" 
easier for Tyre and Sidon at the day of 
iudgement, then for you. 

23 And thou Capernaum, which art 
lyfted vp vnto heauen, shalt be broght 
downe to hel : For yf the miracles 
which haue bin done in thee, had bm 
shewed in Sodome, they had remayned to 
this day. 

24 Neuertheles I say vnto you, that it 
shalbe easier for the land of Sodome in 
the day of iudgement, then for thee. 

25 * At that tyme lesus answered, 
and sayed, I prayse thee, O father, 
Lorde of heauen and earth, because thou 
hast hid these thynges from the wise 
and men of vnderstanding and hast ope 
ned them vnto babes. 

26 Verely father, euen so it was thy 

good ' pleasure. ' Faith cometh 

S» *»-ii . 1 ^ <■ not of mans wil or 

27 AH thynges are geuen vnto me or power, but by 
mv father : And * no man knoweth the the secret iiiumi- 

J nation of God. 

Sonne but the father : nether knoweth 
any man the father, saue the sonne, 
and he to whome the sonne wil open 

28 Come vnto me all ye that ^ are wea- ^^^ ^^'ghtf^'^d 
rie and laden, and I wil ease you. grief of your hour 

1 29 Take my ' yoke on you, and leame T'xobegouuer- 
of me that I am meke and lowly in ned by my sprite, 

, 1 1 1 /. 1 * ^^^ to t^'ne your 

heart : and ye shal finde rest vnto your fleshe. 


30 * For my yoke is easy, & my burden 

is lyght. 

c. ii. 



Christe excuseth his disciples which pluke 
the eares of come, he healeth the dryed hand, 
helpeth the possessed that was blinde and dam 
me, rebuketh the vnfaythful that would ne- 
des haue tokens, S^ showeth who is his bro- 
ther, sister, and mother. 

A T that tyme lesus went on the Sab- -^ 
■^bath daye through the come, and 2,"^' g ^' 
his disciples were an hongred, and be- Deut. 23. d. 
gan to plucke the eares of come and "K^^ plucke 

to eate. *e eares of 

2 But when the Pharises sawe that, they day of rest. 

sayed vnto him, Beholde, thy disciples 

do that which is not lawful to do vpon 

the Sabbath day. 
• Necessitie 3 And he saycd vnto them, ** Haue ye l /Sam. 21, 6. 
?^f which'^f prohl not read what Dauid did when he was ^^'''^■ 
bitedfor a certeyn an •honored, and they also which were 

respect, in thinges •■i i- i 
apparteyning to With him i 

ceremonies. 4 jj^^ ^le cntrcd into the house of God, 
& ate y shewe loues, which were not law- 
ful for him to eate, nether for the which 
were with him, but only for the *prie- Exod.29.f. 

Stes. Leu.8.g.24. 

5 Or haue ye not read in the lawe how 
that on the Sabbath dayes the prestes in 

the temple *break the Sabbath, and are Nom.28.b. 
blamelesse ? 

6 But I say vnto you, that here is one Mercie, and 
greater then the temple. '"" ""''^^'"'• 

7 Wherfor if ye wist what this meaneth, 

* I require mercie and not sacrifice : ye Ose. 6. b. 
b Christe hath would not haue comdempned innocetes. 
power to exempt g For the sonne of man is '' Lord euen of 
onhe"s™bbaT°^ the Sabbath day. 

9 And 


Mar. 3. c. 9 *And he departed thence, and went 
Luke. 6. b. jjj j-Q their Synag-oge : 

10 And behold there was a man which 
had his hand dryed vp. And they asked 
him, saying, Is it lawful to heale vpon 
the Sabbath dayes ? that they myght ac- 
cuse him. 
Luke. 14. a. 11 And he sayed vnto them, * What man 
Deu. 22. a. gjjalbe among you, that shal haue a she- 
To do good pe, and if it fall on the Sabbath day 
bath'day.^*^' i^to a pyt, wil not he take it and hft it 
out ? 
B 12 How much more then is a man bet- 
ter then a shepe ? Wherfore, it is law- 
ful to do a good dede on the Sabbath 

13 Then sayed he to the man. Stretch 
forth thy hand: And he stretched it 
forth, and it was made whole agayne 
as the other. 
Marc. 3. a. 14 * Then the Phariseis went out, and con- 
lohn.]0.g. ^^^^^ against hym, how they myght 
destroy him. 

15 But when lesus knewe that, he depar- 
ted thence, and moche people folowed 
hym, and he healed them aU. 

16 And charged them that they should 
not make hym knowen. 

17 That it myght be fulfylled, which 
was spoken by Esai the Prophet, which 

Esai. 42. a. jg * Beholde my seruantwhome I haue trade of gouulme 
The great chosen, my beloued in whom my soule ™<^°t °°*' oneiy to 

L L, J , ^ ^ . . •' . the lewes.but also 

and meke delyteth : 1 Wyl put my Spirit on hym, to strange uatiOs. 

Christ '''''' ^""^ ^^ '^^ '^^"^^ " iudgement to the ^^kfgrfaf noise 
Gentils. "O'' seeke outwar- 

19 He shal not ^ stryue, nor cry, nether ^.^p''™p'^''" s" 


shal any man heare his voyce in the strea 
' He wii beare 20 A « bmsed rcdc shal he not breake, & 

with them that , -, i i i , ^ .•■, i 

be inarme. smokyng flaxe he shal not quenche, til he 

< christe shal bring forth iudgement ^ vnto victorie. 
rhichTincTeVth: 21 And in his name shal the Gentiles 

course of the Gos- tTUSt. 

^ue^ent^nTeS"! 22 * Then was broght to hym, one pos- Mar. 3.c. 
conquerer against sessed with a deuyl, which was both -^«*e. 11,6. 

all his ennemies. ,,, , , ■' 

blynde, and domme, and he hea- 
led hym, in so moche that he which 
was blynde and domme, both spake and 

23 And all the people were amased, 
and sayd. Is not this the sonne of 

24 But when the Pharises heard 

that, they sayd, * This felow dryueth chap. 9. d. 
the deuils no otherwyse out, but through Mar.s.e. 
Beelzebub the prince of the deuyls. Biasphemie'" 

25 But when lesus knewe thevr thoffh- of 'he Phari- 


tes, he sayd to them, Euery kyng- a kyngdome 
dome deuided agaynst it selfe, shal- ^"'^ed. 
be broght to naught : And euery citie 
or house, deuided agaynst it self, shal 
not stand. 

26 If Satan cast out Satan, then he 
is deuided agaynst him self : How shal 
then his kingdome endure ? 

27 Also if I through Beelzebub cast 
out deuyls, by whose helpe do your 

B which coniured g chyldren cast them out ? Therfore thev 

deuells by the ver , i, • i -^ 

tue of Gods name shalbe yoiu* mdges. 

presiy'iartrh" 28 But if I cast out the deuyls by the Spi 
laweofGod. rite of God, then is the kyngdome of 
God come to you. 

Or els 


29 Or els, how can a man enter into a 
Luk. 11. c. stronge mans house, & spoyle his iewels, 

except he fyrst bynd the stronge man, and 
then spoyle his house. 

30 He •"that is not with me, is against me : 'He deciareth 

. .'-' to the rhanses 

and he that gathereth not with me, scat- that they were in 

therethabrode. res^n^t 'oi,VT;- 

Mar.3.d. 31 * Wherfore I say vnto you, all maner cause they did for 

hih 19 fc r 1 1 1 1 • 1 n r sake him, but also 

A 5 d synne and blasphemie shalbe lorgeuen make open warre 

vnto men : but the blasphemie against the against him. 
holy Gost, shal not be forgeuen vnto 
, men. 

32 And whosoeuer shal speake agaynst 
the Sonne of man, it shalbe forgeuen him. 

Synneagainst But whosoeuer shal speake agaynst the 

S^neKe '^oly Gost, it shal not be forgeuen him, ,,;»\f,ttthe 

forgyuen. nether in this world, nether in the world trueth which he 

, knoweth, 8t do con 

to come. trarie to his own 

33 Ether make the tree good, and hys coscience.for such 

,. ,,'-' .-^j one ca not retour- 

rrmt good : or els make the tree euyl , and ne to repentance. 
his fruit euyl. For the tree is knowen by 
his fruyte. 

34 O generations of vipers, how can you 
speake good thynges, when ye your sel- 

Luk. 6. g. ues are euyl .' For of the * abundance of the 
hart, the mouth speaketh. 

35 A good man out of the good treasure 
of his hart, bryngeth forth good thynges. 
And an euyl man out of his euyl treasu- 
re, bryngeth forth euyl thynges. 

36 But I say vnto you, that of euery ''ydel ^ Muche more 
worde that men shal speake, they shalge- 'ounte of their Ifa 
ue acounte, at the day of iudg-ement. sphemies. 

->h, -n 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 • • Their wicked 

o7 r or by thy wordes thou shalt be ' lusti- wordes shai be a 
fied : and by thy wordes thou shalt be con rdemnV^^^^L" 

demned. godely.if therwe- 

re no other thing. 


38 *Then answered certayne of theScri- 
bes and of the Pharises, saying. Master, ^Y'u t' 
"' This was to ""we wil See a sygne of thee. i.Cor. l. c. 

shift 'or pretexuo 39 But he answered, and said to them, 

resist his doctrine l^g q^\ ^nd " aduouterous generation se- "Xheywerebe 

keth a signe, but there shal no sygne be ge d°f In^^pg^- 
uen to them, saue the sisme of v Prophet nerate from 

lOnaS. amicesters. 

40 * For as lonas was three dayes, & three !ohn. 2. a. 
nyghtes in the whales belly : so shal the rection was a 

" He taketh Sonne of man be three " daves and three sufficient si. 

part of the day ... . , -' gne. 

for the whole day. mghtes m the hart of the earth. D 

41 The Niniuites shal r\'se in iudgement 
with this nation, and condemne them : for 

" Who was a thev * amended at the preaching of ° lo- John 3. /'. 

poore stranger, & '.iiiii it 

yet these knowe nas. And behold, a greater then lonas is 

not the Messias V.pj-p 
which was prome- 

sed them. 42 * " The Quenc of y south shal ryse in iud i.A' 

p It is ment as gemeut w this generation, and shal I'con- u'tV/''"' 

touchisherfactin 5 -.. r i A. *!, .+ <■ f c l ^ I 

commingtoseeSo demne it : tor she came, from the ^'tmost ofSabawhicn 
lomon.andnother parties of the world to heare the wj^sedo rt^°i^"\he'' 

me of Solomon. And beholde a greater '^^^ °*^ ^°''- 

then Solomon is here. 

43 * When the \Ticlene sprite is gone out Luk. 1 1 . c. 
of a man, he walketh throughout " dry pla '^^/' ""'*''^- 
ces, seekyng rest, and findeth none. 

44 Then he sayeth, I wil retume into my 
house, from whence I came out. And whe 
he is come, he fj-ndeth it empt)-, swept, & 

45 Then he goeth hys way, & taketh \Tito 

1 Yf Satan be liym " seueil other ^ spirites worse then "Meaning an 
cast out, we must • x_ 4.1 • j j 1 infinite nom- 

watchestii,thathe mTii seue, and SO entre they m, and dwel ^^^ 
for'sinTe hf wl; th^re : * and the ende of that man is worse^2.d. 
once mans oide then the begvnn^•ng. Euen so shal it be w heh. 6. a. 

gest.heknowethe- ., . ■•, '■ ' and 10 c 

uerie hole & cor- this euil nation. Afar 3 d 

per of our house. 45 * Whyle he yet talked to the people, luk. 8. a. ' 



beholde his mother, and his '' brethren sto „'T'"' ".°'''?f '? 

1 • , , . Hebrewesignifielh 

de without, desyryngto speake with him. euery kynsman. 

47 Then one said vnto hym, Beholde thy 
mother and thy brethren stand without, 
desyring to speake with thee. 

48 But he answered, and said to h5an that 
told him. Who is my mother ? And who 
are my brethren ? 

49 And he stretched forth his hand tow- 
arde his disciples, and sayd, Beholde my 
^ mother and my brethren. ■ Chris te pre 

50 For whosoeuer shal do my fathers wyl SUed.tothe 
which is in heauen, the same is my bro- camai. 
ther and syster, and mother, 


The state of the kingdome of God sett furth 
by the Parable of the seed of the tares, of the mu 
starde seed, of the leuen, of the treasure hyd in 
the fielde, of the perles, and of the nette, the 
Prophet is contemned in his owne countrie. 

HTHe same day went lesus out of y hou- 
•*- se, and sate by the sea side. 

2 And * muche people resorted vnto him, ^ ah desired to 

., , , ^ 1 i • 1 • J 1 hears his doctri- 

so that he went, and sate m a ship, and al ne, but there was 
the people stode on the shore. L°au''^ affection 

3 And he spake many thynges to them in 
simihtudes, saying, Beholde, a sower went 
forth to sowe. 

Thesimiiitu- 4 And as he sowed, some fel by the wayes 
Bced. syde, and the foules came and deuoured 

them vp. 

5 And some fel vpon stony grounde, 
where they had not much earth, & a none 
they sprog vp, because they had no depth 
of earthe. 

6 And when the sonne was vp, they were 


his way. 

26 And when the blade was sprong vp, 
& broght forth frute, then appeared the 
tares also. 

27 Then came the seruantes of the house- 
holder, & sayd vnto him, Syr soweddest D 
not thou good seed in thy close, fro when 
ce then hath it tares ? 

28 And he sayd to them, the enuiousman 
hath done this. Then the seruantes sayd 
vnto hym, Wylt thou then that we go and 
wede them out ? 

29 But he said. Nay, lest whUe ye go about 
to wede out the tares, ye plucke vp also 
with them the wheat. 

' christe mea- 39 i Let both srrowe together tyl haruest 

neth onely that , . ° . ° , \ , 

the churche shai come, and m tyme or haruest, 1 wyi say 

some wi^ckrdmen: to the repcrs, gather ye fyrst the tares, & 

aithogh they be ne bynd them in sheues to be burned : but 

nrshed\T^sJche gather the wheat into my bame. 

raeanesashehath 3J *Another parable he put forth vnto Mar.4.d. 

left to purge his . £„ 1 i ^ c ^ ■ luk '[^ d 

Churche. them, saying. The kyngdome of heauenis xhesimiiit.i- 

lyke vnto a grayne of mustard seed, w^ a de of the grai 

. 1 ,1 J iT_ • I.' ^ ij ne of mustard 

man taketh and soweth m his lield : seed : 

32 Which in deed is the least of al see- „, . , 

. . . . e 1 his tea- 

des. But when it is growen, it is y greatest cheth vs not 
am5ge herbes, and it is a tree, so that the 'hed^rthe" 
bvrdes of the ayre come & buylde in the smaiie begy- 

, -' - r •. ninges of the 

branches oi it. Gospel. 

33 Another similitude sayd he to them, E 

The kyngdome of heauen is lyke vnto le- ^^ o/i™uen" 
uen which a woman taketh and hydeth 
I' By this he ad- Jn three peckcs of meale, "^ til aU be le- 

monisheth them , '■ 

to waite tyl the Uenued. 

fruit of the gospel 34 *^ ^j^ggg thvnges spake lesus vnto Mar. 4. «/. 

appeare. ./ o i. ^ 

the people by simihtudes, & without si- 
mihtudes spake he nothyng to them. 

35 That 


35 That it might be fulfilled which was 
Psal. 77. a. spoke by the Prophet, saying, *I wil open 

mv mouth in ' simihtudes, and wil speake ' The Hebrew 

•' 111 i.ii. worde signifieth 

of the thynges whych haue ben kept se- graue and senten. 
Crete from the begynning of the world. ^X Zt th1'<l^ 

36 Then sent lesus the people away, and ctrine might haue 

, ATT-T-i i. the more maiestie. 

came home : And his disciples came vnto 
him saying. Declare vnto vs the similitu- 
de of the tares of the fielde. 

37 Then answered he, and sayd to them, 
He y soweth the good seed, is the sonne 
of man. 

38 And the feilde is the world. And the 
chyldren of the kyngdome, they are the 
good seed. 

39 And the tares are the chyldren of the 
wycked. And the ennemie that soweth 

Apo. 14. d. them, is the deuil. * The haruest is the ende 
ioel 3. c. ^f e. ^Qj.\d. And the repers be y Angels. 

40 For euen as the tares are gathered & 
burned in the fyre, so shal it be in y ende 

„ of this world. 

41 The Sonne of man shal send forth his 
Angels, and they shal gather out of his 

"The wiked kvnsrdome all thynges that "ofiend, and 

which hurt ^/ ° i • i_ j ■ ■ u- 

others bi the- them which do imqmtic. 

ir euii exam- 42 An,j shal cast them into a furnesse of 

fyre. There shalbe waylyng & gnasshyng 

of teeth. 
Dan. 12. a. 43 *Thenshal the iust men shyne as the 
Il'co 16 '). ^™"^ ™ *^^ kyngdome of theyr father. 
' " ' Whosoeuer hath eares to heare, let hym 

The simiiitu- 44 Agayne, the kyngdome of heauen is ly 
asurehid.'^^ ke vnto a treasure hyd in the fielde, the 

which a man fyndeth and hideth and for 

ioye therof, departeth and selleth al that 


he hath, and byeth that fielde. 

45 Agayn, the kyngdome of heauen is h- The simiUtu. 
ke to a marchant y seeketh good pearles. aries. ^ ''*" 

46 Which when he had found one of gre- 
at price, went and solde all that he had, 
and boght it. 

47 Agayn, the kyngdome of heauen is Thesimiutu- 
» It isa kynde ^jg m yj^^-Q g^ drawe nette cast into v sea, 4^ °^ *''^.. 

of nette that ga- •' ' drawe nette. 

thereth in all that gathereth of aU kindes of thmges. 

in'tlfe waye/"™' ^8 Which when it is ful, men drawe to 
land, and sjrt & gather the good into ves- 
sels, and cast the " bad awaye. "The Greke 

49 So shal it be at the ende of the world. eth^'^^Xnl 
*The Angels shal go forth, & seuer the things. 
bad from the good. Matth.22.b. 

50 And shal cast them into a fames of fy 25. c. 
re, there shal be wayling, and gnashyng 

of teeth : 

51 lesus saydvnto them, Vnderstand ye 
all these thynges ? They sayd vnto him, 
ye Lord. Then sayd he vnto them, 

" Because the 52 Therfore euerv " Scribe which is of the lear- 

Scribes office was ix ^ ^i. i j r i • ned Scribe. 

to expound the taught vnto the kyngdome or heauen, is 
^eih "htm \'hat ^^^ ^^^ ^^ householder, which bringeth 

doth interpret the forth OUt of his" treasure, thynges both "The prea- 
aright and accor- anrl r.lrlo chersofGods 

ding to the spiri- newe and olde. ^^^^^ ^^^^ 

*''■ 53 And it came to passe, when lesus had haue store of 

ended these similitudes, that he departed ample instru 
thence. '^^^°^^- 

54 *And came into his own country, and Mar. 6. a. 
taught them in theyr Synagoge, in so mu- " • "*• '^• 
che y they were astonyed, and sayd, when 

ce commeth this wrysedome and power 
vnto this man .'' 

55 Is not this the Carpenters sonne ? 

Is not his mother called Marie .-' * and his Mar. 9. a. 
" brethren be called lames and loses, and JP^^" ^: "* 

_,. Cousms. 



Simon and ludas ? 

56 And are not his systers al here with vs 
Whence then hath he al these thynges ? 

57 And they were offended by hym. The 
Mar. 6.a. lesus sayd to them, a * Prophet is not with- 

•", ", > out honour, °saue in his own coimtrv, and "Mencommon- 

lo/in. ■*•/•.,. , - ly neglect them 

m ms own nOUSe. whome they haue 

58 And he did not many miracles there, ^°°"<'° of^, ''^^- 

^ dren, also they da 

for theyr vnbeleifes sake. enuie them of the 

same countrie: & 

such is the ingra- 

THE XIIII. CHAPTER. titude that they 

take light occasio 
lohn is taken and headed. Christ fedeth fyue to contemne the 
thousand me with fine hues and two fyshes, 8f ^^^^ "^ ^°^ '" 
appeareth by nyght vnto his Disciples vpon the 
sea, saueth Peter, is confessed to be the sonne of 
God, and healeth many. 

A A T that tjnne Herode the " Tetrarche 
^h'LUJdfhe ^heard of the fame of lesu. 
fourth part 2 And saved vnto his seruantes, this is y t t t i 

of the coun- t i ^i -r> >j .l »tt • r - -»-Aii*- 

trie. lohn the Baptist. *He isrysen aga)me iro ^Hespakeafter 

death, & therfore are " miracles wroght t'^th^oghtX 

bv hym. soules of the that 

Mar. 6. b. 3 * For Herode had taken lohn, and bon- tred into an other 
luk. 9. a. jjg \axD., and put hym in pryson for Hero- ''°"^^- 

dias sake, his brother Phihps wyfe. rll^.^ZZ^t 

Luk. 3. d. 4 For lohn sayd vnto hym, it is not *'^ law- gett him greater 

Leui.\%.b. ^ f^j. tj^g^ tQ ^^^^ l^gj. autoritie. 

5«ji -i 1J1 ii a' Aswel because 

And when he wolde haue put hym to nature abhorreth 

death, he feared the people, because they ^^'^^ horrible in- 

4, T^ ^ ^ ceste, as also that 

Mat. 21. 6. counted hym a rrophet. he had taken her 

Mar. 6.k. 6 * But whe Herodes byrth day was kept,!^'°'°^ *"" 
the daughter of Herodias daunced befo- a The promesse 
re them, and pleased Herode. was wicked, but 

7 Wherfore he promised with an othe, fe to be obstinate 
that he wolde geue her what soeuer she 'hV^^gh'^^'seme 
woulde aske. constant. 

8 And she beyng before instructed of her 


mother, sayed, geue me here lohn Baptist 
head in a platter. 

9 And the kyng sorowed : neuertheles for 
his othes sake, and for theyr sakes which 
sate also at the table, he commanded it 
to be geuen her. 

10 And sent, and beheaded lohn in the 

1 1 And his head was broght in a platter 
and geuen to the mayde, & she broght it 
vnto her mother. 

1 2 And his disciples came, and toke vp 

his " body, and buried it : and went & tolde "Or.karkeys 

1 3 * And when lesus heard that, he depar- Luk.9.b. 
thltTas dhcTles *^^ thence by shyp into a « desert place »««»•• 6d- 
now after their ira out of the Way. And wheu the people had 
Satr^if them, heard therof, they folowed him a fote 

orels that he out of the citieS. 

to'Veater^emer^ 14 * And lesus went forth and saw much Ihon.Q.a. 
P""'*®*- people, and was moued wyth compassion leth'the sicle 

vpon them, and he healed their sycke. &feedeththe 

-iT-n 1 • -i^- ■ 1 hOgrie which 

15 When euen was come, his Disciples followed 
came to him, saying. This is a deserte pla- ^^eraesse"!* 
ce, and the houre is already paste : let the C 
people departe, that they may go into the 
townes, and bye them vitayles. 

16 But lesus sayed to them, They haue no 
f Christ lea- f nede to go away : Geue ye them to eat. 

ueth them not de- , „ rm i . i < i • * i 

stitute of bodily 17 Then saycd they vnto mm : we haue Mar.Q.e. .. 
nourrishement {^g^e but fiue loucs, and two fvshes. {"^ 9- ^• 

which seeke the ' . ^, _ , -^ , ^ lohn 6. a. 

fode of the souie. 1 8 And he sayed, bring the hyther to me. 
19 And be commanded the people to syt 
downe on the grasse, & toke the fiue lo- 
ues and the two fyshes, and loked vp to 
heauen and ''blessed, and brake, and gaue "Prayed, and 
the loues to his disciples, and the disci- fg^o^*'^''''* 



pies gaue them to the people. 

20 And they did all eat, and were suffi- 
5000. & mo sed. And they gathered vp of the fragme- 
fed with fi- tes that remained twelue baskets ful. 

ue loues &_,.ii , ,., 

two fishes. 21 And they that did eate, were m num- 
bre about, fine thowsand men, beside wo- 
men and yong children. 
" The disci- 22 And strayght way " lesus copeUed his 
the\o de%rt disciplcs to enter into ashyp, and to go 
from Christ: Q^gj. before him, while he sent the peo- 

but yet the t^ 

shewed their pie away. 

obedience. ^3 And as sone as he had sent the people 
away, he went vp into a momitayne alone 

lohn.Q.b. to pray. *And when the euening was co- 

^uk Q c ™^' ^^ ^^^ there alone. 

24 And the shipe was now in the middes 
of the sea, and was tossed with wanes : for 
it was a contrary wynde. 
D 25 And in the ^ foxirth watche of y night, « The night was 
lesus came vnto them walkyug on the watches,wiier'ofe- 

Sea. uery one coteyned 

26 And when his disciples sawe him wal 
kyng on the sea, they were ti'oubled, say- 
ing. It is some spirite, and cryed out for 
The presence 27 And streyght way lesus spake vnto 
Sfboi! them, saying. Be of good chere : It is I, be 
de. not afrayed. 

28 Peter answered hym, and sayd. Master, 

yf thou be he, ^ byd me come vnto thee on h His zeie was 

the water. Sreat, but he had 

not sufficiently co 
Peterwalketh ^^ And he Said, COmme. And when Peter sideredthemeasu- 

His^infid'eiu ^^^ ^^^^^ downe out of the shype, he wal- ''*' "^''^ ^''*'^- 
tie bringeth ked On the Water, to go to Jesus. 
.u..nto d.. 30 B^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ myghty wynde, he .Jw^i^rgrXk 
was afrayde. And as he ' begane to sync- therfore he must 

K_ L„ J • Tv/r i neades fall in dan 

ke, he cryed, saymg. Master saue me. ger 



31 And immediatly les' stretched forth 

his hand, & caught hym, and sayd to him, 

^ christe corre- ^ O thou of lytle favth, wherfore dyddest 

cteth his faute, & iV ^ ■ j 
also geueth reme- ^'^^^^ "OUt .'' 

die both at once. 32 And assone as they were come into the 
shyppe, the wynde ceased. 

33 Then they that were in the shyp, came 
and worshypped him, saying, Of a truth 
thou art the Sonne of God. 

34 *And when they were come ouer, they Mar.Q.g. 
went into the land of Gennezareth. hik.b.d. 

35 And when the men of that place had 
knowledge of him, they sent out into al 
that country rounde about, and broght 
vnto hym all that were sycke. 

36 And besoght hym, that they myght 
' itsemeth they touche the hemmc of his 'vesture only : 

wereled\»ithacer i ^ i i -^ j 

teyne superstition, and as many as touched it, were made 

not with standing wVifjlg 

our Sauiour wolde 

not quenche the 

smoking flaxe.and 

therfore dyd bea- THE XV. CHAPTER. 

re with them. 

Christe excuseth his Disciples, and rebu- 
keth the Scribes and Pharises, for transgres- 
synge Gods commandement, through theyr own 
traditios. He the woman of Cana- 
nees daughter, healeth the multitude, and fea- 
deth foure thousand men, besyde women and 

T^Hen come to lesus certeyn Scribes & A 
■'- Phariseis of lerusalem, saying, 
2 *Why do thy Disciples transgresse the Mar.l.h. 
' Men are more tradition of the Elders ? for they ^ washe 
uIZZ own tradl "ot theh" haudcs whcn they eat " bread. " or, meat. 
tions then Gods 3 But he auswcred, and sayd vnto them, 

commandement. .t-r, i i . ,i 

Why do ye also transgresse the comman- 


dement of God, through your traditi- 
ons ? 
Exo.20.b. 4 *For God hath commanded, saying, 
mar.l.b. jjonour thy father and mother, *And he 
ephe.e.a. that curseth father or mother, let him die 
Leuit.20.b. the death. 

* on 5 Butve say whosoeuer shal say to his fa 
pro. 20. c. 1 1, 1 r. 1 

ther or mother : " by euery gytt that proce- b xhe Scribes di. 
deth from me, thou shalt be holpen: thardydtot'S 

6 Thogh he honour not his father, or deuties to their 
his mother : and thus haue ye made, that thStherwoWere 
" T|if "o'"'^« the commandement of God is without " ef compence the sa- 

signifieth to j . . me to their prof- 

depriue of tect, through your traditions. fit. 

autoritie.^'^ 7 Hypocrites, wel prophecied of youE- 

sai, saying, 
Esa.29.c. 8 *This people draweth nye vnto me w 
God wit?^^^ their " mouthes, and honoureth me with 
mouthe only, theyr lyppes, how be it, their hartes are 

& outward si- r jv 

g„es tarre from me : 

9 But "^ in vayne they worshyp me, tea- ^ God wii not 
chyng /or doctrines, which are but mens ^LSTmansTn: 

precepts tasio,butdetesteth 

Mar.l.b. 10 *And he called the people vnto him, ons.^°° 
Mans hart is ^nd sayd to them, Heare and vnderstand. 

the fountem . ^j- ■' ^ • ■• ■• • 

of all corru- 1 1 That which gocth into the mouth, de- 
the""'^*^''^ fileth not the man : but that which cometh 
out of the mouth, defileth the man. 
12 Then came his disciples, and sayd vn- 
to him, Perceiuest thou not, that the Pha- 
rises are offended in hearing this saying? 
Fohn 15. a. 13 But he answered and sayd,* '^Al plan ''ai they which 
mat'{iante *^^ which my heauenly, father hath not lesur'cf^rute'^by 
shaibe wee- planted, shalbe plucked vp by the roo- ^^^ adoption, 

14 *Let them alone, they be the blyn- 'They are not 
de leaders of the blynde. If the blyude red^fore.'" ^ *^"' 

ded out. 


lead the bljnide, both shal fall into the 

15 * Then answered Peter, and sayd to Mar.l.h. 
hym, Declare vnto vs this parable. 

1 6 Then sayd lesus, Are ye yet without 
vnderstandyng ? 

1 7 Perceiue ye not, that what soeuer go- C 
eth in at the mouth, descendeth downe 
into the beUy, and is cast out into the 
draught ? 

1 8 But those thynges which procede out 
of the mouth, come from the hart, & they 
defile the man. 

f All vices pro- 1 9 For out of the hart come euyl ^ thog- what thinges 
St affectn °of tcs, mm^der, breakyng of wedloke whore- p^""'- '"^ 
the hart. dome, thefte, false wytnes bearing, slan- 

ders. These are the thynges which defyle 
a man. 

20 But to eat with vnwashen handes, de- 
fyleth not a man. 

21 *And lesus went thence, and departed Mar. i.e. 
into the coastes of Tyre and Sidon. 

22 And beholde a woman whych was a The Canani- 
Cananite came out of the same coastes, 

& cryed, saying vnto him, Haue mercie on 
me Lord, thou sonne of Dauid, my daugh- 
ter is piteously vexed with a deuU. 

23 And he answered her neuer a worde. 

Then came to him his disciples, & besoght The disciples 
him, saying. Send her away, for she crieth TtTerSor 

after vs. tunite. 

24 But he answered, and sayed, I am not 

sent but vnto the * lost shepe of the house Chap. lo.a. 
of Israel. Luk.\9.b. 

25 Then she came and worshypped him, 
saying. Lord helpe me. 

26 But he answered, and sayed, It is not 



The bread of good to take the childrcns bread, and to 

' cast it to ^whelpes. eChristecalleth 

27 And she saied, Trueth Lord, for in deed whe^eS^hare 
the whelpes eat of the crommes, which strangers from the 
fall from their masters table. 

28 Then lesus answered, and sayed vn- 

to her, O woman great is thy '^ faith, be it i- christe gra- 
to thee, euen as thou desirest. And her fo^herfaythes s^: 
daughter was made whole euen at that sa ^e: and not at the 

, requeste of his di- 

me hovire. scipies. 

D 29 Then lesus went away from thence, & 

The lake of came nve vnto the sea of Gahle, & went 

GaUle. . -' nil 

vp mto a mountayne & sate downe there. 

30 And muche people came \Tito him, 
Esa.35.a. *hauyng broght with them, halt, blynde, 

domme, maymed, and many other, and 
cast them downe at lesus fete, and he hea- 
led them. 

31 In so muche that the people wondred, 
to see the dome speake, the maymed who- 
le, the halt to go, & the blynde to see : And 
they glorified the God of Israel. 

Mar. 8. a. 32 *Then lesus called his disciples, and 

sayd, I ' haue compassion on the people, iChristecannot 
because they haue continued with me al- foifwhim!'^*' 
ready three dayes, and haue noght to eat : 
and I wil not let them depart fastyng, lest 
they faynt in the way. 

33 And his disciples sayed vnto him, whe- 
ce should we get somuche bread in the 
wildemes, as should suffice so great a 
multitude .i* 

34 And lesus sayd vnto them, how many 
loues haue ye ? And they sayd, Seuen, and 
a fewe lytel fishes. 

35 And he commanded the people to sit 
downe on the ground. 

d. iii. 


36 And toke the seuen loues, and the fy- 
shes, and gaue thankes, brake them, and 
gaue to his disciples, and the disciples 
gaue them to the people. 

37 And they dyd aU eat, and were suffi- 
sed : and they toke vp the broken meat f 
was left seuen baskets M. 

38 And yet they that dyd eat, were foure 
thousand men, beside women, & children. 

39 And lesus sent away the people, and 
toke shyp, and came into the partes of 


TTie Pharises require a token- lesus warneth 
his disciples of the Pharises doctrine. The con 
fession of Peter. The keyes of heauen. The faith- 
ful must beare the crosse after Christe. 

" Aithogh they rri*Hen Came the ^Pharises and Saddu- a 

dyd not agre in do I i i i k i i • • -i • nt. i o 

ctrine.yet theyio- "^ CBS, and dyd "tempt hym, desmng him '-""P- ^^- '• 
fight 'S't' the to shewe them some signe from heauen. Tln^d. 
traeth. 2 But he answered and sayd vnto them, luk. 12. gi. 

God'^^ftherT^* At euen ye say, Fayre wether : for the skye ^/jj^^^gj^"" 

their incredulitie, is red. 

or curiositie. 3 ^^ j^ ^^^ moHiyng ye say. To day shal 

be a tempeste, because the skye is red and 

cloudy. O ye hypocrites, ye can discerne 

the fashion of the skye, and can ye not di- 

' The which ap- scemc *= the signes of the tymes? 

perteyne to the 4 * -fhe frowarde nation, and aduoute- ChapA2.c. 

heauenly and spi- . r A o 

ritual life. rous seketh a signe, and ther shal no signe ^"/(n -. a. 

be geuen vnto them, but that "signe of be to'thlm as 
the Prophet * lonas. And he leuyng them, =» jo^^s ''^i- 

\ .1 o sed yp frome 

departed. death. 

5 And when his disciples were come to B 
the other syde of the water, they had * for- ^''*- *^-"- 



gotten to take bread with them. 

6 * Then lesus sayd vnto them. Take hede 
The leuen of and beware of the leuen of the Pharises 

the Phari- , c , , 

ses. and badduces. 

7 And they reasoned with them selues, 
saying. It is because we haue broght no 
breade with vs. 

" A .toi'en of 8 When lesus " vnderstode that, he sayd 

Chnstes dim , _^ p t- ^ r ^ i 

nitie, to vnto them, (J ye or utle layth, why are 
^hoghtes™^'^ your myndes cimibred because ye haue 
broght no bread ? 

9 Do ye not yet perceaue, nether remem 
Chap. 14. fc. ber fiue loues, when there were * fiue thou 
lohn.G.a. gan(j men, and how many baskettes toke 

ye vp } 

10 Nether the seuen loues whe there we- 
Chap. ib.d. er * fyue thousand men, and how many has 

kettes toke ye vp ? 

1 1 Why perceaue ye not then that I spa- 
ke not vnto you of bread, when I sayd, be 
ware of the leuen of the Pharises, & Sad- 
duces ? 

12 Then vnderstode they, how that he bad 
not them beware of the leuen of bread : 

but of the ^ doctrine of the Pharises, and "^ wemustebe- 

C J J ware erronious do 

OaQQUCeS. ctrine and mans 

C 13 *When lesus came into the coastes of muentions, oneiy 

Mar.S.c. n t>i,-t • u i j u- j- • i cleaumg to the 

luk.9 6 '-^esarea rhihppi, he asked his disciples, wordeofGod. 

saying, Whome do men say that I am the 

Sonne of man ? 

14 And they sayed. Some say that thou art 

lohn Baptist : and some EUas: and some le- 

remias, or one of the Prophetes. 
Jiiuerse opi- 15 He savd vnto them, But whome say ye 

mOs touchin i t > 

ge Christ, that 1 am ? 

16 Simon Peter answered, and sayd, 
d. iiii. 


*Thou artChriste the Sone of the lyuyner lohn.Q.g. 

p , J J o Peters con- 

'JOU.. fession. 

17 And lesus answered, andsayd to him, 
happy art thou Simon the sonne of lonas, 

for "flesh & bloud hath not opened vnto "^^ meaneth 
thee y^, but my father which is in heauen. that is in ma. 

18 And I say also vnto thee, that thou art 

« Vpou that * Peter, and vpon^this rocke I wilbuilde lohn.i.f. 
[hou h'^t'confes- my Congregation. And the " gates of hel o/satar"" 

sed & acknowlla- ghaJ ^ot OUercome it. -which Stan. 

ged me: for it his „ . deth in poli- 

grounded vpon an 1 9 "^ And 1 wil geue VntO thee, the keyes cie & stregth 

'"' Thfprrhe. of the kyngdome of heauen : & what soe- lohn^^O^e. 
of the Gospel ope uer thou shalt " bynde vpo earth, shalbe bo „,, ' o j! 

the gates to heaue ■, • , j l, ^ 4-1, l, u «^ j- V 

with the word of und m hcaucn : and what soeuer tnou shalt " Condene by 
God which is the "lowse On earth, shalbe lowsed in heauen. '^itlore"**' 

right kaye: so that ' i i • t • 'i"""'"*'- 

where this word is 20 Then he sharpelye charged his disci- 

Ter^nelhTS: ples, that they Shuld " tel no man that he ^Because he 
nor amoritie. ' was IcSUS the Christ. Tt^uct 'them. 

B Hewoidepiuc 21 sFrom that tyme forth lesus began to ^""^ "°' Pf«- 

ke out of their ,.,.-^., . , ,° nent his ly- 

hartes that false shew vnto his disciples, how that he most me. 
TadTh^tmS SO vnto lerusalem, and suffer many thyn- 
rai kyngdome. ges of the Elders, and of the hye Priestes, 

and Scribes, and must be killed, and ryse 

agayn the thyrd day. 

22 But Peter toke hym asyde, and began 
to rebuke him, saying. Master looke to thy 
self, this shal not be vnto thee. 

23 Then turned he about, and sayd vnto what incon- 
'■ Which signia- Peter, Away from me •> Sata : thou offedest "^"l^Z^ „, 

eth an aduersarie may come of 

who resisteth the me : bccaUSe thoU SaUOUrest not the thyn- a rashe zeale 

of m1ike°''af dy'd S^^ ^hat are of God, but the thynges that Tnow'lS'"* 

Iudas:orofrashe- are of men. Q 

L' mer"°^^°"' 24 lesus then sayd to his disciples, * If aa/'.io.d. 
any man wyl folow me, let him forsake ^^^^" g"^ ' 
hym self, and take vp his crosse, and fo- iuk.9.c. 
lowe me. §■ I't-/- 

25 For 



To carie the 05 
crosse, and fo 
lowe Christ. 

Christ sbal 
be iudge. 

Psa/. 62. 6. 

mar. 9. a. 

Mar. 9. a. 
The transfigu 
ration of 

"By these two 
the lawe and 
the Prophe- 
tes, which le- 
ad vs to Chri 

For whosoeuer wil 'saue hislyfe, shal 
lose it. And whosoeuer shal lose his lyfe 
for my sake, shal fynde it. 

26 For what is a man the better thogh 
he should wymie all the whole worlde, if 
he be condemnede to paye his soule ? Or 
els what shal a man geue to redeme his 
soule agayn with all ? 

27 For y Sonne of man shal come in the 
glorie of his father, with his Angels : and 
*then shal he reward euery man accor- 
dyng to his deedes. 

28 *Verely I say vnto you some there be 
standing here, which shal not tast of de- 
ath, '' tyl they shal see the Sonne of man 
come in his kyngdome. 


The transfiguration of Christe vpon the mou 
taine of Thabor. He healeth the lunatike, and 
payeth tribute. 

A Nd after six dayes, lesus toke Peter, & 
■'-^ lames, & lohn his brother, & broght 
them vp into an hye moimtayne out of the 

2 And was '^ transfigured before them : 
and his face dyd shyne as the sunne, and 
his clothes were as whyte as the hght. 

3 And behold they saw " Moses, and E- 
lias, talking with hym. 

4 Then answered Peter, and sayd to le- 
sus, Master, here is ^ good beyng for vs : If 
thou wylt, let vs make here three taber- 
nacles, one for thee, and one for Moses, & 
one for EHas. 

' earthely houses, which were receyued in glorie. 

■ by forsaking le- 
sus Christe. 

!< This was ful- 
filled in his resur- 
rection which was 
as an entrie into 
his kyngdome & 
was also cOfiimed 
by sending the ho 
ly Gost,wherby he 
wroght so great & 
sondrie miracles. 


=> Christ shewed 
them his glorie 
that they might 
not thinke that he 
suffred through in 
firmitie, but that 
he offered vp him 
self willingly to 

^ After Moses & 
Elias departure 
Peter fearing he 
shuld lose that io- 
yful sight, spea- 
keth as a man di- 
stract & wold ha- 
ue loged them in 


5 Whyle he yet spake, behold a bright B 
cloude shadowed them : And beholde, 
there came a voyce out of that cloude, 

' We are recon- saying, *This is my deare sonne, *^ in who- 2Pet.l.d. 
'^L o°„.r "' ^^ I d^¥e, " Heare him. Ckap.s^d. 

6 And when the disciples heard that, 9 j, ' 
they "fel on theyr faces and were afrayed. luk.3.e.9.a. 

7 But lesus came and touched them, and S '^'chT 
sayd. Arise and be not afrayd. maister. 

8 And when they loked vp, they saw no shipped, 
man, saue lesus onely. 

9 And as they came downe from the mo- 
untayne, lesus charged them, saying. See 

<t For men wold that yc shcwc the vision to no man, ^ vn- 

not haue belieued ^•^ .^ c r i <•- 

them, before that til the oonne oi man be rysen agajme iro 

Christ had made (Jpnth 

his glorie more 

manifest by his re 10 *And his disciplcs askcd hvm, say- Mar.Q.h. 

surrection. -^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ScribcS, that * EliaS ^^J-^ZnU 

must fyrst come } come. 

1 1 lesus answered, and sayd vnto them, ^^^ 3' ^ ' 
Certeynly Elias must fyrst come, and re- 
store all thynges. 

1 2 But I say vnto you, that Ehas is come 
already, and they knewe him not, but ha- 
ue done vnto hym what soeuer they lu- 
sted : In hke wyse shal also the Sonne of 
man souffer of them. 

13 Then the disciples perceaued that he C 
spake vnto them of lohn Baptist. 

14 *And when they were come tothepeo Mar.9.c. 
pie, there came to him a certayne man, & '"^'^-c 
kneled downe to him, 

1 5 And sayd. Master haue mercie on my 
Sonne, for he is lunatike, and is sore ve- 
xed : For oft tymes he falleth into the fy- 
re, and oft into the water. 

16 And 


16 And I broght him to thy disciples, 

and they could not heale hym. 
He repro 17 Icsus answcred and sayd * O genera- ' He speaketh 
aeth the ma. tion faithlcs & croked : How longe shal w^^ff brf.^" 

htious naugh ^ , . , , . i i t «- ???. "^ "1"^?*' 

eines of the 1 06 With yOU, hoW longe shal 1 SUirre *^" they had now 
Scribes 2 T> ■ i, i-^i-i gotten the victo- 

otrioes. y.Q^ f Brmg hym hyther to me. rie ouer christe 

18 And lesus rebuked the deuyl, and he Jf^f "^'^^^^'^jf ^^^^■ 
came out of hym. And the childe was tie to do this mi- 
healed euen that same houre. 

19 Then came the disciples to lesus se- 
cretly, and sayd, Why could not we cast 
him out .'' 

. 20 lesus sayd vnto them. Because of 
your vnbeHefe. For * verely I say vnto 
you, if ye had fayth as muche as is a gray 
ne of mustard seed, ye should say vnto 
this mountayne ^, Remoue hence to yon- ' By this ma- 

Christe requi (Jgj. place, and it should remoue : neither signifiedlthatthey 

stronge, & a should any thyng be vnpossible for you ^''^w do thmges 

constant fai- ^^ ^^ ""P"^^' ^ 

21 How be it this kynde goeth not out, 

but by Sprayer and fastynsr. ,." The best reme 

diG to strcD^^tncn 

22 As they passed the tyme in Galile, the weake faith is 
lesus sayd vnto the. The sonne of ma shal Sgtddedt'! 
be betrayed into the handes of men. as a heipe to the 

23 And they shal kyl hym, and the thyrd ^*'"''' 
day shal he ryse agayne. And theysoro- 

" Didrach- wed greatly, 
wi' of value ^4 And when they were come to Caper- nau, they that were wont to gather" pol- 

CG of oluG * ox 

sterling mo- le money, came to Peter, and sayd. Doth 
°^^' not your master pay tribute ? 

tes^'payed^^it 25 He sayd, yeas. And when he was come 
once by the into the house, Icsus Spake fyrst to hym, 

lawe Exo.30 . 

and at this Saying, What thinkest thou Simon .'' Of 
plyed'^? to w^o ^^ *^6 kynges of the earth take tri- 
the Remains, bute. Or polle mony ? of their chyldren, or 



of strangers ? 

26 Peter sayd \Tito hym, of strangers. 
Then ^ sayd lesus \nito hjin : Then are 
the children free. 

27 Neucrthelesse, lest we should " oflend " Or gyue oc 

.1 i ii J i. • i-u casion to for- 

them : go to the sea, and cast m thyne an- sake the 
gle, and take the fvshe that fyrst com- trueth. 
meth -y-p, and when thou hast opened his 
•- The worde is mouth, tliou shalt fynd a '' pece of twen- 
teyne'tir two Di- tv pencc, that take, and pay for me and 

drachmas, and is tJieg. 
valued about 5. 
srotes of olde ster- 

He teacheth hys disciples to be humble 
and harmeles : to auoijde occasions of euel : 
of thnuthoritie of the churcke, and comendatio 
of prayer and ^odly assembles, and of brotherly 


» They striue T^He Same tyme the disciples came vn A 
for the rewarde J- to lesus sa'ing, " ^Mio is the greatest tZ'. q r 

before they haue . , , i r i ^ -^ * ^•-'* 

taken any pavne: in the kvugdome 01 heaucn r 
^'uit^aulte^Iesus'cidled a yomige childe vnto 
pen and reueren- hyxii, and Set liini in the middes of them. 

ced one an other, ,-,' . j j tt- i t ^ 

they were ambi- o And sayd, Verely I say vnto you, ex- 

tious and dispi. (.gpt ye* tume, and become as litel ^ cliil f^"^- ]?-^- 

cers of their bre- .^•' ,, ^ ^-^.i, i i Cor. U.d. 

threne. dren, ye shal not enter mto the kyngdo- 

of'dtcret"on,'*but ^c of heaucn. 

in that they be not 4 WTioSOeuer therefore shal humble The giea- 

sekeing to aduace hun sclfc as this Htcl childe, the same ^^^g^^°^g^^| 
worideiy honours" ''^ ^^^ greatest in the kyngdome of hea- heauen. 
■^ He caiietb 5 "^And whosoeuer shal receaue such a " a greate 
them liteii chii- ^tel child in mv name, receaueth me. S'^^^s- 

dren now, which • , , v_ , - , ""'<-" <in >«» 

humble them sel 13ut wllOSOeuer shal Oliede one of the- se toumeth, 
UPS with ill humi i i i • i i i • • '^"" '^ spoken 

litie & subiectio ^^ utelons which beleue in me : it were in respect of 
■ better for hym, that a" mylstono were han lo„'„"|j'';!'ifh 
ged about his necke, and that he were '»aus hand. 



drowned in the depth of the sea. 

7 '•Wo be vnto the woorld because of a christe war- 

^,,,r.u.j. offeo^es. For itcannotbe*auoyded but H^^lj fj::/,°,„'ft: 

that offences shalbe geuen, Neuertheles- not backe frome 

se wo be to that man, by whom the offen- example or offen 

ce Cometh. ce^thatamancan 

Matth.b.e. ^ *Wherfore, if thy hand or thyfote cau 

se thee to offende, cut them of, and 

To cut of cast them from thee. It is better for thee 

all thinges ^q g^ter into lyfe, halt, or maymed, ra- 

that let or i i i i • i - 

hiiuior vs to ther then thou shouldest, hauing two ha- 
^true God. ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^ Y)q cast into cucrlastyng 


9 And if thyne eye cause thee to offende 
plucke it out, and cast it from thee. It is 
better for thee to enter into lyfe with 
one eye, then hauing two eyes, to be cast 
into hel fyre. 

10 "^See thatye despice notoneof these ly <^ christe tou 
tleones, for I say vnto you. That in heauen tws'offenS'ich 
their '^ Angels alwayes beholde the face ispndeanddisdey 

r r ii 1 • T • • 1 ne of our infe 

01 my rather which is m heauen. riours. 

"we may not 1 1 For the sonne of man is come to "saue , 'Seeing God 

■ , ' . hath commanded 

offence that ^hat wllich WaS lost. his Angells to ta 

haA^o dere** ^ ^ ^°^ ^^^^ >'^ * * ''^ ^ ""^^ ^^"^ ^" ^"" hfs *children"'tho 

iv boeht dred shepe, and one of them be gone a- wicked may he as 

I I Tc 111 .1 < 1 ■ sured that if they 

L,uke.ii).a. stray, doth he not leuenyntyand nynein despice them, God 
the mounta\Ties, and ffo and seke that o- '"' ""euenge their 

- ' o cause. 

ne which is gone astray ? 
13 If it happen that he finde it, verely 
I say vnto you : he reioyceth more of that 
shepe, then of the nynty & nyne which 
went not astray. 
^14 Euen so it is not the wil of your fa- 

ku^l'd *^^'' ™ heauen, that one of these lytle 

Ecccii.l9.b- ones should perishe. 

lam.b.d. 15 * Moreouer, if thy brother trespace 


e wherwith affavnst g thee. Go and tel him his faut of Brotherly 

thow mayst be of'-'-' ,. oi i tr ^ i correction. 

fended.hespeketh betwcne him & thcc alonc. It he heare 

cui^sXr^d thee, thou hast wonne thy brother. 

not of open or 16 But if he heare thee not, then take 

knoweo to others. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^. ^^^ ^^ the* DeuA9.c. 

mouth of two or three witnesses, aU the ^gj^ |q ^ 
matter may be confirmed. 2Cori.l3.a. 

17 And if he wil not vouchesaue to heare of excomnni 
k He meaaeth them, tel it vnto the ■> congreffation. And *=*''°°- 

sccordinfi' to thor o o 

der that was em5- if he refuse to heare the congregation, let 
had* herioncu ^im be vnto thee as an heathen man, and 

of auncient and aS a PubUcan. 

forme maners/& 18 Vcrely I Say vnto you, * whatsoeuer l.CorAb.c. 
execute discipii- yeibynde on earth, shalbe bound in hea- 2- 'P'ff-^-'^' 

ne. This assemble •'■'.,, Ion. 20. c. 

represented the uen. And whatsoeuer ye lowse on earth, 
haXto^ted the' shalbe lowsed in heauen. 
to this chardge. 1 9 Agayne, verely I say vnto you, that if 
hementthisofdo two of you shal agre in earth vpon any 
eccktisucin'^cl^^.e'* t^y^^' whatsoeuer they shal desi- 
piine, which is a rc, it shal be gcucn them of my father 

dependanceof the i • i • ■ i_ 

doctrine. which IS m heaucn. 

20 For where two or three are gathered 
together in my name, there am I in the 
myddes of them. 

21 Then came Peter to hym, and sayed. 
Master how oft shal I forgeue my brother 

if he sinne against me ? * shal I euen seuen Luke. 17. a. 
times ? 

22 Jesus sayd vnto him : I say not vnto We muste 
thee seuen tymes, but seuenty tymes se- afiyreadj^to 

uen tymes. forgyue and 

23 Therfore is the kyngdome of hea 
uen lykened vnto a certayne kyng, which 
would take acountes of his seruantes. 

24 And when he had begon to recken, d 
one was brogth vnto him, which oght 



"A common hym ten thousand "talentes. 
talked Tuwo 25 Whom because he had noght to paye, 
hundred his maistcr Commanded to be solde, & his 
'"'"" wyfe, and his children, and all that he 

had and payement to be made. 

26 The seruant, therfore fel downe and 
besoght hym, saying, Syr appease thine 
anger towards me and I wyl pay it euery 

27 Then had the Lord pitie on that ser- 
uant, and lowsed him, and forgaue hym 
the dette. 

28 And the sayd seruant went out, and 
founde one of his felowes which oght 

him an hundred ^ pence, and layed han- ■■ which amon 

J 1 jiiT_ i-iiii-i. teth of our monye 

deson hym, and toke hym by the throte, to the some of 25. 
saving. Pay me that thou owest. shiUinges or verie 

All- 1-1 r r t 1 nere, and was no- 

29 And his felow therfore rel downe at thing in respect 
his fete, and besoght hym, saying, Appea- ^U^'h JfSer 
se thyn anger towards me, and I wyl pay forgaue him. 
thee all thinges. 

30 And he would not, but wet & cast hym 
into prison, tyl he should pay the dette. 

31 And when his other felowes saw 
what was done, they were very sory, and 
came and tolde plainely vnto theyr Lord 
that had hapened. 

32 Then his Lord called him, and sayid 
to hym, O euU seruant, I forgaue thee all 
that dette, because thou prayedst me 

33 Was it not mete also that thou shoul- 
dest haue had compassion on thy felow, 
euen as I had pitie on thee } 

34 And his Lord was wroth, and deliue- 
red hym to the iaylers, til he should pay 
al that was due to hjnn. 

35 So lykewise shall my heauenly fa- 


ther do vnto you, except ye forgeue " with Mar. M.ti. 
your hartes, eche one to his brother their stemeth onp- 

trespaces. 'y.'he hart 

^ and affectio. 


Christe sheweth for what cause a woman may 
be diuorced, and that continence is a gyft of 
God, he receyueth title babes, and confirming 
the lawe of God, sheweth that riche men can 
scarsely be saued : Finaly he promeseth his disci 
pies which haue left all to folowe him, lyf 
euere lasting. 

\ Nd it came to passe, when lesus had A. 
-^^ finished those sayinges, he gate 
him from Galile, and came into the coa- 
stes of lewrie beyond lordan. 

2 And much people folowed hym, and The sicke 
he healed them there, j\far. io. a. 

3 Then came vnto him the Pharisies 
tempting him, and saying to hym. Is it 
lawful for a man to put away his wife for 
euerie faute ? 

4 And he answered and sayed vnto them 

Haue ye not reade, * how that he which Gene. ].</. 
made man at the begjnming, made them 
man and woman ? 

5 And sayd, * for this thyng, shal a man Cen. 2. d. 
leaue father and mother, and cleue vnto I- Cor. 6. d. 
his wyfe, and they twayne shalbe made „ orfperson- 
one " flesshe. ne. 

6 Wherfore they are no more twayn, but 
one flesshe. Let not ma therfore put a sun- 
dre, that which God hath coupled toge 

7 Then sayd they to hym. Why did then 
* Moses command to geue a testimonial 
of diuor cement, and to put her away ? 

8 He sayd vnto them, Moyses because of 




the * hardnes of your heartes, suflFered you x i x. 
" Or by Gods to put away your wyues : But " fro the be- j/ HeVneme^ 

ordinance. gynnyng it WaS not so. that men wolde 

Chap. 5. e. 9 I Say thcrfore vnto you, * that whosoe- de" their wiurs!Vr 
mar. 10. b. ygr shal put away his wyfe (except it be they had bene for 

luk. \6.d. p 1 J \ J \.i, h cedtoreteynethe 

1 cor 7 6 ^^^ whoredome) and marye another, " com in their dispieasur 
mitteth aduoutrie. And whosoeuer mari- ^"rpo'^^hl^'f^": 
eth her which is diuorced, doth commit de can not be bro 

, ^ ken at mans plea- 

aduoutry. sure. 

B 10 Then sayd his disciples to him. If the 

matter be so betwene man & wyfe, then 

is it not good to mary. 

1 1 And he sayd vnto them, All men rece- 

yue not this speeche, saue they to whome 

it is geuen. 
" The wor 12 For ther are '^ some " chaste, which we- ' Some by na- 
geided^'"*" re so borne of their mothers belly. And 1" maTye, Md*so! 

there be some chaste, which be made of ™e by arte. 

men. And there be some chaste, '' which d which haue 

haue made them selues chaste, for the jf/^^^^'^f/™'*; 

kingdome of heauens sake. He ^ that can to serue God with 

, , , . 1.1 .1 •. more free libertie 

take this, let nym take it. e This gyft is 

Chap.i8.a. 13 * Then were broght to hym yonge chyl- X men "therfore 
TT 'i8 * dren, that he shoulde put his handes on men may not ra- 
them, and pray : And the disciples rebu- ^^ Jg mariage. 
ked them. 

14 But lesus sayd, Suffre the htle chyl- 
dren, and forbyd them not to come to me : 
for of suche is the kingdome of heauen. 
Laying on 15 And when he had put his handes on 
des. " them, he departed thence. 

C 1 6 * And beholde one came, and sayd vnto y^nge man knewe 
Mar. 10. b. hym, Good Master what good thyng shal °«*ing in i^us 

luke.l8.d. Tj\i,^T 1, ^ T1J-5 Chnstbuthisma- 

1 do, that 1 may haue eternal lyle r hode, he leadeth 

17 He sayd vnto him, ^ Why caUest thou ^Z^^ 'jjf^'h'in 
meffood? there is none s:ood but one, and tent his doctrine 

.i.-/~.iT-. -^1 1, , -i might better take 

that is God. But if thouwylt entre into place 



life, " kepe the commandementes. " That he 

18 He sayd tohym, Which? And lesiis Jlj'fllowe hTm 
sayd, KLlnot: Breakenotwedlocke: Steale ^^'f^- 

not : Beare not false wjines : 

19 * Honour father and mother, and loue Exod.20.d. 

%ney2:hbour as thy selfe. dent.b.c. 

20 The yonge man sayd vnto him, I haue 
6 He boasteth g obserued al these thiges from my youth : 

moche because as,,,T. 
yet he knewe not what lacke 1 yet .'' 

him selfe. 21 And lesus sayd vnto Mm, }^ thou wylt 

|> Christ here by be perfecte, go, ^ sel that thou hast, and 

pocrisUs'andcau" gV^ie it to the " poore, and thou shalt ha- "Orbeggars. 

sed him to feeie ^g treasure in heauen, and come and fo- » to lav vd 

hisownweakenes, » ■ i 

not generally com lowe me. treasor in he 

TMe.^' *° 22 And when the yonge man heard that ^"'"' 
saying, he went away mourning : For he 
had great " possessions. "Whathinde 

23 Then lesus sayd vnto his disciples, |;^J ^™^",i. 
Verely I say vnto you, that it shalbe hard ^hes. 

for a ryche man, to enter into the kyngdo 
me of heauen. 

24 And moreouer I say vnto you. It is 

easyer for a " camell to go throgh the ■• or cabU' 
eye of a nedle, then for a riche man to en- '"'''"'' 
tre into the k}Tigdome of God. 

25 And when his disciples heard that, 
they were excedlgly amased, saying. Who 
then can be saued? 

26 lesus behelde them, and sayd vnto 
them. With men this is vnpossible, but ^ 

' Who can fra- God ' al thynges are possible, 
tharihey shall not 27 * Then auswcred Peter, & sayd to hjm. Mar. \0.d. 
sett their myndes ggholde, we haue forsakcu al, and folo- '«*• 18- /■ 

on their riches. , , 

wed thee, what shal we haue r 
28 lesus sayd vnto them, Verely I say to D 
vou, when the sonne of man shal syt in 
the throne of his raaiestie, ye which folo- 




T„h„ 00 p wed me, in the ^ reffeneration, * shal svt ^ '1 '4^ '"°'^^,^ 

±jUHe zz. e. ^^ o J.J / wher bytheworldo 

"Or thrones, ajso Vpon twclue SeatCS, and lUOge the ischaged.renewed 

twelue tribes of Israel. ^V^'^^l^Z 

29 And whosoeuer shal forsake houses, de with the sen 

, ,, . r .1 tence following, 

or brethren, or systers, or lather, or mo- and so take reg?- 
ther, or wvfe, or children, or landes, for aeration, for the 

•' day of ludgeraent 

my names sake, the same shal receaue an wUe the elect shall 
'hundreth folde, and shal inherite euer- Irnfoye'thefrinhe! 

lasting life. ritance. to thende 

Mat. 20.1. 30 *And many that are fyrst, shalbe last, that it is not suf- 
iokn. lie. and the last shalbe fyrst. gonTonce^'""' *"" 

' The ioye of 
conscience which 
Gods children 
feele euen in their 

Christ teacketh by a similitude, that God folde more worthe 
is detter vnto no man, and how he is alway then all wordely 
calling men to his labour. He teacheth his to feasors. 
flie ambition, and geueth two blynde men their 

Worke men T^^T the kyngdome of heauen is hke 
are hired in- X vnto an house holder, which went out 

to the yyne- 

yard. at the dawnmg of the day to hver labou- 

rers into his vineyard. 

2 And he agreed with the labourers for ^x 

a =" peny a day, and sent them into his vi- ■ which is of 

nevard. value about foure 

J pence haliepenny 

3 And he went out about the '' third of oide monnoye, 

1 o it- i. J- ji • ii and was coramun- 

noure, & sawe other standing ydle m the ly a workemans 
market place. *''<"'• 

4 And sayd vnto them. Go ye also into ^^^l Ja''yTnfo"weu 
my vineyard, and whatsoeuer is ryght, I uehoures:sothat 

™.1 _~ A J ii. i ii_ the third was the 

wyl geue you : And they went theyr way. fourth part of the 

5 Agayne he went out about the svxt, <^^y\ ^^^ "*" *<" 

j°^,, 1111-1 ' clocke was none: 

and njmth houre, and dyd hkewyse. nyne, was three of 

6 And he went out about the eleuenth 'dy'nner^&'the^ie 
houre, and found other standyng ydle, & "''q"' houre, was 
sayd vnto them. Why stand ye here all sunne sett. ' 



the day ydel ? They sayd vnto hym, becau- 
se no man hath hyred vs. 

7 He sayd to them, go ye also into my 
vineyard, and whatsoeuer is ryght, that 
shal ye receaue. 

8 And when euen was come, the Lord of 
the vineyard sayd vnto his steward. Call 
the labourers, and geue them theyr hyer, 
begynnyng at the last, tyl thou come to 
the fyrst. 

9 And they which were hyred about the 
eleuenth houre, came and receaued euery 
man a peny. 

10 Then came the fyrst, supposjmg that 
they should receaue more, and they lyke- 
wyse receaued euery man a peny. 

1 1 And when they hadd receaued it, they 
murmured agaynst the good man of the 

1 2 Saying, These last haue wroght but o- 
ne houre, and thou hast made them equal 
vnto vs, which haue borne the burthen, & 
heate of the day. 

13 And he answered to one of them, say- 
ing, " Friend I do thee no wrong : Dyddest " or feiowe. 
thou not agre with me for a peny ? 

14 Take that which is thy duety, and go 
thy way, I will geue vnto this last, as 
much as to thee. 

15 Is it not lawful for me to do as me ly- 

steth with mine own goods ? Is thyne eye " o^ enuious 

" euyl because I am good ? my liberait- 

c Therfore eue- 1 6 * So ^he last shalbe fyrst, and the fyrst 'Al' , « ^ 

nemanmhisvo- , n , t-i n i i/ Cnap. \i).cl. 

cation as he is shalbe last. I'or many are Called, and icwe z„;t. ] 3. y; 

called fyrst oght ]^ choSCU. mar. 1 0. c. 

to go lorward and " . Ch 99 h 

encouradge others 17 *Aad lesus asceudcd to lerusalem, ^„"^io c ' 
indifferent fo7aii! & toke the twelue disciplcs aparte in the luke. 18./. 



way, and sayd to them. 
C 18 Beholde we go vp to lerusalem, and 
the Sonne of ma shalbe betrayed vnto the 
chief Priestes, and vnto the Scribes, and 
they shal condemne him to death. 

1 9 And shal dehuer hym to the Gentiles, 
to be mocked, to be scom-ged, and to be 
crucified : and the thyrd day he shal ryse 

20 The came to hym the mother of Zebe- 
des chyldren with her sonnes, worshyp- 
pjTig him, and desiryng a certayne thing 
of him. 

2 1 And he sayd vnto her, what wylt thou 
haue } She sayd to him. Grant that these 
my two sonnes may syt, the one at thy 
ryght hand, & the other at thy lyft hand 
in thy kyngdome. 

22 And lesus answered and sayd. Ye wot 
not what ye aske. Are ye able to drincke 

of the ^ cup that I shal drincke of : & to ^ He seiteth the 
be baptized with the baptisme that I l^rfyes'^'^drlwe 
shalbe batized with ? They sayd to hym, we them frome am- 

, , .'.'.' bition, calling it a 

are able. cuppe, to signifie 

23 And he sayd vnto them. Ye shal dryn- J'j'^ ^'.''f "^'^ °f 

1 • 1 1 r 1 1 11 1 • the afflictions 

ke m deed of my cup, and shalbe bapti- which God hath 
zed with the baptisme, that I am bapti- rie man,the which 
zed with. But to syt at my ryght hand, thing also he cai- 

, , 1 f, 1 1 • „ , leth baptisme. 

and at my lyit hand, is* not myne to geue : « God my fa- 
but it shall be geuen to them for whome u'^en'me^arge^to 
it is prepared of my father. bestowe offices of 

Mar. 10 f. ^"^ *And when the other ten heard this, 

luke. 22. c. they disdayned at the two brethren. 

D 25 But lesus called them vnto him, and 
sayd, Ye know that the lordes of the Gen- 
tiles haue domination ouer them. 
26 And they that are great, exercise po- 



wer ouer the. It shal not be so among you. 
But whosoeuer wyl be great among you, 
let him be your minister. 

27 And whosoeuer wyl be chief among 
you, let him be your seruant. 

28 *Euen as the Sonne of man came, not PhiUi.a. 
to be ministred vnto, but to minister, and 

to geue his lyfe for the " redemption of " Or price of 

the ransom. 


29 * And as they departed from lericho, ^a*"- lO-^- 
muche people folowed him. ^ ^ ^^' 

30 And behold two blynde men syttyng 
by the way syde : When they heard lesus 
passe by, cryed saying, Thou Lord the Son- 
ne of Dauid, haue mercie on vs. 

3 1 And the people rebuked them, becau- ^wo biynde 
se they should holde their peace. But receyue their 
they cried the more saying, Haue mercie 

on vs thou Lord, which art the sonne of 

32 Then lesus stode styl, and called them, 
and sayd, What wyl ye that I should do to 

33 They sayd to hym, Lord that our eyes 
may be opened. 

34 And lesus had compassion on them, 
and touched their eyes, and immediatly 
their eyes receaued syght, and they folo- 
wed hym. 


He rydeth into lerusalem, dryueth the 
marchantes out of the temple, healeth the sick, 
curseth the fygge tre, and rebuketh the Phari- 
ses, with the similitude of the two sonnes, 
and of the housbandmen that slewe suche as 
were sent vnto them. 



A A Nd when they drew nye to lerusale, 
Mar. 1 1. a. -^& werc come to Bethphage, vnto the 
mount of the Oliues, then sent lesus two 
of his disciples. 

2 Saying to them. Go into the towne that 
lyeth ouer agaynst you, and anone ye shal 

fynde an * asse bound, and her colt with " By this entrie 

11,1 J -1 .1 , Christe would 

her : lose them, and bryng them vnto me. shewe the state & 

3 And if any man say oarht vnto you, sav condition of his 

IT Till c ^ J kyngdome, which 

ye, that the Lord hath nede or them : and was farre contra- 
streight way he wyl let them go. ^'^Vgiorfe TZ 

4 All this was done to fulfil that ^ was woride. 
spoken by the Prophet, saying, 62. b 5 *Tel ye the " daughter of Sion, Behold 

zacha 9.6. 

Ink 19. f. thy kyng comethvnto thee, meke & syt- 

iohn. 12.6. ting vpon an asse, and a ^ colte, the fole of '' it is a maner 

" That is, the j ^ it, i of speeche called 

Citie of Sio. an asse VSed to the yocke. synechdoche,wher 

6 The disciples went & dyd as lesus c6- ^y two are taken 

T T T ■' tor one. 

manded them. 

7 And broght y asse & y colte, and put on 
"Heryddeon "them theyr clothes, and set him theron. 
the dame w5t § And many of the people spread theyr 
in copagnie. garmcntes in y way : & other cutte doune 

branches fro the trees, and strawed them 

in the way. 
What inter- 9 Morcouer, the people that went befo- 
chdsUiTdof ^^' ^""^ t^^y ^^o tlia* came after cryed, 
the people, sapng, "^ Hosanna the sonne of Dauid. ^ saue i pray 

Blessed be he that cometh in the name of ^^'^^^.'pe;"! sen^ 

the Lord, Hosanna thou which art in the de good successe 

J,. , , to the Messias. 

" mest fteaweWS. d For God which 

Mar. 11.6. 10 *And when he was come into lerusa- '« '" ^eauea ""st 

Ink 1<) o 1 11 1 • • • -iTTi onelysaue. 

■ '^' lem, all thecitiewas moued, saymg, Who 
is this ? 

1 1 And the people sayd, this is iesvs 
the Prophet of Nazaret a citie of Ga- 


12 * And lesus went into the teple of God, Mar-i\. b. 

luk 19 <7 
& cast out all them that * soulde & boght joA«.2.c, 

« In the porche or in the * temple, and ouerthrew the tables Deut. 14. c. 

entrie into the j. e ^ j , i ^ r ii. - 

temple. 01 y mony changers, and the seates oi the 

that solde doues. 

13 And sayd to them, It is written, * My ^sa. 56.6. 
house shalbe called the house of prayer, ^he byears 

tence°o7reUgion "^But yc hauc made it a denne of theues. chased out of 
hypocrites spoiie 14 And the blynd and the halt came to ' ^"""p'^- 

God of his true ... •' i i 1 1 1 i 

worshipe. him m the temple, and he healed them. 

15 And when the chiefe Priestes & Scri- 
bes saw the marueiles that he dyd, and y 
children crjang in the teple, and saying, 
Hosanna the sonne of Dauid, they disdai- 

1 6 And said vnto him, Hearest thou what 
these say ? lesus sayd vnto the, yea, read ye 

e Yf God reueiie neuer, * By the = "mouth of babes and suck Psal. 8. a. 
mighf'bT babls liiiges, thou hast" made parfit the praise ? "inHirhaU 

that can not as 1 7 And he left them, and went out of y growndedthe 
yet speake, is it .^. .^ -n .i • j 1 j i • -l j- strength. 

marueii if they citic vnto Bethame, and had his abyding 

that can speake do fVip».p 
settfourth,and ma '-"'=' '^• 

fmifie the same ? 18 And * in the moming as he returned ilfar. 11. c. 
into the citie agayne, he hungred. '"*• '^" ''• 

1 9 And spyed a fygge tree in the way, and 
came to it, and founde nothyng theron, 
but leaues only, & sayd to it, Neuer frute 
grow on thee henceforwardes. And ano- 
ne the fygge tree wythered away. 

20 And whe his disciples sawe that, they 
marueiled, saying, How sone is the fygge 
tree wythered away ? 

21 lesus answered and sayd vnto them, c 
Verely I say vnto you, if ye shal haue 
fayth, and shal not doubt, ye shal not one- 
ly do that which I haue done to the fygge 
tree : but also If ye shal say vnto this mou- 

taine 1 


taine, '' Take thy selfe away, and cast thy '' which thing 

selfe into the sea, it shalbe done. posstwe.*^" ^ "" 

Chap. l.a. 22 * And what soeuer ye shal aske in pray 
mar.u.c. gj.^ jf yg beleue, ye shal receaue it. 
Mar. 12. rf. 23 * And when he was come into the tem- 
luk.-2Q .a. pie, the chiefe Priestes and the Elders of 
Ske questios ^^^ people, Came vnto him as he was tea- 
of christe. chyng, and sayd, By what auctoritie doest 

thou these thynges ? and who gaue thee 

this power } 

24 lesus answered and sayd vnto them, I 
also wyl aske of you a certayne question, 
which if ye assoyle me, I in lyke wyse wyl 
tel you by what auctoritie I do these thin- 

25 The baptisme of lohn whence was it, 
" of God. " from heauen. or of men } Then they reaso- 
ned among them selues, saying. If we shal 
say from heauen, he wil say vnto vs : why 
did ye not then beleue him .'' 

26 But & yf we shal say of men, then ' fea- ■ The hypocri- 

,, "^ , *T-in 111T1 tes fcare ma more 

Chup.u.a. re we the people, lor all men held lohn then cod.andma- 
--6.e. as a Prophet. _ L^^h thTtUr' 

27 And they answered les , and said, We 
ca not tel. And he sayd vnto them. Nether 
tel I you, by what auctoritie I do these 

28 But what thinke ye .'' A certayne man 
The simiiitu had two sonnes, and came to the elder, & 

de of the two j c i i ^ j ■ 

sonnes. sayd, oonne, go and worke to day in my vi 

29 He answered and sayd, I wU not : but 
afterward aduised him selfe, and went. 

30 Then came he to the seconde, and sayd 
lykewise. And he answered, and sayd, I 
wyl syr, yet went not. 

3i Whether of them twayne dyd the wyl 


of y father? Theysayd vnto him, The fyrst. 

lesus sayd vnto them, Verely I say vnto 

. '' '^°.,^*'"^.® '', '^ you, that the ^ pubhcans and the harlotes 

impossible for the ■' . . • i .1 i i c i^ i i 

to repent & be sa- shal come mto the kyngdome or (jod be- 

ued that stande in fr,,.p irnn 
their owne c5cey- ^ )^""" 

te,thatthegreatest 32 For lohn Came vnto you in the way of ^°^, ta"siii 

synners that are, -i, q v,iju- 4.Tj4-''y '""^ ^^^' 

shal more sone nghteOUSllCS, & ye beleued him not. But way of righ- 

cometorepentan-the pubhcans, and the harlots beleued ^g^if"^^^*^^ 
him. And yet ye, thogh ye sawe it, were pnght&par- 
not moued with repentace, that ye myght 
afterward haue beleued him. „ 

3 3 * Herken another similitude . There was Mar. 1 2. a. 
a certayne housholder, which planted a luk.20.b. 
'The vineyard 1 vineyard, and ■" hedged it round about, p"; ^- "' 

IS the people, J ' o . . ' liod compa- 

which he had eie- and made a wynepresse in it, and buylt a reth him sei- 
*^'" Vsed all me- tower, and let it out to housbad men, and holder. °"*' 
nes to preserue it went into a Strange countrey. 
fui. 34 And when the tyme of the fruit drew 

" Which were the ncre, he Sent his seruantes to y "housbad- 

Priestes & rulers. , >^i c -^ e -a 

men to receaue the frmtes ot it. 

35 And the housbandmen caught his " ser " The Prophe 
uantes, and beat one, kUled another, and '^®^- 
stoned another. 

36 Againe he sent other seruantes, mo 
then the fyrst, and they serued them hke- 

37 But last of all, he sent vnto them his 

owne " Sonne, saying, They wyl feare my "lesChriste. 

38 But when the housbandmen saw the 

Sonne, they sayd amog them selues, * This Chap, 26. a. 
is the heyre : come, let vs kyl hym, & let vs V- "■ 
take his inheritance. 

39 And they caught him, and thrust him 
out of the vineyard, and slewe him. 

40 Wlien therfore the Lord of the vi- 
neyard shal comme, what wil he do with 



those housbandmen ? 

41 They sayd vnto him, Hewil cruely de 
stroy those euil persons, and wyl let out 
his vineyard vnto other housbandmen, 
which shal deliuer him the fruit at tymes 

42 lesus sayd vnto them. Red ye neuer in 
ActA.b. the Scriptures, * The stone which the buil 

psal. 117.C. ders " refused, the same, is made the p he- • As not mete 
Tpf.2.b. ad stone of the corner ? This was j Lordes '"'p'^xo fasten and 
Christ is the doing, and it is merueylous in pur eyes. '°y°'' ^^<^ ^"yi- 
eorner stone. 43 Therfore Say I vnto you, the kyngdo- '^''^ '°^''^''- 
me of God shalbe taken from you, & shal 
be geuen to a people, which shal bryng 
forth the fruites of it. 
Esa.s.c. 44 * And whosoeuer shal fal on this stone 
he shalbe broken : but on whom soeuer it 
shal fal vpon, it wyl grynde him to pow- 

45 And when y chiefe Priestes and Pha- 
rises heard these simihtudes, they perce- 
aued that he spake of them. 

46 And they seekyng to lay handes on 
him, feared the people, because they toke 
him as a Prophet. 


He describeth the state of Christs Churche. 
Tribute to be geuen to the magistrat, of the re- ■ 
surrection, the Scribes question, and Chi'istes di 

A A Nd lesus answered, and spake vnto a christe repro- 
^^ti^ta^'t them agayne m similitudes, saying, cheth the lewes of 

^euelA'd. b. „ ™. 1 ° < r ^ • i-{ °\ their ingratitude 

2 Ine kyngdome or heauen is uke vnto and obstinate ma- 
a certayne kyng which maried his sonne. lifted the^eo? 

3 And ^ sent forth his seruantes, to call God which was so 
them that were byd to the weddyng, and ^to them." "^ 


they would not come. 

4 Agayne he sent forth other seruantes. The simiutu- 
saying, Tel them which are bydden, Be- riadge. 
holde I haue prepared my dinner, mine 
oxen and my fathnges are killed, and all 
thinges are ready, come vnto y mariage. 

5 But they made light of it, and went 
their wayes, one to his ferme place, ano- 
ther about his marchandise. 

6 And the remnant toke his seruantes, 
and intreated them sharpely, and slewe 

7 But when the " king heard that, he was « God puni- 
wroth : and sent forth his warriers, and ly'^'u^^'h ingra* 
destroyed those murtherers, and burnt titude. 
vp their citie. 

8 Then sayd he to his seruates. Truly the 
weddynge is prepared : But they which 
were bidden, were not worthy. 

9 Go ye therfore out into the hye wayes. The caiung 
and as many as ye fynde, byd them to the °es. ^ 

i> The uigrati- 10 And ''the seruautes went out into the 

tude of the which ]^-g -^aygg and gathered to gether as ma- 
are not cau J 1 1 r J 1 II // J J 
se the holy meates ny aS they COUldC ivncl, both good and "Inthechurch 

God'hth%«pa-bad: and the weddyng was fumyshed 1^:,,*;=^^ 

red for his. ^vith geasteS. with the 

1 1 Then the king came in, to see the gea- 
stes, and spyed there a man which had 
■^ He had not a not on a *= weddyng garment. 
pureaffection.and jg And sayd vnto hym, friend, how ^ ca- 

vpright consciece. J ^ J ' ' 

rt Thogh God mest thou in hyther, and hast not on a 
hypocrit°e^s 'in^the wedding garment ? And he was euen spea- 

Churche: yet he chleSSC. 

knoweth how to i ,i i • ^ ^i • • . ,» 

trye them. 13 Then sayd the king to the mmistres, B 

Take and bynde hym hand and fote, and Chap.&.b. 
cast hym intovtter darcknes, * there shal i^./.-o.c. 



be wep^Tig and gnasshyng of teeth. 

14 For many are '^called, & fewe be chose. ' By the outw- 
Mar.\2.a. 15 * Then went the Pharises and toke Hn'i*^'"'"■^''''''■ 
?KA.20.rf. counsel how they myght tagle him in hys 


16 And they sent vnto hym their disci- 
ples with Herodes seruantes, saying, Ma- 
ster we knowe that thou art true, and tea- 
chest the way of God truly, nether carest 

for anv man, for thou ^ considrest not men ' As touching 

1 . the outwarde qua- 

nes esiat. litie,as whether he 

1 7 Tel vs therfore, how thynkest thou ? Is ^e riche or poore. 
it lawful to geue tribute \"nto Cesar or 

To pay tn- ]^g lesus perceaued theyr wyckednes, and 
sayd. Why tempte ye me ye hypocrites ? 
C 1 9 Let me see the tribute monv. And thev 
broght him a ^ peny. " _" .^^^tTure 

20 And he sayd vnto them, whose is this pence haife peny. 
Image and superscription ? They sayd vnto 
him, Cesars. 
Kom. 13. 6. 21 Then sayd he vnto them, * Geue ther- 
fore to Cesar, that which is Cesars, and ge 
ue vnto God, that which is Goddes. 
22 When they heard that, they meruey- 
led, and left him, and went the\T way. 
Mar. 12. b. 23 * The same day the Sadduces came to 
act 23 b ^^ (which say that there is no resurre- 
ction) and asked hym. 
Beta. 25. a. 24 Saying, Master, * Moses bad, if a man 
" Orsonnes. dye, hauynge no " chyldren, that his bro- 
" By the title ther " marv his wyfe, & rayse vp seede vn- 

ofalyaunce. i • , n 

to his brother. 

25 There were with vs seuen brethren, & 

the fyrst maryed a wife, and deceassed 

without yssue, and left his wyfe vnto his 



26 Likewise also the second, & the thyrd, 
vnto the seuenth. 

27 Last of all the woman dyed also. 

28 Now in the resurrection, whose wyfe 
shal she be of the seuen ? For all had her. 

29 lesus answered and sayd vnto them, 
•> wher Gods Ye ^ are deceaued, not vnderstandyng the 

rJd & t.'.'ffid; Scriptures, nor the power of God. 
ther muste needes 30 For in the resurrection, me nether ma- 
and erro^ur"^''"''^ TJ wiucs, nor wiues are bestowed in ma- 
> For asmoche as riadgc : but are as the ' Angels of God in 

they shal be exem i 
ptedfromethein- ncauen. 

firmities of this 31 As touchyng the resurrection of the 
dead, haue ye not read what is sayd vnto 
you of God, which sayth, 

32 * I am Abrahams God, and Isaacs God, Exorl.3. r. 
and the God of lacob ? God is not the God ^ 

of the dead, but of the lyuing. 

33 And when the people hearde that, they 
were astonied at his doctrine. 

34 * When the Pharises had heard, how y Mar. 1 2. c. 
he had put the Sadduces to silence, vpon 

that they drewe together, 

35 And one of them which was an expon- 
der of the lawe, asked him a question, tem- 
ting him, and saying, 

36 Master, which is the chiefe commande 
ment in the law ? 

37 lesus sayd to him, * Loue the Lord thy Deut.6.b. 
God, with aU thy hart, w aU thy soule, ^''*- >"• '"• 
and with aU thy mynde. 

38 This is the fyrst and the chiefe com- 

39 And thesecod ishkevnto this. *Loue Rom. 13. c. 
thine neyghbour as thy selfe. '«'""• 19- ''• 

40 In these two commandementes, han- fam.2. h. 
geth all the Lawe and the Prophetes. 

41 * While 


Mar. \2. d. 41 * While y Pharises were gathered to- 
luk. 20. 9. gether, lesus asked them, 

42 Saying, What thvnke ye of Christe ? '•By the spirit of 
:?':^t:X whose " sonne is he ? They sayd vnto him, Lfo^lhe .^n.^- 

lie. the SOmie of Dauid. dome of Chrlste. 

43 He sayd vnto the. How then doth Da- hand^s signiied 
uid in ^ spirit cal him Lord, saying, powder whtcb^God 

Psal. 109. a. 44 * The Lord sayd to my Lord, syt on my gyueth his Sonne 
u'dt* 'Lnn'; ' right hand - tyl, I make thyne enemyes ht';'ls"iie™utenl! 

touching his thy fote Stole ? &gouuemourouer 

hisLord,'con 45 If Dauid Call hjm Lord, how is he the ■" Not that his 

cerning ' his his; snnnp ? kyngdome shalthe 

" Ihead. bOnne . gjjjp ^m thoffice 

46 And none could answere him agav- "f ^is humanitie 

J ^^ 1 . r ,1 , shal cease, and he 

ne one worde, nether durst any irom that with the father 
dav forth, aske him any mo questions. and holy Gostshai 

•< ' J ^ raigne for euer as 

one God all in all. 


Christe condemneth the ambition, couuetous 
nes, and hypocrisie of the Scribes and Phari- 
ses and their persecutions against the seruan- 
tes of God. He prophecieth the destruction of 

A T^Hen spake lesus to the people, and to 
-*- his disciples, 
2.£sd.8.a. 2 Saying, The * Scribes and the Pharises 

" Teaching ^yt m Moses seat, 
that which 3 All therfore what soeuer they ' byd " Accordyng to 

Moses saith. , ^i , t 1 i '1 . r- Moseswhome they 

you obserue, that obserue and do : but al- rpade;but not that 
ter their workes do not : For they say, and ^jj^j'^of theL sd- 

do not. ues. 

Eso. 10.0. 4 * For they bynde heauy burthens, and 
act\}bb g^^'io^s to be borne, and lay them on 
deut. 6. b. mens shoulders, but they them selues wyl 
§•21.6. not heaue at them with one of theyr fin- 


•'They were scroi 5 Al theyr workes they do for to be sene 

wherinthe comma of men. For they make theyr *^Phylacte- Nom. 15. d. 

demeteswerewri- ^ broade, and make lonffe the " skirtes :?«"'• 22. t. 

ten,andtothisday , ' o edges or he- 

the lewes vse the of their garmentes. mes. 

inT'peece oFie! 6 *And loue to syt in the worthiest place Mar. 12. d. 
ther,andsobyiide at feastes, and to haue the chiefe seates in ?."*• ^^-f- J 

the to their browe, , , JsU.^^. ■ 

arme &c. to thin- the assembles. T 

LTuecorTt^nuTre' ^ And gretynges in the markettes, and to 

membranceofthe be Called of men " Rabbi, Rabbi. "Master. 

^^christ forbyd- 8 * But be not yc Called "*^masters : For one ."^bbl"' 

deth not to gyue Jg y^^ » master, that is to Wyt, Christe, " teacher, 
luste honour toMa , * „ , , Esa 64 a 

gistrates, and Ma- and all ye are brethren. ^^^^ gj v ' 

neth' ambTon'™" 9 And * Call noman yom- father, vp6 the Mai. {.a. 
superioritie ouer earth, for thcr is but one your Father, and ^*"^ Pharisgs 

our brothers faith, , ■ . i ^ "''"'<' called 

which office appar ne IS m neaueu. masters or fa- 

^^yj;^*'° Christe 10 Be not called Doctors, for ther is but s'i™'*Do^ 

one your Doctor, and he is Christe. ''•o'"s- 

g1lltl^n'lhechur ^^ But*he that is ^ greatest among you, Luk. 14. e 
che is not Lo'd- let him be your seruant. &l8.e. 

^Sut ministt 12 For whosoeuer will exalte hym selfe, « 
and seruice. shalbe broght low. And he that wil hum 
ble hym selfe, shalbe exalted. 

13 Wo therfore be vnto you Scribes and 
Pharises, hypocrites, because ye shut vp ar^ead'^'^to 
the kyngdome of heauen" before men : for enter. 

ye your selues go not in, nether sufire ye now theirX- 
them that "enter in. te with in the 

14 * Wobe vnto you Scribes and Phari- Mar. 12. d. 
ses, hypocrites : For ye deuour widowes ^^^- 20. g. 
houses, and that vnder a coloure of lon- 

ge prayers. Wherfore ye shal receaue the 
greater damnation. 

15 Wo be vnto you Scribes and Phari- 
« They soght all ses, hypocritcs, for ye compasse ^ sea and 

rr^nuo'make l^nd to bryng one into yom- beliefe : and 

of a Gentile a le- when he is broght, ye make him two fol- 

de more the childe of hell, then ye your 



selues are. 

1 6 Wo be vnto you blynde guydes, which 
say, Whosoeuer sweareth by the temple, it 
is noth}Tig : but whosoeuer sweareth by y 
golde of the temple, he offendeth. 

1 7 Ye fooles and blynde, whether is gre- 
"Andraaketh ater, the gold, or the temple that " sanctifi 
it to be taken eth the golde ? 

as a holy » i , 

thing becau- 18 And whosoeuer sweareth by the aul- 
Mans* doctri" ter, it is nothing : but whoso euer sweareth 
ne doth not by f offerinsT that Iveth on the aulter, of- 

onely obscure r j ■, 
the doctrine lendeth. 

co.!?rar'y''to' ^^ Ye fooles and blynde : whether is gre- 

it. ater, the offeryng, or the aulter which san 

ctifieth the offering ? 

20 "Whosoeuer therfore sweareth by the 
aulter, sweareth by it, and by aU that the- 
ron is. 

1 .KynA.b. 21 * And whosoeuer sweareth by the tem- 

%chro.Q.a. p^g^ sweareth by it, and by hym that dwel 
leth therin. 

Chap. 5. f. 22 * And he that sweareth by heauen, swe- 
Q areth by the seate of God, & by hym that 
sytteth theron. 

Luk.\2. b. 23 * Wo be to you Scribes, andPharises, 
Hypocrites, which tyeth mynt, annyse, 
and commyn, and leaue the wayghtyer 
matters of the lawe vndone : iudgement, 

"Theparfour mercic, and " faith. These oght ye to ha- 
*'nesse°"^^ ue done, and not to haue left the other 

vndone . ' Ve staye at that 

24 Ye blynde guydes, which ^ strayne out rnd?et'pa"se''thft 
agnate, and swalow a cammel. which is of greater 

_£' J, ' . oi -1 1 -ni • importance. 

25 Wo be to youbcnbes and rhanses, gvesekehowto 
hypocrites, g for ye make cleane y vtter si l^ m™ T'S- 
de of the cup, & of the platter : but with- se not whether ye 

- . haue a good con- 

t. 1. science or no. 


in they are ful of brybery and excesse. 

26 Thou blynde Pharise, dense fyrst the 
insyde of the cup & platter, that the out 
syde of them may he cleane also. 

27 Wo be to you Scribes, and Pharises, 
hj^ocrites, for ye are lyke vnto paynted 
tobes, which appeare beautiful outward : 
but are with in ful of dead mens bones, 
and of al fylthines. 

28 So are ye, for outward ye appere rygh 
teous vnto men, whe with in, ye are ful of 
hypocrisie and iniquitie. 

29 Wo be vnto you Scribes, and Pharises, D 
hypocrites. For ye buylde the tombes of 

>• For aremem- the ^ Prophetes, & gamish the sepulchres 

brance of them,& r - 1 • i , 

in the meane sea- 01 the nghteOUS, 

sontheypassednot 30 And savd. If wc had bene in the dayes 

tor tneil- doctrine. . /• i i i i •. 

or our lathers, we would not haue bene 

parteners with them, in " the bloud of " or, killing, 

the Prophetes. 

31 So then ye be wytnesses vnto your sel- 
' It is not now ues, that ye ' are the chyldren of them w 
tTonVath r/on^ kyUed the Prophetes. 
to be cruel against 32 Fulfil ye lykewyse the measure of your 

the seruantes of /^ , i 
God, and therfore latnerS. 

it is no maruei 33 Ye serpetes, ve generations of vipers, 

thogh the childre , , .5 ci ,--rii^ 

of suche murthe- how should yc escape y damnatio oi hel r 
iV'The'' p'opS' 34 Wherfore. behold I send vnto you 

" Prophetes, & Wyse men, and Scribes, & "To conuince 
of them ye shal kyl and crucifie : and of [er" ingratt*' 
them shal ve scours-e in your SvnaffOffes, '"^^• 

i' Christ meaneth 5 / r v" 4. v 

that all their race '^ persecute ITOm CltlC tO Cltie : 

shal be ponished, 35 That vpon ^ you may come all v righ- 

80 that the imqui- ^ ,, ,,,, ii _,•' °, 

tie of the fathers teous bloud that was shed vpo the earth, 
to1he\Tome of * ^^^ the bloud of ryghtcous Abel, vnto Gen. 4 b. 
the childre which the bloud of Zacharias the sonne of Bara o'^p' ni"} 

resemble their fa- 1 • * i 1 i j ,1 , z.i'ar.^t.a. 

thers. chias, whome ye slew betwene the tem- 



pie and the aulter. 

36 Verely I say vnto you, all these thyn- 

ges shal lyght vpon this generation. 
Luk. 13. g. 37 * lerusalem, lerusalem which kyllesty 

Prophetes, & stonest them which are sent 

to thee : How ofte would I haue gathered 
i.EsdrA.e. thy chyldren together, * as the henne ga- 

thereth her chyckens vnder her wynges, 

and ye woulde not. 
Psal.68.e. 38 * Beholde your habitation shalbe left 

vnto you desolate. 
Psa. 117.0. 39 * For I say vnto you, ye shal not see me 
luk. 19./. 1 henceforth til that ye say, * Blessed is he ' He wiiretoume 

that commeth in the name of the Lord. L°ar;cher,butTs 

a iudge, when as 
THE XXIIII. CHAPTER. they shal be com- 

Christe sheweth hys disciples the destruction ("althogh to"late) 
of the temple, the ende of the worlde, and the to- that he is the ve- 
neris of the latter dayes, and warneth the to wa "^'^ Sonne of God. 
ke, for the world shal sodenly perishe. 
A Nd lesus went out and departed fro 
^^ f teple, & his disciples came to him, xxiiii. 
for to shewe him the ^ buyldyng of y teple " whose exceiie 

2 And les' sayd vnto them. See ye not all that 'that'' Herod" 
these thinges ? Verely I say vnto you, * the- ^g^s"' leT^ioooo 

The destru- j.g g]jgj j^q^ ^e here left one stone vpon a- men in worke, the 

" '°° ° ' nother, that shal not be cast downe. wte'lnge! In h": 

3 And as he sate vpon the moimt of Oh- ight 12, in breadth 

,.,.., , , . ,, _ , 8. as losephus 

ues, his disciples came vnto mm the sel- writeth. 
ues alone, saying, Tel vs when these thyn- 
ges shalbe, & what signe shalbe of thy c6- ^ They thoghtthe 
myng, ^ and of the ende of the worlde } woride shuuie be 

A \ J T J J J, at an ende, whe le 

4 And lesus answered, and sayd vnto rusaiem were de 
them, * '^ Take hede y no ma deceaue you. stroyed. 

1 1 • '^ He answereth 

5 ror many shal come m my name, say- them not accor- 
ing, I amChriste.and shal deceaue many. ^|3",f,'°t";'dLT 

6 And ye shal heare of warres, & of the sheth the of that 
rumors of warres : but see y ye be not trou for them. ^ 



bled : For all these thynges must come to 
passe, but the ende is not yet. 
7 For nation shal ryse against nation, and 
reahne against realme : & there shalbe pe- 
stilence, honger, and earthquakes, in cer- 
tayne quarters. 
<i Great & cruel 8 All these are y "^ begynn3Tig of sorowes. 
sinw^'emongrthe 9 * Tlien shal they put you to trouble, &, 
heathen for the c5 ghal kyl you, and ye shalbe «" hated of all '"°/-^,^-^- 

tempt of the Go- . •' / ^ , luk.2\.'c. 

spei. nations tor my names sake. {g/m 15 c. 

thetaus^e^of'these 10 ^nd then shal many be offended, and Sf 16. a." 
troubles. shal betray one another, and shal hate one 


1 1 And many false prophetes shal aryse, 

and shal deceaue many. 
^Many wiikepe 12 And because *" iniquitie shal haue y vp 
tie, because they per hand, the loue of many shal abate. 
rerS'whom 13 * But he that endureth to the ende, the B 
they shuide be- same shalbe safe. i timi a 

14 And this glad tidinges of the kyng- He armetii 

dome, shalbe preached through the who- fatiras^,'"^' *^ 

le world, for a witnes vnto all nations : & 

then shal the ende come. 
8 When khe te- 15 Whe s ye therfore shal see the " abomi- "Thehorribie 

pie shal be poUu- r J T 44 1 f -u * T\ ^^ destructio of 

ted, it shal be a si- nation 01 desolation spoken ot by Daniel the temple & 
f^raSScri- the Prophet, standyng in the holy place : '^ije^XS 
fices shal ende and let him that readeth it, take hede. religion, 

eres ore . j g i^en let them which be in lurie, flye ^""- ^- /• 
into the mountaynes. 

1 7 And let hym which is on y house top, 
not come downe to fet any thing out of 
his house. 

18 Nether let him which is in the fielde, 
retume backe to fetche his clothes. 

19 Wo shalbe in those dayes to them that 
are with chylde, and to them that geue 

20 But 


20 But pray that your flyght be not in 
Act.], b. the wynter, nether on the * Sabbath day. 

21 For the shal be great tribulation, such 
as was not fro the begynning of the worl- 
de to this tyme, nor shalbe. 

22 Yea, and except those dayes should be 
• Mail. shortened, there should no " fleshe be sa- 

ued, but for the '' chosens sake those dayes h God prouideth 
shalbe shortened. [^e :lirdd" r Ju 

Mar. 13. c. 23 * Then if any man shal saye vnto you : bies. 
Lo, here is Christe, or there is Christe : be- 
leue it not. 

Luk. 17. c. 24 For there shal * aryse false Christes,& 
false prophetes, and shal do great mira- 
cles, and wonders : In so muche, that yf it 
were possible, the very electa should be 

25 Behold, I haue tolde you before. 

26 Wherfore if they shal saye vnto you : 
Beholde he is in the * desert, go not forth : i whither the 
Beholde he is m the secrete places, bele- ^^eauertiSe 

ue not. people, hiding the 

C 27 For as the lyghtnyng commeth out of if they were asha! 

* the East, and shyneth ui to the West : so '?<^d °f '*"=''■ p™- 

shal the commyng of the Sone of man be. 

Luk. 17. g. 28 *For where soeuer a dead'' carkas is, ^ in despite of 

Smadean euen thythcr wyl the Egles resort. fhTbf ™"d 

ende of the 29 * Immediatly after the " tribulations and ioyned with 

troubles of j. ^i , i i . i 1 v j i Chnste, as the E- 

hischurche 01 thoSC dayCS, Shal the SUnne ' be darke- gles assemble to a 

m\\\ '■ ''''^ '• ^ *^^ '^''''^ ^^^^ ''°* ^^""^ "^^"^ ^y^^^' '" Hetetneth a 

esa. 13. c' ^^^ ^^^ starres shal fal from heauen, and horrible trebling 
ezecA. 32.6. the powers of heauen shalbe tossed. an aiteratioohhe 
ioel.2.h. 30 And then shal appeare the signe of y ordre of nature. 
Sonne of man in heauen. And then shal 
all the kynreds of the earth mourne, and 
they shal see the Sonne of ma come in the 



cloudes of heauen with power and great 

31 * And he shal send his Angels with the Reue.i.b. 
great voyce of a trompet, & they shal ga- dan.\2.a. 
ther together his chosen, from the four i.the.ssA^d. 
windes, and fro the one ende of the world 

to the other. 

32 Leame a similitude of the fygge tree, 
when her branches are yet teder, and her 
leaues sprong, ye knowe that sommer is 

33 So hke wyse ye, when ye see all these 
thinges, be ye sure that the hyngdome of 
God is neare, euen at the dores. 

"For with in 50 34 Verely I say vnto you, that this '" s:e- 

yeresIerusalEwas j.-- i i / I i ii i.-u t. 2 ^ 

destroyed,thegod- ueratio shal not passc, tyl all these be ful- 
ly were persecu- fillpj^ 
ted, false teachers 

seduced the peo- 35 * Hcauen and earth shall passe awaye : Mar. 13. d. 

pie, religion pollu r, j-li^ 

ted, so that the D^t my wordes shal not passe awaye. 
woride semed to 35 g^t of that day and houre knoweth no D 

be at an ende. i a i <• i 

man, no not the Angels or heauen, but my 
Father only. 

37 *But as the tymeof Noe was, so like Luk.ll.f. 
wyse shal the comming of the Sonne of 

man be. 

38 *For as in the dayes before the floud, l.Pet.^.c. 
they dyd eat and drinck, mary, and gyue ^^^' ^' "• 
in mariage, euen vnto y day that Noe en- 

tred into the Arke : 

39 And knewe of nothing, tyl the floud » Because of 
came and toke them all away : So shal al- ^^^^ incredu 
so the commyng of the Sonne of man be. 

" Thisteacheth 40 *°Thentwo men shalbe in the fieldes, Luk. \i.g. 
ke''ware?°norre- the One shalbe receaued, and the other ^-thessA.d. 
specting his com- j^^^ refused. 

pagnion, althogh 

he be neuer so de 4 1 Two women shalbe gryndyng at the 

re vnto him. •, 



myl, the one shalbe receaued, and the o- 
ther shalbe refused. 
Mar. 13. d. 42 * Wake therfore, because ye know not 

what houre your master wil come. 
Lnk. 12. a. 43 Of * this be sure, that if the good man 
2thess.b.a. ^^ ^j^g house knewe at what watche the 
thefe woulde come, he would surely 
watch, and not suffre his house to be bro- 
ken vp. 

44 Therfore be ye also ready, for in the 
houre that ye thinke not, wyl the Sonne 
of man come. 

45 Who is a faythfol seruant and wyse, 
whome his master hath made ruler ouer 
his householde, to geue them meat in sea 
son conuenient ? 

46 Happy is that seruant whome his ma- 
ster (whe he cometh) shal fynde so doyng. 

47 Verely I say vnto you, he shal make 
him ruler ouer al his goodes. 

48 But and if that euyl seruant shal say in 
his hart, My master doth deferre his com- 

49 And begyn to smyte his folowes, yea, 
and to eat and to drincke with the dron- 

50 That seruantes master wyl come in a 
day, when he loketh not for him, and in 
an houre that he is not ware of : 

51 And wyl cut hym of, and geue hym 
Chap. 13. f, his portion with hypocrites. * there shal- 
"if 20^ "^ be wepyng, and gnasshyng of teeth. 


By the similitude of the virgins and talets, le 
sus teacheth euery man to follow his vocation, 



next he describeth the last iudgement, and exhor- 
teth all men to charitie. 
a This simiiitu- rriHen the » kingdome of heauen shalbe A 

deteachethvs,that I o . . , . , , , The virgins 

it is not sufficient "^ Ukeneu VntO ten VirgmS : which toke that wait for 

ou'rueTTo'ftt their lampes & went to " mete the bryde- ^^| '^"'i^^- 

low Christe, but grome. " To do him 

that we must con ° . , „ - , r i i j ji honor as the 

tynewe. 2 And hue or them were lolysh, and nue maner was. 

were wyse. 

3 The folyshe toke theyr lampes, but to- 
ke none oyle with them. 

4 But the wise toke oyle in their vessels 
with their lampes. 

5 Whyle the brydegrome taryed, all slo- 
bred and slepte. 

6 And euen at mydnyght, there was a 
crye made : Beholde the bridegrome c6- 
meth, Go out against him. 

7 Then all those virgins arose, & trym- 
med their lampes. 

w''hku°tte''"'haue ^ ^^ y ^°^y^^ ^^y^ to the wyse, '' Geue 

contemned, but it vs of your oyle, for our lampes go out. 

is to late. g g^j^ j .^gg answered, saying, We feare 

least there wil not be ynough for vs and 

' This was spo- you : but '^ go ve rather to them that sel, & 

ke in reproche, be , c i 

cause they made bye for your sclues. 

™^J"'°"'^'o" '" 10 And whyle they went to bye, y bryde- 
grome came : & they that were redie went 
in with him to the wedding, and the gate 
was shut vp. 

1 1 Afterwardes came also the other vir- 
<i I wil not open gins, saying, Master, Master, open to vs. 

youhauefayiedS 12 But he answered, & sayd, Verely I say 

the mydde way. ynto you, I "^ know you not. 

to cotinewe in the 1 3 * Watchc thcrforc : for ye knowe nether B 

Sand do food the day, nor yetthehoure, when the Sone Chap.2-i.d. 

with those graces of man wil COme. mar. 13. d. 

that God hath ge- j^ * e pgr certcynly the kyngdome of hea- -f-"^- ^^■^' 



lien is like as when a man taking his ior- 

ney to a strange countrey, called his ser- 

uantes, & dehuered to them his goodes. 

" Euery taiet 15 And vnto One he gaue fine " talentes, 

deToo^o'Sn to another two, & to another one, to euery 

de. man after his habilitie : & strayght way 


1 6 Then he that had receaued the fine ta 
lentes, went and bestowed them, and gay- 
ned other fyue talentes. 

1 7 Like w^se, he that receaued two, gay- 
ned other two. 

18 But he that receaued that one, went & 
dygged in the earth, & hyd his masters 

1 9 But after a longe season, the Lord of 
those seruantes came, and rekened with 

'20 Then came he that had receaued fine 
talentes, and broght other fiue talen- 
tes saying, Master, thou delyiieredst vnto 
me fyiie talentes : beholde I haue, gayned 
with them fiue talentes mo. 
21 Then his master sayd vnto hym. It is 
wel done good seruant and faithful : Thou 
hast ben faithful in lytle, I wil make thee 
" The master ruler ouer muche : " Entre in, into thy ma- 

receaueth . • 

him into his ^^^^^^ l^Y^- 

house, to gy- 22 Also he that receaued two taletes, ca- 
of his goods nie & sayd, Master thou delyiieredst vn- 
diUes"^"™"" to me two talentes : beholde, I haue wone 
two other talents with them. 
23 And his master sayd vnto him, Wel 
good seruant, and faithJFul. Thou hast ben 
faythful in lytle, I wyl make thee ruler 
ouer muche. Go in, into thy masters ioye. 


24 Then he which had receaued the one 
talent, came and sayd. Master, I conside- 
red that thou wast an hard ma, which rea 
pest where thou sowedst not, and gathe- 
rest where thou strawedst not : 

25 I was therfore afrayd, and went and 
hyd thy talent in the earth : beholde thou 
hast thyne owne. 

26 And his master answered, & sayd vn- 

to him. Thou euil seruant, and " slothfull, " or. lynge- 
Thou knewest that I reap where I sowed 
not, and gather where I strawed not : 

27 Thou oghtest therfore to haue put my 
monye to the exchangers, and then at my 
commyng, should I haue receaued myne 
owne with vantage. 

28 Take therfore the talent from him, & 
geue it vnto him which hath ten talentes. 

29 * For vnto euery man that hath shalbe Chap. 13.6. 
geuen, and he shal haue abundance : and jg '^ '*'' 

f The graces of f from him y hath not, shalbe taken away, mar. 4. c. 
awayfft-ome him euen that he hath. atTw'h' 

that doth not be- 39 And cast that vnprofitable seruat mto ' 

stowe them to ^ ■, ^ ttit o 

Gods giorie & his vttcr darckncsse, there shal be wepyng, & 

neighbours profit, g^asshhlg of teeth. 

31 When the Sonne of man commeth in 
his giorie, and all the holy Angels with 
him, then shal he syt vpon y throne of his 

32 And before hym shalbe gathered all 
nations, and he shal separate them one 
from another, as a shepeherde deuideth 
the shepe from the goates. 

33 And he shal set y shepe on his ryght- 
, ,„ hande, and the goates on the lift. 

" For our salua- ' o 

tion commeth of 34 Tlicn shal the kyng say to them on his 
fauor of to^d """"^ ryght hand. Come ye g blessed of my Fa- 



ther, inherite ye the kingdome prepared 
for you from before the ^ foundations ■■ Hereby God, 
of the world wer layed. Ste wT 

Esai. 58.6. 35 * For * I was an hundred, & ye ffaue me gardes vs before 

ezech 18 a iT>.i ..j j j-i ^^ were borne. 

° • meat. I thursted, andyegaue medrmcke. ^ christe mea- 
I was herbourlesse, and ye lodged me. "riuaUon'^depen' 

36 1 was naked, and ye clothed me. I was deth on our wor- 

r. 7 .,»*>>• 1 J • -i J T • • kes or raerites.but 

Ecelc. i.d. " sicke, and ye visited me. 1 was m pn- teachethwhatitis 
" °'" '°*"°n son, and ye came vnto me. '« 'j."<= if t<=iy ae- 

^ rm 111 • 1 1 • cording to godly- 

37 Then shal the righteous answer him, nes and charitie, 
saying. Lord, when sawe we theeanhun- compenceth'hVof 
gred, and nourished thee ? or a thurst, and his free merde.ii- 

'-' , T ■ 1 1 kewise as he doth 

gaue thee drmcke : elect them. 

38 And whe sawe we thee herbourlesse, & 
lodged thee ? or naked, and clothed thee ? 

39 Or when sawe we thee sycke, or in pry 
son, and came vnto thee ? 

40 And the king shal answer & say vnto 
them, Verely I say vnto you. In as muche, 
as ye haue done it vnto one of the least of 
these my brethren, ye haue done it to me. 

41 Then shal the king say vnto them 
Theaccursed that shalbe OH the lyfte hand, * Departe 
viatth. 7. d from me ye coursed, into euerlastyng fyre 
itik. 13./. whych is prepared for the deuyl and his 
esai. 30. f. Angels. 

42 For I was an hungi-ed, and ye gaue me 
no meat. I thursted, and ye gaue me no 

43 I was herbourlesse, and ye lodged me 
not. I was naked, and ye clothed me not. I 
was, sycke & in priso, & ye visited me not. 

44 Then shal they also answer hym say- 
ing. Sir, when sawe we thee an hungred, 
or a thurst, or herbourlesse, or naked, or 
syck, or in pry son, and dyd not minister 
vnto thee ? 


45 Then shal he answer them, and say, 
Verely I say vnto you, in as much as ye 
dyd it not to one of the least of these, ye 
dyd it not to me. 

forr^onrf" do that '^^ * -^^ thcse •< shal go into euerlastyng jo/m.b. 

which God requi- payuc, & the ryghteous into hfe eternal. 

reth of vs, and not 
folowe mes folishe 


Conspiracie against Christ. He excuseth 
Magdalnee. Thinstitution of the hordes supper. 
The disciples weakenes. The trayson of ludas. 
And because Christ calleth him selfe the Son- 
ne of God, he is iudged worthie to dye. Peter de 
nyeth, and repenteth. •^'"* '^* "• 

ND it came to passe, when lesus A 
had finished all these sayinges, he 
sayd vnto his disciples, 

2 Ye know that within two dayes is Ea- 
ster, and the Sonne of man shalbe deUue- 
red to be crucified. 

3 * Then assembled together the chiei lohn.ll.f. 
Priestes, and the Scribes, and the Elders 

of the people in to the hall of the hye Pri- 
est, called Caiaphas. 

4 And considted how they myght take "The priestes 
lesus by subteltie, and kyl hvm. conspire a- 

,- -r. 1 1 -NT 1 <- gainstChriste 

5 cut they sayd, JNot on the feast day, 
lest any vprore aryse among the people. 

6 * And when lesus was in Bethanie, in Mar. 14. a. 
the house of Simon the leper, '."f ^' "* 

^ XXVI. 7 There came vnto him a woman, which andU. a'. 
what^ccasi'oTiu'l had an alabaster boxe of verie costely p^^^, °j°o^'' 
das toke to com- oyntmcnt, and ^ powred it on his head, as our Sauiour. 

mitt his trayson. . •' i i i 

he sat at the bourd. 
.^'' This was 8 And when his disciples saw that, thev 

through ludas mo i j i . ,. . . -rm , i 

tio to whome they had " mdignation, saying. What neded 

gaue credit, this Waste ? 

9 For 


9 For this ointment myght haue bene 
wel solde, and geuen to the poore. 

10 And lesus knowinge that, sayd vnto 
them. Why trouble ye the woma ? She hath 
wroght a good worke vpon me. 

Deut. 15.6. 11* For ye shal haue the poore alwayes 

with you : but me shal ye not " haue al- ' This fact was 
WayeS. ther was left as an 

1 2 For in that she powred thys oyntment f'ampie to be fo 

J^ . ,. ^ •' lowed : also Chnst 

" To honour on my body, she dyd it to bury me. is not present 

wftha'r^" 13 Verely I say vnto you, Wh^resoeuer rj"l,e" Kre^a 
this Gospel shalbe preached throughout with any outwarde 
cil the world, there shal also this that she ^^' 
hath done, be spoken of for a memorial 

Marc. 13. 6. of her. 

'"ludfscon- 14 * Then one of the twelue called ludas 

spireth with Iscariot, Went vnto the chiefe priestes, 
e pries es. j ^ ^^ sayd. What wil ye geue me and I 
wyl dehuer him vnto you ? And they ap- 
poynted vnto him thyrty '' peeces of syl- . ■* .^"'"T' one 

r / J J tr J m value was about 

Uer. II 1 1, pece halfe 

16 And from that tyme, hesoght opportu j^of^'^-^'*"- 
nitie to betraye hym. 
Exod.\2.d. 17 * Now on the fyrst day of the feast of 
vnleuened bread, the disciples came to 
lesus, saying vnto him. Where wylt thou 
that we prepare for thee to eat the passe- 
ouer ? 

1 8 And he sayd. Go into the citie, to a 
certayne man, and say to hym. The Master 

ha^teto^*'^ sayeth, " my time is at hand. I wyl kepe 
reworthiesa- myne Easter at thv house with my disci- 

crifice. „i„„ 


19 And the disciples dyd as lesus had 
gyuen them charge, and made ready the 

zS2.6.*" Passeouer. 

iohWi.c. 20 * When the euen was come, he sate 



downe with the twelue. 

21 And as they did eat, he sayd, Verely I 
say vnto you, that one of you shal betraye 

22 And they were exceding sorowful, & 
began euery one of them to say vnto him. 

Is it I Master? "Hethatisac 

23 He answered and sayd. He that " dip- custumed to 
peth his hand with me in the dysshe, the daily at the 
same shal betraye me. table. Psai.4i 

his' dUci ies°'^°' ^^ "^^ Sonne of ma goeth ^ as it is*wryt- C 
might knows that ten of him : But wo be to that man, by who f *"'• *^- "• 
rid by Te Trou" the Sonne of man is betrayed. It had bene ' ^" 

dence of God. good for that man, yf he had neuer bene 

25 Then ludas which betrayed hym, ans- The impude- 
wered, & sayd, Is it I Master ? He sayd vnto "'^ °^ '"''*'; 
hym. Thou hast sayd. 

26 * And asthey dyd eat, lesustoke bred P^ Lordes 

J 1111- 1 • Supper 

and gaue thankes, brake it, and gaue it to i. Cor. l i.e. 
' A true signe the disciples, and sayd. Take, eat, ^ this is '"^- 22. b. 

& testimonie that -i j mar. 14. c. 

my bodie is made 1^7 DOQy. 

yours, and by me, 27 And he toke the cup, gaue thankes, & 

yoursoulesshalbe . . -r\ • i 

nourished. gaue it them, saymg, Dnncke ye.euery one 

of it. 
s The wyne si- 28 For this is my § bloude of the newe 
souies are refre- Testament, that is shed for many, for the 

shed and satisfied j-emissioU of SVnneS. 
with the bloude •' 

of Christ, so that 29 I Say vnto vou, I wvl not dryncke hen- ^°^ *"*.' "" 

without him, we r ^i, r t.'u- r ^ r .x^ ■ -it """'<' •'n'oy 

iraue no nouri- ceiorth 01 this irute oi the Vine, vntyl y my com- 
shement. day, whe I shal dryncke it newe with you ^e"mete'toge 

in my Fathers kyngdome. ther in hea- 

30 And when they had soonge a songe of 

thakes geuing, they went out into the hil " shai toume 

f r\y backe and be 

01 UUUeS. discouraged. 

3 1 Then saydlesus vnto them, Al ye shal- Zacha. 13.c. 
be " offended by me this nyght. For it is '}X.'l6.'r/. 
wrytten : I * wyl smyte the shepeherd, and §•. i s. h. 


the shepe of the flocke shalbe scattered 


32 But after I am rysen agayne, I wyl go 

before you into Galile. 
Peter tru- 33 But Peter answered and sayd vnto 
Che"" to Ts liy™' Thogh aU me should be offended by 
ownestrength thee, yet would I neuer be offended. 

34 lesus sayd vnto him, Verely I say vn- 
to thee, that this same nyght, before the 
cocke crowe, thou shalt deny me thryse. 

35 Peter sayd \Tito him, Thogh I should 
dye with thee, yet would I not deny thee. 

jy Lykewise also, sayd all the disciples. 
Mare U.d. 36 * Then went lesus with them into a pla 
luk. 22. d. ce which is called Gethsemane, & sayeth 

vnto his disciples, Syt ye here, whyle I go 

and pray yonder. 

37 And he toke with hym Peter, and the 
two soimes of Zebede, and began to waxe 

sorowful, ^ and greuously troubled. >■ He feared 

38 Then sayd lesus vnto them, my soule is seVe.buurembied 
"Forhesawe verie heauv euen vnto the " death : Tary ye ^°^ f^are of Gods 

Gods anere i t i ■ i angertowardesyn- 

kindeled to bere, and watche with me. ne,theburdenwher 

wardes vs. 39 And he went a lytle aparte, & fel flat °^kel'"""'' ^°'"°" 
on his face, and prayed, saying, O my fa- 

"Theangreof ther, vf it be possible, let this " cup ' passe ' He knewe 
God for mas r -^ _^vi 4. Tii-i. ^^" "'"^'^ "'^ '^- 

synnes. from me, neuertheleSSe, not as 1 WVi, but ther had determi 

as thou wilt. ' """^^ ^""^ '^'■^''""^ 

""■"■ _ _ was ready to obey, 

40 And he came vnto the disciples, and but he prayeth as 
found the a slepe, & sayd to Peter, What, their Troubles" ' 
could ye not watch with me one houre ? without respect of 

-TIT en- thetemallcounsell 

41 Watch, and pray, that ye fail not mto of God. 
" We moste tentation. For the " spirit is wyUing, but 

continuaUy . i « i • i j a 

fight against the fieshe IS weake. 

the fleshe. 42 He went awaye once agayne & pray- 
ed, saying, O my father, yf this cup can 
not passe away from me, but that I drinc- 
ke it, thy wyl be fuKylled. 


43 And he came, and found them a slepe 
agayne. For their eyes were heauy. 

44 And he left them and went agayne, & 
prayed the thyrd tyme, saymg the same 

45 Then came he to his disciples & sayd 
>< He speaketh ynto them, ^ Slepe henceforth, and take 

sense.meanigthey your rcst. Beholdc the houTc is at hand, 
weli'^waken "^ ^"^ ^"^ *^^ Sonne of man is betrayed into the 
handes of synners. 
' Christe dyed 46 • Ryge, let vs be govng : beholdc, he E 

willingly, and ther . .ij.i.i. X 

forepresentedhim IS at hand that betraycth me, 

seife to his enne. 47 * "WTiyle he yet Spake, lo, ludas one of Mar. U. c. 
the twelue came, and with hym a great {"*• ~^' A 
multitude with swordes and staues, sent 
from the Priestes & Elders of the people. 

48 And he that betrayed hym, had ge- 
uen a token, saying, Whomsoeuer I shal 
kisse, that same is he, lay handes on him. 

49 And forthwith he came to lesus, and 

sayd, " God saue thee Maister : & kyssed "Orrest thee 

•1 mery. 

aym. ludas kisse. 

" He rebuketh 50 And lesus sayd vnto hym, "" Friend, 
vnder the cioke whcrforc art thou come ? Then came they, ^s^h^^hardi- 
desMp'pe^^'^'^''^" ^^^ ^^J^ handes on lesus and toke hym. nes. 

51 And beholde, one of them whych 
were with lesus, stretched out hys hande 
and drue hys sworde, and stroke a ser- 
uate of f hye Prieste, & smote of hys eare. 

52 Then sayd lesus vnto hym : Put vp thy 
sworde into his sheathe. * For all that Gen. 9. a. 

» The exerci- laye " hand on the sworde, shal perishe w ^^f ' *?a ") 

sing of the sworde •' , ' f lonn, le. b. . 

is forbyd to pri- the SWOrdC. 

Its^h": wouTdha- 53 Eyther thynkest thou, that I can not . guery legi- 

ue hindered by his nOW praV tO mv father, and he shal greue onconteyned 
vndiscret Zeale /i ^ i /n ■ r a n 2 communly 

the worke of God. Hie mo then twelue Liegions oi Angellsi^ cooo. footme 
54 But how then should the Scriptures ^^J^^- ^°'- 



Esai. 53. c. be fulfilled * which say, that it must be so ? 
55 Thesametyme saydlesus tothe multi 
tude. Ye be come out as it were against a 
thefe, with swordes, & staues, for to take 
me. I sate dayly teaching in the temple 
among you, and ye toke me not. 

Lame7iA.d. 56 But all this was done, that the * Scrip- 

matt.20.d. t^^ ^f ^Yie Prophets might be fulfilled. 

Mar.]4.f. *Then all the disciples forsoke hym, and 

57 And they toke lesus, and led him to 
Caiaphas the hye Priest, where the Scri- 
bes and the Elders were assembled. 
F 58 And Peter folowed hym a farre of, 
vnto the hye Priestes place, and went in, 
& sate with the seruantes to see the ende. 

59 Now the chief e Priestes & the Elders, 

and aU the whole Covmsel, ° soght false " He deciareth 

• , r e , ^ ^ • . "OW lesus was 

witnes agamst lesus, tor to put him to wrogfuiiyaccused, 

death *° thende that we 

may knowe his in- 

60 And they founde none : Insomuche, nocende. 
that when many false witnesses came, yet 

" Which cou- found they " none. At the last, came two 

witnesSinst ^^Ise witnesses, 

hjm- 61 And sayd, This felow sayd, * I can de- 

ses. stroy the temple of God, and buylde it in 

Iohn. 2. c. three dayes. 

62 And the chiefe Priest arose, and sayd 
to him, Answerest thou nothing ? What is 

thee^by'th". ^^^ Hiattcr that thcse men witnes against 

nealleagean- thee ? 

«!^^ towards gg g^^ jgg^g p j^g^^g j^g pg^^g ^^ ^Yie P Christe dyd 

fe£eth ' that ^^^^^^ PHcst answered, and sayd to him, refportes.rndmo*- 
he is the Son. I " charge thee in the name of the liuyng [hCT"''\o*'d'lfende 
r/inn ^^\^ Crod, that thou tel vs, whyther thou be his cause, but to 

TomAii " Christe the Sonne of God. suffercondemnat,. 

1 . thes. 4. d. 64 * lesus said to him, thouhast said it. Ne- 



uerthelesse, I say vnto you, hereafter shal 
ye see the Sone of ma, sittyng at the right 
hand of the myghtie God & come in the 
cloudes of the skye. q 

65 Then the hye Priest rent his " clothes, " This was o 
1 The ennemi- saying. He hath 1 blasphemed : What nede "wne traditu 

true confessfon ^ we of any mo wytnesses ? Beholde, now ye ^^^ hLrA7- 

hlasphemie. haue heard his blasphemie, ny Israelite 

66 What tWnke ye ? They answered, and ^^^'p^'*''"^- 
said. He is worthy to dye, 

67 * Then spat they in his face, and buffe- Esai.bO. b. 
ted hym. And " other smote hym -^ their "The officers 

-' •' smite Chnst 

roddes, with their 

hi^ShTsS ^\ ^ T"- ' ^T^^t '" ^' ^^"''' ^' ^^'™- "' 

that he might not IS he that smote thee t 

seme to be a Pro- gg * pg^gj. g^tg without in the hall. And a Mar. 14. g. 

phet, and so to • rm i luk 90 f 

toumethe peoples mavde Came to hym saymg. Thou also ' , * ,": J' 

myndes frome \ ..,^ t n ^■^ tohn.lQ.C. 

him. wast with lesus oi (jame. 

70 But he denied before them all, say- 
ing, I wot not what thou sayst. 

7 1 And when he went out into the por- 
che, another mayde sawe him, & sayd vn- 
to them that were there. This felow was 
also with lesus of Nazaret. 

» An example 72 And ^ agayne he denyed wyth an o- 

of our mflrmitie • t i 1 

that we may lear- the. Saying, 1 knowc not the man. 
p^n^GoHndVo-t 73 And after a whyle, came vnto him 
put our trust in they that stode by, and sayd vnto Peter, 

Surely thou art euen one of them, for thy 

speache bewrayeth thee. 

74 Then began he to curse him selfe and 
to sweare, saying, I know not the ma. And 
immediately the cocke crewe. 

75 And Peter remembred the wordes of 
lesu, which sayd vnto him, Before the coc- 

* He was lyue- Jj^e crowc, thou shalt deny me thryse, and 

ly touched with , , . v /.. 1 

repentance. weut out, and * wept byttcrly. 




Christe is deliuered vnto Pilate. ludas han- 
geth him selfe. Christe is prononced innocent 8f 
yet condemned, and crucified among theeues. 
He dyeth, and is buried. Vvatchmen kepe the 

Mar. 15. a. T7"*V]ien the momjmge was come, all 

thl^^'c *^^ ^^^^ Priestes, and the Elders of 

* the people tooke counsel agaynst lesus, 

to put hym to death. 

"Fortheyhad 2 And broffht him bound, & " deliuered 

no autontie . ° . -_ 

to condemne him vnto rontius rilatc the Ueputie. 
him. 2 Then whe ludas whych betrayed hym, 

"Oueriatere- sawe that he was condemned, " he repen- 
geTh'to d'es." ted hym seH, and broght agame the thir- 
paire. ty peeces of syluer to the chief Priestes & 


4 Saying, I haue * synned betraying the » Aithogh he 

.11 1 A 1 ,1 J -xiL-ri A. ■ abhorre his synne 

innocent bloud. And they sayd. What is yet is he not dis- 
"Thesehypo- that to vs } " See thou to that. t'^f'f -"'f^T.'^' 

elites, lays ^ . i , .^ i ..v i • ''"'^ dispiteth God 

the whole 5 And he cast downe the syluer peeces in and grudgeth a- 
lu'd^s^''"" the temple, and departed, and went * & ^'*'"'"'™- 
Actes. 1. c. hanged him self. 

6 And the chiefe Priestes toke the syl- 
uer peeces, and sayd. It is not ^ lawful for '' The hypocri 

, ^ .^ • l ii ^ 1, tes are full of con- 

vs to put them into the treasure, because sciencein a matter 
it is the price of bloude. of nothing, but to 

r 1 o 1 1 -1 shede innocent 

7 And they toke counsel, & boght with bloude they make 

Thefieideof them a potters fielde, to burv " strangers "o*'"^'*' '*• 

bloude. , ^ .. o 

" For the le- m. 

r^^eat^offln- § Wherfore, that fielde is called the fl- 
ee to be bu- elde of bloude, vntyl this day. 
same place ^ 9 (Then was fulfyUed that which was 
thatthestran- gpoken bv leremic the Prophet, saying, 

gerswere. J^ -' •■ i 

Zach. U.c. And they toke thirty syluer peeces, the 
price of him that was valued, whome they 
boght of the chyldren of Israel. 


10 And they gaue them for the potters 
fielde, as the Lord appointed me.) b 

1 1 * And lesus stode before the Deputie, & Mar. 15. a. 
the Deputie asked him, saying, Art thou ^-"^^ jg°V 
the kyng of the lewes ? lesus sayd vnto 

hym, Thou sayest so. 

12 And when he was accused of the chief 
Priestes, and Elders, he answered no- 

13 Then sayd Pilate vnto him, Hearest 
thow not how many thinges they laye a- 
gainst thee? 

14 And he aswered him to neuer a worde 
in so much, that the Deputie merueyled 

15 And at that feast, the Deputie was 

wont to dehuer vnto the people a " prv- ''i'. ^asatra- 

, , 111- dition of the 

soner, whom they would desire. lewes to de- 

16 They had then a notable prisoner, cal- "^"t^^ate." 
led Barabbas. 

17 * When they were then gathered toge- Mar.\b.a. 
ther, PDate sayd vnto them. Whether wyl '''^"- '®- "' 
ye that I geue loose vnto you, Barabbas, 

or lesus which is called Christe .'' 

1 8 For he knewe wel, that for enuie they 
had dehuered him. 

1 9 When he was set downe to geue iud- 
« This was to gement, his wyfe Sent to hym, sa5ang,^Ha- 

demnaUon'^of'^Pi- ^^ thou nothing to do with that iuste ma. 
late whome nei- ^oY I hauc Suffered many thynffes thys 

ther his owne kno- ,. , , V-i- 

lage could teache, day m my dreame by reason of him. 

Xrs'^T" de- 20 *But the chiefe Priestes and the El- a. 

fendeChristsinno- ders, had persuaded the people, that they ^-"^^ jg*^' 

shulde aske Barabbas, and shulde de- acte.x c. 

stroy lesus. 

21 Then the Deputie answered, and sayd 



C vnto them. Whether of the twayne wil ye 
that I let loose vnto you ? And they sayd, 
"The commo " Barabbas. 

ferre the w?c" 22 Pilate sayd vnto them, What shal I do 
ked to the ^^en with lesus which is called Christe ? 

nghtuous 1 • T 1 • 1 • i> 

They aU sayd to him, Let him be crucifi- 

23 Then sayd the Deputie, What euyl 
hath he done ? And they cried the more, 
saying. Let him be crucified. 

24 When Pilate sawe that he preuayled 
nothing, but that more busines was made, 
he toke water and wasshed hys handes 
before the people, saying, I am innocent 

of the bloud of thys ^ iuste person, take f F'l'ite bea- 

•' '■ reth witnes that 

heed what ye do. he is innocent, be- 

25 Then answered aU the people, and ^^^ ^^ '^"^«"^°« 
sayd. His ^ bloud be on vs, & on our chyl- = Yf his death 

J be not lawful!, let 

uren. the punishement 

26 Then let he Barabbas loose vnto them faiionour heades 


and scourged lesus, and dehuered hym 

to be crucified. 
Mar. 15. b. 27 * Then the souldeours of the Deputie, 
'"a Tq ^ **^^^ lesus into the common hall, and 
' gathered about him all the bande of their 


28 And they stripped him, and put about 
" To deride him a " purple robe. 
h'e"2aued him 29 And platted a crowne of thomes, and 
seife a king, put vpon his head, and a rede in his ryght 

hande : & bowed their knees before hym, 

and mocked hym, sajdng, God saue thee 

kyng of the lewes. 

30 And spitted vpon hym, and toke a re- 
de, and smote hym on the head. 
D 31 And when they had mocked him, they 

toke the robe from hjon, and put his owne 
g. iii. 


rayment on hym, and led hym away to 
crucifie hym. 

32 * And as they came out, they founde a Mar. ib.b. 
man of Cyren, named Simon : him they '"*• ^^- ^• 
compelled to beare lesus crosse. 

33 * And when they came vnto the place M. 19. c 
called Golgotha (that is to say, The place 

of dead mens ScuUes :) 
ntwasakynde 34 They gaue him *^ vineger to drincke, 
penthevajTies^and mcngled with gall, and when he had ta- 
so to hasten his g^g^ therof, he would not dryncke. 

death, which was .„-',,. ^, 

geuehimvponthe 35 Wnen they had crucmed mm, they 
crosse. parted his garmentes and did cast lottes : 

to fulfyl that which was spoken by the 

Prophet. * They deuided my garmentes Psal. 22. b. 

among them, and vpon my vesture dyd mar. lb. c. 

cast lottes. 

36 And they sate and watched hym there. 

37 And they set vp ouer his head, the 

g The maner cause of his death written, S THIS IS IE- 
l'wrHrng°trsr/-SVS THE KYNG OF THE IEWES._ 

nifie wherfore a 38 * And there were two theeues crucified mar. 15. c. 

manwas executed: ..i i • .i i ^ i j o luke '>!i r 

but here God gou- With him, one OH the ryght hand, & ano- '^•'■' 

uerned Pilates ther OH the lyft. 
hand to write o- . i i i 

therwise then he 39 And they that passed by, reuyled hjon, 
°^ *■ waggyng theyr heades : 

40 And saying, * Thou that destroyest the lohn. 2. c. 
teple, and buyldest it in three dayes, saue 

thy selfe, If thou be the Sonne of God, co- 
me downe from the crosse. 

41 Likewyse also the hye Priestes moc- 
kjTig him, with the Scribes, Elders, and 
Pharises, sayd, 

42 He saued other, and can not saue hym 
selfe : If he be the king of Israel, let hym 
now come downe from the crosse, and we 
wil beleue him, 

43 He 


Psal. 21. b. 43 * He '' trusteth in God, let him deliuer ''This was agre- 

wisd '^ c •/• -11 // 1 ■ 1 at tentation, to go 

"Meanrn" by him now, if he wil hauc mm : For he sayd, about to take fro- 

of the thee- 44 Tliat Same also the"theues which were i"""?^'' ^im to de 
"^of lewrie crucified with him cast in his teeth, 
and the coun 45 From the ' syxt hom^e, was there dare- ■ That was fro 
bmit.' "^ ^' kenes ouer all the " lande, vnto the n)Tith JJf'^the docL! '"^^^ 

46 And aboute y nynth hom-e, lesus cry- 
Mar. 25. c. ed with a loude voyce, saying, * Eh, Eh, la 

psal. 21 . a. masabacthani } that is to say,'' My God, my '■ Not witiistan 
F God, why hast thou forsaken me ? le'tif hinfseife as it 

47 And some of them that stode there, werewoundedwith 

1 mi • 1 Gods wrathc & for 

when they heard that, sayd, 1ms man cal- saken for oursyn 

"They moc- IpfVi fn^ " F.lia'* nes : yet he ceaseth 

ked at Chri- -CjUdfe. „Qt ^^ p^ j,ij. ^g,, 

stesprayer,as 48 And Stray ght way one of them ran, & fidence in God, & 

Invi's^l"'"' toke a sponge, and filled it ful of vhieger, '=^'^p°°'>™- 
" or, hyssope and put it on a " rede, and gaue him to 

stalke. lohn. drincke. 

49 Other sayd. Let be, let vs see whether 
EUas wyl come and dehuer him. 

50 And lesus cryed agayne with a loude 

voyce, and yelded vp the ' gost. ' Voiuntareiy, af 

1 . Cor. 3. c. 51 And beholde, * the "' vayle of the tem- '^;^ 'j.^'j^^/in^Iil 
pie dyd rent in twavne, from the top to thinges. 
the bottome : and the earth did quake, & ed an ende of aii 
the stones dyd rent, ^^^ ceremonies of 

-' the lawe. 

52 And graues dyd open, and many bo- 
dies of the sainctes wliich slept, arose, 

53 And came out of the graues after his 
" lerusaiem. resurrection, and came into the " holy Ci- 

tie, and appeared vnto many. 

54 When the Centurion, and they that 

were with him watchvne: lesus, sawe the -Thisiudgcinct 

, 1 1 T • I'll of an heathe man 

earthquake, and those thmges which hap was sufficient to 
pened, they feared greatly, saying. Of a su ru^of IhTre! 
rety, " this was the Sonne of God. wes. 



55 And many women were there, behol- 
dyng him a farre of, which folowed lesus 
from Galile, ministring vnto hym. 

56 Among which was Marie Magdalene, 
and Marie the mother of lames and lo- 
ses, and the mother of Zebedes sonnes. 

57 * Wlien the euen was come, there ca- G 

° And was so me a ° riche man of Arimathea, named lo ^"''•.l^''^' 

muche the more ic iini t j- ■ ^ lufc.JS.g. 

in clanger by de- SCph, W man alSO had Dene lesus disciple. iohn.\9.g. 

to^e^e^siiTditd. 58 He went to Pilate, and asked the bo- 
pie. dy of lesus. Then Pilate commanded the 

body to be deliuered. 
59 And loseph toke the body, and wrap- 
ped it in a cleane l)Tinen cloth : 
pChrists burying 60 And put it in his newePtombe, which 

doth so muclie mo iiii ,• i ini 

re verifie his de- he had hcwcn out lu a rocke, and rolled a 
ath & resurrectio. great stone to the dore of the sepulchre, 
and departed. 

61 And there was Marie Magdalene, and 
the other Marie sytting ouer against the 

62 The next day that folowed, the day of 
the"Preparati6 of the Sabbath, thehjePrie " which was 
stes, & Pharises gat them selues to Pilate, re" the s'abi 

63 And sayd, Syr, we remember, that this •'^th. 
deceauer sayd, whyle he was yet alyue. 
With in three dayes I wyl ryse. 

64 Commande therfore, that the sepul- 
chre be made sure vntyl y thyrd day, lest 
peradueture his disciples come, and stea- 
le hym away, & say vnto the people. He 
is rysen from the dead, & the last errour, 

1 The more that shalbe worse then the fyrst. 
subdue christes 65 PUate sayd vnto them. Ye haue wat- 
P""''''' }^'^ "}°\'^ che men : Go and make it as sure as ve can. 

shewe they their . i i j j i i 

owne malice, and 66 And they Went, and made the sepul- 
LTueTtheUarr chre ^ sure ^ a watche, & sealed f stone. 

condemnation. THE 



The resurrection of Christe. The hye Priestes 
bribe the souldiers. Christ appeareth to his di- 
sciples, and sendeth them forth to preache, and 
to baptize. Promessing to them continual assi- 
A A Bout y later ende of the ^ Sabbath day, ^ Here the Eua- 
Mar. 16.6. ix. -when the first day of the weeke began fhe"''nati^rardly 
inh»9<)''r to dawne, Marie Magdalene, & the other ^^"""^ 'J^^' J""°e 

tonu ju. '■• - . ° . . rysmg, to his n- 

Marie came to see the sepulchre. sing agavne, & not 

2 And beholde, there was a great earth- ^hkh beTan^'to 
quake. For the ^ Angel of y Lord descen- cou°t at the first 
ded from heauen, and came & roUed ba- sunne sett. 

ke the stone fro the dore, and sate vpon it. ^^^ butltlsama 

3 His countenance was lyke lyghtnyng, ner of speeche to 

J 1 • i 1 _A vse the singuler 

and his rayment whyte as snowe. nober for the piu- 

The watcbe- 4 And for fearc of hym, the kepers were rai.andcontrarie. 

men were af- i 1 

frayed. astonyed, and became as dead men. 

5 But the Angel answered, and sayd to 
the women, Feare ye not, for I know that 
ye seke lesus which was crucified : 

6 He is not here, for he is rysen, as he sa- 
yd : come, see the place where y Lord was 

B 7 And go quickly, and tel his disciples y 

he his rysen from death : And beholde he 

goeth before you into Gahle, there ye 

"Heassureth shal see him. " lo, I haue told you. 

them that it g j^^^ ^j^^^ departed quickly from the se 

pulchre, with feare & great " ioye, & did ^[J''^,\'h''^/el?e 
runne to brynge his disciples worde. both because of 

9 And as they went to tel his disciples : ce!^& afsoX7that 
Beholde, lesus met them, saying, God sa- they were not assu 
ue you. And they came, & helde his feete 

and worshypped him. 

10 The sayd les' vnto the. Be not afiraied. 
Go & tel my brethren, y they go into Ga- 


lile, and there shal they see me. 

1 1 When they were gone, beholde, some C 
of the kepers came into the citie, and she- 
wed Aoito the hye Priestes all the thinges | 
that were happened. 

12 And they gathered them together w 
the Elders, and toke counsel, & gaue lar- 
ge mony vnto the souldiers, 

1 3 Saymg, Say that his disciples came by 
nyght, & stole hym away whyle we slept. 

14 And if this come before the Gouuer- 
nour, we wyl pacifie him, & saue you har- 

15 And they toke the monye, and dyd as 
<! An extreme they Were taught. And this ^ saying, is noy 

vengeance of God j iir ^^i-i 

wheriiy the lewes sed amoug the Icwcs vnto ttus day. 
dened^'"""'^''''" ^^ "^^^ *^^ ^^^^^ disciples went away in D 

to Galile, into a mountayne, where lesus 

had appointed them. 

17 And when they sawe him, they wor- 
shipped him : bat some douted. 

1 8 And lesus came and spake vnto them, 
sajdng, * All power is geuen vnto me in Hebr. i . b. 
heauen, and in earth. ehap.u.d. 

19 * Go therfore and teache all nations, Mar.w.c 
baptizing them in the Name of the Fa- 
ther, and the Sonne, and the holy Gost. 

20 Teaching them to obserue all thyn- 
<■ Men may not ges, whatsoeuer I *^ commanded you. And 

doctrfnel'butwiiTt ^0, * I am with you alway, euen vntyl the Mn. 14. 6. 
soeuerc'hrist hath " eude of the worldc. " ^y P"**'"'' 

taughi the, for he grace, & ver- 

reserueth this au- THE tue of the ho 

toritie to him sel- ly Gost. 




by sainct Marke. 


The office, doctrine, and life of lohn the 
Baptist. Christ is baptized and tempted, he pre 
acheth, and calleth the fishers, Christe healeth 
the man wyth the vncleane sjnrite helpeth Pe- 
ters mother in lawe, clenseth the leper, and hea 
leth diuers others. 

Malac.3. a. 

''^<^ IV-/T. HE '^ BEGYN- » Christe begyii 

„,~,~ r iV, neth the Gospel 

nyng of the by the preaching 

Gospel of les' °f '"^" Baptlste. 

if Christe, the 
Sonne of God. 
2 As it is writte 
in the Pro- 
phetes,* Behold 
I send my 
"messenger be- 

In Greke, fore thy face, w shal prepare thy way 

Angel, or am !,„/? ^1- *^ J J 

bassador. Deiore thee. 


3 * The voyce of one criyng in the wilder Esa 40. «. 
>> Take awaye ^gs is, ^ Prepare the wave of y Lord, ma- f t"- ^- '^■ 

all lettes which , , . , ^ -, ■' '"«• 3. a. 

might hinder him ke his pathes Strayght. matth.S.a. 

to come to you. 4 * j^^^j^ ^^^ baptize in the wyldernes, & ^^^^ bapti- 
' He dyd both c preache the Baptisme of amendemet of Mat. 3. a. 

Baptize and prea- ,.!; r .^ • ■ c 

che, but preached hfc, for the remission ot synnes. 

first, and after ba- 5 p^^^ ^^ ^^i^ ^^^^^ of l^xiQ, and they of 
ptized, as appea- •' 

reth by Mat.3.a,so Jerusalem, went out vnto hym, and were 
refnuene^which aU baptized of hym in the ryuer lordan, 
thinge is common confessing their synnes. 
m e cnp ures. ^ ^^ \o}m was clothed with camels he- 
are, and with a gyrdel of askyn about his 

lovnes. And he did eat * locustes & wvlde Leui. 11. d. 
1 -^ " Mat. 3. c. 

i^o^^y- iuk.s.c. 

7 And * preached, saying, A stronger the iolm. i. d. 

I Cometh after me, whose shoes latchet I 
am not worthy to stoup downe, & vnlose. g 

8 Trueth it is, I haue * baptized you with Act.\.a.2.a, 
d He deciareth d ^^tcr, but he shal baptize you with the '^•'^- '^•"• 

how he is but the ■, ■> r^ . 

minister of the out hoiy (jrOSt. 

ward signe, and g * ^ ^J J^ ^ -^^ ^J^^gg ^ayes, V Mat. 3. d. 

that It is lesus c _ • Ii k "i d 

Christ that geueth lesus Came from Nazaret a citie of Gali- .' " , 

the force &vertue. i j ii.-jrTi-Tj * ' ^" 

le : and was baptized or lohn in lordan. 
10 And assone as " he was come out of y " lesus 
water, John saw heauen " cleafte, in twai- " O"- open. 
ne, and y holy Gost descendyng vpon him ne for the c5 

lyke a doue. firmation of 

II And there came a voyce from heauen. that stode 
' The father bea Thou art my dcarc ^ Sonne in whom I de- ^'' 

reth witnes that i . 
Christ is the verie v 

Sonne of God. 12 * And immediatly the " Spirite drie- Mat.'i.a. 
ueth him sodenly into wyldernes. f,"^h hi 

13 And he was there in the wyldernes Gost. 
' Christ wouide forty daycs, and was ^ tempted of Satan : 

be tempted to per -i i •,■, ,i i j i , ^ e 

suade vs that he he was also With the wylde beastes, and y 
wiiheipe the that Angels ministrcd vnto him. 

be tempted. Heb. , ° . . ^ r. t i . , 

2. d. 14 And after lohn was committed to M. 4. /. 


BY S. MARKE. 55 

prison, lesus came into Galile, preaching 
the Gospel of the s kyngdome of God, e By the which 
15 And saying. The tyme is fulfilled, and ie°&''ray^e'ouer 
the kyngdome of God is at hand. Amen- ^i'- 
de yom" hues, and beleue the Gospel. 
Lull. b.a. 1 6 * As he walked by the sea of Galile, he 
drew" ^ ^°" ^^'^^ Simon, and Andrew his brother, ca- 
sting a nette into the sea, (for they were 

17 And les' sayd vnto them, Foloweme, 
and I wyl make you to be '' fyshers of me. *" To drawe the 
C 1 8 And streight way, they forsoke their ^'^^^ ^^ 
nettes, and folowed him. 

19 And whe he had gone a lytle further 
lames and thence, he saw lames the sonne of Zebede, 
lohn. g^j^jj lohn his brother, euen as they were in 

the shyppe mendyng their nettes. 

20 And anone he called them : and they 
left their father Zebede in the shyp w his 
hyred seruantes, and went their way af- 
ter him. 

21 And they entred into Capernaum, & 
streight way on the Sabbath daye, he en- 
tred into the Synagoge and taught. 

22 And they marueled at his learning : 
Mat. 7. d. * For he taught them as one that had pow 

"'■''■ er, and ' not as the Scribes. > whose doctri- 

23 And there was in their Synagoge a ma "othing *'^sauored 
vexed w^ an vncleane spirite, & he cried, the spirite. 

24 Saying, Ah, what haue we to do with 
thee, thou lesus of Nazaret ? Art thou 
come to destroy vs ? I knowe thee what 

Exod. 28./. thou art, euen that * holy one of God. 

25 And lesus rebuked him, saying, •'Hold i< Christ woide 

. • - r ^ ■ ""t sugVe the fa- 

tny peace, and come out oi mm. ther of lyes to be- 

26 And the vncleane spirite tare him, & ^^^e^^'.'"^' '° '''* 
cried with a loude voyce, and came out 


of hym. 

27 And they were al amased, in so muche 
that they demanded one of another, say- 

• They referre ing, What thing is this ? What ' new do- 
the kynd of doctri ctrine is this ? For he commandeth the fou 
at'itasa*new'^"^d ^^ spirites with power, and they obey 

strange thing. Mm. 

28 And uTimediately his fame spred abro 
de, throughout all the region borderyng 
on Galile. 

29 * And forthwith, assone as they were Mat.s.h. j 
come out of the Synagoge they entred in- ^"*-4-/- 
to the house of Simon and Andrew, with 
lames and lohn. 

30 And Simons "mother in lawe, laye syc " His wiues 
ke of a feuer : and anone they tolde him ™°*^''- 

of her. 

31 And he came and toke her by the had, 
and lyft her vp, and the feuer forsoke 
her by and by, and she ministred vnto 

32 And at euen when the simne was dow- 
ne, they broght to hjrm all that were di- 
seased, and them that were possessed with 

33 And all the citie gathered together 
at the dore. ^ 

34 And he healed many that were sycke 
of diuers diseases. And he cast out many 

■» Christ wouide dcuyls, and '" suffired not the deuyles to 

tnesses"'to"trri: " ^pcakc, bccaUSC they knewe him. " Saye, that 

che him and his 35 And in the momyng very early, befo- ^^^^ ^^^^^ 
was''offend°ed that re dayc Icsus arosc and went out into a so 
'u" 1 Py'';°I"'^s^ htarie place, and there prayed. 

should testifie of ^ i i i 

him. Act. 16. d. 36 And Sunon, and they that were with 
him folowed after him. 
37 And when they had founde him, they 


BY S. MARKE. 56 

sayd vnto him, All men seke for thee. 

38 And he sayd vnto them. Let vs go into 
the next townes, that I may preache there 
also : for I came out for that pm^ose. 

39 And he preached in their SjTiagoges, 
throughout all Gralile, and cast the de- 
uyls out. 

Mat.S.a. 40 * And there came a leper to him : bese 
hik.b.c. chyng hym, and kneled downe vnto hym, 

and sayd to hym. If thou wylt, thou canst 

make me cleane. 

41 And lesus had compassion on hym, & 

put forth his hand, touched him, and sayd 

to him, I wyl. Be thou cleane. 
The leper 42 And assone as he had spoken, imme- 
eaied. diately the leprosy departed from him, & 

he was made cleane. 

43 And after he had geuen hym a strayt 

° comandement, he sent hym away forth- " Forbyddig him 

. -^ -^ to tel any man, be 

With. cause as yet his ty 

44 And sayd \nio him. See thou say no- 
thyng to any man, but get thee hence, and 

iem. 14.«. shewe thy selfe, to the* "Prieste, and offer 
to'^thtT Prfe^st ^°^ ^^ clensjTig those thinges which Mo 
to knowe if a ses Commanded, for a ° testimonial vn- ° "^"^ l^^^ *^' 

man were he- , , i maner of excuse 

aled of the to tUCm. frome them,and to 

leprosie. 45 But he assone as he was departed, be- •"^''aSe.''"'""' 

gan to tel many thinges, and to pubhshe 
"The preasse the dede, insomuche that lesus " covdde no 

was so great, ' . .... 

that he should morc Openly entre mto the citie, but was 
thronged^ to without in desert places. And they came 
death, chap, to hym from euery quarter. 


He healeh the man of the palsey, cal- 
leth Leui the customer, eateth wyth open syn- 
nets, and excuseth hys disciples, as touching 

me was not com- 
me to be knowen. 


fasting, and keping the holy day. 
A Fter a fewe dayes, he entred into Ca- A 
-^pernaum agayn, & it was noysed that ^f'^^'J^' 
he was in the " house. " where he 

2 And anone, many gathered together, ^^^^^^^ ^ 
insomuch, that now there was no rowme 

to receaue them, no, not so much as about 
the dore. And he preached the worde vn- 
to them. 

3 And there came vnto him, that broght 
one sycke of the palsey, borne of foure 

4 And because they coulde not come 
nye vnto hym for prease, they vncouered 
the rofe of the house where he was. And 
when they had broken it open, they let 
downe the bed, wherin the sycke of the 
palsey laye. 

5 When lesus saw theyr fayth, he sayd to 
a By these wor- the sick of v palscy, Sone thy * synnes are 

des Christ shewed ^ tu 

that he was sent forgeuen thee. 

of his father with g j^^ there wcre certayne of the Scri- 

autoritie to take ■' • .i • 

awaye our synnes. bcs, syttyng there, & reasonjmg m tneir 
hartes, B 

7 Why doth this felow so blaspheme? * ^'^g'"- 
Who can forgeue synnes, but God onely ? 

8 And immediately when lesus percea- 
ued in hys spirite, that thus they thoght 

b Christ spea- with them selues, he sayd vnto them, 
keth according to "Wliv rcasou ve these thinffes in your har- 

their capacitie, •' •' a j 

who were so blyn- tCS l 

bei*ue*''nolhing 9 ^ Whether is it easyer to say to the sic- 
hut that which ke of the palsey, Thy sinnes are forgeuen 
ir^-es^^a^d ther- thee : or to say, Aryse, take vp thy bed, & 

fore sheweth his -y^g^l^J^g 

autoritie ouer the » ' i i i i i o 

souie,bythe power 10 And that yc may know, that the oonne 
uer the bodTe.'' "" of man hath power in earth to forgeue 


BY S. MARKE. 57 

sinnes, he spake vnto the sicke of the pal- 

Ill say vnto thee, Arise and take vp thy 
bed, and get thee hence into thine owne 

12 And by and by he arose, toke vp his 
Theirowneco bed, and went forth before them all : in- 
se them to somuche, that they were all amased, and 
tmeth^'' *^ glorified God, saying, We neuer sawe su- 

che a thinge. 
^"'' ^- "• 1 3 * Then he went agayne vnto the sea, and 
aU the people resorted vnto him, and he 
taught them. 
caiw*^" 14 And as lesus passed by, he sawe " Leui 
the Sonne of Alpheus syt at the receyte of 
custome, and sayd vnto him, Folowe me. 
And he arose and folowed hym. 
15 And it came to passe, as lesus sate at 
meat in his house, many pubhcans and 
synners sate at meat also with lesus, and 
his disciples : for there were many that fo- 
lowed him. 
C 1 6 And when the Scribes and Pharises 
saw him eat with pubhcans and sjomers, 
they sayd vnto his disciples, How is it, y 
he eateth & drincketh with Pubhcans & 
synners ? 

1 7 And whe lesus heard that, he sayd vn 

to the. The whole haue no nede of the phi- 

1 . Tim. I.e. sition, but the sycke. * I came not to call y 

'^ ryghteous, but the synners to repen- .uehelpersutdl 

tance. them selues to be 

Mat.^.b. 18 * And the disciples of lohn, and the {."/nottSe s*''' 
■ ■ ■'• Pharises dyd fast : and came & sayd vnto 
him. Why do the disciples of John and 
of the Pharises fast, and thy disciples fast 



1 Christ sheweth J 9 ^(j igg^g g^yd vnto the, Can the ^ chil 

that he wil spare , _ •' . , ., ,i i -j 

his, and not burde Ore 01 the weddyng last, willies the bnae- 
newssaHe'" '' ^' gfome is with them ? as longe as they haue 

the bridegrome with them, they can not 


20 But the dayes wil come, when the bry 

degrome shalbe taken fro them, and then 

shal they fast in those dayes. 
' It properly si- 2 1 Also no ma soweth a peece * of newe & D 

gnifieth newe clo- , ii,i- ii j. r 

the which as yet vndressed cloth m an olde garment, tor 
hand°s ' f the fui" ^^^"^ ^^^* newe peece taketh away from y 
ler. olde, and so is the breache worse. 

22 In lykewyse, no man powreth new wy 
ne into olde vessels, for if he do, the newe 
wjrne breaketh the vessels, and the wyne 
runneth out, and the vessels are lost. But 
new wyne must be powred into new ves- 

23 * And it chaced that he went through Mat. 12. a. 
the come fieldes on the Sabbath day : and ^"*-6-«- 
his disciples as they went in their way, be 

gan to plucke the eares of come, 

24 And y Pharises said vnto him, Behol 
de, why do they on the Sabbath dayes, f 
which is not lawful ? 

25 And he sayd to them, Haue ye neuer 

read what * Dauid dyd, whe he had nede, l.Sa.21.6. 
called Achimeiech and was an hungred, bothe he, and they y 

as his father was: ^g^C with him ? 

so that bothe the . e /~i j 

father & the sone 26 How he wcnt mto the house of God, 
rhT'these'^namet in the daycs of ^ Abiathar the hye Priest, 
i.chro.24; & (jyd eat the Shcwc loaues, w were not 
1. kyn. 2. e. lawful to eat, but for the * Priestes onely : Exod. 24. c. 

1 Seeing the Sab ^ ^j g ^g^ ^^ ^-^^^ ^ ^gj.g ^^^i him ? ieui.S.f. 

bath was made tor o fr 24 6 

mans vse, it was 27 And he sayd to them. The Sabbath was ' 
de ^^vse'd to°his ^ made for man, and not man for the Sab- 

hinderace and in- bath 

^°"""°*''*"- ■ 28 Wherfore 

Ink. 6. a. 

BY S. MARKE. 58 

28 Wherfore the Sonne of man is Lord, 
euen of the Sabbath day. 


He helpeth the man wyth the dryed hand : 
choseth his Apostles : and casteth out the vn- 
cleane spirite, which the Phariseis ascribe vnto 
the deuil. The brother, sister, Sf mother of Christ. 

A A Nd he entred agayne into the Syna- 
Mat.\2.a. xXgQgg^ g^j^^j there was a man which had 
a wythered hand. 

2 And they watched hym, whether he 
would heale him on the Sabbath day, y 
they might accuse him. 

3 And he said vnto the man which had 
the wythered hand. Arise, and stad in the 

4 And he sayd to them, Whether is it 
lawful to do a good dede on the Sabbath 
day, or an euyl ? to saue the lyfe, or to kyl ? 
But they * held their peace : » They heide 

grie with vs, gerly, moumjTig also for the hardenes of '^''"^'''^■'confesse 

ue*ys^&s^i- ^^^^^ ^^rt^^' ^ ^^yd to *^^ ™^"' Stretche '""''^^"y^- 
keth to wyn- forth thync had : and he stretched it out : & 

his hand was restored, euen as whole as 

the other. 

6 And the Pharises departed, & strayght 
waye gathered a council with them that 
belonged to ^ Herode aga^mst him, that '' Aithogh they 

,1 •1,1. !• hated one another 

they might destroye him. deadly : yet this 

7 And lesus auoyded with his disciples hindered them not 

, 1 1 ■ 1 r 1 1 '" loyne their raa- 

to the sea. And a great. multitude folowed uce to resisto 
hym from Galile, and from lurie, christe. 

8 And from lerusalem, & from Idumea, 
and from by yonde Jordan, and they that 
dwelled about Tyre and Sidon, whe they 



had heard what thinges he dyd, came vn- 
to him in great nomber. 

9 And he commanded his disciples, that B 
a shyp should wayte on him, because of 
the people : lest they should thronge hjax 
to death. 

10 For he had healed many, insomuche, 
that they preased vpon hym, for to touche 

hym as many as had " plagues. " Or, scour- 

1 1 And when the vnclene spirites sawe dis^eases.'*"'"" 
him, they fel downe before h3rm, and cry- 

ed, saying. Thou art the Sonne of God. 

1 2 And he sharpely chyd them, to thende 
they should not vtter hym. 

1 3 * Then he went vp into a mountayne, & Chap. 6. a. 
called vnto hym whom he would, & they "*"'•' ^•''■ 
came vnto him. 

14 And he appoynted twelue that they 
should be with hym, & that he might send 
them to preache. 

15 And that they myght haue power to 
heale sickenesses, and to cast out deuyls. 

16 And he named Simon, Peter. 

1 7 And he called lames the sonne of Zebe- C 
de, and lohn, lames brother, and called 

" Boanerges, (which is to say,) y sonnes of " Banerges. 

1 8 And Andrew, and Philip, and Barthel- 
mew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and la- 
mes, the Sonne of Alpheus, and " Thad- "Lebbaeus.or 
deus and Simon of Cane. 

19 And ludas Iscariot, whych also be- 
trayed hym : and they came " home. " The disci- 

20 And somuche people assembled toge- conuersTnT" 
ther asrayne, that they had not leasure so- with Christ 

1 , . 1 1 both at home 

muche as to eat bread. and abroad 

21 And when his kynesfolkes heard of it, 


BY S. MARKE. 59 

they went out to ' holde him : For they ' His kinsfoi- 

thoght he had bene besyde him selfe. ^^^uZmtith^in' 

Mat. 9. d, 22 * And the Scribes which came from le- doores.iest anyhar 

fl^'uh ™s^^°^' sayd, He hath * Beelzebub and "hlnced vnto htm! 

" ■ ■ ■ through the chiefe of deuils casteth out ^'^''^h thing might 

° haue turned to 

deuyls. their fiispleasu- 

23 And he called them vnto him, & sayd [e'-hLdrneSe: 
vnto them in simUitudes. How can Satan for some would ha 

J £-, « ue made him a 

dryue out batan t kinge. the Phari- 

24 For yf a realme be deuided against it 'oghttu life"'''"' 
selfe that realme can not endure. 

D 25 Or if a house be deuided against it sel- 
fe, that house can not continue. 

26 So yf Satan make insurrection agaynst 
himselfe, and be deuided, he can not coti- 
nue, but is at an ende. 

27 No man can entre into a strong mans 
house, and take away hys goodes, except 
he fyrst bynde that stronge msin, and then 
spoyle his house. 

Mat. 12. c. 28 * Verely I say vnto you, all s)Tmes shal 
lioh\^'d ^^ forgeuen vnto the chyldren of men, & 
blasphemie, where with they blaspheme : 

29 But he that '^ blasphemeth against the ^ which is when 
holy Cost, shal neuer haue forgeuenes, l^!^^^ 
but is culpable of eternal damnation. science, and strie- 

30 Because they said, He had an vncleane tmeth which is re- 
spirite. "'="^'1 J^'-" '^™- 

i. rm 1 • > 1 such one is m 

Mat.\2.d. 31 Then came his' brethem and mother, a reprobatsense& 
lukS. c. and stode without, and sent vnto hym, and fentlcr' '° "' 

or cousins. •' peniance. 

called hym. 

32 And the people sate about him, and 
they sayd vnto him, Beholde thy mother 
and thy brethem seke for thee without. 

33 And he answered them, saying. Who 
is my mother and my brethem ? 

34 And he loked round about on his di- 




sciples, which sate in copasse about hym, 

and sayd, Beholde my mother and my 


35 For whosoeuer doeth the wyl of God, 

he is my brother, my syster, and mother. 


By diuers parables of the seed, the Idpe, 8f the 
mustarde come, Christ sheweth the stat of the 
kyngdome of God, he stylleth the tempeste of the 
sea which obeyed him. 

Nd he began agayn to teache by the A 
sea side, and ther gathered vnto him Mat. 13. a. 
much people, insomuch, that he entred 
into a shyp, and sate in the sea, and all the 
people was by the sea syde on the shore. 
2 And he taught them many thynges in 
» It is called similitudes, and sayd vnto them in ^ " his " Or, ;is he 

Christes doctrine i , • taught, 

either for that he aOCtrme. 

was accoustumed 3 Hearken to, Beholde, there went out a 

to speake vnto the 

by similitudes : or SOWer tO SOWC. 

tt^T^Z'^^t 4 And it fortuned as he sowed, f some 
iestie that men fel by the Way syde, and the fowles of the 

could not denie "^ ■, , , .. 

but it came from ayre Came and deuoured it vp. 

heauen. 5 gome fel on stony grounde, where it 

had not much earth : and by & by sprang 
vp, because it had not depth of earth. 

6 But as sone as y sunne was vp, it caught 
heate, & because it had not rootyng, wy- 
thered away. 

7 And some fel among the thomes, and 
the thomes grewe vp & choked it, so that 
it gaue no frute. 

8 And some fel in good grounde, and 
dyd yelde frute that sprong and grew, 
and broght forth, some thyrty folde, some 
syxty folde, and some an himdred folde. 

9 And 


9 And he sayd vnto them. He that hath 

•^ eares to heare, let him heare. ^ For God doth 

10 And when he was alone,they that we- h":^:rrrders";^"d 
re about him with the twelue, asked him his mysteries. 

of the simihtude. 
Which are led 1 1 And he sayd vnto them. To " you it is 
of God. """ geuen to knowy mystery of the kyngdo- 

me of God : But vnto them that are *= with- ' And are not of 

out, all thinges be done b simihtudes. SuuTtheVat 

B 1 2 * That they seeing, may see & not dis- teyne to the pith 

Esa.6.c. 1 ,1 1 • 1 1 and substance, but 

mat.\3.b. ceme : and they hearmg, may heare, and only staye in the 
liik.'s.b.' not vnderstand: lest at any tyme they °^J^^'"'*'= ■'5^'^^ «= 
tokn 12. f. giiould toume, & their synnes should be 

act. 28./. r ii 

rom. Jl.a. lorgeuen them. 

13 And he sayd vnto them, Perceaue ye 
not this simihtude ? How then should ye 
vnderstand all other simihtudes ? 

14 The sower soweth the worde. 

15 And these are they that rece?/ we the seed 
by the wayes syde, to whome the worde is 
sowen : and when they haue heard it, Satan 
commeth immediatly and taketh away 
the worde that was sowen in their har- 

16 And lykewyse they that receyue the 
seed in stony ground, are they, which whe 
they haue heard the worde, at once recea- 
ue it with gladnes, 

17 Yet haue no rootes in them selues, 
and so endure but a tyme : and anone as 
trouble and persecution aryseth for the 
wordes sake, immediately they be offen- 

1 8 And they that receyue the seed amog 
the thomes, are suche as heare y worde. 

1 9 But the cares of this world, and the 
1. Tim.6.d. * disceitfulnesse of riches, & the lustes of 



other thinges, entre in, & choke f worde, 
and is made vnfruteful. 
20 And those that haue receyued seed in 
good grounde, are they y heare the worde 
and receaue it, and bryng forth frute, for 
one come thyrty, /or another syxtie, /or so- 
me an hundred, 
d Christ setteth 21 Also he sayd vnto them, * Is "^ the can- Mat. 5. b. 
th1Ze*p:^ro7"f die " broght to be put vnder a busshel, or ^"^^j^-^- 
a Christian life, vnder the table, and not rather to be put c 

on a candelsticke ? " •""' ''^''*- 

''We may not ta 22 * ^ For there is nothinge so hyd, that Mat. lo.c 
euii vnder colour shal not be Opened : nether so secret, but y {"^- ^- ''' 

to hyde our doyn- -^ ^ abrodc . ^ ' " "" 

ges, for all shal be i i i • 

disclosed at the 23 If any ma haue eares to heare, let him 
'^°^*^- heare. 

24 And he sayd vnto the. Take hede what 

fyf you do your ye heare, * With *^ what measure ye mete. Mat. 7. a. 
fy.'^e^sha/bereco J* shalbe measured vnto you : & vnto you '"*• ^-f- 
pensed iusteiy. that heare, shal more be geuen. 

25 * For vnto him that hath, shal it be ge- Mat. 13. b. 
uen, & from him that hath not, shalbe ta- |r |^- J^- 
ken away, " euen that he hath. ^ fg ,j ' 

B These two sim- 26 And he sayd. So is the s kyngdome of " That which 

litudes foUowine- r^ ^ t iit jhe thinketh 

prouethataithogh God, euen as if a man should sowe seede him seife to 
the kyngdome of in the grounde. ^}^^: 

God semeth to ha ^„ . ° , , , , , . Yf the mmi- 

ueverylitleappea 27 And Should Slepe and nse Vp nyght sters do their 

yerood'Ttfil: and day : and the sede shulde spryng and ^uf ^ue'"'* 

crease it aboue groW Vp, he not ware. thlncrease. 

mans reason. gg For the earth bryngeth forth frute of 
her selfe, iyrst the blade, then the eares, 
after that, ful come in the eares. 

29 And assone as y frute is broght forth, 
anon he thrusteth in the syckel, because 
the haruest is come. 

30 * He sayd, Moreouer where vnto shal Mat. 1.3. </. 
we lyken the kyngdome of God .'' or with '"*• '^* '^'• 


BY S. MARKE. 61 

what comparison shal we compare it ? 

31 It is like a grayne of mustarde seede, 
which when it is sowen in the earth, is y 
least of aU seedes that be in the earth : 

32 But after that it is sowen, it groweth 
vp, and is greatest of all herbes, & bereth 
great branches, so that the foules of the 
ayre may dwel vnder the shadow of it. 

33 And with many suche simihtudes he 
preached the worde vnto them, as they 
were able to heare it. 

34 And without simHitude spake he no- 
thyng vnto them. But when they were a- 
parte, he expoimded all thinges to his di- 

Mat. 8. c. 35 * Now the same day when euen was co- 
hik. 8. c. jjjg^ ]jg g^y^ y^j-Q tiiem, Let vs passe ouer 
vnto the other syde. 
D 36 And they left the people, & " toke him 

warde!^" ^°^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ '^^^ ^^ *^^ ^^YP '• ^^^ there were 
also with him other shyppes. 

37 And there arose a great storme of wia- 
de, and dashed the wanes into the shyp, so 
that it was ful. 

38 And he was in the steme a '' slepe on a i- Christ leaueth vs 
pelowe : and they awoke him, and sayd to seJuesTotVaswei 
him. Master, carest thou not that we pe- that we may lear- 

. , - ne to knowe our 

nSne { owne weacknes,as 

39 And he rose vp, and rebuked the wyn- his mightie power, 
de, and sayd vnto the sea. Peace, and be 

styl. And the wynde alayed, and there fo- 
lowed a great calme. 

40 Then he sayd vnto them. Why are ye 
Or, haue so fearful ? " How is it y ye haue no fayth ? 

faithe. And they feared excedyngly, and said one 

to another. What felow is this, that both 
wynde and sea obey him } 



He chaseth the deuils out of the man into 
the swyne. Healeth a woman fro the bloudy ys- 
sue. And rayseth the captaynes daughter. 

\ Nd they came ouer to the other syde a 

-^^of the sea into the country of the Ga- ^f '• ^- ^■ 
A u. Ittk. 8. d. 


2 And when he was come out of y ship, 
there met him out of the graues, a ma pos- 
sessed of an vncleane sprite : 

3 Which had his abyding amog the gra- 
ues : And no man coulde binde him, no. The man pos 
not, with cheynes. ^^^^^^ ^"'^ ^ 

4 Because that whe he was often bound 
with fetters and cheynes, he plucked the 
cheynes a sondre, and brake the fetters in 
peeces : nether could any man tame him . 

5 And alwayes bothe nyght and day he 
cried in the mountaynes, and in the gra- 
ues, and stroke him seKe sore against sto- 

6 And when he espyed lesus a farre of, 
he ranne and worshypped him. 

7 And cried with a loude voyce, and sa- 
a The deuii is yd, " What haue I to do with thee lesus y 

constrained to c5- Sonne of the moste hyest God }" 1 require ■• or adiure 

& yet ceaseth not thee in the name of ^ God, that thou tor- reTy'ciod*^" 


name of God, to 8 (For he Said vnto him. Come out of the 

maynteyn his ty- ,, r i -j. \ 

rannie. ^a^n thou loule spnte.) 

9 And he asked him. What is thy name ? 
■^ A Legion con and he auswcrcd saying, My name is *^ Le- 

teyned aboue 6000 ■ r j a j 

in nomber. gio". for we are many. 

10 And he prayed him instantly, that he 
would not send them away out of the co- 

1 1 And there was there in the mountay- 


BY S. MARKE. 62 

nes a great hearde of swyne, feedyng. 

1 2 And all the deuyls besoght him, say- 
mg. Send vs into the hearde of swyne, that 
we may entre into them. 

13 And anon lesus gaue them leaue. And 
The deuiiis the vnclene spirits went out and entred 
sw/ne™'° ' "^ iiito the swyne : and the hearde ran hea- 

dlyng from the hye bancke into the sea. 

(They were about, two thousand swjme) 
" Or in the and they were drouned in the " sea. 
lake. 2^ ^^ ^YiQ swyneheardes fled & toulde 

it in the citie, and in the countrye : & they 

came out for to see what had happened. 

1 5 And come to lesus, & see him that was 
vexed with the fiende, & had the Legion, 
syt both clothed, and in hys ryght mynde, 
and were afraide. 

1 6 And they that saw it tolde them, how 
it had happened to hym that was posses- 
sed with the deuyl : and also of the swyne. 

1 7 Then ^ they began to pray hym, that he ** Marke how 

esterae their 1 8 And wheu he was come into the shyp, ^ receyue Christ. 

thJy"do S ^^ ^^^^ had the deuyl, prayed him that he 
Christ. myght be with him. 

19 Howbeit, lesus would not sufire him, 
but sayd vnto him, Go home to thy house, 

and friendes, and ^ shewe them what gre- ' We must de- 

C at thinges the Lord hath done vnto thee, theiTeneflteswhrch 

and how he hath had compassion on thee. God sheweth to- 

* 1 1 1 1 11 wardes ts, that 

20 And he departed, and began to pu- therby they may 
'coS.U" tf blishe in " Decapohs, what great things le fZe !'''"'''''' "" 
the ten Ci- sus had done vnto hym, and all men dyd 


21 And whe lesus was come ouer agayne 
by shyp vnto y other syde, much people 
gathered to hym, & he was nye vnto the 



22 * And beholde, there came one of the Matth. 9. c. 
rulers of the Synagoge, whose name was ^' ■'' 
lairus : and when he sawe him, he fel dow- 

ne at is feete. 

23 And besoght him greatly, saying. My 
Utle daughter lyeth at poynt of death, 
I pray e thee that thou wouldest come and 
laye thy handes on her, that she may be 
deliuered of her disease, and lyue. 

24 Ther he went with him, & muche peo- 
ple folowed hym, and thronged him. 

25 (And there was a certayne woman, 
wliich was diseased of an yssue of bloud 
twelue yeres. 

26 And had sufired many thinges of ma- 
ny phisitions, and had spent all that she 
had, & felt none amendement at all, but 
waxed worse and worse. 

27 When she had hearde of lesus, she 
f Her faith broght Came in the prease behynd hym, St'^tou- 
™oued?erto t- ched his garments : For she saide, 
proche nere vnto 28 If I may but touche his clothes I shal 

him : and not a su- , , , ■' 

perstitious opini- Dewhole. 

venue'toWs^Tr! ^9 And strayght way " the course of her "Or.fountay- 
ment. bloude was dryed vp, and she " felt in her ■ or knewe. 

body, that she was healed of that " pla- "Or, scourge. 


30 And immediately when lesus dyd 
knowe in hym self, the vertue that went 
out of hym, he toumed him rounde about 
in the prease and sayd, Who hath touched 
my clothes ? 

3 1 And his disciples said vnto him. Thou 
seeist the people thrust thee, & yet askest 
Who dyd touche me ? 

32 And he loked round about, for to see 


BY S. MARKE. 63 

her that had done that thing. 

33 The woman feared and trembled, for 
she knewe what was done with in her, and 
she came and fel downe before hym, and 
tolde hym the verie truth. 

34 And he sayd to her. Daughter, thy 
fayth hath made thee whole, go in peace, 

Or, scourge, and be whole of thy " plague.) 

D 35 * Whyle he yet spake, there came from 

btk s q'^' ^^^ same ruler of the Synagoges house, 
certapieyvhich. sayd, thy daughter is dead 
why diseasest thou the Maister any fur- 

36 Assone as lesus heard that worde spo- 
ken, he sayd vnto the ruler of the Synago- 
ge. Be not afrayde, onely beleue. 

37 And he suffered no man to folowe 
hym more then Peter and lames, and 
lohn, the brother of lames. 

38 And he came vnto the house of the 
ruler of the Synagoge, and sawe the won- 
deryng, and them that wept and wayled 

39 And went in, & sayd vnto them. Why 
make ye this a do, and wepe ? The childe 

is not " dead, but slepeth. ^ He ment she 

Zh^See^O Andthey"laughthymtoscome: hnt IZTLT:^^^; 

her lyue a- he put them all out, and toke the father mcontynently be 

"'^^Is three ^^^ *^^ mother of the mayden, and " them ufl.*"^^ ^eayne o 
disciples. that were with hym, and entred in where 
the mayden laye. 

4 1 And toke the mayden by the hand, 
and sayd vnto her, TaHtha cumi, which is 
by interpretatio, Mayden, I say vnto thee, 

42 And strayght the mayden arose, and 
went on her fete : for she was of the age 


of twelue yeres : and they were astonied 
at it out of measure. 

43 And he charged them straytely that 
no man should knowe of it, and comman- 
ded to geue her meat. 


How Christ and his Prophetes are recey- 
ued in their owne Coutrie, Thapostles comissi- 
on, Sondrie opinions of Christ, lohn is put to 
death, and buryed. The fiue loues, <5f two fisshes 
Christ walketh on the water, Sf healeth many. 

Nd * he departed thence, and came j^fat. 13. b. 

into his owne country, & his disciples luk. 4. c. 
folowed him. ^ 

2 And when the Sabbath day was come, 
he began to teach in the Synagoge : and 
many that heard hym were astonyed, & 

sayd. From whence hath he these thynges ? Christ is ne- 
and what wysedome is this that is geuen frfendes"*^ ^'* 
vnto him, y euen such vertues are wroght 
by his handes. 

3 Is not this the carpenter Maries sonne, 

the " brother of lames and loses, and of " O"" cosyne. 
luda and Simon ? and are not hys systers 
■> That which here with vs ? And they were ^ offended in 

oght to moue the ),._„ 
to come to Christ, ">'"• 

causeth them to 4 And Icsus sayd vnto them, A* Prophet Mat. 9. d. 
hi'm. '^^ ^°^^ is not despised but in his owne countrey, f^'^^ jo"' ^ 

and among his owne kynne, and in his 9. a. 

owne house. Chap. 3. h. 

", i-acke of faith 5 And ^ he " could there shewe no mira- " That is, he 

maketh vs vnha- , i, 4. i j i,- i, j r wolde not. 

bie to receyue cles, Dut layd his handes vpon a fewe syc- 
Gods benefites. ^^ fou^-g^ ^nd healed them. 

6 And he marueyled at their vnbeliefe : 
and went about by the townes that lay on 
euery syde, teachyng. 

7 *Aiid 



Mat. 10. a 
Ink. 9. a 

BY S. MARKE. 64 

B 7 * And he called the twelue, and began 

to send them two and two, and gaue them 
Chap.xh. power ouer vnclene Spirits. 

8 And comanded them, that they should 
take nothyng to carye in their iomey, sa- 
ne a rod only : nether '^ scrip, nether bread, ° Christ oneiy 

,, • it, • forbyddeth them 

nether mony m their purses. to cane any thing 

"Which were 9 But shouldbe shod with"sandales. And ^J'^'^*' "'sht be 

a kvnde of ^, ^ ^, , i j ^ ^ ^ ^ burdenous, or 

lightshoes. that they ShOUlde not put on two COateS. hinder their mes- 

10 And he sayd vnto them, Whersoeuer ^^^^' 
ye shal entre into a house, there abyde tyl 
ye departe ^ thence. ^ Heforbiddeth 

Act. vi.b. 1 1 * And whosoeuer shal not receaue you, g"ng°thdr'?odSl 
mat. 10. h. nor heare you, when ye departe thence,*^ ^^^ ™ this their 
act. 13. p. shake of the dust that is vnder your feete, « in token of 
for a witnes vnto them : Verely I say vnto the*horribie "rcn^ 
you. It shalbe easyer for Sodome, or Go- geance of God 
morrha at the day of iudgement, then for ^^^ them. '^ ' 
that citie. 

1 2 And they went out and preached, that 
men should amende their 150168. 

13 And they cast out many deuyls. And 
lam. 5. e. they * anoynted many that were syck, with 

^ oyle, and healed them. \ The oyie was 

14 And kyng Herode heard of hym, for racXus working^ 
hys name was spred abrode& sayd, John andnotamedicine 
Baptist is risen agayne fro death, & ther- so that the gyft of 
fore miracles are wroght by hym. Ttfemonrt 

15 Other sayd. It is Ehas : & some sayd. It to no vse. 
" Of theoide is a Prophet, or " one of the Prophetes. 
i«?3.d. 16 * But when Herode heard of hym, he 

sayd. It is lohn whom I beheaded, he is 

8 rysen from death agayne. , ^ They had the 

1 i-> T-i TT 11- 1^ 1 1 > c ^1 this common error 

C 17 ror Herode him selie had sent forth, that they thoght 
imprisoned!' ^^^ ^ad taken lohn, and bound him, and ^arTed^utTf 
cast him into prison for Herodias sake, one bodie went 
which was his brother Philippes wyfe, othS. '" ° "^ 


because he had maried her. 

18 For lohn sayd vnto Herode, * It is not Leuit.\?,.b. 
1' The libertie h lawful for thee to haue thy brothers wv- ^- ^- "• 

that lohn vsed to j. -^ •' 

reproue vice IG. 

rfp^^ifnr^"''" 19 ^o that Herodias soght aU occasion 
against hym, and would haue kylled hym, 
but she could not. 

20 For Herode feared lohn, knowyng y Herode is re- 
he was a iust man, and an holy, and gaue lohn?** ^^ 
hym reuerence, and when he hearde hjrm, 
i Such is the he did many thynges, and ' heard him gla- 

nature of Gods ,, J J b b 

worde, that it com Uiy. 

peiieth the vene 21 But whcu a conuenicnt day was come, 

tyrants to reueren ^y , i i i i i 

ce it. As no dout Herode on hys byrth day made a supper 

me gooFn!'o^tfon°s^ ^'^ ^he Lordes, Captaines, and chief estates Gene. 40. c, 

but the seed fell of Galilc. 

in stonie places & _ _ a i i i i r ^ i tt 

so toke no rote. 22 And the daughter oi the sayd Hero- what mcon- 

j. . jj J J11TT uenience com 

oias came m and danced, and pleased He- methbywanto 
rode, and them that sat at bourd together, dancing. 
Then the kyng sayd vnto the mayde, Aske 
of me what thou wylt, and I wyl geue it 

23 And he sware vnto her, Whatsoeuer 
thou shalt aske of me, I wyl geue it thee, 
euen vnto the one halfe of my kjTigdome. 

24 * But she went forth, and sayd to her Matt. 14. «. 
mother, AVhat shal I aske ? And she sayd, 

lohn Baptistes head. 

25 Then she came in strayght way w hast 
vnto the kyng, and asked, saying, I wyl 
that thou geue me euen now in a charger, 

the head of lohn Baptist. A 

26 And the kyng was verie sory, how be- D I! 
it, for his othes sake, and for their sakes 

which sat at supper also, he would not put 
her besyde her purpose. 

27 And immediatly the kyng sent the 


BY S. MARKE. 65 

hangman, and gaue charge that his head 
should be broght. And he went and be- 
headed him in the pryson. 
28 And broght his head in a charger, and 

"losephus cai gaue it to the " mayden, and the mayden 

'sliotrtr gaue it to her mother. 

daughter of 29 And when his disciples heard of it, 

Herodias. they Came and toke vp his " body and put 

"Or,carkays. iti^atombe. 

Matt. 14.6. 30 * And the Apostles gathered them sel- 
/m^9. c. ^gg together to lesus, and tolde hym all 
rendre count thynges, both what they had done, and 

of^t^heir mes- ^^^^ ^j^^^ ^^^ t?M^\A. 

31 And he sayd vnto them. Come ye apar- 

te into the wvldemes, ^ and reste awhvle. '■Christ beareth 

•' J -^ with thinfirmitie 

l^or there were many commers and goers, of hissemantsand 
that they had not leasure, so muche as to J^f^^^ *'=™ '" 

32 So they went by shyp out of the way 
into a desert place. 

33 But the people spyed them when they 
departed : and many knewe hym, and ran- 
ne a fote thither out of all cities, and ca- 
me thither before them, and came toge- 
ther vnto hym. 

Mntt.9.d. 34 *And lesus wet out, & saw muche peo- 
§•.14.6. pig^ and had compassion on them, becau- 
se they were Hke ' shepe which had no 'Thisdeciareth 

, , -^ , ATI, 11 that there was a 

shepehearde. And he began to teache the hon-ibie disordre 

mnnv tVi-smo-Pc among that peo- 

many inynges. pi^ ^^^ j^^kg „<• 

Matt. 13.6. 35 * And when the day was now farre spet, preaching Gods 
foh'n6a ^^^ disciples came vnto him, saying. This ^°°^ ^' 

is a desert place, and now the day is far- 
E re passed. 

36 Let them depart, that they may go into 

the villages & townes about and bye them 

bread : for they haue nothing to eat. 


37 But he answered, and sayd vnto them, 
Geue ye them to eat. And they sayd vnto 

» Which is a- hym, Shal we go and bye "" two hundreth 
steriyng"'' ^"""'^^ penyworth of bread, & geue them to eat? 

38 But he sayd vnto them. How many lo- 
ues haue ye ? Go and loke. And when they 
knewe, they sayd, Fyue and two fysshes. 

39 And he enioyned them, to make them 

al syt downe by " companies vpo the gre- " Or by table 

fulls : for in 
ne grasse. euerierancke 

" The Greeke 40 Then they sate downe here a " rowe, & ^ere as many 
worde sigtiifieth ^, "^ , , , , i i r f^ ■ ^ ^ table 

suche beddes as there a rowe, by hundreds, and by lyities. could houid. 
are made in a gar- 4^ ^^d he toke the fvue loues, and the 

dem, so that the -' ' 

companye which tWO fissheS, and loked vp to heauen, gaue Xhankes ge- 

mtghtsemeas* ' thankes, and brake the loues, and gaue ''"^■ 
rowes or orders of them to his disciples to sett before them, 
deyn. & the two fishes he deuided among them 


42 So they dyd all eat, and were satis- 

43 And they toke vp twelue baskettes F 
ful of the fragmentes : and some leauinges 
of the fysshes. 

44 And they that had eaten, were about 
fyue thousand men. 

45 And strayghtway he caused his disci- 
ples to go into the shyp, & to go ouer the 
water before vnto Bethsaida, whyle he 
sent away the people, 

46 Then assone as he had sent them away, 
he departed into a moimtayne to pray. 

47 * And when euen was come, the shyp Mat. 14. c. 
was in the myddes of the sea, and he alo- ^°^" ^•^• 
ne on the lande. 

48 And he sawe the troubled in rowyng, 
" Which was for the wynde was contrary vnto them, 

houres beforedir ^^ ^bout the fourth ° watche of the 



BY S. MARKE. 66 

nyght, he came vnto them, walkyng vpon 
the sea, and would haue passed by them. 

49 And when they saw him walking vp5 
the sea, they supposed it had bene a spirit, 
and cried out. 

50 For they al saw him, & were afrayde. 
And anone he talked with them, and sayd 
vnto them, Be? of erood chere, it is I, be p Christ assureth 

- . J " his, and maketh 

not airaide. them bolde, both 

51 Then he went vp vnto them into the ^L^hnr™^*^ 

r mightie power. 

shyp, and the wynd ceased, and they were 
sore amased in them selues beyonde mea- 
sure, and marueyled. 

They had for 52 For they remembred not the loues, be- 
got the mira- •' ' 

cie which cause their hartes were hardened. 
wUhTheVue ^^ * ^^^ they Came ouer, and went into the 
loues. lande of Gennesaret, and arryued. 

Mat.\4.d. r A rm j.1. j. e 

54 1 hen assone as they were come out oi 
the shyp, strayght they knewe hym. 

55 And ranne forth throughout aU the 
region round about, and began to carye 
hither ad thither in beddes aU that were 
sycke, where they heard tel that he was. 

56 And whither soeuer he entred into 
townes, cities, or countrie, they layd their 

'Or, markets sycke in the " stretes, and prayed him 
that they might touche, and it were but 
the 1 edge of his vesture. And as many as ■* Not for any 

. 1 _r 1 r suche vertue that 

touched hym, were sate. was in his garmet, 

but for the confi- 
dence which they 
THE VII. CHAPTER. had in him. 

The disciples eat wyth vnwasshen han- 
des, The commandement of God is transgressed 
by mans traditions, Of the woman of Syro- 
phcenissa. The healing of the dome, Sf how the 
people praise Christ. 


nnHen * gather vnto him the Pharises a 
-"-and certeyn of the Scribes which ca- Matt. 15. a. 
me from lerusalem. 

2 And when they sawe certayne of his 
" The Pharises disciples eat meat with " commen ^ han- " or, fyithie. 
with TOwTssheT^ des (that is to say,) with vnwasshen hades. They made 

handes because thev COmpkined. holines to 

they thoght that ^ ^„ . j n ii, r *'™^ '" "^^ 

the common han- o r Or the rhariSCS, and ail the lewes, ex- shing of han- 

ffidlem"'" cept they washe theh- handes " oft, eat ;!^^r. conten- 
not : holding harde the traditio of the El- tiousiy, stry- 

, " uing to washe 

ders. best. 

4 And when they come from the market, ^^^ traditi- 
except they washe, they eat not. And ma- 
ny other thynges there be, which they ha- 

ue taken vpon them to obserue, as the 
wasshynge of cuppes, " pottes, of brasen "Litiepottes, 
vessels, and of tables. 'ZrlTU 

5 Then asked hym the Pharises and Scri- titie then a- 
bes, why walke not thy disciples accor- "^"^ ^^^ *"' 
dyng to the tradition of the Elders, but b 

eat " meat with vnwasshen handes ? " Or, breade. 

6 He answered and sayd vnto them, Oh, 

* Esai hath Prophecied well of you hy- Esai.^.b. 
pocrites, as it is written, This people ho- *"" '* * " 
1= With an out- noreth me with their ^ hppes, but their 

warde shew. ^^ -g f^^^ f^.^^ ^^ . 

7 In vayne they worshyp me, teaching 
<= whosoeuerte- for doctrines the "^ commademets of men. 

StcYrSI-sS For ye laye the commandement of 

afaise worshipper. God aparte, and obserue the tradition of 

men, as the wasshynge of pottes and of 

cuppes, and many other suche lyke thyn- 

ges ye do. 

9 And he sayd vnto them, Verie wel ye 
cast asyde the commandement of God, to 
mayntayne your owne tradition. Exod.20.b. 

10 For Moses sayd, * Honour thy father ephe.Q.a. 


IS ni- 

BY S. MARKE. 67 

. and thy mother : &,* Whosoeuer shal cur- 
se father or mother, let hym ^ dye the "^ That 

J , ■^ ■' thout any hope of 

ueatu. pardon. 

1 1 * But ye say. If a man say to father or 
mother, Corban, (that is gyft) that shall 
come from me, thou shalt be holpen ther 
by : it is sufficient. 

12 And so ye sufTre hym no more to do 
oght for his father, or his mother : 

1 3 Makyng the worde of God of none ef- 
fect, through your owne tradition which 
ye haue ordeyned. And many suche thyn- 
ges ye do. 

14 *And he called al the people vnto hym 
and sayd vnto them. Hearken vnto me eue 
ry one of you, and vnderstand. 

15 There "^ is nothvns: without a man, that ' '^h'^re is no 

, . , , 1 • 1 • outwarde or cor- 

can detyle hym, when it entreth into poraii thinge 
hym: but those thynges which procede ^o'^'^'^JX' ca^n 

out of him, are those which defyle the defyle him: mea- 
ning chiefely of 
Dtt^'Il- meats, vfhich if 

1 6 If any man haue eares to heare, let him '^®y ^e take exces 

^ ' siuely. It commeth 

heare. of the inordinate 

1 7 And when he came into a house away ^"id so the luste'^is 
from the people, his disciples asked him eueii. 

of the simUitude. 

1 8 And he sayd vnto them, What, are ye 
without vnderstandyng also ? Do ye not 
knowe, y whatsoeuer thing from without 
entreth into a man, it can not defyle him ? 

19 Because it entreth not into his hart, 
but into the belly, and goeth out into 
the draught, that purgeth out all mea- 

20 Then he sayd. That defyleth a man 
which Cometh out of a man. 


21 * For from within, euen out of the hart Gen.G. a. §• 
of men, procede euyl thoghtes, aduoutri- ^•^' 
es, fornication, murther, 

22 Thefte, couetousnes, wickednes, "Or, wanton- 


desceite, ' vnclennes, and a " wicked eye, " Ennie. 
backbiting, pryde, foHshnes. 

23 All these euyl thynges come from 
within, and defyle a man. 

24 * And from thence he rose, and went Matt. 15. c. 
into the borders of Tyre and Sidon : and 

entred into an house, and would that no 
man should haue knowen : but he could 
not be hydd. 

25 For a certayne woman whose daugh- 
ter had a foule spirit, hearde of him, and 
came and fell at his feete. 

26 (ThewomanwasaGreeke,outof Syro- The Canani- 
phsenissa) and she besoght him that he 

would cast out the deuyl out of her dau- 
I Meanmg the 27 And lesus sayd vnto her, Let the ' d 
promesses were chyldern fyrst be fed : for it is not mete 
first made. ^.^ ^^^ ^]^g chyldems bread, and cast it 

e The lewes vntO § whelpes. 

belter Then'^\he 28 She answered and sayd vnto him, she asketh 
dogges and ther- r^^^^ i^ ig Maister, for in deed, the whel- cr^ommerT 

tore Christ spea- i i i i t tVi h^ 

keth according to peS eat Vnder the table, of the chyldems Semes bread 

their opinion. crommes. 

29 Then he sayd vnto her. For this say- 
ing go thy way, the deuyl is gone out of 
thy daughter. 

30 And when she was come home to her 
house, she founde the deuyl departed, and 
her daughter lying on the bed. 

31 And he turned agayne fr5 the coastes 
of Tyre and Sidon, and came vnto the sea 

of Galile, 

BY S. MARKE. 68 

of Galile, through the myddes of the coa- 
stes of DecapoUs. 

32 And theybroghtvnto him, one that was 
deafe, and stambbred in his speach, and 
prayd hym to put his hand vpon him. 

33 And he toke him a syde from the peo- 
ple, and put his fyngers in his eares, and 
dyd spyt, and touched his tongue : 

34 And loked vp to heauen, and syghed, 
and sayd vnto him, Ephphatha, that is to 
say. Be opened. 

35 And strayght way his eares were ope- 
ned, and the string of his tongue was lo- 
osed, and he spake playne. 

36 And he commanded them, that they 
should tel no man. But howmuch soeuer 
he forbad them, so muche the more they 
published it : 

37 And were beyonde measure astonied, 

Gen.l.d, saying,*He *^ hath done all thingeswel, he •■ Asiftheywoi- 
ecc/e. 39. maketh both that the deafe can heare, ad the "mracrJs that 
the domme speake. fhtntS^tS 

thatwhatsoeuer he 

doth, is verie wel. 

The miracle of the seue loues, The Pharises 
aske a signs. The leue of the Pharises, The blyn 
de receaueth hys syght, He was knowe of his di 
sciples. He reproueth Peter, and sheweth how 
necessarie persecution is. 
TN those dayes, when there was a very 
Mat. 15. d.,t company, and had nothyng to eat, 
lesus called his disciples to him, and said 
vnto them, 

2 1 haue " compassion on the people, be- » Christ proui- 

4000 me are , , ^ , • T i deth for his when 

satisfied. cause they haue now bene with me three they seme to be de 
dayes, and haue nothyng to eat. stitute& forsaken. 

3 And if I should send the away fasting to 




their owne houses, they would fajTit by f 
way. For diuers of them came from farre. 
b Yf bread we- 4 And his disciples answered hym, Whe- 
re so harde to co- j-g should a mail haue ^ bread here in the 

raeby.itsemed vn ,, .• ^ .i -, 

possible to obtey- wyldemes to satistie these r 
ne other meat, g ^^ ^^ asked them, How many loues 
haue ye ? They sayd, Seuen. 

6 Then he signified to the people to sji; 
downe on the grounde : and he toke the 

seuen loues, gaue thankes, brake, and ga- Thankes ge. 
ue to his disciples to set before them : and 
they dyd set them before the people. 

7 And they had a few smal fyshes : and 
when he had geuen thankes he comman- 
ded them also to be set before them. 

8 And they dyd eat, and were suffised, & 
they toke vp of y broke meat that was left 
seuen baskettes ful. 

9 And they y had eaten were about foure 
thousand: and he sent them away. 

10 * And anone he entred into a shyp w B . 

his disciples, and came into the parties of " ' ' ' 
"Which was ne. c DaLnanutha. 

retoBethsaida,be . i i t>i • 

twixt the lake of 1 1 And the Phanscs came forth, and be- 
Souaf Thabon""* gan to dispute with hym, seekyng of him 

a signe from heauen, and temptyng hym. 
pre'h?nslMeToue 12 The he ^ syghed diepely in his spirite, ^^^^T^ 
of our Christ: how and sayd. Why doth this generation seke penes of spea 
se°hu'J?ermer- a signe? Verely I say ynto you, « if a signe them fro wu! 
*^'^^A 'f h Id ^^^ ^^ geuen vnto this generation. fui destructi- 

say, If I shewe the 13 And he left them, and went into the °°" 
be^alyar'and de- ^^ip agayne, & departed ouer the water, 
ceyuer. 14 * And they had forgotte to take bread, Mat. 16. a. 

nether had they in the shyp with the mo- '"*• i^.a. 

re then one lofe. 

15 And he charged the, saying, Take hede, 


BY S. MARK E. 69 

and beware of the ^ leuen of the Pharises, ' He wiueth the 
and of the leuen of Herode. ousToc'trine°'Md 

16 And they reasoned amos: them selues, ^"'^^'^ ^"*',''''' p'''^- 

_.y •^, , , ° ctises as the aduer 

saying. We haue no bread. sariesvsed tosup- 

17 And when lesus knewe that, he sayd P^<=^^«his Gospel. 
vnto them. Why reason you thus because 

ye haue no bread ? perceaue ye not yet, ne- 
ther vnderstand ? Haue ye your hartes yet 
biynded ? 

1 8 Haue ye eyes and see not ? and haue ye 
eares and heare not ? Do ye not remem- 

1 9 * When I brake the fyue loues among 
fyue thousand, how many baskettes ful 
of broken meat toke ye vp ? They said vn- 
to hym, Twelue. 

20 And when I brake seuen among foure 
thousand, how many baskettes of the lea- 
uinges of broken meat toke ye vp ? They 
sayd, Seuen. 

' 21 Then he sayd vnto them, § How is it, "Christ repro- 

, 1 J ^ ueththem because 

that ye vnderstand not i' theyr myndes are 

22 And he came to Bethsaida, and they ^|,fj;' [p^^^^" ™^ 
broght a blynde man vnto him, and desi- withstanding they 

1 , , . 11 had prouen by di- 

red hym to tOUChe hym. uers miracles that 

23 Then he toke the blynde by the hand, ^''^f ^ue them the- 

r ^ ..T dayhe bread. 

and led hym out of the towne, and spit m 
his eyes, and put his handes vpon hym, & 
asked hym whether he sawe oght. 

24 And he loked vp and sayd, I see men : 
For I see them walke, as they were trees. 

25 After that, he put his handes agayne 
vpon his eyes, and made hym loke agayne. 
And he was restored to his sight, and sawe 
eueryman a farre of and clearely. 

26 And he sent him home to his house, 
saying, Nether go into the village, nor tel 


it to any in the village. 

27 * And lesus wet out and his disciples Mat. 16. c 
into the villages ; that belonge to the ci- ("^- 9- c- 
tie called Csesarea Philippi. And by the ^° "' ' ^ 
way he asked his disciples, saying, Whom 

do men say that I am ? 

28 And they answered. Some say y thou 
art I ohn Baptist: some say Ehas: and some, 
one of the Prophetes. 

29 And he sayd vnto them. But whom say 
ye that I am ? Peter answered and sayd vn- 

!> He that is the to him, Thou art very "^ Christe. 
XCedwUh^ail 30 And he sharpely ' charged them that 
grace for mans sal they should tcl no man of it. 

'■ Differringitto 31 Then he began to teache them, how y D 
tymr\e~de% ^^6 Sonnc of man must suffre many thyn- 
haste should ra- ges, and should be reproued of the El- 
forther'ihemysre'- dcrs, and hie Priestes, and Scribes, and be 
rie of his coming, kyiied, and with in three dayes ryse a- 

32 And he spake that thing playnely. 
Then Peter toke hym asyde, and began to 
chyde hym. 

33 But he tourned about, & loked on his 
disciples, and rebuked Peter, saying. Go 

k Aduersarie or backe from me ^ Satan : for thou saue- 

ennemie, because , , . r /~i t ^ i ^i • 

he dyd as muche rcst not the thingcs 01 (jrod, Dut the thm- 


ing God. 34 And he called the people vnto him, 

with his disciples also, & sayd vnto them, 
* Whosoeuer wyl foUowe me, let him for Mat. 16. d. 
sake hym selfe, and take vp his crosse, & f }^-'^- 
iollowe me. §• 14. / 

, V • 35 For whosoeuer wyl saue him selfe, 

and corruption, he shal lose him selfc. But whosoeuer shallo 

mortaUtre^& 'S" ^^ '^'^ ^^^^ ^°'' ™y ^^^ ^^^ ^^ GoSpels, 

fection. the Same shal ' saue him selfe. 

36 For 

BY S. MARKE. 70 

36 For what shal it proffit a man, if he 
should Wynne all the world, and be con- 
demned to paye his soule ? 

37 Or els, what shal a man geue to rede- 
me his soule agayne ? 

38 Whosoeuer therfore shal be ashamed 
of me, and of my wordes, among this ad- 
uouterous and synful generation, of him 
shal the Sonne of man be ashamed also, 
when he commeth in the glorie of his fa- 
ther with the holy Angels. 


The transfiguration, The lunatike is healed, 
The force of prayer 8f fasting, Of the death 8f 
resurrection of Christe, The disputation who 
should be the greatest, Offences are forbidden. 

A A Nd he sayd vnto the, Verely I say vn- 
-'^ to you, there be some of them y stad- 
de here, which shal not taste of death, tyl 
they haue scene the ^ kinffdome of God /The preaching 

•' . , ° of the Gospel re- 

COme with power. ceyued and increa 2 * Six dayes after, lesus toke Peter, la- tfconfortthem''& 
Ink 9. c. mes, and John, & led them vp into an hye that they should 

. i. r iV, 1 J 1- not thlnke they 

mountayne out or the way alone, and he traueiiedinvayne. 
was transfigured before them. 

3 And his rayment dyd '' shyne, and was , ^. Christ sheweth 

, , ■' •' -' , his maiestie so far- 

made very whyte, euen as snowe, so whyte re as their inermi- 

as no fuller can make vpon the earth. ^^'^pXndt '° 

4 And there appeared vnto them Ehas 
with Moses : and they talked with lesus. 

5 And Peter answered, and sayd to lesus. 
Master, here is good heyng for vs, let vs 

make also three tabernacles, one for thee ■= He measured 

e Titr 1 r tit this vision accor- 

oneior Moses, and one tor Jl.uas. ding to his owne 

6 And " yet he wist not what he sayd : for ^Xrij,g*'the„'de°°' 
they were afrayd. therof. 


7 And there was a cloud y shadowed the, B 
and a voyce came out of the cloud, saying, 

* Thys is my deare Sonne, heare him. Matth.s.d, 

8 Aiad sodenly they loked round about, f P'^' 

& sawe no man more then lesus only with chap. 1. b. 

9 *Aiid as they came downe from the hyl. Mat. 17. 6. 
he charged them, y they shuld tel no man 

what they had scene tyl the Sonne of man 
were risen from death agayne. 

10 And they kept that to them selues, & 
demanded one of another, what the rising 
from death agayne shoidd meane ? 

1 1 Also they asked hym saying. Why the 

say the Scribes, that*EUas must fyrst co- -^«'«- 4. 0. 

1 2 He answered, and sayd vnto them, Eh- 
as verely shal fyrst come and restore all 
thinges. and * as it is wrytten of the Son- ■^*"- ^^- °- 
ne of man, he must sufire many thinges & 

be set at noght. 

13 But I say vnto you, that " Elias is come : " 'obn Bapti- 
and they haue done vnto him whatsoeuer 
pleased them, as it is * wrytten of hym. Mai. 4. b. 

14 * And when he came to his " disciples. Mat. 17. c 
he sawe muche people about them, and y '"*• ^- ^• 
Scribes disputing with them. which he left 

15 And strayghtway aU the people, when J^^ '^^^ ^'^f"' 
they behelde hym, were amased, and ran- 

ne to hym, and saluted hym. 

1 6 Then he asked the Scribes, Wherof di 

spute you " among your selues ? '^^^ agamst 

17 And one of the companie answered 
and sayd. Master, I haue broght my Son- 
ne vnto thee, which hath a domme spi- 

1 8 And whersoeuer he taketh hym, he 


BY S. MA RKE. 71 

•^ teareth hym, and he fometh, and gnas- a when the spi- 
sheth with his teeth, and pyneth away, m^, hTtearelhi" 
And I spake to thy disciples y' they should withinwardesorow 
cast him out, and they could not. feieth like grief ^ 

19 He answered hym and sayd, ^ O gene- j.^^J^g''"^^.'^ ^^'■'^ 
ration without favth, how long shal I be « it semeth that 
^you? howlongshallsufireyou? Bryng ^•^tXrpTJn ^^ 

him VntO me. swenbutChrlstspe 

20 And they broght hym vnto him, and ne*to the Pharises 
assone as v sprite sawe him, he tare him. ^^l^\ Z^^^ ^"'?' 

•' " ' bum & desperate. 

and he fel downe on the ground, walo- 
wing and fomyng. 

21 Then he asked his father. How long is 
it ago, since this hath happenedhym ? And 
he sayd, Ofachylde: 

D 22 And oft times casteth him into the fy- 
re, and also into the water, to destroy 
him. But if thou canst do any thyng, help 
vs, and haue compassion vpon vs. 
23 And lesus sayd vnto him. If *^ thou cast ' The Lorde is 
"Christ wii do beleue it, allthynges are " possible to him v^so^that we pu^ 

for Wm^that that belcueth. him not backe 

lor him that i r , ,. , through our mere 

beheueth his 24 And Straight way the father of the duutie. 
boye cryed with teares, saying,Lord, I be- 
leue, help my vnbehef. 

25 When lesus sawe that the people ca- 
me runnyng together, he rebuked y foule 
sprite, saying vnto him, Thou domme & 
deafe spirite, I charge thee come out of 
hym, and entre no more into him. 

26 And the sprite cried, and rent him so- 
re, and came out : and he was as one that 
had bene dead, zrasowiwc^e that many sayd. 
He is dead. 

27 But lesus tooke his hand and lyft him 
vp, and he rose. 

28 And whe he was come into the house. 


his disciples asked him secretely, Why 
could not we cast him out? 

29 And he sayd vnto them. This kynd ca 
by no nother meanes come forth, but by 
prayer, and fasting. 

30 * And they departed thence, and too- E 

ke theyr iomey through Galile, and he ^f'a^^ ^' 
would not that any man should haue kno- 
wen it. 

31 For he taught his disciples, and sayd 
vnto them. The Sonne of man shalbe deU- 
uered into the handes of men, & they shal 
kyl him, & after that he is kylled, he shal 
ryse agayne the thyrd day. 

32 But they wist not what y saying ment, 
and were afrayd to aske him. 

33 * After he came to Capernaum: and whe Mat. 18. a. 
he was come to the house, he asked them, ^"*" ^* f- 
Wat was it that ye disputed among you 

by the way? 

34 And they held their peace : for by the 
way they reasoned among them selues, 
who should be the chiefest. 

35 And he sat doune and called the twel- 
ue vnto him, and said to them. If any man 
desire to be fyrst, the same shalbe last of 
all, and seruant vnto aU. 

36 And he tooke a htle childe & set hym 
in the myddes of them, and tooke him in 
his armes, and sayd vnto them, 

37 Whosoeuer shal receaue suche a htle 
chylde in my name, receaueth me : and 
whosoeuer receaueth me, receaueth not 
"me, but him that sente me. " Only, 

38 * lohnansweredhim saying, Master, we F 
sawe one casting out deuils by thy name, ■^''*-°-/' 
which foloweth not vs, & we forbad him, » 

because I 

BY S. MARKE. 72 

because he foloweth vs not. 
1. Cor.\2.n. 39 * But lesus sayd, Hynder him not : for 
there is no man that can do a miracle by 
my name, that can lyghtly speake euil of 
40 For whosoeuer is not 8 against vs, is on « Aithogh he she 

m-iy T^ol^Q We not him selfe to 

our parte. be myne-. yet in 

MatAO.d. 41 * And whosoeuer shal geue you a cup that he beareth re 

/. ..j-ij- 1 -1 uerence to my na- 

01 water to dnnke tor my names sake, be- me, it is ynough 
cause ye belonge to Christe, verely I say ^'"' ^^• 
vnto you, he shal not lose hys rewarde. 
Mat. 18. a. 42 * And whosoeuer shal offend one of 
Ink. 1 7. a. these l3rtleones, that beleue in me, it were 
good for him, that a mylstone were han- 
ged about hys necke, and that he were cast 
into the sea. 
Mat. 5. c, 43 * Wherefore if thy '^ hand cause thee to >■ it is a maner 
§• J^- - offende, cut it of: It is good for thee, to en iS' ftlt'we 
tre into lyfe, maymed, rather then hauyng shuide cut of all 
two handes, go into hel, into fyre that ne- der vs to seme 
uer shalbe quenched : chnst. 

G 44 * "Where their worme dieth not, and f 
" lyre neuer goeth out. 

45 Lykewise, if thy foote cause thee to of 
Offense. fende, cut it of. For it is good for thee to 

go halt into lyfe, rather then hauyng two 
feete to be cast into hel, into fyre that ne- 
uer shalbe quenched : 

46 Where their worme dieth not, and y 
fyre neuer goeth out. Euen so, if thyne eye 
cause thee to offende, plucke it out. 

47 It is good for thee to go into the kyng 
dome of God, with one eye, rather then 
hauing two eyes, to be cast into hel fy- 

48 Where their worme dyeth not, & the 
fyre neuer goeth out. 


I Heteacheththat 49 Eucrv man therfore shalbe ■ salted 'vf 

sacrific^e/ to God fy^'^- And*euery sacrifice shalbe seasoned Leuit. 2. d. 

by salte and fyre, ^th Salte. 

that IS, to be pur- _„j,oii • ii -r t h i ^ 

ged and sanctified, 50 baltc IS good : Dut II the " salte 06 vn- Mat. 5. b. 
to*hei°fSre!''°' '"' sauery, wherwith shal ye season it ? See f ^«*- '*• 9- 

•< They which de ye haue Salte in your SelueS: and haue De- 
stroy the gracethat 1 •,1 .1 

theyhauereceyued ^ce among your selucs. One With another. 

of God,are as salte 
which hath lost it 
sauour, and are THE X. CHAPTER. 

Of diuorcement, The riche man questioneth 
with Christe, Of the sonnes of Zebede, Barti- 
mceus hath his eies opened. 

\ Nd he arose from thence & went into A 
-^the coastes of lurie through the region ^"'- '9•"• 
that is beyonde Jordan : and the people re- 
sorted vnto hym a freshe : and as he was 
wont, he taught them agayne. 

2 The y Pharises came & asked him a que 
stion, Whether it were lawful for a man 
to put away hys wyfe : to tempt him. 

3 And he answered, and sayd vnto them. 

What dyd * Moses byd you do ? Deut. 24. «. 

4 And they sayd, Moses sufired towryte »»«'-'9-«- 
a testimonial of diuorcement, and to put 

her away. 

5 Then lesus answered, and sayd vnto 
them. For the hardnes of your hart, he 
wrote this precept vnto you : 

" The true way g But at the " bcgynnyng of the crea- 

to amende abuses . * /~, ■• ^ .? i ^ „ . 

istoretourntothe ciou, Orod made them man and woman. Gen.2.d. 
institution of thm 7 YoY this causc, shal man leaue his fa- ^ f^-^-^- 

ges, and to trie the 1 1 i i- r ephe.5.g. 

by Gods worde. thcr and mothcr, and cleaue to his wyie. 

8 And they twajme shalbe one " fleshe : " Or person 
So then are they now not twayne, but one "^' 

9 * Therfore what God hath coupled, let l . Cor. 7. b. 
not man seperate. 

10 And 

BY S. MARKE. 73 

10 And in the house his disciples asked 
agayne of that matter. 
B 11 And he sayd vnto them, * Whosoeuer 
¥?'J''j' ^" ^" shal put away his wyfe and mary another 
Ink. i 8. d. ^ committeth aduoutrye to herwarde. t For the secon- 

" ' ' 1 2 And if a woman shal forsake her hous- tut Sariot'''*^"' 
band, and be maried to another, she com- 
mitteth aduoutry. 

13 Then they broght Utle chyldren to 
hym that he should touche them : and his 
disciples rebuked those that broght the. 

14 But when lesus sawethat, he was di- 
spleased and sayd to them, Suffre yonge 
chyldren to come vnto me, and forbyd 
them not : For of suche is the kyngdome 
of God, 

15 Verely I say vnto you, Whosoeuer 
shal not receaue the kyngdome of God as 
*^ a lytle chylde, he shal not entre therin. 

16 And he toke them vp in his armes, of aiipryde&cs- 
and put his handes vpon them, and '^ bles '^"d'u'^'^as vsuai 

Sed them. with thelewes that 

,„,,,, ^, , the greater should 

17 And when he was gone out towardes biesse the inferi- 
Mat. 19. b. his iomey, ther came one * runnjmg and fOTe^chrfstVeyns 
litk. 19. a. imeied to him, and asked hym, GoodMa- head of his chur 

ster, what shal I do, that I may possesse e- ^ne \ynde ^of^" 
temal Ivfe } P'"^y^'" o®','' ''p ^ 

,, , . , 1 r^ r ' 1 1 • -rm n i consecrat the ba- 

&od IS only 18 lesus sayd to him. Why callest thou bestoGod. 
is euer vani- Hie good ? There is no man good but one, 

crisie"'' ^^^° ^^^^^ " C^od. 

C 1 9 Thou knowest the commandementes, 
Exod.20.c. * Breake not matrimonie, Kyi not, Steale 
not, Beare no false witnes. Hurt no man. 
Honour thy father and mother. 
20 He answered, and sayd to him, Ma- 
ster, aU these things I haue obserued from 
my youth. 


We must be re- 
generat and voyde 


' That is, he ap 21 lesus beheld hjrm, and ^ had a fauour 

proued certeyne .1. j j^t,- m ii.- 

good seed in him, to hyiii, and sayd vnto him, One thmg is 
which gaue him a lacking \Tito thcc. Go, & ^ scl all that thou 

litle motion. ° 

' He toucheth hast, and geue to the poore, & thou shalt 
rl! whidi'\tfo?e ^^^^ treasure in heaue, and come, folowe 
he felt not. me, and take vp thy crosse. 

22 But he was discoforted with that say- 
ing, and went away morning, for he had 
great possessions. 

23 And lesus loked roimd about, and sa- 
yd vnto his disciples,What an hard thing 
is it for them that haue riches to entre in- 
to the kyngdome of God ? 

24 And his disciples were astonied at the- 
se wordes. But lesus answered agajme, and 
sayd vnto them, Children how harde is it 
for them that trust in riches, to entre into 
the kyngdome of God. 

25 It is easier for a camel to go through D 

veye of a nedle, then for a"riche man to "^^^P^,^"'^: 
entre into the kjoigdome 01 God. in riches. 

26 And they were muche more astonied, 
saying with them selues,Who then can be 
saued .'' 

27 lesus loked vpon them, & sayd, Wyth 
men it is impossible, but not with God : 

g For hecagy- for with God s al thingcs are possible. 
chTto'caus^him 28 Then Peter began to say vnto him, Lo, 
to enioye his ri- -^q haue forsaken all, and haue folowed 

ches, as if he had , 
them not. thee. 

29 lesus answered, & sayd, * Verely I say Mat. 19. e. 
vnto you, there is no man that forsaketh i^k.\8. f. 
house or brethem, or systers, or father, or 
mother, or v^ryfe, other cluldre, or landes 

for my sake, and the Gospels, 

30 But he shal receaue an hundred fol- 
de, now at this present, houses & brethem 


BY S. MARKE. 74 

and systers, and mothers, and childern, & 

landes with ^ persecutions, & in the worl- *" We must not 

- , . 1 1 _c measurethesepro- 

de to come, eternal lyie. messesbyour owne 

E 31 Many that are fyrst, shalbe last : &the bXtw^'hac^o 

last, fyrst. plishemet to Gods 

or> A J iL. • i.T- i. wil,who eueinour 

32 And they were m the way goyng vp to persecutions & af 
Jerusalem : and lesus went before them : ^''^'i''"^ perfour- 
and they were amased, & as they folowed, farre as they be 

16. c. were afrayde. * and lesus toke the twelue rherfor^'ea^ne lo 
affayne, and besran to tel them what thin- ^aue ynough and 

"^,111 ^ , . to wantjthat being 

ges should happen VntO him. tryed, we may en- 

33 Saying, Beholde we go vp to lerusale, '°^^. r"" ^'■^^'" 

1 1 "o r 111 11- ' res m heauen. 

and the bonne of man shalbe dehuered 
vnto the bye Priestes, and Scribes, & they 
shal condemne him to death, and shal de- 
huer hym to the Gentils. 

34 And they shal mocke hym, and scour- 
ge him, and spyt vpon hym, and kyl hym : 
but the thyrd day he shal ryse agayne. 

;■ 35 * Then lames and lohn the sonnes of 
Zebede came vnto him, saying. Master, 
we would that thou shouldest do for vs 
whatsoeuer we desire. 

36 And he sayd vnto them, What woidd 
ye I should do vnto you ? 

37 And they sayd to him, Graunt vnto 
vs, that we may syt one at thy ryght hand, 
an the other at thy lyft hand, in thy glo- 

38 But lesus sayd vnto them. Ye wot not 
what ye aske : Can ye ' drinke of the cup ' Can you be par- 

,i.Tiii-ir 11 1 ,•! takers of mycrosse 

that 1 shal drmcke oi, and be baptized and afflictions ? 
with the baptisme that I shalbe baptized 
F 39 And they sayd vnto him. That we can. 
But lesus sayd vnto them. Ye shall drinc- 
ke of the cup that I shal drinke of, and be 



baptized with the Baptisme wher with I 
shalbe baptized. 

40 But to syt at my ryght hand, and at my 
'< 1 haue not this lyft, is not ^ mjTie to geue, but it shalbe geue 

com^sion for this ^^ ^^^^^ f^^ ^ho^Q it is prepared. 

4 1 And when the ten heard that, they be- 
gan to disdayne at lames and lohn. 

42 But lesus called them vnto him, and 

sayd to them, * Ye knowe that they which Mat. 20. d. 
are appointed to beare rule among the '"*• ^2. c. 
Gentiles, raigne as lordes ouer them. And 
they that be great among them, exercise 
autoritie ouer them. 
' christe would 43 So shal it ' not be among you, but who 
""esmid m^n.^et ^oeuer of you wil be great amog you, shd 

should beare rule, be yOUT Seruant : 

nourTdo.^^"""^'^ 44 And whosoeuer wil be chiefe, shalbe 
seruant vnto all. 

45 For euen the Sonne of man came not 
to haue seruice done vnto him, but to ser- 
ue, and to geue his lyfe for the redemptio 
of many. 

46 Then they came to lericho : and as he G 
went out of lericho with his disciples, 

■" The other E- and a great nombre of people, *" Barti- 
cicmtwo'but Mar- ™seus the sonne of Timseus which was 
ke nameth him blvnde, satc bv the hve waves svde beg- 
that was moste ■' j j j j o 
knowen. gyng. 

47 And when he heard that it was les' of 
Nazaret, he began to cry and to say, le- 
sus the Sonne of Dauid, haue mercie on 

48 And many rebuked hym, to the ende 
" The more that y he should holde hys peace : but he " cry- 

tlfe moretur fai?h ^^ ^he more a great deale, Thou Sonne of 
oght to increase. Dauld, hauc mercic on me. 

49 Then 

BY S. MARKE. 75 

49 Then lesus stode styl, and commanded 
hym to be called : & they called the bljTi- 
de, saying vnto him, Be of good confort : 
ryse, he caUeth thee. 

50 And he threwe away his cloke, & ro- 
se and came to lesus. 

51 And lesus answered, and sayd vnto 
hym. What wilt thou that I do vnto thee ? 
The blinde said vnto him. Master, that I 
might see. 

52 And lesus sayd vnto him. Go thy way, 
thy faith hath saued thee : and by and by, 
he receaued his sight, and folowed lesus 
in the way. 


Christe rydeth to lerusalem. The fygge tree 
drieth vp. The byers and sellers are cast out of 
the temple. The Pharises question vnth 

A A Nd whe they came nye to lerusalem, 
f^f'?}'^' *^ Bethphage and Bethanie, besydes 

the hil of OUues, he sent forth two of his 

2 And sayd vnto them, " Go your wayes " Christe sheweth 
into that village that is ouer agaynst you : trie, the state of 
and as sone as ve shal entre into it, ye hiskyngdome and 

.' •' that It IS not like 

shal fynde acolte bounde, wheron neuer to the great magni 
man sate: lose him and bring him. ^oM. ° * '^ 

3 And if any man say vnto you. Why 
do ye so ? Say that the Lord hath nede of 
hym : and strayght way he wil send hym 

4 And they went their way and found 
a colte tyed by the dore without, in a pla- 
ce wher two wayes met, and they losed 



5 Then certaine of them that stode the- 
re, sayd vnto them, What do ye loosyng y 
colte ? 

6 And they sayd vnto the euen as les' had 
commanded them. And they let them go. 

7 *Theybroght therfore the colte to le- lohn\2.b. 
sus, and cast their garmentes on him : and 

he sate vpon him. 
1' Eueryoneshe g And ^ many spred their garmentes in B 

wed some signe of ^, ^i . j -u t. r ^i, 

honour and reue- the way : Other cut doune branches or the 
^^^^^- trees, and strawed them in the way. 

9 And they that went before, and they 

y folowed, cried, saying, " Hosanna,bles- " Or, saue i 
sed be he that commeth in the name of y ""^^^ 

10 Blessed be the kingdome that cometh 
' Many came in in the '^ name of him that is Lord of our fa 

bufchHste"care ther"Dauid: no^Wm^Othou which art my "Because the 
in the name of the hyest heauens. made^tohrm! 

1 1 And the Lord entred into lerusalem, 
and into the temple. And when he had lo- 
ked romide about vpon all thinges, and 
now it was euening, he came vnto Betha- 
nie, with the twelue. 

1 2 * And on the morow when they were co Mat. 21.6. 
me out from Bethanie, he " hungred. " christe was 

1 3 And spied a fy gge tree a farre of, ha- affections. 
uing leaues, and went to see whether he 
myght fynde any thing theron. But when 

he came therto, he found nothing but lea 
ues : for the time of fygges was not yet. 

14 Then lesus answered, and sayd to it, 
<• This was to de d Neuer man eat frute of thee here after 

they displease God whylc the world staudeth. And his disci- 
which haue but pieg iieard it. C 

an outward shewe ^ ^ 

& appearace with 15 And they came to lerusalem. And le Luk. \9.g. 
out fruite. g^g ^g^^ jj^,.^ ^^^ temple, and bega to cast ""'"' ^' °" 


BY S. MARKE. 76 

out the sellers and byers in the temple & 
ouer threw the tables of the money chan- 
gers, & the stooles of them y sould doues. 

16 Nether would he suffre that any man 
should cary a vessel through the temple. 

1 7 And he taught, saying vnto them. Is it 
Esa. 56. c. not wrytten, * My house shalbe called the 
I. kyn. 8. c. house of prayer, vnto all nations ? * But ye 

erem. . c. j^^^g made it a denne of theues. 

18 And the Scribes and hie Priestes heard 
it, ad soght how to destroy hym. For they 
feared hym, because all the people mer- 
ueyled at his doctrine. 

19 But when euenwas come, lesuswent 
out of the citie. 

Mat. 21. b. 20 * And in the momjmig as they passed 
by, they sawe the fygge tree dryed vp by 
the rootes. 

21 Then Peter remembred, & sayd vnto 
him. Master, beholde y fygge tree whych 
thou cursedest, is wythered away. 

22 And lesus answered, ad sayd vnto the, 
Haue confidence in God. 

23 For verely I say vnto you, that whoso- 
euer shal say vnto this moiitayne. Take a- 
way thy selfe, and cast thy selfe into the 
sea, and shal not wauer in his heart, but 

D shal beleue that those thynges which he 
sayith shal come to passe, what soeuer he 
sayth, shalbe done to him. 
Mat. l.a. 24 * Therfore I say vnto vou, « Whatsoe- ' Heteachethvs 

hik.n.h. 1 ■ , -^ 1, 1 4.-U 4. °°' hereby to as- 

uer ye desire when ye pray, beleue that kewhatsoeuersee- 
ye shal haue it, and it shalbe done vnto fentLfe" ■ fo'r o^ 

you . pra yermust be gro 

Matt. 6. b. 25 *And when ye shal stand, and pray, for our faith vpon the 
geue, yf ye haue any thing agaynst any '"°^'^^ °^ ^°'^- 
iia, that your father also which is in hea- 
k iiii. 


uen, may forgeue you your trespases. 

26 For if you wil not forgyne : your father 
which is in heaue wil not pardo you your 

27 * The they come agayne to lerusalem : Luk. 20. a. 
and as he walked in the temple, there ca- "*'*'• 21- c. 
me to hym the hye Priestes, Scribes, and 

28 And sayd vnto hym, By what autori- 
tie doest thou these thynges ? and who ga- 
ue thee this autoritie, to do these thinges ? 

29 lesus answered and sayd vnto them, I 
wil also aske of you a certayne thyng, and 
answer ye me, and I wil tel you by what 
autoritie I do these thynges. 

30 The" baptisme of lohn, was it from hea " Hecompre- 
uen, or of men? Answer me : S' office 

31 And theythoght with them selues, say- and ministe- 
ing, If we shal saye from heaue : he wil say. 

Why then did ye not beleue him ? 

32 But if we say of men : then fearewe the 
people. For aU men iudged of lohn, that 
he had bene a very Prophet. 

33 Then they answered, and sayd vnto le 
sus. We can not tel. And lesus answered, 

« They came of & sayd vnto them, * Nether wil I tel you 
TeaS^dtherfo" by what autoritic I do these thmges. 

re Christe thoght 

teUuglTt"''"''^'" THE XII. CHAPTER. 

The vineyard is let out, Obedience to Prin- 
cesj The resurrection of the dead, The somme of 
the law, Hypocrites must be eschewed, The of' 
fring of the poore wydowe. 
A Nd he bega to speake vnto them in si- A 
-^^ militudes. * A certa)Tie man planted Mat.2\.d. 
a vineyard, and copassed it with an hed- g"^' g "^ ' 
ge, and digged a pit to receaue the ly- 


BY S. MARKE. 77 

cour of the " wynepresse, and buylt a tow- " Tiie creeke 
re in it: and let it out to hyre vnto hous- vessef^or'' fatt! 
bandmen, and went into a straunsre coim- which standeth vn- 

' o derthewinepresse 

trey. to receaue the iuy 

2 And when the tyme was come, he sent ^^ °^ ^'^°^'^' 
to the tenantes a seruant, that he might 
receaue of the tenantes, of the frute of the 

3 But they caught him, and bet him, & 
sent him away empty. 

4 And agayne, he sent vnto them another 
seruant, & at him they cast stones, & brake 
his head, & sent him away all to reuiled. 

5 And agayne he sent another, and him 
they killed : & many other, beating some, 
and kyUing some. 

6 Yet had he one sonne whom he loued 
tenderly : him also he sent at the last vn- 
to them, saying. They wyl reuerence my 

7 But the tenantes sayd amongest them 
selues, this is the heyre : come let vs kyl 
hym, and the inheritance shalbe oures. 

8 And they toke him, & kylled hym and 
cast him out of the vineyard. 

9 What shal then the Lord of the viney- 
ard do .'' He ^ wil come and destroy the te- i> He sheweth the 
nantes, and let out the vineyard to other, l^^^^"^ **'^ f^] 

10 Haue ye not read so muche as this scri bitious & coueto' 
pture? * The stone which the buylders did tes'^are "hardened 
refuse, is made y chiefe stone in y comer, against chnste. 

1 1 This ^ was done of the Lord, & is mar- c u is the ordi- 

lieilnim in nnr pvp"? nance of God, that 

ueiioub m our eyes. j^ ^j^^^j^g ^^ ^^^ 

12 Then they went about to take hym, but which mostcomo- 
they feared the people. For they percea- ^ans reason"*' 
ued that he spake that simihtude against 

the, and they left him, & went their way. 


13 * And they sent vnto hym certaine of y MaU.22.b. 
Pharises, and of Herodes seruantes, to ta- '"*• 20. d. 
ke him in his wordes. B 

14 And as sone as they were come, they 
sayd vnto him. Master, we knowe y thou 
art true, and carest for no man : for thou 
considerest not the " personne of men, but "As.thequaii 

<i As godeiy ma teachest the '^ way of God truely : Is it law- mynde or bo- 

ners, ^agreable to ^^ ^^ pay tribute tO Csesar, or not ? ^tlVd'thfnget 

1 5 Oght we to geue, or oght we not to ge- 
ue ? And he vnderstode their simulatio, & 

' He gauethem sayd vnto them, ^ Why tept ye me ? Bring 

SnTw^'eirma me a penny, that I may see it. 

hcious intent. 1 6 And they broght it, and he sayd vnto 
them. Whose is this image and superscri- 
ption? And they sayd vnto him, Caesars. 

17 Then lesus answered, and sayd vnto 

them, * Then geue to Caesar that which be Rom. 13.6. 
longeth to Caesar, and to God, that which ^«'-22.c. 
perteyneth to God. And they merueyled 
at hym. 

18 Then come the Sadduces vnto him, 
(which say there is no resurrection) And 
they asked hym, saying, 

19 Master, * Moses wrote vnto vs, yf any Mat. 22. a. 
mans brother dve, and leaue his wvfe '"*• 20. c?- 

deut 25 d 
behynd him, and leaue no chyldren : that 

then his brother should take his wyfe, & 

rayse vp seed vnto his brother. 

' This was a po- 20 There ^ were therfore seuen brethren, 

litike law geue for ,,,/.,. , . - , , , 

a tyme for the pre and the lyrst toke a Wile, and when he 
seniationoffami- ^yed, left no Seed behynd hym. 

21 And the seconde toke her, and dyed, 
nether left any seed : and the thjrrd lyke- 

22 And seuen had her, and left no seed 


BY S. MARKE. 78 

behynd them Last of al, y wyfe dyed also. 

23 In the resurrection then, when they 
shal ryse agayne,Whose wyfe shall she be 
of them? For seuen had her to wyfe. 

24 lesus answered, and sayd ^^^to them, 
C Are ye not therfore deceaued, because ye 

vnderstand not the Scriptures, nether the 
power of God ? 

25 For when they shal ryse agayne from 
death, nether men mary, nor wiues are 

maried : but are s as the Angels which are « Not as tou- 

in Vipniipn '^'''°° *'' spiri tu- 

rn neauen . ^jj nature, but cs- 

26 As touchyng the dead, that they shal cemingthestateof 

1 , 1 • ,1 1 1 incorruption, and 

ryse agayne : haue ye not read m the booke immortaiitie, so 
of Moses, how in the busshe God spake '|;^' ^j"™ "''''"« 

i^ shal nede no more 

Exod. 3. 6. vnto hym, saying, I * am the God of Abra- mariage 
ham, and God of Isaac, and the God of 
lacob ? 

27 He is not the God of the dead, but the 

God of the '' Ivuvne;. Ye are therefore ffre- '" Then it fo- 

,, J J loweth that they 

atly deceaued. liue aithogh they 

Mat.22.d. 28 * And there came one of the Scribes y [■^'^i^^lfg''"''^ °"*°*" 
had heard them disputing together, and 
perceaued y he had answered them wel, & 
asked hym. Which is the fyrst of all the 
commandementes ? 

29 lesus answered hjrm. The fyrst of aU 
Mat.22.d. the commandementes is. * Heare Israel, 

L Z?.'6.^a.° "^^ Lord our God, is the onely Lord. 

30 Thou shalt therfore loue the Lord thy 
God with all thy hart, and with all thy 

" Or, thoght. soule, and with aU thy " mynde, and with 
al thy strength, This is the fyrst comman- 
Leuit.\9.d. dement. 

mat.22.d. 31 And y second is like vnto this, * Thou 
yalatb b. ' ^halt loue thy neighbour as thy selfe. 
iam.2.b. There is none other commandement 


greater then these. 

32 Aiid the Scribe sayd vnto him, Wei 
Maister, thou hast sayd the trueth, that 
there is one God, and that there is none 
but he. 

33 And to loue him with all the hart, and 
, with all the mynde, and with all the sou- 

le, and with all the strength : and to loue 
his neyghbour as hym selfe, is more then 
all burnt " offerynsres and sacrifices. "Hemeaneth 

* 3.11 tn6 CGrG- 

34 Then, when lesus saw that he answered monies of the 
i Because he discretely, he sayd vnto him. Thou ' art [^g' hypom" 

tmlt ti^bf ^' not far from the kyngdome of God. And tes put great 
taught and well no man after that durst aske hym any que- ° ^^^' 

perceaued the dif- . j j ^ 

ference betwixt StlOn. £) 

f^sdon'^and that ^^ * ^^ ^^^^^ answered & sayd teachyng Mat.22.d. 
which God doth in the temple. How say the Scribes that 
re'of vs! ^ '^'^^' Christ is the sonne of Dauid ? 

36 For Dauid hym selfe inspired with 

y holy Gost, sayd, * The Lord sayd to my Psal. lio.a. 
Lord, syt on my ryght hand, tyl I make 
thyne enemies thy fotestole. 

37 Then Dauid him selfe caUeth him 
Lord, and by what meanes is he then his 
Sonne ? And much people heard him glad 


38 *And he sayd vnto them in " his doctri- ^«'- 22. d. 
ne. Beware of the Scribes which loue to ^ 90. 0. 

>< He condem- go in long ^ clothiug, and loue salutati- " Or, as he 
SrVuf tV^; ons in the market places. Stare of 

vaine ostentation 39 And the chiefe seates in the Synago- ^^'^ Phanses. 

andoutwardshewe i , i <• ^ . r . 

of hoiines wherby gcs, and the lyTst rowmes at feastes. 
they deceaued the 4Q ^hich dcuour wydowes houses, and 

simple people. i r 

that vnder a coulour of long praying. 
These shal receaue greater damnation. 
41 *And lesus sat ouer agaynst the trea- Mat.23.b. 
surie, & beheld how the people put mony '"*-2i-a- 


BY S. MARKE. 79 

into the treasurie, and many that were ry- 
che, cast in muche. 

42 And there came a certayne poore wy- 
dow, and she threw in two mytes, which 
make a" quadrin. 

43 And he called vnto hym his disciples, 
& sayd vnto them, Verely I say vnto you, 

that this poore wj'dow hath cast ' more in ' Oit Sanionr 
then all they which haue cast into the tre- tes by our°affecU- 

asurie. ons and ready wU- 

. . les. 

44 For they all dyd cast in of their su- 
perfluitie: but she of her pouertie, dyd 
cast in all that she had, euen all her ly- 


The destruction of lertisalem, the persecuti- 
ons and false Prophetes which shall be before 
the comming of Christ, whose houre is vncer- 
tayne, and therfore he exhorteth euery one to 

A Nd as he went out of the temple, one 
-^^of hys disciples sayd vnto hym. Ma- 
ster, see what stones, and what buyldynges 
are here. 

2 * Then lesus answered & sayd vnto hym, 
Seyst thou these great buyldinges ? * There 
shal not be left one stone vpon another, 
that shal not be throwen downe. 

3 And as he sate on y hil of OUues, ouer 
against the temple, Peter, and lames, and 
lohn, and Andrew asked him secretly. 

4 Tel vs, when shal these thynges be .'' and 
what shalhe the signe when all these thin- 
ges shalbe fulfylled ? 

" 5 And lesus answered them, and began 
to say, * Take hede lest any man deceaue 



6 For many shal come in my name, say- 

" Vsurping the ing : I ''am Christe, and shal deceaue many. 

autoritie of chri- ^ Forthermore whe ye shal heare of war 

res and rumores of warres, be ye not trou- Warres. 
bled : For such thinges must nedes be, but 
the end shal not be yet. 

8 For there shal nation aryse against na- 
tion, and kingdome against kingdome : & 
there shalbe earthquakes iq al quarters, 
and famishements and troubles, these are 
the beg)Tinynges of sorowes. 

9 But take ye hede to your selues : For 
they shal dehuer you vp to the Councils, 
and into the Synagoges : ye shalbe beaten, B 
and broght before rulers and kynges for 

my sake for a " testimonial vnto them. " That they 

10 And the Gospel must fyrst be publis- ^*abie.'°^'' 
shed among all nations. 

11 * But when they lead you, and present Mat. lo. c. 
^ This is not to you, take ye no"*'thoght, nether prepare |«*-2l-c. 

gemVut^t'o assure afore hand what ye shal say : but whatsoe- forbiddeth 
assithemand"in' ^^^ ^^ geuen you at the same time, that t^hTometh 
struct them suffici Speaker for it is not ye that speake, but of distrust 

entlywithanswers, .i i i q ^^ 
so that they may ^^'^ ""V '-^^^^■ 

hereby perceaue 12 Yea and the brother shal dehuer the 
ItadethTotin'the- brother to death, and the father the son- 
ir owne wisdome, j^g ^^^^ tjjg chyldreu shal ryse against the- 

or eloquence. ■ ]. ^ i i n i i ^n 

ir lathers and mothers, & shal cause them 
to dye. 

1 3 And ye shalbe hated of all men for my 
names sake : but whosoeuer shal endure 
vnto the end, the same shalbe safe. 
14*Moreouer,when ye shal see the abhomi Mat. 24. b. 
[ T^u J^ "®' nable destruction (where of is spoken by '"^- 21- d. 

ant of that tyme i t« i i i • Dani 9 a. 

that the Romans * Damel the Prophet) *^ to be where it ' '* 
teSe"'"^''""''' oght not, Get hym that readeth vnder- 


BY S. MARKE. 80 

stand,) then let them that he in lurie, fle to 

the ^ moimtaynes. * Because the 

15 And let hym that is on the house top, brSSstr'e"xtre^ 
not deseed downe into the house, nether, and cmeii. 
entre therin, to fetch any thing out of his 

16 And let him that is in the fielde, not 
turne backe again vnto the thinges which 
he left behynd him, for to take his clo- 
thes with him. 

17 But wo shalbe then to them that are 
with chylde, and to them that geue sucke 
in those dayes. 

1 8 * Pray therfore that your flyght be not • That you ha- 

• iU A ue no let to hyn- 

m the Wynter. der you, when you 

19 For there shalbe in those dayes such should escape. 
tribulation, as was not from the begyn- 
nyng of creatures which God created vn- 
to his time, nether shalbe. 

20 And except that the Lord had shorte- 
•• Or. fleshe. ned those dayes, no " man should be saued. 

But for the electes sake, which he hath 
chosen, he hath shortened those dayes. 

21 And then, if any man say to you, Lo, 
here is Christe : lo, he is there : beleue it 

22 For false Christes shal ryse, and false 
Prophetes, and shal shewe signes and mi- 
racles, to deceaue, if it were ^ possible, eue ' The elect may 

.1 1 , wauerandbetrou- 

me eiecle. bled, but they can 

23 But take ye hede : behold, I haue she- "°^ Jg"*""^^ *"" ^^' 
wed you all thinges § before. g wherfore he 

Ezech.m.h. 24 * Moreouer in those dayes, after that 'hat suffreth him 

esai 13 6 -ii- i iiiio selfe now to bese- 

mat. 24^.6. tribulation, the sunne shal waxe darke, & duced,hath noex- 
ioel. 2. h, §• the moone shal not geue her lyght. '^"h^This teacheth 

•^•*- 25 And the '' starres of heauen shal fall: that there shalbe a 

J ,, 1 • 1 • 1 11 change of the who- 

and the powers which are m heauen shal leordre of nature. 


06 * And then shal they see the Sone of ma Dam.l.c. 
comyng in the cloudes, with great power 

and glorie. , , . . i 

27 And then shal he sende his Angels, 
and shal gather together his electe from 
the foure wyndes, and from the one ende 
of the world to the other. 

28 * Leame asimUitude of the fygge tree. Ma<. 'i*. «• 
When her bough is now tender, andbrm- '«''• ^'•.^ 
geth forth leaues, ye knowe that sommer 

is neare. 

29 So in lyke maner, when ye see these 
thinges come to passe, vnderstand, that 
the kyngdome of God is nye, euen at the do- 

i The word si- 30 Verely I say vnto you, that this ' age 
I^afoVy^es*:"!! shal not passe, tyl aU these thynges be 

belt this happened (jQ^e. 

before 50. ^^ Heauen and earth shal passe, but my 

wordes shal not passe. 
V When the de- 32 But of that ^ day and houre knoweth 
struction of leru- ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^j^g Angels which are m • 
t^:"a*dTiSns" heauen, nether the " Sonne hym selfe, saue - i„ that^he 

S'S: = a"e:i- the father Onely. mediatour. 

derstand of the se^ oq -p j^g j^gde, watch, & pray, for ye know 

cond comming of ""^ -^ ,i ' 

christe. not when the tyme is. 

34 *Forthe Sonne of man isasone^is gone Mat. 25. h. 
into a strange countrey, and hath left his 

house & geuen autoritie to his seruantes, 

and to euery man his worke, & comman- ';of *-om 

ded the porter to watch. most assured, 

35 "Watch therefore, (for ye know not but of m- 
when the Master of the house wyl come, the^^^da^y, ^or 
whether at euen, or at mydnyght, whe- -^^^^^^^^ and 
ther at the cocke crowing, or in the dau- «>erfore^^,st 

^y^^-> 36 Lest """^- 

BY S. MARKE. 81 

36 Lest yf he come sodenly, he should 
fynde you slepyng. 

37 And that I say vnto you, I say itvnto 
aU men, Watch. 


Marie Magdalene anoynteth Christe. The 
Easter lambe is eaten. Christe is taken. Peter 
denyeth hym : wyth many other thinges that 
A were demanded of Christe. 

Mat. 26. a. A Nd after two dayes folowed the feast 
h/k. •22. a. -^^o/Easter, and of vnleuened bread : and 
the hie Priestes, & Scribes soght how they 
myght take hym by craft, and put him to 

2 And they sayd. Not in the feast day, lest 
any busynes aryse among the people. 
Mat. 26. a. B * And when he was in Bethanie, in the 
house of Simon the leper, euen as he sate 
at meat, there came a woman hauing an 
alabaster boxe of oyntment called spike- 
narde, that was verie costly, & she brake 
the boxe and powred it on his head. 

4 And there were " some that were not 
content in them selues, and sayd. What 
neded this waste of oyntment ? 

5 For it might haue bene solde for more 
then * three hundred pence, & bene geuen ' which are 
vnto the poore, ^ & they grudged against "^ Jo^d sterih"! 
her. se. 

. , _ 1 T 1 1 • 1 ''Towit, Tudas: 

6 And lesus sayd. Let her be m rest, why who was offended 
trouble ye her? She hath done a good trm'drabvX 
woorke on me. nes. 

7 For ye haue the poore with^you alwai- 
es : & whensoeuer ye wH, ye may do them 
good : but me ye haue not alwayes. 

8 She hath done that she could : she came 


io/m. 12. a. 


afore hande to anoynt my body to the bu- 

9 Verely I say vnto you, Wheresoeuer 
this Gospel shal be preached throughout 
the whole world, this also that she hath 
done shalbe rehearsed in remembrance 
of her. g 

10 * Then ludas Tscariot, one of the twelue Mat. 26. b. 
<> Hetooke occa c -went awav vnto the hye Priestes, to be- ^"*- 2'* "• 

sion by this oynt , , . , .^ 

ment asof a thing tray hun vnto them. 

euiii done. j j j^^ ^j^gj^ ^j^gy jj^j-^j ^^^-^^ ^j^ej Were 

glad, and promised that they would geue 
him money : and he soght how he myght 
conueniently betray him. 

12 And y fyrst day of vnleuened bread, 
whe they sacrificed the Paschal lambe, his 
disciples sayd vnto him. Where wilt thou 
that we go and prepare, that thou mayst 
eat the Easter lambe? 

1 3 The he sent forth two of his disciples, 
and sayd vnto them. Go ye into the citie, 
and there shal a man mete you bearyng a 
pitcher of water, folow him. 

14 And whithersoeuer he goeth^n, say 
ye to the good man of the house. The Ma- 
ster sayth. Where is y lodging where I shal 
eat the Easter lambe \\^th my disciples ? 

1 5 And he wyl shewe you an vpper cham 
ber which is large, trimmed, & prepared, 
there make ready for vs. 

1 6 So his disciples went forth, & came to 
f citie, & found as he had sayd vnto them 
& made ready the Easter lambe. 

1 7 And at euen he came with the twelue : c 

18 *And as they sate at horde & dyd eat. Mat. 26. 6. 
lesus sayd, Verely I say vnto you, that one '."?• ^^" *• 
of you shal betray me, ^ eateth with me. 

19 And 

BY S. MARKE. 82 

19 And they bega to mome & to say to hi 
one by one. Is it I ? And another, Is it I ? 

20 He answered and sayd vnto them. It is 

one of the twelue that ^ dippeth with me * To dip the 

;« +V./i v^1o+4-<^,. hand, is as much 

m the platter. to say, as he that is 

Psal. 41. c. 21 * Truelv the Sonne of man goeth, as it is accustomed to ea- 

,• 7 11 . ,• 1 • 1 11 1 te with me. 

f \ I written of him : but wo be to that man, by 

whom y Sonne of man is betrayed. It had 

bene good for him : if he had neuer bene 


Mat. 26. b. 22 *And as they dyd eat, lesus toke bread 

1. cor. 1 I.e. e blessed, brake, & gaue to them, and sayd, ' To Wesse is 

Beadmat. * Take, eat, this is my body. togyue thTnke"!^ 

cnap.zty. c. ^g j^^ ^^ ^^j^g ^^^ gaue thankes, & fi"'^?"'^Pf!il'°- 

, , ^ °,, t terpretit.and Mar- 

gaue it to them, and they aU dranck of it. ke also speaking 

24 And he sayd vnto the. This is my bloud °^ '^^ ^""P" 
of the newe Testamet, w is shed for many. 

25 Verely I say vnto you, I wyl drinck no 
more of the frute of the vine, vntyl that 
day, that I drinck it newe in y kyngdome 
of God. 

Thankes ge- 26 And whe they had songe the song, they 

^' went out to the hil of Ohues. 

John. 15. d. 27 *Then lesus sayd vnto the, All ye shalbe 

offended because of me this night. For it 
Zach. 13. c. is wrytten, * I wyl smyte the shepeherd, & 

the shepe shal be scattered. 

28 But after that I am rysen, I wyl go in- 
Chap. 16. 6. to * G^alde before you. 

29 And Peter sayd vnto hym, Althogh 
aU me should be offeded, yet would not I. 

30 The lesus sayd vnto hym, Verely I say 
vnto thee. This day, euen in this nyght, be- 
fore the cock crowe twyse, thou shalt de- 
ny me thryse. 

31 And he sayd more earnestly. If I should 
dye with thee, I wyl not deny thee : Lyke- 



wyse also sayd they all. 

32 After they come into a place named 
Gethsemane : then he said to his disciples, S*""^'®. '" 
Sit ye here, whyle I go and pray. 

33 And he toke with him Peter, lames, & 
' His diuinitie John, and he besran ^ to be afrayd, and in 

was as It were hyd, , . ° ■' 

and hishumanitie great heamnes. 

shewed it selfeful- 34 p^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ j^y ^^^^ -g ^^^ 

heauy euen vnto the death, tary here and 

35 And being gon forward a lytle, he fel 

downe on the ground, and prayed, that 

if it were possible, that houre myght passe 

from hym. 

BAb, in Hebrew, 36 And he sayd, "Abba, Father, all thin- 

s^rian t'onguVsi- Z'^^ ^^^ possible vnto thee, take away this 

gnifieth father, cup from me. Neuerthelesse not y I wyl: 

•> He standeth but that thou '^ wilt 5e doue. 
wuTbu? t^hlt°wn! 37 Then he cometh & fyndeth the sleping, 
lingiy lie offereth and saycth to Peter, Simon slepest thou ? 
God. "^ ° ° y Couldest not thou watch w me one houre ? E 

38 Watch ye, and pray, lest ye entre into 
tentation : for the sprite is ready, but the 
fleshe is weake. 

39 And again he went away, and prayed, 
and spake the same wordes, 

40 And he returned, and found them a 
slepe agayn,for theyr eyes were heauy : ne- 
ther wyst they what to answere h}rm. 

41 And he cometh the thyrd tyme, & say- 
' He raeaneth eth vnto them, ' Slepe hence forth, & take 

come'^then'lh'ey youT casc. it is ynough, the houre is come, 
shaibe kept from beholde y Sonne of man is dehuered into 
the handes of synners. 

42 Ryse vp, let vs go, Lo he y betrayeth 

me, IS at hand. /„^ 22. e. 

48 *And immediatly whyle he yet spake, iohn. J8. a. 


BY S- MARKE. 83 

came ludas one of the twelue, and with 
hjrtn a great nombre of people with swor- 
des and staues, from the hye Priestes, and 
Scribes, and Elders. 

44 And he that betrayed hym had geuen 
them a general toke saying, Wliomsoeuer 

^ I shal kys, he it is : take hym & lead hym '" it « as iiie fa- 

r 1 ciou then to grete 

awaysately. with kyssing at 

45 And as sone as he was come, he went their meetinges,& 

also at their depar 

strayghtway to hym, and sayd vnto hjrm, ture. 

' Maister, Maister, and kyssed hym. ' He repeteth 

46 And they layd theyr handes on him, j^arre^'e^moued 

and toke hym. w'"^.'' certeynpi- 

Peter. 47 And" one of them that stode by, drue i^t leaue.'"^ 

Maichus. out a sword, & smote a " seruant of the hye 
Priest, and cut of his eare. 
F 48 Andlesus answered and sayd vnto the : 
No man can ye become out as vnto a thefe with swor- 

do any thing 

contrary to des and with staues for to take me. 

ce° ^ °'^ "^^' 49 I was dayly with you in the temple te- 

achyng, and ye toke me not : but tkisis done 

that the Scriptures should be fulfilled. 
" All the dis- 50 The they " all forsoke him, & ran away, 
cip es. g J ^^ there folowed him a certayn yo- 

ge man, clothed in lynnen vpon his bare 

body, and the yonge men caught hym. 

52 But he left his lynnen, and fled from 

them naked. 
Mat. 26. f. 53 * And they led lesus away to the hye 
_ {«*• ^^-f- Priest, and to him came aU the hye Prie- 
stes, and the Elders, and the Scribes. 

54 And Peter folowed hym a great way 
of, euen into the hall of the hye Priest, & 
sat with the seruantes, & warmed hym self 

'■ Or, lyght. at the " fyre. 

55 And the hye Priestes, & all the Coun- 
cil soght for witnes against lesus, to put 

1. iii. 


him to death, and found none. 

56 For many bare false wytnes agaynst 
hym, but their witnes agreed not toge- 

57 Then there arose certayn, and broght 
false witnes against him, sajong, 

■" These two 58 We heard him say, * I wH "" destroy this lohn. 2. e. 
rn'thTthoTre^ tepk made ^ handes, & within thre dayes 
ported that Christ J wil buyld another, made without hades. 
st/oye thetempie" 59 But their witnes yet agreed not toge- 

(asMat.writeth)ad tVip»- 

the other sayd, ' . , _ 

that he heard 60 And the hye Priest stode vp amogest 
w^i^do it^as^s them, and asked lesus saying, Answerest 
here noted. thou nothing ? How is it that these beare 

witnes agaynst thee? 
61 But he held his peace, and answered 
nothing. Again the hye Priest asked hym, 
and sayd vnto him, Art thou Christe the 
■> That is of Sonne of the ° Blessed ? 
tMeauSaS; 62 And lesus said* lam ^e ; andyeshalsee Mat.26 e 
Sm ua'e t^e*ie" ^^^ " ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^J^ ^* ^^^ ^ght hand of D 

weswhentheyspe- the myghty God, and come in the cloudes Whome they 
ake of God, vse „f }ipmipn °0'^ contem- 

comonly in their "^ nedueu. ned in this 

writinges euen to 63 Then the hye Priest rent his clothes & Jj^se estat^ 
^^' sayd,Whatnedeweany further wytnesses? see appears 

64 Ye haue heard blasphemie: what thin- t\th^^afestte 
ke ye ? And they all gaue sentence that he andgione. 
was worthy of death. 

65 And some began to spit at hym, and to 
couer his face, and to beate him with fy- 

stes, & to say vnto hym, " Reede. And the "Or, Prophe- 
sergeantes smote him with their rods of "^'^^ 

66 *And as Peter was beneath in y haU, the Mat. 26, g. 
re came one of y maydes of y hye Priest. (***• ^^•■^' 

67 And whe she saw Peter warmyng him 
self, she loked on him, and sayd. Thou wast 


BY S. MARKE. 84 

also with lesus of Nazaret ? 

68 But ° he denied it, saying, I knowe him side^ur°owne°iif. 
not, nether wot I what thou sayest. The he firmitie, that we 

Or, entrie. went into the " P porche, and the cock to'trusu" God!^& 
crewe "°' '" ''"'^ owne 

■ . strength. 

69 The a mayde saw him againe, & began p Peter preparcth 
to say to them that stode by. This is one of hj,";:"" Lnhlnl^ 
them. yd ^°to- 

70 But he denied it agayne : and anone 
after, they that stode by, sayd agayn to Pe 
ter. Surely thou art one of them, for thou 
art of GaUle, and thy speach agreeth 

71 And he began to cursse, and sweare, 
saying, I knowe not this man of whom ye 

72 * Then the secode tyme the cok crewe, 
and Peter remembered the woord that Je- 
sus sayd vnto hym. Before the cock crowe 
twyse, thou shalt deny me thryse, & way- 
ing that with him selfe, he wept. 


The passion of Christe. Of his death and bu- 


\ Nd anone in y dawnyng, the hye Prie 
-^^stes held counsel with the Elders, & 
the Scribes, and the whole Congregation : 
and bound lesus, and led him away, * & de =• For they had 
UueredhimtoPHate. p°t r/man lo 

2 The Pilate asked him, Art thou y king death. 
of the lewes ? And he answered, and sayd 
vnto hym. Thou sayest it. 

3 And the hye Priestes accused hym of 
many thinges. 

4 * Wherfore, Pilate asked him agayn, 
saying, Answerest thou nothing ? beholde 

1. iiii. 


how many thynges they witnes against 

5 But lesus yet answered neuer a woord, 
so that Pilate merueyled, 

6 At that feast Pilate did deliuer a pri- 
soner, whomsoeuer they would desire. 

7 Then there was one named Barabbas, 
which lay boimd with other his fellowes 
that made insurrection, and in the insur- 
rection, they had committed murther. 

8 And the people cried a lowde, and be- 
gan to desire that he ivould do accordyng 

t- The people ai as he had '' eucr done vnto them. 
Their cu^metar. 9 Then Pilate answered them, and sayd, 
thogh they be wor Wyl ye that I loose vuto you the kyng of 
the lewes ? 

10 For he knewe that the hye Priestes 
had deliuered him of enuie. 

1 1 But the hye Priestes had moued the 
people to desire that he would rather deli 
uer Barabbas vnto them. 

1 2 And Pilate answered, and sayd agayne 
vnto them, "What wyl ye then that I do 
with him, whome ye call the kyng of the 
lewes ? 

1 3 And they cryed agayne, Crucifie him. 

1 4 Then Pilate sayd vnto them. Yea, but 
what euU hath he done .'' And they cried 
the more feruently, Crucifie him. 

' whcnaiudge 15 And SO Pilate'^ willing to content the 
metheTuUefor! People, loosed them Barabbas: and deh- 
getteth iustice. uered lesus when he had scourged him, 
for to be crucified. 

16 Then the souldiers led him away in- B 
to the hall, which is the " commen haU, & ". ®'^' ^'^^^°' 


called together the whole band of the 

17 And 

BY S. MARKB. 85 

1 7 And clothe him with purple, and plat 
le a crowne of thornes, and crowne him 
with all, 

18 And began to salute him saying, Hay- 
le kyng of the lewes. 

19 And they smote hym on the head with 
" Or, staike. a " reede, and spat vpon hym, & knelyng 

downe worshypped hym. 

20 And when they had mocked him, they 
toke the purple of him, and put his owne 
clothes on hym, and led him out to cruci- 
fie him. 

Mat. 21. d. 21 * And they'' compelled one that pas- ^ it was the cu. 

luk.2B. e. gg^ ijy^ called Simon of Cyrene (which ca- thatwas^condened 

me out of the countrev, and was father *° 'r^P ^'^ crosse, 

J but lesus was not 

of Alexander and Rufus) to beare his able for weakenes. 

22 And they broght hym to a place na- 
med Golgotha: which is by interpretatio, 
the place of dead mens Seniles. 
C 23 And they gaue hym to drinke wyne 
myngled with mjrrrhe, but he receaued it 

24 And whe they had crucified him. they 
parted his garmentes, castjnng lottes for 
them, what euery man should haue. 

25 And it was ^ about the thyrd houre, ' The lewes de- 

, ^ , ■ n 1 ^ • uided their day in 

when they crucified him. to 4 partes, so 

26 And the title of his cause was written, ^^^^ ^J ^"^^ *'>'''^ 

' houre IS here ment 
THE KYNG OF THE lEWES. the third part of 

27 And they crucified with him two the- from'7ixa clock to 
ues : the one on the ryght hand, and the o- °)™®'/' what ty- 

, 1 • 1 /• ™s Max. sayth hft 

ther on his lyrt. was crucified. 

28 Thus the Scripture was fulfyUed, w 
Esa.b^.d. sayeth, * And he was counted among the 


29 And they that went by, rayled on him. 


waggyng their heades, & saying, Hey, thou 
that destroyest y temple, and buildest it 
in three dayes, 

30 Saue thy self, and come downe from 
the crosse. 

31 Lykewyse also the hye Priestes moc- 
king, sayd amog the selues with the Scri- 
bes, He saued other men, hjrm self he can 
not saue. 

32 Let Christe the kjnng of Israel now de- 
seed from the crosse, that we may see, and 
beleue. And they that were crucified with 
him checked him also. 

33 Now whe the sixt houre was come, dare 

kenes arose ouer " all the earth vntyl the "Because this 

nynthhom-e. tfo^.y o- 

'Which was the 34 And at v *^ nynth houre, lesus cried w "er the ladof 

third part of the , j • * t7<i • -r^i • i Chanaa.when 

day , and about 3.of a loud VOyCC, SayUlg, Moi, LlOl, lamma- the rest of the 

the ciocke after sabachthani? which is if it be uiterpre- v "kI'^.^""'^ • 

none. /-i /-i light the mi. 

ted. My God, my God, why hast thou for- racie is the 

1 greater. 

sakenme. Psal.22.a. 

35 And some of them that stode by, when mat. 27. e. 
they heard that, sayd," Beholde he calleth ,^, . 

■' •' "This was spo 

for Ehas. ken mockin- 

36 And one ran and fyUed a * sponge ful |>^^^ gg ^ 
of vineger, and put it on a reede, and ga- 

ue him to drinck, saying. Let him alone, 
let vs see whether Ehas wyl come and ta- 
ke him downe. 

37 And lesus cried with a loud voyce, & 
gaue vp the gost. 

38 And the Vayle of the temple dyd rent 
in two peeces, fro the top to the bottome. 

39 Now when the " Centurion, which sto- " Who had. 
de before him, saw that he so cried, & ga- an hundred 
ue vp y gost, he sayd. Truly this man was '"^"' 

the Sonne of God. 

40 There 

BY S. MARKE. 86 

40 There were also women a good way of 
beholding him : among whome was Marie 
Magdalene, and Marie themother of la- 
mes the lytle, and of loses, and Marie Sa- 

41 The which women also when he was 
Luk.8.a. in Galile, * folowed him & mrnistred vn- 

to hym : and many other women which ca- 
me vp with him vnto Jerusalem. 
Mat. 27. g. 42 *Andnowwhe night was come (becau 

l"h'}~\<)^' ^^ ^* ^^^ *^^ ^^y °^ ^^^ preparation that 

goeth before the Sabbath) 
" A graue ma 43 loseph of Arimathc," a good Comisel- 
autoritie. lowc, which also loked for the kyngdome 

of God, came and went in s boldely vnto ^ This man she- 

■o'l . iijiiij e T wed his faith bol- 

rilate, and asked the body or lesus. deiy when the dan 

44 And Pilate merueiled if he were al- ser seemed to be 

, ^ moste perilous. 

ready dead, and called vnto him the Cen 
turion, and asked of him whether he had 
bene any whyle dead. 

45 And when he knewe the trueth of the 
Centurion, he gaue the body to loseph. 

46 Who boght a lynnen cloth, and toke 
him downe, and wrapped hym in the lyn- 
nen cloth, and layd him in a tombe that 
was hewen out of a rock, & rolled a stone 
vnto the dore of the sepulchre, 

47 And Marie Magdalene, & Marie loses 
mother, beheld where he shulde be layd. 


Christe is rysen agayn and appeared to the 
Apostles to whom he comitteth the preachyng 
of the Gospel. 

M t '^H ^ A ^^ when the Sabbath day was past, 
luk.M.a. Marie Magdalene, & Marie y rao^^er 

lohn 20. a. of lames, & Salome, boght swete oyntmets 


that they might come & embaulme him. 

2 "And early in the morning the fyrst day 
of the weeke, they came vnto the sepul- 
chre, when the smme was yet rysing : 

3 And they sayd one to another, Who 
shal rolle vs away the stone from the do- 
ore of the sepulchre .'' 

4 And when they loked, they saw how 
the stone was roUed away (for it was a ve- 
ry great one) 

5 * And they went into the sepulchre, and Mat. 28. a. 
» The Augei of saw ^ a vonffe man syttynar at the risrht sv- *• ^'*" "• 

God in the like- ■, ^ A j ■ i i,-! *. j 

nes of a yonge de, clothed m a long white garment : and 
™^'»- they were afrayed. 

6 But he sayd vnto them. Be not afrayed : B 
ye seke lesus of Nazaret, which hath bene 
crucified : he is risen, he is not here : be- 
holde the place, where they put him. 

7 But go your way, and tel his disciples, 
I' He especiaiy and ''Peter, That he wil go before you into 

Peter, t™*confort Galile : there shal ye see him, * as he sayd Mat. 26. c 

him, because, he vnto VOU. chap, 14. c. 

had falle into gre- n*ii' -ii t n -i r 

ater danger then o And they went out qmckly and fled fro 
the rest. ^^g sepulchre : For they trembled and we- 

re amased : nether sayd they any thing to 
any man, for they were afrayed. 

9 When lesus was rysen agayn, in y mo- 
row (which was the first day of the weeke) 
he appeared fyrst to Marie Magdalene, 

* out of whom he had cast seuen deuyls. loJm 20. d. 

10 And she went & tolde them that had '^*'8-«- 
bene with him, which mourned and wept. 

'They had sone n And thogh thev "^ heard that he was 

forgotte that that , jiji-i 

christe had fore- alyuc, and had appeared to her, yet they 
r»lf,r«.^L°^ ^'' beleued it not. 


12 After that, he appeared vnto two of Luk. 24. b. 
them in an other forme, as they walked & 


BY S. MARKE. 87 

went into the coimtry. 
13 And they went and tolde it to the rem 
nant : but they beleued them not. 
" Mourning & 14 Finally, he appeared vnto the eleuen 
praj mg. ^^ ^j^^^ „ ^^^^ together, and cast in their te- 
eth their vnbeliefe, and hardenes of he- 
art : because they beleued not them which 
had scene him after his resurrection. 
Mat. 28. rf. 15 And he sayd vnto them. *Go ye into , 

all the world, and preach the glad tidin- 
"As wei Gen- ges to all " creatures, 
tie as lewe. 1 g He that shal beleue and be baptized, 
lohn. 12. g. shalbe saued : * but he that wil not beleue, 
shalbe damned. 

1 7 And these '^ tokens shal folow them y d This gyft was 
Act. 2. a. beleue, * In my name they shal cast out de- ^^^i°^:„\E° 
10. (j. Ki.e?. u]]s^ and shal speake with " newe tongues, re wiiungiy to re- 

" With other ir,*AiTiii ^ j ceaue the Gosppl 

and diuers, as 1 8 And shal take away serpentes : and ^hich as yet was 

^Aa^T^^a "^ *^^y ^^^ drinke any deadly thing, it ^°*o^^jf^"''y 
shal not hurt the : they shal lay their han- 
des on the syck, and they shal recouer. 

Luh. 24. y. 1 9 * So then whe the Lord had spoken vn- 
to them, he was receaued into heauen, & 
sitteth at the right hande of God. 
20 And they wet forth, & preached eue- = The miracles 

Beh. 2. a. ry where. And the * Lord wroght with ^^tl'^Z^'^^^^l 
them, & confirmed the woord with " mi- teynseaiesisothat 

- - , . II the doctrine be 

racles that rolowed. false, the miracles 

can be no better. 
Deuter. 13. a. 



by sainct Luke. 


The kynred, 8f holynes of Zacharie, and Eli 
sabet his wife, his incredulitie is ponished. 
The talke of the Angel, and Elisabet with 
Marie, which was pronoiiced happy by reason 
of her faith. VVherof she praiseth the Lord, The 
byrth. Circumcision, and graces of lohn, Zacha 
rie healed geueth thankes to God. 

OR A s- l^^ 

, 1 he preface 

much as ma- of the Euan- 

ny haue ta- S"''^'^- 
ken in had 
to write the 
historic of 
those thjm- 
ges, wherof 
we are ful- 
ly certi- 


2 Euen as they declared them vnto vs, 


woord that is to 
say, of the Gospel. 

BY S. LVKE. 88 

which from y begynnyng saw them their 
" Or, of the selues, & Were ministers ^" at the doyng : The Greeke is, 
L'i°/heTe'er 3 It seemed good also to me (moste noble roit'he" 

red ether to Theophilus) aS SOne as I had learned per- met that they were 
Christe or to ^ ,, ^ ,, ^/ j. .i i • ^ the miuisters of 

the Gospel, fectly all thynges trom the begmnyng, to christe,whoiscai 
wryte vnto thee therof from poynt to ':^^^^:r:tZ 
poynt : 

4 That thou mightest acknowlage the 
trueth of those thinges where in thou hast 
bene broght vp. 

5 TN the tyme of Herode Kyng of lurie, 
-■-there was a certayne Priest named Za- 

l.CAr.24.a. charias, of the course * " of Abia : and his 
" or.Sert ^yfe was of the " daughters of Aaron, & 
tie- her name was Elisabet. 

6 Both were '' perfect before God, and "Thisperfectio 
"ofthefyrst, walked in all the" comandements and or ged by the frutes 

&^secOde ta- ^Ji^^^nCeS of the Lord, ^ no man could fyn ^'anTnofby'the 
de faut with them. cause which onely 

7 And they had no chylde, because that fre'lS merde 
Ehsabeth was barren, & bothe were wel through christe. 
strycken in age. 

8 And it came to passe, as he executed y 
Priestes office before God, as his course 
came in order, 

9 According to the custome of the Prie- 
" Euening & g^gs office his lot was to"bume incese,whe 

cording to he Went mto the ^ temple of the Lord. , ' The tepiewas 

the law i/-v*A 1^1 1 1 1--^ 1 C.I deuided into three 

ieaf 16 d ^^ -^"^ ^^ whole multitude of the peo partes: the fyrst 

ex. 30. a. ' pie, were without in prayer, whylethe m- ^h? tempi'rcliie"d 

cense was bumyng. Atrium, where the 

iTAjii jii- * people was: the se- 

1 1 And there appeared vnto him an An- cond called san- 
gel of the Lord standyng at the ryght sy- p^j^g'ter&Leuitel 
de of the aulter of incense. were: & the third 

12 And when Zacharias sawe him, he was rfl,°inro"the whi'ch 
abasshed, and feare came on hvm. 'he hye Priest en- 

•DnoT>,.i A 1 1 .!• T^ tredonceayere to 

» 13 But the Angel sayd vnto mm, l"eare sacrifice. 


not Zacharie : For thy prayer is heard : 
and thy wyfe Elisabeth shal beare thee 
a Sonne, and thou shalt call his name 

" lohn. "Which sign: 

14 And thou shalt haue ioye and gladnes ce of the" 
in him, & many shal reioyce at his byrth. ^'"''^■ 

15 For he shalbe great in the syght of the 

Lord, and shal nether drynck " wyne, nor " Nothig thm 
" Thewoordsi- d gtrong drinck : and he shalbe fyUed, w Tef ^* ''''" 

gnifieth all maner , f r^ . r i,- 4.1, 

of drinck which the holy Orost, euen rrom his mothers 

maketh me drone- Tirnmbe 

1 6 * And many of the chyldren of Israel Mala. 4. b. 
shal he tume to their Lord God. 

1 7 * For he shal go" before in his syght in Mat.\ i . b. 
the sprite and power of Ehas, to tume y his^royaiue 

- When christe hartes of the "^ fathers to the chyldren, ^f\j^^^ ^ 

serthe fath^e™ aga°- 3^Ild the disobedient to the Wysedome of whosignlfieth 

inst the Sonne &c. the iust men : to make the people ready wt'^h^d *° 

he meaneth the , ^ r r y oe at nana, 

successe which CO- lOr the ijOrd. 

r/ef through *e !« Th^ Zacharie saydvnto y Angel, whe- 
malice of men: but reby shal I knowe this ? For I am an olde 

here he speaketh j _r • r i. 

of the true ende & man, and my wyfe is of a great age. 

proprietie of the \ 9 ^d the Angel answered, and sayd vn 

to him, I am " Gabriel that stand in the pre " which signi 
sence of God, and am sent to speak vnto strength^or 
thee, and to shewe thee these arlad tv- souueraintie 

J & / of God. 


20 And beholde thou shalt be domme, 

and not be able to speake, vntil" the day "Wemustnoi 
that these thynges be performed : because ^omesse "by i 
thou beleuedst not my woordes w shalbe °'"" '^eke sen- 
fulfilled in their season. 

21 And the people wayted for Zacharie, 
and merueyled that he taried in y teple. 

22 And when he came out, he could not 
speak vnto them : Then they perceaued y 
he had scene a vision in the temple. For he 


BY S. liVKE. 89 

made signes vnto them, & remayned spe- 
Q 23 And it fortmied, as sone as the tyme of 
"Whiles their his office was out, he departed " home into 

course endu- i- i 

red to sacrifi- his owne house. 

ce, they 24 And after those dayes, his wyfe Ehsa- 

with their wy beth conceaued, and hyd her selfe fyue mo- 

ues, nor drinc ^1^ sjavino- 

ke any lycour netiies, saymg, 

that might 25 This wyse hath God dealt with me, in 

drunck. the days wherin he loked on me, to take 

from me ^ my rebuke among men. 'For the barren 

26 And in the syxt moneth, the Angel Ga- repromShi^h 
briel was sent fro God vnto a citie of Ga- f^od made to the 

■,., 1 -KT i that were raaried 

hie, named Nazaret, to have issue: but 

27 To a Virgin affianced to a man whose P"°cipaiiy they 

, . . were depriued ot 

name was Joseph, of the house of Dauid : that promesse 
and the Virgins name was Marie. To'^AbrSam^hat 

28 And V Anffel went in vnto her, & said, ^e would increase 

f his se6dG. 

" Or.giadnes " Havle thou v art freely beloued, v Lord 

be to thee 

is ^ thee : blessed art thou amog women. 

29 And when she sawe hym, she was aba- 
shed at his saying : and cast in her mynd, 
what maner salutation that should be. 

30 Then the Angel sayd vnto her, Feare 

not Marie, for s thou art in fauour with gNotforherme 

/~< J rites, but onely 

^OQ. through Gods free 

Esai.l. c. 3 1 * For lo, thou shalt coceaue in thy wo- mercie, who loued 

mattw 1 d \ 11 1 1 1. 11 1 • vs when we were 

be, and beare a sonne, and shalt call his synners, that who 

nnmp Tptsim • soeuer reioyseth, 

name lesus . ^^^^,,^ ^^-^^^^ i„ 

32 He shalbe great, and shalbe called the the Lord. 

[?e\'rTe Stoe ^^^^^ ^^^'^^" ^^^^^ • ^^^ ^^^ ^ord God shal 
of God, begot geue vuto hym, the seat of his father Da- 
ten from be- • i 
fore all be- ^^■ 

gynnyng and 33 And he shal raysTic ouer the house of 

manifested m ^ 1 r 1 ■ 1 

fltshatthede- lacob for eucr, and of his kyngdome shal 

torminat ty- ^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

D 34 Then sayd Marie vnto the Angel, 


'■ She would be h fjow shal this be, seyng, I know no man ? 
tes to thende that 35 And the Angel answered, & sayd vn- 
refy'"embr™e'''the ^^ ^^^> ^h^ ^0^' ^ost shal come vpo thee, 
promesp of God. and the powcr of the hyest shal ouer sha- 

dowe thee ? Therfore also that" holy thyng " He must be 

which shalbe borne of thee shalbe called oursynn^! ' 

the Sonne of God. ke^*awa"l'he 

' Notwith Stan- 36 And beholde thy 'cosyn Elisabeth, she synns of the 

wasmaried to one hath also conceaucd a Sonne in her olde ^°^ *^' 

of the tribe of Le- acre. And this is her syxt moneth, which 

ui:yetshewasMa- H j , 

ries cosyn which was Called barren. 

oTDauid.^Forthe ^7 For with God shal nothing be vnpos- 

law which forbad siblc. 

their 'owne°'tribe, 38 And Marie sayd, Beholde the hand 
vias only that the mayden of the Lord, be it vnto me euen 

tribes should not •' 

be mixt and con- as thou hast sayd. And the Angel depar- 

cm'ot^rin ted from her. ' 

marying with the 39 And Marie arose in those dayes, and 

Leuites.fortheyhad ^ • ^ ii i -ii . --i -i .. • 

no portion as- wcnt mto the hilly countrey with haste in- 

sigmed vnto thorn. Jq ^ citic " of lurie. ' " Which was 

40 And entred into the house of Zacha- riath^rbal or 
rie, and saluted Elisabeth. Hebron, jos. 

41 And it fortuned, as Elisabeth heard 

the salutation of Marie, the " babe sprang "Thismouing 
in her belly : and Elisabeth was fylled w narie'l^d'not 
the holy Gost. natural. 

42 And she cryed with a loud voyce, & E 
sayd. Blessed art thou among women, be- 
cause the frute of thy wombe is blessed. 

43 And whence happeneth this to me, y 
y mother of my Lord should come to me .'' 

44 For lo, as sone as the voyce of thy sa- 
lutation sounded in myne ears, the babe 
sprang in my belly for ioye. 

45 And blessed is she y beleued : for tho- 
se thynges shalbe performed, which were 
tolde her from the Lord. 

46 Then 

BY S. LVKE. 90 

46 Then Marie sayd. 
The song of 47 My'' soule magnifieth y Lord : and my ^ Thesouie,and 
^""^- sprite reioyseth in God my sauiour. *^l JalrsSS 

48 For he hath loked on the poore degre andaffectio.which 

-,., J J r irur-i-- ^^^ the two princi 

of his hand mayden : tor beholde iro hece pai panes of the 
"This fauour forth, shal all ages call " me blessed. ^""'e. 

that God „ T-i 11- 1 1111 

hath shewed 49 Because, he that is myghty, hath decla 
"en^of " fo? red towards me wonderful thynges, and 
euer. holy is his name. 

50 And his ' mercie is on them that feare ^' According to 

, . ,, , ,11 the promesse raa- 

him, throughout all ages. de to Abraha that 

Esa. 51 . ft. 51 * He hath shewed strength ^ his arme: God''^'dthe''God 
£sai ^29 *e * ^^ t^'th Scattered the that are proude in ofhisseede. 
"The wicked the " imagination of their harts. 
o7herwherta 52 He hath put downe the mighty from 
they them sei their seates of honour, and exalted them of 

ues are take. , ■, 

lowe degre. 
\.Ky.2.a. 53 * Hg hath fylled the hungry with good 
psa . . . ^jyjjggg^ ^jjjj ggjj^ away the riche empty. 
f-T\ ft^ '^' ^^ * ■^^ ^^^^ vpholden Israel. his seruant, 
§• 54! 6. y he might be myndeful of his mercie. 
iere. .3 1 . a. 55 ( * Euen as he promised to our fathers, 
GenAl.e, ^^ ^j^^ ^^ Abraham & his " sede) for euer. 
psa/. 132. 6. 56 And Marie abode with her about thre 
F monethes, & returned agavn to her owne 

" or, poste- 1 ^ 

ritie. house. 

57 Now Ehsabeths tyme was come y she 
should be dehuered, and she broght forth 
a Sonne. 

58 And her neyghbours, and cosyns he- 
ard tel how the Lord had shewed great 
mercie vpo her, and they reioysed for her 

59 And it was so y the eyght day, they 
came to circumcise the babe, and called 
his name Zacharie, after the name of his 


60 And his mother answered, and sayd, 
Not so, but he shalbe called lohn. 

61 And they said vnto her. There is no- 
ne of thy kynne, that is named with this 

62 And they made signes to his father, 
how he would haue him called. 

63 Then he asked for wryting tables, and 
wrote, saying. His name is lohn. and they 
merueyled all. 

64 And his mouth was opened immedi- 
■" Not oneiy for atlv, andhis togue also, and he ^ spake in 

his benefitein par • ■ r~< j 

donighisfaut:but praismg IjrOd. 

also to shewe that 55 -J^ f ^ ^J^g tJ^ ^ ^ J^ 

he was lustely po- 

nished for his in- nyc vnto them, and all these sayinges we- 
^ " ' '^' re noysed abrode throughout all the hyl 

countrey of lurie. 

66 And all they that heard them, layd 
them vp in their harts, saying, What ma- 
nerchilde shal this be? And the"handof "Themightie 
the Lord was wyth him. goT*^ ° 

67 And his father Zacharie was fiUed 
with the holy Gost, and prophecied say- 

68 * Blessed be the Lord God of Israel : g 

"In declaring hi for that he hath " visited andredemed his Chap.2.d. 

selfe myndef ul of , matth.l. d. 

his people, & ther- peopie. 

fore is come from gg * ^nd hath raysed vp the ° horn of sal- exo. 7. c. 

heauen to visit and . .■^ ^ ., . o^i^./.i,. 

redemethem. UatlOn, vntO VS, m the hoUSe of his Seruat ^"e so"g ol 

» When the pro. T^-, Zacharie. 

messes of God see- A-'dUia. 

med to haue fai- 70 * Euen as he promised by the mouth Gen. 50. d 

led, & the state of r i • i i -n i , i • i ; ion 

Israel to haue pe- or hlS holy rropheteS, whlCh Were SynCeP*"'- '<^^•«■• 
rished, the sent he 4.l, „ -^„-.l J V,po.„„ vn^Mnn ieve 23 u. 

his christewhoby "^^ "^ona Dcgan, saying, ^30_ j_ 

his inuincibie 7 1 That he would saue VS from our ene- Amos 9. 

strength, as with a • j r ii. i. j /r 11 ii. ^ i. 

stronge horn ouer Hiies, and irom the hands 01 all that ha- 

threwe his enne- ^g yg_ 

72 That he would shewe mercie towards 

BY S. liVKE. 91 

our fathers, and remembre his holy coue- 

Gen. 22. c. 73 *And f othe which he sware to our fa- 

£7;l.y- ther Abraham: 

74 Which was, that he would graunte vn- 
to vs, y we deUuered out of the hands of 
our ennemies, should serue hym wythout 

\.Pet.\.c. 75 All the dayes of our lyfe, in * holynes 

" To whome ^nd riffhteousnes " before hvm. 

no hypocnsie ^ ^ 

can be acce- 76 And thou babe shalt be called y Pro- 
ptabie. phete of the hyest : for thou shalt go be- 

fore the face of the Lord, to prepare his 
wayes : 

77 And to geue knowledge of saluation 
vnto his people, by the remission of their 

78 Through the tender mercie of our 
Mala. 4. a. God, wherby * the " day spring from an hye 
A. 4 c. ' hath visited vs. 

"Or.branche 79 To geue lyght to them that sit in 
ning the 'Mas darcloies, and in the shadowe of death, & 
to gyde our feete into the way of peace. 
80 And y chylde grewe & waxed strong 
in spirite, and was in p wildemes, tyl the p He meaneth 
daye came, when he should shew hym self ^^^th'waslsUn': 

vnto Israel. habited, wher also 

the grosse & rude 
people dwelled. 


The byrth and circumcision of Christe. he 
was receaued into the temple. Simeon and An 
na prophecie of him. He was found among the 
doctours. His obedience to father and mother. 
And niaries wisdome. 

A A Nd it chanced in those dayes, that 

'""XectT th^'"6 came a comandement from Au- 

the Roraains. gust the Emperour, that all the " world 

m. iii. 



should be taxed. 

2 (This fyrst taxyng was made when Cy- 

renius was " Lieutenant in Sjrria.) "Or.Gouuer 

3 Therfore euery ma went vnto his owne J 
citie to be taxed. 1 

-Heshewethby 4 And ^ loseph also ascended from Gali 

what occasion les r • • 11 1 -vt • t 

was bom in Beth- le, out of a citie Called Nazaxet, mto lu- 
fithThrhowslfSf rie, vnto the citie of * Dauid, which is cal- lohn l.f. 
bread. led Bethlehem, because he was of the hou l-%»-20.6.^ 

se and hgnage of Dauid, 

5 To be taxed wyth Marie that was pro- 
mesed him to wyfe, which was with chyl- 

6 And so it was, that whyle they we- 
re there, her tyme was come y she should 
be dehuered. 

7 * And she broght forth her fyrst begot MatthA.d^ 
ten Sonne, and wrapped him in swadl3rng 
clothes, and layd him in a cretche, becau- 
se there was no rowme for them with in y 


8 And there were in the same regid shep- 

heards, abyding in the field, & watching f 

their flock by night. I 

9 And lo, the Angel of the Lord soden- b I 
ly came vpon them, and the glorie of the 

Lord shone rounde about them, and they 
were sore afrayd. 

10 Then the Angel sayd vnto them. Be 
not afrayd : for beholde, I bring you ti- 

i> Because they dinges of great ioye, that shal come to all 

should not be of- i.|^ npnnlp 
fended with Chri- ^"^ people. 

stes poore estate 1 1 That is, f vnto you is bome this day in 

tefh tlfisdouter& the citie of" Dauid, a Sauiour, which is "inBetWehs. 

sheweth in what Christc the Lord. 

sort they shulde t^.,k, i-/. 

fynde hira. 1 2 AuQ ° take yc this for a signe : Ye shal 


BY S. LVKE. 92 

fynde the chylde swadeled, and layd in a 

13 And strayghtway there was with the 
Angel a midtitude of heauenly souldiers, 
laudyng God, and saying, 

14 Glorie be to God in the hye heauens, 
and peace in earth, and towardes men 

c p^ood Wvl. ' The free mer- 

■•r A n -j^ e ^ J ii A , cie and good wil of 

15 And it fortuned, as sone as the Angels God, which is the 
were gone away from them into heauen, p°e™e^^d°feiic7 
the shepherds sayd one to another, Let tie- 
rs go euen vnto Bethlehem, and see this 

thyng that is happened, which the Lord 
hath shewed vnto vs. 
C 1 6 And they came with haste, and found 
both Marie and Joseph, and the babe layd 
in the cretche. 

1 7 And when they had seene it, they pu- 
bhsshed abrode the saying, which was tol 
de them of that same chylde, 

1 8 And all that heard it, wondred at tho- 
se thinges which were tolde them of the 

1 9 But Marie kept all those sayings, and 
pondered them in her hart. 

20 And the shepherds returned glori- 
fying and praysing God, for aU that they 
had heard and seene, euen as it was tolde 
vnto them. 

Gen. 21. a. 21 * And when the eyght day was come, 
that the infant shulde be circumcised, his 
name was called iesvs v: was named 
of the Angel, before he was conceaued in 
the wombe. 
Leui. 12. d. 22 * And when the tyme of Maries puri- 
l.kyn.2.c. fication after the law of Moses was come. 


they brogh hym to lerusalem, to present 
hym to the Lord. 

23 (As is written in the law of the Lord, 

" Or, that is first * Euery ma chylde " that openeth the ma- Exod. 13, a. 
''°''"*'- trix, shal be called holy to the Lord :) «<»«• »• «• 

24 And to offer * as it is commaded in the "' ' ' 
Which offe- law of the Lord ^ a payre of tmtle doues, 

ieIt:tL^'& or two yonge pigeons. 

weresopoore that 25 And beholde there was a man in leru D 

they wer notable i i o- i.\.- 

to offer aiambe. salem, whose name was oimeon : this man 
was iust, and feared God, and wayted for 
the consolation of Israel : and the " holy " Or, sprite 

/-I . 1 • "^ ofprophetie. 

(jrost was vpon mm. 

26 And an answer was geuen hym of the 

holy Gost, that he shulde not see death, ■ 

before he had seene the Lordes " Christe. "Or, Messias. 

27 And he came by inspiration of the ho- 
ly Gost into the temple : and when the fa- ■ 
ther and mother broght in the chylde le- 

sus, to do for him * after the custome of Leui. 12. d. 
the law, 

28 He toke hym vp in his armes, and prai 
sed God, sajdng, 

' Simeon decia 29 Lord, " now lettest thou thy seruant de- 

reth him selfe to . . t ^ ^i 

dye willingly sin- part m peacc, accordiDg to thy promesse. 
the MesstilwWch ^^ "^^T myne eyes haue seene thy salua- E 

was promised. tion, 

3 1 Which thou hast prepared before the 
face of all people : 

32 * A lyght to hghten the Gentils, & the Esa.d.a. 
glorie of thy people Israel. l^lq'fc 

33 And his father and mother meruei- act. W.g. 
led at those things, which were spoken psal- 98. a. 
touching him. 

34 And Simeon blessed them, and sayd 
vnto Marie his mother, Beholde this 


BY S. LVKE. 93 

chylde is appoynted to be the ^ fall & ry- 'Tobethefaiie 
syng agayne of many in Israel : and for a ^hich^ perishe^' 
sig-ne which shalbe spoken agaynst. through their 

«? /-ir 1 // J 1 1 ^1 1 ownedefaut,&rai 

" Sorrows 35 (Yea and a sword shal pearce through sing up of theiecte 
her'hart'Ta thy soule) f the " thoghtcs of many hartes J^" th fo?th?°'^ ^" 

sworde. ^ j^^y ^,g opened. 

"This chiefe- « i i t-i i • 

ly appeareth 36 And there was a Prophetisse, one An- 
''''' 'layed y." na the daughter of Phanuel, of f tribe of 

se is 

pon vs, wher- Aser : which was of a great age, & had § ly- g she was T.yeres 
tes are tryed. ued with an husband seuen yeres fr5 her ■^^'^ed. 

37 And she being a widowe of foure sco- 
"Shewascon- re and foure yeres, went " not out of the 
thelempie'. temple, but serued God wyth fastynges, & 

prayers, nyght and day. 

38 She then coming sodenly at the same 
instant vpon them, praysed lykewyse the 
Lord, and spake of hym to all that loked 
for redemption in lerusalem. 

39 And as sone as they had perfourmed 
all thynges according to the law of the 
Lord, they turned into Galile to their 
owne citie Nazaret. 

40 And the chylde grewe, & waxed strog 
in spirite, and was filled with wysedome, 
and the grace of God was with hym. 

41 And his father and mother went to 
Exod.l2.c. lerusalem euery yere * at the feast of 

aeut, 2o>a. 

42 And whe he was twelue yere old, they 

went vp to lerusalem after the custome of 
the feast. 

43 And when y feast was ended, as they 
returned home, the clulde lesus bode styl 
in lerusalem, vnknowing to loseph and 
his mother. 

44 For they supposed he had bene in the 


company, and therfore went a dayes ior- 

ney, and soght him among theyr kynsefol j 

ke, and acquauatance. ;■ 

45 And whe they foud him not, they tour g 
ned back to lerusalem, and soght him. 

46 And it fortuned after thre dayes, that 
they found hym in the temple, sytting in 

y myddes of the " doctours, both hearing " or, learned 
them, and posyng them. ™*°' 

47 And all that heard him, merueyled at 
his vnderstandyng, and answers. 

48 And when they saw him, they were 
astonied : and his mother sayd vnto hyra, 
Sonne, why hast thou thus dealt with vs.'' 
beholde thy father and I haue soght thee 
with heauy hartes. 

49 Then sayd he vnto the. How is it that 
!> Our duetie to ye soght me ? ^ Wyst ye not that I must go 

Wd. tforeT about my fathers busines ? 

ther and mother. 50 But they ' vnderstode not the wordes 

tion wL not^°yet that he spake to them. 

manifesteiy 5 j ^njj j^e wet w the, & Came to Nazaret : 

knowen. . 

and was obediet to them : and his mother 
kept all these sayinges in her hart. 
52 And lesus increased in wysedome and 
stature, and in fauoure with God & men. 


The preachyng, baptisme, and prysonement 
of lohn. The baptisme of Christ. And a rehersal 
of the generation of the fathers. 

TN the fyftenth yere of the raygne of Ti- A 

-*-berius the Emperour, Pontius Pilate 

beynff " Lieutenant of lurie, and Hero- "O^^ouuer- 

. ■ nour. 

de being " kjmg of Gable, and his bro- " or, Tetrar- 
ther PhiUp kyng of Iturea, and of the '^^" 


Act. 4. a. 

Mat. 3. a. 
mar. 1. a. 

Esa. 40. a. 
iohn. J. o. 

BY S. LVKE. 94 

region of Trachonite, and Lysania the 
k)Tig of Abilene, 

2 * (When Annas and Caiaphas were the 
hye * Priestes) the woorde of God came 
vnto Iohn the sonne of Zacharie in the 

3 * And he came into all the coastes about 
lordan, preachjnig y baptisme of repen- 
tance for the remission of sinnes, 

4 As it is written in the booke of the say- 
ings of Esai the Prophet, w sayeth, * The 
voyce of one crying in wyldernes is, pre- 
pare the way of the Lord, make his pathes 

5 Euery valley shalbe fyUed, and euery 
mountayne and hyl shalbe broght lowe, 

6 croked thjoiges shalbe made strayght, 
and the rough wayes shalbe made smothe. 

" Or, euery 6 And " all fleshe shal see y " saluation of 

man. /~< j 

"That is, the God. 

Messias. 7 Then sayd he to the people that were 
B come to be baptized of hym, * " Ye of- 
bro^d ""^^^^ springes of vipers, who hath taught you 
Mat.s.b. to flye from the wrath to come .'' 

8 Bryng forth therfore due frutes of re- 
pentance, and beg)Ti not to say with your 
selues. We haue Abraham to our father : 
for I say vnto you, that God is able of 
these stones to rayse vp chyldren vnto 

9 Now also is the '' axe layd vnto the ro- 
ote of the trees : so that euery tree which 
bryngeth not forth good finite shalbe he- 
wen downe, and cast into the fyre. 

10 And the people asked hym saying, 
What shal we do then? 

1 1 And he answered, & sayd vnto them, 

'■ There cold be 
by Gods law but 
one sacrificer at 
oce : but becauseof 
the troubles that 
then raygned, the 
office was so man- 
gled by reason of 
ambition and bry- 
bery, that both 
Caiaphas & Annas 
his father in lawe 
had it deuided 
betwixt them. 

'' The venge- 
ance of God is at 


- He wiUeth * He <^ that hathe two cotes, let hym parte lam. 2. c. 

that the riche help • ■, ■, , ,i oiiiil inh.n Q 

the poore accor- With hym that hath none : &he that hath ^•^onn.a.c. 
St[e. *^"' "'" meat, let hym do lykewyse. c 

12 Then came there " pubhcans also to be "Whose office 
baptized, & sayd vnto him, Maister, what ue^the^ribu- 

shal we do ? te and towles 

13 And he sayd vnto them, Require no 
more then that w is appoynted vnto you. 

14 The souldiers lykewyse demanded of 
hym, saying. And what shal we do ? And he 
sayd vnto them. Do violence to no man, 
nether trouble any man wrongfully : and 
be content with your wages. 

15 As the people were in a doute, and al 
men mused in their hartes of lohn, whe- 
ther he were very Christe, 

16 lohn answered, and sayd to them all, 

d f T^e oFbf* * '^'^^^ ^* ^^' ^^^^ I ^ baptize you with wa- Mat. 3. c. ; 
tisme standeth in ter, but one Stronger then I cometh, who- '^' ' "; 
lohn was"buuhe ^e shoes latchet I am not worthy to vn- 'acLi.a.^'.a. 
minister therof. lowse : he wyl baptize you with the holy n.6. I9.a 
Gost, and with fyre. 

1 7 * Which hath his fanne in his hand, and Mat. 3. c. 
wyl make cleane his flooer, and wyl ga- 
ther the come into his bame, but the 
chaflf wil he bume with fyre that neuer 
shalbe quenched. 

1 8 Thus then exhorting with many other 
thinges, he preached vnto the people. j^ 

19 * But when king Herode was rebuked Mat.lA.a, 
of him for Herodias his brother Philip- "*«'■• 6. c. 
pes wyfe, and for all the euyls which He- 
rode had done, 

20 He added this aboue all, that he layd 
lohn in pryson. Mat.z.d. 

21 * Now it fortuned, as all the people ^^^.1. a. 
receaued baptisme, and lesus also was Mn. i.e. 

baptized ■! 

BY S. LVKE. 95 

baptized and dyd pray, that the heauen 
was opened : 

22 And the holy Gost came downe in a 
bodely shape like a done vpon him : and 
a voyce came from heauen, saying. Thou 
art my dere Sonne, in thee do I delyte. 

23 And lesus him selfe began to be about 
thyrty yere of age, beyng as men suppo- 
sed the Sonne of ^ loseph. Which was the ' Luke ascen- 

r -oi ■ deth from the last 

Sonne Oi i^h, father to the first. 

24 Which was the sonne of Matthat, and Matthew des- 

, . , , r T • 1 ■ 1 7 cendeth irora the 

which was the sonne of Lem, which was the first to the last. 
Sonne of Melchi, which was the sonne of ^„f*!r'reS 
lanna, which was the sonne of loseph, further thenAbra- 

25 Which was the sonne of Mattathias, reth it euen to 
which was the sonne of Amos, which was ^^^™- ^at.coun- 

... . teth by the legal 

the sonne of Naum, which was the sonne of descent: and luke 
EsU, which was the sonne of Nagge, ^Lif Hf twl' 

26 Which was the sonne of Maath, which speaking of the 

7 r-\ir .. .^ • i-i 7 same persones ap- 

was the sonne ot Mattathias, which was the piye vnto them 
sonne of Semei, which was the sonne of lo- '^"^'"^ names. 
seph, which was the sonne of luda, 

27 Which was the sonne of loanna, which 
was the sonne of Rhesa, w was the sonne of 
Zorobabel, which was the sonne of Sala- 
thiel, which was the sonne of Neri, 

28 Which was the sonne of Melchi, which 
was the sonne of Addi, which was the sonne 
of Cosam, which was the sonne of Elmo- 
dam, which was the sonne of Er, 

29 Which was the sonne of lose, which was 
the sonne of Ehezer, which was the sonne of 
lorim, which was the sonne of Matthat, 
which was the sonne of Leui, 

30 Which was the sonne of Simeon, which 
was the sonne of luda, which was the sonne 
of loseph, which was the sonne of lonan, 



which was the sonne of EUacim, 

31 Which was the sonne of Melea, which 
was the sonne of Mainan,whichwas</«e son- 
ne of Mattatha, which was the sonne of Na- 
than, which was the sonne of Dauid. 

32 Which was the sonne of lesse, w was the 
Sonne of Obed, w was the sonne of Booz, G 
which was the sonne of Salmon, which was 
the sonne of Naasson. 

33 Which was the sonne of Aminadab ^ 
was the sonne of Aram, which was the sonne 
of Esrom, which was the sonne of Phares, 
which was the sonne of luda. 

34 Which was the sonne of lacob, which 
was the sonne of Isaac, which was the sonne 
of Abraham, which was the sonne of Thara, 
which was the sonne of Nachor, 

35 Which was the sonne of Saruch, which 
was the sonne of Ragau, which was the son- 
ne of Phalec, which was the sonne of Eber 
which was the sonne of Sala. 

36 Which was the sonne of * Arphaxad, w Gen. w.h. 
was the sonne of Sem,which was the sonne of 

Noe, which was the sonne of Lamech. 

37 Which was the sonne of Mathusala, w 
was the sonne of Enoch,whichwasi^e sonne 
of lared, w was the sonne of Malaleel, 
which was the sonne of Cainan. 

38 Which was the sonne of Enos, \f was 
the sonne of Seth,wliich was the sonne of A- 

' Not that A. dam, which was the ^ sonne of God. 

dam was the sonne 
of God by genera- 
tion, but by crea- 
tion: in the which THE IIII. CHAPTER. 
sense God also 

calleth him self iggug ig led into the wildemes. Fasteth 

6*0.28 & 29 ^^ ^'^ '^^ tyme of his tentation. Ouercommeth the 

deuyl. Goeih into Galile. Preacheth at Nazaret, 

8f Capernaii. The lewes despise him. The de- 


BY S. LVKE. 96 

uyls knowledge him. He comineth into Peters 
house. Healeth his mother in law. And doth 
great miracles. 

^ TEsus then ful of the holy Gost returned 
-'-from Jordan, and was led of the same 
sprite into wildemes. 
Mat. A. a. 2 *And was there fourty dayes tempted 
mar. 1. 6. ^f ^^ deuyl, and in those dayes* he dyd ^ This fast was 
eat nothing : and when they were ended, Ih-'me "he" GospeU 
he afterward honored. and oght no more 

111 1 1 T<-i 01 men to be tolo- 

3 Then the deuyl sayd vnto hym. If thou wed the the other 
be the Sonne of God, commande this stone chrtstrdyd*' 
that it be made bread. 

4 And lesus answered him, sapng, It is 
Deut. 8. a. wrytten, * That man shal not lyue by bread 
" That is, by oucly, but by euery " woord of God. 
ce!an°d1!?o';^r- ^ Then the deuyl toke hun into an hye 
dece of God. mountayne, & shewed him all the kyng- 

domes of the world, euen in y twincUyng 

of an eye. 

6 And the deuyl sayd vnto hym, AH this 

power wyl I ^ geue thee, euery whit, and '■ satan prome- 

.1 ^ • £ L\- 7 J £ aA. J. • aeth that.which he 

the glorie oi those kyngdomes : tor that is can not gyue, to 
dehuered to me, & to whomsoeuer I wil, tjiiment he might 

deceaue the more 
1 geue it. craftely: for he is 

B 7 If thou therfore wylt worshyp me, they torid'by^pemt! 

shalbe all thyne. sion, and hath his 

8 But lesus answered him, and sayd. Hen- ''"^'"^ '"" "^ ' 
Deut. 6. c. ce from me Satan. For it is wrytten, * Thou 
"Chdstewoi- ^^^^ honour the Lord thy" God, and hym 
de only wor- alone thou shalt serue. 
ue God° ^^"^ 9 Then he broght him to lerusalem, and 

set hym on a pinacle of the temple, and 

sayd vnto hym. If thou be the Sonne of 

God, cast thy self doune from hence. 
Psal.m.c. 10 For it is writen, * He shal geue his An- 


gels charge ouer thee to kepe thee. 

1 1 And in their handes they shal beare, 
thee lest at any tyme thou dashe thy fote C 
agaynst a stone. 

1 2 And lesus answered and sayd to hym. 

It is sayd, * Thou shalt not tempt the Lord Dent. 6. c. 
thy God. 

1 3 And as sone as the deuyl had ended 
all his tentations, he departed from hym 

c It is not c for ^ season, 
thrill to reT^sTsa- 14 And lesus returned by the power of 
tan, for he neuer ^^g sprite into Galile, and there went a 

ceaseth to tept, or r ' 

if hereientaiitie, fame of him throughout al the region 

itis to thend, that j v^ i. 

he may renewe fOUnd abOUt. 

his force and assai- 15 por he taught in theyr Synagoges, & 

le Ts more sharpe- 1 j r n o o ' 

ly. was commended or all men. 

16 * And he came to Nazaret where he Mat.}3.b. 
was noursed, and (as his custome was) '""'^* ^; "• 

lofin. 4. fm 

went into y Synagoge on y Sabbath day, 
and stode vp for to rede. 

17 And there was dehuered vnto hym 
the booke of the Prophet Esai ? When he 
had opened the booke, he found y place, 
where it was wrytten. 

1 8 * The sprite of the Lord is vpon me, be- Esai. 6\.a. 
causehehathe"annoyntedme: thatlshul- "pr.endewed 
de preach the Gospel to y poore he hath 

sent me, that I shulde heale the broken 
harted, that I shulde preach * deUuerance Esai. 42. b. 
to the captiue, and recouering of syght 
to the blynde, that I shulde freely set at 
hbertie them that are brused, 

19 That I shulde preach the acceptable 
yere of the Lord. 

20 And he closed the booke, and gaue it 
agayn to the minister, and sate downe : and 
the eyes of all that were in the Synagoge 


BY S. LVKE. 97 

were fastened on him. 

21 Then he began to say vnto them, This 

day is this Scripture fulfylled in your 

"They appro- 22 And all " bare him witnes, and wonde- 
mend^d*^"™ red at the gratious wordes which proce- 
what so euer (jg^ out of his mouth, and sayd. Is not 

he sayd. i ■ t i ^ 

this losephs sonne r 

23 Then he sayd vnto them, Ye wil suerly 
vse towards me this prouerbe, Physicion, 

^ heale thy self : Whatsoeuer we haue he- ^ Bestowe thy 
ard done in Capernaum, do the same he- them^'whid!'°ap- 
re likewise in thyne owne countrey. peneyne more m- 

to thee 

24 And he sayd, verely I say vnto you, 

Iohn.4.f. * No * Prophet is accepted in his owne ' Their infide- 

. litie stayed Christe 

countrey. from working mi- 

E 25 But I tel you of a truth, many wydo- '■^'^•^*- 
l.Kyn n.b. wes Were in Israel in the dayes of * Elias, 
lawi. 5.rf. ^hen heauen was shutthre yeres and syx 
monethes, whe great famine was through- 
out all the lande, 

26 But vnto none of them was Elias sent, 
saue into Sarephtha, a citie of Sidon, vnto 

a ^ Wydowe. ' He sheweth 

c\ir \ J 1 -T i-eby exemples that 

27 And many lepers were m Israel, m y God oft tymes 
2. Kin. 5. d. time of * Eliseus the Prophet : but yet none prefen-eth the 

, , '^ ■ i.r Strangers to them 

01 them was made cleane, saumg Naaman of the household. 
the Syrian. 

28 The as many as were in the Synagoge, 
when they heard that, were fylled with 

29 And rose vp, and thrust hym out of the 
citie, and led him euen vnto the edge of 
the hyl, wheron their citie was buylt, to 
cast hym downe hedlyng. 

30 But he went his way euen through the 
myddes of them : 


31 * And came downe into Capernaum a Mat. 4. b. 
citie of Galile, and there taught them on '""'"• ^- ''• 
the Sabbath dayes. 

32 * And they were astonied at his doctri- Mat.1 .d. 
ne : for his preachjmg was with autoritie. ^ar.l.c. 

33 And in the Synagoge there was a man 

which had a " sprite of an vncleane deuyl, " That is the 

!• i J -It 1 J ■ motion of 

which cryed with a loud voyce, the deuU. 

34 Saying, Oh, what haue we to do with f 
thee, thou lesus of Nazaret ? art thou come 
to destroy vs ? I know who thou art, euen 
the Holy one of God. 

35 And lesus rebuked hym, saying, Hol- 
de thy peace, and come out of him. then 
the deuyl throwing him in the myddes of 
them, came out of him, and hurt him not. 

36 And feare came on them all, and they 
spake among them selues, saying. What 
maner a thing is this ? for with autoritie & 
power he commandeth the foule sprites, 
and they come out ? 

37 And the fame of hym spred abrode, 
through out all places of the countrey m 
roimd about. T 

38 * And he rose vp, and came out of the Mat.s.h. 
S3magoge, and entred into Simons house. "*"''• *• "• 
And Simons " mother in law was taken -h " His wiues 
a great feuer, and they made intercession """^ ^^' 

to him for her. 

39 Then he stode ouer her, and rebuked 
the feuer, and it left her. and immediate- 
ly she arose and ministred vnto them. 

40 When the sunne was downe, all they 
that had sycke folkes taken with dyiiers 
diseases, broght them vnto hym, and he G 
layd his handes on eueryone of them, and 
healed them. 

41 *And 

BY S. LVKE. 98 

Mar.l.d. 41 *And deuyls also came out of many, 
^' ' ' crying and saying, sThou art Christe the ? Thedeuiisare 
Sonne of God, but he rebuked them, and jo"straynedtoco- 

' 1 /. > ■^ fesse Christe to be 

suffered them not to speake, for they kne- 'he Sonne of God, 
we that he was Christ. tMni'Llyie'them! 

42 As sone as it was day, he departed and I'ecause u cometh 

, •' , •'^ , , notoffaithe. 

went away mto a desert place, and the 
people soght him, and came to him, and 
kept hym that he should not depart from 

43 But he sayd vnto them, Surely I must 
also preach y kyngdome of God to other 
townes : for therfore am I sent. 

44 And he preached in the Synagoges of 

Christ preacheth out of the ship. The disci- 
ples forsake all, and folowe him. He clenseth 
the leper. Healeth theman of the palsey Calleth 
Matthew the customer. Eateth with open syn- 
ners. And excuseth his, as touching fasting. 
A T^Hen it came to passe as the people pre 
Mat. 4. a. J- ased vpon him to heare the worde of 
"""^* ■ • God, that he stode by the lake of Genne- 

2 And sawe two shyppes stand by the la- 
ke syde, but the fysshermen were gon out 
of them, and were wasshyng theyr nettes. 

3 And * he entred into one of the shyp- ■ To thintent 
pes which perteined to Simon, and requi- be^throng^'l of "he 
red hym that he would thrust out a lytle prease, and also 
from the land : & he sate downe, & taught better be heard. 
the people out of the shyp. 

4 When he had left speakyng, he sayd 
vnto Simon, Lanche out into the depe, & 
let downe your nettes to make a draught. 



5 Then Simon answered, & sayd to hym, 

" Master, we haue weaiyed our selues al "The woorde 
nyght, and haue taken nothyng : neuerthe- tlST is made 
les, at thy comandement I wyl let downe ruler ouer 

-' ■' any thmge. 

the net. 

6 And when they had so done, they in- B 
closed a great multitude of fyshes : so ^ 
their net brake. 

7 And they beckened to their felowes 
■wr were in the other ship that they should 
come andhelpe them, who came then, and 
fylled bothe the shyppes, that they were 
ouer whelmed. 

8 When Simon Peter sawe that, he fel 
downe at lesus knees saying, Lord go fr5 
me, for I am a synful man. 

I- The feeling 9 For he ^ was vtterly astonied, and all 
maketh Grayed, that Were with hym, at the draught of fy- 
shes which they toke. 

10 And so was also lames and lohn the 
sonnes of Zebede, which were parteners 
with Simon. Then lesus sayd vnto Simon, 

■^ He appointeth Feare not : from '^ henceforth thou shalt 

him to the oflSce , i 

of an Apostle. catch men. 

1 1 And they broght the shyppes to land, 
and forsoke all, and folowed hym. q 

1 2 *And it came to passe as he was in a cer- Mat. 8. a. 
tayn citie, beholde, there was a man ful of '""''• •• *'• 
leprosie, and when he had spyed lesus, he 

fel on his face, and besoght him, saying. 
Lord if thou wilt, thou canst make me 

13 And he stretched forth hys hand, and 
touched hym, saying, I wyl, Be thou clea- 
ne. And immediately, the leprosie depar- 
ted from him. 

14 And he warned him that he should tel 


BY S. LVKE. 99 

this to no man, but that he should go, and 

shewe hym self to the "^ priest, & offer for * Hereby he 

r * t A it i"^ 77 J *i\/r shewed them that 

Lent. 14. a. thy ciensyng sat/rf he, accorajTig as Moses he would not tras- 
comandement was, for a wytnes vnto the- ^^^^^ "*^ *^^^- 

15 But so much the more went there a fa- 
me abrode of him, and much people came 
together to heare, & to be healed of hym 
of their infirmities. 

16 But he kept him selfe aparte in the 
wyldeniesses, and prayed. 

Mar. 2.0. 1 7 * And it happened on a certayn day, 
" that he taught, and there sate the Phari- 
seis and doctours of the lawe, which were 
come out of all the villages of Galile, 
lurie, and lerusalem, and the power of 
the Lord was in him to heale them. 

Mat. 9. a. \s * Then beholde, men broght a man ly- 
ing in his bed, which was taken with a 
palsey, and soght meanes to bryng him in, 
and to lay him before him. 

19 And when they could not fynde by 
what way they might bryng him in, be- 
cause of the prease, they went vp on the 
top of y house, & let hym downe through 
the tUyng, bed and all, in the myddes be- 
fore lesus. 

20 And when he sawe their fayth, he 
Christe tou- sayd vnto him, Man, thy " sinnes are forge- 

;heth the ^gn thee. 

jrmcipal cau i o -i t i tm 

;e of all our 2 1 Then the Scnbes and the Phanseis be- 
'"' ^^* gan to think, saying. What felow is this w 
E speaketh blasphemies ? Who can forgeue 

sinnes, but God only ? 

22 But whe lesus perceaued their thogh- 

tes, he answered, & sayd vnto them. What 

think ye in your hartes .'' 


' Forasmuch as 23 Whether is easyer to say, Thy * sinnes 

his diuimtie was ^ ,i ^ -iS i 

sufficientiyshewed are lorgeuen thee, or to say, Kyse and 

by this miracle, ^alke .? 
he gaue them he- "-'^'- 

reby tunderstand 24 But that ye may know that the Sonne 

toforgyuesynnes^ of ^^^ ^^th power to forgeue synnes in 

earth, (he sayd vnto the syck of the pal- 

sey) I say to thee, Aryse, take vp thy bed, 

and go home to thy house. 

25 And immediately he rose vp before 
them, and toke vp his bed where on he lay, 
and departed to his owne house praysing 

26 And they were all amased, and lau- 
ded God : and were fylled with feare, 
saying:, Douteles we haue sene " stransre " or, vnioked 

4.1. 4. J lore. 

thynges to day. p 

27 * And after that, he went forth and sa- Mat. 9. a. 
we a pubUcan named Leui, sytting at the "*"'"• ^- ^• 
receyte of custome, and sayd vnto him, 
Folowe me. 

28 And he left all, rose vp, and folowed 

29 And Leui made him a great feast at 
home in his owne house, where there was 
a great company of pubUcans, & of other, 
that sate at meat with them. 

30 But they that were Scribes and Pha- 
rises amongs them, murmured agaynst 
his disciples, saying, Why eat ye and 
drinck ye with Pubhcans and sinners ? 

31 lesus answered, and sayd vnto them. 
They that are whole, nede not the Physi- 
cion, but they that are syck. 

32 * I came not to call the ryghteous, but Mat.d.a. 
synners to repentance. mar.2.b. 

33 * Then they sayd vnto hym. Why do the 1. Tim. 1. c. 


BY S. LVKE. 100 

disciples of lohn fast often, and pray, and 

the disciples of the Pharises also : & thyne 

eat, and drinck? 
G 34 * And he sayd vnto them, Can ye make 
' the chyldren of the wedding fast, as long 

as the brydegrome is with them ? 

35 The dayes wyl come, when the bride- 
grome shal be taken away from them, the 
shal they fast in those dayes. 

36 Then he spake also vnto the a similitu- 
de, No man putteth a peece of a newe gar 
ment into an olde vesture : for if he do, 
then the olde breaketh the newe, and the 
peece y was taken out of the new, agreeth 
not with the olde. 

37 Also no man powreth newe w}'ne into 
olde vessels : for if he do, the new wine wil 
breake the vessels, and it wil nmne out, 
and the vessels wil perishe. 

38 But newe wyne must be powred into 
newe vessels, and bothe are presented. 

39 Also, no man y ^ drincketh olde wyne, ' Thoghoide wy 
strayghtway can away with newe : for he "ant to the'eye^i 
sayeth. The olde is better. n«"e is, yet is it 

-' more healthsome 

for the body: li- 


He standeth in his disciples defence and had not such an 
his owne, as touching the breache of the Sab- owtwardsheweas 
bath. After watching 8f prayer he electeth his °g ^^gy no'less^e^o 
Apostles. He healeth and teacheth the people, be estemed. 
VVherin stddeth mas true felicitie. To loue our vi. 

ennemies. Not to iudge rashely : and to auoyde » Those feastes 
hypocrisie. which conteyned 

, o 1 many days: as the 

ANd it happened on the second " nab- Passeouer,andthe 
bath, after the first, f he wet through Sha7tfoTat". 
the come fieldes, & his disciples plucked baths: the first day 

, jjji.ot,i, of the feast, & the 

the eares of come, and dyd eate, & rubbe last. 
n. iiii. 


them in their handes : 

2 And certayne of the Pharises sayd vn- 

to them. Why do ye that which is not law ■ i 

ful to do on the Sabbath dayes ? 

3 Then lesus answered them, and sayd, 

*Haue ye not read somuch as this, what I.Sam. 21. rf. 
Dauid did when he him selfe was an hun 
gred, and they which were with him, 

4 How he wet into y house of God, & to- 
ke, & ate ;y^ shewe bread, and gaue also to 
the which were with hym, w was not law- 
full to eate, but for the * Priestes onely ? Exod. I9.e. 

5 And he sayd vnto them. The Sonne of ,4 j' ^'■^' 
^ Hauing power j^an is ^ Lord also of the Sabbath day. 

to dispece with, & _ ^ ^ i o i -o 

quaiifie the ke- it Came to passe also on another bab- i* 
etLnVotlert bath, the entred bto the Synagoge and^^^'J^^- 
remomes. taught : & there was a man, whose ryght 

hand was dryed yp. 

7 And y Scribes and Pharises watched 
hym, whether he would heale on the Sab- 
bath day, that they myght fynde an accu- 
sation agaynst hym. 

8 But he knewe theyr thoghtes : and sayd 
to the man which had the wythered had, 
Ryse vp, and stand forth in the myddes : 
and he arose and stoode vp. 

9 Then sayd les' vnto the, I wyl aske you 
a questio. Whether is it lawful on the Sab 
bath dayes to do good, or to do euyl .'' to sa 
ue Ijrfe, or to destroy it? 

10 And he behelde them all in compas- 
se, and sayd vnto the man. Stretch forth 
thy hand : and he dyd so, and his hand was 
restored again, as whole as the other. 

1 1 And they were fylled ful of madnes, c 

6 comuned one with another, what they 
myght do to lesus. 

12 And 

BY S. LVKE. 101 

12 And it came to passe in those dayes, f 
he went into a mountajme for to pray, & 
watched all the night in prayer to God. 
Chap. 9. a. 13 *And as sone as it was day, he called 
mat. 10. a. yg disciples, and of them he chose '^ twel- = According to 
"^T.a. • ue, which also he called <i Apostles. tttSpatrial 

14 (Simon whome he named also Peter, & ^es, of whome the 

AJ i-'i-i.T- T JT1_ Churche of God 

Andrew his brother, lames and lohn, is sprong. 

Phihp, and Barthehnew : <» Ambassadors or 

-» X 1 rm T messengerswhome 

15 Matthew, and Thomas : lames the son- he had elected be- 
ne of Alpheus, and Simon called Zelotes, io^'eth" thT^heir 

1 6 And ludas lames brother, and ludas Is- charge. 
cariot, which also was the traytom*.) 

17 Then he came downe with them, and 
stode in the champion coimtrie : and the 
copany of his disciples, and a great multi 
tude of people out of all lurie and leni- 
salem, and from the sea coast of Tyre and 
Sido, which came to heare him, and to be 
healed of theyr diseases : 

18 And they also that were vexed with 
foule spirites : and they were healed. 

19 And all the people preased to touch 
him : for therewent vertue out of him, and 

healed them aU. , „ ., 

^ ' He meanetb 

D 20 And he lifted Mp his eves vpon y di- excommunicatio, 
^Tht;'t'h1-t ««iple«.' ^^d sayd, Blessed he ye poore : for Terpuuin'; ^u't 

are humble yOUrS is the kynp^dome of God. '^^"^ names, s. 

& submit the r«iTn i xi,i r lohn calleth it ca- 

seiues wiiiin- ^1 Blcssed are ye that himger now : tor ye sting out of the sy 

God *° "^^^ shalbe satisfied. Blessed are ye that wepe uu^erfng^t(rsatan.' 

now: for ye shal laugh. which punishemet 

nc\ T)i ji-1 11 li as it Is moste terrl 

22 rJlessed shal ye be when men hate you, bie when it is lu- 
, and ^ separate you, and ravle, and put out ^^^^7 executed, so 

'Thewoordsi ^ i r i o r '^ "- comfortaole 

gnifieth to le- your name as euyl, tor the bonne or mans to the godly when 

ape for ioye, coVp they are cast out of 

or to shewe °'*'^*'- wycked mes cOpa- 

myrthe by 23 Reioycc yc in that day and be " fflad : pany, as the Pro- 

outwardgestu r luu j- ^-t, Ph^t declareth, 

re. tor behold, your rewarde is great in he- psai.i.a. 


auen : for after this maner their fathers 
entreated the Prophetes. 

24 * But wo be to you that are riche : for ye Amos. 6. a. 
haue receaued your consolation. *''''^** 31. a. 

25 * Wo be to you that are ful : for ye shal Esa. 65. c. 
hunger. Wo be to you that now" laugh : for " signifying 
ye shal wayle and wepe. u'^e^Tt^eiV & 

' He reproueth 26 Wo be to you whe all ^ men prayse you : aft«"" the pie- 
SeiwhfnLtl for SO dyd their fathers to the false pro- Se! 

go about by all phetes. 

ucm "''k °wm-dety 27 * But I say vnto you w heare, Loue Mat. 6. g. 
pompe. yQ^j. enemies : do good to them which ha- 

te you. 

28 Blesse them that curse you : and pray 
for them which wrongfully trouble you. 

29 And vnto him that " smyteth thee on y Rather en- 
one cheke, offer also the other : * and him iurie then to 
that taketh away thy cloke, forbyd not to reuenge your 


take thy coate also. i. Cor. 6.6. 

30 Geue to euery man that asketh of 
thee : and of hym that taketh away thy E 
goodes, aske them not agayne. 

31 * And as ye would that men should do Mat. 7. b. 
to you, so do ye to them lykewyse. '"*• "*• *'• 

32 And if ye loue them which loue you, 
what thank shal ye haue ? for the very sin- 
ners loue their loners. 

33 And if ye do good for them which do 
good for you, what thank are ye worthy 
of ? for the very synners, do euen the sa- 

hoping Vor"%ffit 34 * And if ye lend to them of whome ye Matth. 5.g. 
but to lose the j^opc to receaue,what thank haue ye? for deut. 15. l. 

stocke & principal , . ^ i j , , 

foramuche as the Very synucrs lend to synners, to recea- 

hTmsdfeYo^repay "« ^^ "^^^^ ^&^>^^- 

the whole with a 35 Wherefore, loue ye your ennemies, 

moste liberal inte. ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ g j^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ nothyng 


BY S. LVKE. 102 

agayne : and your rewarde shalbe great, 
F and ye shalbe the chyldren of the Hyest : 
for he is kynde vnto the vnkynde, and to 
the euyl. 

36 Be ye therfore mercyful, as yoxir fa- 
ther also is nierc3rful. 

Mat. l.a. 37 * ludge not, and ye shal not be iudged : 
condemne not, and ye shal not be condem 
ned : forgeue, and ye shalbe forgeuen. 
38 Gene, and it shalbe geuen vnto you : 

Mat. l.a. * good measure, pressed doune, shaken to- 
gether and runnyng ouer shal men geue 
into your bosomes. For with what measu- 
re ye meate, with the same shal men meate 
to you agayne. 

Mar. i.e. 39* And he put forth a simihtude vnto 

de ? Shal they not bothe then fal into the 
dytche ? 

40 * The disciple is not aboue his master : 
But whosoeuer wil be a perfect disciple 
shalbe as his master is. 

41 * Why ^ seyst thou a mote in thy bro- '' He reprouetii 
thers eye, and considerest not the beame such as winck at 
that is in thyne owne eye ? tifkZTS'ei 

42 Ether how cannest thou say to thy bro are to cunous to 
ther. Brother let me pul out y mote y is in faut in"their^ bro- 
thyne eye : whe thou perceauest not y bea- '■^<"■• 
me that is in thyne owne eye ? Hypocrite, 
cast out the beame out of thyne owne eye 
first, and then shalt thou see perfectly, to 
pul out the mote that is in thy brothers 

43 For it is not a good tree that brin- 
geth forth euyl frute : nether is that an 
euyl tree, that brmgeth forth good fru- 


44 * For euery tree is knowen by his owne G 
frute. * For nether of thomes gather men ^'^^'l^'"- 
fygges, nor of busshes gather they gra- 
'The name and 45 A* good man out of the good treasu- 
woorth to proue re of his heart, bryngeth forth that which 
of^God^^ce ??n ^^ goo^ : and an euyl man out of the euyl 
effectheshewethe treasure of his hart, bringeth forth that 
^*'°^- which is euyl. For of the abondace of the 

hart, hys mouth speaketh. 
" He speaketh 46 * Why call ye me ''Master, Master, and Mat. I.e. 

not onely to the ^^^ j^q^ ^S I bvd VOU? rom.2.6. 

take prophe- J J {^f^ \ fj 

tes, but to all false 47 Whosoeuer Cometh to me, and hea- 
ges &"hypocrhe's'.' ''^th my sayinges, & doth the same, I wil 
shewe you to whome he is lyke 

48 He is like a man which buylt an hou- 
se, and dygged depe, and layd the founda 
tion on a rock. Aid when the waters aro- 
se, the floud bet vpon that house, & could 
not shake it downe : for it was grounded 
vpon a rock. 

49 But he that heareth and doth not, is 
lyke a man that without foundation bu- 
ylt an house vpon the earth, agaynst w 
the floud dyd beat, and it fel by and by. 
And the fal of that house was great. 


He healeth the Captaines seruant. Rayseth 
vp the wydowes sonne from death to life. In- 
fourmeth the disciples whom lohn Baptist sent 
vnto him. Commendeth lohn. And reproueth 
the lewes for their vnfaythfulnes. He eateth 
with the Pharise. The woman wassheth his fe- 
te with her teares, and he forgeueth her sin- 


BY S. LVKE. 103 

A T rVhen he had ended all his sayinges 
Mat. 8. a. V jjj |.jjg audience of the people, he en- 
tred into Capernaum. 

2 And a certayn ^ Centurios seruant was > it might be, 
syck and ready to dye, whome he made gd ije wuh 'h^ 

much of. garnison in Caper 

3 And when he heard of lesus, he sent 
vnto hym the Elders of the lewes, bese- 
chyng hym that he would come and hea- 
le his seruant. 

4 And they came to lesus, and besoght 
hym instantly, saying. He is woorthy that 
thou should est bestowe this pleasure vpo 

5 For he loueth sayd they, our nation, and 

hath buylt vs a "^ Synagoge. t inbuiWyngthe 

6 Then lesus went with them. But when asSies^'he's'hl- 
B he was now not farre fro the house, the Ce wed hisze'aietow- 

" The friends turion Sent fiiendes to him, " saying vnto ukeofcod"*'^" 
sSr fn " the him. Lord trouble not thy self : for I am 
Captains na- t^q^ woorthy that thou shouldest enter vn 
der my rofFe. 

7 Wherfore I thoght not my self woor- 
"Or, comma- thy to come vnto thee, but " say the woord, 
oneiy that it and my seruant shalbe whole. 

so be. g Pqj. J lyi^ewyse am a ma vnder power, 

and haue vnder me souldiers, & I say vn- 
to one. Go, and he goeth : and to another. 
Come, and he commeth : and to my seruat. 
Do this, and he doeth it. 

9 When lesus heard this, he marueyled 
at hjTu, and turned hym about, and sayd 
to the people, that folowed him, I say vn- 
to you, I haue not found so *^ great faith, 'Hecomendeth 

_„ _ 4. • T 1 this heathen Capi- 

no, not m Israel. taine because he as 

10 And they that were sent, turned back sureth him self v- 

, 1 c 1 1 1 P0° Chnsts woord 

home agayne, and found the seruant that alone. 


was syck, whole. 

1 1 And it fortuned the day after, that he 
went into a citie called Nairn, and many 
of his disciples went with hym, and much 

1 2 When he came nye to the gate of the 
citie, beholde there was a dead ma caryed 
out, who was the onely begotton sonne of 
his mother, which was a wydowe : & much 
people of the citie was with her. 

13 And when the Lord sawe her, he had C 
compassion on her, and sayd vnto her, 
Wepe not. 

14 And he went and touched the " cof- " or, biere. 
fyn (and they that bare hym stode styl) 

a Christ caiieth and he sayd,"*^ Youge ma, I say vnto thee, " or. boye. 

those thingesthat A-Cop 
are not as if they -^^nse. 

were.&gyueth li- ^5 And he that was dead sate vp, and he- 
re to them that be , , r, 1 1 T 1 1 • ^ 1 • 

dead. gan to spcakc : & he deuuered him to his 


1 6 And there came a feare on them all : 

and they glorified God, sajdng, * A great l.Kyn.Zd. 
Prophet hathe rysen among vs, and God 2.*yn-4. 
hath visited his people. 

17 And this rumor of hym went forth 
throughout all lurie, and through out 
all the region round about. 

1 8 And the disciples of lohn shewed hym 
of all these thynges. 

19 * And lohn called vnto him two of his Mat. 12. a. 
disciples, and sent them to lesus, saying, 

Art thou he that should come, or shal we 
loke for another ? 

20 When the men were come vnto him, 
they sayd, lohn Baptist sent vs vnto thee, 
saying, Art thou he that should come, or 
shal we wait for another ? 

21 And 

BY S. LVKE. 104 

21 And at that same tynie, he cured ma- 
ny of their infirmities, and plagues, and 
of euyl spirites : and vntp many that were 
bljmde, he gaue syght. 
D 22 And lesus answered, and sayd vnto 
them. Go your wayes & shewe lohn, what 
thinges ye haue sene and heard : how that 
the blynde see, the halte go, the lepers are 
clensed, the deafe heare, the dead ryse 
asravne, to the ^ poore is the glad tidinges ' Such as feeie 

" -^ , J ^ ° ° their owne mise- 

preached, ne&wretchednes. 

23 And happy is he, that shal not be^of- ' Xhatshaiper. 

j- J J , seuere and not 

tended at me. shrinck back for 

24 And when the messengers of lohn we- anything that can 

1 1 happen. 

re departed, he began to speake vnto the 
people of lohn, "What went ye out into y 
wyldemesse for to see ? a rede shake with 
the wynde? 
christes testi 25 But what went ye out for to see .'' Aman 
ching lohn, clothed in soft rayment ? Beholde, they 
which are gorgeously apparelled, and 
lyue delycately, are in kynges courtes. 
26 But what went ye forth to see ? A Pro- 
phet ? yea I say to you, and greater then a 
Malac.S.a. 27 This is he of whomeitis wrytten,*Be- 
7«a<. 11.6. holde, I send my " messenger before thy 
•■ orj Angel, f^ce, which shal prepare thy way before 

28 For I say vnto you, there is no greater 

Prophet then lohn, among them that are 

bom of women : neuerthelesse, he that is 

I lesse in the kyngdome of God, is greater 

" They prai- ^^en he. 

Red hi as lust 29 Then all the people that heard, and 
and merciful, the publicans, " iustified God, beyng ba- 


fiThis woordco ptized with the § baptisme of lohn. 

prBncdctn tnc who 

le doctrine that 30 But the Pharfses and Lawers despised E 

'"^"Kng, to t^s counsel of God ^ against them selues, 

their owne conde- and were not baptized of him. 

read wi°h thisdf! 31 * And the Lord sayd, Whervnto shal I Mat.l].b. 

because they durst li^gn the men of this generation, & what 

not openly speake ^i vi 5 •, 

against lohns do- thyng are they like vnto i^ 

red"''thr pej£ 32 They are hke vnto chyldren sytting in Th^-sesof 

Matth. 21. c. the market place, and criyng one to ano- are sufficient 

tlier, and saying. We haue pipped vnto the*^°Phrrises 

you, and ye haue not danced : we haue and such u- 

moumed to you, and ye haue not wept. 

33 For lohn Baptist came, nether eating 
bread nor, drinckyngwyne : and ye say, He 
hathe the deuyl. 

34 The Sonne of man is come, and " eateth " Lyieth ae- 

cording to 

and drincketh : and ye say, Beholde a man the fashionof 
which is a glotten, and a drincker of wy- °' ^"^ '"^"' 
' He sheweth ne, a friende of publicans ' and synners. 
Ihough'thiftotrl 35 But wysedome is ^ iustified of all her f 

ne from God shal chvldreu. 

lect to°continewe 36 * And One of the Pharises desired him Mat.u.c 
pnlnt^'"' "'^"'^ that he would eat with hym : and he went rnarAbd. 

uospel. _ _ J iohn 20 c 

into the Pharises house, and sate downe 
to meat. 

37 And beholde a woman in that citie 
which was a synner, as sone as she knewe y 
lesus sate at meat in the Pharises house, 
she broght an alabaster boxe of ointmet. 

38 And she abode at his feete behynde 
hym wepyng, and began to washe his fete 
with teares, and dyd wype them with the 
heares of her head, and kyssed his fete, & 
anoynted them with the oyntment. 

39 "When the Pharise which bade him, sa- 
we that, he spake within him selfe, saying. 
If this man were a Prophet, he would su- 

BY S. LVKE. 105 

rely haue knowen who, and what maner 
of woman this is w toucheth him, for she 
is a synner. 

40 And lesus answered, & sayd vnto him, 
Simon I haue some what to say vnto thee. 
And he sayd. Master say on. 

41 There was a certayn lender which had 
two detters : the one oght fyue himdred 
pence, and the other fyfty. 

42 Whe they had nothyng to pay, he for- 
gaue them bothe. Which of them therfore 
(tel me,) wyl loue him moste ? 

43 Simon answered, and sayd, I suppose, 
that he, to whome he forgaue moste and 
he sayd vnto him. Thou hast truly iud- 

G 44 And he turned to the woma, and sayd 
vnto Simon, Seist thou this woman ? I en- 
tred into thy house, and thou gauest me 
no water to my fete : but she hathe wasshed 
my fete with teares, & wyped them with 
the heares of her head. 

45 Thou gauest me no kysse : but she sjti- 
ce the tyme I came in, hathe not ceased to 
kysse my fete. 

46 Mjme head w oyle thou dyddest not 
anoynt : but she hath anointed my feete ^ 

47 Wherefore I say vnto thee, that many 

synnes are forgeuen her, for she ^ loued '•This great loue 

1 m 1 Til • r i-L is a signe that she 

much, lo whome a utie is rorgeuen, the feit her seife much 
same doeth loue a htle. ^°"°^ V^i" Christ 

. who had forgeuen 

48 And he sayd vnto her, Thy smnes are her so many syn- 
forgeuen thee. '"'^ 

49 And they that sate at meat with him, 
began to say within them selues. Who is 
this which forgeueth synnes also .'' 



50 And he sayd to the woman, Thy fayth 

hath saued thee : Go in " peace. "Thepeaceof 

cOscience c5- 
meth onely 
THE VIII. CHAPTER. offaith. 

Christe with his Apostles go from towne to 
towne 8f preache. He sheweth the parable of the 
sede. Telleth who is his mother ^ his brother. 
Stilleth the raging of the sea Deliuereth the pos- 
sessed. And driueth the deuils into the herde of 
swine. Helpeth the syck woman, and lairus 

Nd it came to passe afterward, that A 
he him self went through euery citie 
and towne, preachyng, and shewyng the 
kyngdome of God, and the twelue with 

2 And also certayn women, which were 
healed of euyl spirites, and infirmities : 

* Marie w was called Magdalene, * out of ■^«'"-i6-^- 

, ^ J 1 Chap.lA.d. 

whome went seuen deuyls. 

3 And lohane the wyfe of Chuza Hero- Women reiie 
des steward, & Susanna, & many other w "® chnste. 

» wherby they =• ministred vnto " him of their substance, -or, to them 
benefit wWch they 4 * When much people were gathered to Mat.^z.h. 
had receaued of „ether, and Were come to him out of ^\ mar. 4,. a. 

him.&also shewed '-'. . . ... , 

theirperseuerance cities, he Spake by a simuitude. 
knoUedg'Tto belf 5 A sower went out to sowe his seed, & 
^od. as he sowed, some fel by the way syde, & 

it was troden vnder fete, and the foules of 

the aire deuoured it vp. 

6 And some fel on the stone, and as sone 
as it was sprong vp, it wythered away, be- 
cause it lacked moistnes. 

7 And some fel among thornes, and the 
thornes sprang vp with it, and choked it. 

8 And some fel on good ground, and „ 
sprang vp, and bare finite, an hundred 


BY S. LVKE. 106 

folde. And as he sayd these thinges, he 
cryed. He that hathe eares to heare, let 
him heare. 

9 And his disciples asked him, demading. 
What similitude that was ? 

10 And he sayd, Vnto you it is geuen to 
knowe y secretes of y kyngdome of God, 

but to other in *> simihtudes : that when ' wwch here is 

,,, 01-1 taken for an obscu 

Esa.e.c. they see, they shulde not see, & whe they re or darke saying. 
tohn\2.f. heare, they should not vnderstand. 

fict ■^O T • 

roTn.i i". a. 1 1 * The simihtude is this. The sede, is the 

Mat.u.h. worde of God. 

mar. 4.6. j g Those that are besyde the way, are they 
that heare : & afterward commeth the de- 
uyl, and taketh away the woorde out of 
their heartes, lest they should beleue, and 
be saued. 

1 3 But they that are on the stones, are they 
which when they haue heard, receaue the 
worde with ioye : but these haue no roo- 

tes : which for a whyle ^ beleue, and in the ' They acknoiied- 

. . •' ge and consent to 

tyme of tentation go away. theworde.andaiso 

14 And that which fel among thomes, «"e>^e°<:e it- 
"Whetheyre- are they which haue heard & " after their 
to"[heir''affa! departure are choked with cares & with 

•■es. ryches, and voluptuous lining, and bryng 

forth no frute. 

1 5 And that which fel in good ground, are 
they which with an honest & good hart, 
heare the worde, and kepe it, and bring 

C forth frute with pacience. 
Cha. I2.e. 16 * No d man when he lyghteth a candel, i^^"f ^. """- 
maim.o.o. couereth it vnder a vessel, nether putteth od with their light 

mar.l. c. . ijjiii i- which they haue 

" or, bed. it vndcr the table, but setteth it on a can receaued,& to set 
Chap.l9.d. delstick, that they that entre in, may see 't, forthe before 

mat. 13. 6. ^1 1 , , •' ■' all mens faces. 

25. e. the lyght. 

7nar. 4. c. 1 7 * For nothing is in secret, that shal 

o. ii. 



not come abrode : neither any thing hid, 
that shal not be knowen, and come to 

1 8 Take hede therfore how ye heare : For 
whosoeuer hathe, to him shalbe geuen : & 
whosoeuer hathe not, from him shalbe ta 

ken euen that same, which " it semeth that " Bothe to 

1 1 ,1 hiraselfe.and 

ne natne. toothers. 

1 9 Then came to him his mother and his 
brethren, and could not speake with him 
for prease. 

20 And it was tolde him, hy certeyne which 

sayd. Thy mother and thy * brethern stand Gen. 13. 6. 
without, and would see thee. 

21 But he answered, and sayd vnto them, 
• The spiritual My mother, and my brethren are *' these 

p°refe3 'to*°the ^^^^ ^eare the worde of God, & do it. 
carnaiandnaturai: 22 * And it chauccd on a certainc day, f Mat. 8. c. 

forasmuche as the i ... i jt.-j--i i mnr i. rl 

re by of many we be Went mto a shyp, and his disciples al- """^- *• "• 
are made one, con gg ^nd he savd vnto them, Letvs so ouer 

lessins' toffPther "^ ^ 

one God, one faith vnto the Other sydc of the lake. And they 

& one Baptisme. l„,,„„l,pJ fnrt>i 

louing God aboue launcneo lortn. 

all thmgr, and our 23 And as they sayled, he fel a " slepe, and "Thewordesi 

neighbour as our- , i r a • i.\, ^ ^ gnifieth a di- 

seiues. there arose a storme or wynde m the lake, ep or sounde 

and they were fylled with water, and we- siepe. 
re in ieopardy. 

24 And they went to him, & awoke him, D 
saying. Master, Master, we are lost. Then tethlhe wyn- 
he arose, and rebuked the wynde, and the de. 
tempest of water : and they ceased, and it 

waxed cahne. 

25 And he sayd vnto them. Where is your 
faith ? They feared, and wondred among 
them selues, saying. Who is this that com 
mandeth bothe the wyndes and water, & 

they obey him? Mat.^.d. 

26 *And they sayled vnto the regio of the mar. 5. a. 


BY S. LVKE. 107 

Gadarenites, which is ouer agaynst Ga- 

27 And as he went out to lande, there met 
him a certayn man out of the citie, which 
had a deuyl long tyme, and weare no clo- 
thes, nether abode in any house, but in 

28 When he sawe lesus, he cried out, and 
fel downe before him, and \V a loud voy- 
ce sayd. What haue I to do with thee le- 
sus the Sonne of God most hyest ? I be- 

seche thee ^torment me not. < satanistorm? 

29 For he commanded the foule spirite Ifp^'^sent.^^""'' 
" Or, many a to come out of the man : for (" oft times he 

day agone. j^^^ caught him : therfore he was bound 
E with chaines, & kept with fetters : but he 
" The woord brake the bandes, and was " caried of the 
bf'inforced fiende into wyldemesses.) 
with violence 30 And lesus askcd him, saying. What is 
when he is thy name ? And he sayd, s Legion, because eALe^o.aswri 
spurred. many deuils were entred into liim. teyned^'looo^Vote 

31 And thev besoght him, that he would '"*'"' '''f "^ hor- 

', , . seraen;but here il 

not commande them to go out mto the is taken for an vn 

"Sotodeparte " h Jiene certayn and infini 

that they col »^^i"=- te nomber. 

de do no bar- 32 And there was thereby an heard of •'Which in the 

'"^" many swyne, fedyng on an hyl, and the de- leth hei.where the 

uils besoght him, y he would sufFre them fnthe^otecuritleof 

to entre into them : and he sufired them. darkenes,2.Pe.2.a 

33 Then went the deuils out of the man, 
and entred into the swyne* and the hearde 
ran headlong from the hie brinck dcwne 
into the lake, and was choked. 

34 When the heardmen sawe what had 
chanced, they fled, and tolde it in the citie 
and in the countrey. 

35 Then they came out to see what was do 
ne, and came to lesus, and found the man 


out of whome the deuils were departed, 
syttjmg at the feete of lesus, clothed, 
and in his ryght mynde : and they were 

36 They also which sawe it, tolde them by 
what meanes he that was possessed of the 
deuyl was healed. 

37 The all the whole multitude of y coun 
trie of y Gadarenites, besoght hym, that 
he would depart from them, for they we- 
re taken with great feare : and he gate 
him into the shjrp, and returned backe 

38 Then the man out of whome the de- F 
uyls were departed, besoght hym that he 
myght be w him : but lesus sent him away 

39 Go " home againe into thine owne hou- "Christknewe 
se, and shewe what great thynges God ^tLTs^^e 
hath done to thee. And he went his way, him being ab 

i This was his and preached through out all the * citie, ^ith him. 
GadariT.whichwts what great thinges lesus had done vnto 

in the coutrey of bim 

Decapolis, & ther ,^\,. i t » 

fore Luke dissen- 40 And it camc vnto passe when les was 

who^^ue^that come agayne, f the people receaued him : 

he preached in De for they all waytcd for hym. 

capo IS. ^ J *And beholde there came a man named Mat. 9. c. 

lairus, and he was one of the chiefest oi'mar.b.h. 

the " Synagoge, who fel downe at lesus fe- " Of the Con. 

te and besoght hym that he would come the lewes. 

into his house : 

42 For he had but a daughter only, vpo 
a twelue yeres of age, & she laye a dying, 
(and as he wet, the people thronged hym : 

43 And a woma hauyng an issue of bloud, 
twelue yeres, which had spent all her sub- 
stance vpon Physitions, nether coulde be 


BY S. LVKE. 108 

holpen of any. 

44 When she came beh5Tid him, she tou- 
ched the hem of his garment, and imme- 
diately her issue of bloud stanched. 

45 The lesus sayd. Who is it that touched 
me ? Whe euery man denied, Peter & they 
that were with hym, sayd. Master, the peo 
pie thrust thee, & treade on thee, & sayest 
thou. Who touched me ? 

46 And lesus sayd. Some body touched 
me : for I perceaue that vertue is gone out 
of me. 

47 When the woman sawe that she was 
not hyd, she came trimblyng, & fel at his 

feete, and tolde hym before all the people, 
for what cause she had touched him, and 
how she was healed immediately. 

48 And he sayd vnto her. Daughter, be 

of good comfort, thy ^ fayth hathe made •■ christe dothe 

thee whole. Go in peace.) T.^^^^Xn^of 

G 49 Whyle he yet spake, there came one ourfaithe.butdo- 

/• .1 1 <• ii o 1 '^6 accept it, as 

irom the ruler oi the oynagoges house, thogh it were par- 
which sayd to hym. Thy daughter is dead, ^^'^'' 
disease not the master. 

50 When lesus heard that, he answered y 
ruler of the Synagoge, saying, Feare not, 
beleue only, and she shedbe made whole. 

51 And when he went in to the house, he 
sufired no ma to go in with hym, saue Pe- 
ter, lames, and lohn, and the father & mo 
ther of the maiden. 

52 And euery body wept, & sorowed for 

her : but he sayd, Wepe not : for she is not ' Aithogh she was 

• dead, but slepeth. christe iuvas mo° 

"Hemeaneth53 And they laught hym to scorne, for ["''f '"'"If '°':« 

those which tl, i li ^ i i , °'"' '° '5''''' ^^^° ••■ 

he founde in *"^y ^newe that she was dead. is for one man to 

the house. 54 And he " thrust them all out, and toke ot'hfs depe*!""""' 


her by the hand, and cried, saying, Mayde, 

55 And her spirite came agayne, and she 
rose strayghtway : and he commanded to 
geue her meate. 

56 And her father and mother, were asto 
nied : but he warned the that they should 
tel no man what was done. 


He sendeth out the twelue Apostles to prea- 
che. Her ode hear eth tel of him. He feedeth fyue 
thousand men with fyue loaues, and two fishes. 
Diurse opinions of Christe. He transfigureth 
him self vpon the mount, deliuereth the posses- 
sed, iSf teacheth hys disciples to be lowly. They 
desire vengeance, but he reproueth them. 

^Hen called he the twelue disciples to A 
-*- gether, and gaue them power and au- 
toritie ouer all deuUs, & that they myght 
heale diseases. 
2 * And he sent them to preache the kyng Mat. lo. a. 
dome of God, and to cure the syck. ^^- ^- ^■ 

- To thedethey 3 And he sayd to them, ^ Take nothing to ^ ' "' 

myght do their . .i » . „ jj 

charge with gre- your loumcy, nether staues, nor scryp, or, roddes. 
when^eyhTd no- ^^ther bread, nether mony, nether haue 

thing to let them. tWO COatCS. 

4 And what soeuer house ye entre into, 

there abyde, and "thence departe. ''He wiiieth 

- I. 1 ■, 1 them not to 

5 And whosoeuer wyl not receaue you, tary loge.but 
when ye go out of that citie, shake of the ^^Jl^^ ^'^ 

tWTiichwasasi ygj.y b J^g^ ^gj^ yQ^j. fg(.g foj. a testimo- towne. 
gne of detestatiO, .•'.,•' 

and of the vengea me agamst them. 

plrld forluK 6 And they went out, and went through 

temners of Gods the townes about prcachyng the Gospel, 

and healing euery where. J^^^ l^ ^ 

7 *And Herode the kyng heard of all y mar. 6. b. 

BY S. LVKE. 109 

was done by hym : and douted, because f 
it was sayd of some, that lohn was rysen 
agayne from death : 

8 And of some, that EUas had appeared: 
and of some, that one of y olde Prophe- 
tes was rysen agayne. 

9 Then Herode sayd, lohn haue I behea- 
ded : who then is this of whome I heare 
suchthynges? and he desired to see him. 

B 10 And the Apostles returned, and tolde 
hym what great thynges they had done. 
Then he toke them, and went asyde into 
a solitarie place, nie to the citie called 

1 1 But when the people knewe of it, they 
folowed him : and he receaued them, and 
spake vnto them of y kyngdome of God, 
and healed them that had nede to be he- 
Mat. 14. b. 12 *And when the day began to weare 
iolaie.a. ' ^^^J> then came the twelue, and sayd vn- 
to hym. Send the people away, that they 
may go into the townes and vyllages ro- 
und about, and lodge, & get meat : for we 
are here in place of wyldemes. 

13 But he sayd vnto them,'^Geue ye them ' christeforsa- 

, . . 1 ., , TIT 1 1 , keth not the that 

to eat And they sayd. We haue no mo but foiiowe him, but 
fyue loues & two fyshes, except we shulde g^"g„t relief* ^"^" 
go and bye meat for all this people. 

14 For they were about fyue thousand me. 
And he sayd to his disciples. Cause them 
to syt downe by fyfties in a compagnie. 

15 Therfore they dyd so, and dyd all 
syt downe. 

16 And he toke the fyue loues, and the 
hlf^etl^. ^o fis^eS' ^d loked vp to heauen, " bles- 
kes°ioh.6.b. sed them, brake, and gaue to the disci- 


pies, to set before the people. 

1 7 And they aU dyd eat, and were satisfi- 
ed : and there was taken vp of that remai- 
ned to them, twelue baskettes ful of bro- 
ken meat. 

18 *And it came to passe as he was alone C 
praying, his disciples were with hym, and ^"^^•^^- ^• 
he asked them, saying, Whome say the pe- 
ople that I am ? 

1 9 They answered, & sayd, lohn Baptist : 

some say Elias : and some say, that one of | 

the olde Prophetes is rysen agayne. j 

20 And he sayd vnto them. But whome 1 
say ye that I am ? Peter answered, & sayd. 

Thou art the Christe of God. 

21 And he warned, and commanded 
rt For he knewe them, that they shoulde tel ^ no man that 

best his conueniet , 

tyme which was ap tiiyng. 

poynted for him 22 Saying,* That the Sonne of man must Mat. 17. d. 

to be manifested Jo' i r ft 

in. suffre many thynges, and be reproued of '"°'"- °- ''• 

the Elders, and of the hye Priestes and " 
Scribes, and be slayne, and the thyrd day 
ryse agayne. 

23 *And he sayd to them all, If any man Chap. 14./. 
wyl come after me, let hym deny hym ^"'%^^' *^' 
self, and take vp his crosse * dayly, and fo mar.' 8. d. 

lowe me. " For as one 

24 For whosoeuer wyl saue his lyfe, shal an'^otherr'^so 
lose it : and whosoeuer shal lose his lyfe ?°'f„?°\'^'"?^ 

.' se lolDwe m 

for my sake, the same shal saue it. the necke of 

25 For what auantageth it a man, if he ^ °**'^' 
wyn the whole worlde, and lose hjrm self, 

and runne in domage of hym self? 

26 * For whosoeuer shalbe ashamed of CAap. 12.6. 
me, and of my sayinges : of him shal the So |" ^^.^ |* ^ 
ne of man be ashamed, when he shal come 

in his 

BY S. LVKE. 110 

in his glorie, & in the glorie of his Father, 

and of the holy Angels. 
Mat. 16. a. 27 *And I tel you of a suretie, there be 
mar. 9. a. gonie standyng here, which shal not taste 

of death, tyl they see the ^ kyngdome of ' Established 

_,,•'•' -^ ° & enlarged by the 

(jOd. preaching of the 

Mat. 17. a. 28 * And it, chanced about an eight dayes ^°'p^'- 
mar. 9. a. ^j^^^ those sayinges, that he toke Peter, 

lames, & lohn, and went vp into a moun- 

tayne to pray. 

29 And as he prayed, the facion of hys 
countenance was changed, and his garmet 
was whyte and shone. 

30 And beholde two me talked with hym, 
and they were Moses and Ehas. 

D 31 Which appeared in glorie, and spake 
of his departyng, which he should ende 
at Jerusalem. 

32 But Peter & they that were with hym, 
were heauy wyth slepe, and when they 
woke, they sawe his glorie, and the two 
men standyng with hym. 

33 And it chanced as they departed from 
hym, Peter sayd vnto lesus. Master, it is 
good beyng here for vs : Let vs therfore 
make thre tabernacles, one for thee, and 
one for Moses, and one for Ehas : and wist 
not what he sayd. 

34 Whyle he thus spake, there came a 

cloud and ' ouershadowed them, and they ' For other 
feared when they were entring into the not'^bene able to 

cloud comprehend his 

great maiestie. 

Mat.^.d. 35 * And there came a voyce out of the 
mar. 1 . 6, cloud, saying. This is my deare beloued 
E Sonne, heare him. 
36 And as sone as the voyce was past, le- 
sus was found alone: and they kept it 


close, & tolde no man in ** those dayes any "Theyconce- 
of those thynges which they had sene. christsresur- 

37 And it chanced on the next day, as they 1^^''°°' ' 
came downe from the moimta)nie, much teth. 
people met hjrm. 

38 *Andbeholde, a man of the compagnie Mat.n.b. 
cryed out, saying, Maister, I beseche thee """"• ^* "' 
beholde my sonne, for he is aU that I ha- 


39 And see, a spirite taketh hym, and so- 
denly he cryeth, and he teareth hym, that 
he fometh agayne, and with much payne 
departeth from him, when he hath bru- 
sed him. 

40 And I besoght thy disciples to cast F 
him out, but they could not. 

6 Vnder the 4 1 lesus answered, and sayd, s O genera- 
di'scipies 'could '^ ^^^^ without fayth, and croked, how long 
not heaie the sick g^al I be with you, and sufire you? Bryna; 

man, he reproueth , t • i •/ o 

them which would thy sonnc hither. 

haue dimini 
his autoritie. 

rent him, and tare hym : and lesus rebuked 
the vncleane sprite, and healed the chyl- 
de : and deliuered him to his father. 
43 And they were all amased at y mygh- 
ty power of God. Whyle they wondred 
euery one at aU thinges which he dyd, he 
sayd vnto his disciples, 

44* Let these sayinges sjTick downe into Mat.n.d. 
your eares : for the tyme wyl come, when '""''• ^- '^' 
the Sonne of man shalbe dehuered into 
'■ They were so the handcs of men 
Sfon^'thifchii^ 45 But they ^ wist not what that worde 
ste shuide haue a ment, and it was hyd from them, that they 
ra™'"that they"' vnderstodc it not : and they feared to aske ^^, . ^ 

Sd'irnh^spa- ^^ °^ ^^^^ '^y^^- . . mar'.Q.'cT 

ke of his death. 46 * Then there arose a disputation among ^^k. 22. f. 


haue diminished 42 As he yet was a comming, the fiende 

BY S. LVKK. Ill 

them, which of them should be the grea- 
G 47 When lesus sawe the thoghtes of the- 
ir hartes, he toke a lytle chylde, and set 
him hard by him. 

48 And sayd vnto them, Whosoeuer re- 
ceaueth this Utle chylde in my name, re- 
ceaueth me : and whosoeuer shal receaue 
me, receaueth hym that sent me : for he 
that is least among you all, the same shal- 
be great. 
Mar.9.f. 49 *And lohn answered, and sayd. Master 
we sawe one casting out deuyls in thy na- 
me, and we forbade hym, because he folo- 
weth thee not with vs. 
50 Then lesus sayd vnto hym, Forbyd ye 
hiin not : for he that is not agavnst vs, ' is ' Forasmuch as 

. , he letteth vs not. 

With VS. and God is glori- 

"Of his death 5 1 And it fortuned, when the " tyme was fi*"* ^y ^'^ °«=*^'- 
was exalted, come that he should be receaued vp, he 
bent him self to go to Jerusalem. 

52 And sent messengers before him : and 
they went and entred into a towne of the 
Samaritans, to prepare him lodgincj. 

53 But they would not receaue hym, ^ be- '' For they ha- 

,.,,!,. Jl 1- I. ted the lewes, be- 

"Or.apparell CaUSe hlS behaUlOUr was, as tnogh ne cause they differ- 

for^heyknew would go to Jerusalem. reU*-oT '''^"' '" 

and as tou- 54 When his disciples, lames and lohn 
mlrftanso^pT- ^awc <^a<, they sayd. Lord, wylt thou that 
nion of the we comandc, that fyre come downe from 
10^.4 .c.'^^* heauen, and consume them, euen as * EU- 
2.*yn.S.6. as did ? 

55 But lesus tm-ned about, and rebuked 

them saying. Ye wot not what maner > spri- ,heir"'raT°"and 

te ye are of. camal affection, 

r n -k -r\ ^1 C" e • i. t. which were not led 

Mat.S.c, 56 ror the bonne or man is not come to ^^i, uij^s sprite. 
destroy mens hues, but to saue them. Then 



they went to another towne. 

57 And it chanced as they went in the 
way, a certayn man sayd vnto him, I wyl 
folow thee Lord, whithersoeuer thou go- 

58 Andlesus sayd vnto hym. Foxes haue 
holes, and bjrrdes of the ayre haue nestes, 
but the Sonne of man hath not where on 
to lay is head. 

59 And he sayd vnto another, Folowe me. 
And the same sayd. Lord sufire me fyrst 
to go, and bury my father, 

60 lesus sayd vnto hym, " Let y dead bu- f^^^^^^ jj°* 
ry the5rr dead : but go thou and preach the semeth best 

1 J r /~l J to TS, but on- 

kyngdome of God. ,y Gods cai- 

61 Then another sayd, I wyl folowe thee i'"?- 
Lord : but let me fyrst go byd them fare- 
wel, which are at home at my house. 

62 lesus saydvnto hym, No man that put- 
■» Tobehynde- teth his hand to the plough, and "^ loketh 

IfikrZv'SS backe, is apte to the kyngdome of God. 

worldely com mo- 


He sendeth the seuenty before hym to prea- 
che, 8f geueth the a charge how to be haue them 
selues. He threateneth the obstinate. Prayseth 
hys heauely Father. Answereth the Scribe that 
tempted hym. And by the example of the Sama 
ritane sheweth who is a mas neyghbour. Mar- 
tha receaveth the Lord into her house. Marie 
Magdalene is feruent in hearing hys worde. 

Fter these thinges, the Lord appoin- The sending 

ted other seuenty also, and sent them 70. 
two and two before him into euery citie 
and place, whither he him selfe would 

2 Therfore he sayd vnto them, * The har- Mat. 9. d 



BY S. LVKE. 112 

uest is great, but the laborers are fewe : 
Praye therfore the Lord of the har- 
uest, to send forth laborers into his har- 
MatAO.b. 3 *Go your wayes : beholde, I send you 
forth as lambes among wolues. 
4 Beare no wallet, nether scryp, nor 
2.Kj/nA.e. shoes, * and * salute no man by the way. ^HewiUeihthat 
Mat. 10. 6. 5 * Into whatsoeuer house ye enter, fyrst tch^his iomey^' 

mar.G.b. g^ b pgace be to this house. "''*> diligence not 

J ' occupying them 

" Which lo- 6 And if the sonne of peace be there, seiues about other 
ctrine*of%ea-' Jo^iT peace shal rest vpon hym: if not, it '^''fu^^, their 

ce and the gjjal tume tO VOU affavne. maner of salutati- 

Gospel. ►, A -1 • .1 1 ^ ^1 ^ 0°' wherby they 

B 7 And m the same house tarystyl, eatyng wisshedheitheand 

and drynckyng such as they shal set before ^^!:"^He '^ouid not 

Deut. 24. c. yoy^ . * fQj. ttie laborer is worthy of his re- that they shuide 

mat.XO.b. ■, i~< . r ^^ j. ^ tary long in one 

l.tim.b.c. warde. OrO not from ^ house to house. towne, neither yet 

8 But into whatsoeuer citie ye shal en- '° ^^ careful to 

, •' change their lod- 

ter, rf they receaue you, •* eat such thyn- ging. 

ges as are set before you. receSe"n!,uHshe° 

9 And heale the syck that are there, and ™ent of them for 
say vnto them. The kjmgdome of God is ueii. 

come nye to you. 

10 But into whatsoeuer citie ye shal en- 
Chap.9.a. ter, if they wil not receaue you, go your 
7nat. 10. a. waves out into the stretes of the same, and 

act. 13. g. -^ 

§•. 18. b. ^^V' 

1 1 Euen the very dust, which cleaueth on 

vs of your citie, we wype of agaynst you : 
Notwythstandyng, marke this, that the 
kyngdome of God was come nye vpon 

12 I say to you, that it shalbe easyer in 
that day for Sodome, then for that citie. 

Mat. 1 1 . c. 13 * Wo be to thee Chorazin : wo be to thee 

c Beth-saida, for if the miracles had bene 

done in Tyrus & Sidon, which haue bene 


done in you, they had a great whyle ago- 

ne repented, syttyng " in sack cloth and as- "Which were 

1 the signes of 

*^^^*' repentance. 

' The more be- 14 Therforc it shalbe easier for Tyrus * & 

nefites that God c>. , ^ ,i • j ^ ^i <• 

bestoweth ypon Sidon, at the ludgement, then for you. 
any people, the J 5 j^^ t^ou Capemaum which art exal- 

more dothe he i 1 1 i 

ponishe their in- ted to heaueu, shalt be thrust downe to 

gratitude. vi 

1 6 * He that heareth you, heareth me : and Mat. 10. d. 
he that despiseth you, despiseth me: and ^ 
he that despiseth me, despiseth him that 

sent me. 

17 And the seuentie turned agayne with 
ioye, saying. Lord, euen the very deuyls 
are subdued to vs through thy name. 

f The power of 18 And he sayd vnto them, I saw ^ Satan, 

Satan is beaten -^iii tij i-ii t 

downe by the pre- as it had bene hghten5mg, lalle downe 

aching of the gos- from heauen. i 

19 Beholde, I geue vnto you power to 
treade on serpentes, and scorpions, and 
ouer all maner power of the enemie, and 
nothyng shal hurt you. 

20 Neuerthelesse, in this reioyce not, that 
the sprites are vnder your power : but ra- 
ther reioyse, because your names are wryt 
ten in heauen. 

21 That same houre reioysed lesus in " the " Or, in his 

sprite, & sayd, I confesse vnto thee Father, j)'^"' "' 
sHeattributeth Lord of heauen and earth, that thou hast Mat.U.d. 
ction of God that hyd these thynges from the s wise and le- 
the wise knowe amed, and hast opened them to babes : 

not the gospel, and " // ni, • • 

yet the poore Euen SO Father, because it so pleased thee, ^hnste is 

basse people vn- f»o An i-l, f/ r 17 °™ only me- 

derstand it 22 Ail thyngCS are geuen me of my t a- ane to recea- 

most'^esteme'hrm ^^^^ '' ^^^ ^ ^° ™^^ knoweth who the Son- ^fef^Jf "'"■ 
as the fathers vol- nc is, but the Father : nether who the Fa- "inwhomewe 
and not'accorS ^^^r is, saue the " Sonne, and he to whome ps Ty?,eTy'" 

tomansjudgemet. the Sonne Wyl Shewe him. image. 

23 And 

BY S. LVKE. 113 

23 And he turned to his disciples, and 
Mat. 13. b. sayd secretely, * Happy are the eyes, which 

see that ye see. 

24 For I tel you that many Prophetes & 
kynges, haue desired to see those thinges 
which ye see, & haue not scene them : and 
to heare those thinges which ye heare, & 

p haue not heard them. 
Mar 22. d. 25 * Then beholde a certayne expounder of 
mar. 12. e. the lawe stode vp, and tempted him, 
saying, Maister.what shal I do, to inherite 
eternal Ufe .'' 

26 He sayd vnto hym. What is wrytten in 
the law ? how readest thou ? 
Deut.Q.b. 27 And he answered, & sayd, * Thou shalt 
loue thy Lord God, with all thy heart, and 
VT all thy soule, & with all thy strength, 
l.eui.\9.d. and with all thy thoght : * and thy neigh- 
bour as thy self. 

28 Then he sayd vnto hym. Thou hast ans- 
wered ryght, this do, and thou shalte lyiie. 
" Or, to ap- 29 But he wiUyng to " iustifie hym self, 
self as iust. sayd vnto lesus. Who ' is then my neygh- ' For they coun- 

1 J ted no man their 

OOUr . neighbour but 

30 lesus taking his woord sayd, A certayn 'heir friende. 
F ma descended from Jerusalem to lericho, 

and fel into the handes of theues, which 
robbed hym of his rayment, & wounded 
hym, and departed, leaning hym halfe 

3 1 And by chance ther came downe a cer- 
tayn ^ Priest that same way, and when he •< Ho prieueiy 
saW hym, he passed by on the other syd. "rueUie which was 

32 And lykewyse a Leuite, when he was among this peo- 

plc tind chicfclv 

come nie to the place, went and loked on the'gouuemours. 
him, and passed by on the other syde. „aso™us"fthe 

33 Then a certaine ' Samaritan, as he lewes. 



ioumeyed, came nye vnto hym, and when 
he sawe hym, he had compassion on hjma. 
, 34 And went to, and bound vp his woun- 
des, and powred in oyle and wyne, & put 
him on his owne beast, and broght hym to 
an ynne, and made prouision for him. 

35 And on y morowe when he departed, 
>» Which was he toke out *" two pence, and gaue them to 

sierhng^mcTnye. ° the hoste, and sayd vnto hyra, Take cure 
of h}Tn, & whatsoeuer thou spendest mo- 
re, when I come agayne, I wyl recompen- 
ce thee. 

36 Which now of these thre thynkest 
thou, was neyghbour vnto hym that fel 
into the theues handes ? G 

37 And he sayd, he that shewed mercy on 
» Heipehim that him. Then sayd lesus vnto hym, Go " and 

hathe nede of ■, .-, ■, ■, 

thee aithogh thow do thou lykewyse. 

knowe him not. 33 It fortuned as they went, that he en- 
tred into a certayn towne : and a certajm 
woman named Martha, receaued hym into ^^J[^^ '^"'^ 
her house. 

39 And this woman had a syster called 
Marie, which also sate at lesus fete, and 
heard his preachyng. 

40 And Martha was cobred about much 
seruyng and stode and sayd. Master, doest 
thou not care that my syster hathe left me 
to minister alone ? bid her therfore, that 
she helpe me. 

41 And lesus answered, & sayd vnto her, 

* i\tT^.t!!?i* Martha, Martha, thou carest, and art " trou " For she for 

mete that she shul- . ,' ' , gate the prin- 

de hauebenedra- bled about many thynges : cipal, which 

mabfr"a"tC 42 But one thbg is nedeful, Marie hathe -^X^-- 
wher vnto she chosen the ffood parte, '^ which shal not 

could not alwayes p t 

haueopportunitie. be taken away trom her. 

BY S. LVKE. 114 


He teacheth his disciples to pray. Driueth 
out a deuel. And rebuketh the blasphemous 
Phariseis. He preferreth the spiritual cousina- 
ge. They require signes and tokens. He eateth 
with the Pharisei, and reproueth the hypocri- 
sie of the Phariseis, Scribes, and hypocrites. 

A A Nd so it was y as he was praying in 
-^a certayne place, when he ceased, one 
of his disciples sayd vnto hym. Master, 
teache vs to pray, as lohn also taught his 

Mfii.ti. h. 2 * ibid he sayd vnto them, when ye pray, 
say. Our Father which art ia heaue. Halo- 
wed be thy name. Thy kyngdome come, 
Let thy wyl be fulfilled euen in earth, as 
it is in heauen. 

'•Or,asmuche 3 Qur dayly bread geue vs " for y day. 

as is sufficiet ^ . i )> /• c 

for this day. 4 And lorgcue vs our synnes : tor euen 
"Or, pardone ^g forgeue cucry man that is indebted to 

vs. And lead vs not into temptation : but 

deliuer vs from the Euyl. 

5 Moreouer he sayd vnto them, ^ Yf any " By this simi 

e 1 111 /••joi ij litude he teacheth 

01 you should haue a inend, & should go vs that we oght 
to hym at mydnyght, and say vnto hym, °°''dif we'obte" 
Friend lend me thre loaues. ine not inconti- 

•• Or, in pas- 6 For a friend of myne is come " out of ^ rttde''^** 
sing by the .^^^ ^^ j^g ^ ^^^ j ^j^ue nothyng to set be- 
fore hym. 
B 7 And he within should answer, and say. 
Trouble me not, the dore is now shut, and 
my chyldren are with me in bed, I can not 
ryse and geue them to thee. 
8 I say unto you, thogh he would not ary- 
se and geue hym, because he is his fri- 
end : yet doubteles because of his impor- 

p. ii. 


tunitie, he would ryse, and geue him as 
many as he neded. 

9 *And I say mito you, Aske, and it shalbe Mat.l.a. 
geuen you : Seke, and ye shal fynde : knoc- 2' • c. 
ke, and it shalbe opened vnto you. ^M« 14 /, 

10 For eueiy one that asketh, receaueth: l6.c. 
and he that seketh, fyndeth : and to hym *"*"• ' • "• 
that knocketh, it shalbe opened. 

11 * And if a sonne shal aske bread of any Mat. I.d. 
of you that is a father, wyl he geue hym a '^•^' 
stone ? Or if he aske fyshe, wyl he for a fy- 

she geue hym a serpent ? 

12 Or if he aske an Qgge, wyl he offer him 

a scorpion 

13 If ye then which are euyl, can geue 

good giftes vnto your chyldren, how mu- 

che more shal your heauenly father geue 

'■ The chiefest •> the holy Gost to them, that desire hym ? 

thing tliat we can i^rmi ^^ i ic i 

desire of God, is 14 Ihcu he cast out a deuyl, w was dom- 
his holy Spirit, jjjg gjjj when the deuyl was gone out, the 
domme spake, and the people wondred. 

15 But some of them sayd. He casteth out 
deuyls, through Beelzebul the chiefe of 
the deuyls. 

16 And others tempted him, sekyng of 
hym a signe from heauen. 

1 7 But he knewe their thoghtes, and sayd c 

vnto them, * Euery kyngdome deuided AfaM2.6, 
agaynst it self is desolate, and a house de- "'""■• 3- c 
uided against it self faUeth. 

18 So if Satan be deuided against him 
self : how shal his kyngdome endure ? Be- 
cause ye say that I cast out deuyls through 

19 If I through Beelzebul cast out de- 
'Thatistosay, uyls : by whom do your "^ chyldren cast 

your coniurers. t^em out ? Therefore shal they be your 


BY S. LVKE. 115 


20 But if I by the ** finger of God cast out " The finger of 
deuils, no doute the kingdome of God is thevertueaadpo- 

come vnto you. rhTvfruie'^of^the 

21 When a stronge man armed, kepeth Father and the 
"The worde his " palaice, y thlnges that he possesseth, So^^rfur*'' S 
pn.riI!!!^„^v° are in peace. doth interpret 

entne or per- -r ^j^jg pij^^g 

che before a 22 But when a Stronger then he commeth 
vp on hym at ^^lwares, and ouercommeth 
him : he taketh from him all hys harnes 
wherin he trusted : and deuideth his spoi- 

23 He that is not ^ with me, is agaynst me : 'How much mo- 
and he that gathereth not with me, scat- [hat makeih open 

tereth warre against me, 

■ . . as Satan dothc ? 

D 24 When the vncleane spnte is gone out 
of a man, he walketh through drie places, 
sekyng ^ rest : and when he fyndeth none, ' ^o thinient 
he sayeth, I wyl retume agavne vnto my worke according 
house whence I came out. ' "^l '"''•'^*'"'^ 

25 And when he commeth, he fyndeth it 
swept and gamyshed. 
"Yfbyinfideii 26 Then" ffoeth he, and taketh to hvm,"se- <"' i''' '"oamih 
backefrom uen Other sprites worse then lum self : ber. 
God, Satan and they entre in, and dwel there, * and 
power oue" the last State of that man, is worse then 
ZaZ^l. the first. 

Heb.a.a. 27 And it Came to passe as he spake these 
\.pet.-2.d. thynges, a certayne woman of the comjja- 
gnie, lyfted vp her voyce, and sayd vnto 
hym, Happy is the wombe that bare thee, , "■ chnste gaue 

•' ^^.' 1 • 1 1 11 lier a prune taunt, 

and the pappes which thou haste sucked, for that she omit- 
28 But he sayd, •* Yea rather, happy are praise' which was 
they y heare the worde of God, & kepe it. due \^no him.that 

r>rv * -iTTi 1 1 1 II- was, that they are 

Mat. 12.C. 2y When the people were gathered thic- happie in deed to 
ke together, he began to say. Tins is a ^^-^ ^e com- 
wicked generation : they seke a signe, and self by his worde. 
p. iii. 


there shal no signe be geuen them, but 

the signe oflonas the Prophet. Ion. 2. a, 

30 For as lonas was a signe to the Niniui- 
tes, so shal also the Sonne of man be to 
this nation. 

31 *The Quene of f south shal ryse in iud- l.%«.lo.a. 
gement, with the men of this generation, '" ^°' '^' 
and condemne them : for she came from The Quene 
the end of the world, to heare the wyse- °^**'^ ^°"*- 
dome of Solomon : and beholde, a greater 

then Solomon is here. 

32 The men of Niniue shal ryse in iudge- Niniue. 
ment wyth this generation, and shal con- 
demne them : for they* returned to God, Iohn.3.b. 
at the preachyng of lonas : and beholde 

a greater then lonas is here. E 

33 * No man lyghteth a candel, and putteh Chap.s.b. 
it in a preuv place, nether vnder a bushel : "*"^-^-''' 

± J r ' 7HQ.T 4 d 

but on a candlestick, that they which co- 
me in, may see the lyght. 
'ffuyde"'!nd ''?e''id ^4 * The lyght of the body is y ' eye. Ther- Mat. 6. c 
the body. forc whcu thyne eye is ^ syngle, then is all 

or vice! °" ^^° thy body ful of light : but yf thyne eye be 
eml, then thy body is ful of darcknes. 

35 Take hede therfore, whether the light 
whych is in thee be darcknes. 

36 Yf therfore all thy body shalbe light, 
hauing no part darcke : then shal al be ful 
of Ught, euen as when a candel doeth 
lyght thee with the brightnes. 

37 And as he spake, a certayn Pharisey 
be soght him to dyne with hym : and he 
went in, & sate downe to meat. 

38 And when the Pharisei sawe that, he F 
marueyled that he had not fyrst wasshed 
before dyner. 

39 And 

BY S. LVKE. 116 

Mat. 23. c. 3 9 *And the Lord sayd to him, In deed ye 
mar. l.a. Pharises make clene y out syde of y cup, 
and of the platter : but the inwarde part 
is ful of your rauenyng, and wyckednes. 
40 Ye fooles, dyd not he that made that 
w is without, make that which is within 
also ? 
"Charitieis 41 Therfore, ' sreue ahnose of those thin- 'Christeherere- 

the perfectio °. , . , , i i i ,, • quireth two things 

of theiawe. ges which are wntmn, and behold e, all is first that we come 

Ciene CO you. ^^ ^ drineke, and 

42 But wo be to you Pharises, for ye ti- next that we distri 
the the mynt and the rewe, and all maner poore!""^ 
" O"" t'?at herbes, and passe ouer " iudgement and y 
and right, loue of God. These oght ye to haue done, 

& '" yet not to haue left y other vndone. "> Hewoidenot 
Chap.^f.9- 43 * Wo be to you Pharises : for ye loue {"eT'cUaLemEl 
Mat. 3,. a. ^j^^ vnpermost seates in the Synagoges, 'J''fo'"e aithinges 

mar. 12. d. , ^^ . . , , J o o ' were aecOplished : 

and gretmgs m the markets. but taught the- to 

44 Wo be to you Scribes & Pharises, hy- g^,'°t'p"efem. 
pocrites : for ye are as graues which " ap- the inferior cere- 

,0,1 ii i 11 j.\ - monies which mo- 

pere not, & the men that walke ouer the stequiciciybeabo- 
are not ware of them. ''^^wh 

Aci.\b.b. 45 * Then answered one of y expounders and infection ap 
of the law, & sayd vnto him. Master, thus pearenotsodeniy. 
saying, thou puttest vs to rebuke also. 
46 The he sayd. Wo be to you also ye in- 
terpreters of the law : for ye lade men w 
l)urthens greuous to be borne, and ye your 
selues touche not the burthens, with one 
of your fyngers. 
G 47 Wo be to you : ye buylde )' sepulchres 
of y Prophetes, & your fathers killed them. 
"The were "^^ "Truly ye beare witnes, and alow the " You shewc your 
more curious dedes of your fathers : for they killed them, poc"rite? ar"we/c 
irSes 't'he ^nd ye " buylde their sepulchres. L^en'beu-ue'S 

•^o foiJp"'<= . 49 Therfore sayd the wysdome of God, I nour God wiie you 
their doctri- ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ Prophetes and Apostles, <^"''°"°"'" '>™- 

p. iiii. 


and of them they shal sley and " persecute. " or, cruelly 

50 That the blode of all Prophetes, shed 
from the beginning of the world, may be 
required of this generation. 

51 Fro the bloud of * Abel, vnto y bloud Gen. 4./. 
of Zacharie, which perisshed betwene the 2.cAr.24.&. 
aulter and the temple : verely I say vnto 

p Because they jou it shalbe required of p this nation, 
were culpable of 52 Wo be to you interpreters of the law: 
that their Ance- for ye hauc " taken away the keye of know- " They hid & 

sters were. jg^j^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ggj^^g^ ^^ ^eSne 

them that came in, ye forbade. & true vnder 

53 When he thus spake vnto them, the the° scfiptu- 
Scribes and Pharises began to wexe busy '^^^• 
about hym, and to prouoke him w diuers 
questions to talke. 

54 Laying wayt for him, & sekyng to cat- 
che some thyng of his mouth, wherby 
they myght accuse hym. 


Christe commandeth to auoide hypocrisie. To 
confesse his name. Not to passe theyr vocation. 
Nor gyue them selues to couuetous care of this 
lyfe. But to rightuousnes, almose, watching, pa 
tience, wisdome, and concord. 

"irVhiles these thinges were in hande- a 

^ ling, there gathered together an in- ^«'- 16. a. 
numerable multitude of people, insomu- "*"'^' " " 
che y they trode one another, & he began 
to say vnto his disciples, FjTst of all be- 
ware of the leuen of the Pharises, which 
is hypocrisie. 

2 * For there is nothyng couered, y must Mat. lo. c 
not be reueiled : nether hyd, that must not '""'"■ "*• 
be knowen. 

3 Wherfore whatsoeuer ye haue spoken 


BY S. LVKK. 117 

in darcknes, that same shalbe heard in y 
lyght : and that whych ye haue spoken in 
the eare, euen in secret places, shalbe prea 
ched on the top of the houses. 

4 * And I say vnto you my friendes. Be 
not afrayd of them that kyl the body, and 
after haue no more that they can do. 

5 But I wil shewe you before, whome ye 
shal feare. Feare hym which after he hath 
kylled, hath power to cast into hel : Yea, I 
say vnto you, hym feare. 

6 Are not fyue sparowes boght for a pe- 
ny, and yet not one of them is forgotten of 

7 Also euen the very heres of your hea- 
de are nombred. Feare not therfore: ye are 
more of value then many sparowes. 
8*1 say vnto you, Whosoeuer shal con- 
fesse me before men, euen him shal y S6- 
ne of man cofesse also before the Angels 
of God. 

9 And he y shal denye me before me, 
shalbe denied before the Angels of God. 

10 And whosoeuer shal speake a worde 
against the Sonne of man, it shalbe for- 
geuen him : but vnto him that ^ shall bla- 
spheme the holy Gost, it shal not be for- 

1 1 * When they shal bryng you vnto the 
Synagoges, and vnto the rulers and of- 
ficers, take no thoght how, or what thing 
ye shal answer, or what ye shal speake : 

1 2 For the holy Gost shal teache you in y 
"Or moment. Same " houre, what ye oght to say. 

1 3 One of the compagnie sayd vnto him. 
Master, byd my brother deuide the inheri- 
tance with me. 

Chap. 9. d. 
mat. 10. d. 
2 tim. 2. b. 

mar. 13.6. 

=" He thatshal re 
siste againste the 
wordeofGod pour- 
posly,& against his 


14 And he sayd vnto him, Man, who ma- 
de me " a iudge, or a deuider ouer you ? "Christechie- 

1 5 Wherfore he sayd vnto the. Take hede be Lged&not 
>• Christ condem and beware of couetousenes : '' For thogh a ^i^^'^f'''/''' 

neth tharrogantie jjjg^j^ abunde in riches, yet his life stadeth he wiiieth " 

of the nche worlde ' •' ^v r.u_;-n-„ 

liges, who as thogh not m his riches. tobeki"es& 

keY yf £"their 16 And he put forth a simiHtude vnto decide "cOtro 
ff P ^, ^1 • * rm- » J r ^ uersies betw- 

coJfres and barnes them, Saymg, The groimde of a Certayn ixt their bre- 

licitie in their ryche man broght forth frutes pleteouslv. thCTn,i.Cor. 
fSthtfcoSa! 17 Tlierfore he thoght with hym self, say "orcoutrey. 
ue them lif and ai ing. What shal I do, because I haue no ro- 

so can talie it away i t. i. a. r i. ^ 

when he wii. ume, where to bestowe my trutes ? 

1 8 And he sayd, This wil I do, I wyl de- C 
stroye my bames, and buyld greater : and g*"^^ ""j | ' ^ 
therin wyl I gather all my fi-utes, and my 

19 And I wyl say to my Soule, Soule, thou 
hast muche goodes layd vp in store for 
many yeres : lyue at ease, eat, drincke, take 
thy passe tyme. 

20 But God sayd vnto hym. Thou foole, 
this night wyl they fetche away thy soule 
from thee : then whose shal those thinges 
be which thou hast prouided.'' 

21 So is it with hym that gathereth riches 

to him self, and is not riche in * God. i- ^»*- G.d. 

22 And he spake vnto his disciples, Ther- ^'*," ' jg* ^' 
fore I say vnto you, * Take no thoght for Mat. 6. c. 
your lyfe, what ye shal eat : nether for your ^- Pf'^- ^' 
body, what ye shal put on. 

23 The lyfe is more then meat, and the bo- 
dy is more then the rayment. 

' He exhorteth 24 '^ Considre y the rauens, nether sowe 

vs to cast our care _ c , i i , i 

on God, & to sub- ^^or rcpc : w nether haue store house nor 
mit our seiues to bamc, & yet God fedeth them : how muche 

his prouidence. ^ , ,^ . r ^ ', 

more are ye better then fowles ? 
25 Which of you with takyng thoght ca D 


BY S. LVKE. 118 

adde to his stature one cubit ? 
26 If ye then be not able to do that thing 
which is least, why take ye thoght for the 
remnant ? 
Mat. 6. a. 27 * ^ Cosidre the lilies how the grow: they * The uberaiitie 
are not wearyd with labour, nether spyn fetMnThihefbrs 
they : and yet I say vnto you, that Solomon and flouressurmo- 

1 . ,/. . n 1 . 1^. .1 teth all that man 

mm sell m all his royaltie, was not ClO- ca do by his riches 

thed lyke one of these. "'' ^°'^^- 

28 If God so clothe the grasse w is to day 
in the field, and to morow is cast into the 
ouen : how much more wyl he clothe you, 
6 ye of lytle faith? 

29 Therfore aske not what ye shal eat, or 
what ye shal drynke, nether let your myn 
des wander about these speculations, 

30 For all such thynges y heathen people 
of y worlde seke for : & your Father know- 
eth that ye haue nede of these thinges. 

I. Pet. 5. b. 31 *But rather seke ye after the kyngdo- 
" Which are me of God, and " aU these thinges shalbe 

but accessor- • • , ^ . 

ies, & are co- muustred vnto you. 

Sr^wycked ^^ Fearc not lytle flocke: for it is yourFa- 

men as to the thers pleasure, to geue you a kyngdome. 

^^ ''■ 33 Sel that ye haue, and geue almes: and 

make you bagges, which wexe not olde, * a 
treasure that can neuer faUe in heauen, 
where no thefe commeth, nether moeth 

34 For where your treasure is, there wyl 
your hartes be also. 
E 35 * Let your loynes be "^ gyrde about, and ■^^ Be in a readynes 

]. Pet. I.e. 1 iTi 1, to execute the 

your lyghtes bumyng. chardge which is 

36 And ye your selues lyke vnto men that comitted vnto you. 
wayt for their master, when he wyl retur- 
ne from aweddyng : that assone as he com- 
meth and knocketh, they may open vnto 


hym immediately. Happy are those ser- 

uantes, which the Lord when he commeth 

shal fynde wakyng : verely I say vnto you. 

He wyl " gyrde him seK about, & make the "Becausethey 

to syt downe to meat, & wil come forthe, glrmems.thl 

and minister vnto them. manerwasto 

pvyolg or 

38 And if he come in the seconde watche, troussethevp 
and hkewyse in the thyrde watche, and abova'anyl^u 
shal fynde them so : happy are those ser- synes. 

39 *This vnderstande, that if the good Mat. 2'i.d. 
man of the house had knowen at what '""'"• '3- "• 
houre the thefe would haue come, he 

would surely haue watched, and would 
not haue suffered his house to be broken 

40 Be ye prepared therfore, for the Sone 
of ma wyl come at an houre when ye thin- 
ke not. 

41 The Peter sayd vnto hym. Master, tel- 
lest thou this similitude vnto vs, or to all 
men .'' 

42 And the Lord sayd. Who is a fayth- 
ful steward, and wyse, whome the master 
shal make ruler ouer his houshould, to ge 

ue them their * duetie of meat at due sea- "The portion 

J of seruants 

son . euerymonetli 

43 Happy is that seruant, whome his ma- ^^^ ■*■ p«==''* 

A. ± J 01 coriiG 3.S 

ster when he cometh, shal finde so doyng. Donat.writth 

44 Of a truth I say vnto you, that he wyl *" ^'^"'■'"'• 
make hym ruler ouer all that he hath. f 

45 But if that seruant say in his hart. My 
master sloweth his commyng, and so shal 
begyn to smjrte the seruantes, and may- 
dens, and to eat, and dryncke, and to be 
droncken : 

46 The master of that seruat wyl come in 

a day 

BY S. LVKE. 119 

a day when he thinketh not, & at an houre 
whe he is not ware, and wyl separate hym, 
and geue hjma his rewarde with the vnbe- 

47 That seruant that knewe his masters 
wyl, & prepared not hym self, nether dyd 
accordyng to his wyl, shalbe beaten with 
many strypes 

48 But he that knewe not, and yet dyd c6 
" Therfore i- myt thinges " worthy of strypes, shalbe be- 
Scifsabie. '" ^^^^ ^tli ^6^6 Strypes. For vnto whome 
" To whome " muche is geuen, of him shalbe muche re- 
God hath gy- quij-gfj . and to whome men muche com- 

ue many gra ^ 

ces. mit, the more of hym wyl they aske. 

49 1 am come to put ^ fyre on the earth : & f The Gospel is 
what is my desu-e, if it be al g ready kynd- mostfThem^enl 

Igd ? which maketh a 

"- - . , _ 1 /I ^ A- ^ change of thinges 

"Hecopareth 50 JN OtWltstandyng 1 must be baptized through all the 

haptilme"! '° w a baptisme, and how am I grieued tyl it Ty/therebegre 

be ended ? at troubles & al- 

51 * o ii i T J. terations vpO the 
1 ouppose ye that 1 am come to geue eajth. 

peace on earth ? I tel you nay, but rather 


G 52 For from hence forth ther shalbe fy- 

ue in one house deuided, thre agaynst two, 

and two agaynst thre, 

53 The father shalbe deuided against the 

Sonne, and the sonne against the father : 

the mother agaynst the daughter, and y 

daughter agaynst the mother : the mother 

in lawe agaynst the daughter in lawe, & 

the daughter in lawe, agaynst the mother 

in lawe. 

Mat. ifi. rt. 54 *Then sayd he to the people. When ye 

see a cloude ryse out of the west, strayght 

way ye say, A shower commeth and so it 



55 And whe ye see the South wyndeblow, 
ye say, We shal haue heat : and it commeth 
to passe. 

56 Hypocrites, ye can skyl of the fasshyo 
of the earth, and of the skye : but what is 
the cause that ye can not skyl of this ty- 

57 Yea, andwhyiudge ye not of your sel 
ues what is right ? 

58 * Whyle thou goest with thy conter- Mat. 5. d. 
partie to y ruler, as thou art in the way, 

geue dihgence y thou mayest be dehuered 
from hinx : least he bring thee to the iudge, 
and the iudge deUuer thee to the iayler, 
and he cast thee into prison. 

59 I tel thee, thou shalt not departe the- 
ce, tyl thou hast made good the vtmost 


We oght not to condemne all to be wycked 
men which souffre. Christe exhorteth to repentd 
ce. He healeth the croked woman. Answereth 
to the master of the Synagoge. And by diuers 
similitudees declareth what the kyngdome 
of God is. Also that the nomber of them which 
shal be saued is smale. Finally he sheweth 
that no worldely policie or force cd let the wor 
" He murthered j^g ^nd consel of God. 
them as they were 

sacrificing: and so rpHere wcrc certavu men present at the a 

their blode was I .-, . ^ j i e e r^ 

mingled with the "^ Same scasou that shcwcd hym or yljra- 
biodeofthebestes i^g whose bloud Pilate ^ mengled 

•which were sacri- _ ' _ _ o 

flced. with their owne sacrifice. 

toke occasion^he- 2 And Icsus auswered, and sayd vnto 

reby to condemne them, Supposc ve that thcsc Galileans we 

tnciu 3S rnostG 

wicked men. re ^ greater synners then all the other 


BY S. LVKE. 120 

Gralileans, because they suffred suche 
thinges ? 

3 I tel you nay : but *^ except ye amende ' He warneth 

, •' 1 1 11 1-1 • • ^ them rather to cO 

your lyues, ye snal all likewise penshe. sider their ovfne 

4 Or thinke you ^ those eiffhtene vpon estate the to repro 

J .•',,^., p. , ,^ ue other mens. 

"Whichtowre whome the towre m biloam tel, and slewe 
th°e'*ryu^'su them. Were " synners aboue all men f dwel 
loa orfishepo in Jerusalem ? 

lem. ^5 I tel you nay : but except ye amede your 
" "'■' betters, ly^es, ye all shal lykewise perishe. 

6 He put forth also this similitude, A cer- 
tayn man had a fygge tree planted in his 
viueyard : and he came and soght frute 
theron, and foimd none. 

7 Then sayd he to the dresser of his vi- 

neyarde, Beholde, ^ this thre yeres haue I "* Bythissimiiitu 

come and soght frute of this fygge tree, great patirce that 

"Weseoursta and fvnde none : " cut it downe : whvkepeth Godvsethtowarde 

to 1 070 hrino- ^ J r sjmners m lokmg 

not forth frul ^^ the ground baren ? _ forth^eir^amende- 

'e- 8 And he answered, and sayd vnto him, ^uayieth them^no^- 

Lord let it alone this yere also, tyl I dvs:- th.«g "'hen they 

, , . • . . •' ■' ° stil remam in the 

ge roimd about it, and donge it ir corruption. 

9 And if it beare finite, weZ; if not, the after 
thou shalt cut it downe. 

10 And he taught in one of their S5Tiago 
ges on the Sabbath day. 

1 1 And beholde there was a woman w 
"WhomeSata had a" Sprite of infirmitie eigthtene yeres, 

wtth a d[s°eate & was* bowed together, & could not lyfte =As they are 
asthpsnritr.f I. 7^ • whose synewes are 

couetousenes ^ ^^""'^V ^ ^Uy wyse. shronke. 

is that sprit 1 2 When lesus sawe her, he called her to 
a ma™coue- tiy™> & s^yd to her. Woman thou art " lou 
tons. ged from thy disease, 

bert'ie out of 1 3 And he laid hys handes on her, & im- 
satasbandes. mediately she was strayght, and glorified 
G 14 And the ruler of the Sjrnagogue an- 


swered with indignation because that la- 
s' had healed on the Sabbath day : & sayd 
vnto the people. There are syx dayes in vr 
men oght to worke : in them therfore co- 
me and be healed, and not on the Sabbath 

15 Then answered hym the Lord, and 
sayd. Hypocrite, doth not eiche one of 
you on the Sabbath day, louse his oxe or 
his asse from the stall, and lead liim to the 
water .'' 

1 6 And oght not this daughter of Abra- 
ha, whome Satan had bound, lo, eightene 
yeres, be loused from this bonde on the 
Sabbath day ? 

17 And when he thus sayd, all his aduer 
saries were ashamed : but the people reio- 
ysed at all the excellent thinges, that we- 
re done by hym. 

f By these simiii 18 *Then sayd he. What is the ^ kyngdo- ^ 

tudes he sheweth r/-~ijii5 i-i. T-It Mat, 13. rl. 

thincreasewherby ^6 of God lyke ? or wherto shal I compa- ^„^ 4 p 

God augmenteth ]-g j^ ? 

his kyngdorae, CO ,„ /, . vi • r ^ j j c 

trarietoaii mens 19 It IS like a grame 01 mustarde seed, w 
opinions. ^ j^^j^ ^Q^^g ^^^ sowed in his garden : and 

it grewe, and waxed a great tree, and the 
fowles of the ajTe made nestes in the bra- 
ches of it. 

20 And agajme he sayd, Wher vnto shal 
I hken the kjTigdome of God ? 

21 It is lyke leuen, whicha woman toke, 
and hyd in thre busshels of floure, tyl all 
was through leuened. 

22 * And he went through all cities and Mat. 9. d. 
townes, teachyng, and iourneying towar- """'• • "' 
des lerusalem. 

23 Then sayd one vnto hym, Lord are there 


BY S. LVKE. 121 

fewe that shalbe saued ? And he sayd vnto 
E 24 *s Stryiie to entre in at the strayte gate : § We must ende 
Matth.l.b. for many I say vnto you. wyl seke to en- r/edt's^lich 
ter in, and shal not be able. may 'et ^s. 

25 When the good man of the house is 
rysen vp, and hath shut to the dore, and ye 
begjm to stand without, and to knock at y 
dore, saying. Lord, Lord, open to vs : and 
he shal answer and say vnto you, I knowe 
not whence ye are, 

26 "^ The shal ye begyn to say. We haue ea >> He wameth the 
ten and droncke with thee, and thou hast ^'tlheS'sd 

„ taught in our StreteS. ues by their owne 

F^-*»ii 11 Til Ti A. negligence of that 

Mnith. I.e. 2/ And he shal say, 1 tel you, 1 know not saiuatiswhich was 
25. rf. whence ye are : departe fro me, all ye wor "^''^'J ^'^ '^•>«'"' 

psal. 6. c. ]j^gj.g p£ uiiquitie. 

28 There shalbe wepyng and gnasshyng 
of teeth, when ye shal se Abraham & Isa- 
ac, and lacob, and all the Prophetes in y 
kjTigdome of God, & your selues thruste 
out at dores. 
" The people 29 Then shal come many from the "East, & 
which then from xhe West, and from the North, and 

werestragers. -1,^,111 i • ^ 

from the South, and shal syt downe m the 

kyngdome of God. 
Mat. 19. d. 30 *And beholde, ' there are last, which ' Christe cuttetii 
20- b. shalbe fyrst : & there are fyrst, which shal- ^Ll^'o/the 'le^we^ 

mar.\0.c. ^^^^^^ „ho glorified in 

. ■ c e that, that God had 

G 3 1 The same day there came certam oi y chosen them for 
Pharises, and sayd vnto him, Get the out '''tSertheen- 
of the way, and departe hence : for Hero- nieof the Pharises 

J 1 1 1 ii who wolde haue 

de wyl kyl thee. put him in feare 

"Meaning a 32 Then he SavdvntO them. Go ye and tel ofHerode,noryet 
litle while ill^-ul^.^- .=u,^^ .li^v. 1-1 1 any policie of ma 

" By Chri'sts that foXC, Beholde I ^ cast out deuils, and colde stay him fro 

madelerfitheale the people" to day, & to morowe, {.^Ih^dTniotnti 
for euer. and the thyrd day " I shalbe perfited. him. 





33 Neuerthelesse I must walke to daye, & 
to morow, & the day folowing : for it cha- 
ceth not, that a Prophete perishe out of le 

34 * O lerusalem, lerusalem, which kyl- Mat. 23. rfJ 
lest the Prophetes, and stonest them that 
are sent to thee, how often would I haue 
gathered thy chyldren together, as the he 
nne gathered her broode vnder her wyn- 
ges, and ye would not. 

1 christe lorwar- 35 ' Beholde your habitation is left vnto 
destruciTn of the jou desolate. And verely I tel you, ye shal 
temple & of their not se me vntvl the tyme come that ye shal 

whole policie. * t-.i i • i i i • i 

say, Blessed is he that commeth m the na chap. 19./". 
me of the Lord. psai. us.'d. 

Mat. 23. d. 


lesus eateth with the Pharise. Healeth the 
dropsie vpon the Sabbath. Teacheth to be lowly 
^ to bydthe poore to thy table. He telleth of the 
great supper, and warneth them that wyl fo- 
lowe him to lay their accountes before, what it 
wil cost them. The salt of the earth. 
\ Nd it thus came to passe that when he ^ 
■^was entred in to the house of one of 
the chief Pharises on the Sabbath day, to 
take his refection, they watched h5rm. 

2 And beholde, there was a certain man 
before hym, which had the dropsie. 

3 Then lesus answering, spake vnto the 
expounders of y lawe, & Pharises, saying. 
Is it lawful to heale on the Sabbath day ? 

4 And they held their peace. Then he to- 
ke him, and healed him, and let him go. 

5 And answered them, sajring. Which of 
you shal haue an asse, or an oxe fallen into 
a p)rt, & wyl not stray ghtway pul him out 

on the 

BY S. LVKE. 122 

on the Sabbath day ? 

6 And they could not answer him agayn 
to those thinges. 

7 He put forth also a similitude to y gea- 
stes, whe he marked how they preased to y 
hyest rowmes, and sayd vnto them. 

8 * When thou shalt be bydden to a wed- => He reproueth 
dyng of any man, syt not downe in y hyest Ukh deTire to°sit 
rowme, lest a more honorable man then '° *e hyest pia- 
thou be bydden of him. 

9 And he that bade both hym and thee, 
come and say to thee, Geue this man row- 
me. & thou then begyn with shame to take 
the lowest rowme. 

10*But rather when thou art bydden, go 
and syt in the lowest rowme, that when he 
that bade thee commeth, he may say vnto 
thee. Fried syt vp hyer : then shalt thou ha 
ue worshyp in the presence of them that 
s)^ at meat with thee. 

1 1 * For whosoeuer exalteth hym selfe, 
shalbe broght lowe : and he that humbleth 
hym self, shalbe exalted. 

1 2 The ^ sayd he also to hym y had desired '' Christ reprehe 

, . . , * -i-iTn <i 1 . T deth the blynde af 

him to dyner, When thou makest a diner fectioof mawhich 
or a supper, caU not thv fryendes, nor thy j-egardeih nothing 

J^^ , , • _ , -^ but a worldely re- 

brethre, nether thy kynseme, or yet ryche compence. 
neyghbours : lest they also byd thee agayn, 
and a recompence be made thee. 

13 But when thou makest a feast, call the 
poore, the maymed, y lame, & the blynd. 

14 And thou shalt be happy, for they ca 
not recompence thee. But thou shalt be re 
compensed at the resurrection of the iust 

1 5 * When one of them that sate at meate 
also heard that, he sayd vnto hym, Happy 



is he that eateth bread in the k)mgdome 
of God. 
' He casteth the 16 Then savd he to him, *^ A certain man 

lewes in the teeth j i , j i i 

with their ingrati- ordeyned a great supper, and bade many. 
tude, wiiich woide 17 ^nd Sent his seruant at supper tyme, d 

not eat of those ho i j i /-< r 

ly meates of Gods to Say to them that Were bydde, Come, for 

p;;^ted\'ntot"hl! aU thinges are now ready. 

& wher vnto they 1 g But they all with One mynde began to 

tyme before. °"^*' make cxcuse. The iyrst sayd vnto him, I 
haue boght a ferme, and I must nedes 
go and se it : I pray thee haue me excu- 

19 And another sayd, I haue boght fyue 
yoke of oxen, and I go to proue them : I 
pray thee haue me excused. 

20 And another sayd, I haue maryed a 
wyfe, and therfore I can not come. 

21 So the seruant returned, and broght 
his Master worde therof. Then was the E 
good man of the house displeased, & sayd 
to his seruant, " Go out quickly into f pla "Here is sigoi 
ces and stretes of the citie, and bryng in fj^^ *„£ "^^^l 
hyther the poore, and the majrmed, and y Gentiis. 
halt, and the blynde. 

22 And the seruant sayd. Lord it is done 
as thou hast comanded, and yet there is 

23 Then the master sayd to the seruant, 
d God wu rather Go out into the '^ hyc wayes and hedges, 

receaueaiithera- ^nd copelthem to come in, that my house 

seal people of the ^ •' 

woride to his ban- may be fiUed. 

are''^Th=L"fuL''' 24 For I Say vnto you, that none of those 
men which were bydden, shal tast of my 

«Thatis,hethat „/|L ■ , , t , ■ 

casteth not of all 25 Ihere went a great compagnye w mm : 
affections&desires ^^ y^g tumed and sayd vnto them. 

which drawe vs •' , . 

from christe. 26 If a man come to me, and ^ hate not ms 


BY S. LVKE. 123 

father, and mother, and wyfe, and chyl- 
dren, and brethren, and systers, yea, and 
his own lyfe also, he can not be my disci- 
F 27 *And whosoeuer beareth not his crosse. 
Chap. 9. c. ^ Cometh after me, ca not be my disciple. 

inat. 10. a. _ . , - . - -' , .\ 

16. d. 28 Which or you disposed to buylde a 

mar.s.d. towre, sytteth not downe before, & ^ coim 'He that wii pro 
teth the cost, whether he haue sufficient J^us^ diUg^ti^cl 

to perfourme it ? slder what his pro- 

29 Least after he hath layd the founda- noTrashely'to take 
tion, and is not able to perfourme it, all y •" •'^'^ ^.° sreat an 

,,,,.,. 11- enterprise. 

beholde it, begin to mocke him. 

30 Saying, This man began to buylde, and 
was not able to make an end. 

31 Or what kyng goyng to make battay- 
le agaynst another kyng, sytteth not down 
fyrst, & taketh consel, whether he be able, 
with ten thousand, to mete hym that com- 
meth agaynst him with twentie thou- 
sand .'' 

G 32 Or els whyle he is yet a great way of, 
he sendeth ambassadours, and desireth 

33 So lykewyse, whosoeuer he be of you, 
that § forsaketh not all that he hath, he ca b He that is not 
not be my disciple. ^T^^^ 

Matth.b.b. 34 * Salt is good, '' but if salt haue loste to bestowe himself 
mar. 9. jr. hys sauor, wherwith shal it be seasoned? seruice.^ " 

35 It is nether mete for the land, nor yet ^ \ }^ *-^^y ^^""^ 

\ J shulde season o- 

for the donge hyl, but men cast it out at thers haue lost it 
the dores. He that hath eares to heare, let shuwri ma recou 
him heare. "erit? 


The louing mercie of God, is openly set for 
the in the parable of the hundreth shepe, and nf 
q. iii. 


the Sonne that was lost. By whose examples we 
are admonished to amende our lyues. 

,. A 
^Hen resorted vnto him all the pubU- The synners 
-'-cans, and synners, for to heare liim. ^^^^^ Cmst. 

2 And the Pharises and Scribes murmu- 
red, saying. He receaueth synners, and ea- 
teth with them. 

3 Then put he forth this similitude to 
them, saying, 

4 * What ma of you hauing an hundred MatA^.b. 
shepe, if he loose one of them, doth not le- 

aue ninety and nyne in the wyldemesse, 
and go after that which is lost, vntyl he 
fynde it ? 

5 And when he hath founde it, he put- 
teth it on his shoulders with ioye. 

6 And assone as he cometh home, he cal- 
leth together his friendes & neyghbours, B 
saying vnto them, Reioyse with me, for I 
haue found my shepe, which was lost. 

7 I say vnto you, That hkewyse ioye shal 
be in heauen ouer one sinner that conuer- 

» Which iustifie teth, more then ouer nynety and nyne ^ iust 
knowe^*^!.ot^'theh^ pcrsous, which ucde no amedemet of lyfe. 
ownfautes. 8 Ether what woman hauyng ten pie- 

ces of syluer, if she loose one, doth not 
light a candel, and swepe the house, and 
seke dihgently tyl she fynd it ? 
9 And whe she hath found it, she calleth 
her friendes, and neyghbours, saying, Re- 

drLhma, w°h^h is ^^^^^ ^^^ '^^' ^^"^ ^ ^^^^ iOMli^ the ^ pic- 
some what more ce which I had lost. 

lie \fence of "oide ^ Likewysc I Say vnto you, ioye is made 
sierhng monye & j^ the prcseuce of V Angels of God, ouer 

was equal with a ^ t 

Komain peny. One synner that conuerteth. 

11 And 

BY S. LVKE. 124 

1 1 And he sayd, A certain man had two 
C 1 2 And the yonger of them sayd to his fa 
ther. Father geue me the portion of the 
goodes that falleth to me. And he deui- 
ded vnto them his substance. 

13 So not longe after, when the yonger 
Sonne had gathered all that he had toge- 
ther, he toke his iorney into a farre comi- 
trey, and there he wasted his goodes with 

'^ ryotOUS Huyng. ' The Greke wor- 

, y T. T 11 11 i 11 t 1 1 1 de signifieth so to 

14 Now when he had spent all y he had, waste aii that a ma 
arose a great dearth throughout all that reserueth nothing 
same land, and he began to lacke. 

15 And he went and claue to a citesin of 
that same countrey : and he sent him to his 
farme, to feede swyne. 

1 6 And he would faine haue fylled his 
belly with the huskes that the swyne ate : 

"For no man " and no man gaue to him. 

hfm.^' "^ '^''^ 17 Then he came to him self, and sayd, 

D How many hyred seruantes at my fathers 

haue bread ynough, and I dye for hunger ? 

18 1 wil arise & go to my father & I wil say 

vnto him. Father, I haue simied against 

" T''^' **•, "heauen, and before thee. 

agamst God. , „ . i i i n i 

ly And am no more worthy to be called 
Amendement thy sonne, make me as one of thy hired ser 
°^^'^'- uantes. 

20 The he arose and came to his father. & 

whe he was vet a *^ great way of, his father •• God preueteth 

' vs & ncsrctn our 

sawe him, and had compassion, and ran & gronmgsbeforewe 
fel on his necke, and kissed him. "''' '° ^''"• 

21 And the sonne sayd vnto him, «= Father, JSeleeZtof 
I haue sinned against heauen, and in thy hissynne&therfo 

1 ^ o .1.1 11 1 re was a shamed 

sygnt, & am no more worthy to be called therof&heauy in 
thy Sonne. '^^'■*- 

q iiii. 


22 But the father sayd to his seruantes, 
Bryng forth that best garment, and put it k 
on hym, and put a ryng on his hand, and 
shoes on hys feete. 

23 And bryng hyther that fat calf, & kyl 
hym, and let vs eat, and be mery : 

24 For this my sonne was dead, & is alyue 
agayne : he was lost, & is found. And they 
began to be mery. 

f Godreproueth 25 The *^ elder brother was in the field, & 

the enuie of suche , i , j ^ ii i 

as grudge when when he Came and drewe nye to the hou- 
Sl-s to''''*T'ie^''" ^^' ^^ lieard minstrelsy, and dancyng. 

26 And called one of the seruantes, and 
asked what those thinges meant. 

27 And he sayd vnto hym. Thy brother is f 
come : and thy father hath kylled the fat- 
ted calfe, because he hath receaued him sa 
fe and sound. 

28 Then he was angry, and would not go 
in : then came his father out and entrea- 
ted hym, 

29 But he answered & sayd to his father, 
Lo these many yeres haue I done thee ser- 
uice, nether brake I at any tyme thy com- 
mandement, and yet gauest thou me ne- 
uer so muche as a kid to make mery w my 

B Thy part, which 30 But assone as this thy sonne was come, 
thing 'diminished which hath deuoured thy goodes w har- 
by that that lottcs, thou hast for his pleasure kylled 

Christe was also .i r ^ ir 

killed for the Ge the tat calle. 

tils, for he acce- 3 J ^^ ^g gayd ynto him, ? Sonne, thou 

ptethnottheperso ^ o n i t ^ • 1 

ne.butfeedethin art cucr w me, « ail that I haue isthyne. 
fharbeiiuell ht It was mctc that we should make mery, 
with his body and and be glad : for this thy brother was de- 
ueriasting. ^ ^ ad, & is alyuc agayne : & was lost &is foiid. 

BY S. LVKE. 125 


Christe exhorteth his to wisdome and libe- 
ralitie. He reproueth the couetousnes and hypo- 
crisie of the Pharises. Of thend and force of the 
law. Of the holy state of mariadge, and how 
we oght to be liberal to the needy. 

A A Nd he sayd also vnto his disciples, 
-'^^ There was a certain riche man, w » christe tea- 
had a stewarde, and he was accused vnto ukewisr^^^'i's ''he 
him, that he wasted his goodes. whichisinautori- 

2 And he called hym, and said vnto him, get friendes in his 
How is it, that I heare this of thee ? Geue prosperitje,raaybe 

relieued m his ad- 

acountes of thy stewardeshyp : for thou uersitie: soourii 
mayst be no longer stewarde. ourteighbourf' 

3 The stewarde sayd within him seK, What ^hai stande vs in 
shal I do, for my master wyl take away fro day of iudgement 
me the stewardeshyp ? I cannot dygge, & ^^^'^i^^J^'g^^: 
to begge I am ashamed. to him. 

4 I wot what to do, that when I am put 
out of the stewardshyp they may receaue 

B me into their houses. 

5 Then called he all his masters detters, 
and sayd vnto the fyrst, How muche owest 
thow vnto my master ? 

6 And he sayd. An hudred mesures of oy 
le. and he sayd to him. Take thy obhgatio, 
and syt downe quickly, and wryte fyfty. 

7 Then sayd he to another. How muche 
owest thou ? and he sayd, An hundred me- 
sures of wheat, then he sayd to him. Take . '' God, who doth 

. . •' here represent the 

thyne obhgation and wryte foure score, master of the hou- 

8 And the Lord commended ^ the vniust m5de°the procUgai 
stewarde, because he had done wysely. J ^^^ i**i,^ru^°°i 
Wherfore the chyldre of this worlde are gyu'ingofthesame 
in their kynde wyser then the chyldren of ^ st^LX^iS 

light. horedmg of them. 


9 And I say vnto you, Make you friendes 
' Hereby we be « with y riches of iniquitic, that when ye 
riches which^^'for shal departc, they may receaue you into 
the moste part are euerlastinff habitations. 

an occasion to^__ ■, • r • t r t • i i ^c r^ 

their possessors of 10 He that IS laitlmu in the least, y same ^ 

great wickednes. -g faithful in muche : and he that is vnfaith- '^«'- ^5. 6. 

ftd in the least, is vnfaithful also in 


1 1 So then, yf ye haue not bene faithful 
rt They which ca in "^ the wicked riches, who wil trust you 

not wel bestowe . , , ^ 

wordeiy goodes in the true treasure f 

wil bestowe euei ^2 And if ye haue not bene faithful in 

spiritual treasu- i • i i i i 

res. " another mans busines, who shal geue you " As are ri-^ 

that which is your " owne ? chriikfthhi". 

13 * No seruant can seme two masters, for g^s- 
ether he shal hate the one, and loue the leth the gif- 
other : or els he shal leane to the one, and igueth'" vnto 
despise the other. Ye can not serue God & vs, ours. 
riches. ^°*-6-'^- 

14 All these thinges heard the Pharises d | 
also which were couetous, and they " moc- "Becausethey 
ked him. ttll^XT 

15 Then he sayd vnto them, Ye are they those that wc- 
= Which loue out which * iustifie your selues before me : but ^^ "^"^ ^' 

warde apperance, Qg^ knoweth youT hcartcs : foT that w is 

and vaine glorie. , . , , i. _ . , • i i 

highly estemed amog men, is abommable 
in the syght of God. 

16 * The lawe and the Prophetes raigned Mat.W.h. 
vntil lohn : and synce that tjrme the kyng- 

dome of God is preached, and euery man 
stryueth to go in. 

1 7 * Easier it is for heauen & earth to pas- Mat.b.c. 
se away, then one title of the lawe to fall. ^' • 

IS * Whosoeuer forsaketh his wife, & ma- esai.w.a. 
rieth another, committeth aduoutry : and ^-Cor.l.b. 
whosoeuer marieth her that is diuorced 
fro her housbad, comitteth aduoutry also. 

19 There 

BY S. LVKE. 126 

19 There was a ' certayne ryche man, w ' By this storie 

,,,,. ijr_ 1 o's declared what 

was clothed m piirple and iyne lynnen, & punishement they 
EzechAG.f. fared * dehciously euery day. i^^e deUdo J^i*' & 

20 Also there was a certayn begger na- neglect the poore. 
med Lazarus, which lay at his gate ful of 


21 And desired. to be refreshed with the e as the fathers 
crommes which fel from the ryche mans ■"^^how^^i'^w^^^^. 
borde. vea, the doffsres came and lycked thered into the 

, . -^ °^ -^ bosome of Abra- 

niS sores. ham, because they 

F 22 And it was so that the begger dyed, & receaued the fruit 

~P •' of the same faith 

was caried by the AngeUes mto sAbra- with him: so in the 
;; whej^by hams'bosome. The riche man also dyed &°L7tI:f thTmer. 

that^oste was burycd. bersofChristeare 

S^tS 23 And beyng in heU in tormentes, he Ld^i^r gathered^: 
tiiat dye in lyft vp his cycs, and sawc Abraham a far- *° ^""• 
Abraham dyd re of, and Lazarus in his bosome. 
liter tr 24 And he cried, and sayd. Father Abra- J^i-Sl^et" 
woride. ham, haue mercie on me, & send Lazarus his vayne boastmg 

,, , 1 1 ii^ r -L- r. ■ who in his life van 

that he may dyp the tyj) ot his t)^nger in ted himseife to bo 
water, and coole mv tonsrue : for I am tor- thesomieof Abra- 

1 • /J ham. Warning vs 

mented m this flame. also here by how 

25 But Abraham sayd, h Sonne, remember if^i^^^^i^ "" 
that thou in thy lyfe tyme, receauedst thy 
pleasure, and contrarywyse Lazarus pay- , christedescri- 
ne : now therfore is he comforted, & thou beth spiritual 

. • 1 J thinges by suche 

art pumshed. manerof speache 

G 26 Besvdes all this, betwene you and vs asismostepropre 

,, ,~ -^ , , to our vnderstan- 

•• Or, swaiio- there is a great gmfe set, so that they ding, fou our sou- 

"'"SPit. ^^^^ ^^^^ g^ ^j.^^ j^^^pg ^^ y^^^ ^^^ fin'ge'jrnor" eyes' 

not, nether may come from thence, to nether are they 

thirsty or speake; 
VS. but the Lord, as 

27 Then he sayd, I • pray thee therfore J/-,Y^^f/,«. 
father, send hym to my fathers house. state of the lyfe to 

28 For I haue fyue brethren, that he may cu^^'ts °abir''to 
wame them, least they also come into comprehende it. 


this place of torment. 

29 Abraham sayd vnto hym, They haue 
Moses and the Prophetes, let them heare 

30 And he sayd " Nay Father Abraham : " As faith co- 
but if one came vnto them from the dead, ^orde^^soifit 

they wil COnuert to God., maynteyned 

31 Then he sayd vnto him. If they heare so thaTnei". 
not Moses and the Prophetes, nether wyl to^[Jke°fJjJ 
they beleue, thogh one ryse from death Angeis from 

heauen or the 

agayne. ^jead to con- 

firme vs the- 
rm, but onely 
THE XVII. CHAPTER. the woord of 

Christe teacheth hys disciples to auoyde oc- 9°^ is suffi- 
casions of offence. One toforgeuean other. He ellerlasUng'. '^ 
magnifieth the vertue of faith. And sheweth 
the vnhabilitie of man. Healeth ten lepers. Spe- 
aketh of the latter dayes, and of the end of the 

T^Hen sayd he to his disciples, * It can Mat. 18. a. 
* -^ not be auoyded but that offences wyl "'«»■• 9-/- 
come, but wo be to hym through whome 
they come. 

2 It were better for him y a great myl- 
stone were hanged about his necke, and 
that he were cast into the sea, then that he 

" That is to should ^ offcnde one of these htle ones. 
frorrTthe'kuoUage 3 Take hede to your selues : If thy brother 
of God, and his trespacc agaynst thee, rebuke hym : and if 
he be sory and amende, forgeue hjTn. 
•> That is, many 4 * j^nd thogh he svnue agaynst thee '' se- Mat. 18. e. 

tymes. for by a .",' 1 • ;'iq 

certeyn nomber uen tymcs m a day, and seuen tymes in a '*"*• '^•^• 

ceXyn"^*'"'"™' ^ay toume agayne to thee, saying. It re- ^'"=^^-^-^- 

penteth me, thou shalt forgeue him. 

3 And the Apostles sayd vnto the Lord, 
Increase our fayth. 

6 And 


BY S. LVKE. 127 

" That is, yf 6 And the Lord sayd, If ye had fayth ' as 
ue7soUtie°^ muche as is a grayne of mustard seede, & 

of pure and shuldc Sav VntO this mulbery tre, *^ pluc- ' Meaning, they 
perfect faith. ,;' , , „„4.„„ „„J 1 <. should do wonder 

ke thy selie vp by the rootes, and plante fui and incredible 
B thy self in the sea, it should obey you. thinges. 

7 Who is it of you that hauing a seruant 
plowyng or feding cattel, would say vnto 
hym by and by when he were come from 
the field. Go, and syt downe to meat ? 

8 And would not rather say to hym, '^ ^^^^^^^^^J^ '\^^' 
dresse wherwith I may suppe, and gyrde not yuough to do a 
vp thy self, and serue me, tyl I haue eaten F^^a't^ymeTbtfaY. 
and droncken, and afterward eat thou, & so we must conty- 

, . 1 ., ^ newetothend. 

dnncke thou r 

9 Doth he thanke that seruant, because 
he dyd that which was commanded vnto 
him ? I trowe not. 

10 So hkewise ye, when ye h^ue done all 
those thinges which are commanded you, 

C say. We are ® vnproffitable seruantes : « For God rece- 
We haue done that which was our duety ^""''^herby"^ i^ 

to do. should stande bon- 

1 1 And so it was when he went to leru- 
salem, that he passed through the myd- 
des of Samaria and Galile. 

1 2 And as he entred into a certayne tow- 
ne, there met him ten men that were le- 
pers, which stode a farre of. 

1 3 And put forth theyr voyces and sayd, 
lesus Master, haue mercie on vs. 

14 And when hesawe them, he sayd vnto 

Leui 14 a them,* Go shewe your selues vnto the ''/To whomeit 

XyKwi.i'i.a. ' A 1. 1 dyd apperteyn to 

Pnestes. And it chased that as they went, iudge of the Le- 

they were clensed. And^her^eby''ais^o 

D 15 Then one of them, when he saw that thePriestesshuide 

. 11,111 J haue no occasion 

he was clensed turned backe agayne, and to grudge or mur- 
with a loude voyce praysed God. ™"'^- 


1 6 And fel downe on hys face at his fete, 
and gaue him thankes, and the same was a 

1 7 And lesus answered and sayd. Are the- 
B He noteth here re not ten clcnsed ? but where are those ^ 

by their ingratitu- J 

de,& that the grea- ^V'^c . 

test part neglect 1 8 There 3X6 not found y returned agay- 

the benefitcs of , <-~. i i ^i • 

God. ne, to geue God prayse, saue only this 


1 9 And he sayd vnto him, Aryse, go thy 
way, thy fayth hath made thee whole. 

20 When he was demanded of the Pha- E 
riseis, when the kingdome of God should 
come, he answered them, and sayd. The 

•■ It can not be kingdome of God commeth not ** with 

decerned by any f.V,s,priiatinn 
outwardesheweor ODSerUdUOn. 

maiestie, wherby 21 Nether shal men say, Lo here, lo there. 

beTnowen "^^ ""^ For behold the kingdome of God is " ' wi- " Or, amonge 

i Ether by rea- thin you. ''°"- 

son of the worde J i i- • i rm 

ofGodwhichisre- 22 And he said vnto the disciples, Ihe 
tharthe'Mes'si^ daycs wil come, when ye shal desire to se 

whome theysoght " one of the davCS of the Sonne of man, & "Hespeaketh 
as absent is now ^ ^ •'. of his first 

present,euewithin ye shai liot SB it. comming in- 

their own dores, 33 * And they shal say to you, Se here, or 'V^^of^^^' 

and yet they kno- -' 1 • i , r 1 Mat. 24. 0. 

we him not. lohn. Se there. Go not thither, nether lolow ;„ar. 13. c. 

24 For as the hghtening that appeareth 
out of the one part that is vnder heauen, 
and shineth vnto the other part which is 
vnder heauen : So shal the Sonne of man 

be in his " day. "Meaning his 

25 But fyrst must he suffre many thynges, ^[""''^herln 
and be reproued of this nation. he shal appe- 

^ Men contem- 26 * And as it happened in the dayes of ^ p'^'"^ '"'"'■ 
of '^God' wheS Noe, so shal it be in the dayes of the Son- Gen. l. b. 

they were before ne of man. mat.Zi.d. 

menace . ^^ They ate, they drancke, they maried 


BY S. LVKB. 128 

wyues, and gaue in mariage, euen vnto 
that same day that Noe went into y Arke : 
and the floud came, and destroied them 
Gen. 19. €. 2S * Lykewyse also, as it chansed in the 
dayes of Lot. They ate, they drancke, they 
boght, they solde, they planted, they 

29 And euen the same day that Lot went 
out of Sodom, it rayned fyre and brym- 
stone from heauen, & destroyed them all. 

30 After these ensamples, shal it be in 
the day when the Sonne of man shal ap- 

G 31 At that day he that is on the ' house ' Wemust for- 
top, and his stuJfFe in the house, let him laue leftbehyndl 
not come doune to take it out : and he ^^ '" ^t"'^ *=*' 

• 1 1 we may the better 

that is in the field, hkewise let him not foiowe our heaue- 
tume backe to that he lefte behynde. '^ ''°*=*"°"- 

Gen. 19. e. 32 * Remember Lottes wyfe. 

Chap. 9. c. 33 * Whosoeuer wyl go about to saue his 

mat. 10. d. soule, shal lose it : and whosoeuer shal lose 

7iiar.8.d. it, " shal restore it to hfe. 

" Thislo'rpt- 34 * I tel you, m that nyght, there shalbe 

rai death shal two in One bed, the one shalbe receaued, 

eueriastSig.* and the other shalbe forsaken. 

Mat. 24. d. 35 Two women shalbe "' grindyng toge- " He meaneth 

].thess.'l.d. ,, ,1 1, iu i 1 J it, i.u t'^*' "° bande or 

ther : the one shalbe taken, and the other conionction be so 

Ipff strayt that shul- 

de stay us. 

36 And they answered, and sayd to hym, 
Mat. 24. c. Where Lorde ? And he sayd vnto them,* " hynde^°the" faX 
Whersoeuer the body shalbe, thither wvl fui to be ioyned 

1 ii_ TT" 1 -t "to their head le- 

also the Lgles resorte. sus christe. For 

they shal gather 
vnto him as the 
rauening byrdes 
THE XVIII. CHAPTER. about a carian. 

By thexample of the wydowe, and the Pu- 
blican, Christe teacheth how to pray. Of the 


saluation of yonge chyldren. Of the way to he 
saued, and what thinges let. The rewarde pro- 
messed to his. And of the Crosse. 


A Nd he put forth a similitude also -Rom. 12.6. 
■^ vnto them, to this end that they oght l-^*"«-5.c. 
" The greke alwayes to pray, and not to '' wax feinte. 
nTtoshrSbac- 2 Saying, There was a ludge in a certain 
ke as cowards do citie, which feared not God, nether reue- 

in warre, or to gy- j 

ue place in afflicti- renccd man . 

ons or dangers. 3 ^^d there was a certain widow in the 

Cnap.S.c. . . 1 . 1 1 • 

same citie, which came vnto mm, say- 
ing, " Do me iustice against myne " aduer- •• or, Auenge 

^^T^^- " Who play- 

4 And he would not for a longe tyme : but deth against 
afterwarde he sayd with hym self, Thogh ™ 

I feare not God, nor reuerence man, 

5 Yet because thys widowe troubleth 
me, I wil do her right, lest at the last she 
come and make me weary with her impor- 

6 And the Lord sayd, Heare what thevn- b 
ryghteous ludge sayeth. 

7 And shal not God auenge his electe, 
whych * cry day and night vnto him, yea Reuel.G.c. 
thogh he " deferre them ? " And seme 

8 * I tel you he wil auenge them, and that ueiSng^helr 
quickly. Neuerthelesse, when the Sonne wronges. 

of man cometh, suppose ye that he shal j p"'^'^ ^ 
fynde fajrth on the earth ? 

9 And he put forth this similitude vn- 
to certayn whych trusted in them selues 
that they were perfect, and despised 

10 Two men went vp into the temple to 
pray : the one a Pharisei, and the other a 

11 The 

BY S. LVKE. 129 

1 1 The Phaxisei ^ stode and praied thus ^ whereby he 
Men which with him self, God, I thanke thee that ^^"^If f '''^ /T" 

tnist in fhoir i . "6 hart and dis- 

owne rightu- ^ ^°^ ^^^ ^^ Other men are, extorsioners, daynfui. 
ousnes. vniust, aduouterers, or as this PubH- 
C can. 

12 1 fast twyse in the weke: I geue tythe 
of all that I possesse. 

Humiiitie. 13 And the Pubhcan was a farre of, and 

wolde not lyft vp so muche as "^ his e)'^es to ' These were 

heauen, but smote his brest, saying, God EdlowiJhTr; 

be merc5rful to me a synner. 

14 I tel you, this man departed home to 

hys house iustified, rather then the other : 

Chap. 14.C. * for euery man that exalteth hym self, 

7nat. 23. a. ghalbe broght low : and he that humbleth 
him self, shalbe exalted. 

Mat. 19. 6. 15 * They broght vnto him also •* babes, <i The woorde 

mar. 10. b. ^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^_ signifie^h yonge 

pies saw that, they rebuked them. which they carved 

"He meaneth 1 6 But lesus Called the " children vnto " ^" *""^^' 
^them"that him, and sayd, Sufire babes to come vnto 

bare the ba- mg^ and forbid them not, for of '^ SUche = He compre- 
thapostL r^ is the kyngdome of God. Sthat'ret- 

buked. J y Verely I say vnto you, whosoeuer re- fa^ts of age, as 

D ceaueth not the kyngdome of God as ' a are uke vnto in- 

babe, he shal not enter therin. fP'^ j" simpiici- 

' 111 *i^ ''^'^ playnes. 

Mat. 19. b. 18 Then a certayn ruler asked h}Tn, say- ' signifiiug that 

mar. 10. b. ^^^^ q^^^j maister, what Oght I to do, to *ydr'all'maHce 

obtayn eternal lyfe ? ^^ P'"y<i- 

1 9 lesus sayd vnto him. Why callest thou 
me 8 good.-* None is good, saue one to wyt " Because com- 

p, _, ° ° -^ monly they abu- 

v^OCl. sed this worde.Ie- 

20 Thou knowest the commandementes, tUittHouw'ii^ 
Exod. 20. c. * commit not aduoutry, kd not, steale not, confesse him to be 

beare not false witnes, honour thy father |e° acknoiit^ed 
and thy mother. ^^^^ '«' ""*s of 

21 And he sayd. All these haue I kept 


from my youth. 

22 When lesus heard that, he sayd vnto 
him, Yet lackest thou one thing : Sel aU 
that thou hast, & distribute vnto the poo- 
re, and thou shalt haue treasure in heaue, 
and come, folowe me. 

23 Whe he heard that, he was very heuy : E 
for he was maruelous ryche. 

24 When lesus sawe him morne, he sayd. 
With what difficultie shal they that ha- 
ue ryches, entre into the kyngdome of 

25 It is easyer for a camel to go through 
a nedles eye : then for a ryche man to entre 
into the kyngdome of God. 

26 Then sayd they that heard that. And 
who then can be saued. Our saiuatio 

27 And he said, Thynges which are vn- "f God.'"'"""' 
possible with men, are possible with God. 

28 * Then Peter sayd, Lo, we haue left all, Mat. 19. d. 
and haue folowed thee. ^'"'- ^°- '• 

29 And he sayd vnto them, Verely, I say F 

vnto you, ther is no man that leaueth hou j 

se, other father & mother, other brethre, 
or wyfe, or chyldren for the kjaigdome of 
Gods sake, 
h The litie that 30 Which shal not receaue '' muche more 
grace*'ofG^d^s'an !» %§ worlde, and in the worlde to come 

hundred folde bet lyfe euerlastvUff. 
ter then all thabu- ---, 

dance that one can 3 1 * Then lesus tokc vuto hym the twelue. Mat. 20. h. 
buttht chief ri™6 ^"^^ ^^y^ ^to them, Beholde, we go vp to ^"'■- ^^- <=■ 
pence is in heaue. lerusalem, and all thinges shalbe fuhyl- 
led to the Sonne of man, that are wrytten 
by the Prophetes. ■ 

32 For he shalbe dehuered vnto the ■ 

GentUs, and shalbe mocked, and shalbe 

spite fuUy 


BY S. LVKK, 130 

spyte fully entreated, and shall be spit- 
ted on. 
christe fore 33 And when they haue scourged him, 
"fTs^deatr theywyl put him to deathe: but the thyrd 
day, he shal ryse agayne. 
34 But they vnderstode none of these 
thinges : and this saying was hid from the, 
nether perceaued they the thinges which 
were spoken. 
G 35 *And it came to passe, that as he was co 
Mat. 20. d. jjig jjyg vnto lericho, a certain blynde ma 
■ ^' sate by the way syde beggyng. 

36 Then when he heard the people passe 
by, he asked what it meant. 
3 7 And theysayd vnto hjrm, that lesus of 
Nazaret passed by. 

38 Then he cryed saying, lesus the Sonne 
of Dauid, haue thou mercie on me. 

39 And they which went before, rebuked 
hym, that he should holde hys peace : But 
he cryed so muche the more. Thou Sonne 
of Dauid, haue mercie on me. 

40 And lesus stode styll, and comanded 
hym to be broght vnto hym : and when he 
was come neare, he asked hyva, 

41 Saying, What wylt thou that I do vn- 
to thee ? And he said. Lord that I may re- 
ceaue my syght. 

A blynde ma 42 And lesus sayd vnto hjon, Receaue thy 

receaueth ^^^-^t : thy fayth hath saued thee. 

43 Then immediately he receaued his 

syght, and fdlowed him, ' praysing God. & i He was myn- 

all the people, when they sawe this, gaue ^^^It'ed^nTai 

praise to God. so the people were 

moued therby to 


Of Zaccheus. The ten talentes. Christ rideth 



to lerusalem, and wepeth ouer it. He chaceth 
out the marchants. And his ennemys seke to 
destroy him. 

len lesus entred & passed through A 
lericho : 

2 Beholde there was a man named Zac- 
cheus, which was the chief receauer of the 
tribute, and he was riche. 

3 This man made meanes to se lesus, who 
he should be, and could not for the prea- 
se, because he was of a lowe stature. 

4 Wherfore he ran before, and clymed 
vp into a wilde fygge tre, to se hym : for he 
shulde come that way. 

5 And when lesus came to the place, he 
loked vp, & sawe hym, & sayd vnto him, 
Zacche, come downe at once, for to day I 
must abide at thy house. 

6 Then he came downe hastely, and re- 
ceaued him ioyfuUy. 

7 And when all they sawe y, they grud- 
ged, saying, that he was gone in to lodge 

with a " synner. "Or,aroanof 

8 And Zacche stode forthe & sayd vnto ^wicked nfe. 
the Lord, Beholde Lord, the halfe of my 

goodes I * geue to the poore, and if I haue Exod. 

taken from any man by forged cauillati- 

on, I restore hym foure folde. 
» To be the 9 And lesus sayd to hym. This day is 
is to be chosenfre saluation come vnto this" house, forasmu- " Not with- 
ly. Rom. 9. b to ^he as thou also art become the ^ sonne of nr^eT God 

walke in the step- . , _ proiueb, uuu 

pes of the faith of Abraham . [^^erueth to 

b. to do the woor- ^^ * ^'' ™^ Sonne of man is come to seke, Ubertie ether 

kes of Abraham, and to saue that which was lost. fnr=^kf L?n 

lohn 8 e bv the lorstiKe, <ia lu 

which thiriges we 1 1 As they heard these thynges, he con- Abrahams 

onife°eueriastin^ tynewed and proposed a similitude, be- 
Rom. 8. f. cause he was nie to lerusalem, and becau- 

se also 

BY S. LVKE. 131 

se also they thoght that the kyngdome of 
God shulde shortely appeare. 
Mat. 25. b. 1 2 He sayd therfore, * A •' certayn noble i- This was to 
man went into a farre countrey, to recea- fhatX must'^y™ 
ue hym a kyngdome, and then to come a take great paynes 

•' before his kyng- 

gayne. dome shoulde be 

13 And he called his ten seruantes,.and established. 

deliuered them ten ^ pieces of monye, ■= The whole so- 
" God wii not saying vnto them, " By and sel tyl I come. t™e™a?it'of ."J"! 
!;^f' '^'^ ™^' 14 But his citezins hated hym, and sent a pound, esteming 

!, ^^^^ A. I, • W 1 <-!, euery piece, about 

idle with vs. message after hym, saying. We wyl not ha fyue nobles & .7. 
ue this man to raigne ouer vs. p'^"^^- 

C 15 And it came to passe, when he was co- 
me '^ agayn, and had receaued his kyngdo ^ wherby we 
me, he commanded y seruantes to be cal- condeVomminyof 
led to hvm, to whome he ffaue his money, o""" sauiour chri- 

-^, , J , -^ ste shalbe more 

to wyt what euery man had auantaged. glorious and excel 

16 Then came the fyrst, saying. Lord, thy jjow'aJpTare.'^*'"' 
piece hath encreased ten pieces. 

17 And he sayd vnto hym, Wei good ser- 
uant : because thou wast faythful in a very 
lytel thyng, take thou autoritie ouer ten 

1 8 And the other came, saying. Lord thy 
piece hath encreased fyue pieces. 

1 9 And to the same he sayd. Be thou al- 
so ruler ouer fyue cities. 

20 And the thyrd came and said. Lord, be 
holde here thy piece, whych I haue kept 
in a napkyn. 

21 For I feared thee, because thou art a 
strayt man : thou takest vp, that thou lay- 
dest not downe, and repest that thou dyd- 
dest not sowe. 

22 The he sayd vnto him. Of thyne owne presIe^^e^Sf 
* mouth, wil I iudge thee, thou euvl ser- f^"<^' and lyuein 

vQiGiiBs slyg with- 

uant : Thou knewest that I am a strayt man out all excuse. 


takyng vp that I layd not downe, and re- 
pynge that I dyd not sowe. 

23 Wherfore then gauest not thou my mo D 
ney into the banke, that at my commyng, 

I myght haue required myne owne with 
vantage ? 

24 And he saydto them that stode by. Ta- 
ke from hym that piece, and geue it him 
that hath ten pieces. 

25 And they sayd vnto him. Lord he hath 
ten pieces, 

26 *Not with standing I say vnto you, that Chap. 8. < . 
' He that faith- vnto all them that haue, it shalbe ^ geuen '■ ^2b b 

S^s'S^ha' and from hym that hath not, euen that he Mar. i c. 
hauetheincreased: hath, shalbe taken from hvm. ^' , 

& finally they shal n-n.^ ., "^ • i,-!,-* horrible 

be taken a way fro 27 Moreouer those myne enemies, which vengeauce a- 

hratbatis vnpro. ^ould not that I should raygne ouer the, leUef'^ '^*' 
bryng hjrther : and sley them before me. 
28 And when he had thus spoken, he pro- 
n Hereby we per ceded forth ^ before, ascendyng vp to le- 

ceaue thexcellent j n r 

constacie of Chri- rUSalem. 

fadShedJInow 29 * And it Came to passe, whe he was co- Mat. 21 «. 
fight against the me nye to Bethphage, and Bethanie, besy- ^"''* "• "• 
Gods iudgement: des the mount which is called the hil of 
yet wet before his QHues, he Sent two of his disciples, 

feareful disciples, o • /~i i -n i • i • 

and led the way to 30 Saying, Go ye to the village which is 

^^^ ■ before you, in the which, assone as ye are co 

me, ye shal fynde a colte tyed, wheron yet 

neuerman sate : louse hym, and bryng him 


>> christe preue 31 ''And if any man aske you, whv ye lou- 

Ues'aShf haui ^e hym, thus shal ye say vnto hym. Because 

chanced to his dis the Lord hath nede of hym. 

cip es. 22 -pj^g |-]^gy ^ ^gj.g ggjj^.^ went their way, 

and founde euen as he had sayd vnto the. 
33 And as they were lousjmg the colte, ■ 

the owners therof sayd vnto them, Why T 


BY S. LVKB, 132 

louse ye the colte ? 

34 Arid they sayd, The Lord hath nede of 
F hym. 
Mat. 21.3. 35 * So they broght him to lesus : and they 
tohn 12. b. cast their rayment on the colte, and set le- 
sus theron. 

36 And as he wet, thei spred their clothes 
in the way. 

37 And when he was now come nye to 
the goyng downe of the Ml of Ohues, the 
whole multitude of the disciples began 
to reioice, and to laude God with a loude 
voice, for aU the miracles that they had 

Chap. 13.<7. 38 Saying, * Blessed be the kyng that Co- 
meth in the name of the Lord : ' peace in ■ They wishe 
heauen, and glorie in the hyest places. appaised.&recoiv 

39 Then some of the Pharises of the copa t^.'ied with men: so 

1 1 nT ^ 1 1 ^1 '"'''■ °y ""s mea- 

gnie sayd vnto hym, Master, rebuke thy neshemay begio- 
disciples. "'*^'*- 

40 He answered, and said vnto them, I tel 
you, if these should holde their peace, the 
stones would crye shortely. 

C/iap. 21. a. 41 *And when he was come nere, he be- 

mat. 24. a. helde the citie, and wept on it, 

42 Saying, '^ O if thou haddest eue knowe !< chrisie parte- 
at the least in this thy day those thinges {f/|Jj,Yai ^wL^so 

" Who was which belong vnto thy" peace : but now are nere herdestrucu 

Christe.with- a.-!. /r -u j r. ^.i. on, & partely vp- 

o«t whome they hyd from thyne eyes. braidelh their ma 

there is no 43 * For the dayes shal come vpon thee, !>=« ^^ich woide 

saluation. , , • i i i not embrace Chri- 

" Through that thy enemies shal cast rampars about ste their sauiour. 
thmeownmathee, and compasse thee round, and kepe ,Vh1^Xr'"o"ni: 

thee in on euery syde, shementtoierusa- 

G 44 And make thee euenwyth ygrounde, ues, which had not 

and thy chyldren which are in thee : and receaued like gra 

•' •' . ces 

they shal not leaue in thee one stone vpon 
another, because thou knewest not the 


time of thy" visitation. " And recea- 

45 * And he went into the temple, and be- "edg^CT"'*^ 
gan to cast out them that solde therin, and which was 
them that boght, ^^°" ^^' 

46 Saying vnto them, It is written, * My Mat. 21. b. 
house, is the house of prayer : but ye haue ^^- ^'- *• 
made it a denne of theues. jere. 7. b. 

47 And he taught " daily in the temple. »• or, in the 
And the hye Priestes and the Scribes, and ^^^ 'y™^- 
the chief of the people went about to de- 
stroy him : 

48 But could not finde what they might ■ 
do to him : for all the people hanged vpon • 
him when they heard him. 


Christe stoppeth his aduersaries mouthes by 
an other questio. Sheweth their destruction. The 
autoritie of Princes. The resurrection, and his 
diuine power. Pinaly he reproueth thambition 
of the Scribes. 


Mat. 21. 

A Nd on one of those dayes, as he taught 
-^*-the people in the temple, & preached 
the Gospel, the hie Priestes & the Scribes mar. U . rf. 
came vpon him sodenly with the Elders, 

2 And spake vnto him, saying, Tel vs by 
what autoritie thou doest these thinges, 
ether who is he, that gaue thee this auto- 
ritie ? 

3 He answered and sayd vnto them, I al- 
so wyl aske you one thing : answer me ther 
fore : 

1 By Baptisme, 4 The ^ baptisme of lohn was it from hea- Johns Baptii 
he cOprehedeth all r ■•, me 

lohns ministerie, uen, or of men } 

who bare witenes 5 And they reasoned with in them sel- 

to Christe. • t/- i 1 r ^ 1 

ues, saying, It we snal say, irom neauen, he 


BY S. LVKE. 133 

wyl say, Why then beleued ye him not ? 

6 But and if we shal say, Of men : all the 
people wil stone vs : for they be perswa- 
ded that lohn is a Prophet. 

7 Therfore they answered, f they could 
not tel whence it was. 

8 Then lesus sayd vnto them, ^ Nether ''Bythismeanes 
tel I you, by what autoritie I do these thin iifed& astonished. 

B 9 * The began he to put forth to y people 
Mat. 21. d. tjjig simihtude, * A certain man planted a 
Esa 5 a ' 'vineyard, and '^ let it forth to housband- ' The lewes were 

■„',■ J . ■!• ^r • . i_.- as Gods plantes & 

tere. 2. d. men : and went him sell mto a strage coun his own grafting. 
trey, for a great season. ^.^ Godcomitteds 

1/-14111 1 "'^ people to the 

10 And when the tjone was come, he sent Gouemors and 
a ^ seruant to the housbandmen, that they ^""'H^raised vp 
should geue him of y frute of the viney- Prophetes. 

ard : whome the housbandmen dyd beat, 
and sent away empty. 

1 1 And agayne he sent yet another ser- 
uant ; and they dyd beat him, & foule en- 
treated him, and sent hym away empty. 

1 2 Morouer, he sent the thyrd to, and him 
they wounded, and cast out. 

C 13 Then sayd the lord of the vineyarde. 
What shal I do ? I wil send my deare Son- 
ne : him peraduenture they wyl reuerence, 
when they se him. 
christe the 14 But when the housbadmen sawe him, 
leT^ IS kyi- ^j^gy. reasoned with them selues, saying. 
This is the heyre : Come let vs kyl him, y 
the enheritance may be ours. 

15 And they cast him out of the viney- 
ard, and kylled him. What shal the Lord 
of the vineyard therfore do vnto them } 

16 He wil come and destroy these hous- 
bandmen, and wil let out his vineyard to 


others. When they heard that, they sayd, 

God forbyd. 

17 And he behelde them, and sayd, What 

meaneth this then that is wrytten, * The Psdl.wi.e. 

stone that the buylders refused, the same «««'|8.a. 
f For by it the is made the head ' corner stone ? rom. 9. a. 

together '& made ^^ s Whosoeuer shal fall vpon that stone, \. pet. 2. a. 
stronge. shalbe broken : and on whosoeuer it shal 

8 They that st(5- r ,, . i • i i i 

bie and fall on tall, it wyl grmde hym to powder. 
t?opp;es^etS 19 And the hye Priestes & the Scribes t 
shaibeowerthrowe same hourc Went about to lay handes on 
em se ues. \ypxv : but they feared the people : for they 

perceaued that he had spoken this simih- 

tude against them. 

20 * And they watched hym, & sent forth D 
spies, which shulde fayne them selues iu- Mat.22.b. 
ste men, to take hym in his wordes, and to spies sent to 
deUuer hym vnto the power and auctori- '"p Christe. 
tie of the Deputie, 

21 And they asked hjrm, saying. Master, 
we knowe that thou sayest, and teachest 
ryght, nether considerest thou any mans 
degree, but teachest the way of God tru- 

^Theythoghtit 22 Is it •> lawful for vs to geue Caesar tri- 

vnlawful to pay i .> 

to a prince being butc, Or nO ? 

which°^they were ^^ ^^ pcrceaucd their craftines, and sayd 
wont to pay to vnto them. Why tempt ve me ? 

God in his teple. « ^ oi itVi • o 

24 bnewe me a peny : Whose image & su- 
perscription hath it } They answered and 
sayd, Caesars. 

which^we ^h""^ ^^ '^^'^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^° them, * > Geue then Jiotn. 13.6. 
princes letteth no vnto Csesar, that which helongeth to Caesar : 
SratoGod.''^^^ to God, that which pertayneth to 

26 And they could not reproue his saying e 
before the people : but they marueyled at 


BY S. LVKE. 134 

his answer, and helde their peace. 
Mat. 22. c. 27 *Then came to him certain of the Sad- 
mar. 12. b. (j^ces (which deny that there is any resur 

rection) and they asked him, 
Deut. 25. a. 28 Sajong, Master,* Moses wrote vnto vs. 
If any mans brother dye, hauinge a wyfe, 
and the same dye without issue : that then 
his brother should take his wyfe, & rayse 
vp seede vnto his brother. 

29 There were seuen brethren, and the 
fyrst toke a wyfe, &he dyed without chil- 

30 And the secode toke the wyfe, and he 
dyed chyldlesse. 

3 1 And the thyrd toke her, and in lyke- 
wise the residue of the seuen, and left no 
chyldren behynde them, and dyed. 

32 Last of all, the woman died also. 

33 Nowtherfore at the resurrection, who- 
se wyfe of them shal she be ? for seuen had 
her to wyfe. 

F 34 The les' answered, & sayd vnto them. 
The '' chyldren of this worlde mary wy- ■* in this place 

J -^ .J •' •' he calleth all the 

ues, and are maned. chyldren of this 

35 But they which shalbe couted worthy "'°':''^e which re- 

•' .■L maineinthesame. 

to enioye that worlde, and the resurrectio or eis matrimonie 
from death, nether mary wyues, nether 1^^^,^-^^ the 

are maried. children of God, 

n~iT,.i -1 /If 1 as that wicked m5 

"For aithogh oo' J?or they ca dye no more: lorasmuche stre pope cyricius 
se:;ayne 'yel ^^ they are equal vnto the Angels : and are ^^^^'^^l^^f ^J;! 
that ht is but the sonues of God," since they are the chyl res. 

death and an j /. . i , • ' Since mariace 

etemaldestru dren of the resurrectlOn. is ordeined to 

ction. 37 And y the dead shal ryse agayne, euen maintein ^^wce- 

Ex.3.b. * Moses shewed it besydes the bushe, whe we shai beim'mor 
he sayd. The Lord God of Abraham, and ll^^/^^_ ""'*"' 
the God of Isaac, and the God of lacob. 



arrnof butofthg '^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ "°* *^^ ^°^ ^^ *^^ *" ^^^^' 

which are. but of them which lyae : " for all liue vnto "The immor: 

\lini talitie of the 

■ • /• 1 T« • soule can not 

39 Then certain of the Phanses answered beseparatfro 
and sayd, Master thou hast wel sayd. [1^,^ "^orThe 

40 And after y, durst they not aske him body wher of 
any question at all. properly spe- 

4 1 * The sayd he vnto them, How say they ^''^^^ 
that Christe is Dauids sonne ? 

42 And Dauid him self sayth in the boke G 

of the Psalmes, *The Lord sayd vnto my Mat. 22. d. 
Lord, sit at my ri^ht hand, T^•\^•/• 

"^ " . Psal, 1 1 0. d 

43 Tyl I shal make thyne enemies thy fo- 

44 Seing Dauid caUeth him Lord, how 
" For the sonne is he then his " Sonne ? 

fath°e'r: &therfore ^5 Then in the audiece of all the people, 
it foioweth that he sayd vnto his disciples, 

46 * Beware of the Scribes, which desire Chap.n.f. 
to go in long clothing, and loue gretin- '""^•23. a. 
ges in the markets, and the hiest seates in 
assembles, and the chief rowmes at feastes. 

47 Which deuoure wydowes houses and 
that vnder a colour of long praying : thei 
shal receaue greater damnation. 


Christe commendeth the poors wyddowe. 
Telleth of the destruction of lerusalem. Of false 
teachers. Of the tokSs and troubles for to come. 
Of the end of the world. And of his daily exer 

A S he behelde, he saw the riche men, A 
■^which cast their offeringes into the °'^' ' ' 

2 And he sawe also a certaine poore wy- 
dow, which cast in thyther two mites. 

3 And 

BY S. LVKE. 135 

3 And he sayd, Of a truth I say vnto you, 
This poore widow hath put in more then 
they all. 

4 * For they aU haue of their superflui- " God estemeth 
tie added vnto the offering of God: but mesbyfhe'quanti 
she of her penurie hath cast in all the sub ^'® °J ^^'"e, but 

^ by the hart & affe 

stance that she had. ction. 

Chap. \9.g. 5 * As some spake of the temple, how it 
mar Is a ^^ gamisshed with goodly stones and 
iewels, he sayd, 

6 The dayes wil come, when of these thin- 
ges which ye se, shal not be left stone vpo 
stone, that shal not be throwen downe. 
B 7 And they asked him saying, Master, 
when shal these thinges be ? and what sy- 
gne wil there be when suche thynges shal 
come to passe ? 
Ephes. 5. 6. 8 * And he sayd, '' Take hede, that ye be ""Christethema 

}. thes. l.a. i J J r -i • keth answer of 

not deceaued: tor many wil come m my that.whichwasmo 
name, saying, lam C^m<e,& the tymedra- I?, necessarie for 

■' °' 1 r them, & not to the 

weth nere: folow ye not them therfore. question theyde- 

9 And when ye heare of warres and sedi 
tios, be not afrayde : for these thyngs must 
fyrst come, but the end foloweth not by 
and by. 

10 Then sayd he vnto them, Nation shal 
ryse agaynst nation, & kjrngdome against 

C 11 And great earthquakes shalbe in all 
quarters, and hunger, and pestilence, and 
feareful thinges, & great signes shal there 
be from heauen. 
Mat. 24. a. 1 2 * But before all these, they shal lay ha- 

7war. 13.0. j , , i t • 

des on you, and persecute you, dehuenng 
you vp to the Synagoges & into prisonnes, 
and bryng you before Kjmges, and rulers 
for my names sake. 

13 And 



" This their suf- 1 3 And this shal turne to you, for a "^ te- 

fraceshalbothebe cf-imrmiQl 
a greater cOfirma- StimOIUai. 

tio to the Gospel: 14 Let it sticke therfore fast in yourhar- 

& also by their CO , , ^^j-ir i^ ii 

stanciethetyranie tes, not once to stuoie beiore, what ye shal 

of their ennemys answer : 
shal at length be t -i 

manifest before 15 For I wil gcuB you a mouth, and wyse- 

o and man. dome, where against, all your aduersaries 

d For thogh shal not be able to speake, nor ^ resiste. 

denttortsi°t™et 16 Yea, ye shalbe betrayed of your fathers, 

t™eth euer gay- and mothers, and of your brethren, & kyn 

' semen, and frendes, and some of you shal 

they put to death : 

1 7 And hated shal ye be of all me for my D 
names sake. 

18 * Yet there shal not one heere of your Ma^.io.r. 
heades perishe. 

19 By yourpacience" possesse your sou- "ThaUs.iyue 

les. blessedly, 

20 *And when ye see lerusalem besieged e^o^s'^.'*"'^'' 
with soldiers, then vnderstand that the Mat.24:.b. 
ouerthrowe of the same is nye. mar.^s.h. 

21 Then let them which are in lewrie flye " 
to the mountaines : & let them which are 

in the myddes of it, departe out : and let 
not them that are in the countrey, enter 

22 For these be the dayes of vengeance, 
to fulfyl all thinges that are writen. 

23 But woo be to them that be with chil- 
de, and to them that geue sucke in those 
dayes: for there shalbe great trouble in 

« Gods wrath a- this land, ^ and wrath ouer all this peo- 

gainst this people , 
shal appearebythe P^C ■ 

calamities & pia- 34 And they shal fall on the edge of the E 

gues wherwith he 1 t n i 1 • • 

wil ponishe then, swcarde, and shalbe led captiue into all 
nations : and lerusalem shalbe troden vn- 


mat. 24. 
mar. 13, 

BY S. LVKE. 136 

der fote of the Gentils, vntyl the ^ tynie '_ He meaneth 

of the Gentils be fuliylled. receaue"'llkewise 

"That is after 25 "* Then there shalbe signes in the sun- aftgj;^^"*,^'''"™* 
pdntld^^ for '^^' ^^^ ^ *^^ moone, and in the starres : 
the saiuation and in the earth y people shalbe in suche 
&punishemet pcrplexitie, that they shal not tel which 
of the lewes. ^av to tume them selues : the sea and the 

Esa.lS.b. i 1 1 

ioel 3.C. waters shal roare : 

ezec.32.c. 26 And mens hartes shal fayle them for 
feare, and for lokyng after those thinges 
w shal come on the earth : for the powers 
of heauen shal be moued. 

27 And then shal they se the Sonne of ma 
come in a cloude, with power and great 

28 When these thynges begjoi to come 
to passe : then loke vp, & lyft vp your he- 

Rom. 8. d. ades, * for your § redemption draweth e The effect of 

that redemption 
r^yS- which les' Christe 

F 29 And he shewed them a similitude. Be- \^'^ pourchaced 

. , ,, shal then fully ap- 

holde the fygge tree, and all trees, peare. 

30 When they shute forth their leaues, ye 
seing them, know of your owne selues, f 
sommer is then nie at hand. 

3 1 So lykewyse ye, when ye se these thin- 
ges come to passe,vnderstand y the kyng- 
dome of God is nye. 

32 Verely I say vnto you. This age shal 

not ^ passe, tyl all this be fulfilled. !' For a" "'ese 

33 Heauen and earth shal passe, but my in'sryererrfrer. 
wordes shal not passe. 

surfet. 34 Take hede to your selues, least at any 
Cares. tyme your hartes be ouercome with surfe- 

tyng and dronckennes, and cares of this 
worlde : and lest that daye come on you i xo catch & in 

vnwares. tangle them wher 

or -n * • 11- n 1 - soeuer they he in 

6o r or as a ' snare shal it come on all the the world. 


that dwel on the face of the whole earth. 

36 Watche therfore and pray cotinualy, 

that ye may " obtayne grace to flye all this ■• or, that ye 
that shal come, and that ye may stand be- "orthye"***^ 
fore the Sonne of man. 

37 In the day tyme he taught in the tem- 
ple : & at night he went out, & had his aby 
ding in the mount that is called the hil of 

38 * And all the people came in the mor- lohn. 8. a. 
ning to him, for to heare him in the tem- 


Conspiracie against Christe. They eat the 
Easter lambe. The institution of the Sacrament. 
They striue who shalbe greatest, he reproueth 
thS. He prayeth vpo the mount. They take him, 
§ bring him to the hye Priestes house. Peter de 
nieth him thryse, and yet repenteth. Christ is 
broght before the Council, where he maketh 
ample confession. 
" The feast was rTlHc ^ feast of vnlcuencd bread drewe A 

theytouideeTno "^ nye, which is called Easter? Mat.26.a. 

leauenedbreadfor 2 And v hye PHestes & Scribcs soght how "*""'■ ■"■ 

the space of seuen ^ ^ t • r i r ii 

dayes.forsoioDge to kyl him : for they feared the people. 

thejeast contine- g rj,^- ^^^^^^ q^^^^ j^^^ j^^j^g^ ^^lose SUr 

name was Iscariot, which was of the nom- 
bre of the twelue. 

4 And he went his way, and communed 
with the hye Priestes, and " officiers, how "Sucheaswe- 
he might betray hym to them. H kepe'"the 

"> For they were 5 And they Were ^ glad : and promised to t«n»pie- 

occasiowasoffred. 6 And he consented : & soght opportmii- 
tie to betray him vnto them, when the peo- 
ple were away. 

6 Ten 



Mat. 26. b. 
mar. 14. a. 

" According 
to Gods com 

Mat. 26. b. 
mar. 14. 0. 

"He meaneth 
that this is 
the last tyme 
that he would 
be couersant 
with them as 
he was befo- 
re, or so eat 
with them. 

Mat. 26. c. 
mar. 14. c. 
1 . cor. 1 1 . e. 

7 * Then came the day of vnleuened bre- 
ad, when the Passeouer " must be kylled. 

8 And he sent Peter and lohn, saying. 
Go, and prepare vs y Easter lambe, that 
we may eat. 

9 And they sayd to him, Where wilt 
thou, that we prepare it ? 

10 And he sayd vnto them, Beholde whe 
ye be entred into the citie, there shal a ma 
mete you, bearing a pitcher of water : fo- 
low him into the same house that he en- 
treth in. 

1 1 And say vnto the good man of y hou- 
se. The master sa3rth vnto thee. Where is y 
gest chamber where I shal eat myne Easter 
lambe with my disciples ? 

1 2 The he shal shewe you a great hie cha- 
ber trimmed, there make it redy. 

1 3 And they went and found as he had 
sayd vnto them, and made redy the Ea- 
ster lambe. 

14 * And when the *^ houre was come, he sa = v*rhich was in 
te downe, and the twelue Apostles ^ him. *e^Iw°ye^tS 

1 5 And he sayd vnto the, I haue earnest- ^^^^^ ^r™^ was 
ly desired to eat this Easter lambe w you the Passeouer. ^ 
before that I sufire. 

1 6 For I say vnto you, " Henceforth I wyl 
not eat of it any more, vntil it be fulfil- 
led in the kyngdome of God. 

17 And he toke the cup, and gaue than- 
kes, & said. Take this, and deuide it among 

18 For I say vnto you, I wil not drincke 
of the fruite of the vine, vntil the kyng- 
dome of God be come. 

19 *And he toke bread, and when he had 
geuen thankes, he brake it, and gaue to 


•I The bread is a them, sajing, '^ Tliis is my body which is 
su'Jed'^estf^nie S^^en for you : this do in the remembran- 

that the body of le ce of me. 

for the"^ourrUure 20 Likewise also after supper, he toke y 

of our souies.iike. cup. Saying, This cup 7s y * new '' Testamet /ere. 31./. 

wise thewyne signi • i i ■• i . , . , t /. 

fieth that his bio- m my bloud, which IS slied for you. 

TorefreTet qufc' ^1 * Yet bcholde, the hand of him that be lohn 13. b. 

ken vs eueriastin- trayeth me, is with me at the table. 

° 'The signe of 22 And truly the Sonne of man goeth as it 

whic"h"is''estTbii' '^ * appointed : but wo be to that man, by Psal. 40. c 

shed & ratified by whome he is betrayed. act.4.c. 

christes blood. 33 Then they began to enquire among C 

them selues which of them it should be, f 

should do that. 

24 * And there arose also a stryfe among Mat. 20. d. 
them, which of them should seme to be y "*"'"• ^0./. 

25 And he sayd vnto them. The kynges 
of the Getiles raygne ouer them, and they 

y beare rule ouer them, are called " graci- " P""' '''""■^' 

•' f princes. 

ous Lordes. 

26 But ye shal not be so : but he f is grea- 
test among you, shalbe as the least : and 
he that is chiefe, shalbe as he that serueth. 

27 For whether is greater, he that sitteth 
at meate, or he that serueth ? Is not he that 
sytteth at meat ? And I am amog you, as 
he that ministreth. 

28 Ye are they which haue bydden with 
me in my tentations. 

29 And I " appoynt vnto you a kyngdo- "or, leaue by 
'By these simiii- ^^^' ^^ my Father hath appointed to me. **'"^ " 

tudeshedeciareth 30 That yc may f eat, and drincke at my 

tha.t they shalbe . ^ 

partakers of his table in my kyngdome, and syt on seates, 
uen'is nether'^ea- ^^^ ^^^S^ ^^^ twelue tribcs of Israel, 
ting nor dricking. 31 And the Lord sayd, Simon, Simon be- 


BY S. LVKE. 138 

1. Pet.b. c. holde, * Satan hath desired vou, ? to wy- ^Satasekethby 
nowe you, as it were wheat.' ^ " ^LTthrchu/ch; 

32 But I haue prayed for thee, y thy faith of christe, to di- 

" It was wei " fayle not : therfore when thou art conuer u^'from the^ true 

fof oue"'^"' ted, strengthen thy brethren. f'^**. 

throwen. 33 *And he sayd vnto him. Lord I am re- 

wor 14 c ^^y ^^ &° ^'^^^ *^^^ "^*° pryson, and to 
iohn.]3.d. death. 

34 But he sayd, I tel thee Peter, the cocke 
D shal not crowe this day, tyl thou hast thry 

se denied that thou knewest me. 
Mat. 10. a. 35 And he sayd vnto the, * Whe I sent you 

without purse, & scrip, and shoes, lacked 

ye any thing ? And they sayd. No. 

36 Then he sayd to them, But now he that 
hath a purse let him take it : and lykewise 
his scrip : and he that hath non, let him sel 

his coate, and •■ bye a sworde. hBythisheshe- 

37 For I say vnto you. That yet, the same "'«"; t^e that they 

J J ' J ' must susteine gre- 

which is wrytten, must be perfourmed m at troubles and af- 
Esa.b^.d. me, * Euen with the wicked was he nom- "^"°"''- 
bred. For douteles those thinges which 
are wrytten of me, haue an ende. 

38 And they sayd. Lord, beholde here are 

' two swordes : and he savd vnto them. It is ' They were yet 

, " so rude that they 

ynOUgn . thoght to haue re- 

Mat. m.f. 39 *And he came out, and went (as he was H"''"'' "''*' ""?""■'" 

mar 1.3 e ■> r /-vt i i ■ i- J^'weaponSjWheras 

iohn\i' i wonte) to the mounte of Ohues : and his di Christe wameth 

Sciplesalsofolowedhym. al*^" gt' ^'herTn 

40 And when he came to y place, he sayd aswei their lif as 
to them, Pray, lest ye faU into tenta- danger. 


41 And he gate h)rm selfe from them, 
about a stones cast, and kneled downe, & 

"Meaning, his 42 Saying, Father, if thou wilt, withdrawe 
death & pa.s- ^^^ „ ^^ ^^^ ^^ . Neuerthelesse, not my 



wil, but thyne be fulfyUed. 

43 And there appeared an Angel vnto E 

him from heauen, confortyng him. 
kThewordesigni 44 But being in an "^ agonie, he prayed 
fieth that horror j^ore earnestly : and his sweate was like 

that CUnste had r- i -i i • i i j l 

conceauednotone droppes of bloud, tncklyng downe to the 

ly for feare of de- „ j „ 

ath, but of his fa- grounde. 

thers iudgemet & 45 And he Tose vp from prayer, and came 

wrath against syn- ,.,.., t r jii ^ • 

ne. to his disciples, and foimde them slepmg 

for sorowe. 

46 And he sayd vnto them. Why slepe ye ? 
ryse and pray, lest ye fall into tentation. 

47 * Whyle he yet spake, beholde, there Mat. 26. e. 
came a compagnie, and he that was called ^^^^j* jg^* 
ludas one of y twelue, went before them, 

and preased nye vnto lesus to kysse him. 

48 And lesus sayd vnto him, ludas be- 
trayest thou the S5ne of ma with a kysse .'' 

49 Whe they which were about him sawe F 
what wolde folow, they sayd vnto him. 
Lord, shal we smjrte wyth sworde ? 

50 And one of them smote a seruant of 
the hye Priest, & strake of his ryght eare. 

5 1 Then lesus answered, and sayd, Suffre 
them thus farre : and he touched his eare, 
and healed him. 

52 Then lesus sayd vnto the hye Priestes, 
and rulers of the temple, and the Elders 
which were come to hym. Be ye come out 
as vnto a thefe with swordes and staues ? 

"For now God ga 53 When I was dayly with you in the te- 
whos'e "^mL^is'tfrs ple, ye Stretched not forth handes agamst 
they were, to exe me : but this is eucn your very houre, and 

cute his rage again ,,1 r j i 

St him.which thing the ' power of darkenes. 

we se is gouemed 54 rj^gn ^q]^^^ ^w ^im, and led him, and 

by the prouidence , , . i i -n • 

of God. broght him to the hye rnestes house. And 



BY S. LVKB. 139 

Peter folowed a farre of. 
Mat.26.(/. 55 * When they had kyndled a fyre in the 
niar.u.g. myddes of the hall, and were set downe 

together, Peter also sat downe among 


56 And one of the wenches behelde him 
as he sat by the fyre, and hauing wel lo- 
ked on hjrm, sayd. This feUowe was also 
with him. 

57 But he denied him, sajdng. Woman I 
know him not. 

58 And after a lytle whyle, another man 
saw him, and sayd. Thou art also of them, 
and Peter sayd, Man I am not. 

59 And about the space of an houre af- 
ter a certeine other man aflSirmed, saying, 
Verely euen this felowe was with him, 
for he is of Galile. 

60 And Peter sayd, Man, I wot not what 
thou sayest. And immediately whyle he 
yet spake, the cocke ere we. 

61 Then the Lord turned backe, and lo- 
ked vp on Peter : and Peter remembred y 
wordes of y Lord, how he sayd vnto him. 
Before the cocke crowe, thou shalt deny 
me thryse. 

G 62 And Peter went out, and wept bytter- 

Christe is i„ 
mocked & J' 

beaten. 63 And the men that helde lesus, mocked 
him, and stroke him. 
64 And when they had blindfolded him, 
they smote his face : and asked him, saying, 
"" Arede who it is that smote thee ? ■" Or, prophecie, 

Mat.2l.a ^^ ^^ ^^^y ^^^^^ *^^S^ despitefully ^^ec^4';°^ht^teo- 
mar.'is. a. sayd they against him. p'" 'toght he was 

iohnl8. c. 66 * And assone as it was day, the Elders ^ '""p ® • 

s. iii. 


of the people, and the hie Priestes & Scri- 
bes, came together, and led him into their 
" They asked 67 Saying, ° Art thou very Christe ? tel 
Te \°u" Sht vs : and he sayd vnto them. If I tel you. ye 

be knowe, for the wil not beleue. 

fes°butft)rmaUce 68 And if also I aske you, ye wil not an- 

they bare towards g^gj. j^g qj. ^g^ ^g „q . 
Christe. « tt c i i i o 

69 Hereafter shal the bonne of man syt "Athissecon- 
° As in the seco- at the ° ryght hand of the power of God. <** <^°tomge. 
and^'dlg^itie. °^°^ 70 Then sayd they all. Art thou then the 
Sonne of God ? He sayd to them. Ye say that 
I am. 

7 1 Then sayd they, What nede we any fur 
ther wytnes ? for we our selues haue heard 
of his owne mouth. 


lesus is broght before Pilate and Her ode. Of 
Barabbas. Of Simo the Cyrian. The wome make 
lametatio. Christe crucified. He prayeth for his 
ennemies. Couerteth the thefe and many others 
at his death, and is buried. 

^Hen f whole multitude of the arose, a 
» Who was the -*- and led him vnto ^ Pilate. 
fnd hadTheTa°;^: 2 And they began to accuse hym, saying, 
nation of matters "We hauc foimd this felowe pcruerting y 

' people, & forbydding to * pay tribute to Mat. 22. c. 
Csesar, saying, That he is Christe a kyng. war. 12.6, 

3 * And Pilate apposed him, saying, Art ^ar ih u' 
thou the kyng of the lewes ? He answerd iohn l9.c. 
hym and sayd. Thou sayest it. 

4 Then sayd PUate to the hie Priestes, 
and to the people, I fynde no faute in this 

5 But they were the more fearce, saying. 



BY S. LVKB. 140 

He moueth y people, teachyng through 
out all lewrie, and began at Galile, euen 
to this place. 

6 When Pilate heard mention of Gali- 
le, he asked whether the man were of Ga- 
B 7 And assone as he knew that he was of 
Herodes lurisdiction, he '' sent him to He _, " To ryd his ha- 

, , . 1 1 , T 1 >> ■ ii des and to gratifie 

"or, at thatty rode, which was also at lerusalem in tho Herode. 

me. , 

se dayes. 

8 And when Herode sawe lesus, he was ex 
" Of a certai ceadiugly glad : for he was " desirous to se 
ne cunositie. j^j^ ^£ ^ longe season : because he had he- 
ard many thynges of him : & trusted to ha- 
ue sene some miracle done by him. 

9 Then questioned he with him of many 

thynges: but he answered hym *^ not one 'Forchristeca- 

j me not to defende 

WOrCle . him self .nether yet 

10 The hye Priestes and Scribes, stode '^"•'^^ pi.'"^^f. '•>« 

J J 1 • 1 vame cunositie of 

forth and accused him straytly. this tyrant. 

•or,bande,or 1 1 And Herode with his " men of warre, 
train. despised him, & mocked hym, and arayed 

"or.inbright him in ^^ " white, and sent hym agayne to ^^^.^".Xof h^- 

coulor. Pilate. nour or excellen- 

12 And the same day Pilate and Herode ^^^- Tcl7hletn 
were made fiiendes together : for before mockage. 
they were at variance. 

13 And Pilate called together y hye Prie 
stes, and the Rulers, and the people : 

C 14 *And saydvnto them. Ye haue broght 
Mat. 27. b. ^.j^jg jjjgjj yjj|.(^ jjjg^ a,s one that peruerted 

iohn\8g. the people : and beholde I haue examined 
^ 19. a. hym before you, and haue found no faute 

in this man, of those thinges where of ye 

accuse hym. 

15 No, nor yet Herode : for " I sent you 

to hym : and lo, nothyng worthy of death 


is done to him. 

16 I wil therefore chasten him, and let 

him lowse. 
" For the Ro- 1 7 For of ^ neccssitie, he must haue let 
such franchfs^and o^e lowse vnto them at the feast, 
liberties to the le 1 g And all the people cried at once, say- 

ing. Away with him, and dehuer to vs Ba- 

rabbas : 

19 Which for a certayne insurrectio ma- 
de in the citie, and murther, was cast in 

20 The Pilate spake agajme to them, wil- 
lyng to let lesus lowse. 

21 But they cryed, saying, Crucifie, cru- 
cifie him. 

22 He sayd vnto the y thyrd tyme. What Pilate ciea- 
The iudge ge- euyl hath he done? I fynde no ''cause of de- '"''* ^''"^'<'- 

ueth sentence ii-i- t ^ a.-l -r i^ i • o 

with christe befo- ath in him : 1 wyl theriore chasten mm, & 

re he condemneth Igt him lowse. 

him, wherby plai- • j • i i i 

neiy appeareth le- 23 But they CHcd With loude voyces, and 
sus innocencie. required that he might be crucified : and 

the voices of them & of the hye Priestes 


24 And Pilate gaue sentence, y it should D 
be as they required. 

25 And let lowse vnto them h}rm that for 
insurrection & murther was cast into pri- 
son, whom they desired : and deliuered le- 
sus to do with him what they would. 

26 And as they led hym away, they caught 
one Simon of Cyrene, commyng out of y 
fielde, and on him laid they the crosse, to 
beare it after lesus. 

27 And there folowed him a great com- 
pagnie of people, and of women : which 
women bewayled and lamented him. 

28 But 

BY S. LVKE. 141 

28 But lesus turned backe vnto them, & 
or women of sayd, " Daughters of lerusalem, wepe not 
enisaiem. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ wepe for your selues, and for 

your chyldren : 

29 For beholde, the dayes wyl come, whe 
men shal say, Happy are the barren, and 
the wombes that neuer bare, and the pap- 
pes which neuer gaue sucke. 

30 Then shal they begyn to say to y mou 
Esa => d taynes, * Fall on vs : and to the hylles, 
osee. 10. b. Couer vs. 

reuel. 6.d. 31 Yor * if they do this to a s grene tre, « if the innocet 
f. Petl. d. what shalbe done to the drye } ^ "^^l^Lx^l^t 

Mat. 27. d. 32 * And there were two others w were ked man be? 

mar. 15. b. g^g| doers led with him to be slayne. 
lolin. 19. c. „^ . , , , , -^,1 , 

33 And when they were come to the pla- 
ce \V is called Caluerie, there they cnici- 

E fied him, and the eml doers : one on the 
right hand, and the other on the lyft. 

34 Then sayd lesus. Father forgeue them, 
for they wot not what they do : and they 
parted his rayment, and cast lottes. 

35 And y people stode, and behelde : and 
y rulers mocked hym w them, saying, He 
holpe other men, let him helpe him selfe, 

yf he be Christe the ^ chosen of God. ^ whome God 

36 The souldiers also mocked him, and ^,trs 'appointed 
came and offerd him ' vineger. to be the Messias, 

37 And sayd. If thou be that Kyng of the pture caiieth the 
lewes, saue thy selfe. '\«>i'='^' °f 'i^f: 

J whome he hath 

38 And a superscription was wrytten ouer chosen before aii 
" That the him, in " Greke, in Latin, & Hebrewe, this eSuf/° "^^ 

thmg might i ^. V '.i, 

beknowento IS THE KYNG OF lEWBS. u j n 7 "J^ 

I] .- ^„.i f e 11 1 • 1 rhe and gall to ha- 

aii nations. gg ^^ ^^^ ^f ^ g^yj doerS whlch were sten his death, 

hanged, rayled on him, saying. If thou be 

the Christe, saue thy selfe and vs. 

40 But the other answered, and rebuked 


!< The condemna him, saviner, Tcarcst thou not God, seing 

tiO which thou now , • i i i- 

suffrest, causeth it thou art in the Same condemnation. 

t^ee not to feare 41 ^g ^^e lyghteously punished : for we 

receaue according to our dedes : but this 

man hath done nothing amisse. 

42 And he sayd vnto lesus, Lord, remem- 
bre me, when thou comest into thy kyng- 

43 And les' sayd vnto him, Verely I say 
vnto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in 

44 And it was about the"syxthoure: and " which was 
there came a darknes ouer all the land, '"^^ "^^y- 
vntyl the nynth houre. 

45 And the sunne was darkened, and the 
vayle of y teple dyd rente, euen through 
the myddes. 

46 And lesus cried with a great voyce, & 

sayd, * Father, into thy handes I commend Psal. 30. a. 

my sprite. And when he thus had sayd, he 

gaue vp the gost. 
' The Roniain 47 When the " ' Ceturion sawe what had G 
Seour'L'hl happened, he glorified God, saying. Of a ^-'C-p''-- 
dreth men. surety, this man was iuste. 

48 And all y people that came together 
to that syght, beholdyng the thynges vf 
were done, smote their brestes, and retur 
ned home. 

49 And all his acquaintace, & the wome 
that folowed him, frd Galile, stode a far- 
re of, beholdyng these thynges. 

50 * And beholde there was a man named Mat. 27. g. 
loseph a counceler, and was a good ma, & ^?'^'jq' ^' 
a iust. 

51 And dyd not consent to the coimsel 
and dede of them, which was of Arama- 
thea, a citie of the lewes : which man also 


come to the 

BY S. LVKE. 142 

" or had em- " waytcd for the kyngdome of God. 
braced. 52 He Went vnto Pilate, and asked the 
body of lesus. 

53 And toke it downe, and wrapped it in 
a hnnen cloth, and layed it in an hewen 
toumbe, wherein was neuer man before 

54 And that day was the Preparyng of 
the Sabbath, and the Sabbath drewe on. 

55 The women that folowed after, which 
The women Came with hym from Galile, behelde the 

sepulchre, and how his body was layed. 

56 And they returned & prepared odou- 
res, and oyntmentes : & rested the Sabbath 
day, according to the commandement. 


The women come to the graue. Christe appea- 
reth vnto the two disciples that go towarde E- 
maus : standeth in the myddes of his disciples, 
openeth their vnderstanding in the Scriptures, 
geueth them a charge, and ascendeth vp to hea- 
uen. His disciples worship him. And of their 
daily exercise. 

Mat. 28. a. O^ *^^ morowe * after y Sabbath, ear- » which was the 
Mar. 16. a. ^^ly in the mornyng, they came vnto y j." *^° 
Mn 20. a. tQujnbe^ and broght the odoures which 

they had prepared, and other women 

with them. 

2 And they founde the stone rowled a- 
way from the sepulchre. 

3 And went in, but founde not the body 
of the Lord lesus. 

The Angels 4 And it happened, as they were amased 

women'" ^^ therat, beholde, *» two men sodenlv stode ;; Two Angeb 

wumcu. 1 ^, . , , ' in forme of men. 

by them m shynyng vestures. 


5 And as they were afrayd, and bowed 
downe theyr faces to the earth, they sayd 
to the, Why seke ye him that hueth, amog 
the dead ? 

6 He is not here, but is rysen. Remember 

* how he spake vnto you, when he was yet Chap. 9. e. 
in Galile. mat.Xl.d. 

7 Saying, that the sonne of man must be 
deUuered into the " handes of synftd me, 
and be crucified, and the thyrd day ryse 

8 And they remembred his wordes. 

9 And returned from the sepulchre, and 
tolde all these thynges, vnto the Eleuen, 
and to all the remnant. B 

10 It was Marie Magdalene and loanna. The women 
and Marie the mother of lames, and other stes resurrc- 
that were with them, w tolde these thyn- '^''°"' 

ges vnto the Apostles. 

1 1 But their wordes semed vnto them fay 
ned thinges, nether beleued thei them. 

12 *Then arose Peter, & ran vnto the se- hh. 20. h. 
pulchre, and loked in, and sawe the lyn- 

nen clothes layd by them selues : & depar- 
ted wondryng in him selfe at that which 
had happened. 

13 And beholde, two of them went that Mar. 16. c. 
same day to a towne which was from leru 

' Which is a- salem about '^ thre score forlonges, called 

bout seuen miles t-i 

aud an halfe. iiimaUS. 

1 4 And ^ they talked together of all the- 
se thynges that had happened. 

■* ''^^'■^^y ?-f- 15 And it chansed, as they communed to- 
faith aithogh it gether, and reasoned, that lesus him selfe 
was weake. (jj.^g neare, and went with them. C 

16 But their eyes were holden, that they 
could not know hvm. 

17 And 

BY S. LVKK. 143 

1 7 And he sayd vnto them. What maner 
of communications are these that ye haue 
one to another as ye waike, and are sad ? 

18 And the one of the (named Cleopas) 
answered and sayd vnto liim. Art thou on 

"For the thing ly a " Stranger in lerusalem, and hast not 
riousThat°aii k^owen the thynges which haue chansed 
me might hia therin in these dayes ? 

19 And he sayd vnto them, What thyn- 
ges ? And they sayd vnto hym. Of lesus of 
Nazaret whych was a Prophet, myghty 
in dede and worde before God, and all 
the people. 

20 And how the hie Priestes, and our ru 
lers deliuered hym to be condemned to 
death, and haue crucified hym. 

D 21 But we '^ trusted that it had bene he y • They vndersto 
should haue deUuered Israel : and as tou- llt.?^' If ^i"*' 

was the dehuerace 

chyng all these thynges, to day is euen the that lesus christe 
thyrd day, that they were done. ^^^'^ ^^ °^'"'' 

22 Yea, and certajoie women also of our 
compagnie made vs astonied, whych ca- 
me early vnto the sepulchre : 

23 Who founde not hys body, but came, 
saying, that they had sene a vision of An- 
gels, whych sayd that he was alyue. 

24 And certayne of them which were 
with vs, went to the sepulchre, and foun- 
de it euen so as the women had sayd, but 
hym they sawe not. 

25 Then he sayd vnto them, O foles and 
bifideiitie is slowe of harte to beleue aU that the Pro- 
n-proued. pj^g^gg ^iavie spoken. 

E 26 Oght not Christe to haue sufFred 

these thynges, & to enter into his glorie ? 

prS *°t he ^^ ^^ began at Moses, and at all the Pro 

Scriptures, phetes, and interpreted vnto them in aU 


f For lesus chri- the Scriptures the thin^es which were ^ 

steisthendeof the • /• i 

\aMie andihe -Pro. written ot hym. 

phetes. 28 And they drewe nye vnto the " towne "Or, village, 

g Because Chri- which they Went to, & he s made as thogh 
tteirSestndtl ^e would haue gone further. 
them;hewoideke. 29 But they constrajTied him, saying, A- 
ti^ hil™yme"came byde with vs : for it draweth towardes 
to manifest him nyght, and the day is farre passed. And he 

self vnto him. •' ° . • i i 

went m, to tary with them. 
30 And it came to passe as he sate at meat 
»■ According to with them, he tokc the bread " ''blessed it, "Or.gauetha 

thecustomeofthat , i i j^ ja kes. 

nation. The which brake, and gaue to them. 

maner of praying 3 J And their eves were opened, & they kne 

vse to this day. wc hi : but he was taken out of their syght. 

32 And they sayd betwene them selues, 
Dyd not our hartes burne within vs, why 
le he talked with vs by the way, and when 
he opened to vs the Scriptures ? 

33 And they rose vp the same houre, and 
returned agayne to Jerusalem, & founde 
the Eleuen gathered together, and them 
that were with them. 

34 Which sayd. The Lord is rysen in de- F 
de, and hath appeared to Simon. 

35 Then they tolde what th5Tigs were do- 
ne in the way : and how they knew hym " in "Sosone ashe 

1 1 • /-I. J hega to brea- 

breaking ot bread. ke bread. 

36 * As they thus spake, lesus hym self sto- Mar. 16. c. 
de in the myddes of them, and sayd vnto ^''*"- 20. c. 
them. Peace be with you. 

37 And they were abashed and afrayd, 
supposing that they had sene a sprite. ^he Apostles 

38 Then he sayd vnto them. Why are ye do not beieue 

tha.t Christe 

troubled, & why do doutes aryse in your is risen agay- 
hartes ? "^• 

39 Beholde my handes & my fete : for it is 
euen I my self : hadle me, & se : for a sprite 


BY S. LVKE. 144 

hath not fleshe & bones, as ye se me haue. 

40 And whe he had thus spoken, he she- 
wed them his handes and his fete. 

41 And whyle they yet beleued not for 
ioye, and wodred, he sayd vnto them, Ha- 
ue ye here any meat ? 

42 And they gaue him a piece of a broy- 
led fyshe, and of an hony combe. 

The scriptu 43 And he toke it, & dyd eat before the. 
pifshtd ^to°' 44 And he sayd vnto them. These are the 
christe. wordes which I spake vnto you whyle I 
was yet w you : That all must be folfylled 
which are writte of me in the lawe of Mo 
ses, and in the Prophetes, and in the Psal- 
G 45 The opened he their wyttes, that they 
myght vnderstande the Scriptures. 
Psal. 19. b. 46 * And sayd vnto them, Thus it is writte 
and thus it behoued Christ to sufire, & to 
ryse agayne from death the third day : 
Repentace,& 47 And that repentance, & remission of 
remission of synnes should be preached in his name a- 


mong al nations, begynning at lerusalem. 

48 And ye are wytnesses of these thinges. 
Act. \.a. 49 And beholde, I wil sende the * promis 
Toh. 15. d. of my Father vpon you : But tary ye in the 

citie of lerusale, vntyl ye be endued with 

' power from an hye. i which was tii 

50 And he led them out into Bethanie, witsonetyde when 

the holy Cost was 

and lyft vp hys handes, and blessed them, sent from heauen. 

5 1 And it came to passe, as he blessed the 
Act. 1. 6. * he departed from them, and was caryed 

Christe' Lfn ^ ^^^^ heauen. 

deth into hea 52 And they worshipped him, and retur- 

"*'"■ ned to lerusalem with great ioye. 

53 And were continually in the temple, 

praysing, and laudyng God. Amen. 




by sainct John. 


The diuinitie, humanitie, and office of le- 
sus Christe. The testimonie of lohn. The callyng 
of Andrewe, Peter, 8fc. 

» The Sonne is 
of the same subsa 
ce with theFather. 

i" The life of ma 
is more excellent 
then of any other 
creature: because 
it is ioyned with 
light &vnderstan- 

" N THE begin- 
nyng was the 


word, & y worde 

" was with God, 

& " that worde was 


2 The same was 

" in the begyn- 

nyag vV God. 

3 * Althiiiges were made by it, & " without 
it was made nothing that was made. 

4 In it was " lyfe, and the lyfe was the 
^ light of men. 

5 And the light shineth in " darkenes, & 
the darknes comprehended it not. 

6 * There 


" Or, before 
the begyn- 

"Christ isGod 
"Before all ty 

Col. 1.6. 
" No creatu- 
re was made 
" Wherby all 
thiuges are 
quickened & 
"Mans mynde 
is ful of dar- 
kenes, becau- 
se of the cor- 
ruptio therof. 
Bom, 1. c. 

BY S. lOHN. 145 

Mat. 3. a. 6 * There was a man sent from God, whose 
mar- 1- a. name was lohn. 

7 The same came for a wytnes, to beare 
wytnes of the hght, that all men through 
hym might beleue. 

8 He was not that hght, but was sent to 
beare wytnes of the Ught. 

cha.8.b.9.a. 9 * That was that true lyght, w lyghteth 
"Or, are bor- all men that " come mto the worlde. 
"*^- 10 He was in the worlde, and the worlde 

"Becausethey was made by hym : and the worlde " knewe 

dydnot wor- i • ^. 

ship him as 'I"" '^^^■ 

their God. n He Came among '^ his owne, &his ownc oxotheisrae- 

Rom.l.c.Act. , , . lites who were his 

14.C. receauea mm not. pecuiier people. 

B 1 2 But as many as receaued hym, to them 

"Priuiiege,or he gaue " power to be the sonnes of God, 

dignitie. g^gj^ ^^ them that beleue in his name. 

1 3 Which are borne, not of bloud, nor of 
y^ lust of the fleshe, nor of the lust of man, 
but of God. 

Mat. l.d. 14 * And the worde was made " fleshe, and 

ZMAe2. b. dwelt amone: vs, (and we sawe the fflorie 

" Or, man. .. ii- ^i ii 

01 it, as the glone of the only begotten 
2. Pet. 1. d. Sonne of the Father) * ful of grace and ve- 

15 lohn bare witnes of him, & cried say- 
ing. This was he of whom I spake. He that 
cometh after me, is preferred before me : 
because he is more excellent then I. 
CbZ.l.c.2.6. 16 And of his * ftdnes haue all we recea- 
ued, euen ^ grace for grace. i More abundat 
17 For the lawe was geuen by Moses, but srace the by Mo- 

o .' ses. 

Q grace and trueth came by lesus Christe. 
Exod.23. b.l8 * No man hath sene God at any time : ' Meaning he is 

J . 1 . I .-' moste dearest.and 

i.2o/in.4.o. ^jjg onely begotten Sonne, which is in the straictiy ioynedto 

1. ttm.t.a. ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ p^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^j^_ Jus Father, m,t one 
red him. in nature &vnion 



1 9 * Then this is the recorde of lohn, lohn. 5. d. 
when the lewes sent Priestes and Leixites 

from lerusalem, to aske him. Who art 

20 And he confessed and denied not : & 

sayd playnly, I * am not the Christe. Act. 13. d. 

21 And they asked him. What then ? Art 
thou EUas ? And he sayd, I am not. Art thou 

« whome they that * ^ Prophete ? And he answered. No. Mat. 11. d. 
luche onrasVo! 22 The sayd they vnto him. Who art thou ^'^t- '8. 6- t^^t we may geue an answer to them that 
sent vs : What sayest thou of thy selfe } 

23 He sayd, I * am the voyce of one cry- E^^i^ 40, a. 
ing in the wyldemesse. Make strayght the mat. 3. a. 
way of the Lord, as sayd the Prophete f'f' '• "* 

24 And they which were sent, were of the 

25 And they asked him, & sayd vnto him. 
Why baptizest thou then, if thou be not D 
Christe, nor Ehas, nether that Prophet ? 

26 lohn answered them, saying, I baptize 
with water : but there is one among you, 
whom ye knowe not. 

27 * He it is that commeth after me, which Act.l.a.u. 
" was before me, whose shoe latchet I am <^-l9-.«- ^ 

, , "Or, IS prefer 

not worthy to vnlose. red before me 

28 These thinges were done in* Bethaba- lud. l.g. 
ra beyode lorda, where lohn dyd baptize. 

29 The next day lohn seeth lesus cdming 
vnto him, and sayeth, Beholde that lambe 

of God, which taketh away the " synne of "Signifiig tho 

, , 1 J riginal synne, 

the worlde. which is the 

30 This is he of whom I sayd. After me co ^^""^^"^ °f *" 
meth a ma, which is preferred before me, 

for he is more excellent then I. 

31 And I knewe him not : but y he should " By sight, 


BY S. lOHN. 146 

be declared to Israel : therfore am I come, 
baptizing with water. 

32 And lohn bare recorde, saying, I saw 
Mat.s.d. * the Sprite descend from heauen, lyke vn 
marA.b. ^q ^ doue, and abyde vpon him. 

33 And I knew hym not : but he that sent 
E me to baptize in water, the same sayd vnto 

me, Vpo who thou shalt se the Sprite des- 
cend, and tary stil on him, the same is he 
which baptizeth with the s holy Gost. ewhogeueththc 

34 And I saw, and bare recorde that this r*^,"" ^ ^^^"^ '° 

baptisme, accom- 

is the very Sonne of God. pUshingthat thing 

35 The next day after, lohn stode agayne, Sstted!"""^' "■" 
and two of his disciples : 

36 And he behelde lesus as he walked by, 
and sayd, Beholde the very labe of God. 

Theiambeof 37 And the two disciples heard him spe- 

^°^- ake, and fblowed lesus. 

lohns disci- 38 And lesus turned about, and saw them 

chrisfe''"' folow, and sayd vnto them. What seke ye ? 
They sayd vnto him. Rabbi (which is to 
say by interpretation, Maister) ^ where ••Orwheristhy 
dwellest thou ? goe^Tfhou? fo*hc 

F 39 He sayd vnto them, Come and se.They dwelled in Naza- 
came and sawe where he dwelt, and abo- 
de with him that day : for it was about the 

"Thatwastwo ''tenth houre. 

nighr ^ °^^ 40 One of the two which heard lohn spe 
ake, and folowed lesus, was Andrew Si- 
mon Peters brother. 

41 The same founde his brother Simon 
fyrst, and sayd vnto him. We haue foimde 
the Messias, which is by interpretation, 

"Or christe. " Annoynted. 

brogh7peter "^^ And he broght him to lesus. And les' 

to ciiriste. behelde him, and sayd. Thou art Simon 



the Sonne of lona, thou shalt be called* Mat. 16. c. 
Cephas, which is by interpretation, a sto- 

43 The day folowing, lesus would go in- The calling 
to Galile, and founde Philip, and sayd vn- °^ Ph'i'P- 
to him, Folow me. 

44 PhQip was of Bethsaida, the citie of 
Andrew and Peter. 

45 And Philip founde Nathanael, and Nathanaei. 
sayd vnto hym. We haue founde hym, of 
whome * Moses in the law, and also the * Gen. 49.1. 
Prophetes dyd wryte, lesus the sone of lo p*"'']^''',. 
seph, of Nazaret. b.45.h. ' 

46 Then Nathanael sayd vnto him, can ier. 23. a. c. 
' Those thinges thcr any ' good thjmg come outof Naza- ^^n'f^'''' 

UbiftJ'the worid ret } Philip sayd to him, come and se. daw.g./. 
areesteraed&pre 47 lesus saw Nathanael comyng to him, 

ferredof Goa:aUQ , ^ r ^ • -n ^ ^ ^ • IT T 

those things which and sayd or him, Beholde in dede an Israe 
refhrc^d 'abt;: ^^^' ^^ ^^ome is no gyle. G 

reth. 48 Nathanael sayd vnto him, Whece kne 

west thou me ? lesus answered and sayd vn 
to him. Before that Philip called thee, 
when thou wast vnder the figge tre, I saw 

49 Nathanael answered and sayd vnto The faith of 
hym. Rabbi, thou art the very Sonne of Nathanael. 
God : thou art the kynge of Israel. 

50 lesus answered and sayd vnto hym. 
Because I sayd vnto thee, I saw thee vnder 
the fygge tre, beleuest thou? thou shalt se 
greater thynges then these. 

5 1 And he sayd vnto hym, Verely, verely, 
^ christe ope I say vnto you, Hereafter shal ye se heaue 

that we marhaul'^ open, and the Angels of God * ascen- Gen.23.c. 
accessetoGod.and ding, and descending vpon the Sonne of 

maketh vs felowes " o 1 

to the Angels. man. 


BY S. lOHN. 147 


Christe turneth the tvater into ivine, 8f dry- 
ueth the byers, and sellers out of the teple. For- 
warneth his death and resurrection. He conuer 
teth many, and distrusteth man. 

I'he mariage A Nd the third day, was there a maria- 
m Cana. -^ge in Cana a toivne of Galile : and the 
mother of lesus was there. 

2 And lesus was called also, and his dis- 
ciples vnto the mariage. 

3 And when the wyne fayled, the mother 
of les' sayd vnto him. They haue no wyne. 

4 lesus sayd vnto her. Woman, what haue 
I to do with thee ? mine houre is not yet 

5 His mother sayd vnto the ministers, 
Whatsoeuer he sayeth vnto you, do it. 

6 And there were standing there, syx wa- 
terpottes of stone, after the maner of the 

^ purifiing of the lewes, conta5ming two " who vsed co- 

■ Or, measu- ^r thrp " •» fvrtvrm a npnp tinuall wasshinges 

res. or mre lyrKyns d pece. to purifie them sei 

B 7 And lesus sayd vnto the, Fyl the water- ues.whichsupersti 
pottes with water. Then they fylled them retike woide haue 
vp to the brym. \°^^i f'" 'h« 

f^ J churche.&now the 

Water torned 8 And he Sayd vnto the, Drawe out now papisteshauerece 

••Orjteward ^ beare vnto the " gouemour of the feast, "^"h wherofeuery 

and they bare it. oneconteyned 15. 

9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted 
the water that was turned vnto wine, (for 
he knew not whece it was but the minist- 
ers which drewe the water knewe) the 
gouemour of the feast called the bryd- 
grome : 

10 And sayd vnto him, All men at the 
begynnyng, set forth good wyne, and 
when men haue wel droncke, then that 

t. iii. 


which is worse : but thou hast kept backe 
the good wyne vntyl now. 

11 This begynnyng, of miracles did le- christes diui- 
sus in Cana a towne of Galile, and shewed wed.°"*^ 
his glorie : and his disciples beleued on 


12 After that, he descended into Caper- „ 
naum, and "his mother, and his brethre, & " His cousins. 
his disciples : and continued not many 

dayes there. 

13 For the lewes Easter was euen at had. 
And lesus went vp to lerusalem : 

14 And* founde syttyng in the teple tho- Mat.-l\.h. 
se that solde oxen, and shepe, and doues, »«<"■• ^ ' • *• 
and changers of money. " ^ '^' 

15 And he made a scourge of small cor- 
des, and draue them all out of the temple 
with the shepe, and oxen, and powred out 
the changers money, and ouerthrewe the 

1 6 And sayd vnto them that solde doues, D 
Haue these thinges hence, and make not 
my Fathers house, an house of marchan- 

1 7 And his disciples remebred, how that 

<: This affection it was wrytten, *The '^ zele of thyne house Psal.G%.l. 
l^l^^'^Z^l hath euen eaten me. 
ted and swallowed 18 Then answered the lewes, and sayd 
vp eo ers. ynto hym. What " token shewest thou vn- "O"". miracle. 

to vs, seyng that thou doest these thyn- 

ges ? 

13 lesus answered and sayd vnto them, 

* Destroy this temple, and in thre dayes I Mat. 26. f. 

wil rayse it vp agayne. ' mar'.u.f. 

20 The sayd the lewes, Fourty and six ye- 15. c 

res was this temple a buildyng, and wilt 

thou reare it vp in thre dayes ? 

21 But 


BY S. lOHN. 148 

21 But he spake of the teple of his"* body, a Christes body 

22 Assone therefore as he was rysen from ™ifedthe^tempie^ 
death, his disciples remembred that he because the fuines 

\. jiiiie°' '"^ Goanead 

thus sayd vnto them : and they beleued y dweiieth in it cor- 
Scripture, & the wordes which lesus had po'-anyCoii.2.b. 

23 When he was at Jerusalem at Easter 
in the feast, many beleued on his name, 
when they saw his miracles which he did. 

24 But lesus ^ put not him seWe in their e ^or he toke not 
handes, because he knewe aU men. the for true disci. 

' . pies, as he knewe 

25 And neded not that any should testi- by their inwardc 

n r r 1- 1 u i ■ thoghtes.what reli 

he or man : tor he knewe what was m man. gi^n soeuer they 

dyd pretende out- 


Christe instructeth Nicodeme in the regenera 
Hon of faith, and the hue of God toivai'ds the 
world. The doctrine and baptisme of lohn, and 
what wytnes he beareth of Christe. 

A nPHere was a ma of the Pharises named 
-^ Nicodemus, a ruler of the lewes : 

2 The same came to lesus by night, & sayd 
vnto him, Rabbi, we knowe that thou art 
a teacher come fro God : for no man could 
do suche miracles as thou doest, except 
God were with him. 

3 lesus answered and sayd vnto him, Ve- 
rely verely I say vnto thee, except a man 

"To entre the be begotten againe, he can not " se y * kyng « which is to be 

rin. Arsrr^a ^f C^ r^A assembled and in- 

dome Ot LrOd. corporate into the 

4 Nicodemus sayd vnto him. How can a churche of God. 
man be begotten which is olde ? can he en- 
ter into is mothers wombe agayne, and be 

begotten ? 

5 lesus answered, Verely, verely I say 
vnto thee. Except that a man be begotten 

t. iiii. 


•■Which is the of b water, and of the Spirite, he can not 

spiritual water, . ' p /-4 j 

where the holy enter into the kjmgdome of (jod. 

^sTmJ^newre^of 6 That which is begotten of the * fleshe, is Rom.S.a. 

life. fleshe : and f that is begotton of the Spirit 

is Spirite. 

7 Maruayle not that I sayd to thee. Ye 

must be begotten agayne. 
•^ As the power of 8 The ^ winde bloweth where it lysteth, 

God is manifest by j,, ■■ .-i- j -i, ,, 

the mouing of the and thou hearest his sounde : but canst not 
aire: soisitincha ^el whencc it cometh, and whether it go- 

ging and renumg ^, ^5 . i.1, i. • u 4.4. c % 

vs aithogh the ma eth. feo IS cuery man, that is begotten ot y 

nerbehidfrovs. gpj^^g_ 

9 Nicodemus answered, and sayd vnto 
him. How can these thinges be ? 

10 lesus answered, & sayd vnto him. Art 
<i Aithogh he was thou a master in Israel, and ^ knowest not 

excellently lear- f}.p^ thincrps > 
ned, yetknewe he '-"^'^ imilgCb . 

not those thinges 1 1 Vercly vcrcly, I say vnto thee. We spe B 

bes'in christs^cho ake that we " knowe, and testifie, that we " we may 

'' ' He r°eX"eth ^^^^ ^^^^ " ^""^ y^ " ''^^^^^^ "«* OUr WytnCS. ^"Vlnultio"' 

him for that men 1 2 If when I tel you " eaithely thinges, ye " which was 
'whicrttyrdfr! beleue not : how shuld ye beleue, if I shal fl^^^Zl 

standenot,andyet tel yoU of heaucnly thingCS ? ner. 

others beleue the, - „ -r, i .1 , i 

but christe tea- 13 f or no man ascendeth vp to neauen 
cheththigesmoste ^^^^ ^j^g Sonne,of man which is in ^ heauen. 

certam & knowen * » , -, ,r 1 <• • e 

& men wyi not re- 14 And as Moses lyft vp the serpent m y Num. 21 . c. 
""^By rilo'of t°he wyldcmes : euen so must the Sonne of man ^^^P- I2.e. 

r'? °fhh' ^"^ ^^ " lyft ^- " "'s power 

head with his man ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ belcucth in him peri- J^,"^^*^^;™'!'! 
she, but haue eternal Ijfe. not' yet 

16 * For God so loueth the world, that he i°}X 4.&. 
hath geue his only begotten Sone : y^ none 
sThe contempt that beleue in him, should peryshe, but ha 

ofChriste.andthe ^ ^- ^ p 

synnes of the wic- uc eucrlastmg lyfc. „^^^ ^^^ 

ked codemne the jy For God Sent not his Sonne into the lewes, but 

yet Christe as a lu , ' 

ste iudge geueth world, to § condemne the world : but that g^oide'^beiie 
th™obaT*'"'' the " world through hym, myght be saued. ue in him. " 

18 He 

BY S. lOHN. 149 

18 He that beleueth on him, shal not be 
condemned : but he that beleueth not, is 
condemned already : because he beleueth 
not in the name of y onely begotten Sone 
of God. 
Chap. I. a. 19 *And this is the "condemnation, that 
? Ivffht is come into the world, & men lou- 

-TuS CA11S6 & ' '-' 

matter of c5- ed darkenes rather the lyght, because their 

demnation. ^^^jgg ^^^.^ g^^j 

Ephe.b. b. 20 * For euery ma that euyl doeth, hateth 

the hght, nether commeth to lyght, least 

his dedes should be reproued. 

" In walking 21 But he that doth " truth, commeth to y 

syncertiy. *" Ivg^t, that his dedcs myght be knowen, 

how that they are wroght ^ according to ■> As they do 

pi J which set God one 

^^^- ly before their 

22 After these thynges, came lesus & his eies,andfoiowthe 
" or territo- disciples into the lewes " land, and there 

Chap A. a. taried with them, and * baptized. 

23 And lohn also baptized in Enon be- 
sydes Sahm, because there was much wa- 
ter there : and folke came and were bapti- 

24 For lohn was not yet cast into prison. 
D 25 And there arose a questio betwe lohns 

disciples & the lewes, about purifieng. 

26 And they came vnto lohn, and sayd 

vnto hym. Rabbi, ' he that was with thee ' They were led 

Chap. I. d. beyonde lordan, to whome * thou barest Hngies^^hdr^ia- 

witnes, behold, the same baptizeth, & all stershuid haueiost 

,1 his fame. 

men come to hym. 

27 lohn answered, & sayd, A man can re- 
ceaue nothing at all, except it be geuen 

hym from heauen. k no man oght 

28 Ye your selues are wvtnesses, how that JP ys"rpe any thig 

* T 1 I T /^i • 1 farther then God 

Chap. I.e. 1 sayd, "^ 1 am not Chnste, but am sent be- geueth him. 
fore ixim. 


29 He that hath the bryde, is the bryde- 
grome : but the friend at the bridegrome, 
which stadeth and heareth him, reioyseth 
greatly of the bridegromes voyce. This 
my ioye therefore is fulfilled. 

30 He must " increase, and I must decrea- "Andbeexai- 

ted, and I este 
^°* medashisser 

31 He that comethfrom an hye, isaboue "^i'- 
' The minister all : he that is of ' the earth is earthly, and 

ffbutfarth:''"'"' speaketh of the earth : he that cometh fro 
heauen, is aboue all. 

32 And what he hath sene & heard, that 
he testifieth : but no man receaueth his te- 

33 Howbeit, he that hath receaued his te 
stimonie, hath sealed that * God is true. Rom. 3. a. 

34 For he whome God hath sent, spea- 
keth the wordes of God. For God geueth 

'" For vnto not the Sprite *by '" measure vnto him. Esa.53.e. 
Jheluu "bondace ^5 The Father loueth the Sonne, and hath "'"«• lO- ^• 
of all grace. * geuen all thinges into his hande. 

36 * He that beleueth on the Sonne, hath Habac.2.u. 

euerlasting lyfe : and he that obeyeth not ^-'o^'^-^-^- 

the Sonne, shal not se lyfe : but the wrath 

of God abydeth on him. 


The communication of Christe wyth the wo- 
man of Samaria. His zele towarde his Father 
and his haruest. The conuersion of the Samari- 
tans and Galileans. How he healeth the Ru- 
lers Sonne. 

A Sone as y Lord had knowledge, how A 
-^the Pharises had heard, that lesus 
made, & baptized mo disciples the lohn, 
2 (Though that lesus him self baptized 
not : but his disciples) 

3 He left 

BY S. lOHN. 150 

3 He * left lewrie, and departed agayne ^ xo gyue place 

into Galile. to their rage. 

4 And it was so, that he must nedes go 
through Samaria. 

5 Then came he to a citie of Samaria cal- 
■' or, sichem, Jed " Sichar, besydes the possession that 
Gen. 33. d. * Jacob gaue to his sonne Joseph. 
iosu.24.g. ^ -^^ there was Jacobs wel. Jesus then 
"Euenweryas weryed of his iomey, sate " thus on y wel : 
"Which was for it was about the " syxt houre. 
mydday. 7 ji^^ there Came a woman of Samaria 

to drawe water. Jesus sayd vnto her, Ge- 
ue me dryncke. 

8 For his disciples were gone away into 
the towne, to bye meat. 

9 Then sayd the woman of Samaria vnto 
hym. How is it, that thou beyng a Jewe, as- 
kest drinke of me, which am a woman of 

'' Samaria ? For the Jewes medle not with ^ For the lewes 

R thp Samaril-ans estemedtheSama- 

B me Oamariians. ritans as wicked & 

10 Jesus answered and sayd vnto her, If prophane. 
thou knewest •= the gyft of God, and who ' Meaning of 

., . ,1 ,1 , /r r~i 1 • 1 him self whome 

it is that sayeth to thee, Geue me dnnke, his Father had set 
thou wouldest haue asked of him, and he toconuertthiswo- 


would haue geuen thee '^ water of lyfe. d which is the 

1 1 The woman sayd vnto hym, Syr, thou '°"eof God in his 

-' .111 1 Sonne powrcd m- 

hast nothyng to drawe with, -and the wel to our hartes by 
is depe : from whence then hast thou that [oeue'riLting'iiife. 

water of lyfe ? Rom.5.a.Iohn.3.a. 

1 2 Art thou greater the our father Jacob, 
which gaue vs the wel, and he him selfe 
drancke therof, and his chyldren, and his 
cattel ? 

13 Jesus answered, and sayd vnto her, 
Whosoeuer drincketh of this water, shal 

"ofthespiri.thyrst agayne: 

tiiai grace. 14 But whosoeuer drincketh of the "wa- 


ter y I shal geue hym, shal neuer be more 
a " thyrst : but the water that I shal geue " He shal ne- 
him, shalbe in hym a wel of water, spring- vp'ordestuul 
yng vp into euerlasting \yfe. '«• 

15 The woman sayd vnto him, Syr, geue C 
me of that water, that I thyrst not, nether 
come h)i;her to drawe. 

1 6 lesus sayd vnto her. Go call thy hous- 
band, and come hyther. 

1 7 The woma answered, and sayd to him, 
I haue no housbad. Jesus sayd to her. Thou 
hast wel sayd, I haue no housband : 

1 8 For thou hast had iyue housbandes, & 
he whome thou now hast, is not thy hous- 
band. that saydest thou truely. 

« Til she was ly- 19 Thcwoman sayd vnto him, Syr,I ^ psr- 
hei^faurSemoc ^caue that thou art a Prophet. 
ked & woide not 20 Our fathers worshypped in this moim 

tayne : and ye say, that in * Jerusalem is the Oeut. 12. b. 

place where men oght to worshyp. 

2 1 lesus sayd vnto her, Woma beleue me, 
the houre commeth, when ye shal nether 
in this mountaine nor yet at Jerusalem, 
worshyp the Father. 

22 * Ye worshyp ye wot not what: weknowe 2. Kyn. 17. f. 
what we worshyp : for *saluation cometh Exo.2\.a. 
of the Jewes. 

23 But the houre commeth, and now is, 
when the true worshippers shal worshyp 
the Father in sprite, and in trueth : for ve- 
rely such the Father requireth to worsh)^ 

f God being of a 24 * God is a ^ Sprite, & they that worshyp 2. Cor. 3. d, 

spiritual nature re ,.,..•'.„ •'^'■ 

quireth a spiritual hym must worship him m spnte & trueth. 

biethUnatSr 25 The woman sayd vnto him, J wot wel 
Messias shal come, w is called Christe : 
Whe he is come, he wil tel vs all thinges. 

26 Jesus 

BY S. lOHN. 151 

26 lesus sayd vnto her, I am he, that spea- 
ke vnto thee. 
D 27 And euen at that poynt, came his disci 
pies, and maruayled that he talked with 
the woman : Yet no man sayd vnto hym, 
What askest thou, or why talkest thou vV 
her ? 

28 The woman then left her waterpot, & 
went her way into the citie, and sayd to 
the men. 

29 Come, se a man which tolde me all 
thinges y euer I dyd : Is not he y Christe ? 

30 Then they wet out of the citie, & came 
vnto hym. 

31 And in the meane while, the disciples 
prayed him, saying. Master, eat. 

32 He sayd vnto them, I haue meat to eat, 
that ye knowe not of. 

33 Then sayd the disciples betwene them 
selues. Hath any man broght him meat ? 

E 34 lesus sayd vnto them, s My meat is to « Ther is nothig 
do the wyl of him that sent me, and to fi- more, or^herin'i 

nishe his WOrke. take greater plea- 

35 Say not ye. There are yet four mone- 
thes, and then commeth haruest } Beholde 
I say vnto you, Lyft vp your eyes, and lo- 

Mat. 9.d. ke on the regions : * for they are whyte al- ready vnto haruest. 

36 And he f repeth receaueth rewarde, 
& gathereth frute vnto lyfe eternal : that 
both he that soweth, and he that repeth. 

Without myght " reioyce together, 
one^^lftho! 37 ^o^ herein is the" saying true. That one 
thers labour soweth and another repeth. 

or. prouer • gg j ^^^^ y^^ ^^ j.gpg t}|a,t, whcrc on ye be- 
"TheProphe. stowed no labour : " other men laboured, 
and ye are entred into theyr labours. 


39 Many of the Samaritans of that citie, F 
!• The Samarita- ^ bcleued on him, for the saying of the wo 
nes shewed the sei ^an which testified. He tolde me all thin 

ues wilhng to re- 

ceaue hisdoctrine. ges that euer I dyd. 

Serl'&sTars'eiJ 40 Then when the Samaritans were come 

knowing christe, ynto him, they besoffht him, y he would 

are a condenation • i ^i j i. -l j ^i 

to the lewes, & all taiy With them : and he abode there two 

others which ne- /Imrao 
gleet Gods worde "'^y*^''- 

when it is offered. 41 And many mo beleued because of his " Had the 

J "^ right and true 

owne wordes. faith. 

42 And sayd vnto the woman, Now we be 
leue, not because of thy saying : for we ha- 
ue heard hjrm our selues,and knowe that 
this is eue in dede Christe the Sauiour of 
the world. 

43 After two dayes he departed thence, 
and went into Gahle. 

44 And lesus hjma self * testified that a MaM3.</. 
Prophet hath none honour in his owne ^ar.e.a. 

45 Then assone as he was come into Gall- 
ic, the Galileas receaued him, which had 
sene all the thinges y he dyd at lerusalem 
at the feast : for they went also vnto y feast 

46 And lesus came agayne into * Cana a Chap. 2. n. 
towne of Gable, where he turned the wa- 
ter into w)Tie. And there was a certayne 

■OneofHerodes * Rulcr, whosc sonnc was sycke at Caper- 
court who was in „„,,~, 
great estimation 'i^i^^"' 

with Herode.who- 47 Assone as the same heard that lesus g 
ledkyng.'Mar.e^b' was comc out of lewrie into Galile, he 
went vnto hym, and besoght him that he 
would " descend, and heale his sonne : for " <"". come, 
he was euen ready to dye. 
48 Then sayd lesus vnto him. Except ye 
se signes and wonders, ye wil not beleue. 

49 The 

BT S. lOHN. 152 

49 The Ruler sayd vnto him, Syr, come 
away or euer that my sonne dye. 

50 lesus sayd vnto him. Go thy way, thy 
somie lyueth. & the man beleued the wor- 
des that lesus had spoken vnto him, and 
went his way. 

"or, ictour- 51 Andanoneashe was "going downe, his 
"'"^' seruantes met him, saying. Thy sonne ly- 


52 Then enquired he of them the houre 
when he began to amende : and they sayd 
vnto him, Yesterday, the seueth houre, the 
feuer left him. 

53 Then the father knewe, that it was the 
same houre in which lesus sayd vnto him. 
Thy Sonne hueth : and he beleued, and all 
his houshould. 

54 This is agayne the seconde miracle y 
lesus dyd, after he was come out of lew- 
rie into Gralile. 


He healeth the man that was sycke eight 8f 
thyrtie yeres. The lewes accuse him. He an- 
swereth for him selfe. and reproueth them, 
shewing by the testimonie of his Father, of 
lohn, of his workes, and of the Scriptures who 
he is. 

J ■ "^ A ^^^^ ^^^^ there was a feast of y lewes, 

deut.'i6.'a.' and lesus went vp to Jerusalem. "Whenheshepe 

"or.theshepe 2 And there is at lerusalem, by " the pla- 'yere wasshed that 

market r ^ ^ ^ should be sacrifi- 

ce of the shepe, a ^ poole called in Hebrue ced. 

•» Bethesda, hauing fyue porches. thYhouse'lf'pow' 

3 In which lay a great multitude of syc- [h^wTter^^'^Tt 

ke folke, of blynde, halte, and wythe- by conduits. 



red, wayting for the mouyng of the water 

4 For an Angel went downe at a certay- 
ne season into the poole, & troubled the 
water : whosoeuer then fyrst, after the sty- 
ryng of the water, stepped in, was made 
whole of whatsoeuer disease he had. 

5 And a certayne man was there, which 
had bene diseased eight and thirtie yeres. 

6 When lesus sawe him lye, and knewe 
that he now longe tyme had bene disea- 
sed, he sayd vnto hym, Wylt thou be ma- 
de whole ? 

7 The sycke man answered hym, Syr, I ha B 
ue no man, when the water is troubled, to 
put me into the poole : but in the meane 
tyme, whyle I am about to come, another 
steppeth downe before me. 

<^ This was, to 8 And lesus sayd vnto hym, Ryse, *= take 

thend that the mi- i , i j n J ' J ' 

lacie might be so vp thy bed, and walke. 
c'oSpeSat 9 And immediately the man was made 
''• whole, and toke vp his bed, and walked, 

and the same day was the Sabbath day. 

10 The lewes therfore sayd to hym that 

was made whole. It is the Sabbath day, * it lere. 17. c 
is not lawful for thee to cary thy bed. 

11 He answered them. He that made me 
whole, sayd vnto me. Take vp thy bed, & 

1 2 Then asked they hym. What ma is that 
which sayd vnto thee. Take vp thy bed, & 

13 And he that was healed, wyst not who 
it was : for lesus had gotte him selfe away 
because that there was prease of people 
in that place. 

14 And after that, lesus found hym in the C 
temple, and sayd vnto him, Behold thou 


BY S. lOHN. 153 

art made whole : "^ synne no more, lest a <i The afflictions 
worse thing happen vnto thee. SLmer for 

15 The man departed, & tolde the lewes oursynnes. 
f it was les', which had made him whole. 

16 And therfore the lewes dyd persecu- 
te lesus, and soght the meanes to sley him : 
because he had done these thynges on the 
Sabbath day. 

1 7 And lesus answered them, My Father 
worketh hytherto, and I worke. 

D 1 8 Therefore the lewes soght the more to 
kyl hym : not onely because he had broken 
the Sabbath : but sayd also that God was 
cuHerto wm " ^^ " Father, & made hym self equal with ' it was lawful 

„,„„ r^„j for all Israel to 

alone, God. call God their Fa 

19 Then answered lesus, and sayd vnto ther. Exo.4.e. but 

ii-- T7- 1 IT 4. rrn- c?- because Chnste 

the, Verely verely 1 say vnto you, Ihe bo- dyd attribute to hi 
ne can do nothyng of him self, but that he ^^^^' ^^^^ ^^ '^^,'J 

JO ' power ouer all 

seeth the Father do : for what soeuer he things.&wroghtas 
doth, that doeth the Sonne also. they gaUiered that 

20 For the Father loueth the Sonne, and chnste dyd not 

„ ™, . , , 11. n 1 • 1 1 onely make him 

doth coramu ^heweth him aU thmges whatsoeuer he self the Sonne of 
nicate with hym Self doeth : & he wyl shewe him grea- qu^i'^^ith Wm. ^' 
*"""■ ter workes then these, because ye should 

E 21 Forlykewyse as the Father raysethvp 

the dead, & quickeneth them, euen so the 

Sonne quickeneth whome he wyl. 

22 Nether iudgeth the Father any man, 
"In geuing \^^^ j^^th committed all " iudgement vnto 

him power & ° 

rule. the Sonne. 

23 Because that all men should honour 
the Sonne, euen as they honour the Fa- 
ther. He that honoreth not the Sonne, the 
same honoreth not the Father which hath 
sent him. 

24 Verely verely I say vnto you, He that 


heareth my wordes, and beleueth on him 
that sent me hath euerlasting lyfe, & shal 
not come uito damnation : but is escaped 
from death vnto lyfe. 
25 Verely verely I say vnto you. The 
houre shal come, and now is, when the de- 
ad shal heare y voyce of the Sone of God : 
' They that rece- and they that ' heare, shal lyue. 
aue it by faith, gg For as the Father hath lyfe in" hym sel- "To commu- 
fe, so lykewyse hath he geuen to the Sone "s"*' " "" ' 
to haue lyfe in him selfe. 

27 And hath geuen hym power also to 

" iudge, in that he is the Sonne of man. " That is, to 

28 Maruayle not at this : for y houre shal fe°an thhigT. 
come in the which all that are in the gra- 

ues, shal heare his voyce : 

29 And they shal come forth, * that haue Mat. 2b. d. 
done good, vnto the resurrection of lyfe : 

and they that haue done euyl, vnto the re 
surrection of damnation. 

30 I can of mine own self do nothyng at F 
all: as I heare, I iudge : and my iudgement 
is iust : because I seke not myne own wyl, 
but the wyl of the Father which hath sent 

31 If I * should beare wytnes of my selfe : Chap. 8. b. 
e Christ had re- my wytnes were not 8 true. 

kenes that 'beared 32 TTiere is another that beareth wytnes 
him & therfore ^f g ^^^ j ^^ g^g ^^^t the wytnes w he 

sayd his owne wite ' . •' 

nes shuid not be beareth of me, is true. 

sufficient. 32 * Ye gent vnto lohn, & he bare wytnes Chap. I . b. 

vnto the tinithe. 

34 But I receaue not the recorde of man : 
Neuerthelesse, these thynges I say, that ye 
myght be safe. 

35 Hewasabuming,andashynyng"can- " or, lamps. 
del : & ye would for a season haue reioy- 

sed in 

BY S. lOHN. 154 

sed in his lyght. 

36 But I haue greater wytnes then the 
wytnes of lohn : for the workes which the 
Father hath geuen me to finishe, the same 
workes that I do, beare wytnes of me, that 
the Father sent me. 
Mat.Z.d. 37 And y * Father hym selfe which hath 
' ^- °- sent me, ^ beareth witnesse of me. Ye haue ^ in the lawe, & 

luk.^.'d' not heard hys voyce at any tyme, nor * ye '"p'*^'^^- 
DeutA.h. haue sene his shape. 

38 And hys wordes haue ye not abyd)aig 
in you : for whome he hath sent, hym ye be 
leue not. 
Act. 17.6. 39 * Search the Scriptures : for in them ye 
■ ''' thinke ye haue eternal lyfe : and they are 
they which testifie of me. 
^ 40 And yet wyl ye not come to me, that 
ye myght haue lyfe. 

41 I receaue not prayse of men. 

42 But I knowe you, that ye haue not the 
loue of God in you. 

43 I am come in my Fathers name, and ye 

receaue me not : If ' another shal come in ■ The people are 

1 . i_ • 1 more ready to re- 

his owne name, him wyl ye receaue. ceaue false prophe 

" Vayne gio- 44 How Can ye beleue which" receaue * ho ^^' . ^''^ ''"^"^ 
let foT^ln nour one of another, and seke not the ho- 
God'°™^ '° ^°^ ^^^^ commeth of God onely ? 
Chap. 1 2./. 45 Do not thinke that I wyl accuse you to ^^^^^^ ^hem that 
my Father : There is one y '' accuseth you, trust in hi : so they 
euen Moses, in whome ye trust. ter enjaemi'el'^^at 

Gen.3.c.22. 46 For had ve beleued Moses, ye would t^e day of iudge 

d ict h 1 11 1 * r ^ ^ c ment,then the vir- 

^ r^* • haue beleued me : for he wrote or me. gine Marie & the 

"" • '•" 47 But seying ye beleue not hiswrytyn- ^fnow ^yVa?," 

ges, how shal ve beleue my wordes ? but whosoeuer 

^ •' doth accuse, 

Christe & their 
THE VI. CHAPTER. own cOsciece shal 

cOdemne the re- 
lems fedeth fyue thomand men. Departeth probat. 

V. ii. 


away, that they should not make hym kyng. 
Reproueth the fleshly hearers of his worde. The 
carnal are offended at him. 

A Fter these thynges, lesus wet his way A 

» Tiberias, Beth- -^aQUer the"sea of Gahle, nye to a citie " Called the 
saida.&Capernau,,,, „•!„•„„ -' lake of GEna 

were on this syde t-dliea llDCnaS : sereth. 

theLake,inrespect 2 And a sTsat multitude folowed him, 

of Gahle: but It IS _ 1 . , , 

there sayd that he bccausc they saw his miracles, which he 
rhTreTe're'diue" dyd on them that were diseased. 
crikes and tour- 3 Then lesus went vp into a moimtayne, 
which me feryed. and there he sate with his disciples. 

4 And Easter, a * feast of the lewes was Leuit. 23. a. 

jjjg_ deut. 16. a. 

5 * Then iesvs lyft vp his eyes, & saw a mar'.e.c. 
great compagnie come vnto him, and sayd luk.Q.h 
vnto PhiUp, Whence shal we bye bread, 

that these myght eat ? 

6 (This he sayd to proue hym : for he him 
selfe knewe what he would do) 

Thissomeamo 7 Philip answered him, *> Two hundred 

teth to about fyue ^^ c ^ j • ^ rr • . e 

pounde sterling, pcnyworth ot bread is not sumcient lor 
them, that euery man may take a lytel. 

8 The sayd vnto him one of his disciples, 
Andrew Simon Peters brother, 

9 There is a litle boye here, which hath 
fine barely loaues, and two fyshes : but 
what are they among so many .'' 

10 And lesus sayd. Make the people syt B 
downe. There was muche grasse in y pla- 
ce. Then the men sate downe in nombre, 
about fine thousand. 

' Prayer &tha- 11 And lesus toke the bread, and '^ gaue 

ctififour^ineates thankes, and gaue to the disciples, and 

wherwith we are ^is disciplcs to them that Were set downe : 

and lykewyse of the fyshes as muche as 

they would. 

12 And 

BY S. lOHN. 155 

1 2 And when they were satisfied, he sayd 
vnto his disciples. Gather vp the broken 

meate whiche remayneth, that ** nothyng <i Thabuudat sto 

1 i„a*. " re of Gods gyftes 

"^ ^"°''- . oght not make vs 

1 3 Then they gathered it together, & fyl- prodigal to waste 
led twelue baskettes with the broken me- ^™' 

at, of the fyue barly loaues, which frag- 
ments remayned vnto them that had ea- 

14 Then the men when they had sene the 
miracle that lesus dyd, sayd, This is of a 
trueth that Prophet that should come in- 
to the world. 

15 When lesus therfore perceaued y they 
would come, and take hym to make him 

* king, he departed agayne into a moun- ' They imagined 

. 1 ■ ^e 1 a earthly kyngdo- 

tayne him selle alone. me without the te 

Mat. \ i.e. 16 * And when euen was nowe come, his stimonie of Gods 

mar.e.f. j- • i . j . -i worde, so that by 

•^ disciples went downe vnto the sea : this means his spi 

17 And entred into a shyp, and went ^Tde hlult™: 
" ouer a cor- " oucr the sca towardcs Capernaum : and abolished. 

nerofthela- •, j i o t j. 

ke. anone it was darke, & lesus was not come 

to them. 
C 1 8 And the sea arose with a great wynd y 

19 And when they had rowed about fine 
" Eight make and twenty, or thirtei " furlonges, they saw 

lesus walkyng on the sea, and drawyng 
nye vnto the shyp : and were afrayd. 

20 And he sayd vnto them, It is I, be not 

21 Then moste wiUingly they receaued 
hym into the shyp, and the ship was by & 
by at the land, whither they went. 

22 The day folowyng, the people which 
stode on the other syde of the sea, sawe 
that there was none other shyp there, sa- 

V. iii. 


ue that one, wherinto his disciples were 

entred, and that lesus went not with his 

disciples in the shyp, but that his disci- 

f wherfore it ples were gone ^ alone : 

TtchSltd 23 And that there came other shyppes 

miraculously. from Tiberias nye vnto the place where 

they ate the bread, after the Lord had ge- 

uen thankes. 

24 Then when the people saw that lesus 
was not there, nether his disciples, they al 
so toke shyppjmg, & came to Capernaum, 
sekyng for lesus. 

25 And when they had found hym on y 
s This was not s other syde of y sea, they sayd vnto him, 

lake from"yde*o ^abbi, when cammcst thou hyther ? 
syde.biitoueracri 26 Icsus answcrcd them, and sayd, Ve- 

ke or arrae of the i i t . i 

lake which saued rely verely 1 say vnto you, ye seke me not 
them ^thrt^°shouid liscause ye saw the miracles, but becau- 
haue go about by sc ye ate of the loaues, and were fylled. 
27 Labour not for the meat which peri- 
sheth, but for the meat that " endureth vn- "Which nou 
to euerlasting lyfe, which meat the Sonne merfteth ouf 
of man shal geue vnto you : for h)mti hath ^^"^• 
h For whe he ap * God the Father •> sealed. Chap. 2. d. 

pomted mm to be ,_,, , ___ , , 

the Mediatour he 28 Ihcu sayd they vnto hjrm. What shal 
^ir^:^^ we do, that we myght worke the " workes ^^^.Te'^'Z 

theonely one tore of God ? to God. 

manVogether.™ 29 Icsus answered, & Said vnto the, *This Mi«A. 3. d. 
is y worke of God, that ye beleue on him, { "l o j 
whome he hath sent. 

30 They sayd therfore vnto hym. What D 
sygne shewest thou then, that we may 
se, and beleue thee ? What doest thou 
worke ? 

31 *Our fathers dyd eat Manna in the de- -E^o-^'S.c. 
sert as it is * wrytten, He gaue them bread psa'i. li.c. 
from heauen to eat. wisd.M.c 

32 Then 

BY S. lOHN. 156 

32 Then lesus sayd vnto them, Verely 

verely I say vnto you, 'Moses gaue you not > Hecompareth 
bread from heauen : but my Father geueth ttranfmt^a 
you the true bread from heauen. with christe, who 

33 For the bread of God, is he which c6- lasting uf. i. Cor. 
meth downe from heauen, & geueth lyfe **'*■ 

vnto the world. 

34 Then they sayd vnto hym. Lord, euer- 
more geue vs this bread. 

35 And lesus sayd vnto the, I am the bre- 
ad of lyfe : He that commeth to me, shal 

ficcfe. 24. c. not hunger : and * he that beleueth on me 

shal ^ neuer thurst. ' "« ?■!=' "'^"'^'■ 

want spiritual nou 

36 JDut 1 sayd vnto you, Ihat ye also haue rishement. 
sene me, and yet beleue not. 

"God doth re 37 All " that the Father geueth me, shal 

general his i 1 1 1 

elect, & cau come to me : and hym that cometh to me, 


spei. 38 For I came downe from heauen, not 

to do myne own wyl, but his wil which 

hath sent me. 

39 And it is the Fathers wyl which hath 
sent me, that of all which he hath geuen 
me, I should loose nothing, but should ray 
se it vp agayne at the last day. 

40 And this is the wyl of him that sent 
me, that euery man which seeth the Sone, 
and beleueth on hym, haue euerlasting ly 
fe : and I wyl raise him vp at the last 

E 41 The lewes then murmured at him, be- 
cause he sayd, I am f bread which is come 
downe from heauen. 
Mnt.]3.g. 42 And they sayd, * Is not this lesus the 
Sonne of Joseph, whose father and mother 
we knowe ? How is it then that he sa5i;h, I 
came downe from heauen ? 


43 lesus answered and sayd vnto them. 
Murmur not among your selues. 

44 No ma can " come to me except the Fa- '' or, beiieue 
« By lyehtening ther which hath sent me ' drawe him : And ™^' 

his hart with his t -i i • ^ >^i i ^ j 

holy Sprit. 1 wil rayse him \'p at the last day. 

45 It is wrytten in the * Prophetes, And 
they shalbe all taught of God. Euery man ^^^^'^^'■^' 
therfore that hath heard, & hath learned 

of the Father, cometh \Tito me. 

46 * Not that any man hath sene the Fa- Mat. 11. d. 
ther, saue he which is of God, the same 

hath sene the Father. 

47 Verely verely I say vnto you, He that 
beleueth on me, hath euerlasting lyfe. 

48 I am that bread of lyfe. 

49 * Your fathers dyd eat Manna in the Exo. 16. c 
"Then ther is wyldemes, '^ and are dead. 

nouiishe our sou- 50 This is that bread vf cometh downe fro 
Christ^.'" '^^ heauen, that he which eateth of it, should 
not dye. 

51 I am that " huyng bread which came "which gyue 
downe from heauen : If any man eat of this 11^^^'° ** 
bread, he shal hue for euer : and the bread 

that I wyl geue, is my fleshe, which I wyl 
geue for the h^e of the world. 

52 Then the lewes stroue among them sel F 
ues, saying, How can this felow geue vs 
his fleshe to eat ? 

53 Then lesus sayd vnto them, Verely ve- 
rely I say \Tito you. Except ye eat y fleshe 
of the Sone of man, & dryncke his bloud, 

ye haue " no Me in you. "WherChriste 

o4 W hosoeuer eateth my fleshe, & drinc- death raig- 
keth my bloud, hath eternal lyfe : & I wyl '=^'''- 
rayse him \'p at the last day. 
55 For my fleshe is meat in dede, and my 


By s. lOHN. 157 

bloud is drincke in dede. 
1. Cor.u.f. 56 * He ° that eateth my fleshe, and dn-nc- - as ourbodyes 
keth my bloud ° dwelleth in me, and I in are susteined with 

■' meat ci drmke ; so 

hym. are our soules nou 

57 As the lyuin- Father hath sent me, eue ^''l^^^^ of'it 
so Ivue I bv y Father : and so he that eateth ^"1 christe. 

' I , T 1 » To eat the fleshe 

me snal hnie bv me. ofchriste.&dnu- 

58 This is that bread which came downe dweil!'chr1ste.& 
from heauen : not as your fathers haue ea- to haue Christ dw- 
ten Manna, and are dead : He that eateth ^ ? "^ ^s. 

of thys bread, shal h-ue euer. 

59 These th}-nges sayd he in y Synagoge, 
as he taught in Capernaum. 

G 60 Many therefore of his disciples (whe 
they heard this) sayd, This is an hard say- 
ing, who can abyde the hearing of it ? 

61 lesus knewe in h\Tn seKe, that his di- 
sciples murmured at it, & sayd \-nto the, 
Doth this offende you } 

62 "^ATiat and if ye shulde se the Sonne of 

Chap. 3. b. man P ascende vp * where he was be- p He meaneth 

fnrp ? ''°' ^^^^ '"'^ hama- 

''^^^ • nitie deseeded fro 

63 It is the Sprite that quickeneth, the 'ieauen:huthespe- 
fleshe profiteth nothing. The wordes that vnionof bothe ua- 
I speake \Tito you, are sprit and l\-fe. [o'^*'thone'''"thaf 

64 But there are some of you that bele- which appertei- 
ue not. For lesus knewe from the begATi- °^ ^ 
nyng, which they were that beleued not, 

and who should betraye h}Tn. 

65 And he sayd, Therfore sayd I \'nto 
you. That no ma can come ATito me, except 
it were geuen ^•nto h}Tn of my Father. 

66 From that t}-me, many of his disciples 
went backe, and walked no more^^h^-m. 

67 Then sayd lesus to the twelue.Wyl ye 
also go away ? 

68 Then Simon Peter answered. Master, 


19 * Dyd not Moses geue you a lawe, and Exod. 24. a. 
yet none of you kepeth the lawe ? * Why go Chap. 5. c. 
ye about to kyl me .'' 
d Who dyd not 20 The '^ people answered, and sayd, Thou _. 
ontelcribef ^' hast the " deuil, who goeth about to kyl "orartmad. 
thee ? 

21 Jesus answered and, sayd to them, I ha 

' Because I dyd ue done One worke, and ye aU ^ mar- 
it on the Sabbath i 

day. uayle. 

22 * Moses therfore gaue vnto you Circum Leu. 12. a. 
cisio (not because it is of Moses, but of the 

* fathers) and yet ye on the Sabbath day. Gen. 17. b. 
circumcise a man. 

23 If a man on the Sabbath day receaue 
circumcision wythout breakyng of the la- 
we of Moses, disdayne ye at me, because I 
haue made a man euery whit whole on the 
Sabbath day ? 

24 * ludge not after the vtter appearan- D 

ce, but iudge rightuous iudgement. Beuter.l.c. 

25 Then sayd some of them of lerusalem. 
Is not this he, whome they go about to 

26 And beholde he speaketh openly, and 
they say nothing to him : do y rulers kno\y 
in dede that this is very Christe ? 

27 Howbeit we knowe this man whence 
he is. but when Christe commeth, no man 
shal knowe whence he is. 

28 Then cried lesus in the temple as he 
taught, saying, Ye" knowe me, and whence "He speaketh 
I am ye knowe, and yet I am not come of scorneiuny."^" 
my selfe, but he that sent me is true, who- 
me ye know not. 

29 But I know him, for I am of him, and 
he hath sent me. 

30 Then they soght to take hym, but no 


BY S. lOHN. 159 

man layd handes on him, because his hou 
re was not yet come. 
E 31 Many of the people ^ beleued on him, f They were wei 
and sayd. When Christe commeth wyl he Mm:wh1chprepara 
do mo miracles then this man hath do- tion is here called 

5 (althoeh improper 

ne? ly) faith. 

32 The Phariseis heard that the people 
murmured suche thinges of him, and the 
Phariseis and hye Priestes sent ministers 
to take him. 

33 Then sayd lesus vnto them. Yet am I 

s a Ivtel whvle with vou, and then ffo I vn ^ Hesheweth^Ti 

J. 1. • ^T. ^ J. 'o ">em that they 

to mm tnat sent me. haue no power 

Chap. 13./. 34 * Ye shal seke me, & shal not fynde me : r*"" ^'"'' '^1^" 

■' tyme come that 

" Or, shaibe. and where I am, thyther can ye not his Father hath 

„„ ordeyned. 


35 Then sayd the lewes betwene the sel- 
ues, Whither wil he go, that we shal not 

fynde hym ? Wyl he go among the ^ Genti- '' Among the le 

, 1-1 , 1 n T 1 1 > wes which were 

les, which are scatered ail abrode, and tea- scatered here and 
che the Gentiles } t^'^-'f., ^J"o"s ""^ 

Gentils ? 

36 What maner of saying is this that he 
sayd. Ye shal seke me, and shal not fynde 
me : and where I am, thyther can ye not 

F come ? 
Leu. 23./. 37 In the last and * great day of the feast, 

lesus stode and cried saying, If any man 

thyrst, let him come vnto me, and drin- 

Deut. 18. c. 38 He that ' beleueth on me, * as sayth the ' The true way 

Scripture, out of his belly shal flowe ri- stejs"faith. 

uers of water ^ of life. i- which shaine- 

U6r drie vp 

foel 2. g. 39 * This spake he of the Sprite which they 
that beleued on him, should receaue : for 
the ' holy Gost was not yet there, because graces which were 
that lesus was not yet glorified. &<'"<'° to the Apo- 

40 Many of the people, when they heard cension. 


"- They loked this Saying, sayd. Of a truth this is that '" 

for some notable p«r>T»Viof 
Prophet besydes -rrupiiei. 

the Messias. chap. 41 Other sayd,Tliis is y Christ : some sayd, 
Shal Christe come out of Galile ? 

42 * Sayeth not the Scripture that Christe Mich.b.a. 
shal come of the sede of Dauid, & out of "*"^- ^- "• 
the towne of Bethlehe, where Dauid was ? 

43 So was there dissention amonff the The people 

1 i_ , 1 . wereatdissen 

people about him. tion for chri 

44 And some of them would haue taken p^- 
him, but no man layd handes on him. 

45 Then came the ministers to the hie 
Priestes and Phariseis : and they sayd vnto 
them. Why haue ye not broght him? 

■> wher in ap- 46 The seruantes answered, " Neuer man The priests 

peareth the migh- i , , • j >.i seruants con- 

tie power of spake as this man doeth. uerted. 

Christs word a- 47 Then answered them the Phariseis, A- 

gainst his enne- i i i ^ 

raies. re ye also deceaued : 

» They aiiedge 48 Doth any of the ° Rulers, or of the Pha T'^t^P"^^ of 

the autoritie of • • ■■ i 1 • i thePhanseis. 

man, against Gods i^scis beleue on him .-' 
autoritie. 49 gyt the comen people, which knowe 

not the law, are cursed. 

50 Nicodemus sayd vnto them, * (he that Chap. 3. a. 
came to lesus by night, and was one of 

51 Doth our law iudge any ma before it 

heare hym, * & know what he hath done ? Deut. 17. b. 

52 They answered and sayd vnto him. Art '^- '^• 
thou also of Galile. Search and loke, for 

out of Galile aryseth no Prophet. 

53 And euery man went vnto his owne 


Christe deliuereth her that was taken in 
aduoutrie. He sheweth from whence he is co- 
me, wherfore, and ivhether he goeth. FVho are 


BY S. lOHN. 160 

the true people of God. Of fremen and slaues 
and their rewarde. He deffieth his enne- 
mies and being persecuted with draweth him 

A A Nd lesus went vnto the hil of Oli- 


A womau 2 And early in the morning came agay- 

rJchriste "for ^^ into the temple, and aU the people 

aduiterie. came vnto him, and he sate downe, and 

taught them. 

3 And the Scribes and Phariseis broght 
vnto hym a woman, take in aduoutrie, and 
set her in the middes. 

4 And sayd vnto him. Master, thys wo- 
man was taken in aduoutrie, euen as the 
dede was a doing. 

Leu 20. 6. 5 * Moses in the law commanded vs, that 
suche should be stoned. What say est thou 
therfore ? 

6 And this they sayd to tempt hym, that 

they might haue, wherof to ^ accuse hym. => Ether for brea 
but lesus stouped downe, and wyth hys dySJeTher?or 
fynger wrote on the grounde. "f iightnes and in 

7 And whyle they cotinued asking him, dyd codem'ue her^ 
he lyft hym selfe vp, and sayd vnto them, 

Deu. 17. 6. * Let him that is amog you without S)nine, 
cast the fyrst stone at her. 

8 And agayne he stouped downe, & wrote 
on the grounde. 

9 And as sone as they heard that, beyng 
accused by their owne conscience they 
went out one by one, the eldest first euen 
tU it came to the last : and lesus was left a- 
lone, and the woman standing in the 

» myddes. 

10 Whe lesus had hft vp him seKe agay- 


ne, and saw no man, but the woman, he 
sayd vnto her, Woraa where are those thi- 
ne accusars ? Hath no man condemned 

1 1 She sayd. No ma Lord. And lesus sayd, 
b lesus woide b Nether do I condemne thee. Go and svn- 

not meddle but •' 

with that which ne no more. 

hfs'oS7towTt,to 12 .Then spake lesus agayne vnto them, 

bring synners to saying, I * am v light of the world : he that Cha.].a.9 a 

repentance. And r i J.^ i i i. ii ■ j i 

therfore dyd not loloweth me, shal not walke m darcknes, 

uile'''lLw*''^ainst ^"* ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ " ^^^^^ °^ ^J"^^' " °'"' '^"®'^ 

aduiterie. 13 The Phariseis therfore sayd vnto him, '^ 

Thou bearest recorde of thy selfe, thy re- 
corde is not " time. " Or.iuste. 

14 lesus answered, and sayd vnto them, 
<= That which '^ Thogh I beare recorde of my selfe, yet 
c?ap1'e. hSe ^Y recorde is true : for I knowe whence I 
granteth, todecia- came, and whether I go : but ye can not tel r, 

re vnto them their r, i r ii>it ^ 

stubbernes. And whence 1 come, and whether 1 go. " in that he 

ctd'he'tearith' 15 Ye iudge after the fleshe, "I iudge no LXrKsht 

witnes to his hu- man. weth that he 

doth'cod the Fa! 16 And if I iudge, my iudgementis tnie : man" but God 
therwitenesthesa for I am not alone, but I and the Father .^"l"- ,^ 

me which are two , "Hewoldenot 

distinct persones, that sent me. iudgerashely, 

Gof ^"' °"' 17 It is also wrytten in your lawe, *That 5^S5!^rf. 
the testimonie of two men is true. deut. 17. a. 

rt Which place, 18 I am ^ one that beare wytnes of my ""'^ \^' '^■ 

proueth Christe to ,^ j ^i -n ^i .i ^ / i ^^ mat. 18. b. 

be very God, and seue, and the J^ ather that sent me, beareth 2. cor. 13. a. 
'"*°- witnes of me. heb. 10. e. 

1 9 Then sayd they vnto him. Where is thy 
Father .'' lesus answered. Ye nether know 
me, nor yet my Fatter : If ye had knowen 
me, ye should haue knowen my Father 

20 These wordes spake lesus in the 
treasury, as he taught in the temple, 
and no man layd handes on hym : for his 

* houre 

BY S. lOHN. 161 

Chup.l.b. * houre was not yet come. 

21 Then sayd lesus agayne vnto the, I go 
my way, and ye shal seke me, and shal dye 

" Because of in youT " sumes. Whether I go, thether can 

their rebellio . „„„„ 

wherin they ye not COme. 

dydperseuer. 22 The sayd the lewes, Wilhe kilhim sel 
fe, because he sayeth. Whether I go, the- 
ther can ye not come ? 

23 And he said vnto them, ^ Ye are from ^Hesheweththe 
beneth, I am from aboue : Ye are of this the Gospel, & the 
world, I am not of this world. ^"•^''^ wit of man. 

The ende of 24 I sayd therfore vnto you. That ye shal 
n^\^. ^^^^' dye in your synnes. For except ye beleue 
that I am he, ye shal dye in your synnes. 
D 25 The sayd they vnto him. Who art thou ? 
And lesus said vnto them, Euen the very 
same thing that I sayd vnto you ^ from the 'That is, who he 

1 was,whece he was, 

begyimyng. and why he came 

26 1 haue many thinges to say, and to iud "to this woride. 
ge of you : but he that sent me is true : and 

I speake in the world, those thinges which 
I haue heard of him. 

27 How beit they vnderstode not that he 
spake to them of his Father. 

28 Then sayd lesus vnto them. When ye 

haue s lift vp the Sonne of man, then shal s Tiieir ende- 
'^Not^toheie- ye " knowe that I am " he, and that I do no XAy tiieyS 
to ibe'S>nu'i! thinff of my selfe, but as my Father hath to destroy him.shai 

lo oe conui- b J ' J sg^ug to ^^^^^ g^^ 

"Th^Messias. ^^^S°^ ™^' ^^^^ ^^ ^ Speake. magnifiehisglorie. 

29 And he that sent me, is with me : the Fa 
ther hath not left me alone, for I do all 
wayes those thinges that please him. 

30 As he spake these wordes, many bele- 
ued on him. 

3 1 Then sayd lesus to those lewes which 
beleued on hym, If ye continue in my wor 



des, then are ye my very disciples, Heexhorteth 

32 And shal knowe the trueth, and the l^^'j;.'" ''^'"" 

trueth " shal restore you to Ubertie. "For we were 

- These were 33 They answered liim, ^ We be Abrahas ne."^''" '^"" 

not the beleuing ^ •' . , , 

lewes, but the seede, and were neuer bonde to any man : 
sTetTthuf '*"" ^^y sayest thou then, Ye shalbe restored 
to libertie ? 

34 lesus answered them, Verely verely I E 
say vnto you. That whosoeuer committeth 

sinne, is the * seruant of synne. Eoma. 6. d. 

35 And the seruant abydeth not in the 
house for euer : but the Sone abydeth euer. 

36 If the Sonne therfore shal make you 
free, then are ye free in dede. 

■ He graunteth 37 J i know that ve are Abrahams seede : 

their saiyngs m ' ^ 1 i 1 

such sort, that he but ve sekc meanes to kyl me, because my 

tTt^elZTZ sayi^ges haue no place in you. 

des proue them 38 I speake that I haue sene with my Fa- 
ther : and ye do that which ye haue sene 
with your father. 

39 They answered and sayd vnto hjrm, A- 
braham is our father. lesus sayd vnto the. 
If ye were Abrahams chyldren, ye would 
do the dedes of Abraham. 

40 But now ye go about to kyl me, a ma 
that haue tolde you the truth, which I ha- 
ue heard of God : this did not Abraham. 

41 Ye do the dedes of your father. Then 
sayd they to hym. We are not borne of for 
nication : we haue one Father, which is 

42 lesus sayd vnto the. If God were your 
Father, then would ye loue me : for I 
proceaded forth, and came from God : 
nether came I of my selfe, but he sent 

43 Why 

BY S. lOHN. 162 

43 Why do ye not vnderstand my talke ? 
Eue because ye can not abyde the hearyng 
of my wordes. 
F 44 * Ye are of your father the deuyl, and 

1. loh. 3. h. ^j^g j^g^gg pf y^^ fg^^jjgj. yg ^^ ^^ ^^ 

" Since the hath bene a miirtherer " from the begyn- 
of ma"*^**'"" nyng, and ^ abode not in the truth : becau- '' itfoioweth the 
se there is no truth in him. When he spea- the tniet^;Xr^he 
"Accordingto keth a he, then speaketh he of his " owne, "^, "°' created 

his wont and <■ i • ^ j ^-l r ii. ii. e euel. 

eustome. 101" he IS a lyar, and the latner thereoi. 

45 And because I tel you y truth, ye be- 
leue me not. 

46 Which of you ca rebuke me of synne } 
If I say the truth, why do ye not beleue 
me ? 

1. loh. 4. a. 47 * He that is of God, heareth Goddes 
1. loh. 3. h. wordes. * Ye therfore heare the not, becau 
se ye are not of God. 

48 Then answered the lewes & sayd vn- 
to him, Say we not wel that thou art a Sa- 
maritane, and hast the deuyl. 

49 lesus answered, I haue not the deuyl, 
but I honour my Father, & ye haue disho- 
noured me. 

50 I seke not mine owne praise : but ther 

is one seketh and ' iudgeth. 'Whowiireuen 

5 1 Verely verely I say vnto you, Yf a man se the iniurie that 

1 •' . -^ / ^ , you do against me, 

"For the faith kepe my saymg, he shal neuer se death, or rather against 
deU"o°iife" 52 The sayd the lewes to hym. Now kno- '^''" 
we we that thou hast the deuyl. Abraham 
is dead, and also the Prophetes : and yet 
thou sayest. If a man kepe my sajdng, he 
shal neuer tast of death. 
G 53 Art thou greater then our father Abra 
ham, which is dead ? and the Prophetes are 
dead, whom makest thou thy selfe ? 


54 lesus answered, If I honour my selfe, 
myne honour is nothing worth : It is my 
Father that honoureth me, which ye say, is 
your God. 

55 And ye haue not knowen him : but I 
knowe him : & if I shuld say, I knowe him 
not, I shuld be a lyar lyke vnto you : but I 
knowe hjnn, and kepe his saiyng. 

56 Your father Abraham was very glad 
■" Which was to to se my "• day, and he saw it, and reioy- 

se the coming of j 
Christe in the fle- SeQ. 

she, which thing 57 Then sayd the lewes vnto him, Thou 

Abraham sawe far ;; iii 

ofwiththeeyesof art not yet lyity yere olde, and hast thou 
faith.heb.u.c. ggj^e Abraham ? 

58 lesus sayd vnto them, Verely verely I 
"NotoneiyGod, Say vnto you, yer Abraham was, ° I am. 
betVeneGod'and ^^ * '^^^ ^^^^ they vp stones, to cast at Chap. 10./. 
man. him : but lesus hid him seKe and went out 

of the temple. 


The spiritual and corporal healing. The co- 
fession of him that was borne blynde. To what 
blynde men Christ geueth sight. 

Nd as lesus passed by, he sawe a man a 
'-which was bl}rnde from his byrth. Hethatisbor 
2 And his disciples asked him, saying. Ma made to se. 
ster, who dyd synne, this ma, or his father 
and mother, that he was borne blynde ? 
» God doth not ai 3 lesus answered, "Nether hath this man 
fo^'thek^sj'nnes"' synned, nor yet his father & mother : but 
that the workes of God shulde be shewed 
on him. 

4 I must worke the workes of him that 
sent me, while it is " day : the night cometh "When oppor 

1 1 tunitie & the 

when no man can worke. seasoserueth. 


sentvnto them. 

BY S. lOHN. 163 

Cha.l.a.G.a 5 As longe as I am in the world, * I am the 
8.b.l2.e. lyght of the world. 

B 6 As sone as he had thus spoken, he '' spa *" This was not 

,1 J 1 J 1 i. . , for any vertue that 

te on the grounde and made claye or the 
spettle, and rubbed the claye on the eyes [jjecia e'tomak" 

of the blynde. one se: but it only 

7 Andsaydvntohim, Go wash thee in fh^^'.tSrs.'"''' 
the poole of Siloam (which by interpreta- 
tion signifieth, *= sent) He wet his way the- c Hereby was 
refore, and washed, and came agayne se- si^^^^"hoshu^^be 

8 The neyghboures and they that had se- 
ne him before how that he was blynde, 
sayd. Is not this he that sate and begged ? 

9 Some sayd. This is he : other sayd, He is 
lyke him. But he him selfe sayd, I am euen 

10 Therfore they sayd vnto him. How a- 
re thyne eyes opened then ? 

C 1 1 He answered, and sayd. The man that 
is called lesus, made claye, and anointed 
myne eyes, & sayd vnto me, Go to the po- 
ole Siloam and washe. And I went and wa- 
shed, and receaued my sight. 
12 They sayd vnto him. Where is he .' He 
sayd, I can not tel. 

ThePhariseis 1 3 They broght to the Pharises, him that 

w^'e°raan.^ a lytel before was blynde. 

14 And it was the Sabbath day, when 
lesus made the claye, and opened his 

15 Then agayne the Pharises also asked 
him, how he had receaued his syght. He 
sayd vnto them. He put claye vpon mine 
eyes, and I washed, and do se. 

1 6 Then sayd some of the Pharises, This 
man is not of God : because he kepeth 



not the Sabbath day. Other sayd, How can 
a man that is a sinner, do suche miracles ^ 
And ther was stryfe among them. 

1 7 Then spake they vnto the blynde agai D 
ne, What saist thou of him, because he 
hath opened thjnie eyes ? And he sayd, He 

is a Prophet. 

1 8 But the lewes dyd not beleue of hym Vnbeieuing 
(how that he was blynde, & receaued hys ^ ^'^^'s- 
syght) vntyl they had called [the father & 
mother of hym that had receaued his 


1 9 And they asked them, saying. Is this 
your Sonne, whom ye say was borne blyn 
de."* How doth he now se then.'' 

20 Hys father and mother answered the, 
and sayd. We wot wel that this is our son 
ne, and that he was borne blynde : 

2 1 But by what meanes he now seyth, that 
ca we not tel : or who hath opened his ey- 

d They durst es, ^ can we not tel : he is olde ynough, as- 
eth forVarelhey ^6 him, he shal answer for him selfe. 
shuide be excom- 22 Suche wordes spake his father & mo- E 
ther, because they feared the lewes : for 
the lewes had ordeined alredy, that yf a- They are ex- 
ny man dyd confesse that he was Christ, tethatbeieuo 
he shidde be excommunicate out of the Sy- '° Chnste. 

23 Therfore sayd his father and mother. 
He is olde ynough, aske him. 

24 Then agayne called they the ma that 
^ That is, Consi- ^^is blynde, & sayd vnto him, ^ Geue glo- 

der that nothing is ^e vnto God : we know that this man is 

hid from God,ther 

fore tel vs the tru- a Smner. 

be'fifi^'ed'the?- 25 Then he answered, and sayd. Why- „Hespakethis 
by.ios.7.c.i.Sa.6a ther he be a synner or no, " I can not tel : in mockery. 


BY S. lOHN. 164 

One thyng I am sure of, that I was blynd, 
and now I se. 

26 ^ Then sayd they to him agayne. What ' They thoght e 

didhetothee? How opened he thyne eyes? t^^'t^urthlo" 

F 27 He answered them, I tolde you yer *" make him swer 

while, and ye haue not heard it : wherfore mes ^ examining 

"He derideth wolde ve heare it affavne ? " wyl ve also be ^'"i' which practi- 

their wilful,, j- • i v ° ^ ^ ^ se Satas members 

malice and '^^ QlSCipleS r euer do obserue in 

ignorance. 28 Then checked they hym, and sayd. Be Suim. """ 
thou his disciple : we be Moses disciples. 

29 We are sure that God spake with Mo- 
ses : this felow we knowe not from whence 
he is. 

30 The man answered, & sayd vnto them 
Doutles, this is a meruelo' thing, that ye 

s wot not whence he is, and yet he hath "^ They douted 

J •' not of his cotrey, 

opened myne eyes. or parents, but of 

31 For we be sure that God heareth not t^ritlf" '*°'*^"' 
" Or, wicked " syTiners : but yf any man be a worshipper 
nTrs'of"Go'd; of God, and doth his wil, him heareth he. 

& such as de- 32 Sencc the world bega was it not heard 
*^ "^' that any man opened the eyes of one that 
was borne blynde. 

33 If this man were not of God, he could 
haue done nothing. 
G 34 They answered & sayd vnto him. Thou 
art aU together borne in synne, and doest 
thou teache vs? and they cast him out. 

35 lesus heard that they had excommimi- 
cate him : & assone as he had founde him 
he sayd vnto him, Doest thou beleue on f 
Sonne of God ? 

36 He answered & sayd, A^o is he Lord, 
that I myght beleue on hym ? 

37 And lesus sayd vnto hym. Thou hast 
sene hym, & he it is Ihat talketh with thee. 

38 And he sayd, Lord, I beleue, and 

X. iiii. 


hAh f V f^'""^'" '' worshipped hym. 

dtworshippedhim! 39 lesus sayd, I am come vnto " iudgement " Meaning 
into this world : that they which se not, rutoriu"'^ to 
mvffht se : & they which se, mvsrht be ma- make the po- 

j -^ P, J ■' •'° ore blynde to 

de blynde. se, & the 

40 And some of the Pharises which were ^["^^g®^^"^' 
with hym heard these wordes, & sayd vn- Rom. 2. c. 
to him, Are we bUnde also .'' 

41 lesus sayd vnto them, If ye were blyn- 
' You shuidenot de, ' ye shoiild haue no synne : but now ye 

^e so much in fau gay, We sc : therfore your synne remayneth. 


Christe is the true shepherd, 8f what is the na- 
ture <5f sauegarde of his shepe. Some say Christe 
hath the deuel, ar^d is madde. Some say, he spea- 
keth not the wordes of one that hath the deuel, 
because he telleth the trueth, wherfore he is per- 
secuted of some, and receaued of others. 

"ITErely verely I say vnto you, He that a 

' entreth not in by the dore into the 
shepefolde, but clymmeth vp some other 
way, the same is a thefe and a robber. 

2 But he that goeth in by the dore, is the 
shepeherd of the shepe. 

3 To him the porter openeth, & the shepe 
» That is, that heare is voice, and he ^ caUeth his owne 

there is mutual a- ghepe bv name, and leadeth them out. 

grement and con- r j /• i i • 

sent of faith be- 4 And when he hath sent forth his owne 
'a^dThfsheS"""" shepe he goeth before them, and the shepe 
folow him : for they knowe his voyce. 

5 A stranger they wyl not folow, but they 
flye from hym : for they knowe not the 
voyce of strangers. 

6 This simUitude spake lesus vnto them : 
but they vnderstode not what thinges 


BY S. lOHN. 165 

they were which he spake vnto them. 
B 7 Then sayd lesus vnto them agajme, 
Verely verely I say vnto you, I am the do 
re of the shepe. 

8 All, ^ euen as many as came before me, i' He meaneth aii 
are theues and robbers, but the shepe dyd les JhoTecfnotme 
not heare them. to christe. 

9 I am the dore : by me if any man enter 
" He shaibe in, he shalbe safe : and shal " go in and out, 
^^.^^°f'''^"- and fynde pasture. 

10 The thefe commeth not but for to 
steale, kyl and destroye : I am come that 
they myght haue Ijrfe, and haue it in abon 

Esa. 40. c. 11*1 am the go'od shepeherd : the good 

TT'^n^/ shepeherd geueth his lyfe for his shepe. 

mat. 20. d. 12 An hyred seruant, and he which is not 

C the shepeherd, nether the shepe are his 

owne, seeth the wolf comming, and leueth 

the shepe, and flyeth, and the wolfe cat- 

cheth them, and scatereth the shepe. 

13 The hired seruant flyeth, because he is c chnste knoweth 
an hyred seruant, and careth not for the hif.becauseheiou 

, •' eth the, careth, & 

shepe. prouideth for the. 

14 I am that good shepeherde, & ^ know ,^^lt\ltZ 
myne, and am knowen of myne. no more can he 

" In that he 15 d As mv Father " knoweth me : euen so °e°xowit among 
pTuuefh Z'. know I my Father : and I geue my lyfe for ^t^^^'-^fi^lj^^ 

the shepe. from the Churche 

16^ Other shepe I haue also which are "'^r c*hriste eue in 

not of this folde : them also must I bring, that that he is ma 
Eze.37.f. and they shal heare my voyce : and * ther Fathers loue and 
esa. 53. b. g^^^ ^^ ^^^ shepefolde, and one shepe- t" ^'ISJoniye' 

herde. but to vs also 

D 17 fTherfore doth my Father loue me, ^e'ceVperflc^fu 

because * I put my Ivfe from me, y I myght stice are imputed 

, . '^ ■' ' •' •' ° rightuo'.Rom.S.d. 

take it agayne. PhiUp.z.a. 


1 8 No man taketh it from me, but I put it 
away of my selfe : I haue power to put it 
from me, & haue power to take it againe : 

this * commandement haue I receaued of ^ct. 2. d. 
my Father. 

1 9 The ther was a dissentio agayne amog 
the lewes for these sayinges : 

20 And many of them sayd. He hath the ^^^ *'™"^' 
deuyl, and is madde : why heare ye him ? 

21 Other sayd, These are not the wordes 
of him that hath the deuyl : Can the deuyl 
open the eyes of the blynde ? 

s Which was in- 22 And it was at lerusalem the s feast of 
peopiemightgyue the * Dedication, and it was wynter. 2.MucA.y. 

thakes to God for 23 And lesus walked in the temple, in E 
^^S^oftheS " Solomons porche. ; wh^h was 

pKlcr Anti^- 24 Then came the lewes rounde about agline after 
ch' had corrupted hym, and sayd vnto him. How longe doest 'hatwhich so 

and polluted. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ j^^^^ p j£ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^-^^^ ,^^^^ ^^y,. 

ste, tel vs playnly. 

25 lesus answered them, I tolde you, and 
ye beleue not : the workes that I do in 
my Fathers name, they beare wytnes of 

26 But ve beleue not : " for ye are not of " The cause 

wliGrforc the 

my shepe, as I sayd vnto you : reprobat can 

27 My shepe heare my voyce, & I knowe ""' *'^'^"^- 
them, and they folow me : 

28 And I geue vnto them eternal lyfe, & 
they shal neuer perishe, nether shal any 
man plucke them out of my hand. 

29 My Father which gaue them me, is 
"' wherby weie- h greater then all : & no man is able to take 

we are preserued them out of my Fathers hand. 

against aiidagers. gQ ^^ j ^^^ ^^ Father are one. F 

3 1 * The the lewes agayne toke vp stones. Chap. 8. g. 
to stone hym mth all. 

32 lesus 

BY S. lOHN. 166 

32 lesus answered them. Many good wor 
kes haue I shewed you from my Father : 
for which of those workes do ye stone me ? 

33 The lewes answered him saying. For y 
good workes sakes we stone thee not : but 
for thy blasphemie : y is, that thou beyng 
a man, makest thy selfe God. 

G 34 lesus answered them. Is it not wrytten 
Psal. 81. 6. in your lawe, * I sayd, ye are Goddes ? 
Who are God 35 If he Called the Goddes vnto whome 

the worde of God was spoken, & the Scri- 
Chap. 7. d. pture can not be * broken : 
tnat. 5. c. 3g Say ye then to him, whom the Father 

hath sanctified, and sent into the world. 

Thou blasphemest : because I sayd I am y 

Sonne of God ? 

37 If I do not the workes of my Father, be 
leue me not. 

38 But yf I do, then thogh ye beleue not 
me, yet beleue the workes : that ye may 
knowe and beleue, that the Father is in 
me, and I in hym. 

39 Agayne they went about to take hym : 
but he escaped out of their handes. 

40 And went agayne beyond lordan, in- 
to the place where lohn before had bapti- 
zed : and there abode. 

41 And many resorted vnto him, & sayd, 

lohn dyd ' no miracle : but all thinges that ■ wherby they ga 
lohn spake of this man were true. ^Tmorf excel' 

Many bale- 42 And many beleued on hym there. lent then lohn. 


Christe rayseth Lazarus from death. The hie 
Priestes and Pharises gather a counsel agaynst 
him. Caiaphas prophecieth. He getteth him out 
of the way. 

Chap. XI. THE gospp;l WRIT 

A Nd a certaine ma was sick, named La- A 
■^zarus of Bethania the towne of Ma- 
rie, and her sister Martha. 

2 It was that * Marie which anointed le- Chap. li.a. 
sus with oyntement, and wiped his fete aV "'"'• ^^- "• 
her heere, whose brother Lazarus was 


3 Therfore his sisters sent vnto him, say- 
ing-. Lord, beholde, he whome thou louest, 
is syck. 

4 When lesus heard that, he sayd. This 
»Foraithoghhe sickenes is not ^ that he shulde dye, but 

store/so sonVto for the * laudc of God y the Sonne of God Chap. 9. a. 
lyf, it was almost myffht be pravsed by the reason of it. 

no death in cOpa- -' ° , i ■»»- i i i j 

risen. 5 Icsus loued Martha and her syster, and 


6 And after he had heard y he was sycke, 
yet abode he two dayes styl in the same 
place where he was. 

7 The after that, sayd he to his disciples, B 
Let vs go into lewrie agayne. 

8 His disciples sayd vnto him, Master, y 

lewes * lately soght to stone thee, & doest Chap. 7. «. 

thou go thyther agayne } ^-^-^ '^• 

i- He that wai- 9 lesus answered. Are there not ^ twelue Tweiue hou- 
onl^a^d'^hairthe ^oures in the day ? If a ma walke in j day, '^' ''''^^^'''■ 
light of God for he stobleth not : because he seeth the lyght 

his guyde nedeth <• ^i • i j 

to feare no dan- ot thlS WOrld. 

gers The day also jQ But if a man walke in the nyght, he 

both sommer and . , •' 9 , . 

wynter was with stobleth: bccausc there IS no lyght m him. 

Int'o'^rhourt^."'* 1 1 These things sayd he. and after he sayd 
vnto them. Our fiiend Lazar' slepeth : but 
I go to wake him out of slepe. r^'^^to^suy 

1 2 Then sayd his disciples. Lord, if he sle- Christe from 

■u '/ u 1 J 1 1, soyng mto 

pe, he snal do wel ynough. lewrie, as 

13 Howbeit, lesus spake of his death : but {,a°d^''bene ^ 
they thoght that he had spoken of the na- nede. 


BY S. lOHN. 167 

tural slepe. 

14 Then sayd lesus vnto them playnely, 
Lazarus is dead. 

15 And I am glad for your sakes, y I was 
not there, because ye may beleue : but letvs 
go vnto him. 

16 Then sayd Thomas (which is called 
" And in our " Didymus) vnto the disciples, Let vs also 

tongue, a twy .\_ . j -lv. i,- 

nne in byrth. go, that we may dye with him. 

C 1 7 Then came lesus & found that he had 
lyne in his graue foure dayes already. 

1 8 Bethanie was nye vnto lerusale, about 

^ fiftene furlonges of. <^ which were at 

J r.iT 4. ""ost two mile. 

19 And many of the lewes were come to 
Martha and Marie to comforte them for 
their brother. 

20 Then Martha, assone as she heard that 
lesus was comyng, went and met hym : but 
Marie sate styl in the house. 

21 Then sayd Martha vnto lesus. Lord if 
thou haddest bene here, my brother had 
not bene dead: 

22 But now ^ I know also, that whatsoe- ^ she sheweth 
uer thou askest of God, God wyl geue it ^ ' Juh'taL'S 

thee. ''^s almost ouer 

23 lesus sayd vnto her. Thy brother shal cUm's. ^ 
ryse agayne, 

24 Martha sayd vnto hym, I knowe that 
Chap. 5. e. he shal ryse agayne in the * resurrection at 
luk.U.c. the last day. 

25 lesus sayd vnto her, "^ I am the resurre- ' christe resto- 
etion and the lyfe : He that beleueth on togyuevseueria- 
me, yea, thogh he were dead, yet shal he ^"°^ ''^^■ 

Chap. (o.d. 26 And whosoeuer lyueth * and bele- 
ueth on me, shal neuer dye. Beleuest thou 


27 She sayd vnto hym, Yea Lord, I bele- 
ue that thou art Christe the Sone of God, 
which should come into the world. 

28 And assone as she had so sayd, she wet D 
her way, and called Marie her syster se- 
cretly, saying. The master is come, and cal 
leth for thee. 

29 Assone as she heard that, shearose quic 
kely, and came vnto hym. 

30 lesus was not yet come into the towne : 
but was in that place where Martha met 

3 1 The lewes then which were with her 
in the house, and comforted her, when 
they sawe Marie that she rose vp hastely, 
and wet out, folowed her, saying. She go- 
eth vnto the graue, to wepe there. 

32 Then when Marie was come where le- 
sus was, and sawe him, she fel downe at 
his feete, saying vnto him. Lord if thou 
haddest bene here, my brother had not 
bene dead. 

33 When lesus therefore sawe her wepe, 
and the lewes also wepe which came with 

' For compassio, her, he ^ groucd in the spirite, & was trou 

for he felt our mi ui j • i • ir 

series as thogh Died m him sclie. 

he suffered the li- 34 And sayd, Where haue ye layed him? 
They sayd vnto him. Lord come and se. 

? We read not 35 And IcsUS S wept. jj 

t're^so e^essiue 36 Then sayd the lewes, Beholde how he Christe we- 

that he kept no me loued him. ^^ ' 

asure, aswedoin„_.j p, i*/->(ii ^, 

oursorrowes,ioyes 37 And SOme 01 them sayd, Loulde not Chap. 9. n. 

& other afTections. ^g ^hich Opened the eyes of the blynde, 
haue made also, that this man should not 
haue died ? 

38 lesus therfore agajme groned in him 
selfe, and came to the graue. It was a caue 


BY S. lOHN. 168 

and a stone layde on it. 

39 lesus sayd. Take ye away y stone. Mar- 
tha the sister of him that was dead, sayd 
vnto him. Lord, by this tjmae he stync- 
keth: for he hath bene dead foure dayes. 

40 lesus sayd vnto her, Sayd I not vnto 
thee, y if thou diddest beleue thou shoul 

dest se the ^ glorie of God } h Thatis.amira 

41 Then they toke away the stone /row ^IfJ^^^^^^y^^"^ 
the place where the dead was layd. And glorified. 
lesus lyft vp hys eyes, and sayd. Father 

I thanke thee, because thou hast heard 
me. • 

42 I wot that thou hearest me alwayes : 
but because of the people that stand by, I 
sayd it : that they may beleue, that thou 
hast sent me. 

F 43 And when he thus had spoken, he cri- 
ed with a loude voyce, Lazarus, come 

44 Then he that was dead, came forth, 
bounde hand and fote with bandes, and 
his face was bounde with a napkyn. lesus 
sayd vnto them, Lowse him, & let him go. 

45 Then many of the lewes which came 
to Marie, and had sene the thinges which 
lesus dyd, beleued on him. 

46 But some of them went their wayes to 
the Pharises, and tolde them what lesus 
had done. 

47 Then gathered the hye Priestes and 
the Pharises a council, and sayd. What 
shal we do ? For this man doeth many mi- 

48 If ' we let him escape thus, aU men thinking to hin- 
wyl beleue on hym : & the Romaines shal f.^"". "^'^ worke by 

•' -' their owne polli- 

come and take away both our place, and cies. 


the people. 

49 And one of them named Caiaphas ^ 

was the hye Priest " y same yere, sayd vnto " or, for that 
them. Ye perceaue n6thing at aU. presenttyme. 

50 Nor yet do you consider that it is * ex- Chap. 18. c 
pedient for vs, that one man dye for the 
people, and not that all the people pe- 


5 1 This spake he not of him selfe : but be- 
k God made him ing hye Priest that same yere, he ^ prophe 

cXhis'lm^ptt tied that lesus should die for the people. 

let Gods purpose, 52 And not for the people onely, but y he Thesaiutatir> 

who caused this , ■• , .-, . li- .-, ,, of the lewes 

wikedmaneuenas shoulde gather together m one, the chyl- 'gl^l '^^^^^ 
he dyd Balaam to ^j-g pf God, which wcrc Scattered abrode. 

be an mstrument rmriirii 

of the holy Cost. 53 Then iTom that day forth they consul- 
ted together, for to put hym to death. 

54 lesus therfore walked no more open- G 
ly among the lewes : but went thence vnto 

a countrey nie to y wildernes, into a citie 
called Ephraim, and there cotinued with 
his disciples. 

55 And the lewes Easter was nye at hade, 
and many went out of the coimtrey vp to 

1 Because they lerusalcm before the Easter, to ^ purifie 

tho^ht hereby to them SclueS. • 

make them semes - ^ rm ii<-t ii 

more holy against 56 Ihcu sogM they lor lesus, and spake 
Srttr bu? among them selues, as they stode in the te 
they were not co- pie, What thinke ye, that he commeth not 

maded by God to t ,, j. , ^ "^ 

do this. to the least : 

57 The hye Priestes and Pharises, had ge 
uen a commandement, y if any ma knewe 
where he were, he shulde shewe it, that 
they might take hym. 


He excuseth Maries fact. Thaffection of so- 
me towards him and the rage of others against 


head, to the fete. 

BY S. lOHN. 169 

him and Lazarus. The commoditie of the Cros- 
se. His prayer. The answer of the Father. His 
death, ^ the fruit therof. He exhorteth to faith. 
The blyndenes of some, and the infirmities of 

A nPHe lesus six dayes before Easter came 
Mat. 26. a. X ^q Bethanie, where Lazarus was, w' was 
dead, whome lesus raysed from death. 

2 There they made him a supper, & Mar- 
tha serued : but Lazarus was one of them 
that sate at the table with him. 

3 Then toke Marie a pound of ointement 
called spike narde, that was very costely 
and anointed lesus ^ fete, and wypt his fe- * Euen from the 
te with her heere, and the house was fyl- 
led with the sauour of the oyntement. 

4 Then sayd one of his disciples, euen lu 
das Iscariot Simons sonne, which shulde 
betraye him, 

5 Why was not this ointement solde for 
"Reade.Mar. " thrc hundred pence, & geuen to the po- 

chap. 14. a. 5 ^ ° ^ 

ore i 

6 This sayd he, not that he cared for the 
Chap. 1 3. c. poore : but because he was a thefe, & * kept 

the bagge, and bare that which was geue. 

7 Then sayd lesus. Let her alone, against 
the day of my buriyng she kept it. 

8 For the poore alwayes ye haue w you, 
but me ye shal not haue alwayes. 

B 9 Muche people of the lewes had know- 
ledge that he was there : and they came, 
not for lesus sake only, but y they might 
se Lazarus also, whome he raysed from 

10 The hye Priestes therfore consulted 
jf they myght put Lazarus to death also. 


1 1 Because that for his sake, many of 
the lewes went away, and beleued on Je- 

1 2 * On the morow, much people that we- Mat. 21. a, 
re come to ^ feast when they heard that mur.W.a. 
lesus should come to Jerusalem, " ' •'■ 

1 3 Toke branches of palme trees, & went 

forth to mete him, and cryed, " Hosanna, " saue i bese. 
Blessed is he that in the name of the Lord, "''® *^^^" 
commeth Kyng of Israel. 
>< Thisdothe wei 14 And lesus gate a ^ yonge asse, and sate 
£S„ *"! thereon, as it is wrytten, 

not in outwarde 15 * Feare not daughter of Sion, beholde Zacha. 9.6. 
mges. ^^y Kyng commeth, s)rttyng on an asses 


1 6 These thynges vnderstode not his di- C 
sciples at the fyrst : but whe lesus was glo- 
rified, then remembred they, that suche 
thynges were wrytten of hym, & that su- 
che thynges they had done vnto hym, 

1 7 The people therfore that was with him 
bare witnes that he called Lazarus out of 
the graue, and raysed hym from death. 

18 Therfore met hym the people also, be 
cause they heard that he had done such a 

19 The Pharises therfore, sayd among 
them selues, Perceaue ye how ye preuaUe 
nothyng.'' Beholde, the " world goeth af- "or.theprea- 
ter hym. ^®- 

"^ They were of 20 There Were certayne '^ Grekes among 

the race of the le- ,1 ^-l^j- i ^ i ^ 

wes, and came out them, that orduiarely came to worshyp at 

of Asia and Gre- tJ^g feast. 

cia, for els the le- __ i ^ -ni -t c 

wes woide not ha- 21 Ihe Same Came therfore to Philip w 
TheyTuide'^wo?-* ^^s of Bethsaida a citie in Gable, and de- 
ship with them, sired him saying, Syr, we would fayne se 

22 PhiUp 

BY S. lOHN. 170 

22 Philip came and tolde Andrew : and 
againe Andrew and Philip tolde lesus. 

23 And lesus answered them, saying, The 
houre is come that the Sonne of man must 

be <^ glorified. d which is, that 

D 24 Verely verely I say vnto you. Except the knowiage of 

,, , i e ^^ • I. ..^ jo him sholdebema- 

the wheate come laJl mto the grounde & nifest through all 
dye, it bydeth alone : but if it dye, it brin- *e world, 
geth forth muche frute. 
Mat. 10. d. 25 * He that ^ loueth his lyfe, shal loose it : = Yf the loue ther 
iarll-d. ^"d he that f hateth his lyfe in this world, "^^ J^'^fJ''"™ 
Ink 9 h shal kepe it vnto lyfe eternal. chrtste. 

I'n ' ^^ Tc • • i J. 1^1 f And SO looseth 

§• 17. 9- 26 If any man numster vnto me, let hym itforChristssake. 
folow me : for where I am, there shal also 
my minister be. And if any man minister 
vnto me, hym wyl my Father honour. 

27 Now is my soule troubled : and what 
shal I say ? Father dehuer me fro this hou- 
re, but therfore came I vnto this houre. 

28 Father, glorifie thy Name. Then came 
there a voyce from heauen, suing, I haue 
both glorified it, & wyl glorifie it agayne. 

29 Then sayd the people that stode by & 
heard. It thundreth : other sayd. An Angel 
spake to hym. 

30 lesus answered, and sayd, This voyce, 
came not because of me, but for your sa- 

E 31 Now is the s iudgement of this world, s The reformatio 
now shal the prince of this worlde be cast f|[hings which we 

0^it_ re out of order. 

Chap. 3. *>. 32 * And*" I if I were lift vp from y earth >■ The crosse is 

Not onely , "^ •' the raeane to ga- 

the lewesbutWyl draWC all men vnto me. ther the Churche 

also the Gen*- 33 rj^g g ^j j^g^^g gi^nifiyng ^hat death f^od together, 
tils. 11111 ^ ts J o & to drawe men to 

PsaL89.e. he should dye. heauen. 

''^40^6 " 34 The people answered hym. We haue heard out of the * lawe, y Christe bydeth 



euer : and how sayest thou. That the Sonne 
of man must be lyft vp ? who is that Sonne 
of man ? 

35 Then lesus sayd vnto them, Yet a lytel 
whyle is the Lyght with you : walke why- 
le ye haue Lyght, lest the darkenes come 
on you, for he that walketh in the darke, 
wotteth not whither he goeth. 

36 While ye haue Lyght, beleue on the F 
Lyght, that ye may be the children of the 
Lyght. These thinges spake lesus, and de- 
parted, and hyd hym selfe from them. 

37 And thogh he had done so many mi- 
racles before them, yet beleued they not 
on hym. 

38 That ^ saying of Esaiy Prophet my ght 

be fulfilled, that he spake, * Lord who be- Esai. 53. a. 
i That is, the Go leued our Saying ? And to whom is the ' ar- '"'""• ^^- '• 
spei.which is the ^f ^^q Lord opened ? 

power 01 God to r 

saiuation toeuery 39 Therfore could they not beleue, becau 

one that doth be- jA- t. -c • -tu 

lieue. se that iiisai sayth agayne, 

40 * He hath bhnded theyr eyes, and bar- Esa.6. c. 
dened theyr harts, that they should not se "«"''^- |3.fc. 
with theyr eyes, & vnderstand with theyr luk.'s^b.' 
hartes, and shuld be couerted, & I should act. 16. c 
•• By deiiuering ^ heale them. ^^'Ai 

them from their jioiai- jm-i i. rom. II. a. 

miseries, and ge- 4 1 ouche thmges sayd Lsai, when he saw 
lidfie''^"''^"^^^* ^^^ glorie, and spake of him. 

42 Neuerthelesse euen among the chiefe 
Rulers, many beleued on him : but becau- 
se of the Pharises they would not confes- 

se him, lest they should " be cast out of the ■• or, excomu- 
Synagoge. f'^**^- 

43 * For they loued the " prayse of men, Chap. 6. g. 
more then the prayse of God. ';jd°of mfn" 

44 And lesus cryed, and sayd. He that be- 
leueth on me, beleueth not on me, but on 


BY S. lOHN. 171 

him that sent me. 
G 45 And he that seeth me, seeth him that 

sent me. 
Chap. 3. c. 46 I * am come a Light into the world, y 
9- 5'- whosoeuer beleueth on me, should not by- 

de in darkenes. 

47 And if any man heare my wordes, and 
"or.condene. bcleue not, I " iudge hym not : for I came 
"or.condene. not to " iudge the world, but to saue the 


48 He that refuseth me, & receaueth not 
"Or,condem- my wordes, hath one that " iudgeth him : 
Mar. 16. d. * the wordes that I haue spoken, they shal 
"or.condene. " iudge him in the last day. 

49 For I haue not spoken of my selfe : but 
the Father which sent me, he gaue me a c6 
mandement what I should say, and what 
I should speake. 

50 And I know that this commandemet 
is life euerlasting. Whatsoeuer I speake 
therfore, euen as the Father bade me, so I 


Christe washeth the disciples fete, exhorting 
them to humilitie and charitie. Telleth them of 
ludas the trayiour, and commandeth them ear 
nestly to loue one another. 

A T)Efore the feast of Easter, when lesus 
Mat.26.a. -Ujinewe that his houre was come, that 

mar. 14. a. . 

luk.22. be should departe out of this world vnto 
the Father, forasmuche as he loued his w' 

" Which was 

were in v worlde, vnto the ende he '^ lou- '^ Because he saw 

J , •' the danger great 

eel tnem. which was towarde 

the eaung of 2 And when " supper was ended (after y !''^"''i''^'t2.? ,'"' 

the Easter la *^^ io^e the greater 

the deuyl had put in the hart of ludas Is- care for them. 



cariot, Simons sonne, to betraye him.) 

3 lesus knowing that the Father had ge- 
uen all thynges into his handes, and y he 
was come from God, and went to God : 

4 He riseth fi-om supper, & layeth aside 
his vpper garmentes : and toke a towel, & 
gyrde hym selfe. 

5 After that, he poured water into a ba- 
syn, and began to wasshe his disciples fe- 
te, and to wype them with y towel, wher- 
with he was gyrde. 

6 Then came he to Simon Peter : and Pe- 
ter sayd to him. Lord, dost thou wasshe my 
fete .? 

7 lesus answered, & sayd vnto him, What 
I do, thou wotest not now : but thou shalt 
know herafter. 

8 Peter sayd vnto hym, Thou shalt neuer 
wasshe my fete. lesus answered him. If I 

>> And make thee •> wasshe thee not, thou shalt haue no part 

clene frO thy syn- .,, 

nes. With me. 

9 Simon Peter sayd vnto him. Lord, not, B 
my fete onely, but also my handes & my 

10 lesus sayd to him. He that is wasshed. The Apostles 
• This is to be nedeth not saue to "^ wasshe his fete, but 

geS^'ofhis ror- is clene euery whit, and ye are clene, but 

rupt affections & not all. 

which remayne' H For he knewe who should betraye 
dayiy in vs. jj^ therfore sayd he. Ye are not aU clene. 

12 So after he had wasshed their fete, & 
receaued his garments, and was set downe 
agayne, he sayd vnto them. Wot ye what 
I haue done to you ? 

13 Ye call me Master, and * Lord, and ye i. Cor. 8.6. 
say wel : for so am I. ^\'f'o a 

14 If I then your Lord, and Master, haue 


BY S. lOHN. 


Chap. 16.C. 
mat. 10. c. 



Psat. 40. c. 
"or, fromhes 

Mat. 10. d. 
luk. 10. c. 

" He dyd ope- 
ly affirme. 

Mat. 26 b. 
mar. 14 6. 
luk. 22. c. 

wasshed your fete, ye also oght to washe 

^ one anothers fete. a to serue one 

15 For I haue geue you an ensample, that ^ "t'^^'"- 
ye shuld do as I haue done to you. 

1 6 Verely verely I say vnto you, * The ser 
uant is not greater then his master, nether 
the messenger greater then he that sent 

17 If ye vnderstand these thinges, happy 
are ye, if ye do them. 

18 1 speake not of you all : I know whome 
I haue chosen : but that y Scripture might 
be fulfylled, * He that eateth bread with 

me, hath * lyft " vp euen now his hele aga- = Vnder pretece 

inot rr>o "^ friendship se- 

mst me. kethhisdestmcti- 

1 9 Now tel I you before it come, y when °'^- 
it is come to passe, ye might beleue that I 

am ^ he. f To wit, the 

20 * Verely verely I say vnto you. He ^ft^'^^' 
y receaueth whom I send, receaueth me. 

and he that receaueth me, receaueth hym 
that sent me. 

21 When lesus had thus sayd. He was s sFor very hor- 
troubled in the Sprit, & " testified, saying, of'suche Emabom^ 
Verely verely I say vnto you. That one of ';=i'^i?='Pj^ ^ J"- 

^ •' •' •' das shuld commit. 

you shal betraye me. 

22 * Then the disciples loked one on ano- 
ther, douting of whome he spake. 

23 There was one of his disciples, which 

leaned on lesus '' bosome, whom lesus ^ Their facion 

Iniiorl was not to sit at ta 

lOUeU. ble,buthauingthe 

24 To him beckened therfore Simon Pe- ir shoes of & cuis- 

t 1 1 1 1 1 1 •, r 1 shious vnder their 

ter, y he should aske who it was oi whome eibowes.ieanedon 
he spake *«'' t^^^S ^ '' 

r"'"-^ were halfe lying. 

25 He the as he leaned on lesus brest sayd 
vnto him. Lord, who is it .'' 

26 lesus answered. He it is, to whom I shal 



geue a soppe, when I haue dypt it. and he 
wet a soppe, & gaue it to ludas Iscariot, 
Simons sonne. 

27 And after the soppe, Sata entred into sata toke fui 
him. Then sayd lesus vnto him. That thou g°^'*'''°° ''^ 
doest, do quickly. 

28 That wist no ma at the table, for what D 
intent he spake vnto hym. 

29 Some of them thoght because ludas 
had the bagge y lesus had sayd vnto hym. 
Bye those thinges that we haue nede of 
agajTist the feast : or that he should geue 
some th^mg to the poore. 

30 Assone then as he had receaued the 
soppe, he wet immediately out, and it was 

3 1 Therfore when he was gone out, lesus 
' Meaning, that sayd, ' Now is the Sonuc of man glorified 

his crosse shai in- ^nd God is glorified in him. 

gender a meruelo . o 

giorie, & that in it 32 And if Godbe glorified in hi, God shal 
nit^bontie^of God. ^^so glorifie hym in hym selfe, and shal 
stray ght way glorifie him. 
33 Lytel chyldren, yet a lytel whyle am 
I with you, ye shal seke me : and as I sayd 
vnto the * lewes. Whither I go, thy- Chap. i.e. 
ther can ye not come : also to you say I 
>< Wherof we oght 34 * '^ A new commandement geue I vnto Chap. 15. b. 
remembr^ce""^ you, that ye loue together as I haue lou- ^^J'22'd.' 
thogh it were eue g(j yQ^^ t}iat euen SO ye loue one another. 1. iohnA'd. 

35 By this shal al men knowe that ye are 
my disciples, if ye haue loue one to ano- 

36 Simon Peter sayd vnto him, Lord why 
ther goest thou ? lesus answered him. Why 

1 xrru-^i. u !► ther I ffo, thou cast not folow me now : but 

'Whethou Shalt i i i r i 

bemorestronge. thou ' shalt folowe me afterwardes. 

37 Peter 


BY S. lOHN. 173 

37 Peter sayd vnto hym, Lord, why can 
Mat. 26. d. I not folow thee now ? * I wyl ieoparde my 
mar.u.c. lyfe for thy sake. 

38 lesus answered hym, Wylt thou ieo- 
parde thy lyfe for my sake ? Verely verely 
I say vnto thee, The cocke shal not crowe, 
tyl thou haue denied me thryse. 


He armeth his disciples wyth consolation 
agaynst trouble, and promiseth them the holy 
Gost, the Sprite of comforte. 

A A Nd he sayd vnto his disciples, Let not 
-^your hart be troubled, ye beleue in 
"For in so be- God : " beleue also in me. 

biefshaiouer'^ 2 In my Fathers house are ^ many dwel- > so that there 
come them, hng places : if it were not so, I would haue forhim? but^for 
tolde you : I go to prepare a place for all his. 

3 And if I go to prepare a place for you, 
"At the latter I wil " come again, and receaue you, euen 
day. Act.i.b. .^^^^ ^ ggj£g . ^^^ where I am, there may 

ye be also. 

4 And whyther I go ye knowe, and the 
way ye knowe. 

5 Thomas sayd vnto hym. Lord we '' know >> He was not all 
not whither thou goest : how then is itpos K'rroS 

sible for VS to knowe the way ? was weake and 

6 lesus sayd vnto hym, I am the "^ Way, & "^c''" herfore we 
the Truth, and the Life. No man commeth "i"^' ''^^"'J *"? .i'- 

contmewe in him, 

vnto the Father, but by me. & end in Mm. 

7 If ye had knowen me, ye sholde haue 
knowen my Father also, and euen now ye 
knowe him, and haue sene hym. 

8 Philip sayd vnto him. Lord shewe vs 
thy Father, and it suffiseth vs. 


9 les' sayd vnto him, Haue I bene so loge 
tyme with you, and yet hast thou not 
knowen me ? Philip, he that hath sene me, 
hath sene my Father : how the sayest thou, 
Shewe vs thy Father ? 

10 Beleuest thou not, that I am in my Fa- 
d For the verie ther, and '^ my Father in me ? The wordes y 

nure^^ "remayneth I speake vnto you, I speake not of my " sel- "in that, that 
in Christe. fg . but my Father that dwelleth in me, is he ^ '^ 

'Whodeciareth that ^ doeth the workes. 

lliebytsdoS 1 1 Beleue me, that I am in my Father : & 

and miracles. my Father in me : at the leest beleue me 

for the very workes sake. 

1 2 Verely verely I say vnto you, he that 

beleueth on me, the workes that I do, the 

f This is referred Same shal ^ he do also, and greater workes 

oVt': chthel^hen these shal he do : for I go vnto my Fa 

whomethisvertue ther. 

of Christe doth ,„*aii. i- „■,« 

shyne, & remayne 13 And what soeuer ye aske m my name. Chap. 16. c. 
for euer. t^at wil I do : that the Father may be glo- "*'"• ^,^• 

nned m the bonne. iam.l.a. 

14 If ve shal aske any thynerin my name, wemustaske 

T ., 1 . . J J o J jj, (.jjg name 

1 Wll do it. of Christe. 

15 Ifyeloue me, kepemy comandemetes. 

1 6 And I wil pray the Father, and he shal 
e I haue confer geue you another s Coforter, that he may 

ItlithyoSul byde with you for euer. 

hesforth the holy 17 Euen the " Sprite of truth, whom the "So called be 

you, ald^preTeru'e worlde can not receaue, because the worl ke"h*i^trih'c 
y*"** de seeth hym not, nether knoweth him : tmeth. 

but ye knowe hym : for he dweUeth with 

you, and shalbe in you. 

18 1 wil not leaue you confortlesse : but 

Wyl " come to you. "Which thing 

19 Yet a lytle whyle, and the world seeth \l^ ^l^^^ ^^ 
me no more, but ye shal se me : for I lyiie, his spirit. 
and ye shal lyue. 

20 That 

BY S. lOHN. 174 

20 That day shal ye knowe that I am in 

my Father, and you in me, and I in you. 
Loue& obe- 21 He that hath my commandementes & 
dience. kepeth them, the same is he that loueth 

me : and he that loueth me, ^ shalbe loued >> He shaisensi- 
C of my Father : and I wUloue him, and wil ^^/J^''^^ *^]^^^ 

shewe myne owne selfe to him manife- deth in him. 

"Butthebro- 22 ludas sayd vnto him (not * ludas Isca- 
ther of lames. ^^^^ j^ord what is y cause that thou wilt 

shewe thy self vnto vs, and not vnto the 

world ? 
Eccle. l.d. 23 lesus answered, and sayd vnto him, *Yf 

a man loue me, he wil ' kepe my sayinges : ' Wherby he ad 

and my Father wil loue him, and we wil tlfhaue resppcuo 

come vnto hym, and wil dwel with him. the worid.iest they 

_--.,:, , , sholde be drawen 

24 He that loueth me not, kepeth not my backe by eueiexa 
sayinges : and the wordes which ye heare, p'^' 

are not myne, but the Fathers which sent 
D me. 

25 These haue I spoken vnto you, beyng 
yet present with you. 

lohn. 15. d. 26 * But that Comforter, which is the holy 
actes '> a ^rost, whom my Father wil send in my na- 
me, he shal teache you al thynges, & bring 
all thinges to your remembrance, what so 
euer I haue tolde you. 
Peace. 27 ^ Peace I leue with you, my peace I ge- ^ aii confort 

ue vnto you : not as the world geueth, geue ^"^ P'-o^P^itie. 
I vnto you : let not your hartes be troubled, 
nether feare ye. 

28- Ye haue heard how I sayd vnto you, 
I go, and wd come vnto you. If ye loued , ,^ ^^^^_ ^^^^ 
me, ye wold verely reioyce, because I said, christe is become 
I go vnto my Father : for my Father is ' gre Srbe°twenT''God 
aterthenl. ao^vs. 


29 And now haue I shewed you, before 
it come : that when it is come to passe, ye 
myght beleue. 

30 Here after wyl I not talke many wor- 

des vnto you : for the " prince of thys world "^^^. ^^^'^^ 

» Satan shal as- COmmeth, and hath '" noght in me. and tyrannic 

^s w7buthe31 But that the world may knowe that ^y„;,h„7-™- 
shai not finde that I louc my Father : therfore as the Father 

in me which he lo , , i t t> 

kethfore.for lara gaue me commandement, euen so do 1. Ky 


The swete exhortation, and mutual loue 
betwixt Christe and his membres. Of their c6- 
mone afflictions and persecutions. The office of 
the holy Gost, and the Apostles. 

T Am the true vine, and my Father is an A 
-'-housband man. 

2 * Euery branche that beareth not frutein Mat. J5. b. 
me, he taketh away : and euery branche 

that beareth frute, he pourgeth, y it may 
bring forth more frute. 

3 * Now are ye cleane through the wordes Chap. 13. b. 
which I haue spoken vnto you. 

4 Bide in me, and I in you. as the branche 
can not beare frute ofitselfe, except it a- 

» We can brin- bydc in the vine : no more can ye, " except 


graflfed in Christe. 5 I am the vine, ye are the branches, he To abyde in 
that abydeth in me, and I in him, the same ^*'""'^''^- 
bringeth forthe muche frute. For without 
me, can ye do nothing. 

6 If a * man byde not in me, he is cast for- Col. 1 . c. 
the as a brache, and withereth : and me ga- 
ther them and cast them into the fyre, and 
thev burne. 

7 If 

BY S. lOHN. 175 

B 7 If ye byde in me and my ^ wordes also >■ We must be 
1 . Iohn.3.d. in you : * aske what ye wyl, and it shalbe do christe b" fauh"" 
ne to you. 

8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye 
beare much frute, and be made my disci- 

9 As my Father hath loued me, euen so 
Wher with I hauc I loued you : Continue in " my loue. 
oueyou. jq jf yg gj^^l j^epe my commandementes, 

ye shal byde in my loue : eue as I haue kept 
my Fathers commandemetes, and byde in 
his loue. 

1 1 These thynges haue I spoken vnto you, 
that my ioye myght remayne in you, and 

" Perfect and that your ioye myght be " ful. 

CW ] 3 rf ^ ^ * T^^ is i^y commandement, that ye lo- 

\.thess.4.a. ue together, as I haue loued you. 

\.iohn.3.b. ]3 * Greater loue then this hath no man, 

1. ioh.s.c. ^hen he bestoweth hys life for his frien- 

ephe.b.a. des. 

14 Ye are my friendes, yf ye do whatso- 
euer I commande you. 
C 15 Henceforth, call I you not seruantes, 
for the seruant knoweth not what his lord 
doeth : but I haue called you friendes, for 
■^ aU thinges that I haue heard of my Fa- ^ so that there 
ther, I haue opened to you. ratt'^e^sarie 

Election. 1 6 Ychaue not chosen me, but I haue cho- for vs and concer- 

Ma<,28.rf. sen you, and ordeyned you, * that ye go & °'°^ °^^ ^^ "*" ' 
bryng forth frute, and that your frute re- 
mayne : that what soeuer ye shal aske of 
my Father in my name, he may geue it 

1 7 This commande I you, that ye loue to- 

Afflictios for 1 8 If the world hate you, ye know, that it 
hated me, before it hated you. 


19 If ye were of the world, the world wol 
de loue his owne : but because ye are not of 
the world, but I haue chosen you out 
of the world, therfore hateth you the 

20 Remember the saying that I sayd vn- 

to you. * The seruant is not greater then f chap. 13. ft. 
Lord. * If they haue persecuted me, so wil '««'• 'O. c. 
d The worde ai they persecute you : If they haue "^ kept my " ' '"' 
ddiiginf t^e°sp^e sayinges, they wil also kepe yours, 
fautes to trippe o- 21 * But all these thinges wyl they do vn- Chap. 16. a. 
to you for my names sake, because they ha ^ 
ue not knowen hym that sent me. 
22 If I had not come and spoken vnto the, 
' In that they they " should not haue had sjmne : but *^ now " Or, would. 

refusedChrist,itta i .i .-i- ^ i i ii. • • 

keth from them all haue they nothmg to cloke their smne 

excuse wherewith \pitb all 

they wolde haue iu tt i i i i i -i-i i 

stifled themseiues, 23 He that hateth me, hateth my Father 

as if they had be- „](,p, 
ne very holy and '"*'-'• 

without all synne. 24 If I had not done workes among the 
which none other man did, they had not 
had S5rnne : but now haue they both sene, 
and haue hated both me, and also my Fa- 

25 Euen that the saying myght be fulfyl 

led, that is written in their lawe : * They ha Psal. 35. c 
ted me without a cause. and 66. d. 

26 But when the Comforter shal come,* Chap.l4.d. 
whome I wil send vnto you from the Fa- '"*-2'*'5'- 
ther, euen the Sprite of truth, which 
proceadeth of the Father, he shal testifie 

of me. 

27 And ye shal wjrtnesse also, because 
ye haue bene with me from the begyn- 


BY S. lOHN. 176 


He putteth them in remembrance of the cros- 
se, and of their owne injirmitie to come, and ther 
fore doth confort them with the hope of his spe- 
dy retourning, of his victorie, of the holy Gost, 
and of their prayers. 

A T^Hese thinges haue I sayd vnto you, be 
"Andsoshrin -*- cause vc should not be " offended. 

IcA frnm mp J 

2 They shal excommunicate you : yea, the 

time shal come, that whosoeuer kyUeth 

you, wil thinke that he doth God seruice. 3 * j^^ gjjpjjg thynges wyl they do vnto 

you, because they haue not knowen the Fa 
ther, nether yet me. 

4 But these thjmges haue I tolde you, that 
when that houre shal come, ye might re- 
membre them, that I tolde you. And these 

thhiges - sayd I not vnto you at the begin th:j;'b'e'au'erhe5 

ning, because I was with you. were but weake- 

5 But now I go my way to him that sent "^^' 
dy^"^'^^ ™^' ^^^ ^^"^^ of you asketh me, "Whither 

ye woldc re- gOCSt thoU ? 

loyse. g g^^ because I haue said suche thinges 

vnto you, your hartes are ful of so- 

7 But I tel you the truth, It is expedient 
for you that I go away, for if I go not a- 
way, that Comforter wyl not come vn- 

"Or, couince. to you : but if I dcparte, I wil send him vn- ^ ^. 

rd:rJtandof *« ^^^^ which 12^3 

the comming 8 And whcu he is come, he wil " reproue tod^aTh sSaibe™ 
Gost when hi^ the world of synne, and of riffhtuousnes, uict by their owne 

uostwnenma , .. , ■' ' o consciece, for that 

ren.V"shaJ ^""^ "^ ludgement. theydydnot bele- 

shynf mthl9 Of »> gynnc, because they beleue not "^'"'•'■"•A'^'-a-f- 

Churche. on jjjg_ 


■^ wherfore the 10 Of *= riffhtuousnes, because Iffo to mv 

WlCKGdlHUSt I16d6S O J 

cufessethathewas Father, and ye shal se me no more. 
hifpkthltandMt 1 1 Of "^ iudgement, because the prince of 
condened by him this world is iudgcd already. 
^^sSoT^'""" 12 I haue yet "many thinges to say vnto » These thin- 

d When they you, but VC Can not beare them now. ges arecontei 

shal knowe that I , , tt i • i ^ ■ i • i • nedinthedo- 

(whome they cal- 1 o How DC it, when he IS COme which IS ctrine of the 

sfuneranTS the Sprite of truth, he wil lead you into iT^'^^-„eiy 
tocomedownefro all truth. For he shall not speake of him 's sufficient, 
tery s°onneo™God selfe, but whatsocuer he shal heare, that 
which haue ouer- ghal he speake : and he wil shewe you such 

come all the po- , . ^ -^ 

werof hei and rai thmges as are "^ to come. 
folXh^l'.k^iJi"; 14 He shal glorifie me, for he shal recea- 
2.b. ue of mjme, and shal shewe it vnto you. 

the spirituaj'kyn- 15 All thinges that the Father hath, are 
gdome of God, for mine : therfore said I, That he shall take of 

the Apostles kne- i i ■ 'X 

we not that til af- myne, and shew it vnto you. fl 

*'''Myne"aT.senc^e ^ ^ ^ ^ ^tle whyU, and ye shal not se me : & " 

shal not be longe, agayne a htle while, and ye shal se me : for 

for I wil send you -t tr a. -c ix. 

the holy Cost who 1 gO tO my 1^ athcr. "From death 

shal remayne with ] 7 The sayd soms of his disciplcs, amog the Hrfn!)*"^'?!" 

you for euer. , ^ .... i i "^' ^"" ^° "" 

selues, What is this that he sayth vnto vs, i indue you 
A htle while, and ye shal not se me, and a- ueniy'vertue. 
gayne, A litle while, & ye shal se me, and 
That I go to my Father ? 

18 They said therefore, What is this that C 
he saith, A litle while ? we can not tel what 
he sayeth. 

19 lesus perceaued that they would aske 
him, and sayd vnto them. Is this it that ye 
enquire of among your selues, that I sayd 
A Htle while, & ye shal not se me : and agay 
ne, A htle whyle, and ye shal se me .'' 

20 Verely verely I say vnto you. Ye shal 
wepe and lament, but the world shal re- Afflictions by 
ioyce: and ye shal sorowe, but your sorowe co^'ei'."^''"^ 
shalbe turned to ioye. 

21 A 

BY S. lOHN. 177 

21 A woman when she trauayleth hath 
sorowe, because her houre is come : but as- 
sone as she is deliuered of the chylde, she 
remembreth no more the anguyshe, for 
ioye that a man is borne into the worl 

22 And ye now therfore are in sorow : but 
"Bythe power I wU se you " agayne, and your hartes shal 

the ho'iy"^ " rcioycc, and your ioye shal s no man take e For it shaibe 

Cost. frnm von grownded vpo my 

irom you. resurrection,&the 

23 And in that day shal ye aske me ^ no s^ace of the holy 
Chap.u.b. question. *Verely verely I say vnto you, h Foryeshaiha 
"""jj; 1- whatsoeuer ye shal aske my Father in my imperfect knoUa- 

and 21. b. xt i -i • ge, and shal no mo 

mar.U.c. Name, he Wll geue it yOU. redoutasyouwe- 

luk. 11.6. 24 Hitherto haue ye asked nothing in my ^^ '^°°'" 
iam. 1 . a. jj^jjjg . aske, and ye shal receaue, that your 
ioye may be ful. 
D 25 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you 
in prouerbes : the tyme wil come, when I 
shal no more speake to you in prouerbes, 
but I shal shew you plainly of my Fa- 

26 At that day shal ye aske in my Name : 

and I say not vnto you, that I • wil pray vn ■ christe deny- 
to my Father for you : ' .t mSr'U 

27 For the Father him self loueth vou, sheweth that they 

. , ., *ji"i. shal obteine their 

Chap. 17. b. because ye haue loued me, and haue be- requestes without 
leued that I came out from God. difficuitie or any 


28 I went out from my Father, and came 
into the world : againe I leaue the world, 
and go to my Father. 

29 His disciples sayd vnto him, Lo, now 
speakest thou plainly, and thou speakest 
no prouerbe. 

30 Now knowe we y thou knowest all thi 
ges, and nedest not that any man shuld as- 
ke thee any questio. By this we beleue, that 

and bis Father are 


thou earnest from God. 

31 lesus answered them. Now do you be- 
leue } 

32 *Beholde the houre draweth nye, and is Mat. 26. c 

already come, that ye shalbe scattered e- •^°'- ^4. c. 

uery man mto his owne, and shal leaue me 

•< Aithogh me alone. but yet I am not ^ alone : for my Fa- 
forsake Christe, ^u : -^v^ j^g 
yet is he no whit ^^^'^ ^^ ^^"^ "^*^- 

diminished, for he 33 These wordes haue I spoken vnto you, 

that m me ye myght haue peace . in the "Wehauerest 
world ye shal haue tribxilation : but be when w" are 
of ffood cheare, I haue ouercome the trueiygrafred 

o m Christe. 



The prayer of Christe vnto hys Father, bo - 
the for him selfe and Apostles, and also for all 
suche as receaue the trueth. 

nnHese wordes spake lesus, and lyft vp A 
-*- his eyes to heaue, and sayd. Father the 
houre is come, glorifie thy Sonne, that thy 
Sonne also may glorifie thee. 
Christe hath 2 * As thou hast geuen him ^ power ouer Mat. 28. d. 
aU fleshe, that he should geue eternal ly- 
fe, to as " many, as thou hast geuen " which are 

1,:,^ the elect. 

3 This is Ijrfe eternal, that they knowe 
thee to be the only very God, and whome 
thou hast sent, lesus Christe. 

4 I haue " glorified thee on the earth : I "as wei by do 
haue finished y worke which thou gauest raXs. ''^ "" 
me to do. 

5 And now glorifie me thou Father with 
thyne owne selfe, with the glorie which I 
had with thee, yer this world was. 

6 1 

all rule and domi 
nion ouer men 

BY S. lOHN. 178 

6 I haue declared thy Name vnto the me 
The Apostles which thou gaucst me chosen out of the 

world : '' thyne they were, and thou gauest b our election 
them me, & they haue kept thy sayinges. goTd ^p^easure'of 
B 7 Now they know that al thinges what- God, which is the 
soeuer thou hast geuen me, are of thee. cauLofoursaiua- 
8 For I haue geue vnto them the wordes ''"P- ^nd isdecia- 

~ 111 ''^'^ 'o ^5 '" Chn- 

which thou gauest me : and they haue rece ste, through who- 
Chap.m.d. aued them, * and haue knowen surely that b'/fluhandsanctl 

I came out from thee, and haue beleued fied.Rom.s.f.Eph. 


that thou dyddest sent me. 
"Thereproba 9 I pray for them, and pray not for the " 
'*• world : but for them which thou hast ge- 

uen me, for they are thyne. 
10 And al myne are thyne, and thyne are 
myne : and I am glorified in them. 

II And now am I no more in the world, 
but they are in the world, and I come to 
thee. Holy Father, kepe the in thy Name, 
which thou hast geuen me, that they may 

be '^ one, as we are. ' That they may 

1 2 While I was with them in the world, tie of'Suh & spri 
I kept them in thy Name : those that thou '^• 

gauest me, haue I kept, and none of them 
ludas is lost, but that ^ chylde of perdition : that d He was so cai 

Psaiuo.a. thee * Scripture myght be fulfylled. '^Xe perUhS 

13 Now come I to thee, and these wordes but because God 
speake I in the world, that they myght ha ordered '^him to 
ue my ioye ful in them selues. thisende.Act.i.c. 

C 14 I haue geuen them thy wordes, & the 

world hath hated them, because they are 

"Butaresepe- " not of the world, euen as I am not of the 

rat by the spri , , 

te of regene- WOrlQ. 

The world ha ^^ ^ dcsirc not that thou shouldest take 
teth the that them out of the world, but that thou kepe 

are Christs. ii_ r i 

them from euyl. 

16 They are not of y world, as I am not of 



the world. 

« Renewe them 17 " e Sanctifie them with thy trueth. thy •■ Or. Conse- 
with thy heauenly j • ,. 4.1 crat them to 

grace, that they WOrde IS trueth. thy selfe 

°h ''^ii."''^ '"^^ 1 8 As thou diddest sed me into the world, 
euen so haue I sent them into the world. 

1 9 And for their sakes sanctifie I my sel- 
fe, -y they also miffht be " sactified throusrh "Chnsts hoiy- 

1 I nes IS ours. 

the trueth. 

20 I pray not for them alone, but for the ^ 
also which shal beleue on me, through 
their preachyng. 

21 That they all may be one, as thou Fa- 
ther art in me, and I in thee, and that they 

f That the infi may be also one in vs : that the *^ world may 
S^r'n^Ye'rui: bekuc that thou hast sent me. 
cted tocofessemy 22 And the fflorie that thou gauest me, " "' j'f"^ ^l\f- 

glorie. J, °, 4.1, 4.4.1, T, wed them the 

1 haue geuen them : that they may be one, example & pa 

trO of perfect 

as we are one. fgii.itjP. 

23 I in them, and thou in me, that they 
may be made perfect in one, and that the 
world may knowe, that thou hast sent 
me, and hast loued them, as thou hast lo- 
ued me. 

24 * Father, I wil that they which thou Chap. I2.d. 
s For without hast geue me, be § with me where I am: that 

pi-^hrnd^thTiou^e tb^y ™^y ^6 ^y g^^ne, which thou hast ge 
wherwith God lo uen me, for thou louedst me before the f5 
dation of the world was layed. 

25 O ryghteous Father, the world also 
hath not knowen thee, but I haue knowen 
thee, & these haue knowen, that thou hast 
sent me. 

26 And I haue declared vnto them thy 
Name, and wil declare it : that the loue 
wherewith thou hast loued me, may be in 
them, and I in them. 



BY S. lOHN. 179 


Christe is betrayed. The wordes of his 
mouth smite the officers to the grounde. Peter 
smiteth of Malchus eare. lesus is broght before 
Annas, §" Caiaphas, where Peter denieth him 
and a seruant smiteth him. He telleth Pilate 
what his kingdome is, who cleareth him, S^ 
notwithstanding he was lesse estemed then a 
murtherer . 

A "^rVhen lesus had spoken these wordes, 
' he went forth with his disciples ouer 
Mat.2Q.d. the ^ broke * Cedron, where was a garden, a which was a 
IX, 22.1 i^to the which he entred, and his disci- ^-P^-'i^y^^^^ ples. a streame ranne 

2 ludas also which betrayed him, knewe rayne. * ^^*' 
the place, for lesus oft tjones resorted thi 

ther with his disciples, 

3 ludas then after he had receaued a '' ba ^ The which he 
de of me and ministers of the hie Priestes the Gouuemor. 
and Phariseis, came thither with latemes 

and fyrebrandes, and wepons. 
Mat.2(6.e. 4 * Then lesus, knowing all thinges that 
h!Z\o'^^ should come on him, went forth and said 

vnto them, Whome seke ye ? 

5 They answered him, lesus of Nazaret. 
lesus said vnto them, I am he. ludas also 
which betrayed him, stode with them. 

6 And assone as he had said \Tito them, 
I am he : they went backwardes, and fel to 
the groxmde. 

7 And he asked them agayne, Whome se- 
ke ye ? And they sayd, lesus of Naza- 

8 lesus answered, I said vnto you, I am 
he. therforeif ye seke me, let these go their 

luke, 22. e. 


9 That the saying myght be fuliylled vr 
<= He both spa- he Spake, * <= Of the which thou gauest me. Chap. 17. 6. 

reth their bodies -i t . ^ , 

&aisosauethther naue 1 not lost One. 

^°"'^^- 10 Then Simon Peter hauing a sword, dre 

we it, and smote the hye Priestes seruant, 
and cut of hys ryght eare. The seruantes 
name was Malchus. 

1 1 Then sayd lesus vnto Peter, Put vp thy 
sworde into the sheath, shal I not drincke 
of the cup which my Father hath geuen 
me ? 

12 Then the bande and the Captayne, & 
the officers of the lewes toke lesus, and 
bounde him : q 

1 3 And led hym away to * " Annas fyrst (for Luke 3. a. 
he was Father in lawe vnto Caiaphas, w '^iJ^s^g ^^[^ 

d Aithogh this was the hie Priest '^ that same yere.) Caiaphas the 

feof u?^brGod; 14 And Caidphas was he, that gaue coun- ^^^^"'^^"><'" 
ordinance: yet the gel to the lewes, that it was expcdiet that 

ambition, and dis- , i ^ ■, /• . i i 

sention of the le- one man should dye tor the people. 

wes caused theRo- ^5 *^^ Simou Peter folowed lesus, and Mat 26. f. 

mains from tyme . . . , ' ia f 

to tyme to change another disciple : that disciple was knowe ^T'^^'p 
ry OTfouo°ur/^ ^ of the hie Priest, & went in with lesus in- 
to the haU of the hie Priest. 

1 6 But Peter stode at the dore without. 
Then went out that other disciple which 
was knowen vnto the hie Priest, and spa- 
ke to the mayd that kept the dore, and 
broght in Peter. 

17 Then sayd the mayde that kept the 

dore vnto Peter, Art not thou also one of Peterdenieth 
this mans disciples ? He sayd, I am not. D 

18 And the seruantes and officers stode 
there, which had made a fyre of coles, for 
it was colde, and they warmed the selues. 
And Peter also stode among them & war- 
med hym selfe. 

19 The 

"Frankely, & 

Christs answ- 
er to him that 
smiteth him. 


Mat. 26. f. 
mar. 14. f. 
luk. 22. jr. 

Mat. IT. a. 
mar. 15. a . 
luk. 22. a. 
Act. 10. d. 
§•11. a. 

BY S. lOHN. 180 

19 The hye Priest then asked lesus of his 
disciples, and of his doctrine. 

20 lesus answered him. I spake " openly 
to the worid, I euer taught in the S}Tiago 
ge and in the temple, whyther all the le- 
wes resorte, and in secret haue I sayd no- 

2 1 Why askest thou me ? aske them which 
heard me what I sayd vnto them : beholde, 
they can tel what I sayd. 

22 When he had thus spoken, one of the 
officiers which stode by, smote lesus with 
his rod, saying, Answerest thou the hye 
Prieste so ? 

23 lesus answered him. If I haue euyl spo 
ken, beare witnes of the euyl : but if I haue 
wel spoken, why smytest thou me ? 

24 (Now Annas had sent him boude vnto 
Caiaphas the hie Prieste) 

25 * And Simon Peter stode and warmed 
him selfe. and they sayd vnto him. Art not 
thou also one of his disciples ? He denied 
it, and sayd, I am not. 

26 One of the seruantes of the hye Prie- 
ste, his cosyn whose eare Peter smote of, 
sayd vnto him. Did not I se thee in the gar 
den vrith him ? 

27 Peter then denied agayne, and imme- 
diately the cocke crewe. 

28 * The led they lesus from Caiaphas into 
the hallof ludgemet. It was in y morning, 
and they them selues went not into y lud 
gement hall, lest they should be * defiled, 
but that they myght eat the Paschal Idbe. 

29 Pilate then went out vnto them, and 
sayd, What accusation bring ye against 
this man ? 


30 They answered and sayd vnto him. If 
he were not an euyl doer, we would not 
haue deHuered him vnto thee. 
,. "He spake this 31 Then sayd Pilate vnto them, Take « ye 

disdaynfuUy, be- . . -^ •' 

acuse they were so mm, & mdge hym alter your owne lawe. 
& eS'''""^''' then f lewes sayd vnto him. It is not ^ law 

f Asiftheyshui- ful for vs to put any man to death. 
not suffrevs^to'do 32 That the wordes of lesus might be ful 
"■ filled which he spake, signifiing what de- 

ath he should dye. 

33 Then Pilate entred into the ludgemet 
haU againe, and called lesus, & sayd vnto 
hym, Art thou the Kyng of the lewes ? 

34 lesus answered, Sayst thou that of thy 
selfe, or dyd other tel it thee of me ? 

35 Pilate answered. Am I a lewe ? Thyne 
owne nation, and the hye Priestes haue de 
huered thee vnto me. What hast thou 
done .'' 

36 lesus answered, My kingdome is not 
Bitstandethnot of this § world : if my k3Tigdome were of 

nor iifworideiy'de ^^^ worlde, then would my seruants suer 
fence. \y fyght, that I shulde not be deHuered 

to the lewes : but now is my kyngdome not 

from hence. 

37 Pilate then sayd vnto hym. Art thou G 
a Kyng then ? lesus answered. Thou sayest 
that I am a kyng : for this cause am I bor- 
ne, & for this cause came I into y world, 
that I shoidd beare wytnes vnto the tru- 
eth : euery one that is of the trueth, heareth 
my voyce. 

38 Pilate sayd vnto hym," What is tru- " a mocking 
'This was one gth ? And when he had sayd that, he went ?°,'*„,'?il?i?!- 

of their blynde a- i t i i question. 

buses:fortheLawe out agayne vnto the lewes, and sayd vnto ^ , „- , 
benif foTuiL° a them, I fynde in him no cause at aU. TrAi.a. 

wicked trespaser. 39 * Ye haue a ^ customc, that I shulde deli luk. 23. c. 

BY S. lOHN. 181 

uer you one loose at Easter, wyl ye then 
that I loose vnto you the Kyng of the le- 
wes ? 
Act.s.c. 40 * Then cried they all agayne, sayuig. 
Not hym, but Barabbas : & that Barabbas 
was a murtherer. 


When Pilate colde not aswage the rage of 
the lewes against Christe, he deliuereth him 
vp with his superscription to be hanged betw- 
ixt two theeues. They cast lottes for his gar- 
mets. He commendeth his mother vnto lohn. 
Calleth for drincke, dyeth, his syde is perced, 
and taken downe from the crosse, is buryed. 

A T^Hen Pilate toke lesus and * scourged » He thoght to 

Mat. 27. e. i-y,\m haue pacified the 

mar 16 rf i^^ii. furie of the lewes 

Christe is 2 And the SOuldierS wound a croune of by some Indifferet 

whipped, and thomes and put it on his head, and they '^°"^'^ '°"' 

crouned with , j , , 

thomes. dyd on hym a purple garment. 

3 And sayd, Hayl Kyng of the lewes. 
And they smote him with their staues. 

4 Then Pilate went forth agayne, and 
sayd vnto the. Behold, I bring him forth 
to you, that ye may knowe, that I fynde no 
faute in him. 

5 Then came lesus forth wearing a crou- 
ne of thome, and a robe of purple. And 

Pilate sayd vnto them, '^Behold the man. ^ He spake in 

6 When the hye Priestes and officiers ??S^ca^ied hf 
saw hym, they cryed, saying, Crucifie, cm seife kynge. 
cifie him. Pilate sayd vnto them. Take ye 

him and crucifie him : for I fjoide no fau- 
te in him. 

7 The lewes answered him. We haue a 
lawe, and by our lawe he oght to dye, be- 


' christewasin cause he made him selfe y '^ Sone of God. 
God and therfore 8 When Pilate heard that sajong, He was B 
h"lil'se^rsLTth the more afrayde. 

out breache of the 9 And went agayne into the Judgement 
thtr/couiored°Tc ^all, and sayd vnto lesus, Whece art thou ? 
tusation was false ^^^ lesus gaue him nonc answer. 

10 Then sayd Pilate vnto him, Speakest 
thou not vnto me ? Knowest thou not that 
I haue power to crucifie thee, & haue pow- 
er to loose thee? 

1 1 lesus answered, Thou couldest haue 
d Herbyheshe- no '^ power at all agayust me, except it we- 

oghl' noT'to'' abu! ^^ geuen thee from aboue : therfore he that 
se his office and deliuercd mc vnto thee, is the more in 



12 And from thence forth, soght Pilate 
means to loose hym : but the lewes cryed, 
saying, Yf thou let hym go, thou art not 
Caesars friede : for whosoeuer maketh hym 
selfe a Kyng, is against Caesar. 

1 3 When Pilate heard y saying, he broght C 
lesus forthe, and sate downe to geue sen- 
tence, in a place called the " Pauement, and "Apiacesome 
in Hebrue, Gabbatha. raysed^vp. 

14 And it was the Preparing day of the ^^'^^ ^^ 
Easter, and about y" syxt houre : & he sayd 

vnto the lewes, Beholde your Kyng. 

1 5 But they cried, Away w him, away with 
him, crucifie him. Pilate sayd vnto them, 
Shal I crucifie your King ? The hie Priests 
answered. We haue no Kyng but Caesar. 

16 Then deliuered he hym vnto them, to d 

be crucified. * And they toke lesus, & led Mat.27.d. 
hym away. ' mar. lb. b. 

1 7 And he bare his crosse, and came into 

a place called the place of dead mes Sculles, thr^Se'^of 
in Hebrue, " Golgotha. execution. 

18 Wher 

BY S. lOHN. 182 

1 8 Wher they crucified him, & two other 
with him, on ether syde one, and lesus in 
the middes. 

1 9 And Pilate wrote also a title & put it 
on y crosse. The writing was, iesvs op 


20 Thys tytle then read many of the le- 
wes : for the place where lesus was cruci- 
fied : was nye to the citie. and it was writ- 

" Because all ten in " Hebrue, Greke, and Latin. 

'St^nifu! 21 Then sayd the hye Priestes of the le- 
wes to Pilate, Wryte not, Kyng of the le- 
wes : but y he sayd, I am K)Tig of y lewes. 
22 Pilate answered. What I haue wrytte, 
that haue I wnytten. 
E 23 Then the souldiers, when they had cru- 
cified lesus, toke his garmentes and made 
foure partes, to euery souldier a parte, & 
also his cote : the cote was wythout seme, 
wroght vpon through out. 

24 Therfore they sayd one to another. Let 
vs not deuide it, but cast lottes for it, who 

shal haue it. That the ^ Scripture myght be ' That which was 
Psal,22.c. fulfilled, which sayth, * They departed my Sldv^s'^accompiu 
rayment among them : and on my cote dyd ^J"^*? '" '^^"^ 
cast lottes. And the souldiers did such 
thinges in dede. 

25 Then stode by the crosse of lesus, his 
mother, and his mothers syster Marie the 
wyfe of Cleopas, and Marie Magdalene. 

26 When lesus sawe his mother, and the 
disciple standyng whome he loued, he 
sayd vnto his mother. Woman, beholde 
thy Sonne. 

F 27 The sayd he to the disciple. Behold thy 
mother, and from that houre, the disciple 
toke her home vnto hym. 


28 After, when lesus knewe y all thinges 

were perfourmed, y the * Scripture might Psal.68. b. 
be fulfiUed, he sayd, I thirst. """^M 

29 And there was set a vessel rul ot vine- 
ger . and they filled a sponge with vine- 

' It may appeare prer, & " WOUnd it about ^ an hySSOpe Stalke, "or, fastened 
that the crosse was ° . •. , i ■ ,i itvpOanhys- 

nothie,seingama and put it tO nlS moutu. sope stalke. 

Chrises' mo^uthe ^0 Assonc as lesus had receaued of the vi 
withanhyssope sta neger, he sayd, £ It is finished : and bowed 

lke,whichasappea i • i i t .i . his head, and gauc vp the gost. 

the lowest araogst 3 J -j^g lewcs then (becausc it was the day 

heroes, as the Ce- r ^ -n • i iii- 1 

dre was hiest a- 01 the Preparation, that the bodies should 

™°Sfa^ns7a^luation ^^^ remayne Vpon the CrOSSe on the Sab- 
is perfected by the bath day, for that Sabbath was an " hye "Because the 

only sacrifice of ,.,-',„., t ,. , . t^ day of the 

Christ: & all the day) besoght Pilate y their legges might p^seouerfei 
La'we a"re ended.^ be'broken, and that they might be taken ^°^^*'^^^**'- 

32 Then came the souldiers & brake the 
legges of the fyrst thefe, and of the other 
which was crucified with lesus. 

33 But when they came to lesus, and saw 
that he was dead already, they brake not 
his legges. 

34 But one of the soudiers with a speare, 
perced him into the syde, and forthwith 
came therout bloude and water. q 

35 And he that sawe it, bare recorde, & 
his record is true : he knoweth y he sayth 
true, that ye might beleue also. 

36 For these thynges were done, that the 

* Scripture should be fulfylled. Not one ExodA2.g. 
of his bones shal be broken. num.9.b. 

37 And agayne another Scripture sayth, 

*They shal see him who they haue thrust ZachA2.c. 

^ That is to say .1 1 

before Christs de- thrOUgh. 

Sh'h^'lifl 38 * After that, loseph of Arimathsea(who S-.'ls.i' 
manifestly. was a disciple of lesus, but ^ secretely for luk.23.g. 


BY S. lOHN. 183 

feare of the lewes) besoght Pilate that he 
might take downe the body of lesus : and 
Pilate gaue him licence . he came then and 
toke lesus body. 

39 And there came also Nicodemus (vr 
at the begynnyng came to lesus by night) 
and broght of myrrhe and aloes mingled 
together about an hundreth pound we- 

40 ' Then toke they the body of lesus, and ■ This honorable 
wound it in lynne clothes w the odoures, ^^"^ '"^^ ^ * 

•> . ' preparation & en- 

as the maner of the lewes is to bury. triernto theresur 

41 And in that place where lesus was cm '"®'''"'°- 
cified, was a garden, and in the garden a 
newe sepulchre, wherin was neuer man 

42 There then layd they lesus, because of 
the lewes Preparation day : & because the 
sepulchre was nie at hand. 


The resurrection of Christ. VFhich appeareth 
to Marie Magdalene and to all his disciples, 
to their great conforte. The incredulitie and 
confession of Thomas. The effect of the Gospel. 

A \ Nd the " first day after the Sabbath, 
thTfirst^ry^f -^came Marie Magdalene, early when 
the week. it was yet * darke, vnto the sepulchre, and » she departed 

Mat. 23. a. „ . i . 4. i - e 4.1, 1. u from home before 

luk.24:.a. saw the stone take away from the tombe. j^y^^^ ^ame thi 
mar. 16. a. 2 Then she ranne, and came to Simon Pe- ther about the sun 
ter, and to the other disciple whom lesus a. 
loued, and sayd vnto them, They haue ta- 
ken away the Lord out of the tombe, and 
we can not tel where they haue layd him. 
3 Peter therfore went forth, and y other 
disciple, and came vnto the sepulchre. 


4 And they rane bothe together, but that 
other disciple did out runne Peter, and 
came fyrst to the sepulchre. 

5 And he stouped doune, & sawe the lyn- 
nen clothes lying : yet went he not in. 

6 Then came Simon Peter folowing him, 
and went into the sepulchre, and sawe the 
lynnen clothes lye, 

7 And the " napkin that was about his he- B 

ad, not lying with the lynnen clothes, but ^^^f '^'^^^^' 
wrapped together in a place by it selfe. 

8 Then went in also that other disciple 
which came fyrst to the sepulchre, and he 

'' He beieued saw and ^ belcucd. 
las take away,ac- 9 For as yet they knew not y * Scripture, Psal. 16. b. 
cording as Marie That he sliould ryse agayne from death. ''/^■^•^■ 

reported. i r^ a j iU j- • i 4. 4.e.l7./. 

10 And the disciples went away agayne 

Amto their " owne home. -or, to their 

1 1 * And Marie stode without at the sepul- ^"^^^^1^,. 
chre weping, and as she wept, she bowed mar. 16.6. 
her selfe into the sepulchre, 

12 And sawe two Angels in whyte, sitting, c 
the one at the head, & the other at the fe- 
te, where the body of lesus had layne. 

1 3 And they sayd vnto her. Woman, why 
wepest thou ? She sayd vnto them, they ha 
ue take away my Lord, and I wot not whe- 
re they haue layd him. 

14 When she had thus sayd, she turned 
her selfe backe and sawe lesus standing, 
and knewe not that it was lesus. 

15 lesus sayeth vnto her, Woman, why 
wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She sup- 
posing that he had bene y gardener, sayd 
vnto him, Syr, if thou hast borne him he- 
ce, tel me wher thou hast layd hym, and I D 
wyl fet him. 

16 lesus 


BY S. lOHN. 184 

1 6 lesus sayeth vnto her, Marie. She txir- 
ned her selfe, and sayd vnto him, Rabbo- 
ni, which is to say, master. 

1 7 lesus sayeth vnto her, Touche me not : 

for I am not yet "= ascended to my Father: = Because shewas 
"That is, the but go to my '' brethren and say vnto them, H ™hf cm ''orii'* 
wl^Thf ?^^st I ascend vnto my Father and your Father, presence, chnste 

m^' b?e'' ^^^ ^"^ ^y ^°'^' '"''^ y'''''' ^°'^- Sfmynde" b? 

thwn.Rom.s. 18 Marie Magdalene came and tolde ^^^*p^^j"^"^^^jh^^J?^" 

083° 22^'*^ the disciples that she had sene the Lord, his ascension he re 

and that he had spoken suche things vnto ^elh with^Slt 

her. the right hand of 

Mat.lG.c. 19 * The same day then at night, which *''•' ^**''^'"- ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^Y '^^ *^^ weeke, and when 

E the ^ dores were shut where the disciples " so that no ma 
were assembled together for feare of the do?es"butby'his*di 
lewes, came lesus & stode in the middes, ""je power he cau 

,,,,,_, sedthem tooppen 

"or all pro- and sayd to them, reace be \Tito vou. of their owneac- 
whTch'maner 20 And when he had so sayd, he shewed ^°,1d': rctl2^t& 
of gretingthe ynto them his handes, and his syde. Then ^.d. 

were the disciples glad when they sawe y 


21 Then sayd lesus to them agayne. Peace 
Mat. 28. d. bevntoyou. *As my Father sent me, ewew so 

send I you. 

22 And when he had sayd that, he ^ bre- ' To gyue them 
thed on them, and sayd vnto them, Recea ^rtue'^toTxecuTe 

Ue the holy Gost. that waightie char 

•' . , ge that he wolde 

F 23 Whosoeuers synnes ye remit, they are commit mto the. 
remitted vnto them, and whosoeuers syn- 
nes ye retayne, they are retayned. 

24 But Thomas one of the twelue called 
Didymus, was not with them when lesus 

25 The other disciples therfore sayd 
vnto him, We haue sene the Lord : but he 
sayd vnto them. Except I se in his handes 


the print of the nailes, and put my fynger 

into the " print of the nailes, & put my had "or, place. 

into his syde, I wil not beleue. 

26 And after eight dayes, agajme his di- 
sciples were with in, and Thomas with 
them. Then came lesus, when the dores we G 
re shut, and stode in y myddes, and sayd, 
Peace be vnto you. 

27 After that sayd he to Thomas, Put thy 
finger here and se my handes, and thrust 

forth thy hande, and put it into my syde, Thomas is re 
and be not faythlesse, but faithful. ^™"^ ' 

28 Thomas answered, and sayd vnto hyin. 
Thou art my Lord, and my God. 

29 lesus sayd vnto hym, Thomas, because 
thou hast sene me, thou beleuest : blessed 

' Which depend are they that haue ^ not sene, and yet haue 

vpon the siraplici- v i j 
tie of Gods worde DeieueQ. 

and grounde not 30 * And many other signes also did le- Chap.2\.d. 

them selues vpon . •' »,.°,. ., i-i 

mans sense and re sus m the presence oi lus Qisciples, which 

^""' are not written in this boke. these are wryt Theffect of 

ten that ye might beleue, that lesus is scripture. 

Christe the Sonne of God, and that in be- 

leuyng ye myght haue life through his 



He appeareth to his disciples agayne. Com- 
mandeth Peter earnestly to fede his shepe. He 
forwarneth him of his death. And of Christs 
manifolde miracles. 

A Fter y, lesus shewed hym self agayne, A 
-^at the " sea of Tiberias : and on this "or, lake of 

, 111 1^ G5nesareth. 

wyse shewed he hym selfe. 
2 There were together Simon Peter, and 
Thomas, which is called Didymus, & Na- 


BY S. lOHN. 185 

thanael of Cana in Galile, & the sonnes of 
Zebede, and two other of his disciples. 
B 3 Simon Peter sayd vnto them, I go a fys- 
shyng. They sayd vnto him. We also wyl 
go with thee. They went their way and en- 
tred into a shyp straightway, & that night 
caught they nothing. 

4 But when the morning was now come, 
lesus stode on the shore : neuerthelesse the 
disciples knewe not that it was lesus. 

5 lesus then sayd vnto them. Sirs haue ye 
any meat ? They answered hym. No. 

6 And he sayd vnto them. Cast out the 
net on the right syde of the shyp, and ye 

shal fynde. then they ^ cast out, and anone a Albeit they 
they were not hable to drawe it, for y mul ^heTfoU^wTd'hu 

titude of fysshes. c5sel,becausethey 

C 7 Then sayd the disciple who lesus * lou- ken pryn"s"invry 
S'c. "' ^^ vnto Peter, It is the Lord. When Simon "e. 
Peter heard that it was the Lord, he gyrde 
his ^ coate to him, for he was naked, and b n was some lyn 
sprang mto the sea. "-J™ tow' 

8 The other disciples came by shyppe (for are, which being 

,1 . r r iji.j.-i. trussed vnto him 

they were not larre irom lande, but as it couered his nei- 
were two hundred cubites) & they drewe ther parts, and ai 

. - , ' -^ so letted not his 

the net with lysshes. swymming. 

9 Assone then as they were come to lade, 
they sawe hotte coles, and fysshe layd the- 
ron, and bread. 

10 lesus sayd vnto them, Bryng of the fys- 
shes, which ye haue now caught. 

11 Simon Peter stepped forth and drewe 
the net to land, ful of great fysshes, an hu- 
dred, fifty, & three ; & for aU ther were 
so many, yet was not the net broken. 

D 12 lesus sayd vnto them. Come and dy- 
ne. And none of the disciples durst aske 



hym, Who art thou ? for they knew that it 
was the Lord. 

13 lesus then came and toke bread, and 
gaue them, and fyshe lykewyse. 

14 This is now y thyrd tyme that lesus ap- 
peared to his disciples, after that he was 
rysen agayne from death. 

15 So when they had dyned, lesus sayd to E 
' The minister Simon Peter, Simon Sonne o/Iona, "^louest 

ca not wel teaclie , , ^i. ^i. 5 tt j ^ 

his Congregation, thou me more then these .-' He sayd vnto 
except ^he° loue ]£^ Yea Lord, thou knowest that I loue 

Chnsteffectually: ' 

which loue is not thee. He sayd vnto mTn, r ede my lambes. 
JTot^'hTflocke.'"' 16 He sayd to h>Tn agayne the second ty- 

me,Sim6^Ae sonne o/Iona, louest thou me ? 

He sayd vnto him, Yea Lord, thou knowest 

that I loue thee. He sayd \Tito him, Fede 

my shepe. 
•1 Because Peter 1 7 He sayd vnto him the "^ third tjmae, Si- 

sholde be establis ., ^t i ^^^i ^t»^ 

hed in his officeof vaonthe Sonne oj lona, louest thou me. "^ reter 
au Apostie.Christ- gorowed bccause he savd to him the th\Td 

causeth hi by the- t i ^ i • 

se three tymesc.% tymc, Loucst thou me ? and sayd vnto him, 
way the's°hlme of Lord thou knowest all thinges, thou kno- 
nis three tyraesde -yvest that I loue thee. lesus sayd vnto him, 

1 8 * Verely verely I say vnto thee, When F 
thou wast yonge, thou gyrdedst thy selfe, -• ^^^- ^^^• 
and walkedst whither thou woldest : but 
when thou shalt be olde, thou shalt stret- 
• In sted of a che forth thy handes, & another shal ^ gyr 
hJuedMM^s de thee, & lead thee whyther thou woul- 

& cordes, & where (Jest UOt. 

as now thou goest .-rrn ii ••/' i i i 

at libertie, then 19 Ihatspake he, signifayng by what de- 

w^tottsh^^t ath he should glorifie God. 

whe thy fleshe shal 20 And when he had sayd thus, he sayd to 

er a bor resis . j^^ Folow me. Peter turned about, 

and sawe that disciple whom iesvs lo- 

ued folowyng: which had also * leaned on Chap. I3.c, 


BY S. lOHN. 186 

his brest at supper, and had sayd, Lord 
\diich is he that betrayeth thee ? 
21 Whe Peter therfore sawe hym, he sayd 
to lesus, Lord what shal he here do ? 
G 22 lesus sayd ^^lto him, If I wolde haue 
him to tar)' t\d I come, what is that to 
thee? folow thou me. 

23 Then went this sapng abrode among 
the brethre, that that same disciple should 
not dye. Yet les' sayd not to him. He shol 
de not dye : but if I wolde that he tary tyl 
I come, what is that to thee ? 

24 The same disciple is he, which testifi- 
eth of these th\Tiges, & wrote these thin- 
ges . and we knowe that his testimonie is 

Chap. '20. g. 25 * There are also many other thinges 
which lesus dyd, the which yf they should 
be written euery one, ^ I suppose the worl- ' But God woide 
de could not containe the bookes that "o°^eat m^heape, 
should be wrvtten. Amen. seing therfore that 

we haue so muche 

as is necessarie,we 

THE ARGUMENT OF THE o^htto comet our 

semes & praise his 

Actes of the Apostles. 

Hriste, after his ascension, perfor 
med his promes to his Apostles, 
and sent them the holy Gost : de- 
claring therby, that he was not 
only myndful of his Churche : but 
wolde be the head 8f maintener therof for euer. 
Wherin also his mighty power appeareth, who 
notwithstdding that Satan and the worlde rest 
sted neuer so muche against this noble worke : 
yet by a fewe simple men of no reputation, reple- 
nished all the worlde with the sounde of his 
Gospel And here, in the beginnyng of the Chur- 
che, and in the increase therof, we may playnely 
perceaue the practise and malice which Satan 

continualy vseth to suppresse 8f ouerthrowe the 
Gospel : he raiseth conspiracies, tumultes, como- 
tions, persecutions, slanders 8f all kynde of cru 
eltie. Agayne we shal here beholde the prouide- 
ce of God, who ouerthroweth his ennemies en- 
treprises, deliuereth his Churche from the ra- 
ge of tyrants, stregtheneth and incourageth his 
most mliantly and constantly to folowe their Ca 
pitain Christe ; leaning as it were by this historic 
a perpetual memorie to the Churche, that the 
Crosse is so ioyned with the Gospel, that they are 
fellowes inseparable : and that thende of one af- 
fliction, is but the beginning of an other. Vet ne- 
uerthelesse God tourneth the troubles, persecu- 
tions, imprisonings, 8{ tetations of his, to a good 
issue : geuing them as it were, in sorrowe, ioye ; 
in bddes, fredom : in prison, deliuerdce : in trou- 
ble, quietnes : in death, life. Pynaly, this booke co 
teineth many excellent sermons of the Apostles 
and disciples, as touching the death, resurrectio, 
and ascension of Christe. The mercie of God. Of 
the grace and remission of synne through le- 
sus Christe. Of the blessed immortalitie. An ex- 
hortation to the ministers of Christ s flocke. Of 
repentance, and feare of God, with other princi- 
pal pointes of our faith : so that this onely histo- 
rie in a maner may be sufficient to instruct a 
man in all true doctrine and religion. 




secode booke of S. Luke 
the Euangeliste. ) 


The wordes of Christe and his Angels to the 
Apostles. His ascension. VFherin the Apostles 
are occupied til the holy Gost be sent. And of the 
election of Matthias. 


mer treatyse 
deare friedThe 
ophilus, I ha- 
ue written of 
all that lESVs 

hpD-nn tn a (]n " Wherby is met 
Degan lO ao, christsdoctrine,& 
and teach, his miracles decla 

_ ~j ., , red for the cOfir- 
2 Vntll the matioofthesame. 

day in which 
he was taken vp, after that he through the '' who as they 

w6rG csIIgg by 

" To preache holy Gost, had geuen " comraandemen- God, so had they 
tes vnto the " Apostles, whome he had ^^^^i^^edTtrh" 
chosen. ly Spirit. 


the Gospel. 


3 To whom also he shewed him self alyue 
after his passion, by many infaUible to- 
kens, appearing vnto them by the space of 
fourty dayes, & speakyng of those things 
which a'pperteine to the" k\Tigdom of God. "wherbycod 

r£Liffn6th in 

h^idr^'if -^^^ ^ ^^^ '^ gathering /^e?H together, he com vs. 
ssesofhisAscesio. maded them, that they shulde not depart 

from lerusalem : but to wayt for the pro- 

mes of the Father,* which sayd he, ye haue Luk. 24. y. 

heard of me. 'o^« '4. d. 

5 * For lohn truly baptized with water, ^j/^/ f j ' 
d That is, with but yc shalbe baptized with the ^ holy mar. l. c. 
ces whkh les' one Gost, with in these fewe dayes. . *• ^•.''• 

spfru ^'^ ^y ^'^ 6 When they therfore were come toge- Hap. 2. a. 

ther, they asked of hjrm, saying. Lord wilt '1.6. 19. a. 

thou at this tyme, restore the kyngdome 

to Israel ? 

7 And he sayd vnto the. It is not for you 

to knowe the " tymes, or the seasons, which " For this pas 
the Father hath put in his owne power. citte°& God 

8 But ye shal receaue power of the holy reserueth it 
Gost, when he shal come on you : & ye shal 

•They must en- be ^ wytnesses vnto me both in lerusalem, 

tre into heauen by ^ • ^^ -r • i-o • t 

afflictions & ther and m all lewne, and m bamaria, and eue 
foretnust fight be- ^nto the '' vttermost partes of the earth. 

fore they get the ^ 

Victoria. 9 * And when he had spoke these thinges b 

miuTe^L th^I whyle they behelde, he was " taken vp, & a f^f • /• 

the Messias was cloude receaued him vp out of their sight, knewe cer- 

wes!"but°aiso*for 10 And whyle they looked stedfastly vp thlrhewent"." 

the Gentiis. ^q heauen, as he went, beholde " two men "Which were 

stode by them in whyte apparel, mens forme!" 

1 1 Which also sayd. Ye me of Galile, why 
B Andsekinghim stand ye s gasing into heauen. This same 

with carnal eies. jggyg -vphich is taken vp from you into he- 
auen, shal so " come, euen as ye haue sene "The redem- 
him go into heauen. ^^ *° sather 

^ vs vnto him . 

12 Then returned they vnto lerusalem 



from the mount that is called the OHue 
hil, which is nye to lerusalem, conteyning 
a ^ Sabbath dayes iomey. '■which was two 

1 3 And whe they were come in, they went rherwrnrS" 
vp into an vpper chamber, where a bode 
both Peter, and lames, and lohn, and An- 
drew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartelmew, & 
Matthew, lames the sonne of Alpheus, and 
Simon zelotes, and ludas lames brother. 
C 14 These aU continued wyth one ' accor- 'Aiyueiypatro 

obtrne ''the ^^ "" " P^'^y^'" ^"^^ SUpphcation Wyth the ^sJorour''sdue°s 

hoircost, & " women and Marie mother of lesus, and toreceauethegif- 
fflred fro ^^h his brethren. oLt." ''' '"'' 

the present 1 5 And in those dayes, Peter stode vp in 
• m-rwyues. ^he middes of the disciples and sayd (the 
" or, men. nombre of " names that were together, we- 
re about an hvmdred and twenty) 

1 6 Ye men and brethren, this ^ Scripture ^ The offence 
must nedes haue ben fulfilled, which the t^^ "f iud"a! 

Psal. 49. b. * holy Gost by the mouth of Damd spake f^ii is hereby ta. 
lohn 18. a. before of ludas, which was * gyde to them th^ scrip turrhad 

that toke lesus. so forewarned. 

17 For he was numbredwith vs, and had 
••or.aportis. obtained "felowship in this ministration. 
sed'^afidde% 18 And he therfore hath now " gotton a 

plat of groimd with the ' rewarde of ini- ' Perpetual infa 
••or, throwen quite, and when he " * had killed him sel- ^'au suchels^by 
rii^nf up„rt fe, he brast a sondre in the myddes, & all vniawfuiiy gotto 

aowne neaa- , ' , , , -' goods bye any 

long. hys bowels gushed out. thing. 

19 And it is knowen vnto all the inhabi- 
ters of lerusalem : insomuche, jr that fielde 
is called in their mother tonge, Acelda- 
ma, that is to say, the fielde of bloud. 

20 For it is written in the boke of Psal- 
Psal. 68. e. mes, * Let his habitation be voyde, and no 
P«a. 108. 6. man dwel therin : * And let another take 

his charge. 



•21 Wlierfore, of these men which haue 

companied with vs, svll the time that the 

Lord lesus was conuersant among vs, 

"22 Begvnnvng at f Baptisme of lohn, vn- 

to that same day that he was taken vp fro 

vs, must one be ordeyned to be a witnes ^ 

"' In that ho mp VS of liis '" resurrection. 

prattirjrri '-23 And they appointed two, Joseph cal- 

fiiith, he cnprehen led Rarsabas, whose surname was Justus, 

deth also the rest. , », .^, . 

and Matthias. 

24 And they prayed, saying, Thou Lord, D 

which knowest the hartes of all men, she- 

" To the intent we whether of these two " thou hast chose. 

d''e'"t«ke"'in hand '^o Tliat the onc may take 5^ roume of this 

that excellent of- ministration & Apostleship, fi-om which 

ficeof an.\postle, y i i ., . ii \. i v^ 

might be chosen ludas hath gone astray, that he myght go 

of God ""'""'^^ *° ^^^^ °^"*-' V^''^^^- 

26 Then they gaue forth their lottes, 

and the lot fel on Matthias, and he was by 

a common consent counted with the ele- 

uen Apostles. 


The Apostles hauing receaued the holy Gost 
make their hearers astonished. VVhe Peter had' 
stopped the mouthes of the mockers, he sheweth 
by the trisihle ii races of the holy Spirit that Christ 
is come. He baptizeth agreat nomber that were 
• The holy Gost ^o""'""'*'*- The godly exercise, charitie and di- 
was sent when mu- uers vertues of the faithful. 
che people was as 
sembled in lerusa i ,. „t. 

le at the feast. ^T \'ne the ^ feast o/ retecoste was come, A 

«"c. Deu. Ta. ^ they were'" aU with one accorde toge- 'JJhe Apo- 

because the thin? tlier in one place. 

knowen there.but 2 And sodeiily there came " a sounde fro Chap, l . a. 

,uso through the jieaucn, as it had bene of a russhing and "-j'; ^'l-"' 

world. _ ' _ r> matin. 3. c. 

'' wherby is si- miglitv " wyndc, aud it fiUed all the house ,„„,•. i. a. 

gmfied the holy ^^^^^^ ^j^^^ ^^^^ /„^ 3 , 

3 And 


3 And there appeared vnto them clouen 
" To declare c tonges, lykc as they had bene " fier, and it c This sinne agre 

the vcrtuo & , r ., eth with the thing 

force that bate vpon ecne or tntm which is signified 

shuidc be in 4 ^j^j tjjgy ^gre ail fylled with the ho- therby. 

them. •' -' • 1 1 

ly Gost, and began to speake with other 
tonges, euen as the same Sprite gaue them 

5 And there were dwellyng at lerusale, 
lewes who feared God, of aU nations vn- 
der heauen. 
" How the A 6 When this was " noysed about, the mul- 
<uue'r? i'anga''- titude Came together and were astonied, 
pes- because that euery man heard them spea- 

ke his owne tonge. 
B 7 They wondred all, and maruayled, say- 
ing among them selues, Beholde, are not 
all these which speake, of Galile ? 
8 How the heare we euery man our owne 
tonge, wherin we were borne ? 
f) Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, 
and the inhabiters of Mesopotamia, and 
of lurie, and of Capadocia, of Pontus, and 

10 Of Phrygia, & Pamphyha, of Egypt, 
and of the parties of that Libya, which is 
besyde Gyrene, and strangers of Rome, 

" Being beto- and '' lewes, and those that were " conuer " whose Ance- 
[dSr ^ ted to the lewesh religion. rie^li^naln! 

11 Cretes, and Arabians: we heard them but were couerted 

, . . ., , . , to the lewes reli- 

speake m our owne tonges the wonderiul gion, which their 
workes of God. J^^Jf '^" '^y* p™- 

12 They were all the amased, and douted, 
saying one to another. What may this be ? 

13 Other "^ mocked, A'awiwcf, They are ful 'There is no wor 

,, . J. ,, ^ ^ J ke of God so excel 

or.swete. ot newe wyne. let which the wic- 

C 14 But Peter stepped forth with the Ele- ked skoffers do 

1 • "°'' deride. 

uen, and lyft vp his voyce, and sayd vnto 


them, Ye men of lurie, and ye aU that inha 
bite lerusalem, be this knowen vnto you, 
and with your eares heare my wordes. 

15 These are not droncken, as ye suppose, 
since it is yet but the thyrde houre of the 

1 6 But this is that, which was spoken by 

the " Prophete * loel, " He expoun- 

17 And it shalbe in the last dayes (sayth ^'^"'^53^°^^^- 
God) I wil powre out of my Sprit vpo all out bynding 
"fleshe : and your sonnes, and your daugh- hiTwordes.'" 
ters shal prophecie, and your yonge men loel. 2. g. 

f Meaning, that shal se visions, and vour ^ olde men shal !f""l t'"' „„ 

God wil shewe « j , • or,nian,mea 

himselfe very fa- dreame drcames. ning,yonge& 

miiiereiy&piaynfr jg And ou my seruautes, and on my han- woma^^ 

ly both to olde and . , -,.■,„ r c^ ■ a? lo 

yonge. demaydens, 1 wil powre out 01 my sprite ;^<""- •''• «• 

in those dayes, and they shal prophecie. dwice?* 
19 And I wil shewe wonders in heauen 
aboue, and tokens in the earth beneth, 
bloud, and fire, and the vapour of smoke. 

such^sf 'titf w! ^^ * "^^ ^ ^'^'^^ shalbe turned into dar- lod. 2. y. 

wrath through all knes, & the mone into bloud, before that 

Ihaibe no' les^se™! g^at and notable day of the Lord come. 

mased then if the 21 And it shalbe, * that whosoeuer shal Rom. 10. c. 

whole ordre of na- ,, iv, <-eTiiii j 

turewere chaged. Call on the ° name 01 y Lord, shalbe saued. 
thisr^nemrto'^a^ ^^ Ye men of Israel heare these wordes, d 

uoyde the wrath That IeSVS of Nazaret, a man appro- 
God smdlo^btey- ued of God among you with notable wor- 
ne saiuation. -^q^^ ^nd wondres, and signes, which God 
> As ludas tray- dyd by hym in the myddes of you, as ye 

crueUie ^''t^owa'^^ ^"^^ selues knowe : 

christeweremoste 23 Him / say haue ye taken by the handes 

we're they^not only of " vnrighteOUS persOUUeS, after he was de "God caused 

knowen to the e- liuercd by the ' determinat counsel, and ^^^''' ^^^'^^^^^ 
God, but also dire forc knowledge of God, and haue crucified forth his gio- 
cted by his imuta- ^nd slayne : "^• 

ble counsel to a J /~, ■, ^ ^ ■ ^ 

raoste happy end. 24 Whome God hath raised vp, & loosed 



"Botheas tou the " soiTOwes of death, because it was vn- 
nei"lnd''aiso possible that he should be holden of it. 
the horror of 25 For Dauid speaketh of hym, * I behe- 
curse."^ Id the Lord alwayes before me : for he is at 
Psal 16. c. my ryght hand, that I should not be mo- 


26 Therfore dyd my hart reioyse, and my 

tounge was glad : moreouer also, my fleshe 
"Our hope sta shal rcst in " hope: 
defense. ^°^' 27 Because thou wylt not leaue my " sou 
" Or, lyfe. le in graue, nether wylt suffer thine Holy 
" Or, feeie. one to " se corruption. 
" In restoring 28 Thou hast shewed me the " wayes of li 
"o^iife. ^^ fe, & shalt make me full of ioye with thy 

E 29 Men and brethren, I may freely spea- 
\.Kyng.2.h-'ke \Tito you of the Patriarche Dauid,* 

For he is both dead and buried, and his 

sepulchre remayneth with vs vnto this 


30 Therfore, seyng he was a ^ Prophet, & ^ And so kne- 
Chap. I3.e. knewe that God had * sworne with an o- rnd%ec"af^pro- 
psal. 131. c. |.j^g ^Q hym, that Christe, as concerning the mesthatwhicb eis 

„ , < , , r .^ !• ^ /• 1 • 1 lie colde not haue 

fleshe, should come or the irute oi his loy- knowen. 
nes, and syt on hys seat, 

31 He knowyng this before, spake of the 
Psal. 16. c. resurrection of Christe, That * his " soule 
"*of life^' should not be left in graue, nether his fle- 
•• Or', feeie. she shulde " se corruption. 

32 This lesus hath God raysed vp, wher 
of we all are wytnesses. 

"Bythevertue 33 Since now that he by the " ryght hand 

and power. /• /-< i i .i i i, i o i Ii I ' He obteined 

F or God hath bene exalted, & hath ' recea- of Wsfatherpower 

ued of his Father the promise of the holy to accopi^he the 

Gost, he hath shed forth tliis which ye made to his Apo- 

now sp and heare ^^'^^^' '^^ touching 

uuw se dnu neare. ^^g j^^jy (,pgj j^ 

34 For Dauid is not ascendid into hea- be sent vnto them. 


uen, but he sayeth,* The Lord sayd to my Psal.Ud.a. 
Lord, " Syt at my ryght hand, re "christe"" 

35 Vntyl I " make thy foes thy fote sto- ^°,f p^j^^^" 

le. "Christe isthe 

36 So therfore, let al the house of Israel °^^l '^^^■ 
■n That is, hath knowe for a suerty, that God hath°^ made 

^d7uien^d n"o^ him both Lord, & Christe, this lesus I sat/, 
te, that in all this whome ye haue crucified. 

Sermon Peter spe- „f, -jiy, ,11 i ^i • i 

aketh of christs 37 When they heard this, they were pric- 
'"*°!J°'^!' J^ ^I ked in their hartes, and sayd vnto Peter 

was dead, buryed, ' J 

rise, & ascended and vnto the other Apostles, Men and bre- 

to heauen. ^^^^^ ^j^^^ ^-^^ ^^ ^^ p 

38 Then Peter sayd vnto the. Amend your 
- He speaketh Uues, and be " baptized euery one of you 
me 'oTbtusm:'; i° the Name of les' Christe for the remis- 
but teacheth that sio of synnes : and ye shal receaue the"ffyft " The visible 

the whole effect r-uCir^i signes. 

therof cosisteth in ot the holy Gost. ^ 

lesus Christe. 39 Yor the " promise was made vnto you, " christe is 
and to your chyldren, and to all that are botiT'uf the 
a farre of, euen as many as the Lord our '.^"^s & Gen 
God shal call. 

40 And with many other wordes he " be G 
soght, & exhorted them, saying, Saue your ^^^'^' before 
selues from this vntowarde generation. God. 

41 Then they that gladly receaued his 
preaching, were baptized : and the same 
day, ther were added to the Churche, about 

three thousand " soules. " or, person- 

42 And they continued in the Apostles ''^*' 

Which was the doctrine, and"felowship, and in ° breakyng "Which stan- 

ministratio of the r u j j • "''* ™ °^°- 

Lordes supper. ^^ bread, and m prayers. therly loue,& 

43 And feare came ouer euery soule : and Ro^^Js'f,' 
many wondres and signes were shewed by 2.Cor.9.d. 
the Apostles. 

44 And aU that beleued, kept them sel- 
ues together, and had all things com- 

45 And 


45 And solde their possessions & p goo- ? Not that their 
des, and departed them to all men, as eue- f°d'^au'to'grthT-' 
ry man had nede. but suche ordre 

46 And they continued dayly with one Tu^'^^'^'SltlSt' 
"They did eat accorde in the temple, and " breking bread keiy reiieued an 
at^^hese'fea^ at home, dyd eat their meat together, with 

stes did vse to gladnes and singlenes of hart : 
Lin^ruppen 47 Praysing God, and had fauour with 
lude.i.b. all the people. And the Lord added to the 

Churche ^ dayly, suche as should be sa- q whereby we 


see that the Apo- 
stles trauailled 
not in vayne. 


The halt is restored to his fete. Peter prea- 
cheth Christe vnto the people. 

A IVrOw, Peter & lohn wet vp together in 
^'j^:;'*', ''■ -'- to the temple, at the " nynthe houre of ' Which is with 

and 14. l>. r J vs, thre a clocke 

prayer. after none, which 

2 And a certaine man halt from his mo- was their euening 

sacnfice, at which 

thers wobe, was caryed, whome they layd the Apostles were 
at the gate of the teple called Beutyfull, fhatThe sh°adowe^ 

" Because his tO aske " almCS of them that entred into of the lawe were 

disease was in . i „ . i ^ abolished by that 

curable he ^'^^ temple. lambe that toke 

gauehimseife 3 Which scyng Peter and lohn, that they l^m ^^^i^""^' 
^^yue o a - ^^^^^ eutre into the temple, desired to re 
ceaue an almes. 

4 And Peter earnestly beholding hym 
with lohn, sayd, Loke on vs. 

5 And he gaue hede vnto them, trustyng 
to receaue some thing of them. 

6 Then sayd Peter, Syluer and golde ha- 
" He had the ue I none, suche as I " haue, geue I thee. In 

fill ^Li.n»t' the '' Name of lesus Christe of Nazaret, " in the vertu 

ling sicknes- of lesus, for Chri- 

ses, ryse vp and walke. ste was the autor 

B 7 And he toke hym by the right hand, & of ^is miracle & 

,.„ , /. -^ T ii ?• <• ^ J Peter was the mi- 

uft hym vp : and immediatly his rete and nister. 
anclebones receaued strength. 


8 And he leaped vp, stode, and also wal- 
ked, and entred with them into the tem- 
ple, walking and leaping, and laudyng 

9 And all the people sawe hym walke & God is pray- 
laude God. ""^■ 

10 And they knewe him, that it was he 
which sate to receaue almes at the Beutyful 
gate of the temple : and they wondred and 
were sore astonied at that, which had hap 
pened vnto hym. 

1 1 And as the halt which was healed, hel 
de Peter and lohn, al the people ran ama- 
sed vnto them in the porche which is cal- 
led Solomons. 

12 When Peter sawe that, he answered C 
vnto the people. Ye me of Israel, why mar 
uayle ye at this ? or why loke ye so stedfa- 

' He correcteth stly on vs, as thogh by our owne "^ power 
L»rirte°'rhar to° or godhnes, we had made this man go ? 
mans hoiynes 13 The GOD of Abraham, and Isaac He taught 
Sh^to'cor* and lacob, the * GOD of our fathers ^"^^^^^^ ^"•'- 

hath glorified his Sonne lesus, whome ye Chap. 5. e. 

betrayed, and denyed in the presence of 

Pilate, when he had iudged hym to be de- 


14 * But ye denyed the Holy and iust, and Mat. 27. b. 
desired a murtherer to be geuen you. ff^^J^' "' 

15 And kylled the Lord of lyfe, whome ,oAn. is. p. 
God hath raysed from death, of the which 

thing we are wytnesses. 

16 And his " Name, hath made this man "Towit,Gods 
sounde, whom ye se, and knowe, through "^™^" 
faith in * his " Name. And the faith which l. Peter. ].fi. 
is by hym, hath geuen to hym this health g't^''' '" *^''"' 
in the presence of you al. 

17 And now brethren, I wot wel that 



through ^ ignoraunce ye dyd it, as dyd al- * He doth not 

" Hemeaneth SO yOUr " Gouuemers. ^rbtu't "ule 

some, and not jg g^^. ^-^^^^ thinges which God before that ignorance and 

had shewed, by the mouth of all his Pro- many! he putteth 
D phetes, how that Christe should sufire, he t^f^^.'^ hope of 

f 1 1 /• ic n 1 saluation. 

hath thus wyse fuIfyUed. 

19 Repent ye therfore, and tume, that 
your synnes may be wiped away, since the 

tjone of refreshing * shal come from the = when lesus 

nrf^PTiop nf tlip T nrrl shal come to iudge 

presence oi me i^ora. the world, ye shai 

20 And smceGof? shal send him, which be- knowethathewii- 
fore was preached vnto you, that is to wyt and'^not^youMud- 
lesus Christe. ^^• 

"We therfore 21 Whome the heauen must " contejme 

statly^thatTe vntyl the tyme that all thinges, ^be resto- ' which is be- 

irther^plaTe" ^^^ ^ ^^od had Spoken by the mouth of al Tut theXf acc'om 

his holy Prophets synce the world bega. P''^'?''".e°f;& pe": 

•/ X J o lection is uinerrcu 

JJeut. 18. c. 22 * For Moses sayd vnto the fathers. The to the last day. 
chap. 7. e. Lord your God shal rayse vp vnto you a 
" Of the stoc- Prophet, euen of your " brethren Ivke vn- 

ke of Abra* . . 

ham. to me : ye shal heare him in all thinges, 

whatsoeuer he shal say vnto you. 

23 For the tyme wyl come, that euery o- 
ne which shal not heare y same Prophet, 
shalbe destroyed fro among the people. 

24 Also al the Prophetes from Samuel 
& thence forth " as many as haue spoke, ha 
ue in lykewyse fore tolde of these dayes. 

25 Ye are the s chyldre of the Prophets, ? Because they ca 

J/.,, , 1-T/-N1T.1 me of the same na 

and or the couuenaunt, which God hath tion, and therfore 
made vnto our fathers, saviner to Abraha, 'T®'"'' ^^"^LJ^^ 

' J s ' the same promts 

Genes. 12. a. Euen in thy seede shal aU the " kyuredes which appertained 
•ih iewe& Of the earth be " blessed. ^ft S;^e'°''' 

Gentii. 26 FyTst vnto you hath God raysed vp his 

liies^edbut in Sonne lesus, & hym he hath sent to bl^sse 
Christe. you, in turning euery one of you from 
your wyckednes. 



The Apostles deliuered out of prison prea- 
che the Gospel boldely maugre their ennemies, 
and pray for the good successe thereof. The in- 
crease, vnitie, and charitie of the Churche, and 
specially of loses. 

\ Nd as they spake vnto the people, the A 
■> It is to be -Tipriestes, and the ^ Ruler of the teple, 

thoght that this ,,0,1 , 

was the Capitaine and the hadduces, came vpon them : 
nison^^'""^"^^'"2 Taking it greuously that they taught 

the people, and preached in lesus, the" re- "The Saddu- 

,. J- J .1 ceswere great 

surrection irom death. ennemies to 

3 And they layd handes on them, and put '•>'« doctrine, 
the in holde, vntU the next day : for it was 

now euen tyde. 

4 Howbeit, many of them which heard 

the wordes, beleued, and the noumbre of sooobrethem 
^ The whole chur the men, was about '' fyue thousande. ■ 

tolhTs^nomber!^ 5 And it chaunced on the morrow, that ■ 

their Rulers, and Elders and Scribes, were 
gathered together at Jerusalem. 

6 And Annas the chiefe Priest, & Caia- 
phas, and lohn, and Alexander, and as ma- 
ny as were of the kinred of the hie Prie- 

7 And when they had set them before 

them, they asked. By what power, or " in "By whose au 

. toritis or cO- 

what Name, haue ye done this ? mandement. 

8 Then Peter ful of the "holy Gost, sayd B 

vnto them, Ye Rulers of the people, and ^o^'haue^^o 
Elders of Israel, spoken of 

9 Forasmuche as we this day are exami- 
= ludges oght ned of the ^ good dede done to the sicke 

but approue°and Bfian, to wit, by what meanes he is made 

commend that -w^liole. 

which is wel done. ,„,-,'., i i i 

10 Be it knowen vnto you al, and to al 



the people of Israel, that by the Name of 
lesus Christ of Nazaret, whome ye cruci- 
fied, whome God raysed agayne from de- 
ath : euen by this Name I say doth this man 
stand here present before you, whole. 
Psal 117 c 11 *This is the stone cast a syde of you'^ <» Meaning, chief 
esa. 28. d. buylders, which is become the chiefe of couuemers. 
Zlr/i^i2*t *^^ ^ comer. ^ ^ot to vphoi- 

lukcW.'c' 12 Nether isther saluationin any other : force^of t^J'lS 
row.. 9. g. Por among men there is geuen none other ding. 
■ /»« • • «• Name vnder heauen, wher by we must be 
C 1 3 When they sawe the boldnes of Peter 
and lohn, and vnderstode that they were 
vnlemed men and without knowledge, 
they maruayled, and knew them, that they 
had bene with lesus. 

14 And beholding also the man which 

was healed stading with them, they could 

not saie against it. 

The wicked 15 Then they commanded them to go a 

christe thogh side out of the Counsel, and counseled a- 

theirowoieco j^ong them selues, 

science do c5 tJ . 

demne them. 1 6 Saying, What shal we do to these men ? 
For a manifest signe is done by them, and 
is openly knowen to all them that dwel 
in lerusalem : and we cannot deny it. 

A comraande 1 7 gut that it be noyscd no farther amoe: 

ment to prea- , , , •' o 

Che Christe the people, let vs threaten and charge the, 
no more. ^^^sx they speake hence forth to no man in 
this Name. 

18 And they called them, and comman- 
ded them that in "^no wise, they shulde spe ' Thei prefen-e 
ake or teache, in the Name of lesus. [^for'nance o? 

19 But Peter & lohn answered vnto the, ^°^- 
and sayd. Whether it be right in the sight 

of God, to obey you rather then God, 


Chap. nil. THE ACTES OP 

iudge ye. 

20 For we can not but speake those thin- 
ges which we haue " sene and heard. » xo thintem 
f^God hath put 21 So they s threatened them, and let the ''^*' "'" ^^^^' 

llckltZlest SO, and founde nothmg how to punishe nes.andprea-" 
thathestayeththe them, becaUSC of the people, for all men <=nethem. 
from their mischi- • j /-^ j e ^i^i-i j 

uous poiirposes. praised (jrod tor that which was done : 

22 For the man was aboue fourty yere 
olde, on whome this miracle of healing 
was shewed. 

23 Then assone as they were let go, they 

came to their " felowes, and shewed all "To encoura- 
that the hie Priestes and Elders had said. fher°&^to'^io 

24 And when they heard that, they lyft ^fie'cod. 
vp their voyces to God with one accorde, 

and sayd. Lord, thou art God which hast 

made heauen and earth, the sea, and all 

that in them is : 

h They grounde 25 Which '' by the mouth of thy seruant 

Godspro'mes.^who Dauid hast Said, * Why dyd the Gentils ra PsaL2. a. 

had assured that ore and the people imagine vavne thin- 
he wolde enlarge ° . ^ '^ '-' -^ 
the kingdome of ges i^ 

christe. 26 The kynges of the earth assembled, & 

the rulers came together, agaist the Lord, 
and agaynst his Christ. 

27 For " doutelesse, against thy holy Son "The verifieg 
ne lesus whome thou haddest " anoynted, °l^^^ '"■"p^^ 
bothe Herode and also Pontius Pilate, "Andappoyn- 
with the Gentils, and the people of Israel kyug. 
gathered them selues together, 

'All thingesare 28 For to do whatsoeuer thy " hand, and " Power, and 

orcodrpourpos! thy ' counsel determined before to be do- p'"'"" 

according to the jjg_ 

EphT.b. ^^ "' 29 And now Lord, beholde their " threa- "Aswagetheir 
holao^Hue''a^t ea- Meninges, and ^ grante vnto thy seruantes, ucf which ^" 
se, but wherby with aU Confidence to speake thy worde. '^^jjg against 
giorifie^cfod!""^'^ 30 So that thou stretche forth thyne hand thee. 



to heale, and that sygnes, & wonders may 
be done by the Name of thy holy Sonne 

3 1 And assone as they had praied, the pla- 
ce moued where they were assembled to- 

" A signe of gethcr, and they were aU " fylled with the 

Gods presen- j^^jy Q^g^^ ^^^j ^j^g^ gp^j^g ^j^g ^^^^^ ^^ 
"Theirprayer God " boldely'. 

32 And the multitude of them that bele- 
"Mynde, wii, ued, were of one hart, and of one " soule : 
affection. nether any of them said, that oght of the 

^ thinges which he possessed, was his ' ow- ' Their hartes 
Chap.i.g. ne, but they had all things * commen. ^^"^^ 'AaT^being 

33 And with great power gaue the Apo- aiimembresofone 
sties witnes of the resurrectio of the Lord notsuffer^the^^fe^ 
lesus : and great grace was with them all. '"'^ members to 

f. .1 -KT 1 1 1 ''^ destitute. 

34 Nether was ther any amonge them, 
As the Apo- that lacked : for as many as were possessers 
nontoiacke: of landes orhouses, solde them, &broght 
mandefihat the price of the thinges that were sol- 

no idle loyte de, 

tej^ed. '"*^" 35 And layed it doune at the Apostles fe- 
2.Thess.3.c. ^g ^jjjj distribution was made vnto euery 

man, "^ according as he had nede. " The goods 

36 Also loses which was called of f Apo STmongraii," 
sties Barnabas (that is to say, the sonne of }>"' ^ «"<"'y n»an 

,..,. X • 1/-1 "3° want so was 

consolation) being a Leuite, and of the his necessitie mo- 
countre of Cypers, ^^'^^^^^ '^i'^"^**- 

37 Where as he had lande, solde it, and 
layd y monye doune at the Apostles fete. 


The hypocrisie of Ananias and Sapphira is 
punished. Miracles are done by the Apostles, 
which are taken, but the Angel of God bryn- 
geth them out of prison, Their bolde con- 
fession before the Council. The sentence 



of Gamaliel. The Apostles are beat, and reioyse 
in trouble. 

T) Vt a certayne man named Ananias, a 
-'--'with Sapphira his wyfe, solde a posses- 

2 And kept away parte of the price, his Their sacriie 
wyfe also bevnsr of counsel : and brosrht a se, distrust,& 

• bypocrisiB. 

certajTie parte, and layd it doune at the 
Apostles fete. 

3 Then sayd Peter, Ananias, how is it that 
Satan hath filled thyne hart, that thou 
shuldest lye vnto the holy " Gost, and ke- "Who moued 
pe away parte of the price of the posses- 'h]; posses" to! 

sion ? where as thou 

'Hissynnether 4 Pertayned it not vnto thee '^ only, and L'^TtKe" 

fore was so rauche . . -^ . . , . •' Vr- ri\i Vk 

greater in that he after it was soldc, was it not m thme owne ^^" th tr 
iTngiy.'"'"^ '* """ '' power? how is it that thou hast concea- sknuTation.'" 
^ Then, no man ued this thinff in thine hart ? thou hast not ® 

was compelled to, , , ",^ i/-~<j 

sei his possessions, lyed vnto men, but vnto (jrOd. 

nor to put his mo 5 ^^f)^^^ Ananias heard these wordes, he 

nye to the commo ' 

vse. fel doune, & gaue vp the gost. Then great 

feare came on all them that heard these 

6 And the yonge men rose vp, and put 
hym aparte, and caryed hym out, and bu- 
ry ed him. 

7 And it " fortuned as it were about the "Or,cameto 
'When men do space of three houres after, that his wyfe d^posin°'^^° 

anythmgof ane- (.^me in, iffnorant of that which was do- 

uel coscience they ' o 

do not only pro- nC. 

of'damnatfon'^vpo ^ And Peter said vnto her, Tel me, solde 
them seiues. but ye the land for somuche ? And she said, Yea 

also prouoke the i , 

wrath of God, be- lOr SO mUCh. " And to moc 

at irwere^S"' 9 Then Peter said vnto her, Why haue ye l^^ ^^ 

sely, whether God agreed together, " to *^ tempt the Sprite ^^"^ tnowen 

aim^ghty^"'^^ *" of the Lord ? beholde, the fete of the which fetche. ^^ ^ 



haue buryed thy housband, are at the do- 
re, and shal cary thee out. 

10 Then she fel doune strayght way at 
his fete, and yelded vp the gost. and the 
yonge men came in, and found her dead, 
and caried her out, and buryed her by her 

1 1 And great feare came on all the Chvir- 
che, & on as many as heard these thinges. 

Miracles. 1 2 Thus by the handes of the Apostles we 
re many signes and wondres shewed amog 
the people : (and they were all together 
with one accorde in Solomons porche. 
1 3 And of the other, ^ durst no man ioy- "* Because of 

, . ic , ,1 xi 1 ii their owne euel c5 

ne him sene to them : neuertheiesse the sciences.which ma 

"Or,gauethe people " magnified them. dethem totrem- 

great prayse. ^^ ^^^ ^^^ noumbre of them that bele- 
ued in the Lord both of men and women, 
grewe more and more.) 

1 5 Insomuch that they broght the sick in 
to the stretes, and layd them on beddes & 

Peters shado- couches, that at the lest way, the shadow 
of Peter, when he came by, myght shadow 
some of them. 

1 6 Ther came also a multitude out of the 
cities round about vnto Jerusalem, brin- 
gyng sicke folkes, and them which were 
vexed with vnclene sprites . which we- 
re healed euery one. 

D 17 Then the chiefe Priest rose vp, and al 
they y" were with him (which is y secte of 
"Which then the "Sadduces) & were ful of « indignatio. / They were fui 

were the chief ,r.Ajiji j i* i j ofblyndezeale,e- 

among them. 1 o And layd handes on the Apostles, and muiation, and ia- 
put them in the commen prison. I^ZtrsupeSa! 

1 9 But the Angel of the Lord, by nyght 
opened the prison dores, and broght the 
forth, and sayd, 



20 Go, your way, & being in the teple spe 

ake to y people all the words " of this life. "Or, of the ly- 

21 When they heard <^a^ theyentred in- "^'y'^"'^'™^- 
to the temple early in the morning and 
taught. And the chiefe Priest came, and 

they that were with him, and called the 
Coiicil together, and all the Elders of the 
chyldren of Israel, and sent to the prison, 
to fet them. 

22 But when the officers came, and fovm- 
de them not in the prison, they returned 
and tolde, 

23 Sayinge, CertejTily we found the pri- E 
son shut as sure as was possible, and the ke 
pers standing without, before the dores : 
but when we had opened, we founde no 
man with in. 

24 Then when the chiefe Priest, and the 
ruler of the temple, and the hie Priestes, 
heard these thinges, they douted of them, 
wher vnto this wolde growe. 

25 Then came one and shewed them, Be- 
holde, the men that ye put in prison, stand 
in the temple, and teache the people. 

26 Then went the ruler of the temple with 

" ministres, and broght them without vio " Or, officers. 
lence (for they feared the people, lest they 
shulde haue bene stoned) 

27 And when they had broght them, they 
set them before the Coiisel. Then the chie 
fe Prieste asked them, 

28 Saying, Dyd not we straytely comman 
de you, that ye shulde not teache in thys 

' He accuseth Name ? and beholde, ye haue filled ^ leru- 
and^ediJon.^""'" salcm with your doctrine, and ye intende 

to bring this mans " bloud vpon vs. ^ufe"^^ '^^ 

29 Tlien Peter and the Apostles answered christsdeath. 



F and sayd. We oght rather to obey God the 

S men. g when they co 

Geyi. 26. a. 30 The * God of our fathers raysed vp le- mande.ordefende 
,,(. , J, -^.^vs thinges contra- 

exoa. 10. e. gyg^ whome ye slewe, and hanged on tree, ry to the wordeof 
Sap. s.'ft 31 Hym hath God lyft vp with his ryght ^'"^■ 
hand, to be a ruler and a sauiour, for to ge- 
ue repentance to Israel, and forgeuenes of 

32 And we are his recordes concerning 
these thinges which we say : yea, and also 
the holy Gost whome God hath geuen to 

" chiiste, them that obey " him. 

33 When they heard that, they brast for 
anger, and soght meanes to slay them. 

34 Then stode ther vp one in the Counsel, 
a Pharisei named Gamaliel, a doctour of 
the lawe, had in auctoritie among all the 
people, and commanded to put the Apo- 
stles asyde a litel space. 

35 And sayd vnto them. Men of Israel take 
hede to your selues, what ye entend to do 
as touching these men. 

G 36 For before these tvm^, rose vp one ^ '' ThisTheudas 

rm 11 , T • Sr . i was about thirtie 

Theudas boastyng him selfe, to whome re yeres before him 
sorted a nombre of men about a foure ho ^encicmeth*ir20 
dred: which was slajoie, and they aU which ofAntiquites, cha. 

V J -u- i.i„ J 1. J J 4. that was after 

obeyed hun, were scattred abrode, and j^e death of He- 

broght to noght. '•ode the Great, 

'-'.,." , _ when Archelaus 

37 Alter this man, arose ther vp one lu- his sonne was at 
Luk. 2. a. das of Gable, in the time when * tribute fy^'iurie wa"sfu{ 

began, and drewe away muche people af- of insurrections. 
ter him : he also perished : and all that bar- 
kened to him were scattered a broad. 

38 And now I say vnto you, refraine your 
selues from these men, let them alone : for 
yf this counsel, or this worke be of men, it 
wU come to noght. 



i He groundeth 39 But and yf it be of ' God, ye cannot de- 
pfes° bu°t he'^dou- stroye it, lest happly ye be founde to stry- 
teth'of the quaii- ^g affaynst God. 

tie of the cause :ne t "^i i • i i ii j 

ther dare affirrae 40 And to him they agreed, and called 
wheAeritbegood ^^^ Apostles, and beat them, & comman- 
ded that they shulde not speake in the 
Name of lesus, and let them go. 

41 And they departed from the Coimcil, 
reioysing, that they were counted worthy 
to sufFre rebuke for the Name of lesus. 

42 And dayly in the temple, and in euery 
house they ceased not, teaching and pf ca- 
ching lesus Christe. 


Seuen deacons are ordeyned in the Congrega 
Hon. The graces and miracles of Steuen. Vf^ho- 
me they accused falsely . 

A Nd in those dayes as the nomber of A 
■^^ the disciples grewe, ther arose a grud- 
ge of the " Grekes towardes the Hebrues : "whoseance- 
• They were not bccause their wvddowes were * despiced ^'®'"l!I'f!fJf,' 

lokedvnto in the . ^, , , • • ^ • wesanddwel- 

distributio of the in the dayly mmistrmg. led m Gre- 

aimes. 2 Then the Twelue called the multitude these spaki 

of the disciples together, and sayd. It is Greeke, and 

not HcbrcwG. 

not mete that we shulde leaue the worde 
>> Makeprouisio of God, and serue the ^ tables. 
^ceoit'^toort' ^ Wherfore brethren, loke ye out among 
you seuen men of honest report, and ful 
of the holy Gost, and wysdome, which we 
may appoint to thisnedeful busynes. 

4 But we wil geue our selues continual- B 
ly to prayer, & to the ministration of the 

5 And the saying pleased the whole mul 
titude : and they chose Steuen a man ful of 

«= faith 


Chap. 21. b. ^ faith and of the holy Gost, and * Phihp, » He ioyneth 
and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, {^er m^ o^f'th; 
" Turned to and Parmenas, and Nicolas a " conuerte of '""'y <^ost. 

the lewesh re . .• ■, 

ligion. Antiocne. 

6 Which they set before the Apostles : 

and they prayed, and '^ layde their handes o This ceremo- 

nn tV>«im "^'^ ^^^ lewes ob- 

011 Lueiu. serued in solerane 

C 7 And the worde of God encreased, and sacrifices. Leuit. 
the nombre of the disciples multipUed in and priiwte'^ Wes! 
lerusalem ffreatlv, & a ffreat company of f'^ss- Gen. 48. c. 

„„,.,, T, • IT ^ 1/ r • 1 likewise in the pn 

That Ls, the the rnestes were obedient to the faith. matiueChurcheit 

^"^P^'- 8 And Steuen ful of faith and power, T. thefmadf .^i 

dvd ffreat wonders & miracles amonsr the nisters,orgauethe 

•' ° =" gifts of the holy 

people. Gost: which gifts 

" or, Colled- 9 Then there arose certayne of the " Sy- ^eing now taken 

ge,diuersena ,. , n j t -u _^ / away the ceremo- 

tions had Col Dagoge, which are called Libertines, and nie must cease, 
ledges at le- Cyrenites, and of Alexandria, and Cihcia, 

rusalem whe- "^ , . . , , . , ■ i o 

ritheir youth and Asia, and disputed with hteuen. 
Td^Jwe'set 10 But they could not resist the wisdom, 
vniuersites. and the Sprite, by the which he spake. 

D 1 1 Then they *^ suborned men, which sayd, e Malice seketh 

We haue heard him speake blasphemous [^ielhSeth'her'! 

wordes against Moses, and against God. 

12 And they moued the people and the 
Elders, and the Scribes : and running vpon 
him, caught him, and broght him to the 

13 And broght forth false witnesses, w 
sayd. This man ceaseth not to speake blas- 
phemous wordes against this Holy place, 
and the Lawe. 

"Theyspeake 14 For we heard hym saye, that " this le- 
tempt. * sus of Nazaret shaU destroye this place, 
and shal change the ordinaces which Mo- 
ses gaue vs. 

1 5 And all that sate in the CouncU loked 
stedfastly on him, and sawe his face as it 


I Not oneiy a had bene the ^ face of an Anarel. 

certain conndece, o 

but also great ma- 

iestie appearing in 


Steuen maketh answer to his accusation, re- 
buketh the hardnecked lewes, 8f is stoned to 

fT^Hen sayd the chief Prieste, Are these A 
-*■ thinges so ? 
'Steuen was ac- 2 And he sayd. Ye " men, brethren, and fa 
nL'd God!Ld\her thcrs, hearken : The God of " glorie appea- » Hereby heis 
fore he is more di red vnto our father Abraha, whyle he was discerned fro 

liget to purge this . k t.»^ . • ^ r i i i. • *"^ '^"•-' 

crime. in " Mesopotamia, beiore he dwelt m Gods. 

'■ He speaketh he pUorrnn 
re of Mesopota- ^Jldrran. 

mia as it contey- 3 * And sayd vnto him. Come out of thy Cen. 12. a. 
chaideain?"^ countre, and from thy kynred, and come 
into the land, which I shal shewe thee. 

4 Then came he out of the land of the 
Chaldeans, and dwelt in Charran. And af- 
ter that his father was dead, he broght 
Vh'tti from thence, into this land, in which 
ye now dwel. 

5 And he gaue him none inheritance in 
it, no, not the breadth of a fote : and he 
promised that he wolde geue it to him to 
possesse, and to his seed after him, when as 
yet he had no childe. 

6 God verely spake on this wyse, that his 

* seede shulde be a seiourner in a strange Gen. 15. c 
land, and that they shulde kepe them in 
' Begynning to bodage. and entreate them euyl '^ four hun 

recken the yeres j ^l ^p^pc 
fro the tyme that QTcin yereS. 

Isaac was borne. 7 But the nation to whom they shalbe m 

bondage wU I " iudge sayeth God : and af- " Take venge 
ter that, they shal come forth & seme me deiiuer my 
m this place. l^eopie. 

8 * And he gaue him the couenant of Cir- Qgn. 17.6. 





Gen. 21. a. cumcision : and so Abraham begate * Isaac, 
and circumcised him the eight day : and 

Gen. 25. c. Isaac begate * lacob, and lacob the twelue 

Gen. 26. d. * Patriarkes. 

30. a. 35. d. g j^^ the Patriarks hauing indignatio, 
solde Joseph into Egypt : but God was w 

10 And deUuered him out of all his ad- 
Gen. 41. e. uersities, and * gaue him fauour and wys- 

dome in the syght of Pharao Kyng of Egy 
pt, who made him Gouemor ouer Egypt, 
and ouer all his housholde. 

1 1 Then came there a dearth ouer all the 
land of Egj^t and Chanaan, and great af- 
fliction : that our fathers founde no suste- 

Gen. 42. a. 1 2 But when * lacob heard that ther was 
come in Egypt, he sent our fathers first. 

Gen. 45. a. 13 * And at the seconde time, loseph was 
knowen of his brethren, and losephs kin- 
red was made knowen vnto Pharao. 

1 4 Then sent loseph and caused his father 
"After theHe to be broght and all his kynne, " thre score 

15 And lacob descended into Egjqjt, and 
dyed, both he and our fathers, 

1 6 And were translated into Sichem, and 

were put in the " sepulchre, that '^ Abra- ,^l,'lir^:^l 
ham bosrht for money, of the sonnes of through negUgeee 

_, " r o- ■!_ put in Abraham in 

Himor, Sonne Ot felChem. this place, in stede 

C 17 Butwhethetymeofthepromissedrue°fgj^J^'^°jJ?; g^,^j° 
nye which God had swome to Abraham, 
Exo. 1. a. the people * grew & multiphed in Egypt, ^y wayerboth to 

18 Tvl another Kyng arose, which knewe destroye the urae 

J JO lites with ouer mu 

not loseph. che labour : and al 

19 The same dealt ^ suttely with our kyn- ^°tl,7them!Exox 
red, and euyl intreated our fathers, b. 


& made them to cast out their yong chyl- 
dren, that they shulde not remayne aly- 

20 * The same tyme was Moses borne, and Exod. 2. a. 
was acceptable vnto God, which was no- *^^''- ^^' *' 
rysshed vp in his fathers house thre mo- 

21 And when he was cast out, Pharaos 
daughter toke him vp, and norisshed him 
for her owne sonne. 

22 And Moses was learned in all maner 
wysdome of the Egyptians : & was myghty 
in wordes and in dedes. 

23 And when he was ful forty yere olde, it 
came into hys heart to viset his brethren, 
the children of Israel. 

24 * And when he sawe one of them suffre Exod. 2. b. 
wronge, he defended liim, and auenged 

hys quarel that had the harme done to 
hjTn, and smote the Egyptian. 

25 For he supposed hys brethren wolde 
haue vnderstande, how that God by his 
handes shulde geue saluation vnto them : 
but they vnderstode not. 

26 And the next day, he shewed h)Tn sel- D 
fe vnto them as they stroue, and wolde 
haue set them at one agayne, saying, 
Syrs, ye are brethren, why hurt ye one 
another ? 

27 But he that dyd his neighbour wron- 
ge, thrust him away, saying, "Who made 
thee a Ruler, and a ludge ouer vs ? 

28 Wylt thou kyl me, as thou dyddest the 
Egyptian yesterdaye ? 

29 Then fled Moses at that saying, and was 
a stranger in the lande of Madian, where 
he begate two sonnes. 

30 And 


30 And whe fourty yeares were expired, 
Exod. 3. h. ther appeared to him in the * wildemes 

of mount Sina, an Angel of the Lord in a 
flamme of fyre, in a bushe. 

3 1 When Moses saw it, he wondred at the 
sight : and as he drue neare to beholde, the 
voice of the Lord came vnto him, 

32 I am the God of thy fathers, the God 
of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the 
God of lacob . Then Moses trembled and 
durst not beholde. 

33 And the Lord sayd to him, Put of thy 
showes from thy fete : for the place where 
thou standest is holy ground. 

34 I haue sene, I haue sene the afflictio of 
my people which is in Egypt, and I haue 
heard their gronjmg, and am come doune 
to deUuer them, and now come, and I wvl 
send thee into Egypt. 

E 35 This Moses whome they forsoke say- 
ing. Who made thee a Ruler and a ludge : 
the same God sent bothe a Ruler, and a de 

1. Cor. 10. a. lyuerer, by y handes of the * Angel which 
appeared to hym in the bushe. 

Exo 7.8.9. 36 And * the same broght them out, she- 
■ ■ ■ wing wondres and signes in Egypte, and 

Exo. 16. a. in the red sea, & in the wyldernes * four- 
ty yeres. 
37 This is that Moses which sayd vnto the 

Dent. 23. c. children of Israel, * A ^ Prophet shal the 'He prueth that 

chap. 3. d. L^^^ y„^ G^^ ^^yg^ ^ ^^^ y^^ ^f y^^^ fhetaw:Sh1 

brethren, lyke vnto me, him shal ye heare. Prophetes. 
Exo 19 a. 38 *This is he that was in the congrega- 
" Moses was tion, in the wyldernes with the " Angel 

minister"& a which spakc tO him in the mount Sina, & « By oracles, is 

guyde to the with OUT fathers, who receaued the s lyue- Tf^^^ ^^?'"P 

fathers. , , •' that God spake to 

ly oracles to geue vnto vs. Moses. 


39 To whom our fathers would not obey, 
but refused, & in their hartes turned bac- 
ke agayne into Egypt. 
h Figures, or testi 40 Saying vnto Aaron, * Make *' vs god- e^o 32 « 
s^nce'of GcI'd.'"'"' des to go before vs. ' For we wot not what 

'Yettheyknewe is become of this Moses that broght VS 
he was absent for -r^i-ijrr^ i 

their commoditie, OUt 01 the land 01 iiigypt. 

ty '"rtourae^^I^d "^^ ^^ ^^^Y ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^ *^°^6 dayes, 
bring them the and offered sacrifice vnto the idole : & re- 
^'"^' ioysed in the workes of their owne hades. 

42 Then God turned him selfe away, and 
* gaue thevpjwto a reprobat sense, thatthey Rom. i. d. 
should worshyp the " hoste of the skye, as "Asthe sunne 
it is written in the booke of the Prophe- mone& other 
^ Your fathers tes, ^ * Thou house of Israel, gaue ye to me i7.a. 

bega in wildemes , .■•,. <•!_. j -izi-ii 

to contene myne kilung ot bcasts and sacnticcs by the spa 
ordinances, & you (.g ^f fourty yeres in the wyldemes } 

now farre passe .„., t, t e i i /•*■»«■ », 

the in impietie. 43 And ye toke vp y tabernacle of Mo- F 

loch, & the starre of your god Remphan, ^'^"^ ctVi^d 
figures which ye made, to worship them: vpon' your 
therfore I wil remoue you beyonde Ba- ^Leuit\<i).a. 
' They oght to 44 Qur fathers had y tabernacle of ' wit- 

haue bene content .,, .•,, iii -.i 

with this Couenat nes m the wildemcs, as he had appomted 

only, & not to ha- tj^gm, Speaking vnto * Moses, y he should Bxo. 20. d. 

ue gon after their -, • i- -, c \ • heh R h 

lewde fantasies, make it according to the fassmon that he 
had sene. 

45 Which tabernacle also, our fathers re- 
ceaued and broght in with * lesus into the los. 3. c 
possession of the Getiles, which God dra- 

ue out before the face of our fathers, *vn- Psal.\2,2.a. 
to the dayes of Dauid : 

46 * Who founde fauour before God, & 2.Sam.\Q.c 
desired that he myght fynde a tabernacle 

for the God of lacob. 

47 * But Salomon buylt hym an house. \\kynQ a. ' 

48 Howbeit, that moste hyest G'od!*dwel- chap. li.f. 



leth not in ™ teples made with handes, as "" He reproueth 
Esa. 66. a. sayth the * Prophete, ^' ^^T tZll 

49 Heauen is my seat, and earth is my fo- ^^^'^^ abused the 
"God can not testole, what " house wyl ye buylde for me, that they woide ha 
^: a'uyTace ^^3^^ the Lord ? or what place is it that I rn%tTmJi'e."*'' 
of place. should reste in ? 

50 Hathe not my hande made all these 
thynges } 

G 5 1 * Ye stiffenecked & of vncircumcised 
^^^\ ^if ' " hartes & eares, ye haue alwayes resisted y " Which nether 

e.ech.U. c. j^^jy ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^y^ ^^ ^^ y^ ScLeTnor'^' 

52 Which of the Prophetes haue not your muche as heare, 
fathers persecuted ? and they haue slayne keth°to you/'"'^ 
them, which shewed before of the com- 
"les' christe. myng of that " lust, whom ye haue now be- 
trayed and murthered. 
Exo. 16. a. 53 * Which haue receaued y Lawe by the 
Ae6 1* of ° ordinace of Angels, & haue not kept it. ° ?y '^^''' •"'"'• 

54 When they heard these thinges, their ^^"^""^^ 
hartes brast for anger, and they gnasshed 

at him with their teeth. 

55 But he being ful of the holy Gost, lo- 
ked vp stedfastly with his eyes into hea- 
uen. and saw the glorie of God, and lesus 

" "'■• ''^'"^- " standing at p the ryght hand of God. PAnd raining in 

56 And sayd. Behold, I se the heauens H'^hadtfrr'ed" 
open, and the Sonne of man standing at 

the ryght hand of God. 

57 Then they gaue a shoute with a loude 

voyce, and stopped their eares, and *i ran- i This was done 
ne vpon him all at once. "?T "^ i""T 

-c, \ J 1 . ""'-'-• violence, then by 

58 And cast him out of the citie, and sto- any forme of iu- 
ned h)an : and the wytnesses layd downe 
their clothes at a yonge mans fete named 

59 And they stoned Steue, who called on 
God, & sayd, Lord les', receaue my sprite. 



60 And he kneled downe, and cried with 
a loude voyce, * Lord lay not this synne to Matth. 5. g. 
their charge. And when he had thus spo- luk. 23. c. 
ken, he fel * aslepe. V'^^ltc 


Steuen is lamented and buried. The faithful 
scatered, preache here and there. The rage of the 
lewes, and of Saul against them. Samaria is 
seduced by Simon the sorcerer, but was conuer- 
ted by Philip, and confirmed by the Apostles. 
The couuetousnes and hypocrisie of Simon, and 
conuersion of the Eunuche. 


Nd Saul consented to his death. & at A 
^f tyme, there was a great persecutio 
agaynst the Cogregation which was at le 
rusale, & they were all scattered abrode, 
through the regios of lurie and Samaria, 
except the Apostles. 

2 Then certeyne men "fearing God, caried "Ff" the pia- 
Steuen amongs the, to he buried, and made was stoned. 
^whetheChur great " lamentation ouer him. 
of any worthfm^ 3 But Saul made hauocke of the Congre- 
ber ther is iuste gation, and cntrcd into euery house : and 

cause of sorrows. , . -i .\ i i , 

&note,thathereis drswc out Dothc mcnandwomen, and put 

no mention of any ^^^^ -^^^ pnson, 
rehkes, or prayers r 

for the dead, or 4 Thcrfore they y were scattered abro- 
wors ipmg. ^g^ ^^^ euery where preaching the worde 
of God. 
b Theconuersio 5 Then Came Phihp into the citie ^ Sama 

of Samaria was as • j i. j nn. • i. i. ix. 

it were the first fru na, and preached Chnst vnto them. 

its of the calling g And the people gaue hede vnto those B 

oftheGentils. i,- \, t5u-t i t 

thinges which rhihp spake, w one accor- 
de, hearing and seing the miracles which 
he dyd. 

7 For vnclene sprites crying with a loud 




voyce, came out of many that were posses 
sed of them, and many taken with palseys, 
and that halted, were healed. 

8 And ther was great ioye in that citie. 

9 And ther was a certayne man called Si 
mon, which before tyme, in the same citie 
vsed witchecrafte and bewitched the pe- 
ople of Samarie, saying, that he was a ma 
that could do great thinges : 

10 Wliom they '^ regarded from the least "Howmuchemo 
to the greatest, saying. This felowisthat tofoTiorthe'luu- 
ffreat power of God. sions of Sata then 

°, . ^, , , 111 1 thetruethof God? 

1 1 And they set muche by hym, because 
that of longe tyme he had bewytched the 
with sorceries. 

12 But assone as they beleued Philippes 
preaching of the kyngdome of God, and 
of y Name of lesus Christ, they were bap- 
tized bothe men and women. 

C 13 Then Simon him selfe ^ beleued also : ''Themaiestieof 
and was baptized, & continued with Phi- ced him to cofesse 
lip : and wondred, beholdyna: thesignes & thetrueth.Butyet 

^. 1 • 1 11 ^^^ "^ °°'' reffene- 

miracles which were shewed. rat therfore. 

14 Now whe the Apostles w were at Jeru- 
salem heard say, that Samaria had recea- 
ued the worde of God, they sent vnto the, 
Peter and John. 

15 Which when they were come doune, 
prayed for them, that they myght receaue 

"Theparticu- the holy " Gost. 

lier gifts of , ^ ^-n, -^ , , c 

the holy Spi- i D (r or as yet, he was come on none oi 

"'^- them, but they were baptized ^ only in the ■= They had only 

-VT c T J T \ receaued theeom- 

JName ot our Lord lesus.) mon grace of adop 

17 Then layd they their handes on them, tion & regeneratio 

J V •' -^ which are offered 

and they receaued the holy Gost. to aii the faithful 

18 When Simon sawe, that through lay- '" B'^p'*™''- 
ing on of the Apostles handes, the holv 



Gost was geuen, he offered them money. 

1 9 Saying, Geue me also this power, that 
on whomsoeuer I put the handes, he may 
receaue the holy Gost. 

20 Then sayd Peter vnto h)an, Tliy money d 
perishe with thee, because thou wenest f 
the gift of God may be obteined with mo- 

21 Thou hast nether part nor fellowshyp 
in this busynes : for thy hart is not right 
in the sight of God. 

22 " Repent therfore of this thy wicked- "or, turne a- 
nes, and pray God, that if it be possible ''^^ ^''"'' 
the thoght of thyne hart may be forgeuen 

' Or, thy hart is 23 For I perccauc that thou art ' in y gall 
lice? & ^deueiishe of * bittemes, * in the bode of iniquite. Deut. 29. c. 
poison of impietie, 24 Then auswered Simou, & sayd. Pray ve '• 3"im.2.rf. 

so that now Satan ^i t j r ^i i. j-^i ^i ■ esa. bS. b. 

hath thee tyed as to the Liord lor me that none oj these t hinges 
captiue in his ba- ^j^-^j^ ^^ y^^^^ spoken, faU on me. 

25 And they when they had testified and 
preached the worde of the Lord, returned 
toward Jerusalem, and preached the Go- 
spel in many townes of the Samaritans. 

26 Then the Angel of the Lord spake vn- e 
to Philip, saying, Aryse & go towarde the 
south vnto the way that goeth doune fro 
lerusale vnto Gaza, which is leaft " waste. « ^fter that 

27 And he arose and went on : and beholde Aiexader had 
g Eunuche, sijai- a certeync Eimuche of Ethiopia Candaces was not mu- 

Secfbutbecause the Quene of the Ethiopians chief Gou- ^he peopled. 

in the east partes uemer, who had the rule of all her threa- 

great affaires were . t i r ^ i 

cnraitto suche: it sure. Came to lerusalem tor to worshyp. 
came in vse that 28 And as he retumcd home agayne syt- 

noDlenie werecal- . , . , , .^ ° •^, -^ 

led Euuuches, ai. tyug m his charet, he read Esai the Pro- 

thogh they were „Vi_t„ 
Hot gelded. piicic. 

29 Then 


29 Then the Sprite sayd vnto Philip, Go 
neare and ioyne thy selfe to yonder cha- 
E 30 And Philip ranne thether, and heard 
him read the Prophet Esaie, and sayd. 
But vnderstandest thou what thou rea- 

31 And he sayd, How can I, except I had 
a gyde ? And he desired Philip, that he 
wolde come vp and sit with him. 

32 The place of the Scripture which he 
Esa. 53. e. read was this, * He was led as a shepe 

to be slayne : and like a lambe domme be- 
fore his shearer, so opened he not his 
"Thepunishe 33 ^ In his humilitic his"iugement hath be '■Albeit chnstc 
sTffered"' '' ne exalted. But who shal declare his " > ge- TaSS'^e 
■ Or, age. neration ? for his life is taken from the ii"g also his Fa- 

,, , , . ,/ , , thers angre aa;aist 

And now rai earthe. synne:yet hebrake 

uen 34 Then the Eunuche answered phihp "^«^''^'i«^ °f !l'^^th 

i and was exalted. 

and sayd, I pray thee of whom speaketh Act.2.d. 

the Prophet this ? of him selfe, or of some jo^g his* age shai 

other man ? endure ? for being 

" He opened 35 Then Phihp " opened his mouth, and death shal no mo- 

matTefo/t bega at the same Scripture, and preached ^LS^ngdom: 

great impor- vntO him leSUS. ' euer haue endc, or 

tance. nn \ j A.^ a. a.-\ • ^^ els we may take 

do And as they went on their way, they generation, for his 
came vnto a certayne water, & the Eimu- churche which ne 

1 J o 7 • 1 111 "^'' shal haue 

che sayd, oe, here is water, what doth let ende, for now they 
G me to be baptized ? JLetwithSl^ 

37 And Phihp sayd vnto him. If thou their head. 
"With a pure beleuest with " aU thyne heart, thou 
h^art.''^'*^'^'' mayst. And he answered and sayd, I be- 

leue that lesus Christe is the Sonne of 

38 Then he comanded the charet to stand 



styl : and they went doune bothe into the 
water, bothe PhUip & also the Eunuche, 
and he baptized him. 
39 And assone as they were come out of 
the water the Spirit of the Lord caught 
>• This was, to away Philip, y the ^ Eunuche sawe him no 

thintent that he j -i i i," • • 

might knowe so T^ore, and he went on ms way reioysmg. 

muche the better 40 But Philip " waS founde at' AzotUS : & " or, percea- 
that Philip was set , n j i i t ^^^ "i™ s^l" 

to him by God. he Walked throughout the countre, prea- fe to be. 
thil d^'was' ais^ ching in their cities, tyl he came to Cesa- 

called Asdod. lo- rca. 
sue. 15 


The conuersion of Saul, his vocation to the 
Apostleship, and his zeale to execute the same. 
How he escapeth the lewes cospiracies : his ac- 
cesse to the Apostles. The prosperitie of the Chur 
ches. Peter healeth AEneas, raiseth Tabitha, 
conuerteth many to Christe, 8f logeth in a tan- 
ners house. 

■'He persecuted A Nd Saul yet breathing out threatnin- A 
Tnd'cmeure'thlffn "^ges & slaughter agaynst the disciples ^'^^^[ta 
he'thiMted'fore'''' °^ ^^^ l^ordi, went vnto the hye Priest, g'ai. i.'c. ' 

2 And desired of him letters to Damas- 
cus to the Synagoges : y if he founde any of 

thys ' ' way (whether they were me or worae) ^ "^'e ^'^"'' °^' 
he myght bring them bounde vnto Jeru- 

3 * Now as he iomeyed, it fortuned that as Chap. 22. h. 
he was come nye to Damasc', * sodely ther j- ''or.U.a. 
shyned rounde about him a lyght from 

4 And he fel to the earth, and heard a 
voyce, saying to him, Saul, Saul, why per- 
secutest thou me? 

5 And he sayd. Who art thou Lord ? And 



the Lord sayd, I am lesus whom thou per- 
secutest, it is hard for thee to kycke against b That is, to re- 
fa TirjckeS ^'^^ ^°'^ when he 
r ' pricketh and soli- 

6 He then bothe trembhng and astonyed, citeth our consci- 
sayd. Lord what wilt thou haue me to do ? ^°'^®^" 
and the Lord sayd vnto him, Arise and go 
into the citie, & it shalbe tolde thee what 
thou shalt do. 
B 7 The men which iomeyed with him, sto- 
"Sauis voice, de amased, hearing "his voyce : but *= seing ' Foroneiy Saui 

knewe that lesus 
no man. spake vnto him. 

8 And Saul arose from the grovmde.and 
" For he was Opened his eyes, but" sawe no man. The led 
biynde. t}iey him by the hand, & broght him into 


9 Wher he was thre dayes with out sight, 

and nether ^ ate nor drancke. dHewassoraui- 

-I r\ \ J iX. _i" J--1 i.-r« shed with the visiO 

10 Andtherwas acertame disciple at JJa that his appetite 
mascus named Ananias, and to him sayd ^^^ *-^^^° ^"^y 
the Lord in a visio, Ananias. And he sayd, 

Beholde, / am here Lord. 

1 1 Then the Lord sayd vnto him. Arise, & ' 
go into the strete which is called Strayght 

and seke in the house of Judas after one 
Sauiprayeth. caUed Saul of Tars' : for beholde he pray- 

1 2 And he sawe in a vision a man named 
Ananias coming into him, and putting his 
handes on him, that he myght receaue his 

1 3 The Ananias answered. Lord, I haue he 
ard by many of this ma, how muche euyl 
he hath done to thy sainctes at lerusalem. 

C 14 Moreouer here he hath auctorite of 
the hye Priestes, to bynde aU that call on 
thy Name. 

1 5 The Lord sayd vnto him. Go thy wayes : 


' A worthyser- foj- he is a'^chosen vessel vntome,to"beare "Tobeareme 
uant of God, and .. . i /^ -J•^ j i witnes, & set 

cndewed with ex- mv Name Delore the (jetiles, and kynges, forthe my 
bourotheTs':^' "■ and the children of Israel. gi^^e. 

1 6 For I wil shewe hym, how many thyn- 
ges he must suffre for ray Names sake. 

17 Then Ananias went his way, & entred 
into that house, & put his handes on him, 
and sayd. Brother Saul, the Lord hath sent 
me (lesus Imeane that appeared vnto thee 
in the way as thou earnest) that thou mygh 
test receaue thy syght, and be fylled with 
the holy Gost. 

1 8 And immediatly ther fel fro his eyes D 
as it had bene scales, and sodenly he rece- 
aued syght : and arose, and was baptized. 

19 And receaued meat, and was comfor- 
ted. The was Saul certayne dayes with the 
disciples which were at Damascus. 

20 And strayght way he preached Christ 
in the Synagoges, how that he was the So- 
ne of God. 

21 So that all that heard him, were ama- 
sed and sayd. Is not this he, that spoyled 
them w called on this Name in lerusale: 
& came hyther for that entent, y he shuld 
bryng them boimde vnto the hye Priestes ? 

22 But Saul encreased the more instregth, 
and confounded the lewes which dwelt at 
Damascus, " confirming, that this was very " Prouing by 

CVirisfp "'^ conferen- 

f That was after ^"'^°'''^" , , , t ceoftheScri 

three yeres.that he 23 And after a ' gOod whyle, the lewes to- ptures. 

Damasrratirn kc conscl together, to kyl him. 

the coutrey about. 24 But their laying awayt was knowen of 

« The Gouuer- Saul, and they * - watched the gates day & 2. Cor. 11. jr. 
"u^Itl'pptted" nyght to kyl him. 

watche as he de- 25 Then the disciples toke him by night, E 
vinthians. ^ ° and put him through the wall, and let him 



doune in a basket. 

26 And when Saul was come to lerusale, 
he assayde to couple him selfe with the di 
sciples, but they were all afrayde of him, 
and beleued not that he was a disciple. 

27 But Barnabas toke him, & broghthim 
to the Apostles, & declared to them, how 
he had sane the Lord in the way, who spa- 
ke vnto him : and how he had done bolde- 
ly at Damascus in the Name of lesus. 

" With Peter 28 And he was conuersant with " them at 

and lames. - , 

Gai.i.d. lerusalem. 

29 And spake frankly '' in the Name of the i> Making open 
"Which were j^^^d lesus. & disputed with the " Grekes: R^/^f °" °^ *^ 

lewes, but so -r i i • Oospel. 

called becau- and they went about to slay him. 

AisS^r'^ 30 But when the brethren kneweofthat, 

through Gre t^gy broght hym to Cesarea, and sent him 

contries." forth to * Tarsus. ,. ' ^^'''^^"l'; '' ^^^ 

his ownecutne, & 

31 Then had the Churches rest through there he might ha 
aU lewrie, and Gahle, and Samaria, and "«s°«'eautoritie. 
were edified, and walked in the feare of 
the Lord, and multiphed by the comfort 
of the holy Cost. 
F 32 And it chased as Peter walked through 
out all quarters, he came also to the sain- 
ctes which dwelt at Lidda. 

33 And there he founde a certayne man 
named AEneas, which had kept his bed 
eight yeres, sycke of the palsye. 

34 The sayd Peter vnto him, AEneas, le- 
sus Christe maketh thee whole: arise 

"or.trussethy and " make vp thy bed . and he arose im- 

couche toge- j- ii 

ther. mediatly. 

" A place so 35 And'' all that dwelt at Lydda and " Sa- ' w^amng the 

called, & not i- j. j .. ^i t j greatest pan. 

a citie. ^^^> ^awe lum, and tourned to the Lord. 
36 Ther was at loppa a certayne woman 
which was a disciple named Tabitha, (^ 


by interpretation is called " Dorcas) the sa- "That isade- 

y> r ^ r j i j i re, or roebuc 

me was ful of good workes and alme.s ke. 
dedes, which she did. " <"■• "<=•>«• 

37 And it chanced in those dayes, that she 
was sycke and dyed . and when they had 

iiiiKht'iui'r"*1>e?tf ' ^^sshed her, they layd her in an vpper 
tcrward. chamber. 

38 Now forasmuche as Lydda was nye to 
loppa . and the disciples had heard that 
Peter was there, they sent vnto him two 
men desiring that he wolde not delaye to 

.come vnto them. 

39 Then Peter arose and came with them : G 
and when he was come, they broght him 
into the vpper chamber : where all the wid 
dowes stode rounde about him weping, 
and shewyng the coates and garmentes 
which Dorcas made, while she was with 

40 And Peter put them tdl forth, & kne- 
led downe, and prayd, and turned him to 
the body, and sayd, Tabitha, arise. And she 
opened, her eyes, and when she sawe Pe- 
ter, sat vp. 

4 1 And he gaue her the hand, and hft her 
■"Forshe wasre vp, and called the '" sainctes and wyddo- 

th°er'"^that'^others ^cs, and restored her alyue. 

myght haiie occa- 42 And it was kuowcn. throuerh out aU 

sion to beleue and ^ , , , i • i t i 

gioriBe God, the loppa, and many beleued m the Lord, 
for her owne sake. 43 And it Came to passe that he taried ma 

ny dayes in loppa, with one Simon a " tan- " or, corier. 



The vision that Peter saw. How he was sent 
to Cornelius The Heithe.n also receaue the Spri 
te, and are baptized. 



A T^Orthermore there was a certayne man 
- in Cesarea called Cornell', a captayne 
of the souldiers called the Italian hande. 

2 A deuout man, and one ^ that feared » whohadforsa 
God with aU his housholde, which gaue ^dS Wmiei: 
much almes to the people, & prayed God ^® '° ^^^ ""ue ser- 

^. ,, r r ' r J uiceofGod. 


3 The same sawe in a visio euidetly (about 
the nynthe houre of the day) an Angel of 
God comming in to him, and saying vnto 
him, Cornelius, 

4 When he loked on him, he was afrayd 
and sayd. What is it Lord ? And he saydvn 
to him. Thy prayers and thy ahnes are 

come ^ vp into remembrance before God. '' That is, God 

5 Now therfore send men to loppa, and ^itrofitToioweTh 
cal for one Simo, whose surname is Peter, ^''^t he had faith, 

£. TT , J ,, .,, o- 1. for els it is impos- 

D He lodgeth with one bimon a tanner, sibie to please 
whose house is by the sea syde : he shal tel ^°^' 
thee what thou oghtest to do. 

7 And when the Angel which spake vnto 
Comehus, was departed, he called two 
of his householde seruantes, and a soiU- 
dier that feared God, one of the that way 
ted on him. 

8 And tolde them aU the matter, & sent 
them to loppa. 

B 9 On the morowe as they went on their 
iorney, and drewe nye vnto the citie, Pe- 
ter went vp vpon the top of the house to 

" Which was pray, about the " sixt houre. 

midday, jq rpj^g waxcd he an hongred, and would 
haue eaten : but whyle they made some thin 
ge ready, he fel into a trance. 
1 1 And he sawe heauen opened, and a cer 
tayne vessel come downe vnto him, as it 
had bene a great shete, knyt at y foure cor 


ners, and was let downe to the earth. 
^ As camels, hor 1 2 Wherfn Were *^ all maner of foure fo- 
shepe!swyne*&su- ^^^ beastcs of the earth, and wilde beastes 
che like which ma & crepinff beastes, & foules of the aver. 

nourrishethforhis , „ • i 7i i • t> 

vse. IS And ther came a voyce to mm, Kyse 

Peter, kyl, and eat. 

14 But Peter sayd. Not so Lord, for I ha- 
ue neuer eaten any thing that is commen, 
or vncleane. 

1 5 And the voyce spake vnto him agayne c 
<i In taking away the seconde tyme, What God hath^'puri- 

I'lxSrebla. fied " pollute thou not. -Take .t not 

stes & cieane, he 1 6 This was SO doue thrysc : and the vessel fc""i.„!'°lr 

sheweth there is i . ^ , <=' impure. 

no difference be- was drawen vp againe mto heauen. 

twixt men. J 7 Whyle Peter mused in him selfe what 

this vision which he had sene meant, be- 
holde, the men which were sent from Cor 
nelius, had made inquirance for Simons 
house, and stode before the dore. 

1 8 And caled out one, and asked, whether 
Simon, which was sumamed Peter, were 
lodged there. 

1 9 Whyle Peter thoght on the vision, the 
Sprite said vnto him, Beholde three men 
seke thee. 

20 * Aryse therfore, get thee downe, and Chap. 15.6 
'Then true obe- ctq with them, and *^ doute not : for I haue 

dience which pro- '^ , 

cedeth of faith, sent them. 

oght to be without 21 Then Peter went downe to the men, 

dout or questxo- i • r /^ 

ning. which were sent vnto him from Cor- 

nehus. and sayd, Beholde, I am he whome 
ye seke, what is the cause wherfore ye are 
come ? 

22 And they sayd, Comehus the captai- D 
ne, a iuste man, and one that feareth God, 
& of good reporte among all the people 
of the lewes, was warned by an holy An- 


gel, to send for thee into his house, and to 
heare thy wordes. 

23 Then called he them in, & lodged the. 
Peter goeth and the next day, Peter went away with 
towarde Cor- them, and certayne brethren from loppa 

accompanyed hym. 

24 And the day after, they entred into 
Cesarea. And Comehus wayted for them, 
and had called together his k}Tismen, and 
speciaU friendes. 

25 And as it chanced Peter to come in, 
Cornelius met hym, and fel downe at his 

fete, and ^ worshypped hym. 'Shewed to mu- 

26 But Peter toke hym vp, saying, Stand SaZgde^t 
vp, for euen I my selfe am a man. ordre, asthoghPe 

27 And as he talked with hym, he came 
in, and founde many that were come toge 

28 And he said vnto them, Ye knowe how 
that it is an vnlawful thjTig for a ma that 

luhn. 4. e. is a * lewe, to companye or come vnto one, 
that is of an other nation : but God hath 
shewed me, that I should not call any man 
or, polluted. " commen, or vncleane. 

29 Therfore came I vnto you without 
saying naye, assone as I was sent fore. I as- 
ke therfore, For what intent haue ye sent 
for me ? 

E 30 The ComeU' sayd, Foure dayes ago, eue 
about this houre I fasted, and at the nyn- 
the houre, I prayd in my house : and behol- 
de, a man stode before me in bryght clo- 

3 1 And sayd, Corneh', thy prayer is heard 
and thyne almes dedes are had in reme- 
brance in the syght of God. 

32 Send therfore to loppa, and call for 


Simon, whose surname is Peter : he is lod- 
ged in the house of one Simon a tanner by 
the sea syde, the which assone as he is co- 
me, shal speake vnto thee. 

33 Then sent I for thee immediatly, and 
thou hast wel done for to come. Now ther 
fore are we al here present before God, to 
heare all thinges that are commanded vn 
to thee of God. 

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and 

sayd. Of a truth I perceaue, that * God is Den. lo, d. 
notparciall. ttuT'^' 

che^h 'h'b ^''^^' ^^ ^^^ ^"^ ^ people he that § feareth him, wisd.e'.b. 

meane the whole & WOrkcth righteOUSneS, is accepted with eccks.Sb.h. 
religion of God, i,.^^ gat.2.b. 

which with out v'"'* rom 2.h. 

faith proffiteth vs 36 The which thing he declared vnto the eph.e.b. 
'°^" children of Israel, preaching * peace by le '^ol.s.d. 

sus Christe, which is Lord ouer all. ^pe . .c. 

37 Ye knowe what thing was done -L«A.4.6. 
through out all lewrie, and beginning in 
Galile, after the baptisme which lohn 
preached : 

38 How God " annointed lesus of Na- "That is, en- 
zaret with the holy Gost, and with po- wlthVaces'& 
wer : which lesus went about doing: ffood sjftes aboue 

^ ~ all others. 

and healing aU that were cruelly oppres- 
sed of the deuyl : for God was with hjmti. 

39 And we are wytnesses of all thinges 
which he dyd bothe in the land of the le- 
wes, & also at Jerusalem : whome they sle- 
we, hanging him on a tree. 

40 Hym God raysed vp the third day, 
and caused that he was shewed openly : 

41 Not to al the people, but vnto the wit 
nesses chosen before of God, to vs which 
ate and dranck with him, after he arose 
from death. 

42 And 


Thechargeto 42 And he commanded vs to preache vn 

GotpeK ^ to the people, & testifie, that it is he that 

^ is ordeyned of God, a ludge of quick and 


/ere. 11./. 43 To him also geue all the * Prophetes 

niich. l.d. witnes, that through his Name, all that be 

c ap- • • jg^g jj^ hym, shal * receaue remission of 


44 Whyle Peter yet spake these wordes. 
The holy spri the holy Gost fel on all them which heard 

tepowredvpO ^i nrpapViino- 

the Gentiis. ^'^^ preacmng. 

45 And they of the Circumcision which 
beleued, were astonied, as many as came 
with Peter, because that on the Gentiis al 
so, was powred out the gyft of the holy 

46 For they heard them speake with 
tongues, and magnifie God. Then answe- 
red Peter, 

47 Can any man •■ forbyd water, that the •- we oght not 
se should not be baptized, which haue re- bapLmr whome 
ceauedthe holy Gost, as wel as we? God testifieth to 

48 And he commanded them to be bap- 
tized in the Name of the Lord. Then pra- 
yed they hym to tary a fewe dayes. 


Peter sheweth the cause wherfore he went 
to the heythen. The Churche increaseth. Barna- 
bas and Paul preache at Antioche. Agabus 
prophecieth dearth for to come: (Sf the remedie. 

A A Nd the Apostles and the brethren 

-^^that were in lewrie, heard say, that • 

the Gentiis had also receaued the worde 

of God. 

2 And when Peter was come vp to le- 


» For they could rusalem, thev of the Circumcision * reaso- ''f «' is^i"- 

not compreheude „^ i „ -., r.,X, stlyreproued. 

this secret which "ed With hyiU, 

was hid from the 3 Saying, Thou wcntcst into men vncir- 
ucsteuen from the cumcised, and atest with them, 
worid^ h^^b" ■* "^^^ ^^^^^ began, and expounded the 
Coioss.i.d. thyng in order to them, saying, 

5 I was in the citie of loppa praying, and He purgeth 

T ^7 • • • A 5. his fact befo- 

m a traunce 1 sawe tins vision, A certayne re the chur- 
vessel descende, as it had bene a large lyn '^^^■ 
nen cloth, let downe from heauen by the 
foure comers, and it came to me. 

6 Into the which, when I had fastened 
myne eyes, I considered, and sawe foure 
foted beastes of y earth, & wilde beastes, 
and creping beastes, & foules of the ayre. 

7 Also I heard a voyce, sapng vnto me, B 
Aryse Peter, slay and eat. 

8 And I sayd, God forbyd Lord, for no- 
thing comen or vnclene, hath at any tyme 
entred into my mouth. 

9 But the voyce answered me agayn fro 
heauen, Count not thou those thjmges" co- " o>"' pollute 
men, whych God hath clensed. se thinges. 

10 And this was done thre tymes ; and al 
were taken vjj agayne into heauen. 

11 Then beholde immediatly ther were 
thre men already come vnto the house 
where I was, sent from Cesarea vnto me. 

12 And the Sprite sayd vnto me, that I 
shuld go with them, with out douting. Mo 
reouer these sixe brethren accompanyed 
me : & we entred into a certeyn mans house. 

1 3 And who shewed vs, how he had sene 
9 an Angel in his house, which stode and 

said to him. Send men to loppa, and call 
for Simon whose surname is Peter. 

14 He shal tel thee wordes wherby both 



C thou and all thyne house shalbe saued. 

15 And as I began to preache, the holy 
Cha.2.a.s.b. Gost fel on them, * as he dyd on vs at the 


16 Then came to my remembrance that 
Cha.l.a.l9a saying of the Lord, how he said, * lohn ba 
"""^ ^1 "ft ptized with water, but ye shalbe baptized 
luk 3. c. ' ^th the holy Gost. 

lohnA.d. 17 For as muche then as God gaue them 
a lyke gyfte, as he dyd vnto vs, when we 
beleued on the Lord lesus Christe : who 
was I, that I shuld haue withstande God? 

18 When they heard thys, ''they helde >, Their modesUe 
then- peace, and glorified God, saj-ing. The ^^rfn^i^f ashamed 

"Thisrepenta hath God also tO the Gentils graunted " to vnsay that whe- 
ce dependeth , ,. ^ c rof they had vniu- 

vpon faith. repentance \TltO lyfe. stely blamed Pe. 

19 And they which were scatred abrode *"• 
'Or, trouble, because of the " affliction that arose about 

Steuen, walked throughout tyl they came 
vnto Phenice and Cyprus, and Antioche, 
preaching the worde to no man, but vnto 
the lewes only. 

20 But some of them were men of Cyprus 
and Cyrene, which when they were come 

into Antioche, spake vnto the ^ Grekes, & ' He meaneth 

preached the Lord lesus. whichlfetngLT 

" The power 21 And the ' hand of the Lord was with f^d strode in di 

ana vertue. ,, „ , i i i i i uerscontreyswere 

them, & a great nombre beleued and tur- called by this na- 
ned vnto the Lord. T' ''"' .'^'if ^'■'"^- 

iiv,v4. .uuy viiv, -ijv^xv*. ^ j^g^ which Were 

22 Tydinges of these thinges came vnto cetiis. 
the eares of the Congregation, which was 

in lerusalem : and they sent forth Barna- 
bas that he shulde go vnto '' Antio- t This was the 

„l,p moste famous Ci- 

_ tie of Syria, & bor 

23 Which, when he was come & had sene y dered vpo ciUda. 
grace of God, was glad, and exhorted the 

al, that with purpose of heart they wold 


continually cleaue vnto the Lord. 

24 For he was a good man, and ful of the 
holy Gost, and faithe : and muche peo- 
ple was added vnto the Lord. 

25 Then departed Barnabas to Tarsus, 
for to seke Saul: 

26 And when he had founde hym, he 
broght hym vnto Antioche. & it chanced 
that a whole yere they had their conuer- 
satio with the Churche there, and taught 
muche people : inso muche, that the disci- 
ples of Antioche, were the fyrst that we- 
re called " Christen. "wherasbe. 

27 In those dayes came Prophetes from ^e*^ j^{]g^ Ji^ 
lerusalem vnto Antioche. f^jpies now 

28 And ther stode vp one of them named med christi 
' Thisprophecie Agabus, and signified by the « sprite, that *°'- 

was an occasion to o ' o J r ' 

theAntiochians to ther shulde be great derth throughout al 
ti>"Tther/'bre- the worlde, which came to passe in the 
'hren. * Emperour Claudius dayes. C/mp. 21.; 

29 Then the disciples, euery man accor- 
f To signifie that ding to his habihtic, ^ purposed to send 

tabie™mynde to- socour vnto the * brethren which dwelt ChapA'i.i 

wardesthem. jj^ lewrie 

30 Whych thynge they also dyd, and TheChristii 
sent it to the Elders, by the handes of Bar ^"^^ voo^e. 
nabas and Saul. 


Herode persecuteth the Christen, killeth la- 
mes, and putteth Peter in prison, whom the 
Lord deliuereth by an Angel. The ' shameful 
death of Herode. The Gospel ftorisheth. Barna- 
bas and Saul retorning to Antioche take 
lohn Marke with them. 



A TN that tyme, '' Herode the kynge stret- » who was cai 
'Persecution. 1 j^g^j f^^h his handes to vexe certavne ledAgrippatheso 

^ . .^ ne of Anstobulus. 

of the Congregation. he was nepuewe 

"Therewasa- 2 And he kylled lames the " brother of ^'at ""brother 

med"" wWch lohn, with the SWOrde. of Herodias. 

was thesonne 3 And because he saw that it ** pleased the >> it came then 

of Alp eus. j^^^^^ ^^ preceded farther, to take Peter ifgronrburo"iS7t; 

also, then were the dayes of swete bread, flatter the people. 

4 And when he had caught him, he put 
"Thenomber him in prison, and deliuered him to " fou- 
wT^deuided ^^ quatcmions of souldiers to be kept : en- 
by foures, to tending after Easter to bringe him forth 

kepe diners . ^i , 

wardes. to the people. 

5 Then was Peter kept in prison, but 
The churche prayer was made with out ceasing of the 
pX'^ *'°' Churche vnto God for him. 

6 And when Herode wolde haue broght 
hym out vnto the people, the same nyght 
slept Peter bitwene two souldyers, boun- 
de with two chaynes, and the kepers befo 
re the dore, kept the prison. 

Chap. 5. d. 7 * And beholde, the Angel of the Lord ca 
me vpon them, and a hght sh}med in the 
lodge : and he smote Peter on the syde, & 
sterid hym vp saying, Aryse vp quickly. 
And his chaynes fel of from hys han- 

8 And the Angel sayd vnto hym, Gjrrde 
'Mar.6.b. thy seKe, and bynde on thy * " sandales. 

" ^■■' ^•'o^s- and so he dyd, and he sayd vnto hym. 
Cast thy garment about thee, and folowe 

9 Then Peter came out and folowed hym, 
and wist not that it was true which was 
done by the Angel, but thoght he had se- 
ne a vision. 

^10 When they were past the fyrst & the 



seconde watche, they came vnto the }Ton 
gate, that leadeth vnto the citie, which o- 
pened to them by it owne accorde : & they 
went out, and passed through one strete, 
and by and by, the Angel departed from 

1 1 And when Peter was come to hym sel- 

fe, he said. Now I know of a surety, that Peter acknow 

Igagth that 

the Lord hath sent his Angel, and hath de God deiiue- 
Uuered me out of the had of Herode, and ''^'^ *"'"*• 
from all the wayting fore, of the people 
of the lewes. 

1 2 And as he considered the thinge, he ca- 
me to the house of Marie, the mother of 
one lohn, whose surname was Marke, wher 
many were gathered together and pra- 

13 As Peter knocked at the entry dore, a c 
mayde came forth to hearke, named Rho- Rhode, 

1 4 So when she knew Peters voyce, she o- 
pened not the entry for gladnes, but ran 
in, and tolde how Peter stode before the 

1 5 But they sayd vnto her. Thou art mad. 
And she bare them downe, that it was eue 

<: For they dyd SO. then said they, It is his *^ Angel. 
wdetha^Angd^ 16 But Peter continued knockyng: and 
wereappoyntedto when they had opened the dore, and sawe 

defendethefayth- -, ,, , ■, 

fuhaniaisointho hym, they were astonyed. 

sedayes they were j; ^^ ^e beckcned vnto them, with the 

accustomed to see 

suche sightes. hand, to holdc then" peace, and tolde the 
by what meanes the Lord had broght him 
out of the prison. 

1 8 And he said. Go shewe these thinges vn 
1 Which was les- ^^ James and to the brethren, and he de- 

se suspect.byreaso 

of the brethren, parted and Went mto " another place. 

18 Now 


18 Now assone as it was day, there was no 
lytle a do among the souldjers, what was 
become of Peter. 

1 9 When Herode had soght for him, and 
found hym not, he examined the kepers, 
and commanded them to be led to be po- 
nished, and he descended from lewrie to 
Cesarea, and there abode. 

D 20 Then Herode intended to make war- 
re against the of Tyre and Sidon. but they 
came all with one accorde, and made in- 
■'Bothebyfla- tcrcession vnto " Blastus the kynges cham 
LnT^aho'^'by berlayne, and desired peace, because their 
bryberye. coutrey was nouryshed by y kynges land. 

21 And vpon a daye appoynted, Herode 
arayed hym in royal apparel and set him 
in his seat, and made an oration vntp 

22 And the people gaue a shoute, saying. 
It is the voyce of a God, and not of a ma. 

23 But immediatly the Angel of the Lord 

smote him, because he * gaue not God the « which he shui- 
"His grande honour, SO that he was eaten "of wormes, hL''Z,fZd*^the 

Father was , ^i ^ ^^^ ponishea ttie 

eaten of lysse. and gaue Vp the gOSt. flatterers,of whose 

"The more 24 And the WOrdc of God " grewe, and ned'whenh'ewMa 

to\'o'^:rTo multiplied. dy-/^- I°-Ph"S 

^ppi^esse 25 And Barnabas and Saul returned frd 

the more doth lerusalem, when they had fulfyUed their 

It increase, f office, and toke with them lohn, whose 'Which was,* 

„.,__„ „ _„~ TiT^-i „ distribute the a.- 

sumame was Marke. mes sent from An- 

tioche. Chap.ll.d. 


Paul and Barnabas are called to preache a- 
mong the Gentils. Of Sergius Paulus, and Ely- 
mas the sorcerer. The departure of Marke. Paul 
preacketh at Antioche. The faith of the Gen- 
tils. The lues reiected. They that are ordey- 



ned to life beleue. The fruit of faith. 

T^Here were in the Congregation that A 
■*-was at Antioche, certayne * Prophe- C/iap.u.d. 
tes, and teachers, as Barnabas, and Simeon 
called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and 
" Manahe, wliich had bene broght vp with "God caiieth 
Herod the kynge, and Saul. °f '^^ ''"^^'■ 

» The worde si- 2 As they " ministred to the Lord, and fa 

a publike t;hM-ge! sted, the holy Gost sayd,* Seperate me Bar Rom. l.«. 

as the Apostieship nabas and Saul, for the worke where vnto 

was: so that here IS 

shewed, that they I haue Called them. 

phS.^'^'^'"'"' 3 Then fasted they and prayed, * and layd Chap. 6. b. 
their handes on them, and let them go. 

4 And they, after they were sent forth 
of the holy Gost, came vnto Seleucia, and 
from thence they sayled to Cyprus. 

5 And when they were at Salamine, they 
preached the worde of God in the Syna- 
goges of the lewes : and they had also lohn 
to their minister. 

6 When they had gone through out the 
Yle vnto the citie of Paphus, they founde a 
certayne sorcerer a false prophet, which 
was a lewe, named Bariesus. 

7 Which was ^^yth the Ruler of the coii B 
trey, one Sergius Paulus, a prudent man : 
the same Ruler called vnto hym Barnabas 
and Saul, and desired to heare the worde 
of God. 

8 But Ely mas, the sorcerer (for so is his 
n^me by interpretation) withstode them, 
and soght to turne away the Ruler from 
the fayth. 

9 Then Saul (which also is called Paul) be- 
5Tig ful of the holy Gost, set his eyes on 

10 And 


10 And sayd, O ful of all suttelty and 

mischiefe, thou chylde of the deuyl, and 

enemie of all righteousnes, wylt thou not 

' Which are, cease to peruert the strayght " wayes of the 

the doctrine t j > 
of the Apos- -LiOra .'' 

ties that oneiy J J ]sjo^ therfore bcholde, the hand of the 

leadeth vsto iiiii j 

God. Lord IS vp5 thee, & thou shalt be blynde, 

& not se the sunne for a season. And imme 
diatly ther fel on hym a myste and a dar- 
knes, and he went about, seking some to 
lead hym by the hand. 

1 2 Then the Ruler whe he sawe what had 
happened, beleued, and wondred at the 
doctrine of the Lord. 

13 When Paul and they that were with 
him were departed by ship from Paphus, 
they came to Perge a citie of Pamphyha : & 
lohn departed from them, and returned 
to Jerusalem. 

C 14 But they wandred through the coun- 
" Another An- tres from PcTgc to " Antioche a citie of the 
Syria. countrcy of Pisidia, and went into the Si- 

nagoge on the Sabbath day, and sate dou- 


1 5 And after the lecture of the Lawe and 
Prophetes, the Rulers of the Synagoge set 
vnto them, saying, Ye men and brethren, 

yf ye haue any worde of ^ exhortation for >> This deciareth 

.1 1 that the Scripture 

the people, say on. i, g^uen to teache 

1 6 Then Paul stode vp and beckned with and exhort vs. 
the hand, and sayd. Men of Israel, and ye 

that feare God, geue audience. 

1 7 The God of this people chose our fa- 
thers, and exalted the people when they 

Exod. 1 . o. dwelt as strangers in the lande of * Egypt, 
Exod. 13. c. and with a * myghty arme, broght them 
out of it. 



18 And about the tyme * of fortie yeres, Exod.i6.a. 
« Here is decia- sufiVed he their *^ maners m the wyldemes. 
ce'an'dSng*suffe- 19 And he destroyed seuen nations in the 
ring of God befo- land of Chanaan, and * deuided their lad losue 14. a. 

re he ponisbeth. , , 

to them by lot. 

20 Then afterwarde he gaue vnto them 
d For, 450 yeres * ludges, '^ about the space of foure him- ludg. 3. b. 
copiished.butthe" dreth and fifty yeres, vnto the tyme of Sa- 
ra lacked 3. yeres rvjuel the Pronhet 
countingfromthe "^"'^f,^"^ -^^"P"^*-- , . , *, 

byrth of Isaac to 21 So after that, they desu-ed a kyng, & i-Sam.s.a. 
l': f^TofZf. God gaue vnto the * Saul, the sone of Cis, ^foZ.^-'' 
naan. a man of the tribe of Beniamin, by the spa 

ce of fourty yeres. 

22 And after he had put hym downe, he D 

set vp * Dauid to be their kyng, of whome ^"^^'^g V* 
he witnessed, saying, I haue found Dauid 
the Sonne of lesse, a man after myne owne 
heart, which wyl fulfyl all thinges that 
I wyl. 

23 Of this mans sede hath God * accor- Esa.ll.a. 
ding to hys promisse raised vp to Israel, 

the sauiour lesus: 

24 When lohn * had fyrst preached be- Mat. 3. a. 
fore him that was euen commyng, the ba- !""''• ^* "• 
ptisme of amendement of Ijfe to Israel. 

' When his offi. 25 And when lohn had fuhyUed his ^ cour 
de he^Tnt wf dTs^ ^6, he sayd, * Wh5 ye thinke that I am, the lohn. l . c. 
cipies to Christe. same am I not, but behold there commeth 

one after me, whose shoe of his fete, I am 

not worthy to lowse. 

26 Ye men and brethren, chyldren of the 
generation of Abraham, and whosoeuer 

amog you feareth God, to you is this " wor "Themessage 
de of saluation sent. "^ '^'"*"°"- 

27 For the inhabiters of lerusalem, and 
f He rebuketh their Rulers, because they knew ^ him not, 

norauce. *"^ '^' nor yet the wordes of the Prophetes, 



which are s red euery Sabbath day, they g Aithogh they 
haue fulfilled them in condemning him. feadtheLawe.yet 

, . ° their hartes are 

E 28 And wne they lomide no cause of de- couered that they 
Mat.21.0. ath m him, * yet desired they PUat to kyl r^S^rT" 

mar. \b.b. bim. 

iot ?9 a 29 And when they had •> fulfilled all that " in Christe all 
■ ■ was written of him, they toke him downe fl^'Zi'T^l 
from the tree, and put him in a sepulchre. '^- *^°''- '• ^■ 

30 But God raised him vp from death: 

3 1 And he was scene many dayes of them, 
w came with him from Gahle to lerusale : 
which are his wytnesses vnto the people. 

32 And we declare vnto you, how that the 
promisse made vnto the fathers, 

33 God hath fuliylled vnto vs their chil- 
" In that he dre, in that he " raysed vp lesus, eue as it is 
i^camar "" written in y second Psalme,*Thou art my 
Psal.l.b. Sonne, this day begat I thee. 

Aefir. 1.6. g^ ^g concerning that he raysed him v'p from dcathc, now no more to retume to graue, he sayd on this wise: * The ' holy ' He sheweth 

"promises " mercics made to Dauid, I wU geue faith- twch" God ^hath 

1 . Kyn. 2.6. fully tO yOU. Seue to his SOne is 

chap.2.c. 35 Wherfore he sayth also in another pla so ukewyse the li- 
ce, * Thou Shalt not sufire thyne Holy one ^^^°^^^ ^"""^^ *' 
to see corruption. 

36 Howbeit, Dauid after he had serued his 
tyme by the c5sel of God, he * slept, & was 
layd with his fathers, and sawe corruptio. 
3 7 But he whom God raysed agayne, sawe 
no corruption. 
F 38 Be it knowen vnto you therefore men 
and brethren, that through this man, is 
preached vnto you the forgeuenes of sin- 
nes, and that from all synnes, from which 
ye could not be iustified by the Lawe of 
"* D.iiii. 


39 By him euery one that beleueth is iu- 

40 Beware therefore, lest y fall on you, 
which is spoken of, in the Prophetes, 

k He reproueth 41 * Beholde ve '' despisers and wonder, Abac.l.b. 

them sharpely be- ■, . , e t i i i • 

cause softenes woi and vanishe away : tor 1 worke a ' worke in 
''Twu '^r"''^'®' your daves, a worke which ve shal not be- 

' Which is,venge •' ' i j j i • 

ance vnspeakabie, leue, yf a man would declare it you. 

Gods''wde'^'°^42 Whe they were come out of the Syna- 
goge of the lewes, y Getiles besoght, that 
they would preache these wordes to them 
the next Sabbath daye. 

43 When the Churche was broke vp, ma- 
ny of the lewes, and vertuous conuertes 
folowed Paul and Barnabas : which spake 
to them, and exhorted them to continue 
in the grace of God. 

44 And the next Sabbath day, came al- 
most the whole citie together, to heare the 
worde of God. 

45 But when the lewes sawe the people, 
«> They disdai- they Were fill of ■" indignation, and spake 

gned that the Ge- . . i - 1 • i. • i_ i 

tils should be ma- agaynst those thinges which were spoken 
de equal with Qf Paul, contrarying them, and raylyng on 

46 Then Paul & Barnabas waxed bolde, G 

and sayd, * It was mete that the worde of Mat. lo.a. 
God should fyrst haue bene preached to 
you : but seyng ye put it from you, andiud- 
° Which is, to ge your selues vnworthy of ° euerlasting 

GodTl.Zm^t lyfe, lo, we tume to the Gentils. 

hath sent, lesus 47 YoT SO hath the Lord commanded vs, 


saying, * I haue made thee a lyght of the Esa.49.b. 
Gentiles, that thou shuldest be the salua- 
tion vnto the ende of the world. 
48 When the Gentiles heard this, they 
were glad, & glorified the worde of the 

Lord : 


Lord : and bekued, euen as many as were 

"None can be " ordeyned vnto eternal lyfe. 

who^i" God 49 And the worde of the Lord was pubh- 

before*an°be ^^^^ throughout all that contrey. 

gynning to be 50 But the lewes stirred certeyne ° de- ° ^e meaneth su 

^^"^ ■ uoute and honorable women, & the chief and suche alwere 

men of the citie, and raysed persecution zelie"a^beittheco 
against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled mepeopieestemed 

,^ . r .-I • i the godly, & ther- 

them out Ot their COSteS. fore Luke spea- 

Chap. IS. b. 51 But they * shouke of the dust of their ^^l^ ^s the world 

■mnf tn h !• • 1 o T ■ estemed them. 

mai.iy.o. £g|.g affamst them, & came vnto Iconnmi. 
luk. 9. a. and the disciples were fyUed with ipye, & 
with the holy Gost. 


God geueth successe to his worde. Paul and 
Barnabas preache at Iconium. Some beleue : so- 
me stere vp sedition and persecute. At Lystra 
they wolde do sacrifice to Barnabas and Paul, 
which refuse it, and exhorte the people to wor- 
ship the true God. Paul is stoned. They confir- 
me the disciples in faith and patiece. Appoint 
ministers . And passing through many places 
make report of their diligence at Antioche. 

\ Nd so it was, in Iconium, that they 
-'^went both together into the Synago- 
ge of the lewes, and so spake, that a great 
multitude, both of the lewes, and also of 
the Grekes beleued. 

2 But the '^ vnbeleuing lewes steryd vp, " which woide 
and corrupted the myndes of the Gentils, ne'nrther*' suffer 
against the brethren. theseiues to be 

3 Long tyme abode they there, and spa- 
ke firanckely with the helpe of the Lord, 
which gaue testimonie vnto the worde of 
his grace, and caused signes and wondres 


to be done by their handes. 

4 But the people of the citie were diui- 
ded : and part helde with the lewes, & part 
with the Apostles. 

5 And when there was an assaut made 
both of the Gentiles, and also of the lewes 
with their Riders, to do them violence, 
and to stone them: 

6 They were ware of it, and fled vnto Ly- ^ 
stra, andDerbe, cities ofLycaonia, andvn 
to the region that lieth round about. 

7 And there preached the Gospel. 

8 * Andthere sateacertaynemaatLystra, * -^jt '^nso- 

. , ■ i-Ti 1 • t r - T • much that 

impotent m his lete, bemg a creple iro his „;; ^^g pg^. 
mothers wombe, and neuer walked. pie were mo 

9 The same heard Paul preache : who be "Z*^, "' '''^ 
holding hym, and perceauing that he had bothe Paul 

faith to be whole, and Barna- 

10 Sayd with a lowde voyce, * Stand vp ^^^^^'d at 
right on thy fete. & he stert vp, & walked. Lystra. 

1 1 Then when the people saw what Paul * ^'- ^ ««y 
had done, they lyft vp their voices, saying ^f^^ Name of 
in the speache of Lycaonia, Goddes are the Lord le- 
come downe to vs in the lykenes of men. *"* j^L'*'^' 

12 And they called Barnabas lupiter: 
and Paul Mercurius, because he was the 

1 3 Then lupiters priest, which dwelt befo 
re their citie, broght oxen with garlandes 

>■ He meaneth be vnto the ** gates, and would haue done sa- 

*h'^h*^^!eiM'e\he ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ people. 

Apostles lodged 14 But when the Apostles, Barnabas and C 

S^t thTtowTe! Paul_ heard that, they " ret their clothes, & '^^^ 

& therfore the Pri ran in amonff the people, crying, abhorring it 

est broght the sa- , _ . , P ^^ '^ i j . i 

crifiee (as he 15 And saymg, O men, why do ye these 
des^hVm seiuS"** thinges ? We are mortal me lyke vnto you, 



and preache vnto you, that ye should tixr- 
ne from these vaine idoles, vnto the lyuing 
Gen. 1 a. God, * which made heauen and earth and 
psaZ. 145. 6. the sea, and all thinges that in them are. 
p"^/ m' *' ^ ^ "^^ which in tymes past, * suffred al na 
rom.l.b. ' tions to waike in their owne "^ ways. 'To lyue after 

1 7 Neuerthelesse, he left not hym selfe es not prescribing 
without ^ wytnesse, in that he shewed his r°'° ^^^"^ ^y "■«- 

. <• 1 ligion. 

benefites, m geuyng vs rayne from heaue, <i To take from 
and fruteful seasons, fylhng our heartes °>e° ''H «'"='^^«- 
with foode and ^ gladnes. 'That being sa- 

1 8 And with these sayinges, scarse refray ''^.^^'^ '''^^ ™'s'*' 

JO' J reioyse. 

ned they the people, that they had not sa- 
* Al. but crificed vnto them.* 

that they \ 9 i^g ther came certayne levves frd An- 
wery ma" ho tioche and Iconium, * which whe they had 
me. And persuaded the people, * stoned Paul, and 
whiles theij ^ewe him out of the citie, supposing he 

taried and 1 j -i j j x-jt o 

taught, ther had bene dead. 

came, 8j-c. 20 Howbeit, as the disciples stode round 
J. \- ^ about him, he arose vp, and came into the 
holdely per- citie : and the next day, he departed with 
suaded the Bamabas to Derbe. 
^sake'%{m, ^1 ^nd after they had preached to that 
for {sayd citie, and had taught many, they returned 
they) they ^q Lystra, and to Iconium, and Antioche. 
Irue'hut^lie '^^ Confirming the disciples hartes, and 
in all thigs. exhorting them to continue in the faith, 
^ C Uf ^ffi'''^^^9 ^'^^ ^^ must through muche tri 
' " ' bulati5, entre into the kyngdome of God. 
. 23 And when they had ordeined them El- 
ders by ^ election, in euery Churche, and 'Thewordesigni 
prayd and fasted, they commended them putting* vp the ha^ 
to God on whom thev beleued. ^^^- which decia- 

c\ A rm 1 i' 1 T«- • T o reth that ministers 

24 Ihus they went through out PlSldia, & were not made 

came to Pamphyha. rentTthL'^eopTe". 

25 And when they had preached y worde 


ning did visit the Gentils, to take of them 
a people vnto his Name. 

15 And to this agreeth the wordes of the 
Prophetes, as it is written. 

1 6 * After this I wyl retume, and wyl bu- Amos 9. c. 
ilde agayne the tabernacle of Dauid, vf is 

faUe doune, and that vf is fallen in decay 
of it, wil I buyld agayne, & I wyl set it vp. 

1 7 That the residue of men myght seke af- 
<» Which are ga- ter the Lord, and all the ^ Gentils vpon 

thered into one fa , xt • n j ^i ^i t j 

miiie with the le- whom my JName IS called, sayth the JLord, 
wes to thintent ^^hich doth all thesc thinges : 

they sholde ackno , ci 

ledge all one God. 18 From the bcgynnyng of the worlde 
God knoweth all his workes. 

1 9 Wherfore my sentence is, that we trou- 
ble not them, which from among the Gen 
tyls are turned to God : 

20 But that we wryte vnto them, that they 
absteiue them selues fro " filthynes of ido- " For s^me 

« The heathen les, and from ^ fornication, from Strang- noni offence 
ce?fut t^dTir; led, and from bloude. [» ^,«/™ 

coramen custome. 21 For ^ Moses of olde tyme hath in euery tepies, & the- 

As touching a stra ... - -i i • i • , re to hanket 

gied thing &biou-citie them that preache mm, bemg read vfhich sainct 
vniaXVoT thi in the Synagoges euery Sabbath day. f-i.-'^\'^ 
wer"' b" '^^d'b'^^ ^^ "^^^ pleased it the Apostles and El- cup of the de 
for a tyme. ders with the whole Churche, to send cho "o^j'" ^°^' 

.ll!!!ll?'!f„!^l-^ sen men of their owne company to Antio- D 

remonies comma- r j 

ded by God coide chc with Paul and Bamabas • to wit, ludas 

not so sone be a- i t) i- j o-i 

boiished, til the li- whose sumame was Barsabas and oilas, 
bertie of the Gos- which werc chicfe men among the bre- 

spel were better , ° 

knowen. thren. 

23 And wrate letters by them after this 
raaner. The Apostles, and the Elders, and 
the brethren send gretings vnto the bre- 
them, which are of the Gentiles in Anti- 
oche, and in Syria, and in CUicia. 

24 Forasmuch as we haue heard, that cer- 



taine which departed from vs, haue trou- 
bled you with wordes, & coumbred your 
mjTides, saying, Ye must be circumcised & 
kepe the Lawe, to whom we gaue no su- 
che commandement. 
E 25 It semed therfore good to vs, when we 
were come together with one accorde, to 
send chosen me vnto you, with our belou- 
ed Barnabas and Paul. 

26 Men that haue ieoparded their lyues, 
for the Name of our Lord lesus Christe. 

27 We haue therfore sent ludas and Si- 
las, which shal also tel you the same thin- 
ges by mouth. 

28 For it semed good to the holy Gost, & 

sto vs, to lay no more burden vpon you, gwhometheho 
then these necessary thinges. Jfe^^^d^^'recTed 

29 That is to say, that ye abstajTie from to ordeine& write 
thinges offered to images, fro bloude, fro ^^ '°^^' 

* Al. and Strangled, and fornication : * from which 
what soe- \f yg j^epe vour selues, ye shal do wel. So 

uer ye wot- r t 

de not that rare ye wel. 

men sholde 30 When they were departed, they came 

do vntoyou, ^^ Antioche : and the multitude bebg as- 

ao not to ~ 

others. sembled, they deliuered the Epistle. 

31 When they had read it, they reioysed 
of that consolation. 
F 32 And ludas and Silas being Prophetes, 

• or.coforted. " exhorted the brethren with muche prea 

ching, and strengthened them. 
33 And after they had taried there a spa- 
ce, they were let go in ^ peace of the bre- '' Hauing desired 

,, i. ii_ A ii leaueof the Chur- 

" Who foriu- threu vnto the Apostles. che the brethem 

ste causes 34 Notwithstandyng, " Silas thoght good P-^ay^u 9°4'°p™ 

changed ms 1 1 i i * 00 sper their lomey. 

raynde. to abyde there styl. 

* IT J 35 Paul also and Barnabas continued in 
only ludas . . , , . , , . . , 

jpeht. Antioche, teachmg and preachmg with 


other many, the worde of the Lord. 

36 But after a eertayne space, Paul sayd 
vnto Barnabas, Let vs go agayne, and visi- 
te our brethren in euery citie, where we 
haue shewed the worde of theLord, and se 
how they do. 

37 And Barnabas * gaue counsel to take G 

with them lohn, called Marke. * Al.wolde 

take John, 


38 But Paul thoffht it not mete to take 

him vnto their companye, which depar- C/iap.l3.c. 

ted from them from * PamphyUa, and wet 

not with them to the worke. 

39 And then was their angre so sharpe, 
i God suffreth that they ' departed a sunder one from 
l^fSr& toumeth the other: so that Barnabas toke Marke, & 
their infirmities sayled vnto Cyprus, 
of hu^giorie°'^as 40 And Paul chose SUas and departed, 
this breache of CO beyng commcndcd of the brethren vnto 

panie caused the ..■'^ <- /-< j 

worde to be prea- the grace of God. 

ched in mo places, ^j And he went through Syria and Cih- 
cia, stabhshing the Churches. 


When Paul had ciraimcised Timothe he 
toke him with him. The Sprite calleth them 
from one contrie to another. Lydia is conuerted. 
Paul and Silas imprisonned couert the layler, 
and are deliuered as Romains. 

^Hen came he to Derbe and to Lystra : A 
-*- and beholde, a certaine disciple was ^^^Jf-^^- ''• 
there named Timotheus, a womans sonne, \.the~s.3.a. 
which was a lewe and beleued, but his fa- 
ther was a Greke. 

2 Of whom reported wel the brethren 
of Lystra and of Iconium. 

3 Paul wolde y he shidde go forth with 



hrm, and toke and * circumcised him, be- » Lest the lewes 
cause o: the lewes, which were in those fs"one'^ti«f J^JJ^ 
quarters : for thev knew all, that his fa- prophane & with- 
ther was a (jreke. 

4 As they went through the cities, they 
deUuered them the decrees for to kepe, 
ordeined of the Apostles, & Elders, which 
were at lerusalem. 

5 And so were the Churches stabhsshed 
in the faith, and encreased in noumbre 

B 6 Whe they had gone through out Phry 
gia, and the region of Galacia, and were 
'' forbvdden of the holv Gost to preache y *■ C'O^ choseth 

3 • „ . ■ ' not onely me, but 

' Asia the les- worde in Asia. also appolnteth cO 

7 They came to Mysia, & soght to go in- Ssharbe%'e: 
to Bithynia : but the Sprite sufired them ched, & oneiy as 

ho wil. 


8 Then they went ouer Mysia, and came 
' Caiie(i also dounc to '' Troas. 

'^le^faiidri'a. 9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the 
nyght. There stode a man of Macedonia, & 
prayed him, saying, Come in to Macedo- 
nia, and helpe vs. 

10 After he had sene the vision, immedi- 
atly we prepared to go in to Macedonia, 

beyng " certified that the Lord had called 'Wcoghtnotto 

' credit visions ex- 

vs for to preache the Gospel vnto them, ceptwebeassuer- 

1 1 The went we forth from Troas, & with I^J.^^e'cf God*'"' 
a strayght course came to Samothracia, & 

" Which is in the ncxt day to " Neapolis. 
ThrSand 12 And from thence to Philippi, which 
Macedonia, is the chief citie in the partes of Macedo- 
nia, and whose inhabitants came from Ro 
me to dwel there, we were in that citie 
abyding certaine dayes. 



13 And on the Sabbath day, we went out 

of the citie, besydes a ryuer, where they we 

•' Where the Chri re wont to '^ pray : and we sate doune, and 

to^r'sembif'thei^ ^pake vnto the wome, w resorted thither. 

churche when the 14 And a certayne woman named Lydia a 

ted them.'"^'^^^'" seUer of purple, in the citie of the Thya- 

tirians, which worshipped God, gaue vs 

audience : whose heart the Lord opened, 

that she attended vnto the thinges, which 

Paul spake. 

15 When she was baptized, and her hous- D 
holde, she besoght vs saying, If ye thinc- 
ke that I beleue on the Lord, come into 
my house, and abyde there, and she costray 
ned vs. 

1 6 And thus as we went to prayer, a cer- 

= Which could tain mayde possessed with * a sprite^ of di 
Sf ^olff'^nre^uination, met vs, which gate her masters f «<•'«•''• 

imngs past, pre- ....... l.spf'U-^^.a. 

sent & to come, muche vantage with diummg. 
in many ""things 17 The Same folowed Paul and vs, and 
the'deui™'"''* '° ^ried, saying. These men are the seruantes 
of the most hye God, which shewe vnto vs 
I Satan aithogh the ^ way of saluation. 
eth^yetwalhis'ma 1 ^ -^^ this dyd she many dayes : but Paul 
licious purpos to not" content, turned about, and sayd to the " For Satan.- 

cause the Apostles •, x - j ^i • ^i xt tt subtiltie in- 

to be troubled as Sprite, 1 commadc thee m the JName ot le- cresed & also 

Tef r/ te^'aXrs «»« ^hriste, that thou come out of her. and l^^^ttTl 

ofstrangereligion. he came OUt the same houre. the Spirit of 

1 9 And when her masters sawe that the ho bothe''o"#e^'io 
pe of their ga3me was gone, they caught ctrine. 
Paul and Silas, and drue them into the 

market place, vnto the magistrats, 

20 And broght them to the Rulers, say- 
ing, These men which are lewes trouble 
our citie. 

2 1 And preache ordinaces, which are not 
laufal for vs to receaue, nether to obser- 



ue, seing we are Romains. 
22 And the people together made an in- 
surrection against them, and the Rulers 

"Of Paul and rent " their clothes, and * commanded them 

2^CoT ll.c. *° ^^ beaten with roddes. 

\.thes.2.n. 23 And when they had beaten them sore, 
they cast them into prison, commandyng 
the iayler to kepe them surelv. 

24 Who hauing receaued suche comma- 
demet, thrust them into the ynner prison, 
and made their fete fast in the stockes. 

25 And at midnight, Paul and Silas pray- 
"or, songprai ed and " praised God : and the prisonners 
sestoGod. heard them. 

F 26 And sodenly ther was a great erthqua- 
ke, so that the foundation of the prison 
was shaken : and bv & bv all the dores ope 
ned, & euery mans bandes were losed. 

27 When the keper of the prison waked 
out of his slepe. and sawe the prison dores 
open, he drue out his sword and wolde ha 
ue kylled him selfe, supposing the priso- 
ners had bene fled. 

28 But Paul cried with a loude voyce, say 
ing. Do thv selfe no harme : for we are all 

29 Then he called for a Ught and sprang 
in and came trembling, and fel doune at 
the fete of Paul and Silas . 

30 And broght them out, and sayd, Syrs, 
what must I do to be saued .' 

31 And they sayd, Beleue in the Lord le- 
sus Christe, and thou shalt be saued, & thy 

32 And they preached vnto him the wor- 
de of the Lord, and to all that were in his 


Cllfl]). XVFf. THK AC'TKS OF 

33 And lie toko them the same houre of (j 
the uif^ht, and wusshed iJicir woundes, and 
was baptized, witli all that heloged vnto 
him, strayf^ht way. 

34 When he had broght them into his 
house, he set meat before them, and ioyed 
that he with all his housholde beleued in 

35 And when it was day, * the Rulers * Al. The. 
sent the sergeants, saying. Let those men ''"/Tf i "f' 

g'O. gether in 

36 The keper of the prison told this say- the viarM, 
ing to Paul, Tlie llulers .sy/?/(/ he, haue sent f^-^^^X" 
worde to lowse yow. now therfore get mrikquahc 
you hence, and go in peace. tk'it was, 

37 Then sayd I'aul vnto them. They haue anaimt" 
beaten vs openly vncondemned, for all §-f. 

I'- No nil hiuiau that wc arc '^ Romains, & haue cast vs in- 

torilio to licut or . • n ij i.u j 

(Mil, lo (icaiiiii citi to prison, & now wolde they send vs away 
si'ii Uoinain, imt preuclv ? miy vcrelv : but let them come& 

I h(" Koinnms them J, "^ -^ -^ 

seines hy llie con- ICt VS OUt. 

sent of n.e people, gg ^^^j ^^^ sergeants tolde these wordes 

vnto the Rulers, who " feared when they " lor the pn 
heard that they were Romains. Ureat"aKarnsi 

39 Then came they and prayed them, and ihc that tiyd 
broght them out, and desired them to de- citizen Ro 

parte out of the citic. 
40 And they went out of the prison, and 
entred into the house of Lydia, and when 
they had sene the brethren, they confor- 
tcd them, and departed. 


Paul commcth to Thessalonica, whcrsomc 
receaue him,, and others prrsecute him. He di- 
sputeth at Athens, and the fruite of his doctri- 
ne. The Thessalonicians carnestnes in reading 




the Scriptures. 

A S they made their iomey through Am 
-^phipolis, and Appolonia, they came 
to Thessalonica, where was a Syiiagoge of 
the lewes. 

2 And Paul, as his maner was, went in vii- 
to them, and thre Sabbath dayes disputed 
with them by the Scriptures, 
Luk. 24. 'J. 3 Openyng, 6i aUegA'ng, that * Christ must 
nedes haue suffred, and rysen aga\Ti from 
death : and this is lesus Christ whom sayd 
he, I preache to you. 
4 And .some of them beleued, and ioy- 
ned in companye with Paid and Silas : also 
of the Greckes that feared God a great 
multitude, and of the chiefe women, not a 
w 5 But the lewes which beleued not, ha- 
uing indignation, toke xTito them certey- 
ne vagabondes which were wicked felo- 
wes, and when the\- had assembled the pe- 
ople, they .=et all the citie on a rore, & ma- 
de assaut against the house of lason, and 
soght to brjTig them out to the people. 

6 But when they found them not, they 
drue Ia.?on and certain brethren \'nto the 
heades of the citie, crying. These are they 
which haue subuerted the state of f world 
and here they are, 

7 ^\'hich lason hath receaued : and these , , .. , . 

11 J 11 r /-. r * Like qaarelpi- 

ail do contrajy to the decrees of Cesar, af kuatbejnedaga. 
firming 5' there is another * k)-ng, one les'. ^beSt^eapom 

8 And the}' troubled the people, and the »*«« "^ *^ 
Rulers of the citie, when thev heard the- erfiteth againrt 

Se thinges. ' th^ membre. of 

rt V- -1 1- Chnste, traysoD, 

9 Notwithstadinff when they had recea- tc sediiion. 



ued sufficient assurance of lason and of 
the other, they let them go. 
10 And y brethre immediatly sent away 
Paul & Silas by nyght vnto Beroea. which 
whe they were come thyther, they entred 
into the Synagoge of the lewes. 
>> Not more ex. 1 1 These were ^ more worthy men then 

cellet of byrth but . , , . , . rm. i ' i • i 

more propt & cou they which Were at 1 hessalonica, which 
ragious in recea- receaued the worde with readiest affecti- C 

mng the worde of i , i i-i • , , 

God. on, and searched the bcnptures dayly, 

« This was not o- '^whether those thinges were so. 
se\?nges' whkh 12 Then many of them belcucd : & honest 
they had heard we women, whicli were Grekes, and men not 

re true : but also to j, 
cofirme them sel- aieWC. 

lies in the same, & jg ^,^ ^j^ jg^gg of Thessalonica had 

to increase their 

faith. knowledge, y the worde of God was prea 

ched of Paul at Beroea, they came thither 
also and moued the people. 

14 But by and by the brethren sent away 
Paul to go as it were to the sea : but SUas 
and Timotheus abode there styl. 

15 And they had charge to coduit Paul 
safely, & broght him euen toAthenes: and j. 
receaued a commandemet vnto Silas and " That citie 
Timotheus, for to come to him at once, & ^tnt'ir'^f 
so came their way. all knowiage 

1 6 While Paul waited for them at Athes, ^ncke°of mo- 
his sprite was moued in him, to se the ci- ?'^®, horrible 

• // 1 • I • • 1 1 idolatne. 

tie subiect to worship idoles. " who held, 

17 Therfore he disputed in the Synagoge ^.t'^^who! 
^ „ , . . with the lewes, and with them that feared le feiicitio. 

dSuchewashis j • ,i i ^ j i H •^•l u "Whotaught 

feruent zealetow- (jrod, and in the market dayly '^ with who- that vertue 
ards Gods glorie «npnpr Vip mpf '^as onely it. 

that he laboured ™6 soeuer ne met. ^^jj.^ '^^^^ 

to amplitie the sa- Ig Certaine Philosophers of the " Epicu- withstanding- 
me both m season j r ^i v Oi. • i j- ^ j -iV, they neuer 

and out of sea- reS, and Ot the btoickes, disputed with attayned vu- 

fft^r^Ju tIL^' him- and some sayd, What wil this " ba- t« 

atterward toTimo > ^ , tt o""' rascal, 

thie. bier say."^ Other sav/rf. He semeth to be a ty- or, trifler 



dinges bringer of newe Gods (because he 

preached vnto the lesus, & y resurrectid.) 

] 9 And they toke hym, and broght hym 

into ^ Mars strete, saying, May we not kno- « where ludgc- 

we, what this new doctrine, wherof thou waightie^ matter", 

Speakest, is ? ^"' chiefeW of im 

5, T-i 1 1 1 pietie agaist their 

E 20 1^ or thou bryngest strange tydjmges to Gods.wherofPaui 
our eares : we wolde know therfore, what ^L'tr^th^rb': 
these thinges meane. cause of the resort 

21 For all the Athenians, and strangers eare's'^euer tiekw 
which dwelt there, gaue them selues to *° ^^^^^ newes. 
nothing els, but ether to tel, or to heare 
some new tidinges. 

"Called Areo 22 Paul stode in the myddes of "Mars stre- 

''*^' te,and sayd. Ye men of Athens, I perceaue 

that in all thinges ye are to superstiti- 

23 For as I passed by, and behelde the ma- 
ner how ye worshyp your goddes, I foun- 
de an aulter wherin was written, vnto 
then ignorantly worshyp, him shewe I vn- 
to you. 
F 24 God that made the worlde, & all that 
is in it: seying that he is Lord of heauen 

Vhup.l.f. and earth,* dwelleth not in temples made 
wyth handes. 

Psa.5f).h. 25 * Nether is worshipped with mens 
handes, as thogh he needed any thing, 
seing he geueth to all, lyfe and breath and 
all thinges: 

26 And hath made of one bloud all man 
kynde, for to dwel on all the face of the .^J^X'^Z 

"Before man earth, & hath " assigned the tvmes which drle chages of the 
was created i i r j ^i i r world,aswhesorae 

God had ap- Were ordevTied beiore, and the endes oi people depart out 

pointed his «-y,p;,. f Jrihaliitntinn of acontrey and o 

stale and con '^"^^'^ mnaDltatlOn. therscomctodw- 

ition. 27 That they shulde seke God, yf they ei there. 



myght fele, and fynde hym, thogh doute- "Me grope in 
les he be not farre from euery one of vs. christe the 

28 For in him we lyue, moue, and haue ''■"''lighuhy 

J ' ' ne in then 

our being, as also certayne of your owne hartes. 
Poetes haue sayd,* For we are also his ge- Aratus. 

29 * For as muche then, as we are the ge- Esai. 40. d. 
neration of God, we oght not to thinke y " 

« He condeneth the Godhead is lyke vnto ^ golde, syluer, 

both the matter & , ^. ° , . •; ^._ 

the forme wher- or stone grauen by craite and imagmatio 

with God i.s con- „f mnn 
terfaited. °^ ™^"- 

30 And the tyme of this ignorance, God 

J- This is ment " regarded not. But now he biddeth *■ all ned" ^*"" 

of the vniuersal , , 

worlds not of eue men, euery where repent. 

ry particular ma. 3 J Because he hath appointed a day, in 

tor whosoeuersyn i i 11 

neth without the the which he wU iudge the world accor- 

oui'thc Lawe.*" ^S ^^ righteousnes, by that man whom 

he hath appointed, which thing he made 

manifest to all men, in that he raysed him 

from death. 

32 When they heard of the resurrection 
from death, some mocked : & other sayd. 
We wyl heare thee agajTie of this matter. 

33 So Paul departed from among them. 

34 Howbeit certayne me claue vnto Paul, 
and beleued : among the which was Denis 
"Areopagita, and a woman named Dama- "or, aiudge. 
ris, and other with them. 


Paul laboureth with his handes, and prea- 
cheth at Corinthus. He is receaued of many, 
detested of the lewes, and conforted of the Lord. 
Gallio refuseth to medle with religion . Pauls 
vowe. His faith in the prouidence of God .- and 
care for the brethren. The praise of Apollos. 



A \ Fter that, Paul departed from Athes, 
^*-and came to Corinthus. 

2 And founde a certayne lewe, named 
r{o7n.\6.h. *Aquila borne in Pontus, lately come 

from Italie, and his wyfe Priscilla (becau- 
se that y Emperour Claudius had comman 
ded all lewes to departe from Rome) and 
he drewe vnto them. 

3 And because he was of the same crafte, 

he abode with them & '* wroffht (for their " Thus he vsed 

r, 1 >> i i \ whereuerhecame 

"or pauilliOs, Cratte was to make tentes.) but principally at 

re'^made'Tf 4 And he prcached in the Synagoge eue ^rthe^aiseTpo' 
skynnes. ry Sabbath day, and exhorted the Tewes, sties which prea- 

11 +V. P' Ir chad without wa- 

ana also tne ijreKes. ges to wine the pe 

B 5 When Silas and Timotheus were come op^es fauour. 
"or, boyied from Macedonia, Paul " burned in sprite 
re'aic'"^'' *"* to testifie to the lewes that lesus was very 


6 And when they sayd contrary and bla- 
spemed, he shoke his rayment, and sayd 

\TltO them, ^ Your bloud A'pon your OWne i> Because they 

heades, and from hence forth wyl I go bla he"denonce^th7he 

melesse vnto the Gentils. vengeance of God 

7 And he departed thence, and entred Srownefaut^' 
into a certaine mans house, named Justus, 

a worshypper of God, whose house ioyned 
hard to the Synagoge. 
I. Cor A. b. 8 And one * Crispus the chiefe Ruler of 
the Synagoge, beleued in the Lord with 
all his housholde : and many of the Corin- 
thians gaue audience, and beleued and 
were baptized. 
C 9 Then spake the Lord to Paul in the e God prome- 
nyght by a vision. Be not afrayde, but spe- ^'"''^ '''^ ^ ^r'^'u ' 

I ° 11111 protection.wherby 

ake, and holde not thy peace : he woide defende 

10 For q am with thee, and no man shal I'^tf^romstn 
inuade thee that shal hurt thee : for I haue nemies. 


muche people in this citie. 

1 1 And he continued there a yere and syx 
monethes, and taught them the worde of 

12 When Gallio was Lieutenant of the 
countre of " Achaia, the lewes made insur " or, Grccia. 
rection with one accorde agaynst Paul, & 
broght him to the iudgement seat, 

13 Saying, This felow counselleth men to 
>' They accused worship God contrary to the '' Lawe. 

trasgressed'the ser 1 4 And as Paul was about to open his D 
uice of God ap- mouth, Galho sayd vnto the lewes, Yf it 

pointed by the / i i i 

Lawe. were a matter or wronge, or an euyl dede 

(6 ye lewes) I would according to reason 
heare you. 

15 But yf it be a question of wordes, and 
names, & of your Lawe, loke ye to it your 
selues : for I wil be no iudge in suche mat- 

16 And he draue them from the seat. 

17 Then toke all the Greekes " Sosthenes "ofwhomeis 
the cbief Ruler of the Synagoge, and bet ^poks.i.cor 
him before the iudges seat : but Gallio ca- E 

red for none of those thinges. 

1 8 Paul after this, taried there yet a good 
whyle, and then toke his leaue of the bre- 
thren, and sayled thence into Syria. (Pris- 
cilla and Aquila accompaniyng him) af- 

' Paul dyd thus ter that he had ^ shome his head in Cen- 

beare with' tlie le- i r l t. j * 

wes infirmities chrea: tor he had a vowe. Nom.e.e. 

which ^ yet were 1 9 And he Came to Ephesus, and left them c^«P- 21 • d. 

not suflSciently in, i-io 

structed. there : but he entred mto the bjmagoge, & 

reasoned with the lewes. 

20 "When they desired him to tary loger 
tyme with them, he consented not. 

21 But bade them fare wel saying, I must 
nedes at this feast that commeth, be in le- 

rusalem : 


rusale ; but I wil retume agayne vnto you, 
■2. Cor. 4. d. *yf God wil. and he departed from Ephe 

iam.A.d. gyg 

realtrltoDT ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^'^^ downe to " Cesarea, 
°°'^' he ascended tolerusale, & saluted the Chur 
che, and went doune vnto Antioche. 
23 And when he had taryed there a why- 
le, he departed, and went forthwith ouer 
all the countrey of Galacia and Phrygia 
by order, strengthening all the disci- 

I. Cor. 1.6. 24 And a certayne lewe named * Apol- 
los, borne at Alexadria, came to Ephesus, 

structer' "" ^^ eloquent man, and"rayghty in the Scri 

mt°whTln" ^^ '^^ ^'^^^ ^^^ " informed in the way 
tred. '^"" of the Lord, and he spake feruently in the 
Sprite, and taught dihgently the thinges 
Ztrte.' '*' °^ '^^ i^ord, and knewe but the ' " baptis- ' He had but as 

me of John only. yet the first princi 

.-)/j»jvi , pies of Christs re- 

iKi And he began to speake boldely m Hgion. 
flom.i6.a. the Synagoge. Whome when Aquila and* 

Priscilla had heard, they toke him vnto 
XS. "^ ^'^^^' ^^^ ^ expounded vnto him the " way ^ Thisgreatiear 

of God more perfectly. °®'^' ^"^ eloquent 

07 A J i_ 1 !• "'^'* disdaigned 

^/ Anawnen he was disposed to o-q into not to be taught of 
Achaia, the brethren exhorting him, wra- ^^'^"'^''''''^'^^• 
te to the disciples to receaue him : after he 
was come thyther, he holpe them muche 
which had beleued through grace. 
28 For mightely he ouercame the lewes, 
and that openly, shewyng by the Scriptu- 
res, that lesus was Christe. 


The holy Gost is geuen by Pauls handes. The 
lues blaspheme his doctrine, which was con- 


firmed by miracles. The rashenes and ponishe- 
ment of the Coniurers, and the fruit that came 
there of. Demetrius raiseth sedition vnder pre- 
tence of Diana. 

\ Nd so it came to passe, while Apollos a 
-^^was at Corinthus, that Paul passed 
through the vpper costes, and came to E- 
phesus, and founde certayne disciples : 
2 And sayd vnto them, Haue ye receaued 
the " holy Gost sence ye beleued ? And they "xhe pariicu 
sayd vnto him, No, we haue not heard whe ]?^ #'f'f? "*^ 

•' ' ' the Spirit. 

ther ther be any holy (jost. 
» Meaning, what 3 And he sayd vnto them, ^ Vnto what we- 
^rofeise by ''thIiJ ^^ 7^ ^^^^ baptized } And they said, vnto 

baptisme.fortobe lohns baptisme. 

btptisme "signm- 4 Then sayd Paul, * John verely baptized Mai.s.c 
ethtoprofessethe^th the baptisme of repentance, Haying »tar.l. a. 
taught, and sealed vnto the people, that they should beleue j"^'j ["'^ 
baSisme.l^eblin him. which should come'after him : that chap. I'.a. 

ptizedin the Na- is in Christ ICSUS. 2. a. 1 I.e. 

&c.i°, to be dcdica 5 When they heard that, they were " bap- " Endewed 
te and consecrate ^^ed in the Name of the Lord lesus. wl^i-^/.l'l 

vnto him. to be ba • i ti i i i i i i graces ot 

ptizedin the death 6 And Paul layd hys handes vpon them, thehoiyCost. 
the^deadror'i^to ^nd the holy Gost came on them, and they ^ 
one body, or vnto spake witli tounsres, and prophecied. 

remission of syn- -jin,, i .. , 

nes, is, that synne 7 And all these men were about twel- 

by Christs death ^p 

may be abolished, ' _ 

and die in vs, and 8 Moreouer he Went into the Synagoge, 

in^* christe^*our ^^^d spake boldely for the space of thre 

headland that our monethcs, disputyng, and geuyngthem ex ,, 

washed away by hortations of the kyngdome of God. 

rL.t^^"'^^ "^ 9 But when diuers waxed hard harted, & The inadeies 

v^nnsie. . i ^. i -i r 4.1. „ are hardened. 

obeyed not, but spake euil ot the way of 
the Lord before the multitude, he departed 
from them, and separated the disciples, & 
disputed dayly in the schole of one called 



*Al.frmnji 10 * And this continued by the space of 
lie <i ilocke t^o yeres : so that all they which dwelt in 
mtotev. ^g.^^ j^g^j.^ ^j^g worde of the Lord lesus, 

both lewes and Grekes. 
C II And God wroght no small miracles by 
the handes of Paul. 

1 2 iSo that from his body, were broght vn 

" Or, korche- to the svcke, " napkvns ^ or handkerchefs *■ This was to 

fes 1 -1 T 1 ^ J c .Li J autorize the Gos- 

and the diseases departed irom them, and pel, and to confir- 
the euyl sprites went out of them. "e, m"'' ""cau'e" 

1 3 Then certayne of the vagabonde lewes, men to worship hi 

,, ■ i i 1 ii i 11 or his napkins. 

' Or, coniu- exorcistes, toke vpon them to call ouer 
'^^'^' them which had euyl sprites, the Name of 

the Lord lesus, saying, We adiure you by 
lesus, whome " Paul preacheth. „ \ They abuse 

^ . Pauls autoritie, & 

14 And there were seuen sonnes oi one with out any voca 
Sceua a lewe, and chiefe of the Priestes ^^"thL^which'Is 

which dyd this. not in raa.s power. 

15 And the euyl sprite answered, & said, 
lesus I know, and Paul I know : but who 
are ye? 

D 1 6 And the man in whome the euyl spri- 
te was, ran on them, and ouercame them, 
and preuayled agaynst them : so that they 
fled out of that house, naked, and woun- 

17 And this was knowen to all the lewes, 
and Grekes also, which dwelt at Ephesus, 
and feare came on them all, and the Na- 
me of the Lord lesus was magnified. 

1 8 And many that beleued, came and co- 
' Bewrayed fessed, and " shewed their workes. 

eirsynnes. jg Many also of them which vsed curi- 
ous craftes, broght their bokes, and bur- 
ned them before all men, and thev coun- 
ted the price of them, and founde it 


•i This monteth d f^j-y thousand svluerlynffes . 

to of our money a - ^•' -' ^ ir/"ii 

bout 2000 markes. 20 oo myghtely grewe the worde oi God, 
and preuayled. 

21 After these thynges were ended, Paiil 
purposed," by the Sprite, to passe ouer Ma- "Bythemoiiu 
cedonia and Achaia, and to go to lerusa- Qost''^ '' '^ 
le, saying. After I haue bene there, I must 
also se Rome. 

22 So sent he into Macedonia two of the 
that ministred vnto him, Timotheus and 
Erastus, and he him selfe remayned in Asia 
for a season. 

23 The same tyme there arose no lytle a E 

' For they con- do about " that ^ way. " Or, state of 

'Z^f'tc^nle 24 For a certayne man named Demetrius »>>« Christias. 
they left the oide a syluersmyth, which made syluer shi-ynes 

rcliffion sud bro- . •/ •/ 

ght in' another for Diana " broght great gaynes vnto the "Whatimpie- 

trade of doctrine. ^voA-oo tv>ot. ti^ doth not 

cranes men. couetousnes 

25 Which he called together, with the dryue a man 
workemen of lyke occupation, and sayd, 
' He was moued Syrs, ye knowe that by this crafte ^ we get 

with his profit, & o-nnHp<s 

the others for their OUr gOOQeS. that they 26 Moreouer ye see and heare, that not 
their lyues then alone at Ephesus, but almoste through 
their filthy gaine. ^^^ ^ j^^^^^ jj^jg p^^ ^^^^ perswaded, & 

turned away muche people, saying. That 
they be not goddes which are made with 

27 So that not only this our crafte being 
reproued by him to our faces is in danger 

e Religion is his to be Set at noght : but also that the s tern- 
S'heTs'Ts^ple of the great goddesse Diana should 
temeth then his be despiced, and her magnificence should 
putteth it last. °'^*' be destroyed, which all Asia, & the " world "Hegrondetu 

1 ,, his religion 

worshyppeth . vpon the mui 

28 When they heard these sayinges, they tori[|e^o"/,S" 
were ful of wrath, and cryed out saying, world. 



Great is Diana of the Ephesians. 

29 And all the citie was on a rore, and 
they rushed into the Commen place with 
one assent, and caught Gaius, and Aristar- 
chus, men of Macedonia, and Paules com- 
pany ons of his iorney. 

30 When Paul would haue entred in vn- 
to the people, the disciples suffered hym 

F 31 Certayne also of the chiefe of Asia 
which were his friendes sent vnto hym, de 
siring hym that he would not prease into 
the Commen place. 

32 Some therfore cryed one thyng, and 
some another, for the assemble was all 
out of ordre, and the more parte knew not 
wherfore they were come together. 

33 And some of the copanye drewe forth 
Alexander, the lewes thrustyng hym for- 
wardes . Alexander then beckened with 
the hande, and would haue excused the 
matter to the people. 

34 When they knewe that he was a lewe, 
there arose a shoute almoste for the space 
of two houres, of all men crying, Great is 
Diana of the Ephesians. 

35 Then the towne clarcke when he had 
staled the people, sayd, Ye men of Ephe- 

G sus, what man is it that knoweth not how 
that the citie of the Ephesias is a worship 
per of the great goddesse Diana, and of '' Antiquitie and 
the image which came from " lupiter ? SeTb^t in 
Hepacieeth 36 Seyng then that no man"sayeth here this superstition. 

lie people by , i ^ ^ i . > i , , for (it is written) 

foridiy wisdo agaynst, ye oght to be content, and to do that the temple 

ne,& hath no nothinff rashlv ''*^'°^ repayrert 7 

espect to reli -, - ti i ■, tyraes, this idole 

ion. o7 tor ye haue broght hyther these men, wasneuercbaged. 


which are nether robbers of churches, nor 
yet despicers of your goddesse. 

38 Wherfore, yf Demetrius and the cra- 
ftes me which are with him, haue any mat- 
ter against any man, the lawe is open, and 
ther are Rulers, let them accuse one ano- 

39 But yf ye go about any other thyng, it 
may be determined in a lawful assem- 

40 For we are in ieopardy, to be accused 
of thys dayes vprour : forasmuche as the- 
re is no cause, whereby we may geue a re- 
kenyng, of thys concourse of people. 

41 And when he had thus spoken, he let 
the assemble departe. 


Paul goeth into Macedonia and into Gre- 
ce. At Troas he rayseth vp Eutychus. At Ephe 
sus he calleth the Elders of the Churche toge- 
ther, committeth the kepyng of Gods flocke vn- 
to them, warneth them of false teachers, ma- 
keth his prayer with them, and departeth by 
ship towards Jerusalem. 

\ Fter the rage was ceased, Paul called A 
-^the disciples vnto hym, & embrased 
them, and departed for to go into Mace- 

2 And when he had gone ouer those par- 
ties, and geuen them large exhortations, 
he came into Grece. 

3 And hauing taryed there three mone- 
thes, when the lewes layd wayt for him 
as he was about to sayle into Syria, he pur 
posed to retume through Macedonia. 

4 And 


4 And there accompanied him into Asia 
Sopater of Beroea: and of Thessalonica, A- 
ristarchus, and Secundus: and Grains of 
Derbe, and Timotheus : and out of Asia Ty- 
chicus, and Trophimus. 

5 These went before, and taryed vs at 

B 6 And we sayled away from * Phihppi, a He remayned 
after the dayes of swete bread, and came ^''///^S.^.Tet 
vnto them to Troas, in fyue dayes, where teropportunitieto 

, , J teache : also the a- 

we abode seuen dayes. boUshingof theia 

" To ceiebrat 7 And ^ the first day after the Sabbath, ^^®^ J^^' °'" y®' 

per'"ci^2'g' the disciples being come together for to" "which we can 

breake bread, Paul preached vnto them, el°^'':L"of''the k 

ready to departe on the morowe : and con- Cor. i6. a. we ga- 

,■■,,■, !• ^ , 1. ther that the Chri 

tmued the preaching vnto mydnyght. stiansvsedtohaue 

8 And there were many hghtes ui an vp- M^^'thisry^ay." 
per chamber, where we were gathered to- ing a syde the ce- 

,1 remonie of the le 

getner. „eshe Sabbath. 

9 And there sate in a wyndowe, a certay- 
■ or, i)oye. ne yonge " ma named Eutychus fallen in- 
to a depe slepe, and as Paul was long prea 
chyng, he falling doune for slepe, fel from 
the thyrd lofte doune ward, and was take 
vp dead. 

\. Kin. 17. d. 10 But Paul descended, & * lay on hym, 
2.hng.4.f. ^j^^ embrased hym, saying. Make nothing 
a do, for his lyfe is in him. 

11 So when Paul was come vp agayne, & 
C had broken bread, and eaten, he commo- 

ned sufficienly, euen tyl the dawning, and 
so departed. 

1 2 And they broght the boye alyue, and 
were not a lytle comforted. 

1 3 And we went afore to shyp, and sailed 
vnto the citie Assos, there to receaue Paul: 
for so had he appovnted, and would hym 



selfe go a fete. 

14 "When he was come vnto vs to Assos, 
and we had receaued him, we came to Mi- 

15 And we sayled thence, and came the 
next day ouer against Chios . and the next 
day we arriued at Samos : & taried at Tro- 
gylliu, the next day we came to MUetum. 

1 6 For Paul had determined to leaue E- 
phesus as they sayled, because he would 
not spend the tyme in Asia : for he hasted 
to be, yf he could possible, at Jerusalem, at 

he day of "Pentecost. • Or, witson- 

17 Wherfore from Miletum he sent to E- 'j^*^^' 
phesus, and called the Elders of the Chur 

18 Which when they were come to hym, 
he said vnto them. Ye knowe from the first 
day that I came into Asia, after what ma- 
ner I haue bene with you at all seasons : 

' This vertue is 19 " Seruyng the Lord with all *^ modestie, " inmy voca- 
r/atdhl:™;." and with many teares, & tentations, which ^^ -- 
ded: which vices a- happened vnto me by the layinges awayt 

re detestable in j. , f t .' o j 

the seruants of 01 the lewes. 

lesus christe. gO And how I kept " backe nothing that "inetherheid 
was profitable, but haue shewed you, and ftLe^nordiT- 
taught you openly, and throughout euery semwed for 

- gayne. 


21 Witnessing both to the lewes, and also 

to the Grekes, the " repentance towarde "The toumig 

God, and " fayth towarde our Lord le- g ^°^' 

SUS. "Which is the 

d That is, by the 22 And now beholde I go "* bounde in the [he^ g^aTe °* 
Soi^^nfofJ'^^: sprite vnto lerusalem, & knowe not what ^hichchriste 

manderaentof the r ' doth offer vs. 

holy Gost who dra shal come on me there. 

a band™*' '^^ "' 23 But y the holy Gost" witnesseth in cue- " By the Pro- 
ry citie saying, That bandes and trouble ^ ^^''' 



abyde me. 

4 But none of these thynges moue me: 
nether is my Ij^e deare vnto my selfe, that 
I myght fidfyl my course with ioye, and 
the ministration which I haue receaued of 
the Lord lesus, to testifie the Gospel of 
the grace of Grod. 
F 25 And now behold, I am sure that hence 
forth ye all through whome I haue gone 
preachyng the kyngdom of God, shal se 
my face no more. 

26 Wherfore, I take you to record this sa 

l.King.s.f. me day, that I am * pure from the ^ bloud • i am not the 

darnels, c. -f ii .-„„-. occasion of any of 

oi an men. yourdestnictions. 

27 For I haue kept nothyng backe, but 
"Which con- haue shewed you" all the counsel of God. 
saiuation^""' 28 Take hede therfore vnto your selues, 

and to all the flocke, wherof the holy Gost 
hath made you Ouersears, to goueme the 
Churche of God, which he hath purcha- 
sed with his ^ bloud. 'That which ap- 

29 For I am sure of this, that after my de- Ca^ttVfVhn 
I. Tim. 4. a. parting, shal * greuous wolues entre in a- ste.ishereattnbu 

J „,_ ii„ , ,1/11 tedtohisdiuinitie, 

-.cor. I I.e. mong you, not sparyng the flocke. because of the co- 

Xry 30 Moreouerofyourowne selues, shal ™-^-«^^'^^f- 
' Through men aryse, speakyng " peruerse thinges, to of the two natures 
vhth'u^mo" drawe disciples after them. '" "'"' p"'°"''- 

her of all he 31 Therfore, watche, and remember, that 
Q by the space of thre yeres, I ceased not to 
Co exhort wame euery one, both nveht & day with 

fith teares. ^ ■' jo j 


32 And now brethren, I commende you to 
God, and to the worde of his grace, which t^th^^ilhTuo' 
is able to buylde further, and to geue you tinuaii increase of 
an s inheritance among all them which a- terSo the posies- 
re sanctified. ^'•'° "^ **' "'^^" 

oo Ti_ 1 1 11 tance which IS pre 

66 1 haue coueted no mans syluer, golde, pared for them. 


he would not go vp to Jerusalem, 

13 Then Paul answered, & sayd. What do 
ye weping and breakyng myne heart ? I am 
ready not to be boimde only, but also to 

dye at lerusale, for the Name of the Lord To suffi-e wU 

T lingly for 

leSUS. Christe. 

14 So whe we could not turne his mjmde, 
we ceased, saying. The wyl of the Lord be 

1 5 After those dayes we trussed vp our far d 
deles and went vp to lerusalera. 

1 6 There went with vs also certayne of the 
disciples of Cesarea, and broght with the 

one Mnason of Cyprus, an old disciple, Mnason. 
with whom we should lodge. 

17 And when we were come to lerusale, 
the brethren receaued vs gladly. 

1 8 And the next day Paul went in with 
vs vnto lames : and all the Elders were the 
re assembled. 

1 9 And when he had embrased them, he 
tolde by order all thinges, that God had 
wroght among the Gentiles by his mini- 

20 Whe they heard it, they glorified the 
Lord, and sayd vnto hym,Thou seyst bro- 
ther, how many thousand lewes there are 
which beleue, and they are all zelous of 
the Lawe. 

21 Now they are informed of thee, that 
thou teachest all the lewes, which are a- 
mong the Gentiles, to forsake Moses, and 
sayst, That they oght not to circiicise their 
chyldren, nether to lyue after the custo- 

22 What is the to be done ? the multitude 
must nedes come together : for they shal 



heare that thou art come. 
E 23 Do therfore this that we say to thee. 
" wiio as yet We hauc" foiire me, ^ haue made a vowe. 
"T """^ 24 Them take, and ^ pmifie thy self with ^ Thend of this 
rhrbt'e!" "" them, and do cost on them, that they may ™S,Tw^^ 
Nom.G.a. *shaue their heades: and all shal know, institute by God, 
chap. I8.e. ^jj^t those thinges, which they haue heard ranees infirmttle 
by relation concerning thee, are nothing : s!'p^uupported 
but that thou thy selfe also walkest & ke- therin, theweake- 

, , V T D6S of Others and 

pest the Liawe . made him selfe all 

25 For as touching the Gentiles which *°^" ™en"°'^'° 

, 9 J 111 dering his consci- 

beleue, we haue wntten, and concluded, ence. 
Chap. I5.rf. *that they obserue no suche thinges, but y 
they kepe them selues from things offred 
to idoles, and from bloud, and from stran 
gled, and from fornication. 

26 Then Paul toke the men, and the next 
day was purified with them, and entred 

Nnm.e.c. into y teple, * declariag that he obserued 
r/iop 24.C. |-}jg dayes of the purification, vntU that an 

offering should be ofifered for euery one 

of them. 

27 And when the seue dayes were almoste 
ended, the lewes which were of Asia (whe 
they sawe him in the temple) moued all 

the people, and ^ layd handes on him, ' in thinking to 

F 28 Crying, Men of Israel, helpe : this is the fui^a^d to support 

man that teacheth all men euery where, the infirme hefai- 

, 1 1 T 1 • i^th into the han- 

agamst the people, and the Lawe, and this des of his enne- 
place : moreouer, he hath broght Grekes ™*^^" 
into the teple, and hath polluted this holy 

29 For they had sene before one Trophim' 
an Ephesian with him in the citie, whom 
they supposed Paul had broght into the 

30 Then all the citie was moued, and the 


people swarmed together: and they toke 
Paul, and drewe hym out of the temple : & 
forthwith the dores were shut. 

31 As they went about to kyl him, tydin- 
ges came vnto the hye Capitayne of the 
souldiers, that all lerusalem was on anvp 

32 "Which immediatly toke souldiers and a notable 
vnder Captajmes, and ran doime vnto the: {f^(S^pr°ui- 
and when they saw the hie Capta)Tie and ^^^^ *°f '^^ 
the souldiers, they left beating of Paul, g 

33 Then the Captayne came neare and to- 
ke him, and commanded him to be boun- 
de with two chaines : and demanded who 
he was, and what he had done. 

34 And one cryed this, another that, amog 
the people : so when he could not knowe 
the certaintie for the rage, he commanded 
hym to be caried into the castle. 

35 And when he came vnto the greces, he 
was borne of the souldiers, for the viole- 
ce of the people. 

36 For the multitude of the people folo- 
wed after crying, Away with him. 

37 And as Paul shulde haue bene caried 
into the castle, he sayd vnto the hye Cap- 
tayne, May I speake vnto thee ? Which 
sayd. Canst thou speake Greke .'' 

38 Art not thou that* Egyptian, which be- losephns U. 
fore these dayes made an vprore, and led ^^M- 20. 
out into the wyldernes foure thousande i^ello iudaj 
men that were mortherers? 2. Cap. 12. 

39 Then Paul sayd, I am a man which am 
alewe, and citisen of * Tarsus, a famous ci- Chap.22.a. 
tie in CUicia, and I beseche thee sufire me 

to speake vnto the people. 

40 And when he had geuen him licence, 



Paul stode on the steppes, and beckened 
with the hand vnto the people : and when 
there was made great silence, he spake vn 
to them in the Hebrue tongue, saying, 


Paul rendreth an account of his life and do- 
ctrine. He escapeth thewhippe by reason he was 
a Citisen of Rome. 

A "VTE men, brethre and fathers, heare my 
excuse""' °^ " defence which I now make vnto you. 

2 (When they heard that he spake in the 
Hebrue tonge to them, they kept the more 
silence, and he sayd) 

3 I am verely a ma which am a lewe, bor- 
Chap.2i.Q. ^6 in * Tarsus, a citie in CUicia: neuerthe- 
" A diligent lesse, yet broght vp in this citie, " at the 

^ fete of Gamaliel, and instructed accor- « wherby he de- 
ding to the perfect maner of the Lawe of s!rjfdUigen?^°and 
the fathers, and was feruent mynded to doclnte. 
Godwarde, as ye all are this same day. 
C//«;j. s. a. 4 * ^(j J persecuted this " way vnto the 
^or, this pro- death, byndyng and dehueryng into pri- 
fession of the ggn bothc men and women. 

Christians. . , ^ ■ r -n • 111 

B 5 As the chieie rnest doth beare me wyt 
nes, and all the state of the Elders : of 
whome also I receaued letters vnto the 
^ brethre, and went to Damascus to bryng b tq the lewes 
them which were there bounde vnto leru- ^ whome the let- 

, . , -11 ters were directe. 

salem, tor to be pumsshed. 

6 And so it was, as I made my iomey and 
was come nye vnto Damascus about noo- 
ne, that sodenly ther shone from heauen a 
great lyght rounde about me, 

7 So I fel vnto y earth & heard a voyce, 
saying vnto me, Saul, Saul, whypersecutest 
thou me .'' 


8 Then I answered, Who art thou Lord ? 
And he sayd to me, I am lesus of Nazaret, 
whome thou persecutest. 

9 Moreouer they that were with me, sa- C 
we verely a Hght and were afrayde : but 
they heard not the voyce of him that spa- 
ke with me. 

10 And I sayd, What shal I do Lord? And 
y Lord sayd vnto me, Aryse, & go into Da 
mascus : and there it shalbe tolde thee of 
all thinges, which are appointed for thee 
to do. 

11 So when I could not see for the bryght 
nes of that lyght, I was led by the hande 
of them that were with me, and came into 

12 And one Ananias a godly man as per- 
tayning to the Lawe, hauing good reporte 
of aU the lewes which dwelt there, 

1 3 Came vnto me, and stode, and sayd vn- 
to me. Brother Saul, receaue thy sight: and 
that same houre I loked vpon him. 

14 And he sayd. The God of our fathers D 
" This may be re hath '^ ordeyncd thee, y thou shuldest kno- 

ua7couseiof God, ^^ ^^ wU, and shuldcst se that " luste one, " which is 
Uon'&dedlraUon ^ ^huldcst heare the voyce of his mouth, ^a"^"' ' ' ' 
ofthe same, which 15 For thou shalt be hys wytnes vnto all 
™propre.'° ^^ ^^^ "f *^°^^ thinges, w\Ach thou hast sene 
and heard. 

1 6 Now therfore why tariest thou ? Arise 

and be baptized, and wassh away thy syn- 

d He sheweth nes, in callyng on the ^ Name of the Lord. 

be'lSdlway 17 And SO whcu I was come agayne to le- 

butbyChristewho rusalcm, and prayed in the temple, I was 

is the substance of • j_ 

Baptisme:in who- m a traunce, 

™^^i^°.i,5'^°"'P'"e 18 And sawe him saying vnto me. Make 

hended the Father •^i? rri 

& the holy Cost, haste, & get thee quyckly out of lerusale: 


Christ, 1. loll 


for they wyl not receaue thy wytnes that 
thou bearest of me. 
E 1 9 Then I sayd. Lord they know ^ I * pri- 
Chap. 8. a. ggned, and bet in euery Synagoge, them 

that beleued on thee. 
" or. Martyr. 20 And whcn the bloud of thy " wytnes 
Chap. 1 . d. Steuen was shed, I also * stode by, and con- 
sented vnto his death, & kept the clothes 
of them that slewe him. 
21 Then he sayd vnto me, Departe, for I 
wU send thee a farre hence ,vnto the Gen- 
F 22 And they gaue hym audience vnto this 
worde, but then they lift vp their voyces, 
and sayd. Away with suche a felowe from 
y earth, for it is not mete y he shulde lyue. 

23 And as they cried and cast of their clo 
thes, and threwe dust into the ayre, 

24 The Captaine bade him to be broght 
into the castle, and commanded him to 
be scourged, and examined, that he might 
know wherfore they cried so on hym. 

25 And as they bounde hym with thonges, 
Paul sayd vnto the Centurion that stode 
by. Is it lauful for you to scourge a man ^ 

is a * Romain, and not condemned? ' Not because he 

26 When the Centurion heard that, he L'^bySS Ws 
went and tolde the vpper Captaine, say- Citie: for Tarsus 
ing. Take heed what thou doest, for this th? Remains, and 
man is a Romain. was their Coionia. 

27 The the vpper Captaine came, & sayd 
to him, Tel me, art thou a Romaine ? And 
he sayd, Yea. , ^, . . ., 

nn A J 1 /^ • ^'^'^ pnuilege 

G 28 And the Captame answered. With a was oftymes geue 
great summe obtayned I this fredome. But S/e^^S'^^e°'th:J 
Paul sayd, I was ^ free borne. '^ere farre of 

29 The stray ght way they departed from children. 


him, which shulde haue examined him : & 
the hye Captayne also was afrayde, after 
he knewe that he was a Romayne : and be- 
cause he had bounde him. 
30 On the next day, because he wolde ha 
ue knowen the certaintie wherfore he was 
accused of the lewes he lowsed him from 
his bondes, and commanded the hye Prie 
stes and all theyr Counsel to come toge- 
ther : and broght Paul and set him before 


The answer of Paul being smit, and the ouer- 
throwe of his ennemies. The Lord encourageth 
him. And because the lewes layed wayte for 
him, he is sent to Cesarea. 

A Nd Paul behelde f Council, & sayd, A 
■^Men and brethren, I haue in all good 
conscience serued God vntyl this day. 
2 And the hye Priest Ananias comman- 
ded them that stode by, to smyte him on 
the mouth. 
» Paul doth not 3 Then sayd Paul to him, God ^ wil smite 
brndenocShlr *^^^ *^°^ payntcd wall : doest thou sit- 
peiy the ponishe- tc to iudge me after the Lawe, and com- 
shuide light "vp'on mandcst me to be smytten contrary to the 

him, who vnder Lawe ? 

pretece of maintei ..i, . ,, it>i 

ningtheLawedoth 4 And they that stodc by, sayd, Keuvlest 
transgresse it. ^^^^ Goddes hye Priestc ? 

t- He made this 5 Then sayd Paid, I *> wist not brethren 
fn moTede, IsTf that he was the hye Priest : for it is writ- 
hewoidesay.ikno te,*Thou shalt not cursc the Ruler of thy Exo.22.d. 

we nothing in this -. 

man worthy the of people. 

Priesf ^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ perceaued that the one par- 
te were Sadduces, aud the other Phari- 



ses, he cried out in the Counsel, Men and 
S' %% ^r^threne, * I am a Pharise, the sonne of a 

P- •-^- Phanse, I am accused of the hope and c re 'Hedeniethnot 
surrection of the dead ^^^ there were o- 

B 7 And when he had so sayd, ther arose a Sst,^'tha"tfor 

debate betwene the Pharises and the Sad- dutef itt' w'^^ 

duces, and the multitude was deuided *^e '=hi'=f couer. 

Mat.22.c. 8 *For the Sadduces say that there is no mo'IteS^ot' '™ 

resurrection, nether Angel, nor sprite : but 

the Pharises graunt ^ bothe. ^ vnderstandin 

9 Then ther arose a great crye : and the bothe" k^d^: Ihf 
Scribes which were of the Pharises parte, Shti^t ^'on 
arose and stroue, sa5dng. We finde none <='"dethvnderone, 

pnil in tViio »v,o^ -.f -j. . ^ 'he resurrectio, 

euu m tins man : if a spnte or an Angel which is the othe^ 
hath appeared to hym, let vs not stryue ''"'• 
agaynst God. 

10 And whe ther arose great debate, the 
Captame, fearing lest Paul should haue 
bene pulled in pieces of them, comman- 
ded the souldiers to go doune, and to ta- 
ke him from among them, & to bring him 
mto the castel. 

1 1 The night folowing, God stode by him 
and sayd, Be of good chere Paul: for as 
thou hast testified of me in Jerusalem, so 
must thou beare wytnes also at Rome. 

12 And when the day was come, certaine 
of the lewes gathered them selues toge- 

^er and made a - solemne othe, saying, . The worde si. 
Ihat they wolde nether eat nor drincke g»"fieth cursing, as 
tyl they had kyUed Paul. ' steTr:th,rwe'tr 

13 They were more the fourtie, which had ^,:lf^ ^^Z 
made this conspiration. be geuen io the 

14 And they came to the chiefe Priest & b'SsToXsto 
J^lders, and sayd. We haue bounde our p^^^«- 

selues with a solene othe, that we wil eat 
nothing, vntil we haue slayne Paul. 


1 5 Now therfore, gene ye and the Council 
knowlege to y vpper Captain, y he bring 
him forth vnto you to morow, as thogh ye 
wolde knowe some thing more perfectly 
of him : and we, or euer he come neare, are 
ready to kyl him. 

16 When Pauls systers sonne heard of D 
their laying awayte, he went and entred 
into the castle, and tolde Paul. 

1 7 And Paul called one of the vnder Ca- 
ptaines vnto hym, & sayd. Bring this yon- 
ge ma vnto the hye CaptajTie : for he hath 
a certayne thyng to shewe him. 

1 8 And he toke him, and broght him to 
the hye Captayne, and sayd, Paul the pri- 
sonner called me vnto him, & prayed me 
to bring this yong man vnto thee, which 
hath a certayne matter to shewe thee. 

19 The hye Captayne toke him by the E 
had, and went a parte with him out of the 
way, and asked him. What hast thou to 
shewe vnto me? 

20 And he sayd, The lewes are determi- 
ned to desire thee, f thou woldest bring 
forth Paul to morow into the CouncU, as 
thogh they wolde inquire some what of 
him more perfectly. 

21 But folowe not thou their myndes : for 
ther lye in wayte for him of the, more the 
fourtie me, which haue bounde them sel- 
ues with a solemne othe, y they wil nether 
eat nor drincke, tyl they haue kyUed him : 
& now are they ready, and loke that thou 
shouldest promes. 

22 The vpper Captayne then let the yon- 
ge man departe, and charged him, saying, 
Se thou disclose to no man, that thou hast 



shewed these thinges to me. 
F 23 And he called vnto him two certeyn 
vnder Captaynes, saying, Make ready two 
himdred souldiers to go to Cesarea, and 
horsmen threscore and ten, and two hun- 
dred, with dartes at the thirde houre of 
the nyght. 

24 And let them make ready an horse that 
Paul being set on, may be broght safe vn- 
to Felix the hye Deputie. 

25 And he wrote a ^ letter in this ma- f This letter was 

writ partely in the 
nsr. fauour of Paul 

26 Claudius Lysias vnto the moste mygh- that his aduersari- 

.•' •'Oes might not op- 

ty Kular felix, sendetn gretynges. pressehim. 

27 This man was taken of the lewes, and 
shulde haue bene kylled of them: but I 

came with souldiers, & rescued him, ^ per ^ The Captayne 

,■1,1 -[-, . dissembleth.toco- 

ceamng tnat ne was a Komame. mend his owne di- 

28 And when I wolde haue knowen the iige°ce,forhedyd 

not knowe that 

cause, wherfore they accused him, I Paul was a Roma 
broght hym forth into their Council. Sim.Suen 

29 There I perceaued that he was accu- him tobestraictiy 
sed of questios of their Lawe : but was not 

gylty of any thyng worthy of death or of 
G 30 And when it was shewed me, how that 
the lewes layd wayt for the man, I sent 
hym strayght way to thee, and gaue com- 
mandement to his accusers, if they had 
oght agajmst him, to tel it vnto thee : fare 

31 Then the souldiers as it was comman- 
ded them, toke Paul, and broght him by 
nyght to Antipatris. 

32 On the next day, they left f horsmen 
to go with him, & returned vnto f castel. 

33 Which whe they came to Cesarea, they 


deliuered the epistle to the deputie, and 

presented Paul also before him : 

34 When the deputie had read the letter, 

•• By this name he askcd of what ^ prouince he was, and 

fedeueHe con're; ^^en he vnderstode that he was of Cih- 

which they had cia, 

subdued. 35 I wil heare thee sayd he, when thjme 

accusers are come also, and commanded 
him to be kept in Herodes iudgement 


Paul answereth for his lyfe and doctrine, 
against his accusers. Felix gropeth him, thin' 
king to haue a bribe. And after leaueth him in 

\ Fter fyue dayes, Ananias the hye Pri- A 
-^est came doune wyth the Elders and 
with a certayne oratour named Tertul- 
lus which appeared before the Gouuerner 
against Paul. 

2 And when Paul was called forth, Ter- 
tullus began to accuse him, saying, Seing 
that we IjTie in great quietnes by reason 
of thee, & that many worthie thinges are 
done vnto this nation through thy proui- 
dence : 

3 That, we acknowUage from our hartes, 
hi: aiS\a^ & in aU places, most » myghty Felix, with 

taken Eleazarus all thanckes. 

themv^thtrers.& 4 But, that I be not tedious vnto thee, I 
put the Egyptian p^ay thce, that thou woMest heare vs of 

to flight which rai f, •' 

sed vp tumults in thy curtesy a fewe wordes. 
omof "Seth 5 Certenly we haue founde this man a 
1"™. otherwise he pestilent felowe, and a mouer of debate 
couetows. vnto all the lewes throughout the world 



B and a chief mayntayner of the secte of the 

6 And hath also enforsed to pollute the 
temple : whome we toke, and woulde ha- 
ue iudged according to our Lawe. 

7 But the hye Captajme Lysias came vpo 
vs, and wyth great violence toke hjrm a- 
way out of our handes. 

8 Commanding hys accusers to come to 
thee : of whome thou raayst, vi thou wylt 
enquire, knowe the certayntie of all these 
thinges wherof we accuse hym. 

9 And the lewes lykewyse affirmed, say- 
ing that it was euen so. 

10 Then Paul, after that the Ruler hym 
selfe had beckened vnto him that he shold 

Pauianswe- gpeake, answered, I do with a more quiet 

rethforhim- ^ ' - ic r i 

selfe. mynd answer tor my selie, tor as muche as 

^ I knowe that thou hast bene of many yeres 

"Or, Gouer a " ludge vntO this ''people. ■ So that thou 

re'thShllu- ^ 1 ^^y^S that thou mayst knowe, that the fheirfeWoS"*"^ 

led Trachoni rc are yet but twelue dayes since I went vp 

and GaSanil ^^ lerusalem for to worship. 

est- 12 And they nether founde me in the te- 

ple disputing with any man, ether raysing 

vp the people, nether in the Synagoges, 

nor in the citie. 

13 Nether can they proue the thynges, 

wherfore they accuse me. 

D 14 But this I confesse vnto thee, that af- 

"Or, secte for ter that wav (which they call " heresie) so 

termeTthe"'' Worship I the God of my fathers, beleuing 

istians. all thinges which are written in the Lawe 

and the Prophetes. 

15 And haue hope towardes God, that the 

same resurrection of the dead which thev 


them selues loke for also, shalbe, both of 
iust and vniust. 

16 And therfore, I endeuour my selfe to 
haue al way a cleare conscience towarde 
God, and toward men also. 
' Meaning that 1 7 Now after '^ many yeres, I came and 
I'^rhVhadbe'Se broght * almes to my people, and offerin- Chap.ll.d. 


he broght almes 

atlerusalem.when ffes. 

1 8 *At what tyme, certeyne lewes of Asia, Chap. 21 .e. 
founde me purified in the temple. 

19 Nether with multitude, nor yet with 

"For his accusers 20Who ^ oght to haue bene here present 
fceportXh before thee & accuse me, yf they had oght 
these beiiowes of agalnst me. 

a broad, and durst 21 Or cls let these same here say, 5rf they 
not them selues ap jj^ue founde any euyl doing in me, while 
I stode in the Council. 

22 Except it be for thys one voyce, that I 
cryed stadyng among them. Of the resur- 
rection of the dead am I accused of you 
this day. 

23 When Felix heard these thinges, he dif- F 
ferred the, & sayd. When I shal more per- 
fectly knowe the things vf coceme this se- 
cte, by the coming of Lysias, the chiefe Ca- 
pitaine, I wU decise your matter. 

24 And he commanded an vnder Captai- 
ne to kepe Paul, & that he shuld haue ea- 
se, and that he shulde forbyd none of his 
acquayntance to minister vnto him, or to 
come vnto him. 

25 And after certayne dayes, came Fe- 
lix and his wyfe Drusilla which was a le- 
wesse, and called forth Paul, & heard him 
of the faith which is towarde Christe. 

26 And 


26 And as he preached of righteousnes, 
temperance, and iudgement to come, FeUx 
•^ trembled and answered. Go thy way for ^ The worde of 
this tyme, when I haue conuenient tjTne I ^^^ "fcked ast 

wil send for thee. mshed.andtherfo- 

Q 27 He hoped also that money should ha- sauourTdeathv^ 

The corrupt ue bene geuen hym of Paul, that he might '° ''<^ath. 

peth'foTbrK lowse him : wherfore he called hym the of- 

^^^- tener and communed with him. 

28 But after two yere, Festus Porcius ca- 
me into Felix roume : and Felix wilUng to 

" Or to d " S^^ fauour of the lewes, left Paul in pri- 

a pleasure. SOn bounde. 


The lewes accuse Paul before Festus, he ap- 
pealeth vnto the Emperour . His matter is re- 
hearsed before Agrippa, and is sent vnto Ro- 

A "ITVhen Festus was come into the pro- 
^ uince, after thre dayes, he ascended 
from Cesarea vnto lerusalem. 
2 Then enformed h5rm the hye Priestes & 
the chiefe of the lewes against Paul : and 
they besoght him, 
The enuious ^ And desired fauour against him, that he 
jute of the wolde Sent for him to lerusalem : and they 
Paul. layd wayt for him in the way, to kyl him. 

4 But Fest' answered. That Paul shulde be 
kept at Cesarea, & that he hjrm selfe wol- 
de shortly departe thyther. 

5 Let them thefore sayd he, which among 
Which may you are " able, come doune with vs and 

nost^e como- accusc hym, yf ther be any wickednes in 
the man. 




6 When he had taryed there among the B 
no more then ten dayes, he went doune vn 
to Cesarea, and the next day, sate in the 
iudgement seat, and commanded Paul to 
be broght. 

7 And when he was come, y lewes which 
were come from lerusalem, stode about 
him, and layd many and greuous coplayn- 
tes against Paul, which they could not 
proue : 

8 Forasmuche as he answered. That he had Pauidefedeth 
nether offeded against the Lawe of the le- fu^emem 
wes, nether against the temple, nor yet a- 

gainst Cesar. 

9 Festus wyUing to " get fauour of the le- "o^to do pie- 
wes, answered Paul and sayd, Wylt thou 
go vp to lerusalem, and there be iudged 
of these thinges before me ? 

= Seing him self 10 Then Said Paul, I stand at ^ Cesars iud- C 
ambuiolif the iud gcmcnt Seat, where I oght to be '' iudged : 
ge.hedesireththat to the Icwes I hauc done no harme, as 

in consideratiO of , , , 

hisfredome hemay thoU very wel knowest. 

^"''^it'is^^awfS'^to 1 1 If I haue done wrong, or committed 
require the defen- any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to 

ceof theMagistrat j xr r ji ji • i. r 

to maynteyne our dye : It none oj these thmges are, wnereot 

"s^t- they accuse me, no man can dehuer me to 

them : I appeale vnto Cesar. 

12 Then spake Festus with " the Counsel, " withoui 
& answered. Hast thou appealed vnto Ce- ^nrhe*^coidf 
sar? vnto Cesar shalt thou go. donothin- 

13 And after certayne dayes, kyng Agrip 

pa and " Bemice came vnto Cesarea to sa- "His onne si 

lute Festus. rerteynet 

14 And when they had bene there certeyn 
daies, Festus rehearsed Pauls cause vnto 
the kyng, saying. There is a certaine man 
left in prison by Fehx. 

1.5 Of 


15 Of whome when I came to lerusalem, 
the hye Priestes, and Elders of the lewes 
enformed me, and desired to haue iudge- 
ment against him. 
rhe Remains 16 To whom I answered, That it is not the 
naner in iud- maner of the Romavnes, for fauour to de- 

rement. i i i i /• i 

huer any man to the death, beiore that 
he which is accused, haue the accusers be- 
fore him, and haue place to answer for 
him selfe, concerning the crime layed a- 
gainst him. 

1 7 Therfore when they were come hyther, 
without delay the day following, I sate to 
geue iudgement, and commanded the ma 
to be broght forth. 

18 Against whom, when the accusers sto- 
de vp, they broght no accusation of suche 
thinges as I supposed: 

19 But had certa3Tie questions against 
This worde him of their owne " superstition, and of 

^fie^rdigio. one lesus which was dead, whom Paul af- 
firmed to be alyue. 

20 And bycause I doubted of such maner 
of questios, I asked him whether he wold 
go to lerusalem, and there be iudged of 
these matters. 

F 21 But because he appealed to be reser- 
ued to the examination of Augustus, I c6- 
manded him to be kept, tyll I myght send 
him to Cesar. 

22 Then Agrippa sayed vnto Festus, I 
would also heare the man my selfe. To mo 
row (sayed he) thou shalt heare him. 

23 And on the morow when Agrippa was 
come & Bernice, ^ great pope, & were en- 
tred into the Comon hall, with the Captai 
nes and chiefe men of the citie, at Festus 



commandement Paul was broght forth. Paul broght 

24 And Festus sayed, Kyng Agrippa, and ned.^ exami- 
all men which are here present with vs, ye 

se this man, about whom all the multitu- 
de of the lewes haue called vpon me, both 
at lerusalem, and also here, criyng, That he 
oght not to lyue any lenger. 

25 Yet founde I nothing worthy of death, G 
that he had comitted. neuertheles, sejag 
that he hath appealed to Augustus, I haue 
determined to send him. 

26 Of whom I haue no certayne thyng to 

•^ Flatterers first write Vnto " my ^ Lord, wherfore, I haue "Or, Cesar 
vsedtocall Tyrats i i, i • , j • n . 

by this name :&af broght him vnto you, and specially vnto 
teritsogrowedin thee, kvng Agrippa, that after exami- 

to vse, that vertu- . i ? t i i 

ous Princes refu- nation had, 1 uiyght haue some what to 

ced it not. as ap- ,j^4.„ 
peareth by Flinies "^ !'■«=• 

Kpisties toTraian. 27 For me thynketh it vnreasonable, for 
to send a prysonner, and not to shewe the 
causes which are layed against him. 


The innocencie of Paul is approued by re- 
hearsing his conuersation . His modest answer 
against the iniurie of Festus. 

T^Hen Agrippa said vnto Paul, Thou art A 
-*- permitted to speake for thy selfe. Then d^th his cai 
Paul stretched forth the hand, and answe- se before a- 

J gnppa. 


2 I thinke my selfe happy king Agrippa, 
bycause I shal answere this day before 
thee, of all the thinges wherof I am accu- 
sed of the lewes. 

3 Namely, bycause thou art experte in all 
pustomes, and questions which are among 



the lewes. wherfore, I besech thee ^ to he- » Forasmuche as 
are me pacietly. As touching the hfe that th^reSn h?'^' 
I haue led from a childe, oght tobe more at 

B 4 And what it wae from the begynning 
amog mine owne nation at lerusale, know 
all the lewes, 
Paul was a 5 Which knew me here to fore (if they 
Pharise. ^ould testifie) that after the most stray- 

ctest ^ sect of our reUgio I hued a Pharise. *> Pauispeaketh 

6 And now I stand and am accused, for aLg* 'JThrpeoi 
the hope of the promise made of God vn- pies estimation 

, i? ^1 who preferred it 

to our fathers. as moste holy a- 

7 Vnto which promise, our twelue tri- ^^"^^ ^ii others. 
bes instatly seruyng God day and night, ho 

pe to come : for which hopes sake, Kyng 
Agrippa, am I accused of the lewes. 

8 Why should it be thoght a thing incre 
dible vnto you, that Grod should rayse 
agayne the dead ? 

9 I also verely thoght it my selfe, that I 
oght to do many contrary thinges, cleane 
against the Name of lesus of Nazaret. 

Cliap.a.a. 10 * Which thyng I also did in lerusale : 
for many of the sainctes I shut vp in pri- 
son, hauing receaued auctoritie of the hye 
Priestes : and when they were put to death 
I gaue the sentence. 
C 1 1 And I punished the oft in euery S3ma- 
goge, and copeUed them to blaspheme : & 
was yet more mad against them, and perse 
cuted them, euen vnto strange cities. 
Viap.Q.a. 12 At which tyme, as I went to * Damas- 
cus with autoritie, and commission from 
the hye Priestes, 

13 Euen at midday 6 Kyng, I saw in the 
way a Hght from heauen, farre passing 
the brightnes of the sunne, shyne round 


about me, and them which iorneyed with 

14 So when we were all fallen to f earth, D 
I heard a voyce speakyng vnto me, and 
saying in the Hebrue tonge, * Saul Saul, Chap.9.a. 
why persecutest thou me ? It is hard for "'* ' ' 
thee to kicke against pry ekes. 

15 And I sayd. Who art thou Lord ? And 
he sayd, I am lesus whom thou persecu- 

1 6 But ryse and stand vp on thy fete : for 
I haue appeared vnto thee for this pur- 
pose, to make thee a minister and a witnes, 
both of those thinges whych thou hast se- 
ne, and of those thinges in the which I 
wil appeare vnto thee, 

1 7 Dehuering thee from this " people, and " of the le- 
from the Gentils, vnto whome now I send "^^• 

■= Aithogh this 1 8 To •= open their eyes, that they may tour 
ne?h'v^to God-yet ^6 from darknesse to lyght, and frome the 
he appiyeth this power of Satan vnto God, that they may 

vnto his ministers "^ . » , . , . 

vnto whome he ge rcccaue lorgeuenes 01 synnes, and mnen- 
ueth his holy Spi- ta^ce among them, which are sanctified by 
faith in me. 

1 9 Wherfore Kyng Agrippa I was not di- E 
sobedient vnto the heauenly vision. 

20 * But shewed first vnto them at Damas Chap. 1,3 
cus, and at lerusalem, and throughout all §" ''*• 
the coastes of lurie, and then to the Gen- 
tils, that they should repent, and tume to 

God, and do the ryght workes of repen- 

21 For this cause the lewes caught me in 

the * temple, and went about to kyl me. Chap.2\.f. 

22 Neuertheles, I obteyned helpe of God, 
and continue vnto thys day, witnessyng 



both to small and to great, saying none 
other thinges, then those which the Pro- 
phetes and Moses dyd say shoiild come. 
F 23 To wit, that Christ should suffer, and 
that he should be the fyrst that should ry- 
se from the dead, and should shewe lyght 
vnto the people, and to the Gentils. 

24 As he thus answered for him selfe, Fe- 
st' sayed with a loude voyce, Paul thou art 
besides thy selfe : much leamyng doth ma 
ke thee mad. 

25 And Paul sayd, I am not mad most wor 
thie Festus, but speake the wordes of tru- 
eth and sobemes. 

26 For the Kyng knoweth of these thin- 
ges, before whom also I speake freely : nei- 
ther thinke I that ^ any of these thinges " He knewe that 
are hyd from him: for this thing was not prophrteswereof 
done in a comer. <^od, but he dyd 

c\i-i -TT-- ^ ■ 11 1 IT. notvnderstadethe 

G 27 King Agrippa, beleuest thou the Pro- true applying of 
phetes? I wot well thou beleuest. the same. 

28 Then Agrippa sayed vnto Paul, Al- 
most thou persuadest me to become a Chri 

29 Then Paul sayd, I would to God that 
not only thou, but also all that heare me 
to day, were not almost onely, but alto- 
gither suche as I am, except these bon- 

30 And when he had thus spoken, the 
Kyng rose \'p, and the Deputie, and Ber- 
nice, and they that sate wyth them. 

31 And whe they were gone aparte, they 
talked betwene them selues, sapng, This 
man doth nothyng worthy of death, nor 
of bondes. 

32 Then sayd Agrippa vnto Festus, This 


man myght haue bene lowsed, if he had 
not appealed vnto Cesar. 


Pauls dangerous vyage and his compagnie 
towarde Rome. How, and where they arryue. 

"ITVhe it was concluded, that we should A 

' sayle into Italie, they deliuered both 
Paul, and certayne other prisoners, vnto 
one named lulius, an vnder Captaine of 
the bande of Augustus. 

2 And* we entred into a shyp of Adra- 2. Cor. 11. yi 
myttium, appoynted to sayle by the costes 

of Asia, and lowsed from land, one Aristar Aristar- 
chus of Macedonia, a Thessalonian, being *'^^- 
with vs. 

3 And the next day we came to Sidon, & 
luhus courteously entreated Paul, and 
gaue him Mbertie to go vnto his friendes, 
that they might refresh him. 

4 And from thence we launched, and say- 
" From Sidon to led harde by ^ Cyprus, because the windes 

h^l^^Te'saSnor*^ were contrary. 

& by west: but the 5 Then saylcd we ouer the sea by Cili- 

wyndes caused the • it-> uto iH/r 

to saiie to Cyprus cia, and ramphyua, a came to Myra, a ci- 

playne north,then Hg {fy Lvcia. 

ce to Cilicia north ^ . ■, ■' ■. , ^ t-t ^ c i 

andbyeast,andso o And there the vudcr Captayne lounde B 
My^a^'fai^e^^st' ^ shyp of Alexandria, ready to sayle into 
Italie, and put vs therein. 

7 And when we had sayled slowly many 
dayes, and scace were come ouer against 
Gnidum, because the wynde withstode vs, 
we sayled harde by the costes of Candie, 
nere " to Scdmon. , 

8 And with muche worke sayled beyon- an high hii of 
de it, & came vnto a place called the Fayre f^^f^l^ ^^l' 
hauens, nye where vnto, was a citie cal- sea warde. 



led Lassea. 

9 When muche tyme was spent, and say- 
ling was now ieoperdeous, because also y 

tyme of ''the Fast was now passed, Paul i-xhis fast the le 
put them in remembrance, ZL teTonefh 

10 And said vnto them, Syrs I perceaue, of October mthe 
that this viage wyl be with hurt and mu- pituo.°Leu^3^2!'d! 
che domage, not of the ladyng and shyp ^°^ hutbetter^ 

only, but also of our lyueS. wynter there, then 

11 Neuerthelater the vnder Captayne '^ep^'of '^nter 
beleued the gouerner and the patron of y whichwasathand. 
shyp, better then those thinges which we- 
re spoken of Paul. 

C 12 And because the hauen was not com- 
modious to winter in, many toke counsel 
to departe thence, yf by any meanes they 
myght attayne to Phenice, and there to 
wynter, which is an hauen of Candie, and 
lyeth towarde the southwest and by west, 
and northwest and by west. 

1 3 When the southern wynde blewe, they 
supposing to ob1;pyne their purpose, low- 
sed nearer, and say led by Candie. 

14 But anone after, there arose agaynst 
Cadie, a stormye wynd out of y northeast. 

15 And whe the shyp was caught, & could 
not resist the wynde, we let her go, & dra- 
ue wyth the wether. 

1 6 And we were caryed beneth a htle yle 

named "^ Clauda, and had much worke to ' This yie was 
come by the boat. romSLre' 

17 Which they recouuered and vsed hel- ight towards the 
pe, vndergirding the shyp, fearing lest 

they should haue falle into Syrtes, & they 
' or, boat, let sHp the " vessel, and so were caried. 

18 The next day whe we were tossed with 
t) an exceadig tepest, they lightened y shyp. 


1 9 And the thyrd day we cast out, with our 
owne handes, the takling of the shyp. 

20 When at the last, nether sunne nor 
starre in many dayes appeared, & no smal 
tempest lay vpon vs, all hope y we should 
be saued, was then taken away. 

21 Then after long abstinence, Paul sto- 
de forthe in the myddes of them, & sayd, 
Syrs, ye should haue hearkened to me, and 

not haue lowsed from Candie. and " to ha- " or, to haue 

1 , 1 ■ • • • J 1 saued the los- 

ue ga5rned this miurie and losse. se by auoy- 

22 But now I exhorte you to be of good ^^^s the daii- 
chere : for ther shal be no losse of any mas 

life among you, saue of the shyp onely. 

23 For there stode by me this nyght the E 
Angel of " God, whose I am, and whom I " They coidc 

not then re- 
serue, proue him of 

24 Saying, Feare not Paul, for thou must rashenes. 
be broght before Cesar : and lo, God hath 

<i The graces and gcuen vnto ** thee, aU that sayle wyth thee. 
GoSurth to ht 25 Wherfore, syrs be of good chere : for 
children, profit " I beleue God, that it shal be euen as he " Faith is gro 

many tymes the >. i^ unded vppon 

ennemies, which LUiue iiie. ^j^^ worde 

are vnworthie to 26 Howbeit, we must be cast uato a certay- of God. 

receaue the fruit , , •' 

therof. ne ylande. 

27 And when the four tenth nyght was 

come, as we were caried to and fro in the 

« Thisseain stra ^Adriatical sea, about midnight, the shyp- 

bos tyme was take -jjiii t. uj 

for all that part ^^ demed that some coimtrey approched 

which was about ynto them. 

the mountaynes -,r,Ai ^ -i n r i- 

called ceraunii,& 28 And sounded, & founde it twenty pas- 
Z^dT^JS'I ^^' ■ ^^d ^hen they had gone a httfe fur- 
goeth vp to Veni- ther they sounded agayne, and founde fy- 
ftene passes. 

29 Then fearing lest they should haue 
fallen into some rough places, they cast 
foure ancres out of the sterne, and wyshed 



for the day. 

30 As the mariners were about to flie out 
of the shyp, & had let downe the boate in 
to the sea, vnder a coulour as thogh they 
would haue cast ancres out of y foreshyp, 
F 31 Paul sayd vnto the vnder Captayne & 
y souldiers, Except these abyde in y shyp, 
'ye can not be safe. fPauiwoidevse 

32 Then the soiddiers cut of the ropes of GodhalTordl^ed 
the boat, and let it fal awav. i«^' 1"^ shuide se- 

' - n 1 ™^ t" haue tem- 

33 When the day began to appeare, Paul ptedhim. 
exhorted them all to take meat, saying, 

This is the fourtenth day that ye haue ta- 

ried and continued s fasting, receauing no s He meaneth an 

^1 • i 11 extraordinarie ab- 

imng dt dU. stinence which ca- , 

34 Wherfore, I pray you to take meat : me of the feare of 

-,,... 1. J J e .^ death and so toke 

for this IS for your sauegarde : tor there away their appeti 
shal not ^ an heere fall from the head of ^\ ^ ^^^^ ^^ 

any of you. brew phrase is met 

35 And when he had thus spoken, he to- be*\n aii pointes 
ke bread and gaue thankes to God, in pre- safe and sound. 
sence of them all : and brake it, and began i." g. matth. lo. c. 
to eat. 

36 Then were they all of good chere, & 
they also toke meat. 

37 We were aU togither in the shyp, two 
hundred, threscore, and sixtene soules. 

38 And whe they had eaten inough, they 
lyghtened the shyp, and cast out the whe- 
at into the sea. 

G 39 When it was day, they knew not the 
coimtrey, but they spied a certayne haue 
with a banck, into the which they were 
mynded (if it were possible) to thrust in 
the shyp. 

40 And when they had taken vp the an- 
cres, they committed the ship vnto the sea. 


and lowsed the rudder bondes, and hoy- 
sed vp the mayne sayle to the wynde, and 
drewe to land. 

41 And when they chanced on a place, 
which had the sea on bothe the sydes, they 

thrust in the shvp : and the fore part stuc- Shipwrake. 
ke fast luid moued not, but the hinder, bra 
ke w)th the violence of the wanes. 

42 The souldiers counsel was to kyl the 
prisoners, lest any of them, when he had 
swome out, should Hie away. 

43 But the \aider Captaine willing to sa- 
ne Paul, kept them from their puqiose, 
and commanded that they that could 
swj'me, should cast them selues first into 
the sea, and scape to land : 

44 And the other, he commanded to go, 
some on boordes, and some onbrokenpeces 
of the sh}-p. and so it came to passe, that 
they came idl safe to lande. 


Paul with his compagnie are gentely intrea- 
ted of the B(trbarous people. The riper hurteth 
him not. He healeth Puhlius father ajid others, 
and heing foumishcd by them of thinges neces- 
sarie he fared towarde Rome. VVher being re- 
ceaued of the l>rethren he declareth his busynes, 
and there preacheth two yeres. 

\ Nd when they were escaped, the they A 
-^^knewe that the vie was ctUled " Meli- " Now caiie* 



*2 And the Barbarias shewed vs no h'tle 
kj-ndenes, for they k\-ndeled a fyre, imd re 
ceaued vs euery one, because of the show- 
re which appeared, & because of f colde. 

3 And 


3 And when Paul had gathered a fewe 
stickes, and put them into the fyre, there 
came a viper out of the heat, and lept on 
his hand. 

4 When the Barbarians sawe the worme 
hang on hys hand, they sayd among them 

selues. This man must nedes be a '' mur- • suche is the 

therer, whom, thogh he hath escaped the or "Ten tharthey 

"wiiomethey sea, yet " Vengeance hath not suffred to •^^""dcmno such as 

J -^ J , •' ^ they SCO in any at- 

TsseXanedly^e. flicLn. 

her Dice, or 5 But he shoulce of the vermen into the 
fyre, and felt no harme. 

6 Howbeit, they wayted when he should 
haue swolne, or fallen downe dead sode- 

B ly : but after they had loked a great while, 
and sawe no inconuenience come to hym, 
they changed their myndes, & sayd. That 

he was a ^ God. ' Beholde the ex 

I- 1 .f i ii 1 • r r tremitie of these 

7 In the same quarters, the chiete man oi infideies.and iiow 
the yle (whose name was Publius) had pos- ["JJ,"*" j^ ^^u'er^i^ 
sessions, the same receaued vs, and lodged tion. 

vs thre dayes courteously. 

8 And so it was, that the father of Publius 
lay sicke of a feuer, and of a blouddy fli- 
xe : to whome Paul entred in and prayed, 
and layd his handes on hym, and healed 

9 When this was done, other also which 
had diseases in the yle, came and were he- 

C 10 Which also dyd vs great honour: and 
whe we* departed, they laded vs with thyn 
ges necessary. 

1 1 After thre monethes we departed in a 
shyp of Alexandria, which had wyntred nimsfayned'^to'he 
in the yle, whose badge was *= Castor and lupiters children, 

_ , ■' o andGoddes of the 

rOUUX. sea. 


1 2 And when we came to Syracusse, we ta- 
ryed there thre dayes. 

1 3 And from thence we fet a compasse, & 
came to Rhegium : and after one day, the 
south wynde blewe, and we came the next 
day to Putioli. 

14 Where we fomide brethren, and were 
desired to tary wyth them seuen dayes, & 
so we went to warde Rome. 

15 And from thence, when the brethren 
heard of vs, they came to mete vs at the 

rt These places Market of Appius, and at the ^ Thre " ta- " or.shappes. 
Rome a dayes ucmes. When Paul sawe them, he thaked 

ioumey, or there Q^jJ ^nd Waxed bolde. 

1 6 And when we came to Rome, the vn- D 
der Captayne dehuered the prisoners to 

' No dout the the general Captayne : but Paul was ^ suf- 

Captaine vndersto r j ^ i i i i le -aA ^ ^• 

debothebyFestus ""ed to dwcl by hym selie with a souldier 
lettres, & also by that kept hym. 

the report of the ,w.,/ ^ • t ^ r t-»i 

vnder Capitayne 17 And the third day after, Paul called 
miuedTo faute.°' the chiefe of the lewes together : & when 
they were come, he sayd vnto them. Men 
and brethre, thogh I haue committed no- 
thyng agaynst the people, or Lawes of the 
fathers, yet was I dehuered prisoner from 
lerusalem into the handes of the Romai- 

18 Which when they had examined me, 
woidd haue let me go, because there was 
no cause of death in me. 

19 But when the lewes spake contrary, E 
I was constrayned to appeale vnto Caesar : 
not because I had oght to accuse my peo- 
ple of. 

20 For this cause haue I called for you, 
euen to se you, and to speake with you : for 
euen for the hope of Israel, I am bounde Hope. 



wyth thys chayne. 

21 And they sayd vnto him. We nether 
receaued letters out of lewrie pertayning 
vnto thee, nether came any of the brethre 
that shewed or spake any harme of thee. 

22 But we wil heare of thee what thou 
TheChristias thinkest : for as concemmg thys secte we 
where^euja knowe, y euery where it is spoken against, 
spoken of. 23 And when they had appointed hym a 

F day, there came many vnto him into hys 
lodging, to whome he expounded and te- 
stified the kyngdome of God : & preached 
vnto the of lesus both out of the Lawe of 
Moses, and also out of the Prophetes, euen 
from morning to nyght. 

24 And some beleued the thynges which 
were spoken, and some beleued not. 

25 And when they agreed not among the 
selues, they departed, after that Paul had 
spoke one word, Wei spake the holy Gost 
by Esai the Prophet vnto our fathers, 

Esa. 6.C. 26 Saying, * '^ Go vnto this people, and 'Hereby the he 
Zi' \^b'' ^^y' ^y*^ hearing shal ye heare, and shal ;;"f„ jfj S hj mo 
uk.'s.'b.' not vnderstand, and with your eyes shal lifiecir&theweak- 
^i' I'o '/■ J i lings cOfirmedthat 

ohn 2./. ye se, and not perceaue. they be not offen- 

om.u.a 27 For the heart of thys people is waxed dedbythestubber 

O o 1 • 1 • 1 /• 1 • nesof the wicked. 

fat, & their eares were thicke of heanng, 
and their eyes haue they closed : lest they 
should se with their eyes, and heare with 
theyr eares, and vnderstand with their 
heartes, and should be conuerted, and I 
should s heale them. s The worde of 

28 Be it knowen therfore vnto you, that the vertue'of the 
this saluation of God is sent to the Gen- ^p"'*- '« Joyued 

^, , , 111 • with It, and is pre- 

tllS, and they shal heare it. ached generally, 

29 And when he had sayd that, the lewes [^ele^uia'Sff.'" *"" 
departed, and had great reasonjoig amog 



them selues. 

30 And Paul remayned two yeres M m a 
house hyred for him selfe, & receaued all 
that came m vnto hyro, 

31 Preaching the kyngdome of God, and 
teaching those thinges, which coceme the 

Lord lesus, wyth all " confidence, vnfor- "or, Ubertie. 

Epistle to the Romains. 

HE great mercie of God is decla 
red towarde ma in Christ lesus : 
whose rightuousnes is made ours 
through faith, for when man by 
reason of his owne corruptio col- 
de not fulfil the Lawe : yea comitted moste abho 
minably, bothe agaynst the Lawe of God and na- 
ture: the infinit bountie of God, myndful of 
his promes made to his seruant Abraham, the 
father of all beleuers, ordeyned that mds salua- 
tion shulde only stand in the perfect obedience 
of his Sone .- so that not only the Circumcised le 
wes, but also the vncircumcised Gentils shulde 
be saued by faith in hym .- eue as Abrahd before 
he was Circumcised, was counted iuste only 
through faith .- and yetafterwarde receaued Cir- 
didsio as a scale or badge of the same rightuous 
nes by faith. And to the intet, that none sholde 
thinke that the couenant which God made to 
him, 8f his posteritie, was not performed : ether 
because the lewes receaued not Christ (which 
was the blessed sede) or els beleued not that he 
was the true redemer, because he dyd not only, or 
at least more notably preferre the lewes : the exa- 
ples of Ismael Sf Esau declare, that all are not 
Abrahams posteritie, which come of Abrahd 
according to the fleshe .- but also the very strdgers 
and Getils grafted in by faith, are made heires 
of the promes. The cause wherof is the only wil 
of God : forasmuche as of his fre mercie, he ele- 



cteth some to be saued, 8f of his iuste iudgement 
reiecteth others to be damned, as appeareth by 
the testimonies of the Scriptures. Vet to thin- 
tent that the lewes shulde not be to muche bea- 
ten downe, nor the Gentils to muche puffed vp .• 
the example of Ellas proueth, that God hath yet 
his elect euen of the natural posteritie of Abra- 
ham, thogh it appeareth not so to mans eye : and 
for that prefermet that the Gentils haue, it pro- 
cedetk of the liberal mercie of God, which he 
at legth wil stretch towarde the lewes agayne, 
and so gather the whole Israel (which is his 
Churche) of them bothe. This grounde worke of 
faith §■ doctrine layed, instructions of Christia 
maners folowe : teaching euery man to walke 
in roundenes of conscience in his vocatio, with 
all patience and humblenes .- reuerencing, and 
obeyng the magistral : exercising charitie .-puttig 
of the olde man, and putting on Christe : bear- 
ing with the weake, and louing one another ac- 
cording to Christs example. Finally S. Paul 
after his commendacions to the brethren exhor- 
teth them to vnitie, ftieng false preachers 8f 
flatterers, and so concludeth with a prayer. 






Paul sheweth by whome and to what pour- 
pos he is called. His ready wyl. what the Go- 
spel is. The vse of creatures and wherfore they 
were made. The ingratitude, peruersitie, and po 
nishement of all mankynde. 

» Through Gods 
mercie.& alsoap- 
poynted by com- 
mandemet to this 

•■ The Scriptures 
onely set for the 
great benefit of 
God promesed & 
performed to the 
world in lesus 

AVL THE ser- A 
uant of lESVS "•"-.min'' 
CHRIST, ^call- 
ed to be an 

Apostle, " * put '/Or, chose b; 

apart to preache '^<' <>ternai c; 

4.1- r^ 1 -.selofGod, 

the Gospel OI by the decla 

/-< J ration of Uk 

^ • samecounsel 

2 (Which he 
promised afore 

by his * Prophetes in the *" holy Scrip- ^cMs.n. 


• act 3 d 

3 Concerning his Sonne lesus Christ our 



"or, posted- Lord, which was made of the " sede of Da- 

llfe^^Se"*^ uid as * perteyn\Tig to the flesh : 

Marie. 4 ^^d declared mightely to be the Sone 

of God, touching the Spirite that *^ sancti- c By the Spirite 
fieth, sence v he rose affayne fro the dead, ^t 4<'<^!^''<;"\ "','''■ 

•' 1 ^ Christ IS God who 

o By whom we haue receaued ° grace and se power dyd so sa 
Apostleshyp, that obedience might be ge- ^^ ll^.^t 
uen vnto the favth in his Name among all not feie corru- 

,, TT ,, •' ° ption, nor yet re- 

the Heathen : mayne in death. 

6 Of whose nuber ye be also, which are ^ which wa^ that 

J _ moste liberal bene 

' Or, by the ICSUS ChristeS by " vocation. fit to preache the 

SoTrldo- 7 To all you that be at Rome beloued of "^fi^^^"' 

jted in lesus God, & SainctCS by CaUvng, * *^ Grace be « The free mer- 

f S: 1 . a. with you, and peace from God om- Father, J„l?i'„teTe 
jat.l.a. and from the Lord lesus Christ. inaiithinges. 

LtimA.e.^ 8 F\Tst verely I thanke my God through 
les' Christe for you all : because your faith 
'Or, christia is publisshed throughout " all the worlde. 
Churches, g Yor God is my wytnes, whom I seme in 

'Earnestly,& my " SpiritC in the ^ Gospel of his Sonne, ' in preaching 
rO the hart. .1 , ,r . T 1 • r the Sonne of God, 

that wythout ceasyng 1 make mencion or that is reconciiia- 

yQvi tion and peace 

•{ ' . ,. ,, through Christe 

10 Alwayes m my prayers, besechmg, y by 
some meanes one tjTne or other, a prospe- 
rous ioumey by the wyl of God myght for 
time me, to come vnto you. 
Ihap. 15. e. 1 1 * For I long to se you, that I myght be- 
stowe, amonge you some spirituall gyfte, 
to strengthen you with all. 

1 2 Tliat is, that I might receaue exhortati- 
on together with you, through the comen 
faith, which both ye and I haue. 

1 3 Now my brethern I wolde y ye shuld ^ ^^^^gr v,y gata. 
not be ignorant, how that I haue often ty- i-Thess.2.d. or by 

J /I 1 the holy Gost. Act. 

mes purposed to come vnto you^(but haue le. b. or called to 
Wherof IS bene g let hyther to) y I might haue some '°"!^ "'uf.uP'^"" 

poken. lohn. ,, J. . ^ ' ■' °, to preache the Go 

5.C. irute also among vou, as / haue amonge spei. chap. is.e. 



other of the Gen tils. 

1 4 I am detter both to the Grekes, & to 
them which are no Grekes, vnto the wise- 
men, and vnto the ignorant. 

15 Therfore, as muche as in me is, I am 
redy to preache the Gospel to you that are 
at Rome also. 

1 6 For I am not " ashamed of the Gospel of " He passotii 
Christe, because it is the * " power of God mocking of 
vnto saluatio to all that beleue, to the le- the wicked, 
we fyrst, and also to the " Greke. "Or,effectuai 

•■ The perfection 1 7 For by it, the ^ ryghtuousnes of " God, JPo^" G^mii 
whoSr" haih" is opened, from fayth to fayth : as it is writ " which'cod 

appeareth before ten, * The iust shal lyUC by fayth. Abac'^Ta. 

lesl&can bea™u- 18 For the wrath of God raaniJfestly apea- gal.s.b. 
sed of no faute,& j-eth from heaue against " all ' vngodlvnes '^^- ^^-ff^ 

this lustice IS con- i • i <• i i C 

trary to mas iusti- and vnrightuousnes or men, because they /'He meaneth 
VoZsXZyt Withholde the truth Vniustely : -ery .. par 

apprehended by 1 9 SeyUg that, which may be knOWen of " in that they 

increrseth. p?aK God, is manifest with in them : for God ha- "^^p ooTas 

^*i' « J J .u the shewed it vnto them. nature parte- 

> He deuideth „„ -p, ,•••,, ^, s ■ ^ h teacheth 

the lawe of nature 20 l^Or hys mUlSlDle thyngCS, y IS to say, the, norloue 

godUneVand ™- his ctemal power and Godhead, are vn- one another, 
rightuousnes. Vn derstand and sene, by the things made fro 
neth'^"^the *^ false the Creation of the world' to thintent that 
worshiping of ^j^gy ghuJde be wvthout excuse : 

God, vnrightuous- .» .' /->(irt7j 

nes, breache of 21 Because that when they knewe God, Ephe.A.d. 

louetowardeman. they " glorified him not as God, nether we- pJj'^hCnot 
re thankful, but waxed ful of vanities in as he prescri- 
their imaginations, and their foUshe hear their gMd " 
tes were blynded. tentions. 

22 When they counted them selues wise, 
they became foles : 

23 For they turned the glorie of the incor 
ruptible God, to the simihtude of y ima- 
ge of mortal man, and of byrdes, & foure 
foted beastes, and of creeping beastes. 

24 Wherfore, 


" or, deliue- 24 Whcrfore, God'' ^ gaue the eue Vp vnto ^ Seingmen wol- 
fed them as a ^^^ heartes lust, vnto vnclenes, to defyle f® T f ^'f^^ 

luste ludge. ''"^" ^j.^^^ ^ , ' J ^ to the knowlage 

their owne bodyes betwene them selues : that God gaue the 

25 Which turned the trueth of God vnto hermoL^th^eirta; 
a lye, and worshypped and serued the ere- '^•'^ "■''j biynde- 
atures, neglecting the Creator, which is shuide not knowe 
blessed for euer. Amen. S^one'"o t 

26 For this cause God gaue them vp vnto nother. 
shamful lustes : for euen their women dyd 
change the natural vse into that which is 
agaynst nature. 

27 And lykewyse also y me left the na- 
tural vse of the woman, and burned in 
their lustes one with another, and man w 
ma wroght filthines, & receaued in them 
selues, the recompence of their errour, as 
was accordyng. 

D 28 And as they regarded not to knowe 
God, euen so God dehuered them vp \Tito 
a lewde mynde, that they should do those 
thinges which are not comly, 

29 Being ful of aU vnrightuousnes, forni- 
cation, wickednes, coueteousnes, maUci- 
ousnes, full of enuie, murther, debate, dis- 
ceyte, takyng all things in the euyl parte, 

30 Backbyters, haters of God, doers of 
wronge, proude, bosters, inuenters of euyl 
thynges, disobediet to father and mother, 
without vnderstading, couenat breakers, 
without natural affectio, promes breakers, 

., ^ ' Which Lawe 

merClleS. God writ in their 

31 Which men, thogh they knew ^ the ^°°.f •<"";«s ^^ th*; 

T T 7 1 ^ J 1 t 1 1-1 Piiilosophers cal- 

L,awe ordeyned by God, how y they which ledittheLaweof 

"which is the ^""^^ ^^^^^ thinges, are worthy of death : ertTheiawe'ofTa- 
fui measure yet not Only do y same, but also " favour tio°s wherof mo- 

of^all iniMui- ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ playnee'r^osiUon! 




To beat downe all vayne pretence of ignord- 
ce, holines, and alliance with God, he proueth 
all men to be synners, the Gentils by their con- 
science, the lewes by the Lawe written, and 
menaceth with the judgement of God. 

T^Herfore thou art inexcusable 6 man, A 

» Nether they -*- whosoeucr thoU art that ^ " iudgest. "or.blamest. 

which do approue *£qj. ^^ ^YisA same wherin thou iudffest ano- Mat. 7. a. 

euel doers, nor irr i \ n a 

they which repro- thcr, thou condcmncst thy selfe: for thou ,{ p '"'•'T*"' 
sable ^before ^od. that iudgest, doest eucn the same selfe thou art gii- 

tViino-PB tie of the sa- 

imnges. me fame, or 

2 But we are sure that the iudgement of lyke. 
Torheiudgeth God is according to ^trueth, against them 

Jeth^ot'thJ^t which commit such thhiges. 

warde persona. 3 Thinkest thou this, 6 thou ma that iud- 
gest them which do suche thynges, and yet 
doest euen the very same, that thou shalt 
escape y iudgement of God ? 

4 Ether despicest thou the riches of his 
goodnes, and * pacience, and longe suffe- 2 Pet.s.d. 
ranee ? and remembrest not how that the «s«-30. d. 
kyndnes of Go d leadeth thee to repentan- ' '^' 
ce ? 

5 But thou, after thy stubbemesse and he- 

of men*^are°most" ^rt that Can not repent, * heapcst vnto thy lam. 5. a. 
vnabie to be iusti- gelfe wrath affavust the day of " vengeance, ?„, . , , 

fied by their wor- , in 1,1 • i^ • j '" The wicked 

kes, seing Abraha wheu shalbc Opened the nghtUOUS lUdge- shalbe conde- 

thefatherof bele- ™„„4. rif Cinr\ ned and the 

uers hath nothing ^^^^ °^ ^^^' faithful deli. 

to giorie of be- 6 * "Which vpil rewarde euery ma accor- "ered. 

fore God, & there- i- „ . 1 • j. i„ i„„ Mat. 16. d. 

fore all mens wor- dmg tO hlS dedes. psal.62. c. 

kes shai condene 7 fhat is to Sail, to them which by continu- 

tnSin 3.DQ tnGV . , 

only shalbe saued ance in wel doing seke prayse, honour, & 
S cZttety immortahtie : eternal lyfe. 
faith, to be their 8 But vnto them that are contentious & 
sanctiBcation.^" disobcy the trueth, and folowe iniquitie, 


to ignomi- 


shal be rendered indignation and wrath : 
9 Tribulation & anguyshe vpon the sou- 
le of euery man that doth euyl : of the le- 
"BytheGrek we fyrst, and also of the " Greke. 
deth"thrGen ^^ But to euery man that doth good, shal 
til, & euery be rendered prayse, honour, and peace, to y 
lewe fyrst, and also to the Greke. 

1 1 For ther is no * respect of "^ persons with "^ As touching a- 

(^ ^ uy outwarde qua- 

"01 • litie, but as the 

12 For whosoeuer hath synned without p""".'''^*""'''',!'^ 

-' make his vessells, 

Lawe, shal perish also without Lawe: and he dothe appoint 
as many as haue synned in the Lawe, shal- X^rs° ^'"""'''"'^ 
be iudged by the Lawe. 

1 3 * For before God they are not ryghteous 
which heare the Lawe : but the doers of y^ 
Lawe shalbe iustified. 

14 For when the GentUs which haue no 
Lawe, do of Nature the thynges contay- 
ned in y Lawe : then they hauyng no Lawe, 
are a Lawe vnto them selues. 

15 Which shewe the effect of the Lawe 
written in their heartes : while their con- 
science beareth witnes vnto them, and al- 
so their thoughtes accusing one another, 
or excusing, 

1 6 At the day when God shal iudge the se- 
cretes of men by lesus Christ, according 
to my Gospel. 

17 ^Beholde, thou art called a lewe, and 
trustest in y Lawe, and * gloriest in God. 

one that is 
not a lewe. 

2chr. 19. b. 
iob. 37. b. 
act. 10. e. 

Mat. 1 ,c, 
iam. l.d. 
Act. 10. e. 
col. 3. d. 

chap. 9. a. 

" Or, triest 

' Heawaketh the 
lewes which were 
a slepe, through a 

18 And knowest his wil, and " alowest the certem securitie& 

confidence m the 

such things as 1 . .i . ii • i i ^^.^..^ 

dissent from thinges that are excellent, m that thou art Lawe 
his will. informed by the Lawe : 

1 9 And beleuest that thou thy selfe art a 
gyde of the bl)Tide, a hght of them which 
are in darcknes: 

20 An informer of them which lacke dis- 


cretio, a teacher of vnleamed, which hast 

the " information of knowledge, and of the " The way to 

trueth in the Lawe. [nTh'unou" 

21 Thou therfore,w teachest another, tea- ge of the tm. 
chest thou not thy seK? thouypreachest,A 

man sholde not steale, doest thou steale ? 

22 Thou that sayst, A man should not c6- D 
mit aduoutry, breakest thou wedlocke ? 
thou that abhorrest images, robbest thou 
God of his honour ? 

23 Thou that makest boast of the Lawe, 
through breakyng the Lawe dishonourest 
thou God.? 

24 For the Name of God is euyl spoken 

of among the GentUes through you, * as it Esa.b±b. 
is written. ezec.^^i.d. 

25 For Circumsision verely auayleth, yf 
thou kepest the Law : but yf thou breakest 
the Lawe, thy Circumcision is made vneir 

26 Therfore yf the vncircumcised kepe 
the right thinges contayned in the Law, 
shal not his vncircumcision be counted 
for Circiuncision ? 

27 And shal not vncircumcision which is 
by nature (yf it kepe y Lawe) " iudge thee, " or, condem 

' whentheLawe which beyng vnder the *^ letter, and Circii- 
is called the let- gigion, doest trausffrcsse the Lawe? 

ter, or that it pro- . o c • r 

uoketh death in vs, 28 For he is not a Iewe,w is a lewe onely 
or ^s'uie minrste- outwarde : nether is that Circumcision, -wr 
rie of death, or (g onely outward in the fleshe : 
stregthofsynne:it 29 But he is a Icwc which is hyd wjrth in, 
lidT^lTaW^dthe * Circumcision, of the heart, i^ lf^;±l 
it seife without the true Circumcision, which consisteth colos. 2. b 
in the " sprite, and not in the letter, the w "in 'he inwai 
lewes prayse, is not of men but of God. heart. 




Hauing granted some prerogatiue to the le- 
wes because of Gods free and stable promes, he 
pruueth by the Scriptures, both lewes and Gen- 
tils to be synners, and to be iustified by grace 
through faith 8f not by workes and so the Law 
to be established. 

A TrVhat preferment then hath the le- 
' we ? other what auantageth Cu"cum- 
cision ? 

2 Surely very much : for chiefely vnto 
" Or.wordes. them was committed the " oracles of God. 

3 But what then, thogh some of them dyd 
Chap. 9. b. not beleue ? shal their * vnbeUefe make the 
/ l"'w^' P^o^^s of God without effect ? 

Psal. 116. b. 4 God forbyd : yea let God be * true, and 
Psal.b\ .a. * all men lyars, as it is written,* That thou 
"wlhrwk- myghtest be ^ iustified in thy sayings, and a That thou 

ked do reason ouerCOme, when thou are iudsred. malst be declared 

igainst God. _ ,,- , ^ -° , , , mste.and thy Rood 

5 Yt our vnryghtuousnes comendeth the nes and trueth in 
rightuousnes of God, what shal we say ? Is ^p^S^sllJap 
God vnrighteous which taketh vengean- peare,whenmene- 
' Whose car- ce ? (I spcake after the maner of " men.) or arro^anc^e^woi 
wu not obeT 6 God forbid : for how then shal God iud ^^/"''^^ '^y ''^'■ 
*e wii of ge the world ? 

B 7 For if the veritie of God hath more a- i>;Lesttheiewes 
bunded through my lye, vnto hys fflorie, shuide be puffed 

, T , '^ / . 1 11 vp in that he pre- 

wny am 1 hence lorthe condemned as a ferred them to the 

«Arnnpr ? Gentils, he shew- 

s^/imci . eth that this their 

8 And (as men speake euyl of vs, and as preferment stand- 

rr- .1 . \ 1 1 , eth onely in the 

some atnrme that we say) why do we not mercieof codfor 
eml, that good may come therof ? whose asmuche as bothe 

. o . . •' lewe and Gentil 

damnation is lUSt. through synne are 

9 What then ? " Are we better then they ? '^^1^1 that^hey 
No, innowyse. For we haue already pro- '"^sht bothe be 
uen, how that bothe lewes and Gentiles chnete. ''"^ 


are * all vnder synne. Gal.3.d. 

10 As it is written, * There is none righ- Psal.u.a 

. . andb2.a. 

teous, no not one. 

1 1 There is none that vnderstandeth, the- 
re is none that seketh after God. 

1 2 They haue all gone out of the way, they 
haue also bene made vnproffitable, there 
is none that dothe good, no not one. 

1 3 *Theyr throte is an open sepulchre, they Psal. 5. b. 
haue vsed the)T tonges to deceyt : the poy- 

son of aspes is vnder their Uppes. 

1 4 * Whose mouthes are ful of cursing and Psal. 9. b. 

1 5 * Thejrr fete are swyft to sheade bloud. Esai. 59. b. 

1 6 Destruction and calamitie are in their prou. 1 . b. 

1 7 And the " way of peace they haue not "a peasibie& 

knowen. innocetlife. 

18 * There is no feareof God before theyr Psal. 36. u. 

1 9 *And we know that whatsoeuer the " La- Gal. 2. d. 
we sayeth, it sayeth it to them which are vn oide testamct 
der the Lawe : that euery mouthe may be 

= The Lawe doth Stopped, and all the worlde be •= culpable 

not make vs giltie before God. 

but doth declare r\ rm r ii r i // t 

that we are giltie 20 Iherfore by the dedes of the Lawe, "Hemeanetl 

setrc^ondemnt ^hal no fleshe be iustified in his sight, for '^^^^\: 
tion. by the Lawe commeth the knowledge of ^'''"'^ "'•''' 

.•^ ° commandetii 

Smne. or forbidden, 

21 But now is the ryghtuousnes of God ;°hosewfrkes 
declared wythout the Lawe, hauyng wit- can not iusti- 
nes of the Lawe and of the Prophetes. can 'not'^par! 

22 To wit, the rightuousnes of God by the fourmethem. 
fayth of lesus Christe, vnto all, and vpon 

all that beleue. 

23 For there is no difference : for all haue 



D synned, and are '^ destitute of the glorie of a The worde si- 

Qq(J_ gnifieth the which 

24 And are iustified frelv by hys grace, the race and are 
through the redemption that is in Christ ^ mi^^eZr^s 

leSUS . to euerlasting life, 

Esai. 53. d. 25 Whom God hath set forthe * to be a pa- led \he giorie*^''of 

cification through faith in his bloude, to ^°'^' 
" Or, fideiitie declare his " r\'ghtuousnes, in that he for- 
Ws^'pr'^m™!^ geueth the synnes that are passed : 

26 Which God dyd suffer, to shewe at this 
tyme his ryghtuousnesse, that he myght be 
counted iuste, and a iustifier of him which 
beleueth on lesus. 

27 Where is then the reioysyng ? It is ex- 
cluded. By what Law? ofworkes.' Nay: but 

by the * Lawe of fayeth. ' The Lawe of 

Gala. 2.C. 28 * Tuerfore, we gather that a man is iu- itich'offre[^h°sail 

stifled by fayth, wythout the deades of the "a''*"" with condi 

Jjawe. uest)whichcOditio 

29 God, is he the God of the lewes onely, '^"' ?^''}'^'' ^"l^ 

-,„_., 1 ^ -.7- /- , geueth to vs. So 

& not of the Getiles also r Yes euen of the the coditio of the 

Vxenmes aiSO. doest all these 

30 For it is one God which shal iustifie Cir thinges) the which 

,.,. /•/•,! 1 •- onely Christ hath 

cumcision which is or layth, and vncircu- fulfilled for vs. 

cision through fayeth. 
Christs iusti- 31 Do we then make the Lawe vnprotita- 
she^hthe'La- ^^^ through fayeth ? God forbyd,yea rather 
we- ^ we establishe the Lawe. < The doctrine 

of faith is the or- 

namCt of theLawe 

for it embraceth 

THE IIII. CHAPTER. Christ who by his 

death hath satis- 

He declareth that iustification is a free gift ded the Lawe: so 

euen by them them selues, of whome the le- that the Lawe 

wes mosie boasted, as of Abraham and of Da- ^^^.-^^^ y^ to salua- 

uid, and also by the office of the Lawe, Sf faith, tion by reaso of 

our owne corru- 

V 1 Ai 1 ption is now made 

Vhat shal we say then, that Abraham effectual to vs by 
^, „u.»... our father gate, as " pertayning to the ^^"^^"^ '®'"'- 



2 For if Abraham were iustified by dea- 
=> He might pre- dcs, then hath he wherin to ^ reioyce, but 

tende some merite . •, i y-i j 
or worke worthie nOt WltJl LrOQ. 

to be recopensed. 3 For what sayeth the Scripture ? *Abra- Gene. 15. b. 
ham beleued God, and it was counted toP'°'«'-3-«- 

I • i: r, iam.2.d. 

mm tor ryghtuosnesse. 

4 To hym that " worketh, the rewarde is " Meriteth by 
not reckened of fauour, but of duety. *"'' ''°'^^'- 

5 But to hym that worketh not, but bele- 
'■ Which maketh ueth on hjTn that ^ iustifieth the vngodly, 

lnhim'sdfe!'ius'te Ws fayth is counted for ryghtuousnes. 

in christe. 6 Eucn as Dauid describeth the blessed- 

fulnes of the man, vnto whome God ascri- 
beth ryghtuousnes wythout dedes, say- 

7 * Blessed ai'e they, whose vnryghtuous- Psal. 32. a. 
n esses are forgeuen, and whose synnes are 

8 Blessed is that man, to whom the Lord 
imputeth not synne. 

9 Came this blessednes then vpon the Cir 
cumcised onely, or vpon the vncircumcised 
also ? For we say, how that fayth was recke- 
ned vnto Abraham for rightuousnes. 

10 How was it then reckened ? * in the ty- Gene. \b.h. 
me of Circumcision ? or in the tyme before 

he was circumcised? not in the tyme of 
Circumcision : but when he was yet vncir- 
cumcised. C 

II * And he receaued the sygne of Circum Gene. 17. h. 
cisio, as a scale of the rightuousnes of faith 

which fayth he had, yet beyng vncircumci 
sed : that he shoidd be the father of all the 
that beleue, thogh they be not circucised, 
that ryghtuousnes myght be imputed to 
them also. 

12 And 


12 And that he myght be the father of 

Circumcision, not vnto them only which a- 

re of the circumcised, but vnto them also 

that walke in the '^ steppes of the faith that ' This may not 

was in our father Abraham, before the ty- the^mes of faith 

me of Circumcision. (for thereof the a- 

, iiijii postle doth hereaf 

Gal.s.c. 13 ror the promes that he should be the ter expresseiy in. 
heyre of the worlde, was not geuen to Abra f^th u seTfe"*^ *^ 
" In fulfilling ham, or to his seed, through the"Lawe : but 
thereof. through the rightuousnes of fayth. 
" And thinke 14 For yf they which* are of the Lawe, be 
the^same'bv ** heyres, then is faith but vayne, and the * ifitberequi- 

™„,i.„„ r rr ^ sit to fulfil theLaw 

workes. promes of none effect. for him that shal- 

"Throughour 15 For the Lawe causeth " wrath, for whe- ]>\ of Abrahamcs 

Hpfaiit Kr nnt t • i n • mhentace, then it 

of it se'ife ^^ ^'^ Lawe IS, there is no transgression, is in vayne to be- 
^Or,breache 16 TherioYehj Mth is the inheritaunce (/e- forit^serSu; 
^ TOmman e ^^^^ ^-^^^ j^ myght come of fauour, and the »« vse. 
" Which heie- promcs might be sure to " all the sede. that 
"^" is, not to them only which are of the Lawe: 

but also to them which are of the fayth of Abraham, which is the * father of vs all. 
/.a. J ^ ^^g j^ jg written * I haue made thee a fa- 
"Byaspiritu- ther of many nacions) euen " before God 
whkh'cod whom he beleued, which quickeneth the -^ te"th\''crrcumdsfd 

chefely acce- dead, and Calleth those thingeS which be ouenbythevertue 

'"^ • not, as thogh they were. S^/erXuf 

*^ 18 Which Abraham contrary to hope, be- re,whichwasextin 

leued in hope, that he should be the father S's whicii wereno 

of many nacions : according to that which thing.are caiiedby 

1 7*r^iii t°^ power of God 

Gen. IE,, h. waS SpOKCn to htm, bo Shal thy seed to be of the nom- 

i-p ' ber of the faithful. 

" But moste 1 9 And he " not weke in the faith, consi- 

stant! *^ dered not his owne body, which was now 

dead, since he was almost an hondred yere 

olde : nether yet that the matrix of Sara was 

" Or, that she // j ^ 
was past chil- ^^au. 

de bearing. 20 He disputed not against the promes of 



God through vnbeUefe : but was made 

stronge in the faith, and gaue " honour to "For his mer- 

<"< J cie & trueth. 

21 Beyngful certified that he which had 
promised, was also able to make it good. 

22 And therfore it was reckened to him 
for rightuousnes : 

23 It is not written for him only, that it 
was reckened to him for rightuousnes. 

24 But also " for vs, to whom it shalbe cou- " For our in- 
ted for rightuousnes, so we beleue on hym ^e" Se fu- 
that raysed vp lesus our Lord from the stifled by the 

25 Which was deliuered to death for our 
synnes, and " rose agayne for our iustifica- " To accopii- 

i- she and make 

'''""• perfect our 



He declareth the fruit of faith, and by com- 
parison setteth forthe the Loue of God and obe- 
dience of Christe, which is the fondacion and 
grounde of the same. 

T^Hen being iustified by faith, we haue A 
» By peace, here ^ peace with God through our Lord le 

ismentthat incre o,,,, PVir-iofo 
dibleandmosteco ''^'=' '-^'"I'^'-t^- 

stant ioye of myn 2 * By whom also we haue accesse through lohn. I6./7. 
iiuereTfr5aiuer- faith, vnto this gracc, whcrin we stand, and '^M- s.'/- 
ror of conscience reioyce in hope of the glorie of God. 

and fully persua- -' ^ i i i * • 

ded of the fauour 3 Ncthcr do wc SO Only, but also we reioy- fam. \.n. 
°^ '^°'^- ce in tribulations, knowing that tribulatio 

bryngeth patience. 

4 And patience bringeth experience, and 

experience bringeth hope, 
'' He meaneth 5 And hope maketh not " ashamed, for the " For it hath 
"■''. ^°T ,"''"■.■ " ^oue of God is shed abrode in our hear- ^"r/°°'''"" 

with God loueth ^ , ^, , ■, ^ i • i • 

vs. tes by the holy Gost, which is geuen vn- 



to VS. 

6 For Christe, when we were yet of no- 
strength, at his tyme dyed for vs, which 

Heb.9.d. were * vngodly.^.s.c. 7 Douteles one wyl scarce dye for a rygh- 
tuous ma : but for a good man paraduentu- 
re durst a man dye. 

8 But God setteth out his loue that he hath 
to vs, seing that while we were yet synners 
Christ dyed for vs. 
B 9 Seing therfore that we are iustified in 
his bloud, we shal be now muche more sa- 
ued from wrath through him. 

" Because of 10 For if, wheii we were " enemies, we we- 

en^es by^th" ^^ reconciled to God by the death of his 

grace of chri Sonnc, muche more seing we are recociled, 
we shalbe preserued by his life. 
1 1 And not only so, but we also reioyse in 
God by the meanes of our Lord lesus Chri 
ste, by whom we haue now receaued the 
C 1 2 Wherfore, as by one man sinne entred 
into the world, and death by the meanes of 
synne: and so death went ouer all men, in so 
much as all men haue sinned. 

"From Adam 13 For euen vnto the " tyme of the Lawe, 
was synne in the worlde, but sjmne is not 
imputed, as long as there is no law. 
14 Neuertheles death raigned from Ada 
to Moses, euen ouer them also that sinned 

"Yet all mail not '^ " with Ukc transgression as did Ada : ' "^ meaneth 

leiduinaii ^ ^ . .,. r w i • t yonge babes which 

Kinaelasitwe -^ jg tJ^g gimUltude of him y was to come, nether had the 

they wereV 15 But the gyft is not lykc as the offence. ];^^\^l "„"Xn 
in Adame'f ^^r if through the sinne of him alone, ma- of cocupiscence, 
'"wh- h "y ^^ ^Q^^ : much more plenteous vpon ma mitted any actual 
Christe. '^^ ny was the grace of God and gift by grace : Xo"*" comprehend 
^ grace was geuen by one ma lesus Christ, the centiis. 



1 6 Nether is the gyft so, as that which en- D i 

tred in by one that sjTined : for the giltie- 
ship came of one offence vnto condemnatio : 
d For by Christe but the g)rft: is geuen to iustifie from ^ many 

we are not onely 
deliuered from the SJTineS. 

synnes of Adam 1 7 For if by the offence of one, death ray- 
but also from all , , •' - , •' 

such as we haue gned by the meanes or one : muche more 
added mto. gj^^j ^^y which receaue that abmidant gra 

ce and gjrft of" ryghtuousnes raygne in U- "The justice 
fe by the meanes of one, that is to say, lesus ste which is 

PViinct imputed to 

^^"^''- the faithful. 

1 8 Lykewyse then as by the offence of one, 
giltiship came on all men to condemnation : 
euen so by the iustifiing of one, the benefit 
abunded vpon all men to the iustification of 

1 9 For as by one mans disobedience many 
became synners : so by the obedience of one 
shal many be made ryghtuous. 

20 And moreouer y " Lawe entred in, that "TheLaweof 
' That it might the offence should ^ encrease. neuerthela- 

be more manifest- , ^ ■, ■, c 7 

ly knowen, and ter. Where abimdance oi synne was, there 
set before all mes ^^g j^ore plcnteousnes of grace. 

21 That as synne had ray gned vnto death, 
euen so might grace raigne through righ- 
tuousnes, vnto eternal life, by the helpe of 
lesus Christe our Lord. 


Because no man shulde glorie in the fleshe, 
but rather seke to subdue it to the Spirit, he she- 
weth by the vertue and ende of Baptisme that 
regeneration is ioyned with iustification, and 
therfore exhorteth to Godly life, setting before 
mens eyes the rewarde of synne and rightuous- 



A "ITVhat shal we say then ? Shal we cdtinue 
' stil in synne, y grace may more aboud ? 
God forbid : 

2 How shal we, that are ^ dead to synne, h- » He dieth to syn 
ue any lender therin ? ^f^ '° u^T^ """ 

-r, ■' ^ 1 * 11 1 • 1 strength of synne 

Gal.^.d. 3 Remember ye not, that all we which is broken by the 
haue bene baptized vnto ''lesus Christe, ha ^^ so now'iiue'th 
ue bene baptized vnto his death ? to God. 

. . ° W^hich is thcit 

Col.2.h. 4 * We are buried then with him by bap- growing to gether 
Hebr.n.a. tisme,vnto his death : that lykewise as Chri ^1^,'^™;^,",'™^!'' 

9 f 9 d ^ receaue vertue to 

eph 4 "a ^^^ ^^^ raysed vp from death vnto the glo- kil synne and ray- 

coZ.3.6. rie of the Father: euesowe also should *wal ^<'^°"'"°^''®'"^- 
i.Cor.e.c. jj^g jn a newe life. 

"If we, by his 5 For yf wc be *^ graft with him " to the si- c The greke wor / 
sronT ^'^ '° mihtude of his death : euen so shal we be to ^^ meaneth, that V 

- . ... . wegrowevptoge 

the stmiLitude oi his resurrection. ther with christe, 

6 Knowing this, that our olde man is cm- ^^e"miswit"we!o; 

" The fleshe cificd with hym also, that the " body of syn such like,growe vp 

sliike^h'f^t^ ^^ myght vtterly be destroyed, that hence- nLrished^thrhe 

forth we should not be seruates vnto synne. ''^y^^ therof. 
"Becansethat ^ ^^^ he that is dead, is" freed from synne. 
being^dead 8 Whcrfore, yf we be dead with Chri- therXtTe tl 
TyMe" "" ste, we beleue that we shal lyue also with deadtosynne,whe 

, . •' synne begynneth 

him. to dye in vs: which 

B 9 Knowing that Christe beyng raysed frO '^'^J^tf Ss 
death, dyeth no more : death hath no more death-, by whome 

, . also being quick- 

pOWer OUer him. ened, we Uue to 

10 For as touching that he dved, he dyed 9°t ^^^^ '"' *° 

o 1 ••' 1 , 1- nghtuousnes. 

" That he to synne once : but as touching that he li- = The mynde 

might destroy „_fV, l,„ i;,,QfV. ¥n. " C r^A first ministreth e- 

synneinour UCIU, ne UUein TO VjOQ. uel motions,wher- 

fleshe. 1 1 Lvkewyse consider ve also, that ve are by mans wii is en- 

' And sitteth J ii^ i, t h i-\ t tised, thence burst 

at the right ° dead to synne, but are aliue to God forth theiustes,by 
Ftthfr.**^ through lesus Christe our Lord. XlelandV^ 

" In that ye 12 Let not synnc raygne therfore in your body by his actios 

are led with ,^ \\, a \.\. t. \. ui • doth sollicite the 

the .Spirit of mortal body, that ye should obey synne in mynde . therfore 

^°f . .. the lustes of " the body. ^e commandeth, 

or instruniets , _ » t i i . at the lest, that we 

or armure. 1 3 NethCT geue yC yOUr mebres as weapos rule our bodies. 



of vnrightuousnes vnto synne: but gene 
your selues vnto God, as they that are aly- 
ue from death, and geue your members as 
weapons of ryghtuousnes vnto God. 

14 Let not sinne haue power ouer you. C 

For ye are not vnder the" Lawe, but vnder "which is the 

" Qrace force of syn- 

15 What the? shalwe synne,becausewe are " indewed 
not vnder the Lawe, but vnder Grace ? God ^f' christe!"' 

1 6 * Knowe ye not, that to whomsoeuer ye lohn. 8.c. 
commit your selues as seruates to obey : his 2. pet. 2. A 
servantes ye are to whom ye obey : whether 

it be of synne vnto death, or of obedience 
vnto rightuousnes ? 

1 7 But God be thanked, that thogh ye we- 
re once the seruantes of synne, ye haue yet 
obeyed from the heart vnto the forme of 

the doctrine, wherunto ye were " deliue- "Toconforme 

J your selues 

rea. vnto it. 

f It is a most vi- 1 8 And being made ^ fre from synne, ye are D 
that ^°^de°[uered become the seruantcs of rightuousnes. 

from the slauerie J 9 J gpeake " aS men commonly VSe, becau- " Leauing to 
of synne, to retour i- A ■ n -j^ c n 1 rm . speakeofhea 

ne agayne to the SC ot the mhrmitie OI yOUr fleshe. Ihat as uely thinges, 

^*'"'' ■ ye haue a^euen vour members, seruantes to andaccordmg 

J ° „ ■^ . . . . your capa- 

vnclennes & to iniqmtie, to commit iniqui- citie vse the- 
tie: euen so now geue your members seruan „£ seruitud^ 
tes vnto rightuousnes, in holines. and fredome 

20 For when ye were the seruauntes of the better vn 
synne, ye were freed frome rightuous- '^'''■s*^"''- 

21 What frute had ye then in those thin- 
ges, wherof ye are now ashamed ? For the 

" ende of those thinges is death. " Or, the re- 

22 But now being freed from synne, and ^omfeuTe'!'" 
made the seruantes of God, ye haue your 



frute in holines : and the ende, euerlasting 


23 For the s wages of synne is death : but » syuue is com 

the gyfte of God, is eternal life through Sr^.^'^fhTy' 

lesus Christe our Lord. force, who geueth 

death as an allow a 
ce to them that we 
re preferred by 
THE VII. CHAPTER. the Lawe. 

The vse of the Lawe, and how Christe hath 
deliuered vs from it. Paul describeth the dange- 
rous fight betwene the fleshe and the Spi- 

A 17' Nowe ye not brethren (for I speake to 
-'^^the y are skilful in the Lawe) how that 

" The moral the " Lawc hath power ouer a man as long 

^*''"- as he lyueth. 

l.Cor.T.g. 2 * For the "^ woman which is in subiection - Both ui this first 
to a man, is bouude by the Lawe to the 3^'tte°Lous! 
man, as long as he lyueth : if the man be de- ^ad & the wif 

1 1 ■ , J / ii T c ^j must be consi- 

ad, she is lowsed from the Lawe oi the dered with in our 

m^Yl selues. the first 

o CI ' 1 •(• 1 •! 1 housband was Syn 

3 oo then, rf while the man lyueth she cou ne, our fleshe was 
pie her selfe with another man, she shalbe d^ren"we;e''thefru! 

Mat.b.c. called an * adulterer : but yf the man be ^es of the fleshe. 

and 19. c. ^gad, she is fre from that Lawe : so that she conde mariageYhe 
is not an adulterer, thoffh she couple her ^^"l^lt "^^ ^°^^' 

~ r band, the newe ere 

selfe with another man. ature is the wif, & 

4Tr< 1, iV. J J 1 i their children are 

Luen so ye my brethren, are dead also to the fruites of the 

the Lawe, in the body of Christe, that ye ^p'"'- ^'^i- ^- ''■ 

"Whichisthe shuldc be couplcd to another, I meane" to 

seCTinde hous^ him that is rysen agayne from " death, that 

band. ■vve shulde brino'e forth frute vnto God. 

W^hich SVQ- 

ne procured. 5 For when we were in the fleshe, the mo- 
tions of synnes which were stered vp by the 
Lawe, bare rule in our members, to bring 
forth frute vnto death. 



6 But now we are deliuered from the La- 
we, being dead " vnto yt, wherin we were in "Xosinne.our 
bondage, that we should seme in a newe ^"^^ ^ousbad. 
conuersation of the Sprite, and not in the 
olde conuersation of the letter. 
^ Theris nothig 7 ''What shal we say then ? istheLawe syn- b 
sTnnernttVa" »«? God forbyd. Nay, rather I knewe not 
we.ifsobetherfo- what sinne meant, but by the Lawe. For I 
mor'e\y reaso'^t^e had not knowen what lust had meant, ex- 
"■^^ ^t''° ''<^.*'°'«'' cept the Lawe had sayd, * Thou shalt not Exod.20.e. 

why sholde it be ^ -' ^^k.^.^.-j.^. 

imputed to the lust. deu.D.b. 

dos" thIhe'sieSh- 8 But synne toke an occasion by the mea- 
tes of sinne, her nes of the commandcment, and wroght in 

ennemye. ,, ^ . i- i 

me all maner or concupiscence, tor verely 
without the Lawe, sinne is dead. 

9 For I once"wasalyue,withouttheLawe: " He thoght 
but when the commandement came, sinne be'^iyue'^whe 

reuiued. he knewe not 

10 ButI was dead: and the very same c6- 
mandement which was ordeyned vnto life, 
was founde to he vnto me, vnto death. 

1 1 For synne toke occasion by the meanes C 
of the commandement, and so disceaued 
me, and by the selfe commandement slew 

12 "Wherfore the Lawe is * holy, and the 1. Tim.l.b. 
commandement holy, iust, and good. gal.s.c. 

13 Was that then which is good, made 
■^ Synne being di death vnto me? God forbyd, Nay '^ s)Tine is 

we!'u so muche made death vnto me, y^he\VoegsX,eA.e&i\i^mto 
more detestable, nie by the mcancs of that which is good, 
neth"the goodnes that sjTine might be knoweu: thatis,\ 
of the Lawe to j^g \yy ^q meanes of the commandement, 

our destruction. . , , 

might be out of measure synnil. 

1 4 For we knowe, that the Lawe is " spiri- " so that it ca 
tual: but I am carnal, soldevnder synne. ctfonVof ttfe 

15 For I alowe not that which I do. for hart. 



what I "^ wolde, that do I not: but what I ha- '' He is not able 

■«•« 4-V.o*- rI/-> T to do that which he 

te, tnat QO l. desireth to do, & 

16 If I do then that which I wold not, I therfore is farre 

grante to the Lawe, that it is good. fection.^ rueper- 

^ 1 7 So then now, it is not I that do it, but 
synne that dweUeth in me. 

18 For I knowe, that in me, that is to 
" or,in my na gay, in my " fleshe, dwelleth no good thin- 

ge. for to wil, is present with me : but I 
fynde no meanes to performe that which 
is good. 

19 For I do not that good thinge, which 

I wolde, ^ but that euil do I, which I wolde » The fleshe stay- 

_„i. etheuethe moste 

_ _ perfect to rune for 

20 Finally, if I do that I wolde not, then wardeas the spirit 
is it not I that do it, but sjrnne that dwel- 
leth in me. 

211 fynde then by the Lawe, that when I 
wolde do good, euyl heth in me. 
22 For I dehte in the Lawe of God, con- 

" in my spirit, ceming the " inner man. 

'orcomraad- 23 But I sc another " lawe in my ^ mem- fEuen the cor- 

bres, rebeUing against j lawe of my min- '.^'^"y^l.^h^.''^'' ^"^ 

de, & subduyng me vnto the lawe of sin- 

ne, which is in my members. 

24 O wretched man that I am, who shal 
" This fleshly dehuer me from this " body of death ? 
neanddea^th! 25 I thank God through lesus Christ our 

Lord. SothenI myselfeinmySmynde, ser ^ in 'hat part 

.,„„ .1 T cy-^i !• II n 1 .1 which IS rcgene- 

'Whichisthe ue the Lawe ot God, andm my fleshe the rat. 

part corrup- i r 

ted. lawe 01 synne. 


The assurance of the faithful atid of the frui 
tes of the holy Gost in them. Of hope. Of patien- 
ce vnder the crosse. Of the mutual loue betw- 


ixte God and his children . Of his foreknowla- 

T^Her is then now no condemnation to A 
-*- them which are in Christ lesus, which 
walke not after the fleshe : but after the 
' The power and 2 For the * Lawc of the Sprite of lyfe 
S"t'l!.ff= I^o ^hich is in " Christe lesus, hath dehuered " whose san- 

spirit, that IS, the ' ctifieation is 

grace of regenera- me from the lawe of synne, and death. made ours. 

3 For what the Lawe coulde not do, in as 
muche as it was " weake, because of the fle- " o»", of no 
^ Christe dyd ta she : God Sending his owne Sone in y "^ simi 

naturewars^uwec[ litude of synful fieshe, and that for synne, 

tosynne.whichnot condemned synne in the fleshe: 

ctlfied euen in the 4 That the * rightUOUSneS of the Lawe, " That which 

2Ze7l^:^-^sl ™yght be fulfiUed in vs, which walke not ^."^^ "' 
dyd appropriat it after the flesh, but after the Sprite. 

mto him, that i n/.- 

myght destroy syn 5 ror they y are carnal, are carnally*^ wise : 
"'^ '",•'• J but they that are spiritual are affectionned 

' The worde c5- . / ^ . . ^ •" 

prehedeth all that tO Spiritual thmgeS. 

c"eij:nt'rm"an,'a; 6 For the wisedome of the fleshe. is de- 
wii.vnderstanding, ath : but the wisdomc of the Spirit, is lyfe 

reason, wit, &c. , x j 

and peace : 

7 Because that the fleshly wisdome is eni- 
mitie agaynst God : for it is not obedient 
to the Lawe of God : nether in deed, can 

8 So then, they that are in the fleshe, can b 
not please God. 

^ , . . ^9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the 
regeneratio which Spirite : bccausc the Sprite of God dwel- 
fn^^ar fleshe,nra1 ^^^h in you. If any man hath not the Sprite 
at once, but by de- of Christ, the Same is none of his. 
rauste"inTherara^- 10 If Christ be in you, the " body is dead " o"". fleshe. 
ne tyme call to because of synne : but the '^ Spirite is lyfe 

God through pa- ^ . , "^ ^ ■' 

cience. tor nghtuousnes sake. 

11 But 


1 1 But jrf the Sprite of him that raysed vp 
lesus from death, dwel in you : euen he y 
raysed vp Christ from death, shal quicken 
your mortal bodyes, because that his Spri 
te dwelleth in you. 
C 12 Therfore brethren, we are detters not 
to the fleshe, to hue after the fleshe, hut to 
the Spirit. 

13 For yf ye Ijoie after the flesh, ye shal 
dye : but yf ye mortifie the dedes of the bo 
dy, by the Sprite, ye shal lyue. 

14 For as many as are led by the Sprite 
of God : they are the sonnes of God. 

1 5 For ye haue not receaued the ^ Sprite = so he nameth 
of bondage to feare any more : but ye haue 'he effect?°which 
receaued the Sprite of adoption, wherby he causeth in vs, 

J, . , , , . T-, ,, whe he proposeth 

Ga/.4.a. we crye Axtbdi, that is say, rdXher. vs saiuatiou by the 

" So that we 16 The which selfe same Sprite " beareth Lawe with anim- 

hauetwowit- .^ ^ ,, .^, C V 4.1, 4. POssiWe conditio, 

nesses, Gods Wltcnes together With our Oprite, that we who also doth sea- 

X"is^enu' ^'■^ *^^ sonnes of God. ouXrtesby c'hri 

Bed by the \1 Uwebe sonnes : ive are also " heyres, the ^'^^ ^^e adoption, 

Sorit of God i t /• /-i i i i i t"^' ^® consider 

' Freiy made heyres 1 mcane or God, and heyres anexed not God now as a 

?h" Fathlrf ^^^ ^^"^t '• yf ^° ^^ t^^^ ^^ ^"^^^ t°^^- - aTost^terd- 

treasures. ther with him, that we may also be glori- fui Father. 

fied together with him. 

1 8 For I confirme, that the aiflictions of 
' or.ofiikeva this lyfe are not " worthy of the glorie \f 

shal be shewed vnto vs. 
Psal.\\9. 19 For the*feruent desire of the creatu- 
§1* 8'- re abydeth, lokyng when y sonnes of God 

shal appere, 

20 Because the ^ creature is subiect to ' The creatures 

' That is In >i "i.- ,. c .. -1 I, ^ T. ^"^ "o' °^ '^*'^'^°" 

lestruction vaiutie, not 01 it OWne wil: but by reason red before that 

use of' of him which hath subdued it in hope. broght'^'to TheJr 
as synne. o J Because the same creature also, shal be perfection, in the 

ji jr iii,j e 4.- meane season they 

uelynered trom the bondage of corrupti- „ayte 
on, into the glorious libertie of the son- 


nes of God. 

22 For we knowe that euery " creature gro "He meaneii 
neth with vs also, and trauayleth in payne gels nether 
euen vnto this tyme. '^^"'^'' "°'' 


23 Not only the creature, but euen we also 
which haue the "fyrst frutes of the Sprite, '' And yet a, 
do sighe in our selues, and waite for the perfection 
adoption, euen the * deliuerance of onr Luk. 21. f. 

f Which shalbe g bodv. 
ill the resurrection ^ . —•'^ ' i i i i . /, ■, ;/ c; r 

whe we shalbe ma 24 For wc are saued by hope : but 'hope ^^^j^j,,; 
our'^head™'''^''^'" ^^^^ ^® ^^"^' ^® ^'^ hope, for how can a man which we i. 
hope for that which he seeth ? "^ '"''^ 

25 But and yf we hope for that we se not, 
then do we with pacience abyde for it. 

26 Lykewyse the Sprite also helpeth our E 
infirmities : for we knowe not what to 
praye as we oght : but the Sprite askethfor 
vs with gronynges, which can not be ex- 
pressed with tonge. 

27 And he that searcheth the heartes, 
knoweth what is the meaning of y Sprite : 

•■inthathester-for he '' makcth intercession for the Sain- 

[opra^fshewerh ctcs, accordyug to the pleasure of God. 

both whome to as- 28 Also we knowe that aU thinges worc- 

ke for the best vnto them that loue God, 

which also are called of his purpose. 

' Heshewethby 29 For those which he ' knewe before, he 

the ordre of our , , iir t.i -lij-l 

election that affli- also ordcyued beiore, y they should be ma 
to'°makr^^rke ^^ V^^ fashioned vnto the image of his 
the Sonne of God. Sonne : that he myght be the fyrst begot- 
ten among many brethren. 

30 Moreouer, which he appoynted befo- 
re, them also he called, and whome he cal- 
led, them also he iustified, and whome he 
iustified, them he also glorified. 

31 What shal we the say to these thinges ? F 



If God be on our syde, who can be aga- 
ynst vs ? 

32 Which spared not his owne Sonne, but 
gaue him for vs all to death : how shal he 
not with him geue vs all thrages also ? 

33 Who shal laye any thing to the char- 
Luk. 20. b. g^ of Goddes chosen ? it is God that * " iu- 
esa. 50. c. stifieth : 

ceth^MsHust 34 Who then shal condemne ? it is Christ 
in his Sonne, which is dead, yea rather which is risen 
agayne : which is also at the ryght hand of 
God, and maketh intercession for vs. 
G 35 Who shal separate vs from the loue of 
'' Christe ? shal tribulation, or anguishe, or i- wherwith he 
persecutio, ether honger, ether nakednes, in"chrS'e "which 
ether peril, ether sworde } loue is gr'ownded 

Psal. 44. d. 36 As it is wrytten, * For thy sake are we narpour^oT'^d 
'Jif ■■'""*'''" " kvUed all day longe, and are counted as christe is the pie- 

)f Christes , ^ • i i i '^^ therof. 

rche. shepe appomted to be slayne. 

37 Neuerthelesse, in all these thynges we 
are more then conquerers through him 
that loued vs. 

38 For I am persuaded that nether death, 
nether l)^e, nether Angels, nor ' principa- > paui setteth 
hties, nether powers, nether thinges pre- des'the^wonderfui 
sent, nether thinges to come, nature of the spi- 

39 Nether height, nether depth, nether good. ^Ep^J:']."d^ 
any other creature shalbe able to departe ^°.'- ••. f ^ J^'' 
vs fro the loue of God, which is in Christ e.b. Coi.2.c. 
lesus our Lord. 


Hauing testified his great loue towardes his 
nation, and the signes therof, he entreateth of the 
Election and Reprobation. Of the vocation of 
the Gentils, and r election of the lewes. 


» As becometh T say the trueth ^ in Christe, and lye not, a 

him that reueren- I -^ . , . , • ^ i 

ceth Christe, or my conscience bearing me wytnes m the 

whose tr^ueChri hojy Q^gt 
ste ruleth & so ta- ^ ' 

keth Christe for 2 That I haue great heuvnes and conti- 

his witenes. ^^^ ^^^^^^ j^ ^^ j^^^^.^' 

3 *For I wolde wysshe my selfe to he Act.9.a. 

" separat from Christ, for mv brethren '•'^'"■•l^-"* 

, . T ■ t . •' . He wolde re 

whtcn are my kmsmen, as pertaynmg to deme the re- 

the flesh p iectoofthe 

me nesne, leweswithhis 

4 Which are the Israehtes : to whom per- o.^ne damna- 
i* The Arke of tayneth the adoption, and the ^ glorie, and 

'!:^'.°'f^?^^o the " * Couenantes, and the geuing of the " The twota- 
of Gods presence, Lawe, and the seruice of God, and the pro uenant 

was called Gods • /•■.; 'n 

glorie. 1 .Sam.4.d. ^ISeS. Chap 2. c. 

Psai.2G.b. 5 Whose are the fathers, and they of who ^^ ' - "• 

me, as concerning the fleshe, Christ came, 
which is God ouer all blessed for euer. christe is 
Amen. ^°''- 

6 * Nothwithstanding it can not be that B 

the wordes of God shulde take none ef- Chap. 2. d. 
feet: for they are not all Israelites which 
came of the father Israel : 

7 Nether are they all chyldren, because 

•^ The Israelites they are the seed of Abraham : *but in'^Isa- Ge«. 21 .b. 
med'hTthelrk^yn- ^^ slial thy Seed be caUed. heb.n.d. 

red but by the se- 8 That IS to say, they which are the chil- 

cr6t election oi 

God, which is a- dren of the " fleshe, are not the chyldren " As, ismaei. 
vocation. ^"'^"^^ of ^od : but the * children of promes, are Gal. 4. d. 
counted the seede. 

9 For this is a worde of promes, " In thys Gen. 18.6. 
same tjmae wyl I come, and Sara shal haue 

a Sonne. 

10 Nether /ie oiAjproued thesethinges: but C 

also * Rebecca when she had conceaued by Gen. 2b. c. 
one, / meane by our father Isaac, 

1 1 For yer the children were borne, when 
they had nether done good nether bad, 



f the purpose of God which is by his ele- 
ction, that is, not by workes, but by him y 
calleth, myght stande sure. 

Gen. 25. e. 12 It was sayd vnto her, * The elder shal 
seme the yonger. 

Maine.], a. 13 As it is written, * I haue loued lacob, 
and haue hated Esau. 

14 What shal we say then ? Is there any 
vnrightuousnes wjrth God } God forbyd. 

1 5 For he sayth to Moses, I ^ wil haue mer d as the only wii 
cie on him, to whom I wil shewe mercie : ,^ the'chiefe cause 
and wil haue compassion on him, on whom of election, and re- 

I-i 1 • probation : so his 

Wil haue compassion. fre mercie in Chri 

1 6 So heth election then not in him that s'e is an inferior 

. 1 1 • /-< 1 1 • cause of salua- 

willeth, or runneth, but m God that pi- tion:&theharde- 

^ i.1^ ning of the heart, 

_ an inferior cause 

" Or, God in 17 For the " Scripture saith vnto Pharao, of damnation 
the scriptu. *E^gJ^ fQj. tj^jg game purpose haue I stered 9. f/. thee vp, to shew my power in thee, & that 

my Name myght be declared through 

out al the worlde. 

18 Therfore he hath mercie on whom he 

wil, and whom he wil, he maketh hard 

D 19 Thou wT^lt say then vnto me. Why the 

blameth he vs yet ? for who hath resisted 

his wil? 
or,speakest 20 But 6 man, who art thou which " play- 
f'"" 45 b ^^^^ against God ? shal the * worke say to y 
iere.\8.a. worke man. Why hast thou made me on 
wixd. 1 5 . fc. this fasshon ? 

21 Hath not the potter power ouer the 
claye : euen of the same lompe to make one 

"Or, vnto ho- vcssel vnto " honour, and another vnto dis 

nestvses. honour. 

22 What and if God wolde, to shewe his 
wrathe, and make his power knowen, suf- 


fered with longe pacience the vessels of 
wrath, made ready to damnation. 

23 And that he might declare the riches 
of his glorie on the vessels of mercie, w 
he hath prepared vnto glorie. 

24 That is to s«?/,vs,whome he hath also cal E 
led, not of the lewes only, but also of the 

25 As he sayth also in Osee, * I wyl call Ose.2.d. 
the my people, which were not my people : ^ •^*'* ^' • 
and her beloued, which was not beloued. 

26 And it shal come to passe in the place 
where it was sayd vnto them,* Ye are not Ose.i.d. 
my people : that there they shalbe called. 

The children of the lyu)mg God. 

27 Also Esai crieth coceming Israel, "All Esa.W.c 
thogh the nombre of the chyldren of Is- 
rael were as the sande of the sea, yet shal 

but a remnant be saued. 
' God wii make 28 '^ For he wil make his account, and ga- 

suchewasteofthat ,, •, . , , , .,v . ^. 

people that the fe ther it into a short some with nghtuous- 
we which shal re- ^es . because God wil make a short count 

maine shalbe a . 

worke of his iusti- m the earth. 

^^' 29 * And as Esai sayd before. Except the f 

Lord of " Sabaoth had left vs seed, we had Esu. I . c. 
bene made as " Sodoma, and had bene ly- or^hostes^*' 
kened to Gomorrha. "vtteriyios 

30 \\niat shal we say then ? That the Gen- 
tils which folowed not rightuousnes, haue 
ouertaken rightuousnes ? / meane the righ- 
tuousnes which Cometh of faith : 

31 But Israel which folowed the Lawe of 
rightuousnes, could not attayne vnto the 
Lawe of rightuousnes. 

32 Wherfore ? Because thei soght it not by 
faith : but as it were, by the workes of the 



Lawe : for they haue stombled at the stom- 

blynge stone. 
Esa.s.c. 33 As it is written, * Beholde I put in Sio 
28. d ^ a f stomblyng stone, & a rocke which shal ' lesus christe is 
actA.'h"' make me faU : and aU that beleue on hitn, Itr^etion^& 'to'thl 
psal.]]8.c. shal not be ashamed. faithful ufe and 



After that he had declared his zeale to- 
wardes them, he sheweth the cause of the rui- 
ne of the leives. The ende of the Lawe. The dif- 
ference betwene the iustice of the Lawe, and of 
faith. VVherof faith commeth, and to whome 
it belongeth. 

A T)Rethre, my heartes desire and prayer 
-"-^to God for Israel is, that they myght 
be saued. 

2 For I beare them recorde, that they ha- 
ue a feruent mynde to Godwarde, but not 
according to knowledge. , Tiie ende of 

3 For they, being ignorant of the righ- '{"jfie^them^^hich 
tuousnes of God, and goyng about to sta- obserue it. therfo- 
blishe their owne rightuousnes, haue not fuianedft foTvs! 
bene obedient vnto the ryghtuousnes of is made our iusti- 

,~( J ce, sanctification, 

God. &c. 

?ral. 3.d. 4 * For Christ is the ^ ende of the Lawe, to \ became we « 

not perfornie the 
mstlfie all that beleue. Laweitmakethvs 

5 For Moses describeth the ryghtuous- ["S'&ttS 
nes which cometh of the Lawe, in these wor whoshaigodowne 

T t rm 1 1-1111 1.'° '"6 depe to dell 

Leui. 1 8. a. des, 1 hat the man which doth these thin- uer vs thence ?but 

S;'- ges shal lyue therby. Si^t'chHstetal! 

B 6 But the ryghtuousnes which cometh cended vp, to ta- of faith speaketh on this wyse, ^ * Say hath^d"scend™' in 

not in thine hearte. Who shal ascende in- '° ''?^^''''p"' °^^^ 

.1 1 ■ <• 1 r^i • '^'" '■° d^stroye de- 

to heauen : that is euen to fetche Chnst ath, & deiiuer vs. 

Chap. X. 


downe from aboue. , j „ ? tv,5>t 

7 Or who shal descede into the depe ? that 
is euen to bring Christe agayne from de- 

f But what saith it ? * The worde is nye 

thee, euen in thymouth. and m thyne^h^- ^^ 

art. This, is that " worde of faith wmcn we ^^^^^^^^ 

Tror 'yf thou Shalt confesse ^ thy mouth 
L Lofd lesus, and shalt ^eleue m th)^e 
heart, that God raysed hym vp fro death, 
thou shalt be saued. . 

10 For the behefe of the heart mstifi^h 
and to confesse with the mouth, saueth a 

Tror the Scripture sayth. * Whosoeuer Esa.28... 
beleueth on him, shal not be ashamed 
1 fror there is no difference betwene the 
lewe and the Gentil: for one is Lord ouer 
iu wWchisrychevntoallthatcaUon 

l^Forwhosoeuer shal call vpon the Na- loel.2.,. 
me of the Lord, shalbe saued 
U But how shal they caU on turn, on who C 
they haue not beleued ? How shal they be- 
Uon Mm, of whom they haue not heard? 
How shal they heare, without a prea- 

16 And how shal they preache except 

hey be sent! as it «7f'™- O^T™ S^iSl 
au4a are the " fete of them which bryn- „ ^,„, 
ge glad tydinges of peace, and hryng glad „«. 

76* "i:; iTb- Tall obeyed to the 
Lpel! fSai saith.- Lord who hath be- E».g... 



and hearing, commeth '^ by the worde of c That is, by 

QqjJ Gods commande- 

'_! 1 «i 1 ir*».T nient, of whome 

" The lewes. 1 8 But I aske, haue they not heard ? No they are sent that 

Psal.w.a^ doubt their d sounde wet out through aU fpT^^^ '^^y'^°; 
the worlde, and their wordes into the en- ^iso take for the 

J r 4.1, '/ ^A '''"7 preaching it 

"Theseingall des of the WOrld. selfe. 

Ln^r td 19 But I demande. dyd not Israel knowe .1?%«SS 

by his creatu God? Fyrst MoseS Sayeth, * I Wyl prouoke thelyneor propor 
res, the lewes , • v. ja. ^.i. t. i t>on of the heaues 

coide not be jou to enuie, by them that are no people, whose moste excel 
ignorant. and by a folyshe nacion I wyl anger you. ihe^rg^'^of'^God^ 
Deut.32.c. 20 * And Esai is bolde, and sayeth, I am creatures preach- 

Esa.65.a. ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^tw and'se'Itet 

ue appeared to them that asked not after forth the wortbi- 

nes of the Creator. 

Esa. 65. a. 21 And against Israel he sayeth, * All 

day longe haue I stretched forthe my ha- 
"or, vnbeie- des vnto a " disobedient, and gaynesay- 
"'°^" ing people. 


God hath his Churchc aithogh it be not sene 
to mans eye. The grace shewed to the elect, and 
iudgement of the reprobate. God hath blynded 
the lewes for a tyme, and reueiled him selfe to 
the Gentils, whome he tvarneth to humble them 
selues. The depth of Gods iudgements. 

A T say then, hath God cast away his peo- 
-"-ple ? God forbyd : for euen I also am an 
Israehte, of the seed of Abraham, of the 
tribe of Beniamin, 

2 God hath not cast away his people \f . ^g tailed with 
"And elected he " knewe before. Ether wot ye not what God, not that he 

before all be , , r-i • , •j.-l e -^<^^ -, i i . i shulde punishe Is- 

ining. the OCnpture Saith ot Llias r how he tal- rael,butyetlame- 

keth with God ^ against Israel, savinsr, ted their faishode, 

1 JS"r. l07n*T 11 1 11111 T-. and so his wordes ,3 |^Qf(j ^jjgy Yyq^q kylled thy Prophetes, made against the. 



and dygged doune thyne alters : and I am 
left alone, and they seke my lyfe. 

4 But what sayth the answer of God to 

hym ? * I haue reserued vnto my selfe " se- l .KinA9.d. 
uen thousand men which haue not bowed jafinUnoleT 
the knee to the image of Baal. 

5 Euen so at this tyme, is ther a remnant 

left throuffh the " election of errace. " <"■, fre eie- 


6 If it be of grace, then is it not of wor- 
kes : or els were grace no more grace. But b 
if it be of workes, then is it no more grace : 
or els were worke, no lenger worke. 

7 What then ? Israel hath not obtayned y 
he soght, but the elect haue obtayned it, 
and the rest haue bene blynded : 

8 According as it is written, * God hath Esa.29.b. 
geuen them the sprite of heauy slepe : eyes ^" ^ j^ '^ 
that they should not se, & eares that they iohn 12. f. 
should not heare, euen vnto this day : 

i- Christ by the 9 And Dauid sayth, * Let their '' table be PsaL69.e. 
IT" wfssheth that made in stede of a snare, and a net, and an 
which came vpon occasion to fall : and a recompence vnto 

the lewes, that as , i 

the vnhappy byr- tnem. 

desare take wher jQ Let their eyes be blynded that they se 

as they thinke to n // 1 i i • i i i 

fyudefode: so the not : & DOWe downe their backe alwayes. "Take fro the 

uZ oTabiynd^ 1 1 I ^ay then, Haue they therfore stom- Zn7^' ^ 
zeaie preferred to bled, that they should fall ? God forbyd : 
king to haue saiua but through their fall, saluation commeth 

tlSby it.shaltoiir ^jj^q jj^g Gentils, to " prOUOkethem to fo- "Thelewesto 
ne to theirdestru- f j , j^ 

ction. low them. Gentils. 

12 Wherfore if the fall of them, be the 

ryches of the worlde : and the diminishing " in that the 
of them the ryches of y Getils : how muche t^e^'t^J'X! 
more shal their fulnes be ? ge of the Go- 

1 3 For in that I speake to you Gentils, in ^^^ ' 
as muche as I am the Apostle of the Gen- 
tils, I magnifie mjTie office. 

14 That 


14 That I might trie if by any meanes, I 
" That they might " prouoke them which are my fleshe 
^me oneT to cnuie, and myght saue some of them. 
christe aga- J 5 For if the castyng away of them, be the 
tils. ' reconciling of the world : what shal the re 

ceauing of them he, but '^ lyfe from the ■^Theiewesnow 

J J ;> remaine(asitwe. 

"^'*'" • re) in death for la. 

" Ahraha was 1 6 For if " the firSt fruites be holy, the who ^e of the Gospel : 

"tffied,butMs' ^6 lompe is holie : and if the " rote be holy, th'e'y aTthTGenti'is 
sedeaiso. the branches lykewyse s^a^ftg ^o/m. !u^' '"'"^fi'^^i"!!'' 

"Abraham rm r 1 1 1 iii- the worlde shalbe 

"c 17 Thogh some of the branches be broke restored to a newe 
of, & thou beyng a wylde ohue tree, wast ' ®" 
grafte in for them, and made partaker of 
" The chur- the rote, and fatnesse of the " oliue tree : 

raeiiteV"^ '' ^ ^ ^°^^^ '^^^ ^^Y ^^^^ against the bran- 
ches, and if thou boast thy selfe, thou bea- 
rest not the rote, but the rote thee. 

1 9 Thou wylt say then. The branches are 
broken of, that I myght be grafte in. 

20 Thou sayest wel : because of vnbelefe 
they are broken of, and thou standest sted 

" Be careful, fast by faith : be not hye mynded, but " fe- 

worship God, n-ro 

& trust in his ■ 1 y-. 1 

promes. 21 For semg that God spared not the na- 
tural branches, take hede, lest he also spare 
not thee. 
" He speketh 22 " Behold therfore the kindnes, & rigo- 
& Gentiirfn rousnes of God: towarde them which fel, 
general. rigorousnes: but towarde thee, kindnes, yf 
thou continue in his kjmdnes : or els thou 
shalt be hewen of. 

23 And they also, if they byde not styl in 
vnbelefe, shalbe graflfed in : for God is of 
power to graffe them in agayne. 

24 For yf thou wast cut out of a natural 
wilde oliue tree, and wast grafFed con- 
trary to nature in a true oliue tree : how 



muche more shal the natural branches be 
graffed in their owne ohue tree agayne ? 
25 For I wolde not brethren, that this se- 
cret should be hyd fro you (lest ye should 
be arrogat in your selues) y partly blynd- 
nes is come to Israel, vntil the fulnes of 
the GentUs be come in. 
<! Hesheweth that 26 And SO '^ all Israel shalbe saued, as it is D 
me th^^the whole written, * There shal come out of Sio the Esa.59.d. 
natiooftheiewes, dehucrer, and shal tume awavthe vnerod- 

not euery one par- <• t i " 

ticuieriy, shalbe lyties from lacob. 

che"of Christ?"' 27 And this is my couenant to them, 

* When I shal take away their synnes. Esa.21.c. 

28 As concerning the Gospel they are ene iere.1\.f. 
mies for your sakes : but as touching the ^^^•^•'^' 
election, they are loued for the fathers sa- 

29 For the gyftes and calling of god 
are suche, that it can not repent him of 

30 For as ye in tyme passed, haue not be- 
leued God, yet haue now obteyned mercie 
through their rebellion : 

3 1 Euen so now haue they not obeyed, y 
by your mercie, they also may obtaine mer 

32 For God hath wrapped all natios m 
disobediece, y he might haue mercie on al. 

33 the depnes of the ryches, bothe of 
the wysdome, and knowledge of God : how 
vnsercheable are his iudgementes, and his 
wayes past finding out ? 

' He reproueth 34 * For *^ who hath knowen the mynde of Esa. 40. c. 
which murmure the Lord ? or who was his counseller ? wtsdo.d.c. 
nfemsofGod^^'" ^5 Other who hath "geuenvnto him fyrst, '''Zprot. 
and he shalbe recompensed ag-avne ? ^^"^ ^'^ •*? 

nis £rooci wot- 

36 For of him, and through hym, and for kes? 



hym are all thinges, to hym be glorie for 
euer, Amen. 


The conuersation, loue, and workes of suche 
as beleue in Christe. We areforbyd to seke reuc 

A T Beseche you therfore brethren, by the 
-'-mercifuljies of God, that ye ofFre your 
bodies a ^ quicke sacrifice, holy, accepta- »insiedeofdead 
"True.iawfui, ble vnto God, which is your " resonable ser cri^er'in^^tede^of 

fpet^^a"'"" Uing of God, thebloudeofbea. 

l,tx:ii>A>a. O ^ St6S WniCn WSS but 

2 And facion not your selues Ivke vnto a shadowe.&piea- 
this world, but be ye chaged in your sha- ::Se'':ccetta'- 
pe, by the renuyng of your mynde, that ve bie sacrifice of the 

i •/ .■ e rr 1 r /^ J i--''i spiritual man,fra- 

Ephe.b.d. may proue what is y wyl of God, which ^ed by faith to 

l.thessA.a. is gOod, acceptable, and perfect. godlynes and cha- 

"^r^T^eZ 3 For I say through the grace that is ge- ""^' 
ble to Gods Qen vnto me, to euerv man among: vou, v 

wil is 6Ull Ql- o J ml 

spieasant.'and no man esteme of hym selfe, more then it 

vnperfect. becomcth him to esteme, but that he ** " di 'Two things are 
'• or, soberly, ^, . , j. , . \e j- required if we wil 

not negiectig scrctiy ludge oi mm seiie, according as iudge soberly of 
S't''vsinf\he God hath dealt to eueryman the*measu- fhone fhat'Ve" Jo 

to his glorie. j-g Qf fayth. not arrogat to our 

1. Cor. 12.6. ^ Til „ 1 „ 1 • selues that which 

epheA.b. 4 tor as we haue many members m one wehauenotmext, 
body, & all members haue not one office : ^\^} we boast not 

Tj _ £< , 11- of the giftesbutre 

^5 ho we beyng many, are one body in uerftiy vse them 
Christe, and euery man among our selues, '" ^"''^ honour. 
one another s members. 
1 . Pet. 4. &. 6 * Seyng then that we haue diuers giftes 

according to the grace that is areuen vnto ^ " ^y propheciig 

^ , " 1 • , here, he meaneth 

' By faith he ^^ * whether We haue'^prophecie, let VS pro- preaching and tea- 
klTo^wTa^ *of P^^'^^'e according to y proportio of " faith. fr'mLhlerie!^M 

G"od\rchrist 7 Or if wc hauc an office, let vs waite on such offices as ap- 
Tf'^'the'S ^'^'" ^^^^- ^^ ^^ ^^^^ teacheth, let him be cZlZ 'L Ei! 

Cost. occupied in teaching. ders, Deacons, &c. 



8 Also he y exhorteth let him be diligent in 
exhortation . he that " distributeth, the al- " of officers, 
mes,\ethim do itwith singlenes : he that ru- acrasrsoi^'' 
1 He meaneth leth,with diligece : he that ^ sheweth mer- Oouemors, 

appointed'toToke ^i^' ^^^ ^^''^ ^« «'< ^^h cherfuhies._ _ trpo'^e' 

vnto the poore, as 9 Let loue be without dissimulation. 

wire th™idowes! * Abhorre that which is euyl, and cleaue .4mos. 5. a. 

Act.6.a.i.tim.5.b. vnto that which is good. 

10 * Be affectioned to loue one another C 

with brotherly loue. In geuing honour, go fP'^^''^'^' 
one before another. 

1 1 Not slothful to do sendee, feruent in 
sprite, seruing the Lord. 

12 Reioycing in hope, patient in tribula- 
tion, * continuing in prayer. 

13 * Distributing vnto the necessitie of l-C' 
the Sainctes. * geuing your selues to ho- j pg^^'^' 

14 * Blesse them which persecute you: Matth.b.g. 
hlesse / say, but curse not. 

15 Be mery with them that are mery, and 
wepe with them that wepe. 

16 Be of lyke affection one towards ano- D 

ther. * Be not hie minded: but make your Prou.s.a. 
selues equal to them of the lower sorte. ^^"•^•«- 
Be not wise in your owne opinions. 

17 * Recompence to no man euyl for Prow. 20. e. 
' Lyue so hone- euvl ® Procure thins:es honest in the syght matth. b.f. 

stly & Godly that r n \.pet.3.b. 

I fynde of all men. 2.cor.8.d. 

no man can : 

fault with you. jg * If it be possible, as muche as in you Heb. 12. d. 
lyeth, haue peace with all men. 

1 9 Dearly beloued, * auenge not your sel- Ecd. 2. «. 
ues, but geue roume vnto wrath : for it is ''natth.b.f. 
wrytte,* Vengeance is myne : I wil repaye, Deut.32.d. 
sayth the Lord. 

20 *Therfore, vf thyne enemy honger,fe- Prou.25.c. 



de him : if he thurste, geue him drinke : for 

in so doinar, thou shalt heape * coles of fy- 'For ether thou 

Y '■ ■' Shalt wone hi with 

re on hyS head. thy benefit: or els 

21 Be not ouer come of y which is euyl, ^i^^hr^itnel 
but ouercome euyl wytb goodnes. that Gods bumig 

wrath hageth ouer 


The obedience of men to their Rulers. Chari- 
tie oght to measure all our doings. An exhorta- 
tion to innocencie and puritie of life. 

A T Et euery soule submitte him selfe vn- 
VVtsd.e.a. J-Jto the hvffher Powers, for there is no 

tit So 

].pet.2.b. Power but of God : & the Powers that be, 
are ordeyned of God. 

2 Whosoeuer therfore, resisteth Power, 
resisteth the ordinance of God : and they 

that resist, shal receaue to them selues * da- » Not only the 

, . ponishment of the 

nation. ludges, but also 

3 For Rulers are not to be feared for ffo- 'h^ vengeace of 


od workes, but for euyl . Wylt thou then 
be wythout feare of the Power ? do wel the : 
and so shalt thou be praised of the same. 
B 4 For he is the minister of God for thy 
wealth, but if thou do euyl, feare : for he 
beareth not a sworde for noght : for he is 
the minister of God to take vengeance on 
them that do euil. 

5 Wherfore ye must nedes obey, not for 
"Hespeaketh feare of vengeance onely : but also becau- 

raaglstrats^' ^^ of ^ " COnScienCC. <• For no priuat 

chrlstldht 6 ^d ^"^ for this cause yepaye alsotri- -- -".r^": 
can not wrast bute : for they are Gods ministers, seruing which God hath 

thic nlacp tn /• . i appointed, with 

establisshe ^^^ ^'^^ ^^™^ purpose. out the breache of 

their tyranie 7 * Geuc tO euery man therfore his dutie, ^'^ conscience. 

science. '^° tribute, to whom ye owe tribute : custome. 
Matt. 22. c. to whom custome : feare, to who feare : ho- 



nour to whom ye owe honour. 

8 Owe nothjTig to any man : but to loue 
one another : for he that loueth another, 

hath fulfilled the " Lawe. "Hemeaneth 

9 For this, *Thou shalt not commit aduou de Lbie.^^*^ 

try : Thou shalt not kyl : Thou shalt not ste- 9. 

•' Exo 20 c 

ale : Thou shalt not beare false wytnes : deut.b.b. ' 
Thou shalt not desire : and if there be any 
other commandement, it is briefely com- 
prehended in this saying, to wit, * Thou Leui.\9.d. 
shalt loue thy neighbour as thy selfe. Ml.b%. 

10 Loue hurteth not his neyghbour; iajM.2. 6. 
therfore is loue the * fulfiUjoig of the 2. Tim. I. a. 

1 1 And that, considering the season, how D 
that it is tyme that we shoulde now awa- 
ke out of slepe : for now is oiir saluation 

'Before we beie- *= nearer, then when we beleued it. 
valnet'otirtii^ 12 The nyght is passed, and the day hath 
se things: but now come vnto VS. let vs therfore cast awayy 
[s nfrejet ys take dedes of darkencs, and let vs put on the 

hede that we ne- // {,,TY,nnr nf lijrht " Honest ma- 

glectnotthisocca armour 01 Ugm. ners& godly. 

sion. 1 3 So that we walke honestly, as it were 

in the dayhght: not in*glotome,and dro- Luk. 21. f. 
konnes, nether in chambering and wan- 
tonnes, nether in stryfe and enuiing : 
! 14 * But put ye on the Lord iesvs Gal.b.c. 
CHRiSTE, & take no thoght for the flesh, i-pe<.2.c. 
to fulfil the liistes of it. 


The weake oght not to be despiced. No man 
shoulde offende anothers conscience, but one to 
" Lest he sholde support another in charitie and faith. 
depart ether more . 

ignorant then he ^ 

came: or els with a TTIm that is weake in the ' fayth, take or.doctrmc 

greater scrupule ri . , . , ^ , ■ ^ ■. a t- ° ■ °' 

of conscience "^"^Vnto VOU, OUt not tO enter mtO ''dout- spel. 



fill disputations of controuersies. 

2 One beleueth y he may eate all thing : 
another, which is weake in hnowlage, ea- 
teth herbes. 

3 Let not him that eateth, despice hym 
that eateth not : and let not hym which ea- 
teth not, iudge hym that eateth. for God 
hath receaued hjTn. 

lamA.d. 4 * What art thou that condemnest an 
other mans seruant? he standeth orfalleth, 

" It is the to his owne " master : yea, he shal stand : for 

ter!not™hine. Grod is able to make him stande. 

5 Thys man estemeth one day before an- 
other day, and another man counteth all 
dayes a lyke. let euery man be ''fully per- bwe must be as- 
suaded in hys mynde. s"r''<> in our ^on- 

^ TT 1 1 1 J science by Gods 

B He that obserueth one day, more the ano worde, in all thigs 
Who iud- ther, obserueth it to the Lord : and he that we brttrongefwl 
he'^doTh' wei obserueth not one day more then another, pay knowe what 
or no. doth not obserue it to the Lord. He that if we be weake, we 

eateth, eateth to the Lord : for he geueth gt^'daUy'"'' '° ''™ 
"Because he God thankes : and he that "eateth not, "^ea- = Here we must 
mi°atef vn- ' teth Hot to the Lord, and geueth God than- ^ t tharhe'S 

clene by the keg, keth of thinges 

Lawe. n -r\ r \- ^ II . 1 i /• which of them sel- 

"Botheour li- 7 r or none or vs liueth to hym selfe : ne- ues are indifferet, 
ShtMfo' ther dothe any of vs dye to him selfe. ^^^'^ '."er'/ ^nT 

fit our bro- 8 For whether we Ivue, we lyiie Vnto the next that he repro- 
ther. T J 1 ii ■ J J i ^ 1 ueth not the conde 

Lord : or whether we dye, we dye vnto the ningof theact.but 
Lord, whether we lyue therfore, or dye, ""l^^T personnes: 

•' ' •' thirdly, that he 

we are the LordeS. meaueth not the 

9 For Christ therfore dyed & rose agay- ^iLt^^LmTt 
ne, and reuiued, that he mvght be Lord caiieth dogges & 

■, .1 /.., J J J., ., concision, but the 

both 01 the dead and the quicke. weake&infirmeto 

10 But why doest thou l^dge thy bro- ^iTnot'VeueUed 

ther? other why doest thou despice thy bro the perfect uber- 
2. Cor. 5. 6. ther? * for we shal be all brought before the 
iudgement seate of Christ. 


1 1 For it is written, * I lyue sayth the C 
Lord, and eueryknee shal bowe to me, & ExoAb.d. 

vhil 2 b 

all tongues shal " confesse vnto God. WAnd acknow 

1 2 So shal euery one of vs geue accomptes '?se me for 
of him selfe to God. 

1 3 Let vs not therfore iudge one another 
anymore: but vse your iudgement rather 
in this, that no man putte a stombling 
blocke, or an occasion to fall, in his bro- 
thers way. 

14 "I knowe, & am ful certified through " He preuen- 
the Lord lesus, that ther is nothing vncle- cuon which'^ 
ne of it seHe : but vnto him that iudgeth it the christias 
to be vnclene, to him it is vnclene. "^^ 

1 5 But if thy brother be greued with thy 
meat, now walkest thou not charitably. 

* destroy not him with thy meat, for whom 1. Cor.s.d. 
Christ dyed. 
i" Which is the be 16 Cause not youT ^ comoditie to be euil D 

nefit of Christian g^okpn of 
bertie, by abusing ''P"''^" "^• 

wherof, ye cause 1 7 For the kyngdomc of God is not me- 

the weakelings to . j j • i i , • i , o i 

blaspheme the Go ^t and drmke : but rightuousnes, peace, & 
spei, which might ioye in the holy Gost. 

seme to them con , X -n i « • i ^ ■ „ , 

trarietoGodswil, 18 r Or whoSOCUCr m thCSe thinges Ser- in peace & 

oFthetawe!'™' ^^th Christ, pleaseth God wel, and is co- "s'>*"°"^»^^- 
mended of men. 

19 Let vs the folow those thinges which 
make for peace, and wherwyth one may 
edifie another. 

20 Destroy not the worke of God for me 

ates sake. * aU thinges in deed are pure : Tit.\.d. 
but it is euyl for that man which eateth 
wyth offence. 

21 * It is good nether to eate fleshe, nether i . Cor. 8. b. 
to drinke wyne, nether any thing, wherby 

thy brother stombleth, ether is oflfended, 
or made weake. 

22 Thou 


22 Thouhast '^ faith : haue it with thy selfe e paith, here is 
before God. Happy is he that codeneth not taken for a fui per 

. '^•t^-' I'll 1 suasion of theChn 

him selfe in that thyng which he aloweth. stian ubertie in 

23 For he that maketh conscience, is dam *